Best Home Theater Receiver 9.2

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1. Denon AVR X2700H Ultra Channel Receiver

Denon AVR X2700H Ultra Channel Receiver

The Ultimate Entertainment Companion - Blo CP801 video projector has a variety of ports to connect to, including a HDMI, ausb, and avi ports. The sealed optical engine is dustproof and comes with a lens cap for added protection. You can enjoy Immersive surround sound with the help of the new 3D Realism for your home theater system. You can get the most out of your 4K TV by enjoying the highest quality audio and video. The most demanding entertainment needs are met by this high-power amplifier. The next generation of gaming features a smooth, lag-free experience with 4K/ 120Hz pass-through, Variable refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Enjoy the most advanced video technology. Quick Media Switching eliminates video delay. You can connect with any HD/ULTRA HD TV, SubWOOFER, BLU-RAY PLAYER, and Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound with a range of wireless connections. If you want to extend the reach of your music to any room in the house, you can use a variety of wireless speakers, like the Denon Home series. You can get hi-fi audio around your home with a number of services. With full voice control, you can adjust the volume, change the tracks, and switch inputs completely hands-free. It integrates with popular home automation systems.

Brand: Denon

👤I've been a loyal customer of Onkyo for over 20 years, but the company seems to be in the process of mismanaging itself out of business, so I decided to give Denon a try. I decided to check out a mid range model before I spent what I normally spend on an AVR. I won't repeat reviews about the sound quality of this model, but I agree that it provides a good value on that front. The quality of the device's firmware irritated me the most. There are many bugs, some of which I could find others complaining about, but there were also others that I didn't see mentioned. The only way I could stop it was to stop using the optical input for TV audio. Denon is reacting to something the TV is sending, so don't take any control actions on the AVR, just receive the audio. I accidentally selected the "hide" option on the tuner input, which prevents an unused source from appearing in the list that the source selector knob can choose from. The tuner wouldn't output any audio when I changed the setting. I could not hear a sound. I had the idea to use the "reset to defaults" option on the Input Assignment screen, which would have erased my input configuration. I use Denon's control protocol on port 23 to control the AVR, but I haven't fully characterized this problem yet. The zero volume problem can't be solved by using the "last" setting rather than a preset value. Sending the power-on, source-select, and volume sequence as fast as the AVR will receive them seems to cause the volume bug. I can watch the power-on, tell me the volume is 49, and then send a volume update to 0, which I did not command, and then stay there. I had to modify the automation software to poll the volume until the 0 showed up and then send the desired volume. The AVR behaves normally when powered on and the volume is reset, but it appears to be a bug around power on and volume reset. There is an update. The buffer on the connection seems to be missing from the AVR. The problems were fixed by putting a 500 ms delay between commands. The control protocol from Onkyo didn't require delays and it buffered the commands. I think it's the result of buying a new AVR so close to its debut. I still give it 3 stars because of the problems with the software, but I hope Denon is able to fix them. It would have been a 4 star AVR if the firmware just worked, instead of wasting 2 hours of my time figuring out how to fix the problems. What happened to you, man? I have an issue with a TCL Roku TV that is partly to blame, but if the TV is unplugged or in a deep sleep state, it's not powered on, so I can't be sure that it isn't also partly to blame. The Denon doesn't realize a monitor is attached until the TV is on and the AVR won't output anything until the power is on. I have only been able to prevent this from happening by turning on "Fast Start" mode on the TV, which will keep it on all the time, even if the screen is off. In this mode, the TV's idle power goes from 1 Watt to 15 Watts. The Denon will know that a TV is always connected. This could be a strange interaction between this brand of TV and the Denon, but this speaks to the lack of interoperability testing. "Fast Start" off is the default mode for the "TlC" brand of TV. The TV is powered off when the HDMI output is turned off. How many people change their TV after setup is fine with the AVR, but how many change their TVs after setup is not? If you don't detect anything connected, just remember the last configured monitor and keep driving HDMI for it. This seems obvious. I'd like to know if the Denon behaves this way for all monitors or if it is just TCL doing this. Since my TVs are attached to walls, it's too difficult to move the rack-mounted AVR to another TV or bring another TV to it. I am keeping the Denon because I have found solutions for all the problems and the sound quality is very good for the price, but I am dismayed at how much effort was required to get everything working.

2. Denon AVR X3700H Ultra Channel Receiver

Denon AVR X3700H Ultra Channel Receiver

You can enjoy Immersive surround sound with the help of the new 3D Realism for your home theater system. You can enjoy high quality audio and video when you are ready. This amplifier can be used to build your own speaker configuration to meet your entertainment needs. The next generation of gaming features a smooth, lag-free experience with 4K/ 120Hz pass-through, Variable refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Enjoy the most advanced video technology. Quick Media Switching eliminates video delay and this 9.2 channel receiver delivers clarity, contrast and color. You can connect with any HD/ULTRA HD TV, SubWOOFER, BLU-RAY PLAYER and Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound with a range of wireless connections. You can add music to any room in the house with the help of wi-fi, Airplay 2, and HEOS multi-room wireless speakers. You can get hi-fi audio around your home with a number of services. Instructions to connect your TV and Audyssey MultEQ XT32 are provided by ON-SCREEN SETUP ASSISTANT. calibrates all speakers in your home setup and tunes the A/V for an optimal listening experience. Does not support pass-through from 888-739-5110

