Best Home Theater Recliner Leather

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1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

This faux leather arm chair combines classy style with dreamy, plush comfort, making it a stylish living room statement. Simple one-pull reclining motion is what you get with comfy foam cushions wrapped in DuraBlend. A metal reinforced seat is supported by a corner blocked frame. The finish: Rich. The piece of furniture is deep, luscious espresso brown and has detailed stitching over contemporary curves. TheLOFTY size is 41 inches wide by 40 inches tall. There's plenty of room to sprawl out and lounge in total comfort; it's well suited for sofas, couches or accent chairs. Instructions are included for installing the easy-off chair back with a screwdriver. Direct from the manufacturing process, the extra care is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses; for every taste and budget; was designed and manufactured by the company.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤The chair we purchased from the store was not the same as this one. We already own the one it resembles. It looks very small. When I recline the chair, my head hangs off the top of the chair as if I are wedged in. I already own a Dylan chair. I am very disappointed that this product is being sold the same way as the store sells it. That is a complete lie.

👤The chair was advertised as having the look of real leather. It looks like leather, but it is plastic. If you sit in this chair for 10 minutes, you will stick to it. I have emphysema and have to sleep in a recliner, so I would warn anyone to avoid buying this chair, it is very uncomfortable.

👤I love this chair. This is my 2nd one in 5 years. I wore the first one. I spend at least 8 hours a day in this chair. When it is new, it smells great. I am 5'9" and weigh over 200 lbs and it supports me. If you lean to one side to get something off the floor, the foot rest will close like a knife. You can assembly the chair in a few minutes, as the back snaps in to the chair. My fur baby doesn't fit as well as the old design because it is not as wide, but we will break it in. You will not regret it if you get it while it is under $400. If you are supper tall, I would look elsewhere. I hope this helps anyone.

👤Only 6 months old. The back and seat are falling apart. The weatherworn leather is in bad shape. The complaint was not responded to by Amazon. I'm paying over $150. For the highest level of membership. What help do I get? I will use social media to inform people about the poor quality product and lack of help in replacement or refunds on Amazon.

👤The back and sides are not soft. The seat is not very supportive. It is very small. I fit right in. I weigh 120 lbs. There is no room to move. A wider person would be uncomfortable. I bought this for my baby. I broke my tail bone during delivery, but I was sitting in it for 15 minutes and it was hurting. Would have preferred a more comfortable seat.

👤I don't understand. I bought the same one from a local store, but it feels a little suffocating. It seems tighter than the store model. You have to put a lot of pressure on it to recline. It was easy to assemble. It is possible that it is a pita. I'm starting to think this isn't the same chair.

👤Didn't find the chair comfortable. Not a comfortable chair! I sent it back because I knew I wouldn't use it. Will never buy furniture online again. Had to pay a $50 fee and get credit to my account, which I would have rather not done!

2. Ponkor Universal Compatible Switching Transformer

Ponkor Universal Compatible Switching Transformer

It is comparable with. The power supply transformer is compatible with OKIN, Limoss, Pride, Golden, Lazboy, Berkline, Med-lift and Tranquil Ease Lift Chair. The model is comparable. Part Numbers: ZBHWX-A290020A,W52RA 73-289, HXY-270V2 220A, KDDY001, KDDY008, ZB A290020-B are compatible with power recliner transformer. TheMETER: AC 100-240V, 1.5-2.0A 50/60Hz. The output isDC 29V 2.0A. There is a notice. The power cord is included.

Brand: Ponkor

👤I hope that this review will help someone who was in the same position I was when I damaged two AC/DC adapters. The Kaidi electrical company made my adapters. The Ponkor work well. Plug them in after I took them out of the box. It was a nice price. I attached pictures of my damaged box and Ponkor adapters so that you could see the detailed information. Thank you for the fast delivery!

👤We thought we'd give this a try after the power cords for our reclining loveseat and sofa went missing, the store where we bought the pieces no longer carried the brand, and the manufacturer didn't have them anymore. So happy to say that they worked. The closeup photos of the plugs and receptacle were very helpful. If I had not been able to see the connections, I probably wouldn't have tried it.

👤The recliner stopped working. We ordered this because we realized that the power box was the problem. It arrived quickly and was on time. It took seconds for it to work. It was great to save money because our furniture store wanted $90 to replace this. I would definitely buy this product.

