Best Home Theater Recliner Big and Tall

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1. Diana Traditional Wingback Recliner Brown

Diana Traditional Wingback Recliner Brown

Grandpa's boring old living room Recliner is about to get a run for its money - this traditionally-inspired Pushback affords you all of the comfort of an ordinary Recliner while delivering big-time on style. It has a wingback design that makes you feel like you just stepped into a mid-century Hollywood film. One Recliner is included. The material is fabric. The fabric is made of 100% polyester. Birch is the frame material. The fabric is gray. The frame is dark brown. The details were hand crafted. Some assembly is required. The product dimensions are normal. It's 26 inches deep. 75 inches wide. It was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was s Product dimensions are open to the largest. It's 26 inches deep. 75 inches wide. It's high. The seat has 20 dimensions. 50 inches deep. x 19 25 inches high. The arm height is 23. 50 inches. The seat has 20 dimensions. 50 inches deep. x 19 25 inches high. The arm height is 23. 50 inches.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I wish I had ordered three because the chair was perfect. It is easy to recline for a nap. Only fifteen minutes to assemble, used very good material. One of the best buys I've ever made.

👤I put it together myself and it was easy. It works well and is stable. My family will fight over it. It's great for smaller spaces.

👤The chair is easy to put together and feels expensive. The recliner is great and the size is great. I am a happy customer and highly recommend. It was worth it, but I wish the price was a little lower.

👤This chair was very disappointing. I ordered because the reviews were good. The arms don't fit correctly. The gap looks terrible. I can't return the chair I have. Do not recommend.

👤My mom has bad knees so she has trouble getting up from chairs. It is sturdy and looks great. She loves it!

👤This chair is great. It is comfortable and sturdy. The gray was not as described and it was more of a blue color.

2. Raymond Brown Fabric Glider Recliner

Raymond Brown Fabric Glider Recliner

38. 50”D x 42. The seat is 50”W x 41”h. Affirmative. 20 The armrest dimensions are 25. 50”H There is a wood frame with a fabric in it. Chocolate Brown is a nice color. The Raymond glider Recliner is a great place to relax in the lap of comfort and accessibility. This Recliner is great for relaxing after a long day of work. The Recliner has two cup holders on either end of the chair, which means you can keep a drink and the remote close at hand. The fabric type is 100% Polyester. The Glider Recliner Club Chair is included. The Glider Recliner Club Chair is included.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I bought this chair for my mom. The chair is large and fluffy. It's great for relaxing and cuddles. It was worth the price. Thank you for making an old lady very happy. Priceless!

👤The chair is large. It was in a big box and smaller inside. Our weight was 90 lbs. We wanted it to be strong. It was difficult to get it in the door. It was easy to put together for my husband. We would have gone to a store to spend the money. The disadvantage for us is that once you release the foot rest, you need a lot of strength to push that foot rest back in, so you have to lean forward and kick the footrest back in. It is not comfortable for long sittings. Don't order a chair or furniture unless you try it out first. Live and learn.

👤She won't know if the recliner is comfortable because the foot rest wants to stand up and not lock in. It is very difficult to close. I had to close it with my hands. I don't have an owners manual or customer service to call. I guess it goes back today. I don't know what to do.

👤Very small. For a child or short person. I got this for my husband's birthday present. My husband is not even 6 foot because he is too small. Oh my gosh.

👤I'm living in a chair after having it for a month. I was lucky to have a great chair. A rocker to recliner chair. 2 thumbs up.

👤I have had my Gannon chocolate recliner for 4 months and it is very easy to assemble. I absolutely love it. The chair is comfortable and beautiful. Christopher knight co. Customer service is the best. After 4 months of using the chair, it got ripped and I needed a replacement and I received it within 1 week, but I didn't have to ask the 3rd party about it. Thank you Christopher knight.

👤The chair is comfortable. It is closer to a 90 degree angle than most recliners. Cup holders are convenient.

