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1. Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

RACK MOUNT: A universal rack mount design is used for the high powered home theater pro audio receiver. Additional features include MIC 1 and 2 level gain/talk-over control. Includes remote control and antenna. There is a wireless streaming service. The receiver rack mount has a built-in wireless streaming receiver. The receiver should be compatible with all your favorite devices. It has a range of 30' plus. Home STEREO. The home theater amplifier is a complete system. It acts like a radio with a digital display and an ID3 tag. Also has a 2.1 channel audio amplifier. You can connect to astronomer devices. The home theater amplifier has a 3.5mm aux input jack and multi- source audio and video inputs. Reliable and durable: The home theater receiver is made of heavy-duty metal and aluminum alloy panels to protect your gear for a long time. The package includes sturdy brackets for easy installation. The audio receiver rack mount comes with everything you need to start. This exclusive bundle features their top of the line amplifier receiver, wireless remote control, and hardware rack mounts.

Brand: Pyle

2. Pyle Rack Mount Studio Pre Amplifier

Pyle Rack Mount Studio Pre Amplifier

There is a display meter. The amplifier has a built in digital fluorescent display meter which shows all the functions and input used. The package includes remote control for distant audio adjustments. TheRACK MOUNT COMPATIBLE: The audio pre-amplifier has a recording mode that saves audio via a port on the computer. Pack with hardware rack mounts for easy assembly. The built-in wireless music streaming receiver can be used for up to 25 feet with a digital display. It works with all of today's latest devices, including the likes of the iPad and the iPhone. There are two things: InPUT and OUTPUT. The receiver/preamp has two sets of inputs, a stereo system, and a wireless connection to your iPod and mp3 player. An antenna for better signal reception. The control center. A power switch, independent input source, bass, treble, mid, balance and master volume adjustment are included in the front panel button control center. Also, have a headphone jack, a flash drive, and a memory card reader. REMOTE CONTROL. A simple and user-friendly remote control is included with the PPRE70BT. It will allow you to quickly and efficiently access the functions of the receiver.

Brand: Pyle

👤The PPRE70BT is from Pyle. I bought this item to replace a more expensive one. What arrived was less than expected. A two star rating would be over-generous; as noisy as this is, it is useless for high fidelity. It's a power supply problem which could have been solved with less than a buck's worth of parts. It could have been useful, with the large number of inputs, including a tape loop and a few other things. When the first unit arrived, I did a quick sweep into the oscilloscope and the results were encouraging, with a two to three db rise at 20 hz, a 1 db dip at 20 khz and close tracking elsewhere. The master volume was set to output 1 watt and the tone and balance controls were centered. I connected it to the rest of the equipment and found the reason for the roughness to be hum and noise. It took some time to try and eliminate the noise by switches, cables, plugs, etc. It went for a replacement after no luck. I requested a refund when the second unit arrived. It was noisier than the first one. It would be foolish to recommend the purchase of any Pyle equipment.

👤The work around was for the teachers to hold a microphone to their phones, and the aux cables and lightning adaptors were "disappearing". I donated this to the school because I didn't have a lot of money to spend and I wanted to give the school a way to connect audio from their phones. In the video, you can see that I walked to the end of the gym without any issues. I tied the two thumb drives to the rack with ambient music and upbeat music. It isn't a huge loss if those thumb drives walk away. They can always use the radio function if all else fails. The bonus feature is that it has a 1/2 jack only. It has been working for 3 months. I will keep this review updated.

👤I got this for my father to interface his powered monitors, electric piano, small Sony CD/DVD player, and little mp3 player. It seems to be an excellent unit after a month of use. I can't comment on that interface because we haven't gotten into its capacity to read the sticks. Since we don't really need it, we haven't checked out its bluetooth capability. The built in radio works well, the tone controls are very effective, the knobs feel very solid, and the audio device is very well made. It seems state of the art at this price. If you read the 1* review, I would suggest ignoring it. P.S. 10-23-18 The review considers price and it still appears to be an excellent value. I tether my phone to my phone using a feature that works just fine.

👤I use this with my 1000 watt powered speakers. I was going to buy the One for $399 but it has all the features. I no longer need to use my audio switch box because this9 has 3 inputs. The build quality is very good. I unplugged the rca cord from the back and noticed the input is loose and making a loud poping noise when I use it. * I unplugged it and threw it out after it started making noises. I will never buy pyle again, it's not worth it.

