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1. Christopher Knight Home 298869 Cecilia

Christopher Knight Home 298869 Cecilia

The chair has a swivel mechanism. The dimensions are 28.74 inches D x 27.50 inches W x 27.17 inches H. The color is natural and the leg finish is black. The material is fabric or iron. You can enjoy this chair in any room of your home. This chair is comfortable and does not make you want to get up. While having your feet up, you can spin if someone calls your name. It's ideal for watching movies in virtual reality and for gaming in virtual reality. Seat dimensions are 18.25 inches H and 19 inches D.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤It's always a plus when these come several days earlier than expected. The chairs came well packed, and the only assembly to do was to attach the base with bolts. I did it myself and it took less than 10 minutes. They are perfect for what I wanted. I wanted the seat to be light in color and low back so I could not see the trees outside. The couch is on one side of the room and the television is on the other side. These are well made and solid. There was no tipsy or wobble feeling. I didn't think these would be all that comfortable because of the size and price. I am pleasantly surprised. I couldn't sit there all day. It is comfortable to sit and visit or watch tv. No noise is made by the swivel. I am very pleased with these. I included a couple of photos for reference because I am always grateful to the reviewers that post pictures and it has helped me with a lot of purchases. I would purchase again.

👤The chair is cute. It is comfortable for a short period of time. I don't want to sit in it to watch a movie. Unless you do a lot of stretching, there isn't any upper back support. It works well in a small space. Important things to note as you make your decision to purchase is that the fabric is a little darker than pictured. It is more of an ecru color than a creamy off white. The fabric has a weave with darker colors in it. I had a couple of guys at the house who were able to put it together in less than 20 minutes. Attach the mechanism to the bottom by flipping it up side down. I love that the chair can move. It's my favorite feature.

👤Visitors like them and the covers have had some dirt on them from the kids feet and shoes, brushed off very easily. Have not had to wash them. I sprayed these with a guard. The cat has taken over one and is playing on it by crawling sideways around it with her claws. It has surprised me that there was no damage to the material. It will be delivered today. Fast delivery. There was no damage. It takes five minutes to install the swivel. Cute for a small space. We bought one to use as a trial for a visitor chair. We can fit one in our living room. The woman is five feet three and 153 lbs. It is comfortable for sitting. My pillows are square. Hope this helps. Will update if I have to wash the cover. It seems to be easy to remove. I would definitely recommend.

👤The chair was poorly packed before I arrived. The fabric was stretched and wrinkled. I got stuck with this chair because I was in a crunch and needed a chair. The chairs and sofas that I have bought are great. Once I vacuum the wrinkled fabric, it will be almost okay.

2. Giovanni Class Fabric Recliner Wheat

Giovanni Class Fabric Recliner Wheat

The Classic Recliner is a great addition to any room. The recliner is comfortable and stylish. Everyone will want to use this Recliner as their personal chair. One Recliner is included. The dimensions are 25. 25"W x 40. 50"H The fabric is available in Navy Blue, slate, or wheat. Assembly required for Leg Material: Plastic Assembly required for Leg Material: Plastic

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I looked at recliners for months trying to make a decision. I needed a small chair to fit in a small room. I chose this chair because I wanted a cheap one. It's not the most comfortable recliner. I put a small pillow behind my back to support it and a pillow under my legs to make it more comfortable. Don't buy this chair if you don't have strong legs. It's difficult to get the leg extension to click back into place. Remove the leg pillows and blankets first so that the leg extension isn't disrupted. You have to sit upright and bend forward. As you lean forward, push the leg extension downward. When it's almost closed to make it catch and hold, give a final strong push with your legs and heels. The leg extension will go back up if you don't get it to close and catch completely. It's almost impossible to get out of the chair if you don't have a leg extension. Pull the lever on the right side to release the latch.

👤The main reasons why I am rating a perfect 5-star across the board are the things I got for my room. It comes in one box, is easy to assemble, and has mechanisms that feel well-built. It is very stable and sits firmly on the ground. It was surprisingly good height for my desk. I don't have to suffer on my old office chair when working at home because I can recline the chair and sit upright with added cushion. It's fairly priced for what it offers. It's definitely a must- buy.

👤This is the right size for me. It's not very comfortable. I have weak legs, so no handle was a big negative for me. I have to crawl to the footrest to get out of the reclined chair. I wish I had thought of a handle before. It has a mechanism to make it pop up. I thought about returning it, but I didn't want my husband to drag it out of the room. I think I will make due.