3. Ponkor Universal Compatible Switching Transformer

Ponkor Universal Compatible Switching Transformer

It is comparable with. The power supply transformer is compatible with OKIN, Limoss, Pride, Golden, Lazboy, Berkline, Med-lift and Tranquil Ease Lift Chair. The model is comparable. Part Numbers: ZBHWX-A290020A,W52RA 73-289, HXY-270V2 220A, KDDY001, KDDY008, ZB A290020-B are compatible with power recliner transformer. TheMETER: AC 100-240V, 1.5-2.0A 50/60Hz. The output isDC 29V 2.0A. There is a notice. The power cord is included.

Brand: Ponkor

👤I hope that this review will help someone who was in the same position I was when I damaged two AC/DC adapters. The Kaidi electrical company made my adapters. The Ponkor work well. Plug them in after I took them out of the box. It was a nice price. I attached pictures of my damaged box and Ponkor adapters so that you could see the detailed information. Thank you for the fast delivery!

👤We thought we'd give this a try after the power cords for our reclining loveseat and sofa went missing, the store where we bought the pieces no longer carried the brand, and the manufacturer didn't have them anymore. So happy to say that they worked. The closeup photos of the plugs and receptacle were very helpful. If I had not been able to see the connections, I probably wouldn't have tried it.

👤The recliner stopped working. We ordered this because we realized that the power box was the problem. It arrived quickly and was on time. It took seconds for it to work. It was great to save money because our furniture store wanted $90 to replace this. I would definitely buy this product.

👤The power supplies that came with my power recliners were rather large units that had a wall outlet sticking out of them. The second outlet of the wall receptacle was blocked by the unit. It is easy to plug two of the new units into a wall outlet because they are inline with a power cord. If you replace your power units with these, make sure you check your voltages, Amps, and the type of connection that goes to your recliner.

👤The couch's power supply was burned out. I bought this to replace the old one. When I first plugged it in, smoke started coming out of the control panels on both sides of the couch before I could rip the plug out of the outlet. It seems to be working once I plug it in for the second time. The lights on the panel will not turn off after something burned up. I can't do anything about the cup holder lights being on all the time. The lights will change color. I will have to disassemble the control panel for the couch to see what was destroyed.

👤The power lift chair has a power supply. The seller contacted to make sure the unit would work on our chair. It works great on the chair. Thanks.

👤I have a nice chair that was rendered semi-uselsss until I bought this power supply, and I am grateful to get this for less than the manufacturer wanted.

👤The power supply was taken out when the cord between the supply and the chair was crushed. The power supply I bought was not the replacement for my recliner. The original power supply had a 5 or 6 pin connection. If anyone can locate one of those, please do us all a favor and share a link. There were only 2 wires in the cable. I rigged up a temporary plug that works with the new power supply after cutting the old cable. The chair works. I had the wires reversed so the buttons were down. The chair works the way it was suppose to after the wires were switched. I own two of these chairs. I did a full recline speed test between the chair with the new power supply and the one with the old power supply and they were both the same speed. I'll probably cut the power supply's connection and use the old cord end wire to wire it up now that I know it works. The original power supply box is larger than the new one, probably because the original had a 9volt battery backup. The chair will be stuck in the reclined position if there is a power outage. That's not a big deal for me. I could use the power supply to lower the chair if it were necessary.

4. Best Selling Home 344805 Hazelnut

Best Selling Home 344805 Hazelnut

The Trenton Leather Recliner is a great piece to have in your home. This chair is comfortable and stylish when it is upright and reclined, and smooth leather adds sophistication, giving you style with no cost to relax. One recliner is included. Bonded leather and wood are used. The finish is shiny. Product dimensions are L 33.5 x. W 27. x H 42 The seat has dimensions of D 21 x W 20 x H 18. The seat has dimensions of D 21 x W 20 x H 18.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I am very happy with my recliner. I ordered two and both arrived in perfect condition. I was worried about ordering furniture on Amazon because you can't inspect it or try it, but at this price, for a leather recliner, I could not resist trying it. This experience has given me confidence to buy furniture from Amazon in the future. The recliner is small, not in height but in width and depth. It is what I was looking for. It is perfect for small places. If you are a larger person, you probably don't want this recliner. It is more firm than soft. You don't want to sit in this recliner. I like a chair with back support. It feels strong. It is easy to recline. 99% of it is assembled. The four legs have to be screwed on and the back section has to be snapped onto the bottom section. There are no tools required. The directions are very clear and easy to understand. It is a dark, rich chocolate brown color. Very nice. If you want a smaller recliner, I highly recommend it.