Brand: Denon

👤31 days ago. It sounded wonderful but it wasn't able to play at loud volumes. It overheated if it was over 50 volume. It's in protection mode with no speakers. Amazon won't accept returns on this item, so they know it's junk. Denon is bad. I'm out 1300 dollars. I sold my Yamaha which worked perfectly for many years. It was replaced after Amazon returned it. I bought it because it doesn't work with HDMI 2.1 devices. You get no signal when you set it to 2.1. They suggested a way to fix it, but it doesn't work for me. I can get a signal from my 3080 graphics card to the TV, but it disappears when I plug it into the receiver with eArc. The test feature of the receiver doesn't work with the cables I bought. I can test the same cable 10 times and it will fail or fail again. I can confirm that the Denon receivers don't process Atmos signals often. It seems to be random. I can watch a movie one night and get the next one in 5.1, but it won't do 5.1 when nothing has changed. Sometimes it will use the front, sometimes it will use all 9 speakers, and sometimes it only uses 4 speakers. The receiver is junk. It sounds good, but my 500$ Yamaha was better. I used it every single time. It had a better remote. I will never buy another Denon again. Denon released a fix for the bug. It's a good box. I thought they would give more connections, but they only gave one. The new Apple TV 4k has 2.1 but there is no way to use it because Denon doesn't give us more HDMI 2.1 ports. I pay for 4k 120hz on my PC with horrible handshake issues. The receiver cuts in and out and doesn't display video. I have to restart my devices at least once a day. I paid a lot of money for this receiver and I got headaches all the time. I'm going to upgrade to a quality receiver to enjoy my gear. The hand shake issue is out of hand. I'm now doing it 30-40 times a day. I've tried every combination of turn on order, but the stupid box is the only thing that works. I have to use eArc on my devices to get it to recognize my display, so I have to restart my device and remove all my cables in 15 minutes. I can't wait to sell it. It doesn't sound good anymore. The volume is noticeably quieter and I think some of the capacitors are going bad. It appears that Atmos is random and not based on the input signal.

👤Pros- Excellent sound quality with an option of 11.2 channel processing and 2 channel amplifier. There is a This unit has a future upgrade version of hdpi. The Audyssey set up only gives phase error for certain speaker types and each result is over ridden. I wonder if Audyssey 32 is flawed because the results yield different points each time. The most important thing about this unit is that it cannot turn off internal amplification while you use an external amplifier for 5 channels. The internal amplification of Denon cannot be maximized if you use 9.2 or 7.2 Amp mode. A rep should answer the question of how users can use a 7.2 or 9.2 set up and still be able to assign denons unused internal amplification to use towards channels not run by an external amplifier. The best receiver money can buy for the top ones in the year is probably this one.

3. Pioneer VSX LX304 9 2 Ch Network Receiver

Pioneer VSX LX304 9 2 Ch Network Receiver

Imax enhanced* the vsx-lx304 is IMAX enhanced, Certified to deliver the powerful sound just as intended by the Filmmaker, and provide the immersive experience on your home theater. Function is available with future updates. The vsx-lx 304 is compatible with 7. 2. 2 ch 5. 2. The latest theater sound platform is called Dolby Atmos. Sound can be reproduced in smooth, curving movements or overhead by the top speakers. Other Audio Codecs can be upmixed with the help of a 3D surround sound system. The Audio CODEC from DTS is the next-generation Audio CODEC from the company that uses object-based Audio to enable new experiences. Enjoy a smooth sound with 7. 2 ch 5. 2. The surround system is loud. Other Audio Codecs can be upmixed with the help of the neural: x program. The height virtualize of the Dolby Atmos format allows for a more immersive listening experience, without using additional surround or height speakers. Function is available with future updates. Apple is on the air. You can easily stream music or podcasts to speakers in your house using any Apple device, or by asking the speaker, and it all stays in perfect sync.

Brand: Pioneer

👤I bought this one to replace a Pioneer Elite that is only a few years old. I bought it to be able to run the extra channels. I own a pair of Mirage OS3-FS, with Mirage rears and mirage front. The new one leaves a lot to be desired, since they have used 2 different ones. They don't sound great even after adjusting the set up manually. I feel like I need to increase the volume beyond what makes sense to hear what I'm watching because volume is a lot lower. The receiver is in a cabinet off to the side of the room and I can't really see the front of the screen, so we have no idea about volume or other information. The receiver has a static sound on the left front channel when I change the channel. When I plug in a different speaker to the left front output on the receiver, it makes the same sound as the one on the speaker, so this has to be a problem inside the receiver. The other reviewer said that the relays are loud and that my commercials are so loud that they cause it to click off and on when I fast forward. This is disappointing. Maybe I got a bad unit, but it's not good enough for a $650 receiver. I think I will return this and go somewhere else, maybe a Denon or Yamaha. I wouldn't purchase this.