👤The power supplies that came with my power recliners were rather large units that had a wall outlet sticking out of them. The second outlet of the wall receptacle was blocked by the unit. It is easy to plug two of the new units into a wall outlet because they are inline with a power cord. If you replace your power units with these, make sure you check your voltages, Amps, and the type of connection that goes to your recliner.

👤The couch's power supply was burned out. I bought this to replace the old one. When I first plugged it in, smoke started coming out of the control panels on both sides of the couch before I could rip the plug out of the outlet. It seems to be working once I plug it in for the second time. The lights on the panel will not turn off after something burned up. I can't do anything about the cup holder lights being on all the time. The lights will change color. I will have to disassemble the control panel for the couch to see what was destroyed.

👤The power lift chair has a power supply. The seller contacted to make sure the unit would work on our chair. It works great on the chair. Thanks.

👤I have a nice chair that was rendered semi-uselsss until I bought this power supply, and I am grateful to get this for less than the manufacturer wanted.

👤The power supply was taken out when the cord between the supply and the chair was crushed. The power supply I bought was not the replacement for my recliner. The original power supply had a 5 or 6 pin connection. If anyone can locate one of those, please do us all a favor and share a link. There were only 2 wires in the cable. I rigged up a temporary plug that works with the new power supply after cutting the old cable. The chair works. I had the wires reversed so the buttons were down. The chair works the way it was suppose to after the wires were switched. I own two of these chairs. I did a full recline speed test between the chair with the new power supply and the one with the old power supply and they were both the same speed. I'll probably cut the power supply's connection and use the old cord end wire to wire it up now that I know it works. The original power supply box is larger than the new one, probably because the original had a 9volt battery backup. The chair will be stuck in the reclined position if there is a power outage. That's not a big deal for me. I could use the power supply to lower the chair if it were necessary.

3. Izaak Tufted Fabric Recliner Chair

Izaak Tufted Fabric Recliner Chair

This gorgeous indoor Recliner has lovely hand-crafted upholstery. This Recliner is a great place to kick up your feet without the hassle of an ottoman. This piece will become part of your family. One Recliner is included. The dimensions are 35. "D" X 27. x 41 34"H Dark teal or light grey are available in the fabric. Assembly is required for the dark brown Leg Material: Birch. Assembly is required for the dark brown Leg Material: Birch.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I'm a little disappointed. My colors look dull, like they are rich on Amazon. The arms are too high. It looks a little odd.

👤I like the look of this chair. It's perfect for our mid century home. It's comfortable, but not a recliner; you sink down into and get swallowed by. The mechanism works well, you just push against the arms. This recliner is not a "zero clearance" recliner. You need a foot and half behind the chair for it to recline. Recliners can be placed very close to the wall if the seat moves forward. This one doesn't. I would give it five stars, but the gap between the wing and arm of the chair is larger than what I saw in the two that I bought. The chair is a little picky, but it would look better with less of a gap.

👤The chair is cute, but the wings on it are not the same as in the photo. There is a gap and a space. I would have given this chair 5 stars if it wasn't an issue.

👤The color is not the same as pictured. It was much lighter. There are large gaps between the back and arm rest in most upright positions, leading to a sloppy unfinished look.

👤The chair is sturdy. It was very disproportionate. I'm 5'2” and the back doesn't come up to my head. The arms are very low. The first recline position lifts your legs slightly, the second recline flattens you out, and doesn't lift your feet any further. It was AWFUL. It was a disappointment. This chair is not legal.

👤The color is not as rich as the picture depicts. I thought it would be a deep teal like my wall, but it is dull and almost green. I have a bedroom where I can deal with it. It's not very comfortable, but I'm hoping that will change over time. It seems like a good deal for the price.

👤My only fault is that you are listening to Christopher Knight. Is it possible to buy the same chair in a larger size? This is perfect for a woman, but my son hangs over the bottom and the top. If you have a large one, I'll take it!

👤The chair that was replaced was really uncomfortable. I am very happy with this purchase, it is beautiful, and comfortable. Christopher Knight's furniture is gorgeous, great prices, and holds up well, and I have quite a bit of it.

