Best Home Theater Rack Shelf

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1. YOKEPO Platform Adjustable Speakers Playstation

YOKEPO Platform Adjustable Speakers Playstation

Extra space on top of your TV is created by the YOKEPO 8-inch wide flat panel TV top shelf. It holds up to 13 lbs. It's perfect for holding streaming devices, wireless speakers, gaming consoles, media boxes, pictures, plants and more. There are slots for heat dissipation. The fabric on your TV is soft. The rubber pad is nonslip and prevents items from slipping off the shelf. There is no assembly required. Installation does not require tools. It is made of lightweight metal. A streamlined design is a modern look. It is made of lightweight metal. A streamlined design is a modern look.

Brand: Yokepo

👤My husband was looking for a small shelf to put our box on. We have a cat that likes to bite wires to get our attention or when she is hungry and wants to protest. We needed to remove accessible wires. We have a shelf in the back of the tv that allows us to keep everything in its place. The shelf is easy to install. There is no fear of the platform falling off because it is on the tv frame. Great design!

👤If you are using a godawful camera in your computer, or a toy webcam above it, this camera shelf will help you step up your game. It takes only seconds to connect and can handle any slope from the back which is why it is perfect for your iMac. The shelf has a nice rubber pad to hold your camera in place, and it comes with adjusting the pivot ball in the back. I use a Canon camera as myWebcam and it has a nice resolution. The Canon is not the lightest of cameras but it is easy to downshift to 720, which is the most bandwidth most of the streamer services deliver for a live feed. You can upgrade your camera and online look with the Yokepo, so you won't get ignored like the fuzzy guy from Logistics. A good purchase!

👤The 6.5in and 8in version have different design, from material used to two legs vs one leg, and how to secure the legs. The 8inch version is very secure and made from metal. Despite being heavy, it is still studying. I bought two of the 8 inch version and am very happy with it. If you can, avoid the 6.5inch version.

👤Space savers! Genius! I originally ordered 2 of these, but ended up ordering 5 more. I might order more for my TV monitor.

👤I had to put a piece of foam on the shelf because the leg is too short. Otherwise it sits straight down. Why would it be so short? The 8” version is the subject of this review. Look at the picture.

👤I put my laptop on the platform so that we could use the camera and TV in the room, so I could create a home version of videoconferencing. It worked out well. I struggled with the idea of rotating the legs to tighten them, so I'm highlighting that for other people.

👤It was perfect. Will purchase again. Extreamly bright. I rated my setup low for sturdiness. The box that moves the stand has a power cord, ethernet, and a cable box in it. Simple solution. There is a drop of clear silicone on the legs and on the bottom of the stand. The stand is strong.

👤The TV stand I bought did not have a shelf, so I used this to set my Amazon FireTV on. I wish there was some sort of rubber feet that would go over the legs that touch the back of the TV. You would be smart to get a no slide mat for the platform. The surface of the platform is slippery. If the product has little rubber feet, then you should be fine.

2. Simple Houseware Stackable Rack Bronze

Simple Houseware Stackable Rack Bronze

You can hear yourself from across the room with 7 far-field microphones. Stack multiple sets together in a second. Store up to 36 cans or jars. There are six plastic dividers that have different size cans, jars, and beverages. It was assembled in a minute and sturdy. The minimum required for regular cans is 15.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤In order to make my new pantry as organized and pleasing to the eye as possible, I did a lot of research. I bought two of them based on the number of cans it has. It didn't fail, for sure. You can see from the pics that each one is full. The extra large cans fit well on the top rack. Even with all that weight, it's very sturdy. I'm able to pull a can out.

👤We have a family of five and I purchase these for our pantry to organize. I absolutely adore them! I really thought they could hold more cans. I got them in a bronze finish and they look great in the pantry. When I was thinking about ordering them, my husband said he didn't see why they were necessary. His opinion has completely changed after he sees them in action. They have different sized cans and have different dividers to accommodate them. You can see all of the labels to see what you have. It's really easy to see what I have when I make a grocery list, because there are so many cans on my shelves. I had to push hard to get one shelf assembled correctly because one of them came slightly crooked. It's no longer crooked and holds the cans the same as the other one I bought. I would buy them again.