👤A new Yamaha 7.2 was bought to replace the 9.2 Pioneer. The Yamaha could not power up my setup and the Pioneer had more features. The sound is great and it is easy to operate. The receiver makes it easy to calibrate the setup.

👤The system is easy to setup and the sound is great.

👤It works just fine, it wasn't Sirius ready other than that.

👤I replaced an older Onkyo model that couldn't handle 4K signals with this unit. The MCACC calibration worked well, but it has some quirks that make me hesitant to recommend this unit, and I checked the distance calculations by hand and they were spot on, but it set the sub output too low. It doesn't upscale common video sources to 4K because it has trouble with them. Don't expect to cast videos from your phone on the built-in Chromecast. The Zone B feature, which could be great, is impossible to access without navigating a complicated menu on the Receiver's display, which won't show up on the TV if your source is the TV through ARC. We just got a new 4K TV, the P-Series Quantum X, which has a few quirks of its own, and wanted to be able to send 4K signals from a connected PC through the receiver to the TV. When I first set up the unit, I plugged in the PC and DVD player. I turned on 4K upscaling in the setup menu, thinking that I would check to see if this unit did a better job than the TV. The receiver failed to send a video signal to the TV. When the receiver was on, it would process audio from the DVD player, and when I turned it off, it would send the video from the DVD player to the TV. I needed to get audio and video from the DVD player. The PC was worse. The PC has a video card, so the receiver should be able to handle it. When the PC was off, the receiver sent a blank signal to the TV, so it showed a blue screen. When I turned on the PC, the signal turned off and the TV didn't show anything. It didn't help to turn off upscaling. I had to spend a lot of time on the phone with tech support going through hidden menus to turn off HDMI Deep Color, so I had to turn it off for all the inputs. The PC signal went through only at high definition. The receiver won't send a video signal to the TV if I try to output a higher resolution from the PC. Windows 10 shows that the receiver doesn't support high definition content. It's really hard. The "Zone B" feature is disappointing. My wife wanted to be able to use the app on the TV but not disturb me while I work nearby, so she used headphones. The TV doesn't have a built-in microphone, so if she casts video to the TV, the audio is automatically sent to the receiver through the ARC. She can't cast to the receiver because it has a built-in audio only device. The Zone B feature allows you to send audio through the speakers or just Zone B and not the speaker output. You can listen to music through headphones if you choose Zone B out. There is no Zone B button on the remote or the unit. You have to use the remote to navigate through the multi-item menu, which will not show the TV if you don't send the video signal through the receiver. I'm rather disappointed. I can't use a PC to upscale to 4K, I can't send 4K signals from my PC, and I can't use deep color if I ever want to. I might send this one back.

4. Denon AVR S760H 7 2 Channel Theater Receiver

Denon AVR S760H 7 2 Channel Theater Receiver

The AccuReflex and AccuEQ have subwoofers. Enhanced realism and new features are available. You will think it's happening right above you when you hear the sound of a helicopter or rain. The 7.2 channel has two channels driven. 6 inputs and 1 output. There are 3 dedicated HDMI 2.1 inputs with 8k up scaling. Most voice assistants have support. 8K UDH, HDCP 2.3, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 4k/ 120 and eArc are included.

Brand: Denon

👤It was delivered before the expected delivery date. I wasn't happy with FedEx because they said I signed for it when no one else did. I connected this to my Sony XBR65X900H with a certified HDMI 2.1 cable. Everything is running perfectly on my PC and player. The surround sound system I manually adjusted was worth the money.

👤I'm not close to a soundwave snob. The setup was easy. The eq for regular tv is great. The atmos sound is amazing. The XBOX atmos is mind blowing. The bass is smooth and can be loud when needed. The upscaling looks good. I can see the crispprints in the grass with a decent 2.1 48gig hdmi cables. I was skeptical of the 8k upscale claims. I don't know how to measure that but the picture is amazing. The Denon and HEOS apps are available on both Apple and Android. I would like to be able to reassign the Quick Select button tasks, which is the only nitpicky thing I have to say about it so far. The button is not what I want it to be. I would buy this thing again. I think it's a good deal for what it does. I'll leave you with my nephew's words of review to my brother, "Sounds like we're at the movies daddy!"

👤I bought this Denon for myself because my old Sony receiver died. The set-up was very straight forward and the included microphone made it easy to balance the sound in the room. The Video Upscaling - My1080p is an exciting feature. The TV looks better with the Denon unit. Well worth the price.

👤I've been buying a receiver for over a decade. I didn't know about the new features on the units. It's not necessary to go with a more expensive unit unless your speakers need more power. It is easy to use the wireless technology from the iPhones. The Denon App allows the receiver to be completely hidden, with all features controlled from my phone. The sound from the newer smart TVs feeds right into the receiver and out to the surround, and only the one hdmi cable is required for this. There was no need for additional wires. Don't have any doubts about this unit, especially at the price point.