👤I am 5'4" and the chair fits me perfectly. The seat and footrest are padded. There is not a lot of padding in the arms. It is very comfortable. And beautiful. Only one piece to assemble was easy. The fitting is well placed and firm. The price is amazing. I will buy again soon.

👤It is pretty small. It is small and not the most comfortable for our purpose. We would have liked to have spent more and gotten a better chair, but there were better options for less money. It will.

👤When I have to sit with my husband who has health problems, I sleep in it.

👤We have a rental condo on the beach and we bought a pair of these. The color is perfect with our other sea shore decor and they seem well made for the price. We'll see how they hold up over time, but we're pretty happy with the purchase due to the low prices. It was nice to arrive ahead of schedule.

3. Alisa Century Modern Fabric Chair

Alisa Century Modern Fabric Chair

The back and seat are made of waffle. The chair has dimensions of 32.68 Inches (H) x 31.5 Inches (W) x 32.28 Inches (D).

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I like how easy it is to assemble and how comfortable it is. It was a huge mess to clean up after the open silica gel pack. There was no instructions manual, but some people wanted it to assemble it faster.

👤I like the modern design. The chair is comfortable. The price point was reasonable. The chair is of good quality. It was easy to put together and did not require any tools. I expect this chair to last as long as my other pieces, because I usually keep my furniture for a long time.

👤These chairs were ordered as accent chairs. They are okay. They are not very comfortable, but they are ridiculous. Just okay. I don't know what to say. If you like the way they look, you should go for it. If you want a deep seated club chair, then move on.

👤I love the material, build and color. They look elegant. The back was too wide to slide down and connect when he tried it on the base. My husband had to take the legs back off and the arm areas out for the back to fit down into the base because they had to take the legs back off. The chairs were unbalanced because of the front left leg being too short. I ordered for the plastic washers to balance out. I am in love with them, even though we went through the pain of putting them together. In person, the color is even better. It is difficult to show the beauty of a picture. They are a bit heavier than I expected, which is amazing. The directions were easy to follow.

👤I love this chair. I wanted a chair that would be easy to move around in. I was pleasantly surprised by the product. It was easy to assemble and disassemble and was packaged well. I use it in my office to take a break during the day. It has a comfortable cushion and a wide seat. I will probably get a few for my living room.

👤The chair is great. It took 15 minutes to assemble, and you don't need instructions. The material is very soft. I sat in it for an hour straight and felt fine. The color is a soft blue. It makes our living room pop with color. We needed something to fill the space and a chair to sit in, and this is what we got. My cats like this chair and I have had to fight off their scratching. Put some scratching posts near the chair to distract them. Hopefully they don't ruin it.

👤It was very easy to assemble and it was shipped quicker than anticipated. It's good to look good.

👤The chairs were easy to put together. I contacted customer service about a bolt that was accidentally put in, and was told to discard it. If you lift the chair from the back, they won't come apart, because the bolt that holds the base of the chair and back on chair together is there. The chairs are very comfortable and look amazing.

4. Christopher Knight Home 300439 Boaz CKH

Christopher Knight Home 300439 Boaz CKH

The dimensions are: 32.00"D x 28.75"W x 34.50"H; Seat: 20.00" W x 21.75" D x 19.00" H; Arm Height: 25.75". The material is 100% Polyester. Holds up to 250 pounds. Tools are provided for adult assembly.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤The fabric is beautiful. The chair is very easy to build, even a child can build it. The chair is not very comfortable. The first problem is that it was shipped by USPS, who lost the first chair, and then both chairs showed up only after I complained to them. The man said it was too big to fit on the truck. It took me almost two weeks to get my chair. In this case, I pay for Prime, which meant nothing. I kept the other chair and sent the other chair back to Amazon. It should have been shipped to them. The back of the chair shows a line where the back is attached to the bottom of the chair. It looks tacky and very noticeable. The back of the chair is not attached to the bottom of the chair, so if you want to move the chair, the back is easy to remove. They need to find a way to assemble this so there is no visible line across the back of the chair and that the back is better attached to the bottom. Guests can see the back of my chair, but they can't ask about it. The fabric pattern does not line up along that line and the nail head trim stops at that line, which enhances the line. I could have purchased a chair from another local retailer for $10 less than this one and it would have looked better and made better. It's too much trouble to send this chair back because I didn't find it before I got it, and it took a long time to get this chair. I don't recommend buying furniture online. A lot of money is spent on one chair that ends up looking tacky because pictures online don't show the negative aspects. People don't have to waste their money if they live and learn to write reviews. It is an Amazon product and it is expected to be better.