4. Recliner Bedroom Massage Theater Seating

Recliner Bedroom Massage Theater Seating

The fabric type is Polyester. The recliner has a thick sponge Seat and wide-curved armrests that make it comfortable. The frame is made of solid hardwood. The reclining chair is a good decoration for your living room or bedroom. The leather recliner with the massager and remote controller provides relaxation to your back. The gaming recliner has a reclining back which allows you to adjust according to your needs, such as reading, gaming, or watching the movie. The material is high-quality. The sofa recliner is made of high-quality fabric. It is comfortable and durable, which makes it a good choice for you. The chair can hold up to 275 lbs. The massage recliner chair is easy to install. First, fix four legs. The back of the chair should be on the base. It will take 2 minutes for the installation. Recliner chairs can be used for a variety of things. The modern recliner is a great addition to your room.

Brand: Zunmos

👤I don't own a couch. It's bouncy and nice. I sit with my legs up, working on my Macbook, with my dog on the leg part of the recliner. I'm 6'2” and it works. It was very easy to assembly. There were no tools. The leather is soft. I might get a second one for friends that come over. I can't fit a couch in the elevator, but these are fine.

👤The recliner chair is small and comfortable. It was easy, only 2 parts to put together. It should be pretty good if you have a larger build, but it will feel a bit tight for more average sized individuals. I am 5'7" and 170 lbs. The recline function is simple to use and it doesn't take up much space. We'll probably order a few more when we make that home theater in the basement.

👤Assembly takes about 5 minutes. 3 positions are bad. The foot rest is closed. 2nd position is useless for watching TV, gaming, anything other than talking with family and friends. If you only use it for napping, 3rd position is fine. This is the 10th recliner I have owned. It is the worst of them. I suppose I should not have expected so much.

👤Recliners are not always comfortable to sit in when not reclined. This is not an exception. The cushions are very soft. I don't use my sofa very often, but I will definitely go for it. This product is 70-80$ cheaper than the other products.

👤I am 120 lbs 4'11" and this chair doesn't fit a normal adult. It was a kind of joke. It is not really comfortable. It would work for theater seating. It's not worth the time to return another deceptive online purchase from Amazon.

👤It was off the bat, snap on the back and screw the legs on. The money looks great. All around a good purchase.

👤I wanted a chair that would fit in our RV and this one did not disappoint. The gray color was an option for fabric material. I was looking for comfort. I wanted something that was affordable. The chair is great. I am very happy with my purchase so far.

👤The chair was easy to assemble. It is very nice looking. It is strong and easy to move around. The price is unbeatable and it is quite comfortable. What's not to like?

5. Flash Furniture Comfort Reclining Straight

Flash Furniture Comfort Reclining Straight

Make your house the place to be with this reclining theater seating unit. The product cannot be shipped to Canada. LeatherSoft upholstery is soft and durable. The weight capacity of the foam is 250 lbs. Contemporary styling is great in your living room, media room, den or man cave. The overall size is 113"W x 37-66"D x 40"H, the seat is 22"W x 21"D, and the back is 27"W x 24"H. Wall clearance is 6.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I love this! I'm a 50 year old woman who was able to get the furniture upstairs. It's gorgeous. It's very easy to put together. You won't need the schematic to assemble it because it is shipped in 3 boxes. It looks nice and I think it's a steal. It was very well made and comfortable. I bought this for a small room. The room is small. I had priced similar pieces at furniture stores and they were more expensive. It has cup holders and is fully reclined. I'm very satisfied with this furniture piece and I would recommend it. It's very easy to assemble. The center console's top tier is where you will bolt. The other pieces can be attached to each other. The edges have a piece of velcro on them. It looks expensive.

👤I was a little worried about the look and feel, but after I got used to it, I realized it was no different from my other leather couches. I looked all over the internet and found a local furniture store that sold 2,000 dollars. I like to be different from others. This seating added a lot of pizazz, instead of being a solid black one. The arms have a huge amount of storage. If your kids like to play hide and seek, they might be able to fit in there. Recliners are easy to use and pop out with no problem, even though it has a pulley handle. The seller's customer service was great and the corner that sagged was taken care of by me. I would highly recommend these because my movie theater looks amazing.