👤It was great for the price. I couldn't ask for more for the price I paid, it was small enough to add another seat to our living room but big enough to recline.

👤I can't use a standard recliner because of the contoured upper back areas that push my neck out to a painful position. I took a chance on this chair and went through a lot of hurdles to get it because of the postal service's incompetence, compounded by my inability to talk with them. After canceling the order, I received it a week later. We got home and it was sitting on the driveway. No one stole it. It took my son about five minutes to assemble it. It was difficult for me to recline because everyone else could. It worked well when we moved it to another floor area. It fits me better than any other recliner I have had. It's a keeper. It's easy to clean.

👤I love this chair. It looks great, and the price is amazing. I weigh 220 pounds and am 6 feet tall. It is like a leather glove and goes under my desk. Easily reclines. The chair is very nice.

👤This chair is perfect for small areas. If you want to recline all the way back, the chair will not stay back with out a lot of weight at the top. The upright position is comfortable but it has been a challenge for my husband. I just use the foot rest up position.

👤The chair was set up quickly and easily. I bought this chair for a surgery. I will keep it in my bedroom while I recover. I wanted something that was stable and comfortable. It seems like it will fit the bill. It is on the stiff side so if that isn't your thing, you might want to try another. I like that aspect. It is not very large. It is more like a standard chair size with a secret. The color is warm. The pictures on Amazon don't do it justice. It feels good to touch. I am happy with my purchase. Time will tell how to hold up, but for now it is good.

5. Diana Traditional Wingback Recliner Black

Diana Traditional Wingback Recliner Black

Grandpa's boring old living room Recliner is about to get a run for its money - this traditionally-inspired Pushback affords you all of the comfort of an ordinary Recliner while delivering big-time on style. It has a wingback design that makes you feel like you just stepped into a mid-century Hollywood film. One Recliner is included. The material is fabric. The fabric is made of 100% polyester. Birch is the frame material. Black is the fabric color. The frame is dark brown. The details were hand crafted. Some assembly is required. The product dimensions are normal. It's 26 inches deep. 75 inches wide. It was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was s Product dimensions are open to the largest. It's 26 inches deep. 75 inches wide. It's high. The seat has 20 dimensions. 50 inches deep. x 19 25 inches high. The arm height is 23. 50 inches. The seat has 20 dimensions. 50 inches deep. x 19 25 inches high. The arm height is 23. 50 inches.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I have cats so I wanted to wear velvet. I needed a smaller recliner in my man cave as it's not very wide. This one does the trick. It's sturdy, but after I put caster under the legs, it doesn't move at all. It has a nice sheen to it.

👤The chair arrived sooner than expected. It only took me an hour to assemble. The instructions are very easy to understand. The material is very soft and can look brown at certain angles, but it is mostly black. It's very firm, which would be great for people with back problems. When reclined, the chair supports the full back. I'm a big girl with a weight limit that works. It's not tight in the hips. The manual recline works well. Great chair!

👤The chairs work well in my bedroom. They are firm. I think they will loosen up over time. I put them together. I had to put together both chairs in an hour. Advice. I put the chair together after taking it up two flights of stairs. I fell asleep in this recliner. This works for me because I don't like soft and mushy. The white throws were purchased from Amazon.