👤organizing my pantry is a Quarantine project. The organizers are exactly as advertised. It was very easy to put together and hold a lot of cans. I ordered two and put them together in 30 minutes. I had to throw away all the expired cans of pumpkins and pimento beans. Yuck. This is a great way to organize your cans, as you use the canon front the others roll down. I would recommend a sturdy addition to your pantry, because the measurements were exactly as advertised.

👤There is something to improve on. I wish they would fit more cans. You can't fit one last can on there because of a shortage. Oh well.

👤I love this product. I like to show off how organized my pantry is. I was hoping that it would hold 4 cans, and it does... small soup style cans. If you stack them on top of each other, then lay them in there sideways, it can be useful with tuna cans. I use if for peanut butter jars. It only fits 2 large jars. I liked it so much that I bought 2 more. I think this product is very good. To account for the cans height when laying on its side, you need to measure your space and add on extra.

👤I had to rate this one star because it was the same side. It wouldn't fit right no matter how I tried. I ordered two of them and the first one works perfectly so I would give it four stars, but it is not as sturdy as I would like it. The pantry looks good. I ordered a smaller version and it looks nice in the pantry. I replaced the faulty one after returning it to Amazon and getting it at the same time as the new one. If you're on the fence about buying it, get it and hope it's all right. You will like it.

3. Prepac Barrister Tower Storage Cabinet

Prepac Barrister Tower Storage Cabinet

It is made from high quality laminated woods. The dimensions are 19.25"W x 63.75"H x 9.5"D. The dimensions are 19.25"W x 63.75"H x 9.5"D.

Brand: Prepac

👤These units are great for storing movies and tapes. They are easy to put together if the directions are followed. If you have a lot of media to store, you will save yourself a lot of time if you plan how you're going to store it. There is a trim piece along the front edge of the unit. You can't get discs out of the corner unless you put a disc in the middle of the shelf, which is why these trim pieces limit the storage on each shelf. Here's my info and advice. The clear opening of each shelf is 15 5/8". The shelf holds something. There are 40 CDs, 27 DVDs, and 15 VHS Tapes without having to put them behind the edge trim. Before you load the shelves, divide the linear inches of your media by the clear dimensions. That will give you an idea of how many shelves you need to store your media. The door and light switch location limited my wall space so I had to buy two of these. The clear opening is about 60 inches. The dimensions between the shelves for DVD's, VHS tapes, and discs will be approx. When the shelves are installed on the pins that are inserted into the sides of the unit, it takes 8 7/8" from the top of the shelf to the top of the shelf. The dimensions for CDs are approx. 6 inches. If you set the shelves up like I did, you won't get all the shelves into the unit that comes with it. I had to use one of the shelves to store the DVDs on the sides of the units. I chose to file my media in alphabetical order after purchasing two of these units. I left some space on each shelf for me to add media as I go so I don't have to worry about having too many discs in my collection. I was able to put small display items on some of the shelves which made them look better.

👤Storage cabinets for CD's, DVD's and VHS tapes are no longer needed, no company wants to make the investment to design anything worthwhile so virtually everything being sold is junk. Including this one. Most of the others sell for less than $50 bucks, which is about what they are worth. It is not worth it to pay this high a price before you read anything else. I bought it because I have a lot of audio and video recordings on obsolete formats and they are scattered all over the house. It takes up a lot of floor space in my house because it's low profile and holds a lot of media. This one has a unique width that fits between my closet door and the corner of the room, which is unusual for SALVAGEDATA That is the only reason I kept it. If you are still considering this product, you should read the information and tips so you know what you are getting into. When I am shopping for a product, I like to start with the one star reviews because they are usually the most up to date about what is wrong with the product. Here are the things you will find in low rating reviews. The Canadian company is careless to the point of irresponsibility in preparing it to get to you, everything is thrown inside with no protection other than a white foam that is sprayed all over the parts themselves. If you care about how the finished cabinet looks you will be disappointed, the ugly white foam covers many of the parts that show, it does not come off. This furniture is made from the same company as most cheap furniture, but it is compressed sawdust and covered with an extremely thin vinyl to hide the fact that it is. This is the lowest grade of products made by the company, and it is also one of the nicer products. This costs a lot of money, but it is overpriced. This product should sell for no more than forty-five bucks. This looks like someone made it in their back yard after a few beers, unlike most Chinese-made furniture that is usually precisely sized. The useless front trim pieces that make CD/DVD cases impossible to access are about an eighth of an inch too long. I used a hacksaw to cut them. No one who buys a cabinet that costs that much should have to make changes to their pieces. Do not buy this cabinet if you don't use shop tools. The back panel is too small, so they call it a flimsy piece of cardboard. If you put it on like you would on a similar cabinet, the tall sides are pulled in too much which makes the shelves not fit. The instructions do not say anything about this. The guy who made this could have avoided this problem if he had put a shelf between the top and bottom. Before you start to nail the back on, you should install two shelves, one peg hole down from the top and one peg hole up from the bottom. You can install the rest of the shelves if you spread the sides enough. They use the cheapest aluminum nails that bend at the smallest tap. Another must-do is this one. I recommend using a good grade of wood glue when assembling furniture. If you don't, you will never get a good item. It is true with something like this that uses no bracing at all. The shelves are the only wood-to-wood surface that needs to be Glued. I've never seen a company that included a black felt marker for you to touch up their mistakes. You will need it. It matches close enough to cover67531s where thin vinyl is scratched or marred. Yes. I didn't return it because it wasn't in a location that looked good, and because I have enough space for it. After it was assembled, I corrected their mistakes and it held my remaining library of tapes. I can not recommend it for a number of reasons, but most of all because it is shoddy and too expensive.