👤The home theater seating was decent. I thought the boxes would be large. I have a small basement with a narrow door space to fit them through. I was able to get them to the basement with some help. The seat backs are not attached. The person who said the backs don't come off is wrong. Set fit together well. It seems sturdy. I will get used to them. This is the first thing I will do to rebuild my home theater. They are firm so you won't like it if you like super comfy seats. It's comfortable for me. The reclining works well. Stays reclined. Cup holders and storage areas are perfect. The material is not real leather. It's easy to keep clean. I hope the mechanism doesn't break. I have had a recliner that broke. It's more than 100 inches wide. My space was about 130 inches wide. It was close, but not so close that I couldn't walk around it in my basement.

👤I'm not sure why most of the reviews say they were comfortable. Holy smokes! It is like sitting on a thin mat. They looked softer in the pictures. My butt was numb at halftime while I was watching college football. They are made for shorter people. My feet are not very comfortable and I am 6'1". They don't provide great neck support and the reclined position isn't very good for watching tv I was disappointed. You get what you pay for. If comfort is important to you, you may want to save up and spend more money on nicer seats. Kids may find them more comfortable than 50 year olds. My opinion.

6. Tufted Bonded Leather Gliding Recliner

Tufted Bonded Leather Gliding Recliner

This recliner pivots and reclines in all directions, giving it a high degree of comfort in an attractive package. This piece is made from the highest quality fabric and will last a long time. One Recliner Chair is included. There is faux leather. The dimensions are 63.75 inches deep and 31.25 inches wide. The dimensions are 38.25 inches high and 32.50 inches wide. Seat width is 19.75 inches, Seat depth is 22.00 inches, Seat height is 19.50 inches, and Arm height is 24.25 inches. Some assembly is required. Some assembly is required.

Brand: Gdfstudio

👤The material feels nice, but this is a lot smaller than I thought. The head rest is low so you can't sit down and rest. My husband's head is above the back of the chair. It would be good for a baby's room. The chair should have been cheaper for what you are getting.

👤We have a narrow media room and thought we would never find what we needed; two recliners that weren't huge that could easily be turned around to face the sofa behind us. The recliner is perfect. A small footprint, fully reclined, turns easily and goes together with one snap. The base brackets should be pushed down. I agree with the comments of others who said that it takes a push to lower and lock the foot rest. Recliners have worked out well for us.

👤The description and pictures are accurate, but it is not likely to be used for tall or heavy set people. It's perfect for our nursery. The reclining feature can take some strength out of the hamstrings, but it may be new and stiff.

👤I bought a couple of chairs for my living room. Love that they recline. They looked good and were easy to put together.

👤The stitching on the arm rests is not strong. I bought two. I live alone. They will wear equally if I alternate sitting on each one. I was shocked to see that the stitching was unraveling. You have to be strong and in good shape to put the foot rest down. It was an inexpensive product, but you will get what you paid for.

👤The chair is nice. It seems to be well made. The leg rest is hard to fall off. You will have to kick it in with your foot to close it. You should look for one with a lever handle or electric.

👤The arms are different from the sales add,flat and square, and the seat is very solid to sit on.

👤The recliner is very nice and cheap, but the footrest is a little hard to put down, which is the right size for a man cave.

7. Massage Recliner Adjustable Recliners Armchair

Massage Recliner Adjustable Recliners Armchair

The recliner is made with high-quality PU leather, skin-friendly, and easily cleaned, thick padding provides better comfort, and 2 point massage of the Power Recliner on the waist. The recliner chair has 8 functions and the Reclining Sofa has 3. The single sofa is a good choice for the living room. The club chair recliner's back can be adjusted to read books, watch movies, and sleep. The recliner sofa has a reclining back that will help you relax and de-stress. The push-back recliner chair is comfortable and will allow you to relax and enjoy your favorite entertainment. A steel frame design leads to a more stable structure, and a freely adjusted angle of the footrest, perfect for relaxation during your rest time. The massage chair has a solid hardwood frame and widened base that make it more stable when lying down. The maximum capacity is 275 lbs, Seat height is 17.3 inch, Seat depth is 20 inch, Seat width is:19.3 inch, Armrest height is 22.2 inch, and closed dimensions are 27.2 inch x 34.3 inch x 3. The winback chair massage sofa is easy to install, just slip the back part of the club chair onto the base, connect the massage controller and power cable, and you're done! No tools are required. If you have a problem with the club chair, please contact them. Customers can get a replacement and 100% contentment assurance for this recliner chair. The winback chair massage sofa is easy to install, just slip the back part of the club chair onto the base, connect the massage controller and power cable, and you're done! No tools are required. If you have a problem with the club chair, please contact them. Customers can get a replacement and 100% contentment assurance for this recliner chair.