👤It's not comfortable to sit in a cushion that is flattening out. I'm afraid that the front legs are leaning in towards each other and it's only a matter of time before they dump me on the floor. I haven't had it for 6 weeks. I tried to return it after all this but only had it for 2.5 weeks and their customer service was terrible. This is a dumpster. I wish I'd read more reviews.

👤The quality is a little bit shorter than I expected, but it's nice and cheap.

👤The chair is just as beautiful in person as it is in the picture. I love this chair. It is the perfect height for me. I want another person to sit in this chair. I noticed the left front foot is crooked after studying the chair. I've tried everything to get it straightened out. It isn't very crooked, but it is noticeable when standing away from the chair and looking at it. I am giving it 4 stars instead of the 5 I gave it.

5. Fabric Rocking Recliner Navy Blue

Fabric Rocking Recliner Navy Blue

The rocking recliner is a great addition to any home. The Recliner is as comfortable as it is stylish. This recliner has extra plush cushions and a lightly tufted seat backing. You will become your favorite chair in no time. One rocking recliner is included. The material is fabric. The composition is 100% polyester. The leg is made of plastic. The color is Navy Blue. The leg finish is black. There is some assembly required. The details were hand crafted. When upright, the dimensions are 37. 50 inches deep. x 38 It's high. The seat width is 19. Seat depth is 20. 75 inches. Seat height is 18. 75 inches. When reclined, the dimensions are 61. 25 inches deep. It was Affirmatively Wide of Affirmatively x 30. It is inches high. The seat width is 19. Seat depth is 20. 75 inches. Seat height is 18. 75 inches. When reclined, the dimensions are 61. 25 inches deep. It was Affirmatively Wide of Affirmatively x 30. It is inches high.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I have only just set up this chair, but I think it is a 4.5, it is narrow, but great for my child's room. My son likes to fall asleep in a chair. I bought this for his room. This was the perfect application because there isn't a lot of room for a larger chair. I stated before that it is comfortable for its size, but it does almost recline full supine. It is large enough for my child to rock himself and large enough for me to sit on my lap with my 2 year old. It was easy to put together as it took a total of 5 minutes to read and put the parts together. If it were a little bit bigger. It would be perfect if it were a couple bucks cheaper. Hopefully it will last. It is a great fit and looks like it will last a long time.

👤The chair is designed for an average woman. At 5' 5", it fits me well, but at 6' it doesn't fit my husband well. It's smaller than we thought, and when I'm fully reclined, I feel like I could fall out, but it just doesn't feel secure. If you lean on the arm with your elbow, it will cause it to smush. We didn't return it because of the hassle, but we definitely won't get another one like this.

👤I wanted to sit in this chair. I like the way it looks and it fits my small space. It is difficult to get out of the reclining position unless someone else is in the house to help me. The price was correct when I bought it a few months ago. It is a bit more now. I wouldn't recommend it for that price.

👤The recliner is the right size. I like that it doesn't take up a lot of space, which is what I needed because my last recliner was too wide. It is very comfortable. It's easy to assemble. There is a Make sure the wings are on the correct sides for the person who left a review. I put them on the wrong way. They should stay in place when put on correctly.

👤I bought a cheap glider after I had my first baby and it didn't bother me at all. A spring in the bottom of the cheap glider always popped out when the second baby was born. We are light and average weight. This chair is great for the nursery. My daughter is 2 years old. When we no longer need it in the nursery, we will move it to the spare room.

👤It's okay. It was a little hard. The arm rests could be higher. The seat is too long for me, so nursing in it is uncomfortable.

👤I absolutely love this chair. It's the only place in the living room where I can sit and not be seen by anyone else. It is so comfortable and I like that it rocks. The price for this chair is really great.

6. Diana Traditional Wingback Recliner Brown

Diana Traditional Wingback Recliner Brown

Grandpa's boring old living room Recliner is about to get a run for its money - this traditionally-inspired Pushback affords you all of the comfort of an ordinary Recliner while delivering big-time on style. It has a wingback design that makes you feel like you just stepped into a mid-century Hollywood film. One Recliner is included. The material is fabric. The fabric is made of 100% polyester. Birch is the frame material. The fabric is gray. The frame is dark brown. The details were hand crafted. Some assembly is required. The product dimensions are normal. It's 26 inches deep. 75 inches wide. It was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was sucks to find that it was s Product dimensions are open to the largest. It's 26 inches deep. 75 inches wide. It's high. The seat has 20 dimensions. 50 inches deep. x 19 25 inches high. The arm height is 23. 50 inches. The seat has 20 dimensions. 50 inches deep. x 19 25 inches high. The arm height is 23. 50 inches.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I wish I had ordered three because the chair was perfect. It is easy to recline for a nap. Only fifteen minutes to assemble, used very good material. One of the best buys I've ever made.

