Best Home Theater Room Decor and Accessories

Decor 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Filmmaking Concept Clapper Picture Stretched

Filmmaking Concept Clapper Picture Stretched

The factory service is SATisFACTORY. The best products for your baby are provided by their service. Please trust their quality. They have a 100% money back guarantee. The size is changeable. A high-resolution image is achieved by using professional artwork. The canvas printed with high resolution by the latest and most advanced color technology has the characteristics of waterproof and moist. The canvas artwork is stretched on wooden frames and ready to hang. The real product might be slightly different from the on-line image due to the computer color display differences.

Brand: Skenoart

2. BlissLights Sky Lite Projector Ambiance

BlissLights Sky Lite Projector Ambiance

The sky lite projects a field of stars against a blue cloud. Sky lite has a direct diode Laser, precision glass optics, and hologram technologies. The Sky lite is a great gift for adults and kids because of its soothing effects. The Sky lite is an instant game-changer for any room in the house, it can be used to create a relaxing spa environment, accent your home theater, or enjoy dining under the stars. Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects. This version has a green and blue rotating stars. Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects. This version has a green and blue rotating stars.

Brand: Blisslights

👤I rarely leave reviews, but I wanted to share my excitement in the hopes that someone else would. I don't think I've been so happy with a purchase for a long time. When I partner this projector with my sound machine that plays crickets, it takes me to another place of altered consciousness. This little machine reminds me of the beauty and wonder of the world that I find so important in this crazy, chaotic, increasingly violent world. It makes me happy. I have the blue/blue. I'm glad I chose that instead of the green. I hope this lasts a long time. Thank you so much for the machine!

👤I really, really want a projector with more than just a rotating disk, so until that day comes, I'm willing to pay for this light show, and a worthy light show it is, because I really, really want a projector with more than just a rotating This is the best drunk Amazon purchase I've ever made. I wish I lived in a state where I didn't have to worry about drugs. I have had it for a few months and have not had a complaint. The stars are bright. It shuts down after 4 hours and doesn't make any noise. So far, so good. It's worth the investment if you can see a light show in your living area.

👤It comes with two projector lens, but only the small one has a protective film, so the large one was scratched out of the box. We were able to ignore it since it didn't change the function. The stand cannot be adjusted, so we realized the limitations of placement. We were able to ignore this. It has only been 5 days since this purchase, and it is already making noise. The whole point was to give the room a nice vibe in the night time, but we don't get the sound of a lawn mower on the night stand. I paid for what I did. I want my money back.

👤I've never been so excited in my life. I broke into a big smile when I hit the power button. I am in love with you and will recommend you to my friends. I'm never leaving my room.

👤I am addicted to this thing. I will bring it with me if I spend a lot of time in a room. It is great for watching tv or enjoying a bath. It is quite relaxing. It's easy to use and small, my only complaint is the placement of the buttons: whenever I pick up the unit or try to adjust it, I inevitably push one and have to figure out which one it was and then cycle through them again to get to where I was. As time goes on, I wish the stars were blue or white instead of green. It is still enjoyable, even though some of the seller's images make them look more along this spectrum. I am tempted to get one for every room for the price. Place candles or other warm, soft light near the wall and center the projector on it. It looks like a nebula, because it creates some pretty purple and magenta colors.

3. Vintage Paintings Pictures Artwork Gallery Wrapped

Vintage Paintings Pictures Artwork Gallery Wrapped

The size of the canvas wall art is 12X20 inch x 2 panels, 12X30 inch x 2 panels, and 12X40 inch x 1panel. There are HD prints on grapevines. The latest state of the art colour technology ensures sharp and vivid images every time, with the high quality Glossy Canvas. Framed wall art is ready to hang. The wooden inner frames have a strong hook fixed to them. There are pictures of the wall in the living room. A perfect Christmas and New Year gift, perfect wall decorations for bedroom, kitchen, diningroom, office, hotel, bar, and more. Actual wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image. The package is for artwork. Your paintings will be packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard to make sure they reach you.

Brand: Tumovo

👤These pictures are not as big as you think. I ordered the largest one because I thought it would take up most of the wall, but it is not like the picture shown here. The pictures look small against my wall.

👤The art is on a wood frame canvas. It's a great size to boot. It's a bit flimsy and a bit beat up. It looks like a return. It's worth mentioning to other potential buyers that smaller stuff is worth mentioning. Hopefully they send you a new one because they didn't do that for me. I like it. You only notice it if you're paying attention.