3. 12 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier

12 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier

6000 watt power The 12 Channel Pyle Stereo amplifier receiver is a must have for your acoustic sound system. 6000W power can be used for multi speakers and high quality amplified audio. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The mini professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. Today's latest devices include smart phones, iPad, iPhone, computer and hassle-free receiver pairing. The portable multi-zone audio digital amplifier box has a 3.5mm microphone in, 3 pairs of RCA audio input, and an AUX slot. There is a selectable audio input. There is a voice priority button. The home amplifier with a sound mixer device has a MIC talk-over function where the background music is minimized by pushing the button when the signal is inputted to MIC1. It's used in announcements. There are EQ controls. The professional compact rack mount home theater system receiver has a digital screen, front panel control center, and independent channel volume control center.

Brand: Pyle

👤The rear inputs are isolated to the associated channel. I did not believe the answer given by Pyle when I posted the question, because I couldn't find the answer to that question. If the answer was correct, I would purchase the amplifier and return it. I gave the tech support a bad rating because of this. The user manual doesn't answer the question. The answer is here. Yes! Each of the rear inputs is linked to the output they are associated with. This is the cheapest amplifier on the market. It can be used as a 5.1 surround sound amplifier. If you have a question, please submit it to me so I can quickly answer it.

👤I'm using it to power my massive sound system and it's outputting strong, never exceeds 100f, which is a bonus. I believe those complaining about faulty product are exceeding its input. As an engineer, most definitely recommend either way. You won't experience any trouble if you don't mix match or exceed the input. When expansion is needed, will be buying another.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Not ready for a significant investment that comes with Control4 but moved into a house that had wall and ceiling speakers installed and an amplifier that was over 15 years old. It works perfectly when you connect 8 in-wall/ceiling speakers to this. You can control the volume for each individual speaker with the knobs. Sound is good. I connected a receiver to it so that I could use multiple sources to play through the speakers. I'm able to control what gets played in multiple zones thanks to Apple TV's airplay function. There are 8 speakers upstairs and 6 speakers downstairs that are connected to a different Apple TV and amplifier. I can play my content from my phone to both Apple TVs at the same time, so I don't have to delay. This unit is perfect at this price point. You have to manually do everything if you don't have a remote. I have to turn down the volume on the speakers in my bedroom if I want to just have content playing on them. It was a good tradeoff for the price.

👤This is my last one. It lasted for a month and a half. You can't pair or do anything with the screen that went out. It's a big deal for a small business to eat a few hundred dollars. It's past the return window by a week. The first one died in the return window. Forget about the warranty. You have to pay to have it sent back to you. It will probably happen again after you do that. Do not buy anything from the company. You have been warned.

👤The product has been broken since I first turned it on, but this review is more about the terrible customer service of the company. If you want to know more about the people who make this product, read on. I bought this receiver in November of 2020. I unboxed it in March 2021. I had a bad awaking when I hit the power button after I expired to try it out. The red light came on for a split second. The electric panel had a tripped circuit. The unit wouldn't power on no matter where I plugged it in. Although I could not overload it, I bought a replacement for it because I wondered if it was a faulty tube. It had no effect. I had a lemon. It was too late for me to return the unit to Amazon, so I contacted Pyle for the warranty work. I had to put my credit card down for the possibility of paying for parts if their warranty did not cover it, and they also required me to pay for shipping to them. I was annoyed that they didn't care that their product never worked and they were making me pay upfront. I wanted it fixed so it was cheaper than a new one. I sent it in late May. They said it would be 3-6 weeks. They charged my card for $20 in late June. They didn't give an explanation for the charge. I assumed that meant the receiver was coming back soon. I was wrong. I sent the receiver in almost 4 months ago, but I still don't have it back. When I reached out to support, they were rude and I was told that it was still in the warehouse. We are at 17 weeks with the original 6 weeks. I paid for shipping to them and they charged my card without giving me notice. There is a quality product and better customer service.

