Best Home Theater Rack Mount

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1. Outlet Power Sequencer Conditioner Controller

Outlet Power Sequencer Conditioner Controller

A built-in cooling fan. The sound amplification device has built-in cooling fans for maximum air circulation in the unit to keep it from overheating and to keep its performance to the maximum. The Professional Power Sequence Controller is designed to improve the quality of power supplied to your home appliance, music production studio equipment. The power supply controller provides clean AC power. There are 10 outlets. The compact audio power conditioner surge protector has 8 rear panel power supply outlets and 2 front panel "always" power outlets, which ensures enough space for multiple appliances or computer component to be properly plugged in. 1URACK MOUNT: The single rack space metal housing is rugged. It is lightweight and completely rack-mountable, which saves space, and it weighs just 52.95 lbs. The rack mount power conditioner has a simple and hassle-free one-button operation. Pressing the front panel power switch is all you have to do. There is a port for external device charging. Protects your devices. Features built-in safety, spike, and surge overload protection that protects your devices from noise interference, voltage fluctuations, and electrical surge. Clean AC power ensures the safety of electrical equipment.

Brand: Pyle

👤Unlike most reviewers, I opened this thing up. Surge suppression, spike protection, power conditioning, and anything else that affects the quality of the power is not allowed. The input power cable connects to the bus bars. That is literally it. There is no overcurrent protection. A circuit breaker is not a fuse. No. I was surprised that the unit's supply cord is 10awg, but it has a 5-15P plug. The plug is rated for 15A, but it seems like a 10awg cable would be rated for 30A. The manufacturer went the extra mile with the heavy duty input power cable, but the front panel receptacles are connected by 18awg wire to the rear bus bars. If this were connected to a common 20A branch circuit, it would be a hazard. The specifications are confusing. The listing is intended for sale in the North American market and would operate at 120V. The description says "13A" and "2000W". 13A at 120V is 1560W, and 2000W at 120V is 17A. If you're running loads with an awful power factor and the VA measurement disagrees with the W measurement, it can't. ampacity is the only important factor since this thing is straight wiring from plug to receptacle. The port is a joke. It put a respectable 4.98V under no load. At just 100mA, the Voltage dropped to 4.7%. It went down to 4.5V at 200mA and then shut down at 700mA. The port could be used to charge low current devices, and it could also be used to light a small fixture. Maybe. In the fine print it says it is a 200mA port, but 4.5V is still a bit low. As for the good? It does what it says. The rear receptacle is sequenced at a time with a click of a relay. I would have expected the steel to be lighter. All the receptacles are properly grounded, and the chassis is also bonded to ground. The display on the front was accurate. This gets one star because of the misrepresentation as a power conditioner. Again, it has no money. The manufacturer's own site makes the same representations, so the Amazon listing is not in error. The product description says "Relay: 30A, 277V AC". The relays in mine were rated 30A. The printing on them is according to that. "Max power: 2000 Watt outlet (6000 watt unit)" is confusing. I don't know what that means. I would give this 4 stars if the product description was honest and understandable. It would still lose one for the bad port and some of the borderline soldering.

👤I own a unit. It stopped working after the 30 day warranty. The warranty was still valid. After several emails back and forth, pyle finally agreed to repair the item but wouldn't send me a RA to return it. The cost to get the item back is more than the cost of the item. They were expecting me to not pay to return the item. I don't usually write reviews that tell buyers to beware. They want you to fill out a form with your credit card information so that they can charge you an additional $60 for shipping it back to you. Credit card information should not be written on a piece of paper and sent to someone else. Beware. This purchase was made in June of 2020. The unit is shortening out after you power it on.

2. AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Airflow Cooling

AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Airflow Cooling

The design of the 1U rack space is top exhaust with 60 to 300 CFM of airflow and 12 to 38 dBA of noise. An intelligent fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects rack-mount equipment from overheating. The thermostat controller has a backup memory. Premium anodized aluminum construction has a professional appearance. 3U rack space, design, intake, airflow, noise, and bearings are included.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤It's a very well made fan panel. The stock fans can put out a lot of air, but they can be a little noisy because of the dual ball bearing fans. If your server rack is in your bedroom, ball bearing fans might not be ideal. This would not be a problem if it was installed in a server room. Thankfully the fans themselves aren't soldered in place but unfortunately they aren't using the standard 3 pin or PWM fan headers that most computer fans use. I couldn't locate a premade one. I found some JST XH connections and made my own from scratch. The built in controls help keep my equipment cool. The temperature sensor is slow at reporting change. I'm happy with it. I would like to see standard fan headers in the next revision. If a fan were to fail, the ease of repair would be even better.

👤I use a fan panel to provide air flow for a few audio power amplifier and PA mixer hardware in a 19 inch rack panel. The fans are quiet and the panel has a digital display for making adjustments. The rack panel has a temperature sensor that can be placed on any surface or component, making it easy to monitor temperature using the digital display. I had gone through 2 other fan panel solutions that were too loud. The brand seems to be quiet.

👤I upgraded my little home theater/VR PC to a powerful graphics card and processor and it was running hot. If the PC case was sitting out in the open, it would get hotter than a firework, so I added more fans and vent to it. I thought it was a unique idea to put fans in the back of the cabinet. I came across the console coolers while researching something I could use as a thermostatic fan control. It was exactly what I wanted to be. When I ordered it, I assumed the fans would be low quality to maximize profit. Installation and setup was easy. The fans that come in this work great and I never replaced the stock fans. You can't hear anything in my living room. The highest setting is loud, but it has never needed to go past the 2nd speed to keep the temp in the 70s. I know I could keep the computer silent and the temperature below 90F if I didn't run it. I should mention that it has a very user-friendly control panal. You can either manually set the speed or you can set it to stay below and it will adjust its speed as necessary. I'm going to buy a second for the other side of my entertainment center because I like this thing so much. This thing gets an A+ from me. The manufacturer should make models with still larger fans. 140mm or even 200mm fans can move more air than the 120mm fans. I'm sure they know this. I'm sure they make the sizes they do because they want all of their products to fit standard 1U, 2U, 3U. There are rack units.

3. Kutatek Airflow Cooling Theater Network

Kutatek Airflow Cooling Theater Network

The design of the 1U rack space is Front Exhaust with Airflow of 40 to 180 CFM and noise of 9 to 32 dBA. 3 individual fans in a 3U-rack space with 3Ft power cord and 4 mounting screws are included in the package. Premium fans inside: Solid metal frame, Axial fans with Magnesinm alloy impeller, decrease the temperature of the bearing to prolong the life-span of the fan. The water and dust protection is compliant with the law. Each fan has a very low noise at 41 decibels and can move up to 92 decibels for a combined flow of up to 276 feet per minute. Fans that can be reversed for air or exhaust. The fans are tied together.

Brand: Kutatek

👤Excellent build quality. The fans are loud and can't be used in the Media center.

4. 8 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier

8 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier

It's easy to assembly. This equipment rack is ideal for storing and organizing equipment. It's compatible with all of the AxcessAbles drawers, trays and rack accessories. The 8 Channel Pyle stereo amplifier has a power of 4,000 watt. It's perfect for your home theater acoustic sound system. It gives you 4000W Power which can be used for multi speakers. The Mini Professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver is compatible with the internet. Works with today's latest devices including smart phones, iPad, iPhone, computer. The portable multi-zone Audio digital amplifier box has 9 inputs, 3 pairs of RCA Audio input for the tuner, CD player or tape deck, and a microphone in. There is a selectable audio input. The voice priority button is on. The mic talk-over function on the home amplifier with the sound mixer device allows the background music to be minimized by pushing the button when the signal is inputted to the mic. Used in announcements. The professional compact rack mount Home theater system receiver has a front panel control center. Independent Channel volume control center has knob controls.

Brand: Pyle

👤I thought I would try it out. I wanted something to work for the speakers, kitchen and upper and lower deck. I wanted volume controls for each area. My only other source is an Amazon device. I have three pairs of stereo speakers and a sub. The sound was bright and the base was not a deal killer. The output is mono, the inputs are labeled left and right, but this is not true. Straight mono no audio separation was noticeable from the speakers. If you want a PA that works for you, but not for music, you should keep searching.