👤I really want to give this 5 stars because I think the image is great, but the center picture is warped and it doesn't look right against the wall, and I'm a perfectionist, so I'm not giving this 5 stars. All the other panels move as you try to line it up. I would glue the pieces together if the picture was straight.

👤The theater room wall looks great! Very well constructed. Extra precautions were taken before shipping the product. It was delivered in the snow and sleet.

👤The set looks great on the wall in my living room. Love it. The frame was too thin. I'm going to buy another set of artwork for the kitchen.

👤I hung them on the wall in the movie room. The description can't give every detail. I like the fact that the prints are stretched over a wooden frame with a hanger in the middle. They are good for money.

👤I purchased the largest size and unlike the images the seller posts that make the product look massive, they aren't very big. The dimensions in the description made me aware of that. The less they look nice, the better. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I really wanted to like this artwork. The size and color was what I was looking for. There is a The plastic wrap was removed from a few of the panels. The first has some frame marks on the top. Even though the frame was flat, the second panel had ripples in the canvas. I will return.

👤Un cinéma maison est parfait et tellement original. I am semble pas de trs grande qualité, et est beaucoup plus mépire.

👤Wow, the image is gorgeous!

👤The media room has it installed.

👤It took me awhile to arrive from China, but the product is good.

4. Theater Pieces Vintage Popcorn Classic

Theater Pieces Vintage Popcorn Classic

The quality was well made and came on time. Money back 30 days. You will get 4 different styles of movie theater wall decorations, the amount is enough to meet your needs according to different situations. Add a touch of nostalgia to your entertainment room with an Exquisite design. This movie theater decor is great for a home. These decorations can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and so on. These home theater decor with vintage film reel and theater elements are ideal for displaying in home theaters, family rooms and living rooms, which can cheer up theater themed settings, and accentuate your home theater, family room or living room in an instant. The media room decor and accessories are about 28 x 8 x 0.2 inches in size, very big or small, which can be hung according to your own preference. The retro movie theater decor is made of wood and can be applied many times, and there are 2 hooks on the back so that you can hang it easily.

Brand: Yalikop

👤It's easy to hang up with clear tacs. They add a lot of color and decor to the white walls of my movie themed room. I can add them and lots of small spaces and crevices because they're small. I thought about ordering another set. They are very well made.

👤They look just like the pictures, and are perfect for a small area.

👤Cheaply made is not worth the price.

👤This is great for my theater room.

5. YOENYY Theater Cinema Personalized Design

YOENYY Theater Cinema Personalized Design

Made of 100% grade A linen. The dimensions are 45 cm x 45 cm. There is a way to close the cover. The hidden slide design is good looking. The front side is where the pattern is. INSERT is not included. The spelling error in science fiction is fixed.

Brand: Yoenyy

👤I always go to Amazon for cute affordable homegoods and the pillow covers are an awesome addition to my bonus room. I covered old pillows that I wasn't using. I made a theater out of my loft bonus room.

👤Absolutely perfect. I decided to use 18 inch pillows because of the reviews and complaints about the size of pillows, but I had some uncertainty because of the reviews and complaints about the size of pillows. The 18-inch pillows fit perfectly. I was worried about the strength of the material as some people complained that they had torn their pillows. This is a good material to use. It's not proof of stupidity. It is possible to insert a pillow without ripping the zip, however you need to be smart to do that. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

👤The pillow covers are of good quality. When my boyfriend ordered them, he thought he was ordering pillows, but he was surprised to find they were covers. It will be easy to find pillows inside the covers. They will look great with our other theater decor and furniture.

👤My living room cinema theme is brought together by these pillow cases. They are a canvas that feels rough, but I think that is going to keep them strong. These pillow cases are very good.

👤The 4 pillows had a good value. They are made of heavy burlap. It's fairly easy to squash a pillow insert. I was surprised to see that there was a mistake. The reviewer had noted this before. Someone is not looking at the reviews. It's not a big deal for my movie room. It's spelled wrong and no one is perfect, that's a nice laugh. Now is the time to fix it.

👤The pillow covers are made with hidden zippers and have great print quality. They look better on person than they do online. I wanted the pillow inserts to be flatter, not fatter. This purchase is something I would recommend.

👤Our media room has perfect covers.

