Best Home Theater Remote Control Universal

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1. Logitech Harmony Infrared Universal Programmable

Logitech Harmony Infrared Universal Programmable

Replacing up to 5 other remotes will reduce complexity and make your living room easier to navigate. You can add devices to your collection today and tomorrow. Simple online setup with live customer support. The screen has icons and commands for easy navigation. One-click activity buttons like "Watch a DVD" will switch the right devices to the right settings.

Brand: Logitech

👤In the last couple of months, I have purchased three of these. The remotes work. When all the devices that are supposed to turn on with a single button fail to do so, you can press the "help" button, and then be prompted with questions like "Did that solve the problem?" and "Is the Sony television on?" That works well. The software is the only complaint I have about this remote. If you have more than one of these, you should be able to uniquely name them in the software. There isn't. The number of devices they control is the only way to tell them apart. There is no reason for this limitation. It would be easy to change the software so that individual remotes can be named. I will update my review to a 5-star review if Logitech does this. I hope this review helped you. If you didn't find the review helpful, I would be interested in hearing why, so that I can make it more helpful to you and others. If you leave a comment on the review, suggesting how it would be more helpful, I promise to respond to your comment, and to try to incorporate your suggestion in my review, if it is possible for me to do so. I want to write reviews that help people, as I have been helped by the reviews others have written. Thanks!

👤The remote has been a problem. The desktop app hangs when I'm unable to log in. It fails frequently too. You can't control the order of your activities, so you can just map it to a button and do what you want. It's awful beyond all that support. I just went through the process of chatting with a customer service rep, after entering my information, my problem, reading the suggested answers and when I finally click to speak to a live rep, I get a generic '404 - we cannot find your page' error. I should have left it alone, but I couldn't resist. I found it even more frustrating after playing with it more. It seems that the remote is not working on my TV. According to their forums, that's an actual known issue, but no indication is given inside the application. I tell it to set my sound bar to 'TV' many times, but it always sets it to 'Digital Input'. It is unable to turn on my PS4 or my switch. The remote doesn't work with any of the devices. Even ignoring the iffy-sync process is very frustrating.

👤I have owned a number of cars over the past few years. I loved the 890 when I first got it. It had features that I didn't use. The buttons on the 890 were beginning to wear out. The volume up button stopped working after I bought a used 880. I decided to buy a new 650. The 650 was my main reason for buying it, because I hate the newer remotes that use smart phones. I don't want a smart phone to control my equipment. I downloaded the software, connected the remote to my Macbook, and was able to load the config from my previous remotes into the 650 with no problems. I had a fully configured remote that took 10 minutes to setup. I have a Sony TV, PS3 and a Denon receiver. I was worried that the smaller screen would be a problem, but it turns out that the hardware buttons on top make up for that. The remote works great for what I use it for and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a remote to replace their older one.

2. EUR7662Y30 Replacement Panasonic Receiver SA HT740P

EUR7662Y30 Replacement Panasonic Receiver SA HT740P

The setup work is done by Harmony. There are no confusing buttons to use. Get to using your remote more quickly. A replacement standard IR remote control for the Panasonic DVD receiver. If it doesn't work, please restart your device, then try again, it's not necessary to programming or pair it. Make sure this is the right remote for your DVD model. The Panasonic Home Theater model is compatible with the SA-HT740. SAHT740PC, SAHT743, SAHT744, SAHT940, SAHT743PC, SAHT743P, SAHT743PC, SAHT743PC, SAHT940 The package includes an IR remote controller.

Brand: Aiditiymi

👤You don't have to remind me with clear plastic wrap like I got it from Ebay or something because I paid less than $10 for the lettering package. The battery holders say triple A batteries, but they are clearly bigger and longer than those... I have no double A batteries, so I couldn't use a remote.

👤I wanted to replace an old remote that looked the same. I was worried because I have a DVD player and I wasn't sure if I could get a new remote. The power button didn't work on my old one, but this works fine. The new one has buttons that don't work, but I can manage the player remotely, and that's all I was looking for. For the price, it fulfilled my need to do what my old remote can't do anymore.

👤The seller was prompt in his delivery. The batteries were the problem. There are specified batteries inside. We keep them on hand. We hit the Goldilocks syndrome. The AA batteries were too big. We don't know what size the case would fit in. We sent the remote back. It was easy to return shipment.

👤I was happy to find an identical replacement for my remote. The power button was the only one that didn't work when I received it. It was very frustrating. I tried to break it in, but it never happened. I was stuck with a remote when I passed the return window. Disappointed.