👤It was easy to setup the system. Everything I wanted, but I can't set it up. It's right there according to several emails. Don't look at it.

👤I was hesitant about buying a 75W receiver, but it's handled everything I've thrown at it. The sound quality is good. My Sony TV works great with eArc. Would definitely recommend.

👤I was surprised by how easy it was to set up. It even goes so far as telling you to strip wires, which is kind of dumb. I think we are not beginners at this point, I don't use blue tooth, but I put a star on it so I could hear better, which I thought was great. Does the sound of the speakers from Golden ear seem netter? Yes, to my ears. Behr.

5. YAMAHA RX V6A 7 2 Channel Receiver MusicCast

YAMAHA RX V6A 7 2 Channel Receiver MusicCast

HDCP 2.3 and eARC are present. 4K/60, 4K/ 120AB, 8K/60B, and HDMI 2.1 are available. MusicCast, Voice Control, and AirPlay 2 are available in multi-room. MusicCast can be used with MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 wireless surround speakers. Voice control with a variety of devices. TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, Amazon Music, and others. There is a future update for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

Brand: Yamaha

👤I'm sure you'll read about the fact that there are some issues with the next generation devices, but that isn't even half of it. There are a lot of faults that carry over to current technology. There is a band of high definition images. This happens when you use a hdmi 2.0 mode. Yamaha blames everyone else and refuses to accept fault. It's apple tv, it's every tv, it's PS4s fault, it's boxes faul, every device that has HDR banding is to blame except for the yamaha, which is only device that introduces it. Some users claim they don't have banding, it's hard to see in a lot of content, and only happens when data mode is forced into YUV 422. The chain and signal are messed up by the Yamaha. Let's talk about other issues. The X box series x has major black screen/sync issues going through the reciever again in 2.0. There is a 2.1 problem as well. Constantly, screen cuts in and out. If yamaha isn't in the chain, there are no problems. Future proof for 2.1? There is no. All 2020 recievers have the same faulty chipset that is missing big parts of the standard. The devices were doomed from the beginning. No amount of updates will fix it. Wait til late 2021, when the second generation 2.1 receivers hit the market, to keep your old receiver. All the others are duds.

👤I returned the device because of the bug. You can find the bug in the HDMI 2.1 receiver on the web. You need to wait until the middle of next year or later to get a receiver that supports all of the features of HDMI 2.1. There is a bug that causes a blank screen when connecting to the Xbox Series X consoles from Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Sony, and others. The issue only occurs with 4K 120Hz and the work around is to change the audio chip to 4K 60Hz. This isn't a problem for Microsoft or Nvidia. Those products are correct. If you are okay with HDMI 2.0, I am sure this receiver will work for you, it simply doesn't support what I'm looking for due to the bug.

👤High hopes for this product. It's great when it works. The input from a player and box are not reliable. I don't know if it's a hardware or software problem. I bought an Asurion plan. Called them, spoke with first and second level support, and was passed on to the seller by Amazon. When trying to get a problem solved, it's a typical runaround. Not happy with Yamaha, Asurion or Amazon. I've tried to call Yamaha multiple times. The last time, I was disconnected after 90 minutes. I didn't expect Yamaha, Asurion or Amazon to support me if I ended up with a $600 paperweight.

👤I ran the auto calibration again after adding front presence speakers because the receiver has inputs for those. If you only have one listening spot, I recommend you do multiple point auto calibration so that you can get a better idea of how your set up is. After setting everything up again, I went ahead and tried out something with the atmos. I uploaded an episode of black summer to the streaming service. The receiver made a noise to switch over from the back surround speakers to the front presence speakers after detecting the atmos. 5.1 surround along with 2 front presence speakers is what I am getting now instead of 7.1. I was able to tell that it was coming directly up above me when a group of people entered a building with the lights above them. It sounded like it was coming from my ceiling. This is the only test I have done. I know that when I watch other Dolby atmos movies it will sound amazing. I noticed that if you watch any other content that has Dolby digital, the receiver will use the front presence speakers instead of the back surround. I am not getting the 7.1 surround sound that I was expecting when I played ace ventura on the streaming service. I don't think using the front presence speakers will help you in this case, since you have to switch the sound source from surround to straight in order for the receiver to output this in 7.1. I am amazed and very pleased with this receiver. I highly recommend you use front presence speakers to get the full effect of dobly atmos. I am using eARC and it works perfectly. This receiver was bought to replace my Onkyo RZ830. The receiver is solid. The design is modern and different from the traditional one. The old green text style display has been replaced by a new display. The setup was easy and took 30 minutes to complete. I was surprised by how fast YPAO took compared to Onkyos setup. It took manual tweaking since it set all speakers to 40hz. The distances were almost perfect but still needed some adjustments. I was amazed at how responsive the audio was when I used my phone with my Onkyo, but the audio wouldn't work on the other device, and there would be a horrible lag between the audio and the phone. Thanks to Yamaha, this was a major upgrade. I think sound quality is an upgrade over my Onkyo receiver. It is clear and loud. I like the sound effects Yamaha gives you for different sound modes, they add a different feel to music. I'm trying to figure out if it is playing a movie through eARC while it's on the TV. The display doesn't show the current sound codec to see what the sound output is. I might be doing something wrong. I will update this when I have more time to use this receiver. This is a solid receiver with a new look and feel and definitely a major upgrade over my Onkyo RZ830.