4. PERLESMITH Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

PERLESMITH Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

Measure with 17 x 7.5inch is easy to install. It is very easy to install with pre-drilled holes on wood board. Like it or money back for Lifetime. A sturdy air shelter: upgraded. Their floating shelf is built with two large strengthened glass shelves, which provide more space for DVD/Router/CDs/blu-ray players/satellite and cable boxes/gamepad/clock/speakers and so on. Compatility and load capacity are important. The wall mount shelf is compatible with wood, concrete, concrete block and dry walls. Their tv floating shelf can hold up to a lot of stuff. You can place multiple components on this wall shelf. It is easy to install height adjustment and installation. Your unit is mounted at the perfect height with the help of the floating shelf. Their product comes with an easy to use instruction manual for quick and easy installation. The TV shelf is easy to install. Space and cable management are important. If you want to organize your entertainment center better, you should free up your floor space. It's a big bonus to have cable management on the back. You should keep your cables and accessories neat. 10 year service Their customer service is 10-year old. They make the installation easy and convenient by providing standard mounting hardware. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Perlesmith

👤The shelf dimensions are 13.75" wide and 11" deep. I bought based on the dimensions advertised. You have to clean that up. I was able to fit the cable box on the shelf. I put mine on a stud so it's strong. The lag screw has a drill bit that is half the size. It will be easier to install and tighten. I was shorted a bumper. I cut one in half to make it work. The shelf should be level with the securing screw so that all the bumpers are the same height. If the shelf is adjusted or moved the screw will be cockeyed. You don't want to snug the screw up to the shelf, so leave the gap so the shelf can shift or move a little. They need to explain that in the instructions. The plastic end caps can be drilled/notched if you want to, but you have to think about what you want to do. My fellow proles, peace out!

👤I wanted to get my modem and router off of my desk. It was a perfect solution for my needs. It's easy to install.

👤I liked the shelf. I wanted to put a couple of electronic pieces in a very small space. It took a few minutes of experimentation to figure out how all the pieces work together, because the directions were a bit confusing. I hid the cables in a room that is 6 inches thick with a ton of insulation and beyond my skill level to run the cables behind the wall. It holds the weight well. I don't know how to get the shelves to not rotation when I press down on the controllers. I guess the designers were expecting people to put things on the shelf and not touch them afterwards, so everything is as tight as it should be. Overall is nice.

👤Fast delivery! I bought two for my room and one for my kids room. I was worried that it wouldn't be strong enough to hold their items, but it is. It was easy to install. No complaints at all.

👤It's easy to upgrade from a single shelf. Electronics don't like sitting on top of each other. The shelves are slightly bigger. The new review of "buyer beware" has no idea of the sound of speakers and glass.

👤Very sturdy and easy to install. I should have checked the dimensions more, they are wide enough but not deep enough for consoles to fit perfectly on the shelves, but I am still able to use them.

👤You need to use a beam finder when installing this. The thickness of the glass is good. Don't put heavy objects on the shelves. If you use a beam finder to install on the wall, you will be pleased.

👤The pictures are not clear. The shelves look longer in the pictures with more room on the edges, but they are not that long. I can't get my phone and computer on the same shelf. I can't get my modem on the other side. I like the product and it is very nice looking.