👤This was a replacement for the one we lost. We bought this one because we wanted to include the remote.

👤The replacement works so far, but the buttons do stick, which raises quality and futureFunctionality concerns...

👤It works. The small defect on the front was dislike by the C.Focus button. The back plate says it needsAAA batteries, but it uses size AA.

👤It works with my Panasonic stereo receiver.

3. 3 Device Universal Preprogrammed SRP9232D 27

3 Device Universal Preprogrammed SRP9232D 27

5. Customers need to buy 2 batteries in a local store and put them in the batteries. It works in then. Multi device control can operate up to 3 different audio and video components. The best remote code library. This universal remote is compatible with all major brands. Does not work with other streaming devices. Simple setup - this remote is preprogrammed for tvs An easy to follow online setup video, auto Scan technology, and a master volume control are included. What device are you using?

Brand: Philips Accessories

👤We recently switched to over the air tv and roku for streaming. It was difficult to switch between the tv and roku remotes. My husband has another thing. I found the roku remote to be annoying because there was no page up or down. We use live streaming tv. We had to scroll through the channels at a time. We can control both our TVs with one remote and when in the tv guide, just hit the fast fwd button to page down and the rewind button to page up. It was not possible to scroll through one channel at a time. I was considering other more expensive remotes but decided to give this one a try. I am very happy for $11. Instructions on how to pair to your TV are included with the remote. It only took me a few minutes to get going. I went through a few codes with no luck, but I noticed later on in the instructions how to auto program, which worked like a charm. I'm not sure why the auto program isn't listed first.

👤It was a little confusing at first, but reading the entire manual is needed to find the "Automatic Code" function. If you ignore the list of codes, try that first. By following the instructions for the Automatic Code function, the remote will attempt to connect to your device. Try the other options listed in the manual if that doesn't work.

👤I like that it works if you are next to the thing but 7 feet is the max range on this and that is just not good enough, I don't understand why these remote control manufacturers make the aftermarket remotes so weak.

👤I have 4 TV's. The Ultra's have a different combination of TV's, sound bars, A/V receivers, and so this remote seemed worthy of "unifying" my viewing life to the same remote for each TV. I was able to get TV and sound in all 4 locations, but the overall fail is that it's not good for use on the Roku Ultra platform. There are three "codes" available, but none of them include the two "buttons" of the service. If you've used the Enhanced Voice Remote that comes with your Ultra, you'll immediately notice the missing features, and I think that's frustrating for a Roku Ultra user. If it works with other models, but not the Ultra, there's no "code" to enable them on the Ultra. I'm giving this remote a 2 stars for it's overall function, but I think it's a bit odd that it's pre-programmed for Roku and doesn't offer voice search or a headphone jack.

👤It was easy to set up and use. It was necessary to experiment to find out how to use buttons that were different from the device remotes. I was able to use it for a number of things. 99% of the time I use a remote for the first time. It has made it possible for me to combine functions for 5 different uses that I was never able to do before, because I purchased it to replace the burned out one for my DVD/VHS player.

4. Universal Remote MX 990 Complete Control

Universal Remote MX 990 Complete Control

The package includes an IR remote controller. The remote has controls for almost every function. It has a 2 4 in screen that turns on when it senses motion. Radio Frequency is a technology used for connecting.

Brand: Universal Remote

👤I bought this remote because I had an excellent one from URC. The problem started when I added the 'Expert Setup'. The installation was from a construction company and was scheduled by Amazon. He said he didn't know how to do it. He left and I called Amazon and they said that they would get an installer that could do the job. Next appointment, a guy from HelloTech. I said that URC doesn't give out the software to consumers, only to their authorized dealers. The guys say they can't do it. I don't have a computer. Two appointments can't be done. The setup of 1 customer-supplied remote and connecting up to 5 devices is stated when you buy the remote and expert setup. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The software is not supplied with the remote and a URC person needs to have a $500 paperweight to use it. Amazon doesn't understand the whole process. They don't have any knowledge of the setup they are offering. If you don't have the programming software to use it, don't buy it from Amazon, it's third party sellers, and it's not Amazon who is selling it, it's Go Go. UNC will not honor any warranties or give any tech help because they don't have the software or know how to use it. I am returning the MX-990 to Amazon for a full refund and buying it from Surf Remote Controls for less than they are selling it on Amazon, because they are selling it with the programming software. I will learn to do the programming on my own. If you don't want to do the programming, you can get it from an authorized dealer in your area. The URC website has a contact button that you can use to inquire about dealers in your area. It will save you money in the long run.