6. Professional Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier

Professional Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier

Bluetooth is a pharmaceutical company. All of today's latest devices can be used with the built-in wireless music streaming ability. You can stream wireless audio instantly. There is a three-second delay when the power is turned on, which reduces the turn-on Transients associated with the system equipment connected to the amplifier. When the AC main power is being supplied to the Amp and both channels are operational, the built-in power LEDs illuminate. There are shoddy burial posts. The posts are shockproof. The speaker connection cables can be terminated with banana plugs or stripped wires. Automatic cooling fans. Cool air is supplied to the amplifier by two DC fans. When the unit requires additional cooling, the fans switch to high speed.

Brand: Pyle

👤This amplifier is the cheapest you can get. It's not going to put out 1000 watt. I tested it out with my speakers wired at 4 ohms bridge and found out the power it puts out before it starts to distort/clip. That's not per channel. If it were using each channel individually, it would put out about double what it actually does. The amplifier will put out more power than I listed, but it will sound severely. When turning it higher than the amplifier can supply, the amplifier can distort. It won't sound good. I was more disappointed than I anticipated. Sometimes when I shake the amplifier or put it in a different position, the gain becomes uncontrollable, which may be because my amplifier is faulty. I'm not sure if the previous owner dropped it or it was damaged in the shipping process. The power output may not be affected by that issue. I don't know. I'm pretty sure that you're not going to get over 100 Watts of total power out of this amplifier. This might be the least powerful amplifier you can buy. The fan is loud. It doesn't shut off until you power it off. If you don't have any music playing the fan should stay on even if you don't have any load. When the crown amplifier fan isn't pushing any speakers, it stays silent. My crown amplifier fan only turns on when it has over 1000 watt of power. The fan turns off after you let it rest. The price difference makes it so that you get what you pay for, even if it's not as good as my crown. I have a theory as to why the fan makes so much noise. It's like going to a gym and dropping the weights on the ground so people think you're working out harder than you actually are. The fans are loud. It makes me think about how inefficient this amplifier is. The fans get loud when the amplifier only puts 50RMS of power. The crown can put 50RMS for a long time and the fan will never turn on or the amplifier will get warm, compared to a real amplifier. A cheap and good amplifier has a huge difference in performance.

👤I bought this amplifier twice in a week, the first one was damaged and the second one was put out. Returned it to Amazon, bought a new one, and it was the only one to work this time. I am not the first person to be ripped off on a re-packaged broken amplifier, and probably won't be the last. boo The person is named Pyle.

👤I bought this unit for the case, because it is so easy to retrofit, and because it is over the price of this amplifier. The dual-mono design has a power supply unit in the center with a 33/33 toroidal transformer on either side. The fans are noisy. The banshee would be silent if you said "howl like a banshee" in comparison to this amplifier. The design of this amplifier is a single 2SC5198/2SA1941 pair for each amplifier and under the worst conditions, it can generate as much heat as a 5 watt bulb. A nice sounding 70w/ch amplifier. I put it on my test bench with an 8ohm dummy load and got 70w/ch. Quite an achievement. With a small power supply, the bridge mode was not as good as it could have been. How does it sound? It's pretty much like any other slow A/B solid state amplifier. It does not turn into a memorable performance with any music. It's perfect for background music. A lot of low end equipment uses the transistor pair from Toshiba. The bad. I didn't intend to use this amplifier for anything other than a parts bin. This amplifier is worth three times the selling price, but it is hampered by poor build quality, so be aware. Despite being mounted on their side, the Amp modules bowed despite being of low grade single layer construction. The power supply board does not fare as well as the other boards. It is clear that it is better quality than the Amp boards. The rear input/output board is connected to the front panel so the amplifier modules have only power, speaker and pre-in leads. It's perfect for a project. One thing left. When it's too late, the meter lights are adjusted to light. The peak output before distortion rears is ugly. The "vu" meter lights are distortion city. I think they're not calibrate for the bottom end amplifier since this is a different model. It's all done. I posted a photo of the internals for the people who were interested. Hope this helps you.

7. Marantz Receiver SR5015 7 2 Channel Built

Marantz Receiver SR5015 7 2 Channel Built

The most musical sound is extensively tuned by Marantz sound masters at the most state-of-the-art facilities to deliver an exquisite sonic signature. The Marantz sound masters are in charge of the component until it passes rigorous testing. The new Marantz SR5015 stereo receiver (100 W x 7) has an advanced 8K audio system and is upgradeable to a 7.2 Channel system. Enjoy all your entertainment in the highest quality format. There are screen movies in 8K with pass-through or upscaling to eliminate video delay. Variable refresh rate, Quick Frame Transport, and Auto Low Latency Mode are some of the features that make lag-free gaming possible. The advanced 8K HDMI connectIVITY has a dedicated 8K input, a USB port, and a number of audio inputs for a cohesive surround sound system. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL AUDIO WITH HEIGHTENED REALISM SUPPORTS DOLBY ATS, DOLBY ATS, DOLBY ATS, DOLBY ATS, DOLBY ATS, DOLBY ATS, DOLBY ATS, DOLBY Even without in-ceiling speakers, a 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 speaker set up delivers a premium cinematic experience. You can use your voice to play music, pause and stop music, and adjust volumes, as well as to control the thermostat, lights, and home appliances.