👤The features of this amplifier make it a good deal. I was worried the amplifier would have a static hiss with all the volume knobs being used to control the volume. There is no hiss at all. The speakers are powered by this amplifier at 8 ohms. I will get more speakers and power other areas since the amplifier is rated at 4 ohms. If you want to add a smart speaker with audio out or just fill your house with sound, this is the amplifier for you. I've got this hooked up to my computer through a passthrough of a second amplifier and a sd card. The sound can be controlled on the computer. There is no struggle to get loud and clear sound from these little speakers because they are powered by a 160 watt rms amplifier. At low volume levels, the amplifier sounds great.

👤For anyone who wants to rack mount this to standard rails, it's pretty decent, but you won't be able to unless you buy a universal shelf for it. The attached picture shows the unit height over 2U, but it does not properly align that. I sent an email to their support team over a week ago, but have not received a response as to whether the mounts were intended for something else or a structural miscalculation.

👤The bass level is not the same as it was with my denon amplifier. So far, it seems like it's ok. It will take some time to get a feel for how it works. I think it is good so far. Have not used mic or aux inputs. The speakers from 8 to 4 are supported by the specifications. They didn't want to have separate volumes for each speaker in the same room. Adding a sub-woofer to fill in the lows would make the sound better. There was a slight delay in sound output. It's not sure if it's from a noise amplifier or something else. After she starts talking, I hear a white noise from the speaker, and then she is done talking for another 1/2-1 minute at the end from the amplifier. Some observations that it is not flawless are not bad. I would buy it again. After I powered it off and back on, it caught fire. There was a decent fire inside. It was part of the amplifier circuit. It lasted under a year. I didn't use it a lot but I can't say I got my money out of it.

5. AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

Includes thermal probe, rack mounting screw set, and power wall adapter. An intelligent fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects rack-mount equipment from overheating. The thermostat controller has a backup memory. Premium anodized aluminum construction has a professional appearance. The design of the 1U rack space is Front Exhaust with Airflow of 40 to 180 CFM and noise of 9 to 32 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I bought this unit to fit in the rack space over my new Denon AVR, which is very warm. The unit pulls in cool air through the bottom and sides of the AVR and blows it out the front of the rack. The flexibility of programming is one of the best features of this product. I've purchased other AC fans from this company in the past and I'm very familiar with the quality of products they produce. I would recommend this product to anyone. These are quality products and a great value.

👤I use this audio rack for my home theatre stereo system.

👤I am happy to report that the product's dimensions are correct. This is one of the things I worry about when buying a new product, but this one did well. I only have one of these so far, and I don't know if I should buy another one. The fan will take air out of the server rack for you. It will largely depend on your setup and whether or not you have a second fan. If you don't have good air flow, you won't need to have the fan on as high a speed as you would if you did. I hope to update this in the coming months to see how it performs in the long run.

👤When it first came out, I was so happy to have purchased this. The price was a bit lower than it is. The fan is one of the easiest to use in the market today. The benefit it brings to the server rack is what makes the whole system worth it. If you don't circulate the hot air out, the heat inside can get very hot. This is important to prolong the life of your equipment. And the internet. A great find and a great purchase.

👤This is a good piece of equipment. The fans are very quiet, even at max speed, because of the nice build quality. Happy with the purchase.

👤Two of these are running and keeping the rack cool. There were no complaints about the quality and easy setup.

👤Great product. It's good to fit in the rack. I can't hear the noise. Temp control works well, it comes on when needed and shuts off when not needed. Great purchase.

👤A very economical replacement for a noisy fan. My Crestron dealer installed a Middle Atlantic Products fan that had more features. It makes less noise than I expected, even at the highest fan speeds.

👤The space required for the probe and power cables is not included in the total depth of this unit. The unit is listed at 34.3 cm. The rack is only 13 in. In depth. I assumed it would fit. The probe and power cables need an additional 1.5 cm to fit. The unit was too deep for my wall mounted rack. I have to find a way to fit the spacers on the front or cut a hole in the rack that is already fully populated. I haven't been able to get it installed yet, so I can't comment on how it works.

6. AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

Each set of metal wire baskets has 3 baskets. One of the sizes is 15.7" W x 7.4" L x 6. To clean, use a damp cloth and towel. An intelligent fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects rack-mount equipment from overheating. The thermostat controller has a backup memory. Premium anodized aluminum construction has a professional appearance. 3U rack space, design, exhaust, airflow, noise, and bearings are included.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I should have bought a 3U blank plate, bought more multifan s3 from the same maker and built my own rack system. The thing was supposed to be quiet, but it has grown louder and louder. The three multi fan s3 units at full speed sound the same loud as the one at speed level 1. It was still a lot louder when this was brand new. The amount of air pushed is the same or better with the s3 fans. This one has not seen a hundred hours of use and is starting to whine. It's rated for thousands of hours of use before needing maintenance. I'm considering taking out the fans and replacing them with some of the multi fan units from the same maker. I need to figure out which fans will fit. I spent over a hundred and thirty on these and could have spent more on my other idea. The fan controller I bought works great.

👤With 6 speeds, I got a larger T9 unit at a rack height of 5 to be able to run the lowest speeds and still move a lot of air. In a silent room at fan speed 2 you can still hear a hollow whistle type sound of the motor, but it would be hard to notice it if you were sitting next to it. My fan is mounted in a rack in the wall between the media room and the equipment room for easy access. The projector is above the fan unit and heating the small equipment room. My seating is 10 feet away from the noise so it's not an issue until you get to fan speeds 3-6 and 6 being full roar. I would think that level 6 would be quite unusual. The fan control can be adjusted in a number of ways. In my case the projector heat is trapped in the top corner of the room so I am going to first try a portable A/C exhaust hose and mounting flange stuck to the back of one of the 3 fans and see if I can more effectively cool the space. The probe is on a long cable so you can place it most anywhere. It seems to work well. If the hose idea fails, it can control another fan unit.

👤This is in the top cut out of my component rack. Works well. The build quality is very good. Since it is sitting on the top of the rack, you need to be aware of the slight hum that it makes. I would like to see AC Infinity work with Noctua to develop a silent fan. If you are used to working in server rooms and playing music close to the rack, it won't be a big deal. The auto setting is good at turning the fans down. The unit seems to be doing a good job of pulling out hot air in the Sanus Rack.

👤The product looks sexy and the built in thermostat is great. When I unboxed it, I was excited that it would be installed in my server rack. The excitement ended when I flipped on the fans. The fan speed specification is 0-7 and only 0-3 is quiet. At 4, it starts to whistle and you can hear the whistle as you go up. I can't hear them in the room they are in. I will keep it. It's not going to fulfill what I had in mind. Maybe I had my hopes set high.

7. AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

The standard company has a good reputation. The 19” computer rack cabinet is compatible with standard rack-mountable equipment, and has a mounting depth of up to 29” An intelligent fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects rack-mount equipment from overheating. The thermostat controller has a backup memory. Premium anodized aluminum construction has a professional appearance. The design of the 1U rack space is top exhaust with 60 to 300 CFM of airflow and 12 to 38 dBA of noise.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The product is what ACInfinity says it is. The fans are loud at speed levels 3 and up. The noise level is ok for me. The closet is devoted to this. We all came up with the same conclusion after doing an air volume test. The positioning of the fans is a problem. The design needs to be in a triangle layout with at least one fan close to the front position. Many devices have cooling ports closer to the front than the back. We wish ACInfinity would have thought of this. You can find the hot spot in the rack and place the probe there to gain a small advantage for keeping the air moving. Nice. The case was built well and the packaging was done well. The instructions were a little weak, but I figured it out. The internal components and wiring of the menu screen were pretty organized. Make sure you leave at least 1U full space below the fan rack for proper flow for all the customers who are going to use this. 1/2U is not enough for this product to be used in 1U. I would have liked to have seen a mounting tape for the probe. This would have finished the install. It took over two weeks to get this product to me and my staff. You should be the best in all aspects of shipping if you have the quality of your products. Work on getting the products shipped out. The final. There are thoughts. The fan unit has a good quality. The fans are ok. Does a good job of moving air. I would have liked a quiet fan setup at all speeds, it should be half the Db levels. At max speed, the levels are much higher. It's louder than the fans in my devices. The layout of the fans has an issue with air flow. A triangle layout would have been better, more efficient, and at least four fans instead of three, the devices above the unit that have cooling areas closer to the front would need a fan closer to the front. I can't give 5 stars because of the layout of the fans, but I can give 5 stars because of the quality of the product. Customer service and shipping need to be improved. If you know the facts, I recommend this product.