👤Also, note: This does not come with software to program it. I don't think any of the Amazon sellers will offer it. URC will only give it to their custom installers. I am not a pro, but a guy who bought a remote from a seller who was willing to provide Complete Control software for free. The software continues to be updated with support for the MX-990. I wanted to try out the 980s. The design of the 990 is better than the other ones. It is lighter and thinner and the back is more comfortable to hold in your hand. The 980 is grey/black and this is all black. The screen has been improved. The button layout is slightly different with the shuttle controls. There are also new buttons, including a record button. All of these are welcome. The buttons are the same except for a single "Main" instead of the "Listen"/"Watch" pair. I actually liked it! I put the icons under the watch button to make it easier to understand the difference. The programming was the same. You can import an existing 980 profile. I started from scratch as an opportunity to clean up. The new set of Icons are nicer and up-to-date. There is a learning curve if you have never programmed urc. You are not writing raw code. You have to use the GUI to fill-in the blank slate. There is still a lot of work to be done even though URC has provided wizards to speed things up. If that is all you need, you have a complete IR database. If you are using their companion base stations for more advanced setup, there is an RF and Serial database. RF does not mean that you can control non- URC devices like Fire Sticks and Roku directly that do not have IR. The charging cradle from the 980 can be used with the 990. It looks like URC made the back of the 990 compatible. It drops right in. Along with the contacts are the same things. Nice touch. The 980 remote won't fit on the dock from the 990. I already have an extra battery so it's great. I strongly recommend ordering replacements from URC, instead of buying aftermarket on websites. I have tried many different ones and they all fail within a year. I just call URC and pay the 40 dollars. They last for a long time. I don't have to worry about the remote crashing. Overall, it's a great upgrade. Make sure you understand what you are getting into when you look at this as your first URC. This thing can't do much if you do.

5. Replacement Control Replace Cinemate Battery

Replacement Control Replace Cinemate Battery

100% customer satisfaction with perfect after-sales service is achieved with a 5-year warranty. If you have a problem with the model matching, please don't hesitate to contact them, they will try their best to solve it for you. This soundbar remote control is compatible with Bose CineMate Series II & IIGS, Bose CineMate 10 & Cinemate 15, and Bose Solo 5, Solo 10 & Solo 15 sound bars. This replacement soundbar remote control is easy to use, just need to put out the plastic piece, it will work immediately. The replacement remote for Bose is made of high quality material and works well, perfect to replace your old or broken remote. Bose Cinemate 1st is not compatible. The generation is 120, 130, 520, or any others. The YJY Shop made the Bose sound bar remote. It's perfect to replace for Bose solo 5 remote control, for Bose solo 10 remote control, for Bose solo 15 remote control, and for Bose Cinemate remote.

Brand: Yimaut Yjy Shop

👤It works great, but I don't like the fact that I have to press the volume button one hundred million times to get the volume to a level I want, rather than the original remotes press and hold function that raises the volume in one press. It works to do what it has to.

👤It works well for my older Bose system. I lost the original Bose remote control. The Bose solo is useless without a remote. The remote controls Bose's sound bar and turns it on and off. Bose does not have a replacement remote. Thankfully, I found this replacement on Amazon and it arrived on time and well packaged. It works the same as the original remote that came with my Bose solo 8 years ago. If you lose the Bose remote, it's highly recommended.

👤I ordered this hoping it would resolve the issue with my original remote control. The remote is a little bit bigger than the original Bose control, but I liked it that I didn't have to do anything, and it worked! I'm happy with this remote, but it's been a day.

👤It worked out of the package like most of the reviews I read. One exception that I was let down is that my Bose Solo has a feature where if you hold the button in the middle of the sound, it will change from a yellow light to a green light for enhanced bass. The remote does not seem to be able to do that.

👤I bought a Bose remote. The remote is comfortable to hold, but will only turn the unit on and off. The remote doesn't work when you try to turn the volume up and down. You have to press the volume button multiple times to get the remote to respond. Bose's original remote was easy to use and you all had to hold the button to turn the volume up or down. The replacement remote made controlling the volume difficult. My couch is only 9 feet away from the TV, so range is not an issue. I returned the remote to Amazon in two days.