Brand: Marantz

👤This was upgraded to 4k 120 and 8k 60hz. I was surprised when I ran my RTX 3080 and it was all blackscreen. I ran via EArc and it ran fine. This is a false advertisement from Marantz. I have yet to try out the Xbox Series X or Ps5 but I'm pretty sure it won't work. I am hoping that Marantz will correct this. It's not clear what that would mean for a fix. Don't upgrade and wait for a fix.

👤I purchased this to replace a Pioneer Elite that sounded fine, but I wanted to use the XBox Series X to run my new 8k tv. It doesn't seem to be possible to play it on the XBox from any app, online, or in the UHD format. To get the max resolutions, I have to use the XBox to connect to the tv, and then use the arcs to connect to the audio. I'm not sure if Marantz will have an update to fix the issue. There may never be an update that can fix this issue because I read online more. I feel like this was a huge waste of money. I use all 4K rated 2.1 HDMI cables.

👤I replaced a 20 year old Panasonic home theatre receiver with this one and it was amazing. The clarity is amazing. You can control the app from anywhere. There are a lot of different connection options. I like the option of combining the outdoor speakers with the other channels when entertaining. I am happy with the sound and quality. A great receiver. I highly recommend this product.

👤The 7.2 Onkyo receiver it replaces is a noticeable improvement over this one. The sound is warmer than my old receiver, and it plays my music collection without the tinny harshness that accompanied Apple. The receiver produced a good stereo image with a deep soundstage and the high frequencies were still very clear. The old receiver had a few more watt per channel than the mythos speakers, but it seemed like Marantz was able to squeeze a little more richness out of my speakers. My biggest complaint is that it seems to confuse my TV when I try to use the e-ARC. My TV forgot the optical soundbar settings when I switched to the Marantz. I had to turn off e-ARC because it deprived me of the audio from the TV. Fortunately, Prime doesn't have a built-in Atmos feature, and my player has a separate HDMI port for audio. I had to knock off a star because it was frustrating.

👤I had to replace my pioneer elite receiver after 24 years because it was top of the line. Not like pioneers today. I talked to a few people and they chose the Marantz. The sound quality is far superior to the denon and pioneer elite models. It was not hard to set up. You will be very happy with the end results of this unit.

👤It is easy to set up. Several connections didn't work out of the box. Audio, visual, or both are the losing signals. I was hoping for killer sound and video when I bought Marantz. I was due for disappointment. I tested it on the day it came. Thank you for taking it back. It should have worked well and last a long time. I used other people to connect my home theater pieces when some of them were dead. It was quite frustrating when TV would simply lose its signal. This never happened with any of my previous receivers. The cheaper Denons are definitely made by the same people.

8. Onkyo TX NR5100 Channel Network Receiver

Onkyo TX NR5100 Channel Network Receiver

The Onkyo TX-NR5100 has a network A/V receiver with a 5.1 channel.

Brand: Onkyo

👤It was easy to set up. The receiver worked great for 24 hours before it malfunctioned and wouldn't do anything. The "NG" errors are fatal if you read the manual and online documentation. The component blew when the popping happened. I checked all the wiring and it was fine. My previous receiver was an Onkyo and I never had issues with it, so I ordered another one hoping this is a one-off. I will be without a receiver on my time off recovering from surgery until Friday because Amazon is refusing to expedite shipping. I may have to cancel or order elsewhere. If I keep the order through Amazon, I will update the review after seeing how the replacement does. I paid for a new one and chose to get a refund for the dead one, so they don't have to wait to ship the new one to get the fastest possible receipt.

👤I have been trying to get the support team to help me with the problem for days, no help or response.

👤This receiver has the ability to display high definition content. It will pass through vrr 4k 120hz, but the handshake issues make it difficult to use. The switch on the receiver was slow. It took forever to go from game fullscreen to the desktop. It took forever to go from one input to another. The HDMI switch is very fast after Onkyo released a firmware update. I would like that to be the only issue. There are serious handshake issues. I usually have no sound when I start a game. You can see the receiver blinking the speaker indicators off and on as it tries to find a sound signal. It never does. The only way to get sound is to change the resolution on the game and then have the sound come on. When the game asks if I want to keep the new resolution, I cancel and go back to the one I wanted. I would begrudgingly accept this if it were the only issue. It is not. I can get sounds to work in the game if I switch inputs and back, or if I connect three HDMI cables. There are all annoying solutions. I can't access the UEFI on my PC because the handshake is so bad. It won't show video inn. The loading screens on the PC won't be displayed. I need to connect my PC to my TV in order to do anything. My previous Denon receiver had no issues on the same PC and TV. I upgraded to this because it was a downgrade of a receiver. The first firmware was able to speed up the HDMI switch. I'm hoping that a firmware update will address this handshake. This is a one star product and the last one I ever buy. Stay away, like the title says. Far away.