👤I own a variety of AC Infinity products, including an Airplate T7, two Airplate S3's, rack blanks, a Cloudplate T7-N, and a CLOUDPLATE T6 PRO. I know exactly what I'm getting with the products of AC Infinity, they are reliable and have a high-end look and feel to them, from the way they are packaged to the accompanying literature. I bought the Cloudplate T2 because I wanted to make my rack as silent as possible, and I wanted to change how heat was managed within my rack. I enjoy being completely immersed in movies, but extraneous distraction and fan noises have recently become unacceptable in my theater environment. When I installed the Cloudplate T2 in my rack, I was happy to hear a reduction in sound volume, but I wanted total silence, so I decided to install the Noctua fans in the unit. This was done with the help of some homemade creativity, since the AC fans are 38mm thick. I feel that this fits my needs perfectly, and that the rack accessory made it perfect to my ears. If I needed to, I would purchase all of the aforementioned products again. If I kept my rack in a different room, I wouldn't have made the modifications. The designs are well thought out and are worth the money. I would recommend them to anyone.

8. Outlet Power Sequencer Conditioner Controller

Outlet Power Sequencer Conditioner Controller

Features Jack Balance, Stereo and Mono Bridge, Comprehensive Front Panel Indicators, and a Bridge Control switch. 2200 watt power The power conditioner is designed to improve the quality of power supplied to your home appliance, music production studio equipment. The power supply controller provides clean AC power. There are 8 outlets. The audio power conditioner surge protector has 8 US standard outlets and independent outlet switch control for each connected equipment. The integrated micro-controller has a precise AC voltage and ambient temperature. A digital display. The rack mount power supply has a digital display with real time data, a step time display in 8 segments, and a switch for power sequence. The mountable power supply is equipped with a dualusb port and a power filter. The front panel has the ability to link over 100 units. The safety features ensure the safety of equipment. Features built-in safety and surge protectors. It protects your devices from interference.

Brand: Pyle

👤I wanted to reduce the pops in my speakers. The noises I made when I installed the power conditioner got louder and more aggressive. The On/OFF switch stopped working last night, I have owned this for about a month. Individual buttons are useless. Now permanently turned on. There is a total piece of rubbish. Don't buy this junk, do yourself a favor.

👤I like the item, but I don't leave many reviews. I'm returning this item because of a faulty power cord. I'm glad I noticed it when it was on the go. If you touch the plug at the outlet, the unit will either not come on, shut down, or turn on and off in a row. If you've never had the displeasure, it's not a great noise when intermittent power hammers a high gain guitar amplifier connected to a wall of paper. You will run for the switch, hoping the smoke stays out. If you lose ground, you will get a lot of volts to ride on 6 rails. If I can help it, I won't trust my rig or myself to do shoddy work. I grabbed one of my old regulators for the time being and may try another one in the future after watching some more reviews for QC issues. I have too much money to trust failing.

👤Works well. Since I didn't want one component to be switched at all, Outlet #1 on the back panel is switchable to either participate in the sequence or stay on all the time. When the center pin is grounded, the power on sequence begins and the power off sequence begins. It doesn't open. It has to be grounded continuously. There is a The supplied cable leads to another unit. I made an interface using a relay that was powered by my receiver's 12vdc subwoofer signal because I couldn't find pin assignments for it in the documentation. The relay's contacts ground the Pyle. I've read some reliability complaints, but mine has been reliable for 2 years.