👤I lost the remote in a move. This was bought to be replaced. The plastic battery saver was removed and the PRESTO sound bar was put on. I use the optical output and this remote doesn't work for that, but if you want to use the Bluetooth function, there are no instructions in the box. The TV remote works for power, volume, and mute. This is perfect for my needs.

👤We lost the remote for the Bose sound bar and it's useless. It worked out of the packaging when I found it on Amazon. The battery was already installed on the remote when it arrived. The sound has to be pressed multiple times instead of just holding it down, which is a minor negative. There is minimal interruption. Highly recommend this replacement remote.

👤The remote did not show up, but I will not be sending it back because Amazon stepped in when I needed them to order one.

6. Gvirtue AH59 02767A Universal Replacement Controller

Gvirtue AH59 02767A Universal Replacement Controller

The remote can control up to 18 devices. The new replacement for the SoundBar is called the AH59-02767A. Compatible with the SoundBar models of the following: N Series, R Series, S Series, T Series, Q Series, A Series, 2.0/ 2.1/ 3.0/ 3.1/ 3.1.2/ 4.0/ 5.1/ 7.1.2/ 11.1.4 channel system. Replacement for Soundbar Speaker Remote Models: AH59-02766A, AH59-02767C, AH 81-09773A, AH 81-09748A, and AH81-11678A. No programming or paring is needed. 2 x AA batteries are needed to work. Fast shipping from the US warehouse of Amazon. If you have a query, please contact them.

Brand: Gvirtue

👤The volume bar was hard to figure out because it clicked when you pushed it in. The small volume bar needs to be pushed up and pulled down to regulate sound. It is a great remote.

👤You couldn't find an easier way to use a remote for an old geyser like me. You just take it out of its pouch, put 2 AA batteries in, and it will work. All electronics products should be so easy to use that you don't even need instructions.

👤I was worried that this wouldn't work but it connected quicker than the original remote. We lost the remote for our car. A series of sound bars. I pushed the pair button after I added batteries. I was happy to be able to control the volume again.

👤It took too long to correct the error.

👤Works well. I can now use the soundbar to its fullest.

👤Despu├ęs de tanto meses pude or de a sound bar. Se tienes 100%.

7. SofaBaton U1 Smartphone Entertainment Compatible

SofaBaton U1 Smartphone Entertainment Compatible

Their special software is used to prevent accidental reprogrammability. The slide panel makes it easy to block selections. You won't have to search for your favorite channels again once you have set up all of them. Allow your elderly family members to take control of their viewing experience. Their unique remote control support 500,000+ devices from 6000+ brands, the database will update as new devices come out, you don't need to worry about the newest device doesn't match. Both IR and Blutooth are compatible, but not Wireless or Wifi. Say goodbye to the remotes once and for all. App One-Touch Set UpSofaBaton is a custom app that does not require complex code to pair. Simple control for the whole house by one remote is all you need. It's compatible with Ruku and other smart TVs. The receiver and so on. The motion activated function of theOLED screen shows the current status and is convenient for changing devices. The remote control brightness can be adjusted with the motion-activated feature. A wheel design can switch devices with a simple scroll. You need to own this universal U1 remote. One macro button push can output multiple commands. When you press a button, it will implement a series of operations between different remotes. If you want to open your TV first and then turn on your set-top box after 5 seconds, you can do that.

Brand: Sofabaton

👤This remote can be purchased for a fraction of the cost, and it performs better than the other one. If these people can improve the function just marginally, it will be in a position to put the company out of business. I gave this remote 4 stars because of these reasons. I paid $35 for it, since I bought it on Black Friday. It retails for $50. This remote is a bargain even at full retail. 2. The Sofa Baton is easy to program, as long as you have the SofaBaton app on your cell phone. Once you have configured your cell phone, you can choose your TV, receiver, sound bar, etc. It is easy to use and requires no instructions. 3. The collection of home entertainment devices that are accumulated to the Sofa Baton remote are easily chosen and controlled. The device worked well out of the box, but there was a small exception that was quickly fixed by Sofa Baton's customer service. 4. You can use your original device's remote control and try to learn the IR code from it. I docked the SofaBaton because I wanted to give it 5 stars. I really wanted to. I was used to the way that Logitech's Harmony will allow you to manipulate groups of devices with a single button. You can program a macro-function on the remote, but only if you use the device. Let's say you wanted to program a macro function for the TV. I can change some of the TV's settings by turning the TV on. The buttons on the SofaBaton remote would be limited to the TV. You can't turn that TV on, then turn the soundbar on, and then turn the DVD on to watch a DVD. For $200 less, I am more than willing to manually select each device and turn them on. You might feel differently if you have money to burn. If SofaBaton builds in the ability to allow the end user to select multiple devices and automatically set them up, this little device will put the Harmony remote out of business. I think that the customer service of SofaBaton is perfect. I was able to use them because I had trouble programming my soundbar, which was not on their list of devices. I sent an email to them that said I was having trouble. They contacted me by phone and tried to help me programming the remote. After they couldn't resolve the problem, they gave the make and model of my soundbar to their programmers who worked on getting the IR code function for it, and within 48 hours it was added to their list of supported devices. I received an email from their customer service asking me to remove my soundbar from my list of supported devices. I was able to control my devices after I did so. This level of customer service is very good. It's something that is rarely seen in business today. I highly recommend this remote to anyone looking for a less expensive alternative to Harmony.

