Best Home Theater Rack Cabinet with Door

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1. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Control

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Control

The dimensions are 4.5 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 52 CFM and the total noise is 18 dBa. A fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. A modern brushed black finish is contained in the frame. The included Turbo Wall Adapter increases performance by 25%. The dimensions are: 17 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 156 CFM and the total noise is 21 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The quality turn key solution is used. I built a home made window fan after being disappointed in finding a good window fan. The air will exchange in my house in an hour. No fan noise is the best.

👤I use this in my cats' litterbox room for fresh air because it's a cooling fan for an entertainment unit. The room is about 8' x 8', and I have two of the 3-fan units in a window, with the air blowing outside. There's a two-fan unit in a different window of the room. If I put my hand in front of the cat door that leads in from the rest of the house, I can feel a breeze flowing in, so I know it's fresh and free of odors. It helps to keep the litter boxes clean. I don't hear the fans at all because of the noise in the room. It's more quiet than most computer fans. Daisy-chaining two or more fans is easy. Each fan has a male and female plug that can be plugged into a wall or into a computer.

👤This product is straight forward. It has a wired enclosure with 3 120mm fans and a male and female plug that you can plug into. I just installed it and it is what I was looking for. It looks nice. It was easy to install, which was much better than other cooling solutions I tried to build. Place the template where you want it. The lines and holes should be marked. Cut/drill. Mount. I just got a new PC that is powerful. The old cooling fan that was in the cabinet was not enough for the new PC. I have to open the cabinet door if there is a game happening. Adding this S9 to the cabinet seems to have solved the problem. The cabinet is not warm anymore. I have a gaming PC, surround sound receiver, and a number of other things in a 16 square foot cabinet that is being cooled.

👤Looks andfits great. I had to change the fans because they were too noisy and I am very happy now.

👤Solidly built and easy to convert from push to pull air. If you are using a media or av cabinet, the fans are very quiet.

👤The fans are fairly quiet, considering how much air they are moving. It is loud for a home theatre setup. If you could change the fan speed to be half of the lowest setting, it would greatly reduce the noise. The fans are spun so fast by the lowest speed setting. I was able to turn this into a standing fan using scrap from around the house. It is quieter than most other fans I have tried and the noise is more pleasant.

👤This is being used to cool my xbox series x which is inside a cabinet. The cabinet has only 2 inches of space on each side, and the xbox is on it's side. My xbox would crash all the time if it wasn't for it. It gets hot. The air is being pulled through the cabinet to the rear. This cools the xbox. This is all I need and on this setting it is almost silent. I connected it to the power source that comes with it and the smart plug from Amazon. When the xbox is on, I have set it to turn on automatically. Setting low is almost silent and setting medium is noticable. I wish I had it sooner.

2. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

The dimensions are 11.7 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. Airflow: 104 CFM, noise: 19 dBA, and Bearings: dual ball. A fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. A modern brushed black finish is contained in the frame. The included Turbo Adapter increases performance by 25%. The dimensions are 4.5 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 52 CFM and the total noise is 18 dBa. The dimensions are 4.5 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 52 CFM and the total noise is 18 dBa.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I bought this because my first PS4 is loud. It will be worth it if it can help enough. The fans were flipped as exhaust. The PS4 is blowing out the back and drawing fresh air in from the open front end, which is exhausting the heat. I allowed the playstation to be off for 24 hours prior to testing. It raises temperatures realllll quick after playing a full hour of COD online. I took 3 pictures as soon as I turned it on. The numbers speak for themselves. The fans on H were used to take these pictures. Nothing is perfect. If I had to complain about something, I would like the template to be made in the USA. I folded the template in half and lined the mounting holes together to make it perfect. It makes it easy to line up where you are installing it.