5. Combination Life Acrylic Display 6 25 Inch

Combination Life Acrylic Display 6 25 Inch

Premium grade Clear Acrylic. The overall size was 9 inches W x 6.25 inches D x 6 inches H. The 3 Step Stair display has deep steps that are used to display and organize items. The two support legs in the rear of the item are easy to remove. The raised tiers help to make your products stand out. They use a protective film on them to protect them from damage in transit. Many reviewers are complaining about their risers being cloudy or scratched because they missed that. The film is clear when it is removed.

Brand: Combination Of Life

👤I assumed the rack was close to being seen when I looked at other reviews, but when I took it out of the packaging, I realized it wasn't. A man. This is dull and plastic tearing is not. I was disappointed at first but I put the legs on quickly. sigh I'm going to send this one back at em. I picked up the instructions again to see if they need to be wiped up since it came with a lint free cloth. Wait a second? Please remove the protective film on both sides before use. What film? Wait what? I took the screw legs out and peeled off the plastic that was tearing and the scratches that were in the outside and it was just as shiny and see through as the pictures showed.

👤The stand is very sturdy and doesn't take up a lot of room, so I recommend it to anyone who collects figures or amiibo... If they have stands. I had to compromise when it came to the poses of some of the figures, as well as accepting that they may slip and fall, which isn't great, because the depth of each layer doesn't allow for enough room to feature a figure with stands.

👤I got the steps to try and display my Pops. The acrylic has no scratches. The plastic on the steps did a good job of protecting it. I like how it ended up working out. I bought 3 more because I liked it so much, but the 9-in shelves were sent to me by mistake. The good thing about this mistake is that if you are wondering how the 9-in steps look with Pops on them, then here you go. The 12-in step on the left and 9-in step on the right can be seen in my picture. The 12-in steps give you more room to see the details, but the 9-in steps make the figures hide behind each other.

👤It is very easy to assemble. Each leg has a little screw. There is a plastic cover on the shelf. I put them in our bookcase to show off our glasses. If you measure the area you want to put it in, you should remember that the top reaches high. I added our little monster car collection and used only 2 shelves of the 3. Everything fits and you can see the cars through the clear plastic. There is a glare in the picture but not in person. They also give you a wipe cloth, like the ones you get for eye glasses. The price for 2 little plastic shelves was almost $34 dollars, but it's too expensive for most things these days. I still rate them a 5 because I loved how they turned out. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on it because it holds figurines and shot glasses well, but heavy objects might break off the back legs. Before you order, ask them and read the ad. It's true.

6. Mount Tempered Component Capacity MI 8671

Mount Tempered Component Capacity MI 8671

There is a pierced glass entertainment stand. A multi-purpose 5-tier glass cabinet can be used as audio video tower, media stand, stereo cabinet and gaming console stand. It's ideal to store cable boxes, DVD players, streaming devices, home theater receivers, gaming consoles, hifi stereo equipment, speakers and other components. Strong and courteous audio stand. The top shelf has a capacity of 88 lbs and the rest has 33 lbs. Glass shelves and columns are scratch resistant and easy to coordinate with. Audio tower has an open architecture that keeps components cool. AudioRACK DIMENSIONS: There is plenty of space for all your audio and video components on each shelf. There is a gap between the bottom shelves and the top rack for larger stereo or home theater equipment. It is easy to exaggerate. The entertainment center has step-by-step instructions for easy assembly. Adding safety to your family is accomplished by the use of Beveled edges and tempered glass. High quality products will last a lifetime because of their rigid quality control standards. HEIGHT COMBINATION: Stereo cabinet shelves have a variety of height combinations according to your component height needs, thanks to the shelf segments that are interchangeable. The stand can fit into corners. HEIGHT COMBINATION: Stereo cabinet shelves have a variety of height combinations according to your component height needs, thanks to the shelf segments that are interchangeable. The stand can fit into corners.

Brand: Mount-it!

👤The shelves are pretty thin. Four metal rods are screwed into the top shelf. The legs are very thin and lightweight. The tube holders are made of plastic discs with a chrome finish and a hole in the center for the rod. But... It was well packed and delivered intact. 25 min start to finish and it assembled well. The glass is the heaviest part. I didn't care for the feet. I was hoping for more robust feet so that I could place spiked feet to separate the equipment. I might do a mod in the future to allow me to do that. It looks nice and is much more expensive than it was. You get what you pay for and at 125 bucks for two, that's not bad. Not bad at all! The wife is happy.