👤I put it together myself and it was easy. It works well and is stable. My family will fight over it. It's great for smaller spaces.

👤The chair is easy to put together and feels expensive. The recliner is great and the size is great. I am a happy customer and highly recommend. It was worth it, but I wish the price was a little lower.

👤This chair was very disappointing. I ordered because the reviews were good. The arms don't fit correctly. The gap looks terrible. I can't return the chair I have. Do not recommend.

👤My mom has bad knees so she has trouble getting up from chairs. It is sturdy and looks great. She loves it!

👤This chair is great. It is comfortable and sturdy. The gray was not as described and it was more of a blue color.

7. Christopher Knight Home Fabric Recliner

Christopher Knight Home Fabric Recliner

The consecration design. The design of their pushback recliner is contemporary and features smooth upholstery and piping. The chair has a simplistic style that emphasizes comfort and function. This recliner does not cost a thing when it comes to finishing details. This piece has nailhead accents on the edges. Each nailhead is hand-crafted. WINGBACK: The back is made of two wings that are designed to trap heat and shield your body from drafts. Their chairs use a mechanism to open up into the reclining position. Simply place your feet apart on the floor and use your body weight to push back. If you want to come back up, tilt your body weight upwards. It's necessary to assemble: The recliner set requires some assembly. The instructions and tools are included. This is a set of two. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I love the size of these chairs. They do not take up a lot of space. I wish there was more to the arms. They will be fine with a pillow.

👤The design of these chairs is nice. There was some assembly after mine came in a big box. Each chair has all the tools and hardware to put them together. The instructions were easy to follow. The chairs were packed well. They were not damaged in any way.

👤Better than I anticipated. My husband likes to sit in them and relax. My son wants to buy some chairs. I am very happy with my purchase. It was very easy to assemble and take no time at all.

👤The chairs are nice. The set came on time and was good quality. Assembly was easy.

👤These were bought for our living room. We wanted something stylish that wouldn't break the bank, as we spend most of our time in the family room. This is not high quality furniture, but it is decent. I don't want this as my every day recliner, but as an accent chair, they look great. The cushions are very stiff. It's not terrible. I put the first chair together in about ten minutes. The second one took about half an hour as the side headrests didn't line up to the hole to screw it in. I had to remove the brackets and put them back in. I could get the hole to line up. A bit annoying, but not a huge deal. I didn't want to have to send the chair back and get a new one because of the small stain on the fabric. The chair didn't align with the brackets. It's a good deal for the price and they look great.

👤I was nervous about buying these items, but they were easy to assemble and matched our couch. They're comfortable and high quality. These can't be against the wall when reclining.

👤It looks like they were bought at a high end furniture store. Assembly is easy and the colors are true to the picture. It seems sturdy for the price.

👤I didn't like the chairs I got. The seat cushion cannot be turned over like a chair. I wish I'd bought them. They look like a piece of junk. I could have done better.

8. Raymond Latte Fabric Glider Recliner

Raymond Latte Fabric Glider Recliner

38. 50”D x 42. The seat dimensions are 20”d x 22”W x 20”h. 50”H There is a wood frame with a fabric in it. Latte beige is in color and compliment most existing décor. The Raymond glider Recliner is a great place to relax in the lap of comfort and accessibility. This Recliner is great for relaxing after a long day of work. The Recliner has two cup holders on either end of the chair, which means you can keep a drink and the remote close at hand. The Raymond glider Recliner is a great place to relax in the lap of comfort and accessibility. This Recliner is great for relaxing after a long day of work. The Recliner has two cup holders on either end of the chair, which means you can keep a drink and the remote close at hand.

Brand: Gdfstudio

👤The fabric is soft and fluffy. It was difficult to get the arm rest cushions to open, but my wife figured it out. She's happy with the chair, but she would be happier if it moved. If you had a lot of guests, it would recline back so you could sleep in it. She likes that it doesn't have a neck rest like some chairs do, and that it doesn't have a dog in it. She's very happy with it. Good price too.

👤It's too stiff for taller people. I was sitting in the chair and looking at the ceiling. I had no support for my back. The seat depth is too short and the armrest is hard to zip. Returned for a refund.

