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Chairs 28 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pulaski A280 016 044 Comfort Collection Charcoal

Pulaski A280 016 044 Comfort Collection Charcoal

Curved lines give a modern look. It's easy to use remote Control with heat and massage functions. The seat and back envelope is deep and padded. The frame and mechanism are made of wood and metal. Content is 100% polyester. Content is 100% polyester.

Brand: Pulaski

👤Less than 3 months. The chair has stopped working. Changing to a star. Frustration doesn't cover it. Disappointed isn't enough. Amazon is sympathetic, but too bad for me to contact the company. The first and second numbers were put on hold for 11 minutes to leave a message. The controls don't work after 2 months. The chair is not moving without the controls. So disappointed. Paying for a new controller and having a broken chair is wrong. I am very happy with this chair. It is large enough for a woman with bad knees. My knees get a break when it picks me up. You don't feel the structure poking through the batting of the chair.

👤My father-in-law decided to purchase this without sitting in it because of reviews online and information from the company. It's not comfortable for him to sit in. He had a previous chair for a long time. Very disappointing.

👤My mom is having a hard time getting up. She is a plus size 450 pounds and she likes the chair. It helps her get in and out. The massager is weak and not great, but that is not a problem since we did not buy it for the massager. It is comfortable to sit down.

👤The foot rest inclines 1/2 the way up.

👤There was a broken board when we got the chair out. The box was in bad shape when it arrived. I would like a board to fix it.

👤It's nice to be able to get out of my chair without assistance.

👤The lift chair is very good. It's small and convenient to fit in our living room. It requires a lot of space behind the chair if you want to recline. I like that it isn't leather with a cold feel. It's more comfortable. When you first sit on it, it doesn't feel as cold as leather. It still looks like leather. This chair is perfect for me because I'm short. My husband is comfortable in the chair, he is average height. The lower back support is very supportive and hits me in the right place. Some chairs push my head forward, but the head rest portion of the back doesn't. It allows me to relax. I have arthritis in my knees and it can be very painful to get up and down. It is easier to stand in this chair. It moves well and slowly, so I can stand without pain. The chair is in a lifted position. The chair has no problem assisting us because we are heavier than average. The heat feature warms me up when I'm cold and it eases the winter pains I get with arthritis. It doesn't get hot and shuts itself off. I wish it stayed on longer or had a longer cycle when I turn it back on. The heat stopped working after a few uses. I didn't need it for the heat in California. I'm a little disappointed that it has a massage feature. I was hoping for a more relaxing massage. It's just the typical sound. It looks like you have a lot of variables. There isn't much difference between the intensities. The other choices are either constant or intermittent. When you're listening to something, it's a little noisy. I think the chair would cost more if it had a better massage system. It's nice that it doesn't have to shut off. I didn't know when it shut off. It's important to caution. Occasionally, this chair causes napping. If massage is not your primary reason for getting this chair, you would be very happy to have it. Though I am still able to get up and down from any chair, I'm only getting older and more rusty and this will be of greater help as I get more "rusty".

2. Neos Modern Furniture Electric Recliner

Neos Modern Furniture Electric Recliner

Modern design for your living room features sleek, minimalist design with comfortable seating. Premium fabric upholstery is easy to clean and feels luxurious. It's perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and home theaters. Sturdy, heavy duty steel mechanism is designed to support up to 300 lbs. The space spacing size is comparable. The chair is 29" W x 37" D x 41" H and weighs 72 lbs. The space spacing size is comparable. The chair is 29" W x 37" D x 41" H and weighs 72 lbs.

Brand: Neos Modern Furniture

3. Limoss Splitter Motors Electric Recliner

Limoss Splitter Motors Electric Recliner

The transformer can be used to power 2 motor cars.

Brand: Generic

👤Amazon saved the day again. There was no Y cable included in the couch we bought. Our couch is in the middle of the room so running to a wall sockets is not an option. It would take 7 days for customer service to get it done, and they would have to have a tech come out to do it. What? This Limoss 2 are used. The Pin Splitter works as we thought it would. The Limoss battery pack was purchased when we bought the couch, but it's cheaper here on Amazon. If you have a couch with dual recliners that you want to power off of a Limoss battery pack, this is the product for you.

👤There are two electric recliners in the sectional. They're separated by a small section. The recliners were able to be run from the one battery because the recliner was hooked up to a battery. The length was long enough. I had to make sure that the wires were placed in a way that would not interfere with the moving parts, but both are working great.