👤Fantastic product. It's easy to use a remote. Speaker connections on the rear are strange. There is some work that needs to be done. Even when using a low-latency set of headphones, there were still sync issues with vocals. The manual warns that not all of the sources for back music may be available with the headphones. Not a dealbreaker. I had to get an external device to run it through the Zone B hookup. A good buy and definitely worth the money.

9. Onkyo TX NR797 Channel Receiver Enhanced

Onkyo TX NR797 Channel Receiver Enhanced

220 watt per channel. 4K/60p and HDR are supported. x playback of Dolby Atmos and DTS. The height of the film is virtualized. The accureflex and the accueq have subs.

Brand: Onkyo

👤I can't imagine buying this and returning it because of the connection, but I suppose it's different for different people. There were a few features I was looking for in a replacement receiver. My previous receiver couldn't handle the newer audio formats. My previous receiver could pass through high definition on HDMI, but without any visual indicators on top. I use the Chromecast to control my devices. I was looking for a display with 4k capabilities for the future, but my display is still in the 1920s. I knew I didn't need more than 100w because my speakers are very sensitive. I pounced when I saw a good deal on this. I've only got a 5.1 setup with KLF20 mains, KLF-C7 center, and KSP-S6 rears. The pair is with a sub. The auto setup worked well, setting my crossovers for all the channels. The setting of 40Hz isn't really wrong, but I usually increase it to 60Hz for the rears. The sound quality is pretty good so far. I wasn't able to do direct A/B comparisons because AccuEQ doesn't sound as good to my ear as Audyssey. The graphics are nice, but the fonts and everything look a little dated. It's not a bad thing because it shows what I need it to be. When I want to play audio from a phone, I will turn off the bluetooth. I don't have any Apple devices to test that out. Adding the receiver to my speaker group will allow me to play it whole- home. I can't speak to the on-device apps that I'll never use. I have to figure out a lot of the sound mode settings. In comparison to just using DPL IIz, there are a lot of different modes to expand the audio and virtualize additional speakers. I'll probably add height speakers at some point, but they'll be further down the road in my upgrades. I'm happy with the purchase so far. It sounds good, it's powerful, and I got a good price on it. What more could I ask for?

👤The model was bought to replace a damaged one. I decided to buy the 9.2 model to take advantage of Atmos and add two front and back height speakers. The 797 model should have had e-ARC support out of the box, but it doesn't and isn't even a hint that it will be added in future updates. One star off for that.

👤This machine has the most disappointing issues when it is expensive. It will take a long time for it to find your mobile phone or any other device. When you are a few feet away, the playback is erratic. You have to go through the pain again if you lose connection as quickly. No one wants wires all over if you don't have bluetooth. Not worth the cost. Immediately returning it.

👤I like the Onkyo system, they sound great to me. I got the Tx-NR797 today, but I still have the Tx-NR 676, so I'm not setting it up yet. I will give an update soon. Oh my. This is one. A receiver. System movies are not the same without it. I've put it all with a Bic speaker from the 980 2 in the front, 89 2 in the rear, 66 4 in over head, pl 28 center, 2-f12 one side and 2 Onkyo sub in the rear. I am happy with the sound of the Atoms and the DTS, it is clean and deep bass, and the set up is beautiful.

10. Sony STR DH790 7 2 Ch Receiver Vision

Sony STR DH790 7 2 Ch Receiver Vision

The sound at home is comparable. You can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in the comfort of your home. Multi-dimensional and object-based surround sound is delivered by the two audio companies. 4K quality with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and hybrid Log Gamma provides greater and clearer color, contrast, and brightness. Get connected with 4 in/1 out HDMI each and 1 optical and coaxial digital and analog audio connections. The auto calisbration is done. Advanced D.C.A.C. adjusts the audio in every room. The smarter connected. You can use your phone to turn on the receiver. The receiver is 5 feet tall to fit into most cabinets.

Brand: Sony

👤I would recommend this receiver to anyone that is looking for an entry level receiver for a basic setup. There are a few quirks that you should know about before buying. 1. There isn't support for HDMI. This might not matter to most people, but it should be mentioned. If you don't know what CEC is, it allows devices connected to the receiver to turn the receiver off and on at the same time. The process of calibrating is terrible. I've tried different mics in different places, but they all sound terrible. It always sets the subs to the lowest setting and messes with the distances between the speakers. You will end up with a better sounding system if you just do all of that yourself. I'm using this receiver in a 5.1 setup. The setup sounds pretty darn good after I adjusted it. I have no issues with a 2016 4K Samsung TV and an Apple TV 4k.