Brand: Smug

👤The chair went together. It was comfy and padded. My 6'1 husband with a few pounds to lose doesn't "fit" my 6'1 husband as he says his center of gravity prevents him from reclining in the completely. It works for what he has been doing. It fits me just fine. My bonus.

👤I was surprised that it can recline all the way into a bed-like position, but first I thought it couldn't. It was comfortable in the semireclining position. I am very happy with this purchase. The price is given. It's not a natural leather and I need a pillow for additional back support. The comfort this chair brings along with massage function is more important than the minor things.

👤I had an issue with the chair that I couldn't fix, however the company's customer service is outstanding in helping with my problem.

👤I am 5'2 and this chair seems like it was made for a child. I have fallen asleep several times but it is not a decent size. You can find the same chair without the massager for $100 on Amazon. I have a full back massager that works better and has a heat option.

👤This is a great deal. My son and his wife will be getting 2 more chairs.

👤I was surprised that I liked this product, but I wasn't sure if I would like it. I have fallen asleep in it. I haven't tried the massage options yet, but I can't wait to.

👤The chair was easy to install. It arrived before the shipment was supposed to arrive.

👤I replaced it with a hard recliner that was chewed up by cats. The chair just shakes.

8. Christopher Knight Home 235045 Recliner

Christopher Knight Home 235045 Recliner

Their recliner has clean lines and piped edges that emphasize the look, feel, and design of a truly contemporary piece. The chair is low profile and features plush cushions. The chair has a low profile which makes it perfect for smaller spaces and keeps your room from feeling cluttered. This recliner has subtle details that give it a classy finish, including pipe edges along its rim. The rest of the piece is supported by tapered legs that complement the black color. This recliner is perfect for apartments or small spaces. The recliner is 38.25 inches high and 27.00 inches wide when closed. The chair is 60.50 inches long and 27.00 inches high when fully reclined. It's necessary to assemble: This recliner requires some assembly. The instructions and tools are included. It's necessary to assemble: This recliner requires some assembly. The instructions and tools are included.

Brand: Great Deal Furniture

👤I'm very happy with the purchase. It took less than 10 minutes to assemble after it arrived. The chair is very strong and secure, and it stays in position without any effort. The seat is firm but comfortable for sitting down. Two guys in our household are 200 lbs and 5 ft tall. The chair's leather surface is really just a thick vinyl, which is the only less-than-stellar aspect. It looks great from a distance, but it's not real leather. The term "leather" can be applied very lightly. Bonded leather is a type of vinyl that is covered with shredded leather bits. The covering is attractive and durable, but don't expect it to be a perfect replica of an expensive leather recliner. The brown color is closer to espresso than chocolate and is darker than some of the photos. The tailoring was not perfect on my chair. There are some areas that have impressions, probably from shipping. The back flap is wrinkled. Again, nothing horrible, but not top-quality. If you can overlook some minor flaws and the reality that it's probably made in a Chinese sweatshop, this is an awesome chair for $200 that will work well with many different decorating styles and is extremely functional, too.

👤The whole process of getting this chair has been terrible. I ordered the chair on feb 1st. I received a used chair that had a giant foot mark on the styrofoam that was supposed to protect it. Don't want to know how. They told me to send the chair back and that they would send me another. I will get the chair on the 17th after waiting another week. A screw is stuck in the chair which holds the reclining mechanism. If you recline the chair it will sink to the right side. The arm is not attached to the chair. This has been the worst experience I have had. I have been a customer for many years.

👤The value for money is excellent. There are two It's well made and I'm happy with that. It was very easy to put together, but I'm mechanically inclined. I didn't want to pay a lot because I was undecided about the style and it could take me years to find something. It feels like you're lying flat on a table because it's only a 2 position recliner and it doesn't want to stay in that position. There are two The upright position is too far back. It's low to the ground for a high-leg recliner. Not sure.

👤I wanted this in my home office. It was easy to put together. The chair sits very far back with an incline even when the chair is not reclined. If you know what I mean, it's not really good. I'm considering returning it. It isn't cheap just to write off the purchase, it is expensive. I can't say I would recommend it. Most materials you wear are slippery.