👤Save me a lot of money and time with these products, I was able to get my electric recliner fixed from Bob's furniture warehouse, they charged me $5 for the piece that sent wrong, and $75.00 for a service man to tell me what I new was wrong.

👤The cable is not what you get. The pkg did not arrive at my house. I had to look at it. It did not match my other parts when opened. It is a knock off. Don't buy here. The orignal LIMOSS is the best.

👤After plugging in sporadic functions.

👤There are reclining couches on clearance. The cords were taken. These worked well.

👤The original cord to the sofa was damaged. A reclining sofa is not a good thing. We were back in business after just one simple repair. Excellent purchase!

👤Good quality! I worked with my couches.

👤I needed to split the current between two chairs.

4. Recliner Supply Replacement Transformer LIMOSS

Recliner Supply Replacement Transformer LIMOSS

It's compatible with okin, limoss, pride,golden,lazboy lift chair or recliner motor. DC output is used to connect the Motor Connection End. It is compatible with use of 2 Pin. The cable for the DC 24 motor. Recliner or Lift Chair can be used. Two 9V battery resets can be done in the absence of electricity.

Brand: Yh

👤Fantastic replacement part. I thought I wouldn't be able to find a replacement for my husband's chair. I was told that they don't make them anymore and the chair was a year old. I installed it and it works better than the original one. I ordered a second one. I don't have to replace the chair my husband loves. The item arrived on time and the customer service was excellent. Thank you so much from a happy customer.

👤The battery backup feature for my 87 year old mother is something I like because she will still be able to get out of the chair even if the power goes out. Not sure how many times the battery will recline the chair, but a partially used battery was able to lower the chair almost all the way before it died. The long cord was appreciated to be able to place the box out of the way so that the battery could be tested. The only improvement I would like to see is a built-in battery charging circuit that will keep the charge for a long time. I am afraid that when the power goes out, the battery will be forgotten, and she won't need it anymore.

👤We tried to replace this item multiple times. You can't search for bed parts, they will only lead you to the page for a new bed! I read the other reviews and decided to spend less than $20 for a fix instead of buying a new bed. It works better. I switched to the other side one day when he was away because his side was running so smoothly compared to mine.

👤This is the second recliner tool. We were not going to find replacements for the ones that burned out. We found a power recliner that was unique. Both were easy to work with. This product is very good.

👤The price was reasonable. The design eliminates the plastic on/off switch that was on the original, which would accidentally shut off frequently.

👤The power lift recliner was moving slowly. I replaced this piece and it came back like new. Don't rush to call a repairman, use your head. I would have returned it for full credit if it hadn't worked.

👤After looking on the internet, I found that the recliner I ordered from Amazon was the one that stopped working, and it was installed in a few minutes.

👤The charge for using the chair daily was about two weeks. The charge time is not long. It's worth it if you want to avoid a cord.

👤Excellent replacement for our Recliner. A great price, fast shipping and a great product. Thanks for the great buying experience.

👤I est funcionando.

👤The product is easy to setup. The chair was saved from being thrown away.

👤We used it in a double recliner that had a transformer that was 28 volts and a transformer that was 24.

5. POWER Compatible Mobility Switching Transformer

POWER Compatible Mobility Switching Transformer

There is a warranty of 12 months and a 30 days money return guarantee. Buy with confidence. The power input is 100-240V AC and the output is 29VDC. Please check the identification of the person. This is a 2-pin around device. There is a 2-PIN around the device. The Plus+ has a 6.8 feet long Extention Cord combo. If you can't confirm the specifications, please contact them. The OkinPD13 is a sofa class 2 transformer that is compatible with Golden Technologies, Southern Motion, Flexsteel, Rooms To Go, American Signature, Haverty's, and the Value City Lift Power Recliner. ZB-A290020-A, ZB-B290020-B, W52RA 73-279, KDDY are compatible with Limoss Shenzhen. Changzhou Mulin Electric Equipment Co. is the owner of the No CL2902-A. IKOCO LCSF-K LCSFK LCSF-M LC Chair Lift or Power Recliner Pride Mobility LC-215 LC-15 LC215 Lift Chair Recliner & LC-2892-A KDDY008A Okin Recliner Lift Chair. Macy Transformer Box, Macy's Recliner, Kaidi Limoss, Okin, and Raffel Systems all have electric recliners. Part: SW-2621 SW0209 Lift Chair Electric Power Recliner LAZY BOYPD13 Phoenix Mecano; Victory ElOkin Chair Lift Control, Okin Pride Golden MedLift, Okin Inline Lift Control Chair Power Recliner.