👤The PS1000 worked as advertised. There are two problems that make it not ready for audio. The unit's voltage reading was about 10% low. We were able to calibrate it because my business has a service shop. When the unit is first powered on, the big concern is what happens. Random outlets will turn on for 1-2 seconds when power is on. This is not acceptable for live sound or other pro sound uses. This problem can be minimized if the purchase is used for a specific purpose. This is what I expected from this price range. It gives useful functions for non-critical applications.

👤The only options I had for my home studio were a power conditioner and a scenography, but I didn't really need them. The PS1000 power sequencer conditioner unit had 8 outlets. Sequencer Conditioner Outlets order 1 was the order I ordered and installed in my studio. The guitar effects pedalboard is 2. The audio interface is external. Small guitar amplifier. Small studio monitors. I have outlets that are free for use. Outlet 1. The individual on/off buttons and the power strip work perfectly. I will be testing this unit over the next few months. I am very satisfied with this purchase and I rate it 5/5.

9. Channel Pre Amplifier Receiver Theater Stereo

Channel Pre Amplifier Receiver Theater Stereo

1000 watt power. The high powered Pyle stereo amplifier receiver is a must have. It allows you to enjoy high-quality audio by giving you 1000W peak power. The home stereo amplifier receiver has a front-loading CD/DVD player, mp3/usb flash drive reader, Aux ( 3.5mm) input, and a pair ofRCA audio in. It also has a subwoofer. It is comparable with Bluetooth. This 4 channel Pyle stereo receiver is compatible with a variety of phones and tablets. It has an AM/FM radio with preset stations. There are EQ controls. You can adjust the mic echo, treble, bass, volume, and subwoofer levels using the button or the included remote control on the front panel control center. The display is a digital one. A built-in digital display displays all the functions and input used in the receiver. Includes remote control, rack-mount brackets and cables. The display is a digital one. A built-in digital display displays all the functions and input used in the receiver. Includes remote control, rack-mount brackets and cables.

Brand: Pyle

👤I have been a user of home audio and hi-fi systems since the 70s, and I have an honest opinion on the latest piece of technology, the Pyle PD 1000BT home audio amplifier. The player is not a cd player, so it's not a CD player change. If that is not a problem for you, you can program the tracks of the one cd you are playing on this unit. If you don't take the time to experiment with the unit by playing with it, it will make a problem for you. I guarantee that you will overcome the hurdle of not being able to fully understand how to operate if you do these things. It was worth it, even though it was a pain in the ass stripping the speaker wires, even when using what was supposed to be the correct wire strippers-w/ the different sized holes. There is a If you're 40 to 25 years old, all of what I'm saying might not mean much to you, unless you're into records. Will Amazon post this? C. Brazell, 5-25-21. I haven't used this unit since about May, but I found out today that there is a stop button on it. Stop. The CD is playing. I've never had a CD player that didn't work. As a button! When you press the stop button, the unit will stop playing, but you can't stop it on your own. It's very frustrating when I need to review the music I'm listening to, or even stop the music, before I want to listen to another track like it's done with any other CD player I've ever owned! I am forced to get another cd player because of this, because the folks at Pyle decided that it would be a trade-off for having an otherwise great playing unit. I still think that anyone who is interested in buying this unit should be aware of it's detractions and there are definitely some detractions in the PylePD 1000 amplifier.

👤I have two duds in my possession. The B speakers will only make a loud clicking sound when you try to connect them. It will only play with two speakers. Trying to save channels in memory is ridiculous. Stay away from this one. You need a magnifying glass to read the words on the remote control because it is hard to tell what the buttons are.

👤I followed the instructions, but I don't get the sound and DVD on the TV. My TV is a Smart TV and it is playing AM and FM. There is nothing else that works other than the radio. When pressed to open the DVD tray, the remote doesn't open it. I want to return the unit that I am displeased with.

👤There is a lot of features. I use it to listen to music from CDs while I play the guitar. A to B repeat is a good way to practice songs. When music starts playing, the static to the speakers gets toned out.