👤The recliner is great for small living spaces. I wanted one that could fit in a small area and that had a flat back to support my back injury. It's small and comfortable.

9. Christopher Knight Home 298399 Recliner

Christopher Knight Home 298399 Recliner

One Recliner is included. The dimensions are 31. 50”D x 25. 60”W x 38 98”H Light assembly is required. The Club chair has Sturdy feet for added stability and strength. This chair is great for small spaces and can be used as a place to take a nap or read a book. The Club chair has Sturdy feet for added stability and strength. This chair is great for small spaces and can be used as a place to take a nap or read a book.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤A bit too heavy. OK for the price. The cushions are very firm. I have had a couple of months and still look good. Fine when you have more guests. If this was your everyday recliner, you wouldn't be happy.

👤The chair arrived quickly. I own two chairs from the same company and love them. The chair is not comfortable in the recline position. Extra pillows and such are being made do with too much trouble to return.

👤Absolutely met my needs. These were used for replacement chairs in a travel trailer. I'm going to purchase two more for my home.

👤The chair in my bedroom is beautiful and the color is true to the picture. I don't think I would recommend it for everyday use, but it serves its purpose as a decorative chair. The recline is the best part because it makes sitting easier.

👤Not bad for the price. For a short time, but not so comfortable that you don't want to leave. It reclines all the way back, but doesn't stay there. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤Arthritic knees are important and didn't want anything "old fashion".

👤I thought it was larger than it is.

👤It was narrow as advertised. I used it in my bedroom between the bed and the wall. It's a good place to sit and watch TV.

10. Newport Swivel Recliner Slanted Ottoman

Newport Swivel Recliner Slanted Ottoman

The Raymond glider Recliner is a great place to relax in the lap of comfort and accessibility. This Recliner is great for relaxing after a long day of work. The Recliner has two cup holders on either end of the chair, which means you can keep a drink and the remote close at hand. The chair is wide and high. You can adjust from 28 1/2 deep to 42" deep. The rest is from the floor. The back is 21 inches high. The weight is 48.7 lbs. The seating area is 19 1/2 wide and 19 1/2 deep. The ottoman is 19 1/2 wide and deep. It can hold up to 300 lbs. The chair reclines 45 degrees. The leather is taupe. The base is made of wood. Steel springs are for comfort. The foam has Dacron filling. California foam is compliant. To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. Don't use detergents or solvents. Place next to heat or in direct sunlight. Swatch fabric can be requested. It's required.

Brand: Benchmaster

👤I bought this chair for myself. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the design and the color, but it fit well for the space I had in mind. My husband liked my chair and it was no longer my chair. Is it a type of leather? After years of him sitting in it every day for hours as he reads, it needs to be replaced so I bought this exact one again. It is easy to assemble, reclines, and comes with its own tools, but I never looked at it or put it together in less than 30 minutes. It's easy to clean by dusting and using a damp cloth. If you're so inclined, Walmart sells a product to repair worn sections.

👤These chairs are very nice. It took about 30 minutes to put it together. The only change I made was that on the footrest, they show the direction on the metal stand and on the pad. The footrest was too steep for my liking. I put the front edge to the back to make it more ottoman like. I'm a big man. The chair works for both of us. The chair is easy to use.

👤The chair and tools were well packaged. The base and arms of the recliner and ottoman are made of solid wood. The material used for the chair and ottoman is faux leather, but don't let that stop you from using it. The wood and wood stain are beautiful. There is a The chair is comfortable and easy to use. The support is medium density and the faux leather is soft. It will be quite warm after the break. The ottoman has a lift that can be used for minimal storage. The modern style recliner isn't a big piece of furniture and won't dominate a small space. I put it together in less than an hour. I had no problem moving the recliner after assembly.

👤I decided to order the Newport after reading reviews from satisfied customers and admiring the lines of the chair. The comfort, the ease in getting up, and the swivel feature are what I love about this item. The foot stool is easy to use. I will use a small pillow. Four hands make it easier to align screws. The box was slightly damaged. There were some minor issues with the bases. There are lamps. When I contacted them by email, Plus sent replacements. There was confusion about the replacement parts sent and I ended up with two brand new foot stools. I just put it together with the damaged bases because I didn't want to wait for more parts. The small dents were not visible. FedEx picked up the replacement box after I tapped it up. Everyone was helpful and I love the chair. Lamps Plus has superior customer service and I will look at them first in the future.