👤I ordered several of these for my cabinets. They fit in the bottom of the A/V Cabinets after I removed the plastic louvers. To make sure they wouldn't slip through the opening, I put metal plates at each end of the opening and used Silicon Cement to create a gasket. You can plug into any AC outlet with the standard AC plug and the AC plug that is standard. You can set the settings of "H" for high speed, "M" for medium speed, or "L" for low speed after you setup and plug in. They are not very powerful on high speed and have a loud "hum" that can be heard through the entire cabinet. They are less expensive than the ones that come built into the unit. The Airplate S5 has a total airflow of 52 cmf, total noise of 18 decibels, and dual ball bearings. The Salamander SA/BVAC Bottom Vent with Active Cooling unit has a noise level of 22dBA and has a price of $249. The Airplate S5 is an add-on and not built in, but it is one tenth of the price and has a better specification. I can live with the noise for that kind of savings.

👤I don't like reviews that don't list their use case. I have a TV stand in my home theater setup. The backs of the cabinets have an oval pass through for wires that is about 15 feet long. I have a home theater PC in one of the cabinets. It runs cool due to going over the top on the video card and processor, but still adds some heat to the cabinet, which is 15 degrees above ambient. The cabinet on the 2nd shelf is very hot when the XBOX One S is running. It is concerning though there are no failures. This fan was the solution. The installation is straight forward. The install was easy because of the cutting template. I used my Dremel to cut the hole and left the template in place when I drilled my 4 holes. The unit popped right in. The packaging for the product was nicer than expected. Quality is presentable. I might consider the temp controller in the future. The unit is very quiet on the power. I didn't think the wall plug was necessary for my application and I didn't use my PC to power the fan. A nice quality product. I just installed it and haven't put it through its paces yet, but it appears this will be a good product. I will use it for a few days.

3. AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

The rack cabinet is designed for 19-inch gear. It's perfect for organizing equipment. It is compatible with American and European rack mount standards. The packs for the screws are included. Caster wheels are not always available for additional weight load. If you need an open-frame server rack for additional airflow, the side panel install is optional. The rails on the front and rear of the vehicle. Black finish. For gear up to 18-inche deep. The dimensions are assembled with wheels. There is a weight capacity without wheels. All of the drawers, trays, and panels are compatible with the RK16U rack. All standard 19" rack accessories are compatible with it.

Brand: Axa Axcessables

👤I thought it was just stamped metal that bolts together. It works well. It is the right size with all the threaded holes. There are rolling wheels that lock. I put a picture of it in my house. Extra space is always nice as we always upgrade things. Would recommend this cabinet to everyone. It is the cheapest cabinet I could find, and it works perfectly. I can't think of anything to make it better.

👤The rack is nice. It's not a good rack. The rails are punched and tapped. The metal is thin so I stripped out two holes easily. It looks great, but it's not very sturdy. This is a sub-$100 rack and not a $100 rack. I would not buy it again. I will keep it and make it work because it fits where I need it. I was disappointed that I had to move the rack down a hole in order to install a 4U server case after doing some research. The gap at the top is too small for a 1U cover. Its going to work. Over time, I hope to get my money worth. I give it a 5-star rating but wish the metal was a little thicker. I would have preferred the 10-32 screws. What can you say about China?

👤It went well. I read reviews about how to remove screws. Ignore them. These are plastic rack screws and they hold the whole thing together. Don't tighten the screws and then remove them at once. Put the screws in tight after you insert the new piece. Use a good screw driver and tighten them a couple of turns. Look at the arrow stickers that show which side is USA and which side is euro for all the corners. I have both sides set up with USA rack sizes.

👤Left seller feedback. Be careful with this product. The threads aren't manufactured right. They do not allow you to tighten the sides. There are holes in the side rails to mount your gear. 2 of them are standard size for audio gear. The hole is larger. Without threading, the standard 19" rack screws will slip right into them. They put all the screws in the holes and then have 2 more bags in the box. The instruction sheet is really bad. The rack is nice for the size, but lacks a purpose of holding your gear secure. I have a better one, the one that costs a bit more. This is a cheaper brand knock off. I don't recommend this product, but I might have received a bad unit and others are good. Purchase at your own risk.

👤I wanted a server rack for a long time, but instead of buying one I wanted to see if I could find a rack that musicians use. I found a rack. It was easy to put together. The ability to lock the wheels in place is great. I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to adding more hardware.

4. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Dual Fan Thermostat

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Dual Fan Thermostat

The dimensions are 5.8 x 2.0 x 4.7 in. A dual fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. An on-board processor provides a digital read-out of the cabinet's temperatures. The programming includes thermostat control, fan speed control, and energy saving mode. Two fan units with controller, containing aluminum frames with a brushed black finish. Each unit has a dimensions of 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 in.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The hardest part was cutting the holes. The templates for cutting are perfect. I tried every tool in the garage until I found the easiest, a rotoZIP. The fad tool from the 90's had to be used 5 times. It's more than payed for itself every time I use it. I remembered the tool after a long time. It was easy to cut the holes after that. The holes for the actual fans were cut slightly larger than the template to prevent noise. I traced the line on the template. It is easy to wire. I bought a fan system. The fans are one way and you have to disassemble one of them. I checked the air flow before I did that because it was already set up as an intake and exhaust. It works like a champ now that it's in.

👤The fans help keep the cabinet cool. I have a second set of cabinets in the works. The fan may cycle around your set temp too frequently in "Smart" mode. The fans kick on and off when the temp is between 78 and 80F, because they aren't silent and I set my controller to 80F. When the fans are on, the temp is usually high enough to keep them running, but when they're not, there's just enough heat to make the fans cycle constantly. If you're not watching TV in the living room, this is annoying. The solution is to stick with it. The fans come on at 80F and then turn off at 76F or 78F depending on how you set the interval, so they don't cycle as frequently. This is the best setting to use if you're sensitive to the noise of the fans.

👤My attempts at installation were not very good, I marred the surface around the control plate until I thought to tape off and the surrounding area to avoid such nicks. I don't think that's a problem with the product, just the installation, it's just the noise that the lowest speed fan makes, if it clicks on during a movie, it's something that can bother you if you're into the movie. Was hoping for better. The display is too bright on its dimmer setting to stay on full-time, so it mostly stays off unless I change it. I would have liked to see a dimme that was suitable for a home theatre setup. Minor complaints aside, I'm keeping the temps down where I want them, and can put big heat-producers in cabinets that made me nervous previously, so it does its job well.

👤I put this setup inside my desk cabinet so I could keep my two Synology NAS drives cool. The kit is very clean and well made. The DOA fan was replaced via Amazon without a problem. I'm really impressed with the 15 degree reduction in the cabinet's temperature. The slatted front of my cabinet allows for air to flow in. You can change the direction of the fan by flipping it around and reinstalling it. The only complaint I have about this product is that they should include an interior plate that mounts on the inside of the cabinet so that it looks just as clean as the outside.

5. Atlantic 38435719 Oskar Cabinet Espresso

Atlantic 38435719 Oskar Cabinet Espresso

There are 12 fixed shelves for optimal media storage capacity. The frame has high capacity to meet all media storage needs. Product dimensions are : Depth - 7.25 inches, height - 54.13 inches, width - 25.13

Brand: Atlantic

👤I bought the Atlantic 464 CD or 228 DVD in Espresso. The pieces were clearly labeled and matched up with printed instructions, even though I was stuck on board-H. It took about an hour to unpack the pieces. The shelves are locked into place. You can place the shelves on top if you push the fatter side of the shelf pegs into the cabinet for a tight fit. The cabinet is 54 inches tall, but assembled in two separate halves, each 27 inches high. The screws for the base fit into the holes in my floor so it won't get scratched. Glue is not required for assembly. Pay attention to the screws being tightened. The boards won't be damaged if the screw is stopped. I have a 3-column Atlantic floor cabinet with my DVD and VHS tapes in it, but also a 2-column cabinet with my music CDs in it. The Atlantic media cabinet has no gaps or FLUSH, unlike my 3-column cabinet that has a 1/2 inch gap at the back of each shelf. It will be much easier if you put all the boards on the floor. There was very little styrofoam in the box or pieces. The product of Mebbe Atlantic is being improved by listening to past consumer reviews. I'm happy with this cabinet.