4. Sony STRDH590 Multi Channel Receiver Bluetooth

Sony STRDH590 Multi Channel Receiver Bluetooth

You can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and more in the comfort of your home with Cinematic Sound at Home. S Force PRO delivers virtual surround sound with only a 2 speaker setup. You can use your phone to stream music and use a Standby turn on the receiver. A multi function system includes a multi channel stereo setup, a radio tuner and a headphone jack. There are 4 stereo Rca audio inputs and 2 digital audio outputs. In the box is a microphone, remote control, batteries, and a wire antenna. Also, note: Installation Manual and User Guide can be found in the catalog. Also, note: Installation Manual and User Guide can be found in the catalog.

Brand: Sony

👤I never leave a bad review, but this receiver did not allow for the full experience of the game. If I plugged my TV into my XBOX One X, it would be capable of playing both video and gaming. The build quality is good, but the lack of AUX-in was disappointing. I picked up the Yamaha after returning the Sony. It's $50 cheaper, has tons of more features, and has an AUX-in feature that I've wanted for years, and it passes the tests of both Dolby Vision and HDR10 correctly. Pick up the Yamaha, you'll be happy you did.

👤I put together a simple 5.1 surround system in my small den based on a Yamaha amplifier that started to go a little weird - it would turn itself on and off, sometimes wouldn't allow volume control from a remote, and sometimes wouldn't have picture resolution dropped. The sound was pretty decent. I decided to swap out the amplifier for the Sony one. Wow, what a change! It was easy to set up and calibrate. The sound stage is very detailed. It makes my speakers sparkle with clarity and crispness. I'm not a snob and my ears can still see a huge improvement in movie watching at a cheaper price. You will like this amplifier.

👤Great inputs. Good power. 60hz pass through. The enhanced HDMI option can be enabled. Arc control. I like it. The surround left channel is dead. The receiver died not even two years after the event. I'm disappointed, and that's coming from a Sony fan. My last receiver was from Sony. This was brought down from 5 stars to 2 by me. I think I'm buying a Denon.

👤I have an old entertainment system with a center and surround set that I use this unit to drive. The unit sounds good even with questionable speakers. I listen to my music on my phone. I use it. I know that makes many people cringe. I used the automatic calibration to set this up. Mozart's 25th was put on by selected music surround. My wife could hear how much better this setup was. Everything was in balance. It had a rich sound and clear highs. The surround did not sound fake. It was like sitting in an orchestra pit. It sounded great to have DVDs and cable TV. I can't hear the voices. The Movie HD-Digit setting is clear and easy to understand. There is a night mode that makes it easier to understand voices. The unit works great out of the box. It is powerful enough for a small home office, and I have it set up there. If you want to annoy the neighbors, you might need a bigger unit. I am very pleased with this purchase, and I love it.

👤Sony got it right. The receiver has 4K and HDR pass-through. The inputs are 2.2 compliant. It is easy to set up. The power is at 145W per channel. It will expand to 5.1 soon if you hook it up to a couple BIC tower speakers and a Dayton Subwoofer. There is no rush because the Front Surround feature really makes 2.1 sound like real surround. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase because it's heavy and built like a tank so it should last. The seller was praised for ordering on Monday and being delivered on Wednesday.

5. Channel Bluetooth Power Amplifier Microphone

Channel Bluetooth Power Amplifier Microphone

The multi channel Pyle stereo amplifier Receiver is 3000 Watt power. 3000 Watts peak power will allow you to enjoy high quality amplified audio. It's compatible with Bluetooth. The professional integrated stereo receiver has a wireless music streamer. It works with today's latest devices, including phones, laptops, and computers. The home amplifier with a box has 7 inputs, including a mic input for karaoke or event hosting. The home theater system receiver has buttons for audio sources, a knob for equalization, and a button for master volume adjustments. It has blue lights which can be adjusted through the dimmer. The improved compact amplifier has a built in digital fluorescent output display meter that displays all the functions and input used. The package includes remote control for distant audio adjustments.

Brand: Pyle

👤The product seems to be very good and easy to set up. I used it with a turntable. I wired the turntable to one of the case screws because there was no ground connection for it. There is no way to change the balance between the right and left speakers. It's probably not a big deal. The antenna is cracked and flimsy. I've come up with a problem. When the turntable is selected, there is very little volume, but with the radio, it can blow the roof off! I've spent an hour trying to figure it out, but no result, so I'll call tech support when I have time.

👤I was disappointed to order a 3000w stereo but it was knocked down to 300w with 8 speakers. What? Did not say that in the description. The owners manual doesn't help with how to go from A to A on speakers. Also does not tell you how to put favorite stations in order. I have to manually enter each station to see if I want to listen to it.