👤The foam used is not the best quality after 8 months of use. The ottoman is caved in where the feet rest. A person weighing 120 lbs uses a chair that is 5 feet tall. I think a person could replace the foam. Sitting in this chair for more than two hours is not comfortable. I put latex pillows on the chair seat and chair back to make it more comfortable. The chair has no support for the back. It still looks okay. The pillows detract from the modern appearance. The Allen wrench is not used when you attach the arms. It's a tight fit. I put this together myself and you can too. I put the chair on the side so that it wouldn't fall on the arms. I have nothing bad to say about this chair. It's not a'sink into' type of chair, the seat and back are firm, which is exactly what I wanted. The chair is well made and clean. The chair and ottoman were packed in a big box and easily fit through my door. I like the small footprint of this chair, it looks great in my home office.

11. Christopher Knight Home 296110 Elizabeth

Christopher Knight Home 296110 Elizabeth

Sit back and relax in the Elizabeth Recliner. Lean back to recline the chair. You can get a comfortable spot for your feet with a footrest. The beige recliner is the highest caliber of comfort and relaxation. The new home is a modernized one. The armchair will make a statement in any room in which it is located. It offers a refreshing air of sophistication to your home. It can be set in any of the rooms. The beige color will complement most furniture sets. The seat is collapsible. The accent chair will become your favorite seat in the house. The cushion is soft and firm. The high back supports your spine. The armrests are also convenient. STURDY LEGS. The club chair's legs are made of wood. They will provide a firm foundation for your recliner. DIMENSIONS Knowing the dimensions of new furniture is essential to ensure that you get a chair that fits your needs and space. The recliner is 29.50” D x 35.00” W x 40.50” H.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤The chairs are very nice to look at, even though they are significantly smaller than the pictures. We bought a few. One of the frames completely collapsed after only a few months. They were of average weight and sat down nicely, but the seat of the chair snapped in one instant, severing in the front by the legs. The flimsy frame of the chair was un fixable when I took it apart. The other chair has been in use for two more months but we barely use it. I really wanted to like these chairs, but it seems that they are only skin deep. It's a pity.

👤I bought one. I ordered a second one because I liked it. The price is great. Two people are needed to assemble it. It took my husband and I more time to fit the wings, but they came together nicely.

👤The chairs were received a few months ago and are easy to put together. The fabric was nice and comfortable. After a month, the chair broke and my father fell down. The wood board under the seat broke. They are very nice looking, but do not hold up to use.

👤I swapped this chair for a different one because of structural issues I thought were related to that chair. After the second chair was replaced, it collapsed while I was sitting in it. I don't know what to do since I lost money on this trash and it's too late to return it. I can only warn you not to sit in this chair. I would have been better off buying a chair that was more stable.

👤Don't buy this chair because you intend to use it. The chair is not worth it. I beg of you to keep looking. The chair is not stable. The seat cushion isn't set correctly. The arm is not in the chair. I reached out to the company to ask how to fix the arm separation in the chair, but they suggested to glue it with strong glue. What? At that point, a towel was thrown in and a white flag waved. I can't argue with the advice of glue fabric together to fix a major structural component not a reclining chair.

👤I like the size of the chair. It isn't for a big person. It is perfect for me. One side of the bolt does not line up. About 1/3 off. I don't know what to do. It's stress I don't need so I'm very disappointed. They can't get one side right. There is a single word. I hope others don't have this problem.

👤I bought a chair and it was easy to assemble. I bought a second one. I love these chairs.

👤The chair is also a recliner and I bought it because of that. It's the perfect fit for my bedroom. This chair would be a good choice. Very classy!

👤These chairs are wonderful. They look great in our living room, they were easy to put together, and the color is perfect. We were reluctant to choose something we had not seen or tried out, but we found it to be even nicer than we had expected. A great purchase.


What is the best product for home theater recliner leather?

Home theater recliner leather products from Signature Design By Ashley. In this article about home theater recliner leather you can see why people choose the product. Ponkor and Christopher Knight Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater recliner leather.

What are the best brands for home theater recliner leather?

Signature Design By Ashley, Ponkor and Christopher Knight Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater recliner leather. Find the detail in this article. Zunmos, Flash Furniture and Gdfstudio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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