👤There are a lot of mixed reviews about this product. I think you could call this media cabinet a "miss" product. This was a huge miss for me. I wasted 90 minutes of my time with this piece of junk, which was 70 minutes to put together and 20 minutes to dismantle, to return it to Amazon. I used to work in a video store. I put together video furniture. We provide two types of furniture for our customers, expensive and cheap. You need to know how well or poorly the furniture was constructed. SAUDER was one of my favorite manufacturers. You paid a premium for their cabinets. I could tell right out of the box that the product was bad. The signs of a badly constructed pressboard could be seen. I knew what I was getting into when I paid $70 for this system. I ended up paying the price for going cheap. Atlantic labeled all their pieces, which is a good thing. Even though I was able to do that, I was still looking at the instructions for a long time, until I realized they forgot page 3 of the stapled instructions. I downloaded their instruction manual from the internet. I could see defects in the workmanship when I looked at the shelves. The wood was being warped. The brown coating on the press board began to come off when I turned the screws. I found that the locking system wouldn't align when I pressed the screws many times. The entire bottom section of the cabinet had a large gap because it wouldn't lock into the upper system. The wooden dowels are too big for the holes in the case. The holes do not fit tightly. They should. These are important pieces of guiding hardware that connect the parts together. The dowels are loose. When you connect the shelves, they fall out. The round locking mechanisms can be unreliable. You have sections of shelving that are wobbly because they can't be secured. I've put together furniture like this for years and have never seen anything like this shelving unit. I tried to nail the backing into the shelf when I turned it over. I could see a large chunk of the pressboard was loose. A photo has been included. There is no way that can be covered up. I had to dismantle the entire cabinet in 20 minutes. I contacted Amazon to begin the return process. I know that you will be interested in buying this cabinet because the picture looks nice and there are many positive reviews from people who are happy with their purchase. If you want advice from someone who has put together dozens of these kind of shelving systems over his lifetime, then please stay away from this piece of junk. Atlantic is a good furniture company and a step down from the bad ones. I have never seen a product like that before, from build quality to the fact that you can't even align it together. This company sells this product to make a quick buck off customers who want cheap furniture. You should spend a little more money. It will give you less hassle during construction and a nicer looking piece of furniture in the end. These are products that you can learn from. If you do go cheap, you are taking chances of either getting something that will work for you or hours of wasted time. The Venture House is a brand to consider. If you spend a little more money, you can get something that will make you happy.

6. Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Truffle

Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Truffle

There are 4 open storage shelves. It's easy to get wire access for your electronic devices. It was designed and made in Canada. The ship is from order date. It's required. Dark brown finish. Dark brown finish.

Brand: Nexera

👤The narrowest audio furniture is available. More on that later. I was expecting something flimsy, like the typical build-it-yourself pressboard furniture from your big box stores. The furniture is made of pressboard, but it is different from the typical offerings. The boards are heavier, thicker, and more substantial than you would expect from this type of furniture. It is thoughtfully designed in both construction and function. It looks good. Each of the 3 shelves has 3 positions available. I have a standard sized audio gear. It's the width that you can rack-mount, so small that it can fit in a 19" rack. My gear is heavy. I had a very small space to put it in. A 19" rack could fit there. It was too wide. The furniture is large enough to fit the audio gear, but doesn't waste any space, being as wide as a 19" rack. It is deep enough to hold my equipment. The top shelf is 75 lbs. The shelves are rated for 25 lbs and the bottom is not. The supported weights are being conservative by the manufacturer. The shelves can easily hold more than 25 lbs. They include a locking disk that I haven't worked out yet, but seems to add sturdiness to the setup. The audio shelving unit is exactly what I was looking for. Good looking and highly functional. It is much cheaper than the equivalent rack.

👤I will be installing a new large-screen TV after buying this. I chose it because it seemed to be small yet still has enough room inside, it has a reasonable wood appearance, and it is well vented to keep the electronics cool and allow access for wiring. The product is all of these. The assembly took about half an hour because I was familiar with the cam-and-screw process and had just assembled an Ikea product. There are very few different parts to keep track of, because the side and back panels are identical. The unit is solid. I put my own in. The felt pads on the floor are thick. I still have decisions to make about my components, so I haven't yet put the shelves in. I would have given this 5 stars, but for two reasons. 1. There was a chip in one corner of the base. The furniture touch-up kit was recommended by one of the reviewers. The chip is almost invisible. The sellers of veneered furniture need to take care of their packaging. My chest of drawers were perfect. 2. The price is high. The cost of a whole 6 ft bookcase of the same construction and quality is about the same or a few dollars more.