👤The unit is well built and looks attractive. The quality is probably 4.5 out of 5 stars. I may be able to fix the broken remote control antenna without too much trouble, since I have a small amount of glue. I think most people just want to listen to music or use it for parties. It will do the trick. It has the ability to charge cell phones and tablets, it's a nice feature for party guests, and also if you're playing music through a phone or tablets, it's a nice feature. The connection works well. You're an adult now and you need a real stereo. Quality speakers can be found in thrift stores. Add this and it will look cool.

👤Product did not have an antenna. There was a problem with the front connection for the antenna. It was difficult to remove the cover and tighten the fitting. There was a flimsy plastic holder on the reverse side. Not well made. I was able to tighten it and hope it holds. The manufacturer can't spell. See the photo. Even though the antenna is connected, it's not possible to tune to the stations. Still trying to figure that out.

👤I don't have a lot of experience with amplification but I think this is a good one. It is loud and has good sound. I think it's a good deal. Everything so far has worked, it appears well built. It comes with rack mounts that are well built, and it has a mode dial that is hard to turn, and not in a good spot against the handle. The instructions are not very good, they just tell you what the buttons are, but not how to use the unit. It does not have a disk drive. I think it's a solid 4 stars for the price, which is better than paying $200 for a bigger name product that does the same. A one year warranty should prevent you from getting stuck with a bad one because electronics will die within a month or two.

6. Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier

Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier

The peak power of the Pyle 5 Channel Hifi Audio Amplifier is 100 watt. You can enjoy crisp and high quality amplified audio with low distortion and acoustic accurate audio reproduction. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The small personal integrated indoor stereo receiver has a wireless music streamer. It works with today's latest devices, including laptops, computers, and phones. The professional Hi Fi amplifier supports many external devices. 5 sets of spring loaded speaker terminal connections are included. Front control panel. The amplifier has a built in display with buttons for functions such as input, volume, and surround, as well as a built in display with buttons for functions such as standby, tuner, and surround. There are EQ controls. The multi purpose 5 channel compact home theater digital stereo receiver box has buttons for audio adjustment. The remote control is for easy distant audio adjustments. Refer to the Technical Specification for User Manual for more information.

Brand: Pyle

👤I would have given this 5 stars, but the inputs gave a bad sound output. I had the same issue with a Chinese unit. I am using this as a media center and the TV/Android TV Box are my only sound sources, so it was an option. The sound is crystal clear. One unit had a remote volume that was down after 1.5 years, but it works fine and feels solid. The remotes are $36 a pop. I used a universal remote that I learned from. You can control the volume settings for surround, center, and main with the remote. You can control bass and treble. All my settings were retained when the system was reset. This is connected to a power strip that shuts everything off when the TV is turned off. I was a little nervous because of the other reviews. Not an issue for what I received. I'm assuming they addressed the issues with later versions or the reviewers received faulty units. I prefer a lower volume setting because I don't want my speakers or THUMP my subs to blast. The unit came with a lot of instructions. It has a low-intensity blue display and doesn't distract when watching movies. It's the perfect size to fit on top of my sub and has rubber feet. I didn't assume something this small could drive an unpowered sub because my powered sub works with the high-pass speaker wires. I am using satellite speakers and a dual cone center channel speaker. The power of this makes it loud for a home theatre system. I don't expect this to work with large stereo speakers, and would cause distortion if you tried to use it as a pre-amp. It's never a good idea to amplify a signal. I would have been angry if I didn't have the option to use the HDMI option. The only thing that the HDMI can do is audio pass-through, it is not a receiver. I have to buy an HDMI splitter as I can't use it to switch between audio sources since I only use HDMI. Both units have issues now. One connects when it wants to and the other doesn't. One unit has issues with HDMI sound, where you have to cycle the inputs when you first start your show, or when you pause your show, or both. Only one source is connected.