👤It was very easy to put together. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but for the price, maybe not 4 long skinny bars running in the center of a cheap metal song. It feels more sturdy once it's put together. I thought it would feel better during assembly. I would have returned it and not put expensive stereo equipment on it. The glass is nice. As anyone with these types of things in their homes knows, they need to be wiped down and dusted frequently. Dust and fingerprints. That comes with the territory. If ypu needs shelving for stereo equipment or small eggs, this is the one for you. I suggest spending a bit more money and getting something that is a little bit stronger.

👤5 tier audio shelf. It is easy to assemble. There were no broken shelves. Before you start construction, decide where you want the biggest shelf. The plastic pieces look cheap, but they are half the price of other Chinese made glass tier systems. This lives on a dirt floor. You will need to move the stand eventually. The metal caps on the ends of the feet will destroy the hardwood floors. Purchase 4 floor protectors.

👤The item had two plastic nut retainers. These items are a poor design and are used at the end of the assembly. The plastic nut retainers are supposed to hold everything together. I think they will fail in the future because of the constant tension on them and the fact that it is a safety hazard.

👤There was a bad threaded screw on the final leg. The nut wouldn't tighten. I will contact the seller to see if they will send me a replacement rod that has good threads. I can send the whole thing back, but I have to take it apart. If you get a set that doesn't have a defect, you are fine, but I didn't.

👤I got this for a stereo rack because the cabinets were expensive. It makes my components look like chrome and black glass. You can see every speck of dust, but it takes a quick wipe with a lint free cloth.

👤This was the exact size of the stereo rack I needed. You can adjust the shelf's heights. Cool look, but no need to touch glass shelves beyond assembly. One of the disks was cracked and had an extra round disk. Well packed, and arrived with no damage. It sets off the stereo system with a modern look.

7. StarTech Com Server Rack Shelf Adjustable

StarTech Com Server Rack Shelf Adjustable

The static weight is 50 lbs. The wood is black. It's required. Universal 19'' fit: This server rack mount shelf is designed to fit any 19in server rack and has a fixed surface depth of 27.86in and a mounting depth range of 19.5-38in for your data, networking or other small-form tools / equipment. It is possible to maximize VENTILIATION. The shelf has a vent that allows consistent air flow to effectively evaporate heat on the server. It keeps your computer and equipment cool. The design is made of SPCC commercial cold-rolled steel. The cabinet shelf is IT grade and supports a total weight load of 175 lbs. This shelf can be used with any 19 inch cabinet or equipment rack with a surface depth of 27.56in and mounting depth range of 19.5-38in. It gives you more storage space for your tools.

Brand: Startech

👤It appears that Startech mis-advertised this product. They say it's for a 19-inch rack with a depth of 38 inches. The shelf is 27 inches long, so it can't fit in a 19-by-19 inch space. Under the "Technical Specifications" on Startech's website is where you can look. The internal depth is 28.6 inches, just a few lines below the "Note" that the depth can be adjusted from 19-to-38 inches. It's crazy. Startech tech support acknowledges that it doesn't make sense and suggests that it's ok for something to protrude from the back or front of the cabinet. I don't think this is false advertising, but it is seriously misleading. The description of this product should state that it supports 27-38 inches of depth.

👤I have a StarTech 25U Open Frame server rack with 3x StarTech 1U Shelves. Installation is more difficult than it should be because they are sturdy and hold the advertised weight without bending or sagging. The shelves use rack ears instead of rails, so adjusting to fit requires a bit of pre-planning. If you use nuts in place of rails, it will make adjusting the shelf, once mounted, a major pain as you need to losen or remove them from each ear before those adjustments can be made. If you intend to place full load on the shelf, I would recommend you upgrade the nuts to something similar to the holes in the shelf. The shelves hold the advertised weight, though the nuts are small and the shelf is mounted to the ears. In my case, that means 8 nuts. If you're new to rack mounted shelves or an enclosed rack, I would recommend removing the ears from the shelf and mounting them first. The shelf can be slid through from front to back. If you have an enclosed rack, it will allow you to bring the nuts closer to the middle of the shelf where there is more room for tightening. My complaints wouldn't stop me from buying another one because the shelves aren't designed to be moved often. The shelves are solid, fit the bill for my needs, and come highly recommended.