👤It took me about an hour to put it together. I took my time. Got hung up on one spot trying to line up the screw hole from the side wing to the chair back, but figured it out. The chair is comfortable, doesn't take up a lot of space, and the recline is great. I would recommend it to friends. 2 day prime delivery is the best. Very soft and comfortable. Firm but not hard. I'm tall and big and the recline length is still fine. I believe the official weight limit is 300 lbs and it will hold up. As long as you don't jump into it and kids are playing on it. I am very happy with my new chair.

👤The back of the chair is not as tall as the picture shows, that's my only complaint.

👤My husband had a hard time putting this together but was able to get it together because the holes weren't lined up. I like it. I thought it was skinnier in width. Overall, I like it.

👤I love this recliner. The velvet material is soft to the touch and easy to assemble. It's a perfect small size for a more modern look. There is a small gap between the armrest and the back rest. I am okay with that. The only reason is that one of the legs came off the delivery truck, but it seems like it might have happened during the delivery process because the box was pretty beat up. It was one of the back legs, so you can't see it. I am very happy with this product.

👤It's beautiful. The money is very comfortable. I did it alone and there were no issues with assembly. The box had to be through the door.

6. Love Mini Recliner Replacement Reliable

Love Mini Recliner Replacement Reliable

If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to contact them. They will not rest until you are completely satisfied with your replacement parts. Simply remove the older cable and use the original screws to attach their replacement cable, it's quick and easy to fix. The handle size is 1.77 inch and it's not for all products, thanks. The assembly of your sofa or couch is easy. The black recliner cable replacement fits for most major furniture brands, and it's wide range of uses. The black recliner cable replacement fits for most major furniture brands, and it's wide range of uses.

Brand: Love&mini

👤It didn't seem to be difficult to replace after I separated it. I found a recliner replacement cable. These seem to work better than the original ones as they have a spring in the handle that can be used to pull the cable back into the sleeve. I have a spare in case one of my other recliners breaks.

👤It took my husband 2 minutes to replace this. When the warranty company told us that our recliner was no longer manufactured, we were wondering what to do next. When we found this product, we were overjoyed, but then we realized it was too cheap to be true. It was worth a try, we figured for the $, it was better than buying a new recliner or a non-working piece of furniture. The recliner handles are large enough and comfortable to pull, we now have a fully functional recliner. Very sturdy and happy. We suggest that you don't be intimidated by the process and that it's worth trying to fix.

👤I decided to look here for a replacement after realizing my cable snapped from my recliner and I would have to wait 3-4 weeks for the warranty company to fix it. The product would work with the pictures I had. I put the old part of the couch in place after taking the sections apart. The process took about 15 minutes. If your cable breaks, the product does a good job. The length of the cord is the only thing you need to consider. Hope this helps!

👤I have a pull handle for the sofa recliner. Ours broke. This was ordered to be replaced. My son put it in quickly and easily. It works well.

👤Works well! The pull handle broke on my large reclining sectional. It was perfect, but I wasn't sure if I needed to replace it. The holes for the screws were great. I had to use two screwdrivers to remove the clip from the old one, but the new one clipped right in and is working great. I am glad it came in a two pack, because I have a feeling I will need to replace it again at some point, because teenagers and their friends are always using the recliners.

👤I would give the product a higher rating if it was the right one. I have ordered this product before. It worked great and fit perfectly. I ordered from my Amazon history after another cable broke in my couch. This one was shorter. It should have been the same part. I broke the clip and would have returned it. It doesn't matter since it is the broken cable you are removing and you don't care if it breaks. If you purchase it before you match it to youths cable, you will have to replace it.

👤This is not a single size for all products. I had to make it work on my own. If the end of the cable housing away from the handle end did not have a metal shield on it, I would be very upset. I used cable ties to mount the last retainer. The price was right, but I don't know how long my fix will last.