👤I am getting another one because it is cute and comfortable, there are 2 cup holders, and there are flaps to put more filling in the chair. I had to buy filling to fluff it up because it's cheap. An elderly person will have issues here because it is hard to push the leg rest down.

👤Very sort back. The head is almost hanging off. The chair is very stiff.

👤It's super cozy. I did it myself, even though it says it takes 2 people to assemble it. It is roomy and has been good for a month with 3 kids on it. I bought a cover to make sure it doesn't get messy.

👤I love this chair. It was very easy to put together. The cup holders are the only thing I'm not sure on. It's not practical to have the chair reclined. It's great that I don't use them. Would recommend it to a friend.

👤The love material is comfortable but not satisfactory.

👤I got this for my son. He loves his new chair and it was easy to assemble.

9. Beaumont Patterned Comfortable Reclining Adjustable

Beaumont Patterned Comfortable Reclining Adjustable

The high is 35" wide. 41" When upright. 70" deep reclined. The seat is wide and deep. The arms are from the floor. It can hold up to 350 lbs. The weight is 97.7 lbs. The three-way recliner chair is from the Kensington Hill brand. There are hand-applied nailhead trim accents. Warm brown fabric. The arms are rolled up. The seat box is hardwood. The frame is made of wood. The seat cushions have foam filling. The wire backs offer added comfort. There is a cushion. The ottoman has an extended footrest mechanism. The arm is reclined. You can change how easily the mechanism opens and closes. Adding seat support will help avoid roll-out. There is some assembly required. Swatch fabric can be requested. Adding seat support will help avoid roll-out. There is some assembly required. Swatch fabric can be requested.

Brand: Kensington Hill

👤The chair is better looking than the picture shows. It's hard to tell if the colors will match the rest of the furniture in my room from a small picture on a computer screen. At a distance, it looks like a rich brown, but it has several shades of brown and black with highlights that are gold and rust. There was no green or red. I tried to get good close-ups of the upholstery so you can see how many different colors there are. My photos look green on my screen, but it's a combo of yellow and gold next to black that look like green in a flash picture. It's too dark and gloomy to get a good picture of the sun setting. The chair is a little darker and richer looking than the picture on the Amazon site would suggest. It seems like good quality upholstery with a tight weave. Spot and spills will be hidden by the pattern and colors. Maybe not white cat hair. I like the style. It looks like a nice chair. I didn't want a recliner in my living room, and I never liked the looks of recliners. I broke my arm 8 months ago and had to sleep with my feet on the ottoman in the corner of the couch. It was hard to get out with a painful right arm. I'm going to have surgery in a couple of weeks because my arm has not healed. I will need to sleep. The cushion of the recliner is firm enough to support it and it makes it easier to get out. The back has good support. The padding on the footrest is comfortable for a few hours. I might need a pillow under my knees to sleep. I needed a chair that reclines without a handle. I'm right handed. It is easy to recline, but it is difficult to get the footrest down. Pull forward on the arm while pressing down with the legs. It may be difficult with an arm in a sling and a sore hip. I've had to sleep in the recliner for a while, so I'll update this post after that. I am considering buying a second chair because I love this one. Good buy for money.

👤6 stars! I know, only 5 were allowed. Well padded box for moving up stairs. Get help. The fabric is pleasing to touch. It takes less than 2 minutes to go together. The piece looks great. Highly recommend. Will update this review in 6 months.

👤The recliner is not bad for the price. After five months of use, the upholstery is in good shape. The leg rest seems to be designed for short people because it is a high leg recliner. My circulation is cut off because of the weight of my legs on the footrest hitting the middle of my calves. The little extension that hides underneath the larger leg rest and flips out as the chair is reclined does not support my legs beyond mid calf. This is not comfortable. When I am out of the chair, I can move the back rest all the way down, but when I am in the chair, it is impossible to lower the back beyond a slightly inclined position. I had to put rubber coasters under the feet to prevent the chair from flying back and forth, as I pushed the foot rest back to lift the chair. It was close, but no cigar. I'm going to have to buy another chair and use this one as a spare.

10. Izaak Tufted Fabric Recliner Chair

Izaak Tufted Fabric Recliner Chair

This gorgeous indoor Recliner has lovely hand-crafted upholstery. This Recliner is a great place to kick up your feet without the hassle of an ottoman. This piece will become part of your family. One Recliner is included. The dimensions are 35. "D" X 27. x 41 34"H Dark teal or light grey are available in the fabric. Assembly is required for the dark brown Leg Material: Birch. Assembly is required for the dark brown Leg Material: Birch.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I'm a little disappointed. My colors look dull, like they are rich on Amazon. The arms are too high. It looks a little odd.