Brand: T Power

👤When we moved into our new home, the power pack to our reclining couch was destroyed and the power cord for the matching reclining chair was lost. Now what? I typed the model number into the website after looking at the bottom of the power pack. There were some items that popped up. The power pack and the cord were just $20, which caught my eye. Maybe two problems were solved. I thought the box looked too easy when it arrived. I connected the power pack to the couch and the power cord to the chair in about 30 seconds. I am sitting on my couch. Wow! I am very happy. This never happens! Wow, it definitely happened today! I'm happy. Our couch and chair are back in use. Oh wow!

👤The ac adapters that came with my reclining sofa were useless because the cords were too short and the bottoms of the recliner parts broke them. I replaced them with this product and placed the brick parts against the wall, and haven't had a problem since.

👤I have an electronic recliner that my cat destroyed, but this was a great value to replace it because he is so cute. I didn't have to get a new one. The value for money is great, I think it would have cost me more to buy a recliner. Excellent value for me.

👤Our dog ate the cord for the lift recliner chair the first week we had it. This was a great replacement. Good value for money. It arrived quickly. I would purchase again from this company.

👤We crushed the power box in the recliner in a few weeks after buying it last year. I left it for this season. After looking on Amazon, I found the part for less than what the dealer wanted. It works perfectly when we sit up this year.

👤I lost the original extension cord for my electric reclining chair, but the product works just fine. It is an odd type of extension cord which may have something to do with its cost, but still, the pricing seems a little steep for 12 foot extension cord.

👤The power supply on our bed died. I couldn't find the exact replacement, but this had the exact specifications. It works the same as the original. Fast shipping and a good price.

👤I lost my power adapter, but was able to buy a new one and it worked perfectly. The cable works well for me, but is a bit short for my run.

👤I only discovered this replacement part recently, but it was exactly what I needed for my electric recliner. It worked out perfectly. I love the extra length so I can rearrange furniture.

👤J'ai commandé la mme chose mon ancien ne marchait. I est identique.

👤The furniture store didn't think they could get one for me, so I bought this to replace the power cord. Works well! My chair reclines faster than the original part. It works well!

👤Does what it is supposed to do. Great economic replacement!

6. Ponkor Splitter Motors Electric Recliner

Ponkor Splitter Motors Electric Recliner

You can save money by allowing 1 transformer to power 2 motors. You can use it as an extension cable. If the plug of the motor fit with it so it can work, it's compatible with OKIN, Limoss, and Tranquil Ease Lift Chair and Power Recline DeltaDrive. Life time replacement guarantee. Life time replacement guarantee.

Brand: Ponkor

👤After we moved into our new home, the electric reclining sofa stopped working and we found out the movers had damaged the wiring. The store where we bought our furniture contacted the manufacturer after we called them. I researched online and found this, and we heard back from them a month later. I was told by the store that it would cost me close to 40 dollars to get replacement wires. Within a couple days, I got it.

👤We just bought a power reclining sofa that was made into a long sofa with three reclining sections. It wasn't a good idea to string electrical cords to outlets in our living room. We were quoted $200 for a battery kit from a retailer, but neither of them paid. Amazon to the rescue again! We were able to power all three sections with one battery, if we used two of these and this battery. The keeper clips can be removed and put on either male or female to mate with your recliner.

👤A bunch of companies have come together to make the same Clips to attach your double recliner couch. I bought my couch at a thrift store and it was almost new, but it had a missing cord that I had to use to plug in my recliners. The plug worked perfectly.

👤I ordered this for a recliner. I was unsure if it would work since it wasn't from the manufacturer, but it works great. It's easy to install.

👤I didn't know I could fix a recliner. After watching a short video on the internet, what might be the problem? I went to Amazon and found what I needed. I appreciated the photos because they allowed me to see the pins and decide if this was the device I needed. I fixed it in two minutes after getting it. My mother was happy.

👤The cord worked well with my couch. It's easier to conceal the cord now that both ends plug into one outlet.

👤It was great to replace the pinched cord on our couch. I didn't give this 5 stars because it doesn't lock into our specific plug, so the plug is easy to pull out by my pet. Good quality and sturdy made.

👤I'm amazed that it's so easy to give our reclining chairs the ability to work when the power goes out.