7. Armstrong Traditional Fabric Recliner Beige

Armstrong Traditional Fabric Recliner Beige

The push Back Recliner is a great addition to any home. The Recliner is a statement in and of itself, and features a Classic design with stud covered frame. This recliner has extra plush cushions and a plush seat backing. You will become your favorite chair in no time. One Recliner is included. The material is fabric. The composition is 100% polyester. The leg material is Birch. The color was dark beige. The leg finish was dark brown. It's required. The details are hand crafted. When upright, the dimensions are 34. 75 inches deep. 50 inches wide. 25 inches high. The seat width is 21. There are 0 inches. Seat depth is 19. Seat height is 19. inches. The arm height is 24. 50 inches. When reclined, the dimensions are 61. It's 27 inches deep. 50 inches wide. It's high. The arm height is 24. 50 inches. When reclined, the dimensions are 61. It's 27 inches deep. 50 inches wide. It's high.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤This recliner is adorable. I bought the khaki color because it would match the linen couch. It is a perfect match. The back cushion is slightly under stuffed and it is starting to look a little shabby after a couple weeks of use. I like it because it is not an ugly oversized recliner. The nail head detailing is a nice touch.

👤The chair is nice. It was easy to put together, but it's a little flimsy, that's what I expected. The seat cushion is very firm and it doesn't recline very far. I was hoping the chair would be supportive for my back, but it wasn't what I hoped. It will stay as an accent chair because it looks nice. No one sits in.

👤The chair looks cheap. It feels stiff and will break if you put too much pressure on it. Too much trouble to return it. I would have seen it in the store. Would pass it by.

👤The chair pads are firm, love it, only thing that is ugly is the back rest foam, it is made more of like looking solid foam yet comfortable unlike now it looks like a pillow.

👤I am very happy with my recliner. It fits in a small area.

👤The chair is not good for people with back support. It is cheap but designed to look expensive, but it serves its purpose nicely in small areas.

👤The recliner is sturdy enough for casual use.

👤For the money. The right scale functions well.

8. Flash Furniture Massaging Leather Recliner

Flash Furniture Massaging Leather Recliner

Relax with the massaging recliner and ottoman set. This product cannot be shipped to Canada. The arms, seat, and wrapped bases are fire retardant. Deep side pockets, remote control, heat control, and massage. Contemporary styling can fit in your living room, bedroom, den, basement or man cave. Overall Size: 30.75"W x 31-43"D x 41"H; Seat Size: 20.5"W x 19.5"D; Back Size: 23"W x 28"H; Arm Size: 24.5"H from floor. Overall Size: 30.75"W x 31-43"D x 41"H; Seat Size: 20.5"W x 19.5"D; Back Size: 23"W x 28"H; Arm Size: 24.5"H from floor.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I read reviews on several of these "massage recliners" and chose this one for its wide armrests and large pockets on both sides. The frame looks similar to another T&D model, so I am confident in the positive reviews on that model despite the lack of feedback on this one. It took about an hour for me to assemble this thing, and I have some doubts about its dependability. I will let you know if it self destructs in less than a year. The pleather looks cheaper when you're close to it, but it looks better sitting behind my desk. It's about the same as the front seats in a decent sedan. The seat is not hard or plush. The mechanism is free-gliding, with no levers or locks, holding its position mainly by the force of the back and arms. It's similar to an office chair with a tilt, but there's a bit of plastic noise when changing positions. If someone is napping in the same room, you're not going to sit quietly in this chair. The action is a little better than expected. Reviewers of similar chairs said it was a "dry hot-tub" effect. My eyes were getting heavy during the first session, and the motors aren't loud. A thin pillow does the job when I'm six feet tall. The upper back motor only hits at the base of my shoulder blades, which is nice, but I wouldn't mind getting some action a few inches higher. After trying this baby out, I'm tempted to get a vibrating neck pillow and strap a cell phone to each arm, with the ottoman coming into play when I watch movies or read at my desk. The height is about right, but going wheelless takes some getting used to. I'll post pictures if I get this desk cleaned off.