👤This product was perfect for the bedroom. If you don't do the homework, you will be disappointed if you buy a surround system with Boom-Box volume. The reviewer who helped me decide to purchase this product was the same one who helped me with my application. I have setup a 27 inch TV in my bedroom with a single HDMI input and a streaming stick. I wanted better sound in my bedroom than my TV could provide. The sound system in the entertainment room was supposed to be louder than the bedroom's. I had spare Bose speakers that I wanted to use for the bedroom TV setup. The amplifier fit my application perfectly. I wired using 16-gauge wire. The two Bose speakers were put into the amplifier, the Roku stick was put into one of the two HDMI inputs, and the other end of the cable was put into the TV. I connected an F-Type female plug wire antenna to the amplifier to use the built-in radio when I'm not watching TV. I have not used the AUX inputs yet. I have been using the above setup for a month and I am very pleased with it. When the volume-dial is set to mid-way, the amplifier can drive the Bose speakers with enough power. I can use the input mode on the stick to stream video. The Bose speakers have better sound quality than the TV speakers. There are no issues with voice not being synchronized. There is a The amplifier's remote control is very easy to use. The instructions are very clear about how to operate the system. The amplifier unit has all the controls on it, as well as the remote. I added a wire antenna to the amplifier to pick up the radio stations. The amplifier has a lot of memory. The amplifier has a feature that works well. I connected my laptop to the amplifier. The Bose speakers had a better sound than the laptop speakers. The connection to my phone was easy to make. The low-cost unit that the Pyle PFA540BT amplifier is built for has a small footprint. It is on my bedroom furniture. I have not configured my bedroom entertainment system for surround sound, but it provides the option of connecting up to five speakers and a sub-woofer. I am very happy with the purchase I made, I chose the correct product for my application.

7. Channel Pre Amplifier Receiver Theater Stereo

Channel Pre Amplifier Receiver Theater Stereo

1000 watt power. The high powered Pyle stereo amplifier receiver is a must have. It allows you to enjoy high-quality audio by giving you 1000W peak power. The home stereo amplifier receiver has a front-loading CD/DVD player, mp3/usb flash drive reader, Aux ( 3.5mm) input, and a pair ofRCA audio in. It also has a subwoofer. It is comparable with Bluetooth. This 4 channel Pyle stereo receiver is compatible with a variety of phones and tablets. It has an AM/FM radio with preset stations. There are EQ controls. You can adjust the mic echo, treble, bass, volume, and subwoofer levels using the button or the included remote control on the front panel control center. The display is a digital one. A built-in digital display displays all the functions and input used in the receiver. Includes remote control, rack-mount brackets and cables. The display is a digital one. A built-in digital display displays all the functions and input used in the receiver. Includes remote control, rack-mount brackets and cables.

Brand: Pyle

👤I have been a user of home audio and hi-fi systems since the 70s, and I have an honest opinion on the latest piece of technology, the Pyle PD 1000BT home audio amplifier. The player is not a cd player, so it's not a CD player change. If that is not a problem for you, you can program the tracks of the one cd you are playing on this unit. If you don't take the time to experiment with the unit by playing with it, it will make a problem for you. I guarantee that you will overcome the hurdle of not being able to fully understand how to operate if you do these things. It was worth it, even though it was a pain in the ass stripping the speaker wires, even when using what was supposed to be the correct wire strippers-w/ the different sized holes. There is a If you're 40 to 25 years old, all of what I'm saying might not mean much to you, unless you're into records. Will Amazon post this? C. Brazell, 5-25-21. I haven't used this unit since about May, but I found out today that there is a stop button on it. Stop. The CD is playing. I've never had a CD player that didn't work. As a button! When you press the stop button, the unit will stop playing, but you can't stop it on your own. It's very frustrating when I need to review the music I'm listening to, or even stop the music, before I want to listen to another track like it's done with any other CD player I've ever owned! I am forced to get another cd player because of this, because the folks at Pyle decided that it would be a trade-off for having an otherwise great playing unit. I still think that anyone who is interested in buying this unit should be aware of it's detractions and there are definitely some detractions in the PylePD 1000 amplifier.

👤I have two duds in my possession. The B speakers will only make a loud clicking sound when you try to connect them. It will only play with two speakers. Trying to save channels in memory is ridiculous. Stay away from this one. You need a magnifying glass to read the words on the remote control because it is hard to tell what the buttons are.

👤I followed the instructions, but I don't get the sound and DVD on the TV. My TV is a Smart TV and it is playing AM and FM. There is nothing else that works other than the radio. When pressed to open the DVD tray, the remote doesn't open it. I want to return the unit that I am displeased with.