👤There are a few options on the same page, and my review is for the 1U Adjustable Vented server rack mount shelf. Sounds like it should fit in a wall cabinet with a depth of 24.5" Nope! The shelf is avented, but only a single piece of steel. The minimum depth is under 28 and not close to the minimum depth claimed. If you have a cabinet that is at least 28" deep, this shelf is easy to install. If that were my case, I would not have a problem using it. If you have an open rack that's shorter, you could let nearly 10% of this thing hang out the back.

👤I don't understand why people rate these shelves so high. I have used server rack shelves before and they are the most annoying. It's a huge pain to adjust the "adjustable" portion to the right length. You have to put it in the rack. Good luck if you need to take one out of a rack that is already full of equipment, but if the rack is empty, you can just rotate the shelf sideways and then twist it back into position. The front and rear brackets are permanent and the shelf is just a bar across the back. They're great once they're in place and never have to be moved again.

8. WALI Floating Strengthened Tempered Accessories

WALI Floating Strengthened Tempered Accessories

The system can be detached and reconstructed into a 1 shelf unit and 2 shelves unit. A maximum weight of up to 18 lbs per shelf can be achieved with the Large Strengthened Tempered Glass Shelf. The slim all-black wall plate with built-in cable management on both sides protrudes just 19mm from the wall when installed, providing a clean overall look with cables neatly hidden. A floating shelf with a height that can be adjusted to free up floor space is a smart design. Quality wall mount solution for holding DVD/blu-ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games consoles, Hi-fi and surround speakers, etc. Customer support is available for 7 days a week, and includes 1 x User Manual, 1 x Mounting Hardware Kit, and 3 x Strengthened Tempered Glass.

Brand: Wali

👤We used a floating shelf in our game room and we were able to eliminate the Tv stand that we had. The floating shelf makes everything look clean. I'm going to buy another one for our pool table room.

👤You can't expect much at this price point, so it gets two stars for actually staying up and holding all the equipment. Here's how it went. The instructions are not very useful. The mounting plate was the most confusing part of the assembly because it was too small for a child's thumbnail. If you screw the little square plates to the brackets, you can slide them onto the mounting plate once it's attached to the wall. The instructions don't tell you how to do it, but it's the only way to do it that won't make you angry. 2. Don't expect the brackets to be motionless once they are tightened. If you test them, the glass will be a little bit different. When dusting, use a light hand. 3. The end caps for the mounting plate are useless, and the cord management thingie on the back is also useless. I didn't know how to fit all the cords in there. You should use a different method to cover/manage your wires. 4. The screws end up peeling the plate from the wall because the drill head doesn't fit. You have to hold it tightly in place and then manually screw it into the stud. 5. The Allen wrench was obnoxious. It's thin and hard to grip, so you want to tighten as much as possible, even though it won't be super firm. The thing is doing its job, but it's not perfect and the shelf doesn't fill me with confidence in its integrity.

👤It's time to heads up! The screws that were sent to anchor the brackets to the studs are garbage. I've worked as a carpenter and am familiar with predrilling and screwing into lumber. 1st I was told to drill a 1/6 hole into the stud. I pre-drilled the screw to 2in in depth because the screw was 2 in and the drill bit was perfect. The soft metal of the screw head began to strip as I got deeper in the hole, however I used sufficient pressure and Torque control to drive my first screw. I knew it wasn't going to work, as I carefully reversed back out the head, which was completely stripped, and then I had to finish it with pliers. The screw head on my drill is so soft that I had to double check it. Don't try to use a hand screw driver to drive these into a stud. I had left a few holes in my wall. The screws I used for wood projects were not up to par. I had to go to Home Depot to pick up the screws. They drove in like butter. The wall brackets were secured in place. The vendor/manufacture missed out on a 5 star rating to save money. I don't think they've always included inferior screws with this product, but now they do to save 16 cents per unit sold. I hope they include better screws. I'm not saying, don't buy this, what I am saying is, expect to supply your own screws.

9. Monolith Tier Audio Stand Components

Monolith Tier Audio Stand Components

The four steel support tubes have a scratch-resistant black powder-coated finish, while the rigid, thick MDF Shelves have a finish that cleans easily and resists scratches and scuffs. The shelf with the support bar can hold up to 150 lbs, while the shelf with the Inert can support up to 75 lbs. The stand is designed with open air shelving for easy access to components. Unlike most enclosed cabinets, this sturdy design will keep your equipment from overheating. The modular design allows you to build your rack exactly as you need it. Start with the base and add as many shelves as you need. One tier of the stand can accommodate taller components with one set of steel support tubes. Attach the provided support bar underneath the shelf for additional bracing. It's the perfect way to display your components. It's the perfect way to display your components.