10. Pyle Rack Mount Studio Pre Amplifier

Pyle Rack Mount Studio Pre Amplifier

There is a display meter. The amplifier has a built in digital fluorescent display meter which shows all the functions and input used. The package includes remote control for distant audio adjustments. TheRACK MOUNT COMPATIBLE: The audio pre-amplifier has a recording mode that saves audio via a port on the computer. Pack with hardware rack mounts for easy assembly. The built-in wireless music streaming receiver can be used for up to 25 feet with a digital display. It works with all of today's latest devices, including the likes of the iPad and the iPhone. There are two things: InPUT and OUTPUT. The receiver/preamp has two sets of inputs, a stereo system, and a wireless connection to your iPod and mp3 player. An antenna for better signal reception. The control center. A power switch, independent input source, bass, treble, mid, balance and master volume adjustment are included in the front panel button control center. Also, have a headphone jack, a flash drive, and a memory card reader. REMOTE CONTROL. A simple and user-friendly remote control is included with the PPRE70BT. It will allow you to quickly and efficiently access the functions of the receiver.

Brand: Pyle

👤The PPRE70BT is from Pyle. I bought this item to replace a more expensive one. What arrived was less than expected. A two star rating would be over-generous; as noisy as this is, it is useless for high fidelity. It's a power supply problem which could have been solved with less than a buck's worth of parts. It could have been useful, with the large number of inputs, including a tape loop and a few other things. When the first unit arrived, I did a quick sweep into the oscilloscope and the results were encouraging, with a two to three db rise at 20 hz, a 1 db dip at 20 khz and close tracking elsewhere. The master volume was set to output 1 watt and the tone and balance controls were centered. I connected it to the rest of the equipment and found the reason for the roughness to be hum and noise. It took some time to try and eliminate the noise by switches, cables, plugs, etc. It went for a replacement after no luck. I requested a refund when the second unit arrived. It was noisier than the first one. It would be foolish to recommend the purchase of any Pyle equipment.

👤The work around was for the teachers to hold a microphone to their phones, and the aux cables and lightning adaptors were "disappearing". I donated this to the school because I didn't have a lot of money to spend and I wanted to give the school a way to connect audio from their phones. In the video, you can see that I walked to the end of the gym without any issues. I tied the two thumb drives to the rack with ambient music and upbeat music. It isn't a huge loss if those thumb drives walk away. They can always use the radio function if all else fails. The bonus feature is that it has a 1/2 jack only. It has been working for 3 months. I will keep this review updated.

👤I got this for my father to interface his powered monitors, electric piano, small Sony CD/DVD player, and little mp3 player. It seems to be an excellent unit after a month of use. I can't comment on that interface because we haven't gotten into its capacity to read the sticks. Since we don't really need it, we haven't checked out its bluetooth capability. The built in radio works well, the tone controls are very effective, the knobs feel very solid, and the audio device is very well made. It seems state of the art at this price. If you read the 1* review, I would suggest ignoring it. P.S. 10-23-18 The review considers price and it still appears to be an excellent value. I tether my phone to my phone using a feature that works just fine.

👤I use this with my 1000 watt powered speakers. I was going to buy the One for $399 but it has all the features. I no longer need to use my audio switch box because this9 has 3 inputs. The build quality is very good. I unplugged the rca cord from the back and noticed the input is loose and making a loud poping noise when I use it. * I unplugged it and threw it out after it started making noises. I will never buy pyle again, it's not worth it.

11. Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

There is a wireless streaming service. The receiver rack mount has a premium built in receiver. The receiver should be compatible with all your favorite devices. It has a range of 30' plus. Home STEREO. The home theater amplifier is a complete system. It acts like a radio with a digital display and an ID3 tag. Also has a 2.1 channel audio amplifier. You can connect to astronomer devices. The home theater amplifier has a 3.5mm aux input jack, as well as a multi source audio input and ausb flash and memory card readers. Reliable and durable: The home theater receiver is made of heavy duty metal and aluminum alloy to protect your gear for a long time. The package includes sturdy brackets for easy installation. The audio receiver rack mount comes with everything you need to start. This exclusive bundle features their top of the line amplifier receiver, wireless remote control, and hardware rack mounts.