👤I was surprised at how heavy the panels were. It's really heavy and solid. As good as it can get. The instructions say 25 lbs per shelf with 75 on the top shelf. 75 lbs for your receiver. It is a process to put together. I took 45 minutes because I'm slow. If you aren't scrambling, 20-45 minutes is realistic. It uses lots of cam locks, which is fine for the application. The bottom bolts have an allen wrench on them. I was able to get this unit together. There is no wiggle and you can rock it in all directions. happy with that I can fit a good-sized Yamaha receiver and 5 games consoles on my house. It holds the weight. There was no wobble. The open sides and back give my consoles plenty of air. It works great for my gaming/movies oriented setup, and holds more than the large cabinet I was using before. It's small, but big. The shelves use pegs to sit securely. I was able to get this set up. I am happy with my customer service. This is a very good piece of furniture. It will last a lifetime with care. Highly recommended.

7. AC Infinity Rear Exhaust Receivers Components

AC Infinity Rear Exhaust Receivers Components

There is a square steel. A quiet fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects components from overheating. There are two thermal triggering modes and four control options. Two dual-ball bearing blowers with PWM-controlled motors are included. The dimensions are 11.6 x 6.3 x 1.5 in. Exhaust: Rear, Airflow: 100 CFM, noise: 20 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The Aircom S6 keeps my A/V receiver cool. Denons have been my surround receiver for the last three years. I made sure they were wellventilated or had a'muffin fan', which is a thin, DC powered fan, sitting on top of them. The fan would spin more slowly if I ran it at a lower voltage. The Denon receiver I have has fans in it, but they never heard it run under normal use. I tried it with my fan off. The cabinet I have had to switch to has less clearance than ideal. muffin fans typically last about 5 years, and I was on my third one. I was about to shoot number three because it was starting to show its age with being noisier. I was surprised I wasn't familiar with the Aircom series of coolers, since I'm keep up on A/V gear. He just bought a hot amplifier and is very happy with it. I found out that another friend bought a 4k Marantz receiver as well. Both of them were happy with them. One has the S6 and the other has the higher models. They can live with it even though they wish the unit was quieter on the lowest setting. I decided I didn't need fancy cooling when selecting the right model. My choice was the S6. The S6 is an Aircom cooler that blows out the rear of the cooler and sucks in air from the bottom. This is what you want if you have limited clearance above the receiver, or if you have a more closed off cabinet, because a model that blows upward will not push the hot air out of the cabinet, just circulate it. The rear-blowing models are the best for most people. I keep my S6 on the auto/smart mode and lowest speed setting, and it keeps my receiver warm to the touch, just like I want. The higher speeds are too loud for an equipment room or a closet situation. I agree with my friends that the S6 could be quieter on the lowest setting. During the quietest passages, it is slightly audible. This has only been seen on two occasions so far. I give the Aircom S6 four stars, instead of five, because of this audibility. I would give it the full five stars if it was silent at a distance of 6 feet. I hope this product lasts a long time. I think it will last at least 5 years. I will return to a muffin fan if it doesn't work. I can't give the Aircom product five stars because of the fact that the power connection on the rear is easy to disconnected when working with other cables in the A/V system. There needs to be a way to hold the cord firm when it gets tugged. The cord was zip-tied to one of the slats on the back of the unit. AC Infinity should make a Gen. 2 of their product range that is even quieter and has a means to secure the power cord or connector. They would have a 5 star product.

8. StarTech Com Portable Server Rack Cabinet

StarTech Com Portable Server Rack Cabinet

It was designed and made in Canada. The ship is from order date. It's required. Equipment should be kept cool and secure. The rack cabinet locks tight and the abundant vent encourages passive cooling to keep equipment at an optimal temperature. Measure the amount of muffin capacity. This easy to transport and quick-build 12U network rack is ready to move when you need it. The audio video cabinet has a dark glass door that allows you to see your equipment even if it's locked. The standard company has a good reputation. The 19” computer rack cabinet is compatible with standard rack-mountable equipment, and has a mounting depth of up to 29”