👤A chair with a couple of negatives but not deal-breakers. I don't like the idea of the ottoman being separate because the cord gets in the way. The seat cushion was barely there after the first week. The cushion I added is perfect. It took me a while to figure out that I should follow the directions even though they seemed different. The recliner size is great. I'm 5'11' and 200 lbs and fit in the recliner. There is a The controls are easy to use and the deep pockets on the sides of the recliner are very useful. There is a The chair is very sturdy and well built. It looks great in my living area. I like the timer on the heaters. The features were advertised or better and the price was right. Would I buy it again? Yes! I added a seat cushion to my recliner to make it more comfortable.

👤A little too tall. You can't change it. The leather has begun to peel on some areas. The vibrating feature makes your vision blurry when it's close to your head, and it's a novelty. If you live in a cold climate, the heating feature is weak. It's soft and comfortable. The chair's base broke a year ago, and I almost fell to the left. There is no way to get in touch with T&D Enterprises, and even though Amazon claims there is no warranty for this product, they are very disappointed. It's completely unacceptable to change my rating to 1 star. The massaging/vibrating motor pokes you a bit as the cushioning flattens out.

9. Christopher Knight Home 299844 Elizabeth

Christopher Knight Home 299844 Elizabeth

The legs were splayed. The shape and height of the back command attention while the armrests and cushion allow for comfort, perfect for entertaining or relaxing in your home. One Recliner is included. The material is 100 percent Polyester. Leg Finish: Dark Brown. The dimensions are 34.75 inches deep and 28.00 inches wide.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I bought two for my mom's house because we were very happy with these. The legs are solid and have teflon bottoms. The cushion is very comfortable. The fabric is soft. It's easy to put together but needs two people. The fumes coming out of this chair made me feel unwell for 24 hours. It's best to let it air out in the garage. They were fine after that. The reason I gave 4 stars is very uncomfortable and I apologize for it. My mom left the boxes in the living room for a day so I could assemble them. A baby asian roach was found in between the cushions when I assembled one that night. It was tired. We don't have this type of thing in her house. I was in denial until the next day when I found a baby scrambling around after I pulled the cardboard out of the second chair. A baby and one roach. Very bad odds and wrong species.

👤Terrible! Three months ago, I ordered this chair. The other side is coming off. The chair is not safe and the company refuses to give a refund or replace it.

👤I'm happy to report that mine did not have bugs. I carried them in pieces after inspecting them. The chairs are not high quality, but what I expected. I wouldn't classify these chairs as sturdy. I don't allow my child to climb on them, and I can see them breaking down over time with my husband sitting in them. They have an awkward lean to them. I have to hold my head up when I recline. They are firm, but after a week you can feel springs in the lower back area. They look great and are comfortable for sitting in. There is room for a small dog or small child to sit next to me, as I am 5'4 and small. My feet should be extended at my ankle. It took about 15 minutes per chair to assemble them. The pieces came together to form a tight fit.

👤I usually don't write here, but I felt like I should since I had read other reviews of this chair. A lot of people don't know what they're buying. This isn't a recliner that looks like a chair. The chair reclines. It's not going to be a big squishy treat for a lazy boy. It's a chair that is comfortable to sit in. You recline by leaning back. It is not rocket surgery. It's a good chair. I don't know how some people ended up with wobbly ones, but mine doesn't budge an inch after putting everything together. It took about 20 minutes. You put the feet on, flip it up and carry the base wherever you want it to live, then you slide the wings on to the back piece. There was a boom. The chair is assembled. I'm 6'3 and weigh 220 lbs. I sat down on this chair. I can lay my head back and have my feet elevated. A pillow is nice, but I don't think it's necessary. The chair is small. I uploaded a picture of it sitting in my study next to a vintage wingback chair that I got to try out first. The newer one is larger. There were no bugs. I would have burned my apartment down. The chair is pretty good so far. I was expecting a mediocre offering that would do in a pinch and last me a year or two, but it is rather heavy and feels solid. The back piece is light but still sturdy. I'll be ordering a second one to replace the old one and make a matching set since I have other places in the apartment where I can have sex and don't have kids running around jumping on them.

10. THOMAS PAYNE 643644


The dimensions are 37" wide, 43" tall, 37" long when upright, and 65" long when fully reclined. The wood base is beautiful. It's lightweight and versatile. The European design is sleek. The reclining motion is smooth. There is a footrest. It fits through the entry door. It fits through the entry door.