Brand: Pyle

👤Some major problems bring down the rating of this amplifier/receiver. Sound quality is good. This thing has a lot of features for the price. The slim profile makes it possible to stack more things. The volume dial is touchy, and the difference between quiet and very loud is a couple hairs. The included remote only works on the digital inputs, not the plugged in ones, so if you want to change the volume from across the room, you may use whatever mp3s you have plugged into the micro sd orusb slots. The first one of these was sent back because the main volume control didn't work at all. The dial was set where the two loudnesses were. I wonder how long this thing will last. Hope that was helpful.

👤There are a few gripes. The remote only works with the radio modes, so you have to get up and walk like the old days to change the component volume. This is a problem during commercials. There isn't a mute function either. 2. If I leave the room or hold my phone in a certain way, the range with my phone drops out. I thought my 2x6 Daytons might explode because the amplifier pushes them so hard. The component input makes the TV sound great. My kid loves the echo feature of the microphone. 1/6” It's nice to have inputs for guitar practice. Radio works. If you need it, avoid it because it is WEAK, 3 stars, and that is what I bought it for. I still like it for tv and radio at the price of 99 dollars.

👤I bought this receiver because I had a good pair of speakers and a small amplifier that did nothing. I needed an amplifier that could give me 100 watt per channel. This amplifier was perfect for my needs. I have connected the speakers to the amplifier and it can drive them. The rear speakers terminals were not receptive to banana clips, so I had to remove them and twist in the copper ends. My other complaint is that the standard is old and prone to interference. I just use the audio output with a stereo jack on my computer, since I stopped using it. I use a 100 watt Polk Audio Tsi 100's and they drive perfectly. I would look into an additional accessory to use with this, or another amplifier entirely, if it was a must-have feature for you.

👤First off... The price! I wanted this to meet our needs alone. I'm looking to replace a receiver in a room that's rarely used, where my previous receiver stopped working. It plays a variety of audio and video formats, though other reviews state the range is poor. I don't need top-end stuff in a room that is seldom used. The room is rarely used and I want it to be functional. This device is not. Others have stated that the remote control is egads. I've seen larger postage stamps. It works, but a 1976 Ford Pinto can do the same. Doesn't mean I want one. There are two more The volume. The best part is this. The remote control's volume is pointless unless the knob volume is turned all the way up. If you have a master volume, turning the volume up using the remote control is not going to make it louder. If you turn the master volume all the way up, you can turn it down using the remote. So what is that big deal? Turn the master volume up and leave it there. The next time you turn it on, it will reset so you won't notice. Hopefully your speakers can handle it. It's a good one. The power off button isn't off. You have to flip the switch on the receiver to turn it off. Trust me, you'll want to do that when you have to turn the volume up to make the remote work. The speakers would wake the dead. I wanted this for a seldom used room and to play files on the computer. I copied all the files onto a thumb drive. The feature on the receiver works just fine. I put the thumb drive in and it started playing. I selected random and it did the same thing. Only one problem. The next song is randomly selected by the back button. Let's say you have as many songs as I do, and one in particular play that you just love and want to hear again. Not gonna happen. If you hit "back" on either the remote or the receiver, it will randomly pick a new song. It's not a joke when this bad boy says random. All of my experiences happened within the span of 15 minutes, and I was already thinking that I'd probably send this thing back. Unfortunately, that's what I intend to do. Between the volume wonkiness, horrible remote, and not even a simple "back" repeats the song when on random... This thing would be more rarely used than the room is. Now... I don't want to end on a negative note, but if you just want to play music for cheap, don't plan on using it in a very complex manner. The job would most likely be done with this thing. You don't mind if your customers cross their arms and say the painting "speaks to them" if you have background new-age music for your art gallery. I would say you're in business with this thing. You may end up with the one I send back. That's right.


What is the best product for home theater rack mount?

Home theater rack mount products from Pyle. In this article about home theater rack mount you can see why people choose the product. Ac Infinity and Kutatek are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater rack mount.

What are the best brands for home theater rack mount?

Pyle, Ac Infinity and Kutatek are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater rack mount. Find the detail in this article. Ac Infinity, Ac Infinity and Ac Infinity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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