👤There is a lot of features. I use it to listen to music from CDs while I play the guitar. A to B repeat is a good way to practice songs. When music starts playing, the static to the speakers gets toned out.

8. Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Receiver Integrated

Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Receiver Integrated

The fans are tied together. Home audio speakers should be more powerful. The TI TPA3116D2 chip is used to get clear and clarity sound, no audible noise, when nothing is playing through it. The built-in speakers protection circuit is the best for bookshelf/ computer/desktop/speakers in your home. The Home Hi-fi integrated amplifier is exclusive to customers who pursue Hifi sound. You can use the power cord directly. If you have any problems with the item, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤If you use the AUX plug, the Amp works and sounds great. The sound cuts in and out above the 1/2 way volume setting when I tried the connection. It works great at low volumes. The sound cuts in and out in less than a second when the volume level is loud. It was rather annoying. I removed the antenna and used AUX only. Nice and small, and loud enough for general listening. I might take it apart to see if I can fix the issue. I think a shielding issue is between the class D amplifier and theBT section. I was able to fix the issue where the bluetooth cuts in and out at high volume. After taking the amplifier apart. The jumper wire from the PCB to the binding post was routed over the bluetooth section. The low-level bluetooth circuits were being interfered with by the very close proximity of the speaker output. I bent the wire and voila! Problem solved! The only tools required are a 2.5mm allen wrench and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

👤I wanted to add a couple speakers to my home, but I didn't want to buy a big receiver. I was looking for a basic speaker that I could use on the deck, but then I came across this little gem that I could use on the deck. My only requirement was that it was compatible with a phone. I could use my phone to play music. I bought a pair of speakers from Polk Audio and an amplifier from Fosi Audio. The speaker wires were plugged into the back of the amplifier, and the speakers were mounted in the soffit above the deck. This amplifier plays our Amazon music and plays it perfectly. The amplifier is about 20 feet away from my echo, which has no problems connecting and playing music. I can use my phone to connect to the amplifier from my deck, which is about 40 feet away. I was surprised by that. I love this amplifier. It's powerful enough for our deck. The volume on the amplifier has been turned down to about half. I control the rest of the volume with my phone or Amazon device. If you are looking for a simple stereo amplifier/speaker setup, I would highly recommend this one. You can't go wrong for the price.

👤I needed something small and simple to drive two B&W speakers in my home gym, but I'm used to much more expensive audio equipment. I have a Denon amplifier in my living room. I am happy with this little amplifier, it does not clip at higher volume, and I am using it in a way that makes it sound great. It's very difficult to get your speaker wire threaded in, so I ended up using banana plugs. If you're on the fence, buy this thing.

👤I bought this because my ears were getting tired of listening to my daughter play her "tween" tunes on an echo dot. I plugged it into my Polk towers, which have 4x8" woofers each, and was blown away. The Polks are not high efficiency speakers, but this little amplifier was able to run them at comfortable volumes. Anything above casual listening would start to clip... That's not what they designed this for. The bass was deep and the highs were clear. I put it in her bathroom with 2 of these speakers. The sound was so loud it blew me away. You would swear there was a sub hidden. There was a lot of detail. I would pop for this again if I were putting together a listening station. It would be a killer with more efficient speakers. They tell you to expect a pop when you pair BlueTooth. This is not a problem for me since I used an echo dot that won't move or un-pairing.

9. Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System

Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System

Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The mini professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. Works with today's latest devices including smart phones, tablets, and computer. The Pyle 6 Channel powered amplifier receiver is perfect for your PA and home theater acoustic surround sound system. You can use 4200W power for multi speakers and enjoy high quality amplified audio. The personal portable multi-zone audio digital amplifier box has a variety of external sources, including 3 pairs of RCA audio input for the CD player or tape deck. Also has a radio antenna. There is a voice priority button. The surround sound amplification mixer device has a MIC talk-over function where the background music is minimized by pushing the button when the signal is inputted to MIC1. It is used in announcements. There are EQ controls. The professional compact rack mount sound amplifier has buttons for power and mp3 controls. An independent channel volume control center is included in the W/ separate rotary knob controls.