Brand: Startech

👤This review is for the 12U 36in rack. They have several different rack types bunched together in this section and they are very different from each other. I'm very happy with this rack, I'll start off by saying that. Modern rails won't work with an old Digital Storageworks rack that has round holes. I've been eyeing a 22U rack for a while, but they're too expensive. I don't understand why a used 22U rack costs more than a used 42U rack, but I can get a used 42U rack for 200 bucks. I decided that this was the perfect size for me, since it wasn't looking like I was going to find something less than 42U without a mortgage. The packaging was terrible according to many reviewers. I don't know if the 12U 36in rack is what they were talking about, but I found the packaging to be very sturdy. The outer box was made of cardboard reinforced with honeycomb cardboard ribs and wrapped in bubble wrap. When I opened it, there was no scratch on it. It took a good 10 minutes to unwrap it, so it was wrapped a little too well. The assembly was straight forward. It comes with everything you need to do it, but I would highly recommend using a drill with a bit of a wrist ache when you're done. The rack is very solid, and if it didn't say Startech on the front, it could easily pass for an APC. Two of the casters have foot brakes on them. I screwed the legs in past the wheels because I won't be using them. I was able to rack an apc 2200 ups and a Dell r710 server, but I was not able to use the cable management arm because it would have protruded from the rack. It's not a big deal as it's the only server in there, but it might be a little disappointing. I had to remove all of the vertical rails to make the Dell rails fit, but they did, and it may turn out to be a big problem. It does not allow a lot of air in, but it looks great. I haven't done a lot of testing yet, but when I closed the door, the server kicked up it's fan speed about a minute later, and when I opened the door, it turned it off. I might try to get another back door for it to put on the front if I can get Startech to do it. The glass door is becoming an issue. The fans kick into high gear when the ambient temperature sensor in my server goes from 78 to 92. The door was opened for about a minute and it went back to 78. I'm going to contact Startech to see if I can get another back door for the front of the store. I don't want to return the door after putting it all together. I'm stuck with leaving the door open unless I find a way to rebuild the front door with other material. I'm taking a star off for this because if you get this with the hopes of securing a full sized server you're going to have a thermal problem using this rack.

9. AC Infinity Dual Fans Controller Cooling

AC Infinity Dual Fans Controller Cooling

The dimensions are: 17 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. Airflow: 156 CFM, noise: 21 dBA, and Bearings: dual ball. A quiet fan kit is designed for 19” rack and can be mounted on the roof. The speed controller can control the fan's speed without generating noise. The same programming can be shared with the compatible CLOUDPLATE series rack fans. Heavy-Duty steel construction with spiral fan guards. Standard 120mm rack fans, and Airflow 200 CFM are the size.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I have a 19" rack unit that has 120V fans that are very loud when running. I had to change the fans or not use anything at all. I have 2x Denon AVR receiver, a 3000 watt amplifier, and a UHD player in this rack. It's definitely going to generate some heat. I want fans on the top of the unit. The factory install fans were like a glove. There's a roof rack in the Omnipoint that these fit into. I only have 18 of them. The package included mounting screws for the fans, along with a couple of zip ties and stick bases to control the wire route, and it was very simple to do. Very well done. I would recommend to others. I don't have room for that, so this unit would integrate with other controllers as well.

👤I have a 10G switch in my cabinet. The switch has six fans. It's default to run the fans at high speed, which makes the switch sound like it's sitting on an airport runway waiting to take off. I have set the fast for a slower speed. It's low enough not to be intrusive, even from inside the cabinet. The window air conditioner is less noticeable. The fans are running fast enough to keep the switch from overheating, but the room and the temperature inside the cabinet are too warm. Sometimes that was happening. A red light would come on and the fans would go off. Loudly. The fans seem to have solved the problem. Two weeks have passed since I put two fans on top of the cabinet. The air is sucked from the cabinet and exhausts it. I have them running at half-speed and the controller has half of its lights on. Thankfully, the switch is kept that way as well. This is in a bedroom.

👤The Roswell fans that were in the rack were silent. The Roswell fans that came with my case would make a grinding sound, so I replaced them. The fans are not too loud, even at full speed. They mounted into the rack with the same hole alignment. The temperature in my rack has gone down.