8. GE 4 Device Universal Designer 33709

GE 4 Device Universal Designer 33709

Radio Frequency is a technology used for connecting. Multiple-control allows you to operate up to 4 different audio and video components. This universal remote is pre-programmed for all major brands and supports thousands of the latest audio and video equipment. Does not work with RF streaming devices. The remote has an easy to follow online setup video and a master volume control that will allow you to control the volume no matter what device is selected.

Brand: Ge

👤I bought a remote. I only have one to use between my TV and receiver. The universal remote is a decent one for most of the time. It looks nice and the button presses are responsive. There's a big disadvantage to using this remote with newer TVs. You would think that the button would take you back to a page in the application. There is no button for "back" on this remote, which is worse. If you select a show for more information, there's no way to go back to the previous screen. You have only one option, exit the application and start over. I tried using every remote code in the manual, but the problem persisted.

👤Where should I start? I have a lot of electronics, but I'm a couch potato. I don't like changing remotes so I ordered this. Let me tell you something. The 10 bucks was the best I have ever spent. It works for both right out of the box. Press Cabl for something. The dumb part comes here. I got the package in the mail and I want to mess with it later. I entered codes from the little instruction book after drinking and half of the buttons didn't work. I'm not sure... Worst remote ever. I started looking for another one. I decided to do a master reset on the remote control while I was on my phone. It worked for both of them. After doing further research it is programmed for both companies. No more drinking and remote pairs. Really thought... 10 bucks is the best you could spend. You can't beat it. I will update if there are any issues.

👤There are flaws in the back button. It will return to a previous app instead of going back to the movie section while on the streaming service. It is not that button. The button is left to the "ok" button.

👤The power and input buttons don't work at all. I know how to program many universal remotes and the volume controls always work, so it's not a problem with programing. I only had this remote for two weeks and the power button popped out. I'm trying to return the remote. Very disappointed. It's the worst universal remote I've ever owned. If you want to return this package, think again. GE requires you to mail your package to a "valid"UPS Store by giving them a code that the store needs to print your shipping label. It's ridiculous that I have to travel 30 minutes away to return a broken/DEFECTIVE item to aUPS location in order to have them print the shipping label, instead of being able to print the label at home and drop it off at aUPS pickup location. I've never been so upset and confused by a package return.

👤The best fifteen dollars ever spent. I bought a new TV. I have a sound bar that can be adjusted by using the cable remote. The sound bar volume was not controlled when I used the cable remote. I tried programming AUX with the TV code. I called the cable company. No luck. I tried to call vizio. I wouldn't spend $50 on a remote to control a $120 sound bar. I was going to buy a new sound bar but it was not certain if it would work with the cable remote. I bought this hoping the description was correct. I was able to control the cable box, TV, DVD, and sound bar in less time than I had been on hold. The cable remote is smaller and lighter.

9. Replacement Control HT Z310 HT Z312 HT Z315

Replacement Control HT Z310 HT Z312 HT Z315

Fast shipping from the US warehouse of Amazon. If you have a query, please contact them. Without a manual and battery, it's not original.

Brand: Allureeyes

👤The functions on my receiver work again, but this remote is made with cheap materials. The bottoms are very stiff and you feel like you're going to break it.

👤I had to return the first one because the battery tap broke when it arrived, but it works great, it's cheap, and you need to be careful when changing the batteries because the plastic is very thin. The buttons have a work rate.

👤The battery cover is loose. I had to tape it up.

👤The original remote and some of the bottom layout are missing.

👤It worked like new. Excellent quality and functions.

👤Happy that it worked out.