👤I was surprised that there wasn't a feature for eARC. I realized my purchase was outdated after checking Sony's website. To upgrade to the latest version of the software. The eARC feature is provided by 1.171 for the STR-DH790. If you want to enable the feature on your PS4 you will need this software. The Sony site explains why you should care about eARC, and how the new eARC feature adds support for the latest audio formats. The eARC feature allows you to enjoy object audio content that cannot be transmitted with the ARC function. This doesn't support the CEC, according to someone in an earlier review. You may need to enable it on your TV to get it to work, for example the TCL 6 series requires you to enable it in the TV settings. It sounds great and it looks great. I updated to the new high speed Amazon cables and they passed through everything just fine. Older cables may not support the higher GBPS. I love that this supports both. The price is a great value. The user interface is a Cons. It sucks. Sorry. The on Amp Menu is very quirky to navigate and not very user friendly. The plug for calibrating the speakers was useless and gave me random errors on my speakers even though they worked well.

👤This unit is referred to as a 7.2 RECEIVER. It is not. They told me it was 7.1. There is a printed version of 7.2 in the sales material. There is a false advertisement.

👤Everything works without a problem. There is more than enough speaker for an indoor home application. The $1200 denon ffs are not worth it.

👤This is the first receiver I have ever bought. The cheapest 4k receiver that supports dolby atmos was this one. It's only $200. I don't need chromecast or anything in the $500 models because I am hooking this up to a computer. I have a set of 10 year old 5.1 pioneer speakers that I have from my old ps3 and xbox 360 audio rig. They were connected to the Sony receiver. What a difference a receiver makes. Those speakers sound better. I give it an A for sound quality. I don't like the fact that when I change it to radio, it will turn the output of the TV off and you have to go to the radio page. I connected it to my computer. I can't listen to the radio at the same time as I surf the net. I have a $200 sound card in my computer. The sound is better from the sound card. For playing games and listening to music, I'll use my sound card, but you need to use a hdmi cable. I picked this up instead of the logitech. It was very close to getting the logitech. I've been using it for over 10 hours and the heat it emits is barely noticable. I believe my breathe creates more heat than it does.

11. Denon AVR S760H 7 2 Channel Theater Receiver

Denon AVR S760H 7 2 Channel Theater Receiver

The Onkyo TX-NR5100 has a network A/V receiver with a 5.1 channel. Enhanced realism and new features are available. You will think it's happening right above you when you hear the sound of a helicopter or rain. 7.2 channel, 75w (2 channel driven), 6 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI 2.1 output, and a Phono input. There are 3 dedicated HDMI 2.1 inputs with 8k up scaling. Most voice assistants have support. 8K UDH, HDCP 2.3, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 4k/ 120 and eArc are included. Includes a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Brand: Denon

👤All speakers have been updated, and I am a huge star wars fan, and Disney plus Silver screen will debut on their new shows in atmos, not to mention family movie nights, every friday pizza and movie night. I had the chance to screen the same clip over again in different sound modes on the ATMOS receiver, but it's dependent on the movie sound mixer and editor, if just straight dolby digital or 7.1 sounds, it will give you more. I did that with a KLH Platinum series and I ran 200ft of speaker wire to complete the project, but I wanted to make sure I did it right, so I kept an eye out for them. There was a learning curve involved and many hours of video on sound stagging, angling, ideal setting on placement and what room correction software would allow to speaker selection, to ATMOS vs DTS-X to 5.1 vs 7.1 vs 5.1.2 vs 5. I think so. Is it the best system you can buy for about $1200 in total or so including speakers and receiver, wire and mounts? Black is available at the store. I got these for $101 and could use another set of rear speakers, but I have to spend more on mounts as the Sony setup is pretty verstile on top of the front speakers wall and ceiling, so it becomes more of a wash. I found the best place for my room to be tilted down was in front of the main seating 8ft high, since my ceilings are carboard tile, and mounted on the front wall. Is there a second one, the one next to my loveseat, for the rumble effect? Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active... I added a front sub to make sure it was over kill, but I had already decided on the spot. 60 hertz for a bit more money than a 4k 120 hertz receiver, and HEOS which intergates internet radio in the mix from google to alexa, to air play 2, and its app that allows you to manually tweek. The Denon AVR-S760H is a 7.2-Channel Home.

👤This is a great receiver for anyone who wants a good quality receiver. The power is relatively low. It's ok for a basic 5.1 speaker setup, but it might be a bit lean in a 7.1 or 7.2 setup. A 4 cyl engine in a pickup truck is an example of a good analogy. The low power of the receiver deterred me from using it, so I can't speak to ease of use. Denon is a good receiver, but it is important to match your speaker setup with the right one.

👤The unit has been great so far. It's easy to set up. It's easy to change the setup, but I need to work on the connection.

👤Excellent sound and no problems to report. Can't go wrong here.


What is the best product for home theater receiver 9.2?

Home theater receiver 9.2 products from Denon. In this article about home theater receiver 9.2 you can see why people choose the product. Pioneer and Yamaha are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater receiver 9.2.

What are the best brands for home theater receiver 9.2?

Denon, Pioneer and Yamaha are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater receiver 9.2. Find the detail in this article. Pyle, Marantz and Onkyo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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