7. Swess Recliner Electric Buttons Replacement

Swess Recliner Electric Buttons Replacement

Okin, Limoss, Action, Berkline, Comfort Chair, Golden, LazyBoy, Med-Lift, Mega Motion, Pride and other brands chair motors are barcoded. You can use the 5 pin round plug on many different brands of recliners and lift chairs that use up and down buttons for two functions. Widely Used The control works with Okin, Dewert and Limoss motor types. Premium quality. The replacement part is made from high quality material. Non Original Parts is what you should buy confidence. Just contact them if you're not completely satisfied. The product is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of the brands it fits. Non Original Parts is what you should buy confidence. Just contact them if you're not completely satisfied. The product is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of the brands it fits.

Brand: Swess

👤A perfect replacement part. The chair recliner switch was a perfect replacement part and saved me from buying a new chair.

👤It worked for a while, but then it stopped working. The replacement had to be replaced.

👤I bought a new Berkline sofa many years ago.

👤It works as it should.

👤I've been waiting for a refund since July 22 when my recliner didn't work.

👤Exactly what was needed to fix a recliner. Immediate shipment was appreciated.

8. RESPAWN 900 Racing Gaming Recliner Reclining

RESPAWN 900 Racing Gaming Recliner Reclining

A fully functional gaming recliner that lets you level up while laying back, is provided by a plushremovable headrest pillow and segmented padding. A cupholder built into the left arm and a side pouch that hangs off the left arm make it easy to keep your drinks at the ready. Constant surface with independent control. The chair and footrest are not open to get wires caught, but operate independently to give you total control over your gaming chair experience. The weight capacity is 275 lbs. Continuation with fidelity is a requirement. It's comfortable to recline up to 135-degrees and feel secure because of the 360-degree base that provides sturdy support for the extendable footrest and reclining back. The award-nominated brand is committed to your satisfaction.

Brand: Respawn

👤The chair is pretty accurate in most of the lower stars reviews. The material is terrible, you can feel the frame through the padding, and the worst part is that the screw for my arm rest didn't line up. Not multiple screws, just one screw. I decided to not force the screw in because it felt like it was stripping after fiddling with it for an hour. The handle for the foot rest is loud. When you put it up, you'll hear a clank trying to get it down. To get the foot rest to assume normal position, you have to put a lot of pressure on it. I've put together a lot of chairs but this one is the worst I've ever had. I contacted Amazon for a refund. I can't put it back into the box because the base is attached to the seat. Pros -looks goods? Don't bother with this one, go find something else. This chair is the worst I have ever had.

👤The stitches on the armrest are weak and the padding is gone. I would really like a replacement.

👤This chair is very uncomfortable. I spent three days driving through Iraq. There is no support for the back. The lever is in a weird position. The neck pillow is too low because I am tall and it's only worth a star. I had to make a way to get it higher. I can only sit in this for a short time before I have to get up. I had to lay foam padding on the leg rest and chair pad in order to sit for longer. Do not buy it. It might be okay if you are under 150 pounds.

👤To return to upright, the lever for reclining needs to be moved.

👤The chair is cool. It's not worth 300 dollars, it has nothing for lower back support. If you buy this, you might have back pain. Whoever put the regular bolts in does not mess with this one when it fell out. Don't buy!

👤It was assembled and sat down. I bought a recliner for mine. It should be good for that. I'm happy, but I have to make some changes and have some criticisms. Assembly was easy and it has a lever for the leg rest. You have to push your calves down to get up in many chairs. - The recline can be set to many comfortable positions. It looks good. If you get a black one it will look great in your living room. - This is a completely new style of chair. It will be copied as far as I know. For me, the big one is that the headrest pillow seems to be designed for my height. The back of my head is at the top of the chair, but the pillow can't go higher than my neck. It's not good when you're trying to recline and watch a screen, which is the reason you'd buy this chair. I have to look down my nose to watch movies when the pillow is in the natural position. It's better if the headrest goes behind my head, but there's no way to hold it in place. It's secured to the chair with stretching straps through the two holes, but they aren't high enough. The reason the holes are there is so that it looks like a racing seat, where the seat belt straps are for a 4-point harness. Here's my solution. I'll go to the fabric store to get an extension for the elastic strap. I hope I can get it black. The strap will not go through the holes. Even if I was 5'11" or 5'10", I would still have this issue. Fourteen percent of U.S. men are over 6 feet tall. If the pillow could be supported with two straps which dropped over the back, it would be more fitting for me. I was surprised that the knob on the leg rest lever is made of wood. It popped right off. I'm going to use something to keep it on. If I just tapped it on with a mallet, it would probably stay on. The quality is decent, but it won't last long. 2 years? Probably. 4 years? I think so. 6 years? Probably not. The frame is made of steel tubes. The leg rest mechanism gets a little "crunchy" as it moves to full extension. There are some flaws in the metal which will wear smooth over time, so that's not a problem. The vinyl will cause you to sweat, as others have noted. I would like to see one with fabric on the seating surfaces. It will be easy to clean.