👤The Tripp lite Wall-Mount Roof Fan Kit was listed by Tripp lite, but these fans are quieter. They seem to put out the same amount of force when on high as they do when on low, but they are much quieter.

👤The fans move a lot of air. They keep my server rack at 80 degrees with a 1U intake and my 18U intake. The fans are not pluggable and I had to cut the wire and put it in the cabinet. I was very happy with these once that modification was complete.

👤This is my first time buying anything from this company and I must say that I love the outcome of this product, the noise levels are adequately impressive, the speed controller has great simplifiedFunctionality but so aesthetically pleasing and as such, are advertised with fairness and integrity! They are not a match for the fans that are cheap. I used to have fans that were so loud that I didn't mind taking advantage of them to cool my networking gear, but now my relatives get annoyed because they are so loud. I usually don't say this, but the packaging is decent, I don't see items from Amazon in nice boxed foam material, a compliment for the seller. I may use the packaging for arts and crafts because it shows that you put care into keeping the products all in one piece. The quality of the build is great and the fans enclosures are a bit heavy. I would like to thank you for the product. I hope to do business with you people in the future, but I might need to buy a duct ventilator if I get a server in my cave.

10. Belkin BE112230 08 12 Outlet Power Protector

Belkin BE112230 08 12 Outlet Power Protector

There are eight AC Outlets with transformer spacing, six-foot power cord with offset plug, and two sets of CATV/Satellite connectors. The Multi-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip can be used to power everything on your desk. The power cord has AC outlets for charging your computer, laptop, phone, camera, and more. There is a charging station for a cluttered desk. The power bar has a phone line protection that protects the phone line connections. It protects cable box and satellite connections. The housing protects circuits from damage. The electric strip has a 3,940-Joule energy rating, which makes it a reliable power extension cord. It protects your electronic devices from overload, short circuit, power spikes, lightning strikes, or fluctuations. The outlets give plenty of room to fit big plugs and charging bricks. It is ideal for home office, workstations, and game rooms. The cord is long enough to fit in tight spaces. Purchase with confidence as it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and protected by a 200,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. You can check out the full specifications, including maximum spike voltage, 15A AC, 125V, and 1875W.

Brand: Belkin

👤I wonder if the people who are burning these out have enough. A single small room space heating... I will let Consumer Reports tell you. The space heaters used by Consumer Reports used 1,500 watt to fully power them. With an 1800 watt max outlet strip, you can only plug a limited number of additional things, so if you do, you won't draw much wattage. I have been using the slightly cheaper version of this version from Belkin that works just as well as the more expensive one. I was put back by the photos of the holes that were burned. I plug a lot of things into my house and there is never a problem, but of course that is a 46" TV or my 56" stereo equipment. Also, etc. Also, etc. It works without a whisper. I have a few space heaters in the house for emergencies and usually just plug them into the wall. The threat of a lightning spike is remote but due to the price, it is not a big risk. I'm not an electrician, but I have two cents. I just bought two of them for a bit more than my other one. The rating is 4 thousand some instead of 3900. Works well. I will be back to update my review if something goes wrong.

👤When we had a lightning strike, most of our electronics were plugged into this surge protector. It didn't do anything. We lost our 50" TV, a Nintendo Switch, and a surround sound system. The electrician who came to fix the damage said the power strip surge protectors are useless. Apparently he is correct. We read about the $300,000 warranty from Belkin, but it's very difficult to file a claim, and so we decided to file with our homeowner's insurance instead. If you're just looking for some extra outlets, I would suggest buying a cheaper power strip. If you're looking for something to protect against lightning strikes, you can forget this power strip. Our electrician suggested that we buy a whole house surge protector, which costs $350, and that will probably be our solution after we do some research on a reliable brand. We won't be buying surge protectors anymore. This one was not worth anything.

👤I had a breaker trip after my ex boyfriend plugged in an extension cord. My high end gaming PC was a goner. Mobo and proc are both fried. Not an expert. I think 3390 joules should have been used to protect it.