Brand: Monolith

👤I bought this stand to use in my audio system without knowing the quality of the stand, because there were no reviews for it on Amazon. It was the best decision I've ever made in 25 years of being an audio engineer. If you're looking for a strong audio stand that won't break the bank, the Monolith XL stand is a good choice. I have nothing to complain about this stand, it's a good quality finish, stable, easy to assemble, and perfect height for my turntable and reinforce shelf, everything is great, and I have nothing to complain about. I may be buying another one that is lighter in color. I'm a happy audiophile.

👤Picked this thing up to hold my hi-fi gear as I finish designing and building my system. I was pretty sure I'd have to build my own media cabinet to hold my gear after auditioning a number of components. The rack is very sturdy after I put my stuff on it. I have a turntable on top of my amplifier, CD transport, and DAC. It's quite handsome. I might just use two of these in place of a cabinet for my equipment because of the amount of so much that I have. I am very pleased with the quality of this rack and would recommend it to others. It does what it needs to do, but it's not the same as a solid maple with sand filled legs or a $2-5k rack.

👤Solid build quality. Nice color. The width of equipment you can place is limited by the support bar between the bottom rack and the middle one. I had to place the amplifier on the top rack because it was just shy of 19''.

👤There is an error in Step 4 of the instructions. The parts list shows item G as a quantity of 2, which is contrary to the instructions. This stand is a good value for the price paid.

👤It is easy to assemble. The delivery guy dragged it to our door and the box was badly damaged, but the shelves had no damage.

👤It's nice looking and holds the weight of my amplifier and my audiovisual equipment.

👤There was a good build and well design with easy to follow steps to assemble but there was slight damage to the packaging.

👤It was well made and engineered. It works well with my electronic systems.

👤I purchased this for my Hi Fi as I needed something a bit stronger than the audio rack that was purchased from Not On The High Street. The rack arrived well packed and the legs were wrapped in cardboard and put in a polythene bag. The unit was easy to assemble and the hardware was supplied in plastic bags so it was easy to check that everything was present and correct. The supplied feet are very good, however, I opted for a set of floor spikes. A great product at a reasonable price. I'm thinking about buying another.

👤Excellent quality audio rack. This is rock solid once it is assembled. It displays all my audio components nicely. The ads show the shelf space at the bottom, but the tallest shelf space can be found at the top. I put it together with this space at the top to give the best air flow for my Pioneer amplifier. The price was the only negative. They have seen a hike in price, but I still think it's worth it. Highly recommended.

10. Furinno 17091AM BK Turn N Tube Americano

Furinno 17091AM BK Turn N Tube Americano

A simple stylish design that is suitable for any room that needs additional storage space. The rounded corner reduces the risks of getting hurt. Quality material is made from wood and plastic tubes. It can hold up to 20 lbs. per shelf Furinno fits on your budget. Product dimensions are 23.6(W)x57.4(H)x11.6(D) inches. Product dimensions are 23.6(W)x57.4(H)x11.6(D) inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤After 8 months, it came apart, shearing off each plastic leg completely. See the picture. The shelf was sturdy and easy to assemble. It does not look like plastic. I liked it. It has been sitting there with my decorations on. I've dusted it twice. I went to dust it again and it was wobbly. No one has been near it. I discovered that the two legs between the top and second shelf were sheared off. Just snapped off. I contacted the company for support because Amazon is a nightmare for shipping and returns. The email links don't work. You need to send it in an email. I'm not expecting much. I'll let you know if the company helps me out and it doesn't break again. The company hasn't responded to my emails for two weeks. Returning it. The product is shoddy and there is no customer service or support.

👤When I bought them, I knew they were cheap. I told my fiancée that these are the cheapest bookshelves I've ever bought and the cheapest bookshelves I've ever bought. I wanted to add a bookshelf to that spot and they were the perfect size. I bought 2 of them and hoped for the best. I ordered 4 more a day later. They're cheap. If you don't put priceless antiques on them, they work quite well and hold up to some decent weight. I would have called anyone a liar if they said I'd be leaving a 5-star review, and I would never have expected to triple my order. Go figure. I'm impressed.