9. XHHLUO Transformer ,ZBHWX A290020A W52RA73 290018 A290020 B

XHHLUO Transformer %EF%BC%8CZBHWX A290020A W52RA73 290018 A290020 B

Recliner switch cable is 5 feet long. TheMETER: AC 100-240V, 1.5-2.0A 50/60Hz. DC 29V 2.0A is compatible with 24V. ZB A290020-B is compatible with part numbers. There is a two pin connection to the motor for OKIN, Limoss and Tranquil Lift Ease. The package includes a power adapter, US AC cable, packing method, and carton. Money return guarantee: 3 year warranty.

Brand: Xhhluo

👤The cords fit perfectly. I thought I would have to order replacement cords from the furniture store where my recliner and couch were purchased, but then couldn't find the furniture paperwork after I moved two states away. I was able to match the serial numbers of the recliner cord. I expected to pay more at the furniture store, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these. The price is great so far.

👤The metal frame of my chair crushed my adapter, which was caught in the mechanism of my chair. I searched by item number and found my recliner, which I thought would have to be thrown away, but it works perfectly.

👤The item is described. Highly recommended.

👤I had 3 burn ups. They last a month or two in most cases. The transformer is on fire. You should try a different brand.

👤We lost 3 of the 4 we had, so we were happy to have a replacement.

👤I'm very happy with the purchase of the replacement for my recliner ac power. I need a new motor.

👤The cord that plugs into the recliner is very short. I would like the power supply to be hidden under the chair.

👤Kids destroyed the power box. This looks similar to the oem version.

10. Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner Microfiber

Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner Microfiber

It's ideal for dens or man caves because of soft comfort, massage, and dual USB charging. There are 8 powerful massage motors that target 4 zones with 5 intensity levels and 9 modes. The foam density is soft in the back and soft in the seat. The easy-reach remote with built-in pocket personalizes massage to key stress areas, and each port is 2A to charge any device. The dimensions are 36W x 38.5"D x 39.5"H, the backrest is 33.5"W x 25"H, and the seat is 22.5"W x 21"D x 18.5"H. This chair doesn't provide Shiatsu massage.

Brand: Relaxzen

👤This chair is amazing. It was easy to assemble. The base, back, two arm pieces and the electrical parts can be used. The only thing I could do was push the arms harder to connect. There are 9 pre-set modes and 5 intensity settings for the massage. The timer is between 10 and 30 minutes. The intensity 1 mode is the auto mode. Micro suede fabric does not leave fuzz on clothes. I am charging my iPad and iPhone from the chair.

👤The chair is comfortable and does a good job of massaging. The reason for the 3 stars is that it is very difficult to put the foot down once reclined. I wouldn't recommend this chair to someone like me, I just had surgery. It was difficult for a normal person to get the foot down.

👤It is a good chair. It works because it has a shorter back. I enjoy the heat, but I don't use the vibrate much. It is only 30 minutes. I guess, no over heating. Unless I lay my knee on it, I don't feel the vibrate box. It reclines nicely. I wish it had a lever to lower or raise the foot part. To lower the foot part is very difficult and this has a killer spring on it. Not great for an older person who is sick. A younger person is not sick. I decided to stick the chair down the stairs, even though I thought of sending it back. When that time comes, I will probably invest in another brand. It is a great chair. I need to check out the measurements on this. If you are a large person, I doUBT will work for you. My husband is 6 feet tall and doesn't fit. There is a I took it out of the box and carried it up the stairs by myself, and took about 10 minutes to put it all together. They should have colorcoded all of them.

👤I ordered a chair for myself. I am 67 years old and have severe arthritis. It warms quickly and is easy to get out of. I have to kick the foot rest once I am up to put it down. My son put together something for me. He was having trouble getting the side pieces on until I read a review about the same problem. He quickly figured it out after reading it to him. I had a hard time getting him out of my chair. The camo color will work well with seven dogs. Can't see the dog's fur.