Brand: Pyle

👤This unit has all the features we needed for an outdoor pavilion, for a very reasonable price. We didn't need to buy any other equipment other than the wireless mic receiver. I was going to have a problem with other units because it converts everything to mono. The sound is clear. The MODE button does not do much more than 85% of the time. You can get it to switch modes, but you can't do it again. You can't go into other modes without this button. You're stuck in Aux mode. Tech support is what it is called. I was told that I should return the unit or exchange it. Immediately, Amazon sent another unit. Within 2 days, I had it. The same problem is controlling the mode. I'm not sure how to proceed, I need to ask for a third unit or figure out the secret to unlocking the features. Our organization is relying on me to get the audio working correctly in the pavilion and I am under the gun. There is an update. The second unit was also bad, and I had to keep asking for replacements until I got one that worked. The third unit I received from Amazon had the same problem. I can get the Mode button to work on at least one occasion. I decided the mode button problem is not acceptable after some time. I asked for permission to bring it back under warranty. They sent me a "warranty packet" to fill out and include my CC number for return shipping and handling after a number of attempts. It has been a nightmare. They said to expect a 10 day turn around. It has been 20 days. I haven't heard anything. I used Facebook messenger and called. The first two did not respond. The phone call was useless. I had to repeat my name, number, email and so on. He promised to send me a warranty return packet, which I already filled out and shipped with the unit. I couldn't make him understand why I was calling. Maybe because it sounded like a drum practice in the background. He said he would call me back, but didn't ask for my phone number, and it sounded like he couldn't find me in the system. He wanted the call to end. We hung up because there was nothing we could do. The return was signed for by the person who received it. I'm at a loss. If I ever hear from them again, I will update this review. The mode button didn't work after I received the unit back. There was a note in the box from the technician that said to press it more slowly. I had already done all of the pressing lengths. It was the same as before when trying again. I gave up for a while. I opened a claim with SquareTrade after the 1 year warranty ended. I bought the extended warranty with the original unit. I shipped the label to them for repair. It came back in a few days. I was very excited. The Mode button does not do anything. SquareTrade was called. I was sent another label to ship it back. I made a video of myself turning it on and trying to switch modes and put it on a drive for them to see. I received an email a few days later saying it was not repairable and they were issuing a refund for $221 which was what I paid originally. The price has increased to $259. I ordered a new one from Amazon. The Mode button works 20% of the time instead of 10% after I plugged in the fourth unit. It's still unacceptable. I can't teach anyone how to use all the functions of this amplifier if they can't use them. When the next chapter occurs, I will update this story again.

10. AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

The cabinet case has Locking Wheels for the computer server, home theater rackmount gear, and audiovisual equipment. It is compatible with American and European rackmount standards. There are two packs of 5mm and 6mm screws. The front and back design is open. Vented- Side Panels are used for protection. Side panels can be left off. There are no weight bearing panels. There are front and rear rack rails. The coat is textured and black. Equipment can be held up to 18 inches deep. Caster Wheels for Multi-Surface are Sturdy. 2 wheels with locks. A blank panel is included. The dimensions are 18” x 20” x27.5” with wheels. The shipping weight was 39.7lb. The weight capacity is over 400 lbs. Load capacity can be increased by removing wheels. It's easy to assembly. This equipment rack is ideal for storing and organizing equipment. It's compatible with all of the AxcessAbles drawers, trays and rack accessories.

Brand: Axa Axcessables

👤I thought it was just stamped metal that bolts together. It works well. It is the right size with all the threaded holes. There are rolling wheels that lock. I put a picture of it in my house. Extra space is always nice as we always upgrade things. Would recommend this cabinet to everyone. It is the cheapest cabinet I could find, and it works perfectly. I can't think of anything to make it better.

👤The rack is nice. It's not a good rack. The rails are punched and tapped. The metal is thin so I stripped out two holes easily. It looks great, but it's not very sturdy. This is a sub-$100 rack and not a $100 rack. I would not buy it again. I will keep it and make it work because it fits where I need it. I was disappointed that I had to move the rack down a hole in order to install a 4U server case after doing some research. The gap at the top is too small for a 1U cover. Its going to work. Over time, I hope to get my money worth. I give it a 5-star rating but wish the metal was a little thicker. I would have preferred the 10-32 screws. What can you say about China?