👤It's reliable. It is easy to assemble and holds a good amount. Might get another one as the collection grows.

👤I was expecting more sturdy shelves. The zip tie and anchor were sent. You can't have more than 15 pounds per shelf. It is easy to put together, but not sturdy. There is a horrible smell. The smell from the shelf in my dining room is terrible.

👤The price was the first thing that caught my attention. Wow! If you need some inexpensive shelves, get itprimed and get it quickly. I needed a set of book shelves in my apartment bedroom to get things up and down. These are doing a lot. They went up fast and it was easy to assembly. At a distance, the also look is very nice and of good quality. The shelves I received were veneered. The tiers are made of a very nice high density board. I have mixed feelings about the poles. Don't be frightened. These poles are not made of metal. They are made of plastic. They seem to be injection molded and have some flash on the threads and seams. This is what you are getting for a reasonable price. The dimensions of the shelves in their assembled state should be familiar to you. They are a moderate size, but not too big. They have the potential to hold a lot of sets. The negative part of the review is over. I like the shelves a lot. The look was good and it was easy to assemble. I have no doubt that they will hold what they are rated to hold. Good job! A recommendation. If you need a cheap, fast and space efficient set of shelves, buy more than one set. It is easy to have custom arrangements with the pieces that fit together. I have a current configuration of a 5 tier and 3 tier set of shelves. It made my room more comfortable. It would be irresponsible to only buy one set for the price. These shelves work. Don't buy to be impressed. For convenience, set your expectation low for quality. It is difficult to justify against them because they come in a variety of flavors. Thanks, R.Z.

11. Espresso Altus Mounted Audio Console

Espresso Altus Mounted Audio Console

The main shelf is 15 inches deep. There are 118 discs or 80 DVDs in the media capacity. The hanging rail system makes it easy to mount. The internal dimensions are 23.25”W x 6”H x 15”D.

Brand: Prepac

👤It was easy to put the unit together. It wasn't mounting it. The screws were difficult to get in even with predrilled holes. I was worried that I would remove the head slots. I would like the screws to have bolt heads. Maybe I should have cleaned the screws first. I had to go to the store to get a longer drill bit because the screws were so long. I think it looks great, so I think it was worth the struggle. Don't make the mistake I did at first of mounting it over an outlet plate. I had to take the whole thing down and remount it. It would be great if it came with a template that you could put on the wall.

👤Very pleased with the product. The instructions were straight forward and we have some floor space back. If you want to install the console on the wall, leave a bit of space between the wall and the board, and don't tighten the screws on the board mount. After the console is mounted, tighten the screws.

👤I bought a 55" tv for my bedroom but it wouldn't fit in my room unless I wall mounted it. I couldn't fit a shelf underneath the tv for my electronics because the only wall big enough gave 20 inches of clearance between it and the bed. I bought this product after seeing it. The unit is easy to assemble. Only one problem, two but one real problem. There is no proper mounting hardware included. Don't be tempted, they include extra wood screws. If you want to get thicker lag bolts and washers, go to your local hardware store. An easy solution for a small amount of money. The mounting rails came curved, which was the real problem for me. This wouldn't be a problem, but the mounting rails are made of a different type of board. I can't really attest to its stability because Prepac offers free parts replacement, but I can get that fixed. I thought they'd be fine once mounted against the wall. I heard some cracks when I tightened the bolts. The unit is mounted. I'm not sure if I can load it. I don't want to write off the rest of the unit just yet because it is very well made. I will update when I contact Prepac about the parts.

👤It took 10 days to deliver the item, which is really frustrating for a long time Prime member. It would be nearly impossible for someone without the right tools to build a house because of several design flaws. There are no pilot holes for the sides of the back panel. If you try to put in the confirmat screws without drilling them first, you're almost certainly going to mess up the board or miss it entirely, like I did. They didn't leave enough room to tighten the last couple of cams. You're going to need a long screwdriver to get at those and make sure they're turned.


What is the best product for home theater rack shelf?

Home theater rack shelf products from Yokepo. In this article about home theater rack shelf you can see why people choose the product. Simple Houseware and Prepac are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater rack shelf.

What are the best brands for home theater rack shelf?

Yokepo, Simple Houseware and Prepac are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater rack shelf. Find the detail in this article. Perlesmith, Combination Of Life and Mount-it! are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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