Brand: Thomas Payne

👤The chair was delivered in September. Today is November 26. I checked all the other screws after 3 screws came out. I have no idea how to replace the metal piece under the chair because the foot rest won't come up. The chair is only 75 days old. Definitely not worth the money. I can't get help or return information.

👤These were bought to replace chairs in our RV. The weight is great, but not as good as it could be. I wish I had a chair like that. If you are a taller person, the foot rest doesn't rise high enough. My legs are almost touching the ground. I think I'm missing half the hardware and the covering. We can't find where the screws and bolts came from. The pictures only show one side of the damage. The foot rest is either easy or hard. If you have to get someone who didn't skip leg day to close the rest, it will slam real quick. How do bolts with thread locker come out? I don't understand how cheap a thread lock is. There are two chairs with thread lock that have bolts that fell out.

👤The chair doesn't meet our expectations because one of the bolts we had to put in had metal on the inside. After 2 hours of trying, my husband got out the drill and drilled off the chunk. The drill ripped the material. Not happy! The chairs should have been tested to make sure they fit. The chair is comfortable and looks great.

👤I can't get the foot rest to go down without flipping the chair. Please help me with this.

👤It folds down into a package that is easier to get into your house because it was originally designed to be installed in an RV. It's very easy to assemble and hit the sweet spot where it's heavy enough to stay in place without killing your back, it's just 888-353-1299 The rotating base allows you to watch TV, but still talk with your guests in the room. The mechanism for extending the foot rest is a bit clunky, but my only complaint is that. It has worked every time. If I needed another recliner, I would get it again.

👤Out of the three chairs we bought, all of them had loose screws that held the base to the rest of the chair, with an average of 4 of the 6 screws falling out. The plastic track for turning needs to be removed before any tightening of base screws can be accomplished because of the issues above. Well... plastic. I wish we would have tested out lightweight before buying it.

👤It is a perfect chair for our boat. This is the perfect seat for our boat and we have been looking for it for a long time. This chair is very good. The wooden arms and base are very nice.

11. SMUG 2150 Gray Recliner Chiar Dark

SMUG 2150 Gray Recliner Chiar Dark

High-End QualityHigh-quality PU leather (comfortable skin-friendly and easily cleaned), high-density thicker sponge ( high resilience and high permeability), solid hardwood frame (providing added stability and durability ) The recliner is high quality. Relax in your own push back recliner chair, it's easy adjusting and ultimate rejuvenation. The reclining back of this club chair will help you to relax and de-stress. The push-back recliner chair is comfortable and will allow you to relax and enjoy your favorite entertainment. The wide base design makes the chair more stable when lay back, and avoids the dangers of flipping back. Recliner chairs have excellent load-bearing support and can support a wide range of people in different weights. The recliner sofa is easy to install, just slip the back part of the club chair onto the base and screw the legs in. No tools needed! If you have a problem with the club chair, please contact them. If there are damaged parts, they can give you a replacement for a year. They offer a replacement and 100% contentment assurance for this recliner chair. If you have a question, please contact them, they have a professional customer service team. They are always with you. They offer a replacement and 100% contentment assurance for this recliner chair. If you have a question, please contact them, they have a professional customer service team. They are always with you.

Brand: Smug

👤Good chair. It has a nice seat cushion on it, and the fabric is really nice. Would buy again.

👤I love my new chair. It is easy to assemble. It's perfect in a small space. Very comfortable.


What is the best product for home theater recliner big and tall?

Home theater recliner big and tall products from Christopher Knight Home. In this article about home theater recliner big and tall you can see why people choose the product. Ponkor and Love&mini are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater recliner big and tall.

What are the best brands for home theater recliner big and tall?

Christopher Knight Home, Ponkor and Love&mini are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater recliner big and tall. Find the detail in this article. Flash Furniture, Thomas Payne and Smug are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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