👤It is very sturdy and comfortable. It was so easy to assemble that you almost didn't need the instructions. Love the features of the recliner. I love theusb ports. I have always wanted an extra chair for our bedroom. I would recommend anyone. My daughter named the chair "Thelma" because it was like a warm, comfy grandma, after she fell in love with it on a recent visit back home.

👤My husband works all day on his feet, so I bought him a chair. The first thing I noticed was that it is not a massage rocker, it is a vibrating rocker. It sounds like the sound of a stereo system. You can feel the mechanical devices through the chair padding. The pieces dig into his back and leg when he is sitting in a chair. It's very uncomfortable. The chair is not what I expected, but the material is soft and comfy.

11. THOMAS PAYNE Recliner Trailers Motorhomes

THOMAS PAYNE Recliner Trailers Motorhomes

When you need help, please contact them. RV owners who travel with kids or pets can choose between three Polyhyde vinyl upholstery colors: Millbrae, Altoona, and Norlina, which are woven-fabric solutions. Simple operation. The Euro Chair is an easy way to relax. You can recline up to 60” with one pull of the lever. Every aspect of their furniture is designed for comfort and is constructed with a high density foam core interior, padded armrests and headrest. Their furniture is lightweight and appropriate for easy installation inside your RV. You can add this chair to your RV's interior by clearing a 26” entry way. The Polyhyde, vinyl fabric is easy to clean, and it is very low maintenance. The chair is approximately 26" W x 33" D x 39" H. The sitting surface is 20 W x 20 D x 19 H.

Brand: Thomas Payne

👤If you are over 200 lbs. This toy is not for you, can't stop it from going back, if you want to sit up with out going back good luck, I have sent you number 2 to try them out, my fault should be no better, one more to give away.

👤The chair is cheap. It looks nice. I found the recline mechanism very difficult to operate. The foot rest release worked well. It was impossible to recline the seat. I had to get out of the chair to get the seat back to its upright position. There is no need for locking knobs on either side. The foam in the seat is very thin. The chair would be ruined after a few months of use. Returned.

👤It's great for the application. This chair is very similar to travel trailer and 5th wheel furniture. After living with our Heartland North Trail 26rlss for a year, we noticed we were missing the great views from the back windows. The chair is made from the same material. It is not an upgrade in quality but a great addition. The price is high compared to similar furniture for homes, but the cost is the same for all RV related furnishings. They are light, attractive, and comfortable for weekend warriors.

👤An overall score of 3.5. We bought 2 for our vehicle. We needed chairs with a smaller size to fit a specific area and had no intention of spending thousands on them. Each chair had a back, seat, and 2 arms. The directions were easy to follow and the only tool required was the allen wrench. It took about 20 minutes to assemble. The recline function can be stiff or chatters, so spray the rods with WD-40. The cloth color is great, the padding is stiff but not uncomfortable, and the swivel function works well. They suit our needs and budget.

👤The camper is sweet. There were rocking chairs in our hideout. It took about an hour to get the old chairs in place. Assembly was easy. I had to unbox the camper. The new chairs are much more comfortable than the old ones and are still small enough to fit in a travel trailer.

👤We were surprised by how nice the chair is. It is perfect for our space. There is a motor home. I would give this review 5 stars because it needs to assess other people. It is light, but well made. The back does not hit the wall. It's a great invention. The fabric seems to be sustainable. It fit through our RV door and was easy to put together. Woah!

👤Don't waste your time on this chair. The seat cushion stitching began to come loose after one use of the item. I have to spend more money to get the item back at my expense because of the insult to injury. Don't waste your time or money on this cheap piece of China junk.

👤I bought this chair for my tiny house. It is small, that's what it was made for. It works in my small space. It is comfortable to sit down. I'm hoping it will hold up if not abused. My 250# husband didn't want to sit in it because he didn't want to break it. I enjoy it a lot.


What is the best product for home theater recliner chairs motor?

Home theater recliner chairs motor products from Pulaski. In this article about home theater recliner chairs motor you can see why people choose the product. Neos Modern Furniture and Generic are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater recliner chairs motor.

What are the best brands for home theater recliner chairs motor?

Pulaski, Neos Modern Furniture and Generic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater recliner chairs motor. Find the detail in this article. Yh, T Power and Ponkor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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