👤It worked perfectly for my HT-Z310.

10. AKB73775801 Replace Control Blu Ray S64H1 W

AKB73775801 Replace Control Blu Ray S64H1 W

This is a product model. The product and packaging are the same as before. The replacement remote control for the home cinema theater system is fromAIDITIYMI. The BH4030S BH4430P BH4530T BH5140S BH5440P BH5540 is a compatible model. BH6230S BH6340H BH6430P BH6530 T BH6540T BH6730P BH6730S S54S1-S S54T1-C S54T1-S S63H1-C S63S2-C S63T1-S/C Installation of new batteries is all it takes, it works well.

Brand: Aiditiymi

👤It was the same as the old one. Great replacement.

👤This device is amazing. It works perfectly with my home theater system, I received it right away. I don't have to worry about getting up to the unit and hitting the play button or trying to figure out how to skip a menu because I know how to hit the next button. It's perfect!

👤The original remote stopped working when it got wet. This one works well and can access all the features of the player.

👤It's easy to use than the original.

👤Works well. The water damaged the remote.

👤The result is Cmo LO ESPERABA.

11. MYHGRC Universal Control Insignia Panasonic

MYHGRC Universal Control Insignia Panasonic

The remote has an easy to follow online setup video and a master volume control that will allow you to control the volume no matter what device is selected. High-grade universal remote control TV replacement works for many tv brands, with simple setup. Pre-programmed band is used for Sony, SAMSUNG, and Philp TVs. Point the remote control at the TV, press and hold the button of the brand you want to set, and the setting will be complete. It is recommended that you use perfect and replacement. The universal remote control will work after you set it up. It is a replacement for your old damaged or lost remote and covers all the functions. The remote control is easy to grip for everyone. USA Amazon Warehouse Shipping is quick and easy to ship. Delivery usually arrives within 2 to 3 days. Exchange or return shipping is free. 100% customer satisfaction with perfect after-sales service is achieved with a 5-year warranty. If you have a problem with the model matching, please don't hesitate to contact them, they will try their best to solve it for you.

Brand: Myhgrc

👤Poor packaging and no instructions. The remote was sent by itself in an envelope. I was able to figure out that you should press and hold the button above the TV for 5 seconds to connect it to your TV, thanks to someone else's comment.

👤The instructions were followed on the back. It blinked for a few seconds and then twice within 5 seconds. The TV did not work with it. There is no further instructions on what to do. Have to return it to Amazon.

👤I love my new 4k tv. I wanted a number pad to change channels. It was very annoying to have to use the voice feature "Bixby" and it would often say "What Channel did you say?". Simply point at the TV and press the button for 5 seconds. If you are confused by the lack of instructions, just look at the back of the book. If you have a remote that doesn't have a number pad, you will like this.

👤I don't mean it doesn't work. When I hit the volume button, it brings up the TV menu, I tried a few others that weren't my brand, and I connected it to Sanyo. I can close the menu, but I can't raise the volume. It is thin and flimsy. Do your homework and buy one that is made for your TV. I wish I had done that. It goes in the trash on the first day.

👤The item was poorly packaged and arrived cracked. It wouldn't work and was returned. This item is cheap and not properly shipped so don't buy it. I bought the Insignia remote that came with the batteries and it works great, it was even cheaper.

👤It's useless to us because he claims to work with a tv. A $10 item isn't work returning, but all this new hi-tech: just push a button. If you tried until you found a code that worked, I'd rather have an old-fashioned universal remote. At some point, it would work. This one is a waste of time and money.

👤It is lightweight and lacks the quality feel. So far it does everything I wanted and it was compatible with my Sanyo. The trick is patience. I pushed the Sanyo button on the TV and got 3 flashes. I thought I was done. Nope. Don't take your finger off the button until the TV turns off.

👤I followed the instructions on the back of the remote, but nothing on the Amazon page. The instructions on the remote said to wait until I see three flashes of light, but it only worked two times. I tried to use the instructions on Amazon, but nothing happened. I felt like I wasted my money because it is not a universal remote.


What is the best product for home theater remote control universal?

Home theater remote control universal products from Logitech. In this article about home theater remote control universal you can see why people choose the product. Aiditiymi and Philips Accessories are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater remote control universal.

What are the best brands for home theater remote control universal?

Logitech, Aiditiymi and Philips Accessories are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater remote control universal. Find the detail in this article. Universal Remote, Yimaut Yjy Shop and Gvirtue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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