👤It went well. I read reviews about how to remove screws. Ignore them. These are plastic rack screws and they hold the whole thing together. Don't tighten the screws and then remove them at once. Put the screws in tight after you insert the new piece. Use a good screw driver and tighten them a couple of turns. Look at the arrow stickers that show which side is USA and which side is euro for all the corners. I have both sides set up with USA rack sizes.

👤Left seller feedback. Be careful with this product. The threads aren't manufactured right. They do not allow you to tighten the sides. There are holes in the side rails to mount your gear. 2 of them are standard size for audio gear. The hole is larger. Without threading, the standard 19" rack screws will slip right into them. They put all the screws in the holes and then have 2 more bags in the box. The instruction sheet is really bad. The rack is nice for the size, but lacks a purpose of holding your gear secure. I have a better one, the one that costs a bit more. This is a cheaper brand knock off. I don't recommend this product, but I might have received a bad unit and others are good. Purchase at your own risk.

👤I wanted a server rack for a long time, but instead of buying one I wanted to see if I could find a rack that musicians use. I found a rack. It was easy to put together. The ability to lock the wheels in place is great. I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to adding more hardware.

11. Wireless Home Audio Amplifier System

Wireless Home Audio Amplifier System

The Pyle 6 Channel home audio amplifier has 600 watt power. It gives 600 Watts peak power which can be used for multi speakers with an impedance of 4-7. Bluetooth is a pharmaceutical company. The professional integrated indoor stereo receiver is compatible with the latest devices and works with wireless bluetooth. It has a jack for audio monitoring. The personal portable digital amplifier box has a flash drive, a mic, and a RCA connection. It also has a push type speaker. Wireless range up to 40 feet. Talk over button. When activated, the MIC talk over function will temporarily stop the current music or audio being played. This function is used in announcements. There are EQ controls. The sound amplification device has buttons for bass, echo, mic, tone and source input mode. A remote control is included in the package.

Brand: Pyle

👤I own a PYLE and it's great. The sound is nice. We moved to a new house and I needed more than two zones, so I bought this one. It looked and read like my old one, but it has a sad and hidden issue. There isn't a stereo sound. Both Amazon and Pyle describe it as a stereo system. After six months, I notice a song doesn't play in the right and left channels. I realized I was sold a false product when I looked into it more. The owers manual says "stereo". But! The front panel of the product says "radio" in a very subtle and incorrect way. I reached out to Amazon after I wrote Pyle. The product description is correct because no one else complained. There is bad business on both ends. I was referred to Amazon's specialized team by a friend. I was told to take it with me. They have no responsibility for the false description. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I have built-in ceiling speakers, 20 watt 8ohm, in 6 zones throughout my house, but no amplifier left by previous owners. I found this product and read a few pages of reviews and found that many people were complaining about minor quirks. I assumed I would just leave my device plugged in while guests were gone. The Trigger was pulled. It was new and wrapped in a box. It came with a built-inBT antenna, a plug-in FM antenna wire, and a basic labeled manual. It works well. Exactly what I needed. All of the nearby rooms have my bluetooth reach from them. I have the ability to control each volume on my own. Press MODE until it says something. Blue. It showed up on my phone when I turned the dial to "Mp voila and3". I recommend whole-house distributed audio. Is that what it is?

👤I am an audio engineer. I bought this unit to run zone 3 in my backyard and pool room. I was excited when I ordered the unit. I was very disappointed when it arrived and I got it hooked up. I am a tech professional. I can figure things out quickly. This unit was difficult. The instructions were not helpful. I got it going after working with it a bit. The most simple way to pair up was with a bluetooth device. The unit I received was sold as used. I used a speaker from another system. The sound was still very flat after tweaking the bass and treble. The power was there, but it was not visible. I got better sound out of a lower powered amplifier after I turned it on. I connected it to where it would go and then powered up the speakers in my back yard. The bass hit, but again, the sound was very flat and tin-can-like, nevermind the blown channels, I needed all 6 for my pool room and outdoors. I think I had it powered up around 30 minutes. The power was completely there, but it was distorted at higher volumes where the power was needed. Don't recommend! Time and energy are wasted. When suggesting other units, other reviews are appropriate.


What is the best product for home theater rack amp?

Home theater rack amp products from Pyle. In this article about home theater rack amp you can see why people choose the product. Sony and Fosi Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater rack amp.

What are the best brands for home theater rack amp?

Pyle, Sony and Fosi Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater rack amp. Find the detail in this article.

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