👤There is a piece of junk. I bought the power strip for the Belkin name because it cost more than the $8 ones you buy at the store, and it may be better for my old faulty wiring. It would be better to double the money. Wrong! I found this thing with a melted hole in the back and a big black spot on my wall after only three months. I have power strips from 1988 that have held up longer.

👤This is the third one of these that I've purchased, and the manufacturing level has dropped in a big way. I bought the first two of them a year ago. I bought this one a week ago and it arrived in a box. The person who put it together decided that the on/off switch didn't need to sit straight on the plastic case, and then just tried to screw it together anyway, bending the plastic case and leaving the switch "sorta" on there. It was shipped like that. It was not inspected by anyone. Amazon was cool and immediately sent me a new one, but it's not as good as the one I received. It works as an on/off switch, but I wouldn't trust it to do anything else. I can't open it to verify its integrity because the screws they use are single-use. Pay attention to what you're buying. The quality of manufacturing has decreased, and the price is cheaper than it was a year ago.

11. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

The dimensions are: 17 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 156 CFM and the total noise is 21 dBA. A blower system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. When mounting space is limited or a smaller footprint is desired, a low-profile aluminum frame is ideal. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. The included Turbo Adapter increases performance by 25%. The dimensions are 5.8 x 2.0 x 4.7 in.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤This fan is of the highest quality. I am very pleased with it. I bought this to help cool the PS4 that's in my entertainment cabinet. They stuck a floor fan in front of the PS4 to keep it cool. I was going to build a cabinet fan, but I saw this one for $30. I couldn't get a decent cooling system together for 30 bucks. I was skeptical about the price until I got it. Wow. It's packaged like an egg. I've seen this side of an Apple device. There is a The construction of the fan looks great. The plastic version is rectangular, but the faux brushed aluminum version is very convincing. It has more hardware than you need. Matching wood or machine screws. I used a Dremel to cut out the cutout from the clear plastic template. The instructions were in perfect English. It comes on with the PS4 because it's powered by ausb port. It has a wall wart to power it as well. You can tuck the switch away on the cord if you want, because it is placed on the cord. Being a media cabinet fan, it is whisper quiet. It is acceptable at the highest setting, but not the quietest parts of a movie. It moves a lot of hot air out of the setting where I have it. If I could, I would give it 6 stars.

👤I bought a fan to install in my tv stand. After a while, I was concerned that the heat would affect the long term on the system of my ps4 pro. I bought a thermostat and controller from the same company. I opened the box. The build quality of the fan and thermostat fan control was very good. The fan Grill is made of aluminum. It was easy to install. It comes with a template that you cut out. My fan is above my ps4 pro and rear exit exhaust. I was getting a reading of 105 in my tv stand after testing the tempature with no fan. It stays at 80 f with the fan control and fan operating. I'm going to look into the Aircom T8 as well. If you're looking for a 120mm fan, this style is for you. Buy from this company. Great product. Excellent quality. I was very impressed with the quality of the product.

👤I need a cooling fan for a custom cabinet that I built. I was concerned that cutting the hole into the cabinet would ruin the finish. I ordered the AC Airplate S2 which fit best in the cabinet design. These products are first class. The boxing reminded me of when I bought my first Apple product, which was well packaged, insulated and a custom look that made me happy. The instructions were clear and complete when opened. The template for the cut-out was clear plastic. This isn't a dotted line, cut this out of the instructions template, but a separate plastic template for the cut out hole and face template for the Airplate S2 which made it easy to mark the required cut out hole and place the face template exactly where I wanted it. First class engineering, thinking with the customer. The Airplate S2 fan and thermal switch worked perfectly after installation. 3 additional fans can be added to the system and daisy chained to the original wiring using the engineering of this product. If they are any indication of how AC Infinity designs their products, they should be recommended as well.


What is the best product for home theater rack cabinet with door?

Home theater rack cabinet with door products from Ac Infinity. In this article about home theater rack cabinet with door you can see why people choose the product. Ac Infinity and Axa Axcessables are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater rack cabinet with door.

What are the best brands for home theater rack cabinet with door?

Ac Infinity, Ac Infinity and Axa Axcessables are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater rack cabinet with door. Find the detail in this article. Ac Infinity, Atlantic and Nexera are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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