👤I like the look of this chair. It's perfect for our mid century home. It's comfortable, but not a recliner; you sink down into and get swallowed by. The mechanism works well, you just push against the arms. This recliner is not a "zero clearance" recliner. You need a foot and half behind the chair for it to recline. Recliners can be placed very close to the wall if the seat moves forward. This one doesn't. I would give it five stars, but the gap between the wing and arm of the chair is larger than what I saw in the two that I bought. The chair is a little picky, but it would look better with less of a gap.

👤The chair is cute, but the wings on it are not the same as in the photo. There is a gap and a space. I would have given this chair 5 stars if it wasn't an issue.

👤The color is not the same as pictured. It was much lighter. There are large gaps between the back and arm rest in most upright positions, leading to a sloppy unfinished look.

👤The chair is sturdy. It was very disproportionate. I'm 5'2” and the back doesn't come up to my head. The arms are very low. The first recline position lifts your legs slightly, the second recline flattens you out, and doesn't lift your feet any further. It was AWFUL. It was a disappointment. This chair is not legal.

👤The color is not as rich as the picture depicts. I thought it would be a deep teal like my wall, but it is dull and almost green. I have a bedroom where I can deal with it. It's not very comfortable, but I'm hoping that will change over time. It seems like a good deal for the price.

👤My only fault is that you are listening to Christopher Knight. Is it possible to buy the same chair in a larger size? This is perfect for a woman, but my son hangs over the bottom and the top. If you have a large one, I'll take it!

👤The chair that was replaced was really uncomfortable. I am very happy with this purchase, it is beautiful, and comfortable. Christopher Knight's furniture is gorgeous, great prices, and holds up well, and I have quite a bit of it.

11. Raymond Brown Fabric Glider Recliner

Raymond Brown Fabric Glider Recliner

38. 50”D x 42. The seat is 50”W x 41”h. Affirmative. 20 The armrest dimensions are 25. 50”H There is a wood frame with a fabric in it. Chocolate Brown is a nice color. The Raymond glider Recliner is a great place to relax in the lap of comfort and accessibility. This Recliner is great for relaxing after a long day of work. The Recliner has two cup holders on either end of the chair, which means you can keep a drink and the remote close at hand. The fabric type is 100% Polyester. The Glider Recliner Club Chair is included. The Glider Recliner Club Chair is included.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I bought this chair for my mom. The chair is large and fluffy. It's great for relaxing and cuddles. It was worth the price. Thank you for making an old lady very happy. Priceless!

👤The chair is large. It was in a big box and smaller inside. Our weight was 90 lbs. We wanted it to be strong. It was difficult to get it in the door. It was easy to put together for my husband. We would have gone to a store to spend the money. The disadvantage for us is that once you release the foot rest, you need a lot of strength to push that foot rest back in, so you have to lean forward and kick the footrest back in. It is not comfortable for long sittings. Don't order a chair or furniture unless you try it out first. Live and learn.

👤She won't know if the recliner is comfortable because the foot rest wants to stand up and not lock in. It is very difficult to close. I had to close it with my hands. I don't have an owners manual or customer service to call. I guess it goes back today. I don't know what to do.

👤Very small. For a child or short person. I got this for my husband's birthday present. My husband is not even 6 foot because he is too small. Oh my gosh.

👤I'm living in a chair after having it for a month. I was lucky to have a great chair. A rocker to recliner chair. 2 thumbs up.

👤I have had my Gannon chocolate recliner for 4 months and it is very easy to assemble. I absolutely love it. The chair is comfortable and beautiful. Christopher knight co. Customer service is the best. After 4 months of using the chair, it got ripped and I needed a replacement and I received it within 1 week, but I didn't have to ask the 3rd party about it. Thank you Christopher knight.

👤The chair is comfortable. It is closer to a 90 degree angle than most recliners. Cup holders are convenient.


What is the best product for home theater recliner chairs blue?

Home theater recliner chairs blue products from Christopher Knight Home. In this article about home theater recliner chairs blue you can see why people choose the product. Gdfstudio and Kensington Hill are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater recliner chairs blue.

What are the best brands for home theater recliner chairs blue?

Christopher Knight Home, Gdfstudio and Kensington Hill are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater recliner chairs blue. Find the detail in this article.

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