👤These are good quality canvas pillow cases, but they don't come with pillow inserts. I was looking for something to make the family room feel like a movie theater. I wore old throw pillows that I didn't like. I am very pleased with the look and feel.

👤Si tienes una fan del cine, una pena, una fabricado, una excelente material.

👤The set of four only had one.

6. Cinema Home Theatre Decor Prints

Cinema Home Theatre Decor Prints

The original Putuo Decor design print has an excellent appearance. Modern poster art that will attract the attention of all your guests is high quality. Quality and eye popping detail are provided by these prints. Home theatre decor poster prints are an awesome gift idea for people of all ages. You can show that special person in your life that you care by giving them the gift of art. Summit Designs uses only the best materials. From the ink to the paper to the packaging. Your product will exceed your expectations. It is packaged safely to ensure a damage free delivery. Each print is ready to frame. All are sized to fit the frame that best matches your decor. There is a free purchase. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like your product. You can get a fast delivery with Amazon Prime shipping.

Brand: Summit Designs

👤The signs made my theatre pop. I didn't consider the size of the room. They look perfect and I had to add more.

👤The pictures will be perfect for the wall in my movie room, and will be framed in a poster frame. They will be a bright color.

👤This was a great purchase. Excellent quality.

👤They are in our entertainment room.

7. Antique Bronze Metal Movie Reel

Antique Bronze Metal Movie Reel

It looks great in your home, office, garage, gun safe, or man cave. Give one as a gift and get one for you. The Antique Bronze Metal Movie Reel Wall Decor is a great addition to your entertainment room, home theater or man cave. This piece is made of quatrefoil-patterned metal ribbon and features old-fashioned movie reels in different sizes and styles. This vintage piece is perfect for accenting other movie themed décor. Keyhole Mounts (26 1/2 from Center to Center) are included in the dimensions.

Brand: Generic

👤Absolutely beautiful and not flimsy. It helps bring it all together. This room is 16ft wide and pictured.

👤I wish my friend would have told me sooner. I showed her the pretty things I had bought for her. She said that it's at hobby lobby for a lot cheaper.

👤I have this hanging in my living room and it looks great. Its not big or small. Everyone else loves the way it looks. It was well packaged and protected. I love it!

👤The quality and sturdiness were very good. It is a good size and you can see it from the photo. The reel is next to a screen. You can hang up or down. It's great for a home theater.

👤My theater room has a perfect addition.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! The quality is great and it looks good. Good size.

👤The movie reel is perfect for the spot we wanted. It looks good. What we needed in the media room.

👤The item arrived in good condition. It's made of metal that is easy to hit. It's an adequate piece.

👤J'ai achetee des objets sur le theme cinema et le tout completera harmonieusement ma decoration. La commande arrives en avance 1 Merci.

👤Nous l'avons acheté. On en a acheté 2 mis bouts, on un angle différent. C'est vraiment original et chaque personne qui visite. It was original.

👤It looks great on my wall. The product was in good condition when it arrived.

👤A piece of art is in our home theatre.

8. BeAhity Theater Vintage Decorative Personalized

BeAhity Theater Vintage Decorative Personalized

The Linen material is 18 x 18 inch and 45 x 45 cm and is appropriate for the sofa, couch or bed. There are no inserts in the set. Vintage Movie Theater Pillow Covers will bring you a pleasant mood and warm atmosphere, also a perfect gift for your family and friends. You can make a pattern on one side and another on the other side. Classic filmstrip patterns for family cinema, with print of Popcorn,clapperboard post, video camera. The film atmosphere is reflected in the throw pillow covers. The exclusive design and great colors of the pillowcase make it a good choice for a family cinema decoration. The pillow case can be used for many things. Simple, elegant design is perfect for home decoration, sofa, and chairs, car decoration, office, hotel, coffee decoration.

Brand: Beahity

👤Inmejorable calidad.

👤One broke. There is still a cute thing.

9. Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

This unit pops up to 32 cups of popcorn per batches to keep popcorn buckets full. The Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit is a perfect popcorn kit. Popcorn Oil and Seasoning Packs, Reusable Popcorn Bowls, and the Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit are available. The kettle has a dual-hinged lid that can easily empty popcorn and a built-in stirring system. The kettle can be removed for easy cleaning. Tempered glass windows are scratch and heat resistant to keep you and your family safe. Lighted interior creates a fun and pleasant room, and allows you to watch popcorn. TILT SERVING DOOR is a tilt-out door that makes it easy to scoop and serve popcorn. Popcorn serving accessories can be stored in the base of the unit.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤Wow! I am very disappointed in the customer service from this manufacturer. We had this for 1.5 years and the warming bulb stopped working. It is a standard appliance bulb. Right, no big deal? The thing shattered when I tried to remove it. Not all of the time. The case wouldn't budge. I heard a crack as I was twisting. I removed the top of the unit to see why I couldn't open the bulb sockets. The reason? The base of the bulb had been put in place. Why? Why would that be done? I can't use the warming bulb because the ceramic case cracked. I contacted customer service and they said I could buy another one for $25, but they fell back on the out of warranty excuse. They said that I broke it and they couldn't do anything about it. Guess I will fix it myself with a $5 part from Lowe's. The machine makes popcorn. This product is not good for quality control. I bought the popcorn maker with my own money, because I didn't get paid for the review.

👤The machine I bought for my new business was thought to be the same size as another machine. That machine was 8 ounces. This thing is large enough to hold a popcorn. The PLEXI GLASS is not real. If you need a high price toy for your kids, buy this. It is very unhappy waste of money.

👤It works well for the entire office. The popped corn brings out a lot of un-popped kernels, but it does have a catch tray for them, and it could be related to the corn I have not the popper. The pot stopped working and it was not used for a while. If we have to throw out the entire machine, we are investigating if we can just replace the kettle.

👤The popcorn kettle gets stuck when it's full.

👤The item was rusted and scratched when it was in the box. They got back to me and said I had to return it. I wanted replacement parts, but they said no. I wouldn't hold out for a manufacturer's warranty on this product.

👤We eat a lot of popcorn. I bought this for my family and they used it daily for a couple months. The heating element went after a little while. I had to contact the company multiple times to get the parts that fell under their one year warranty replaced.

👤This thing is great for popcorn. I highly recommend it. My machine had a flaw. The popcorn cooking pot had one of its gears come off. I found the gear, but I couldn't find the piece that holds it on the drive shaft. I used a piece of metal wire to hold the gear on. It seems to work for now. I would like the instructions to show a schematic or a list of replacement parts so that I can order the piece that holds the gear on to the drive shaft. The Great Northern Popcorn, 6-Ounce Portion Packs are a must have for this popcorn machine. They make great tasting popcorn and are easy to use.

10. Posters Popcorn Personalized Theatre Decorations

Posters Popcorn Personalized Theatre Decorations

Every tin sign will be put into a bag and they will pack it for you so that you can receive it undamaged. Please contact them if you have any questions. The movie canvas wall art is 12x36Inch (30x90 cm),unframed. It can be used with a photo frame to decorate your movie room. Modern canvas printed artwork is high quality. High-quality canvas can be used to print pictures. Environmental ink is used to protect your health. The material is waterproof, bright and lustrous. Movie canvas wall art can update your home decoration without the need for expensive paint or wallpaper. A canvas mural is more three-dimensional, can perfectly display the appearance of photos, and can add charm to the room. The actual wall art color may be slightly different from the product image, due to different brands of monitors. This movie canvas wall art is a fun and creative gift for anyone who loves distinctive and artistic gifts. Give this to your loved ones, express your love and concern to them. They will come to you within 8 hours.

Brand: Voenls

👤I expected a sign, but it was rolled up canvas that needed to be mounted to something. It is nice but not what I expected. I don't know if I will return it or mount it on it.

👤The red-orange color blended well with my clients theatre room. I ordered the larger size and it was nice. I wanted it to be wide. The material it is printed on is strong. The picture shows it WRAPPED around a piece of wood, but it is not. It is a canvas poster. If you like it, you can either put it up with push pins or build your own wood frame to wrap it around. I pinned it to the wall because I was using it for a photoshoot, but I probably wouldn't have bought it if I'd known what it was.

👤This is not a canvas like it is pictured, it is a rolled up picture.

👤It was rec'd today. This is just a canvas image rolled up in a tube. The photos of the product on Amazon look like a sign. I don't want to spend more money mounting or framing this image when there are real 3-dimensional home theater media signs on Amazon for less. This experience taught me to read reviews before buying anything. The photos didn't represent the product that was shipped and delivered to me. Returning.

👤It's not a farm, like many others have stated. It appears to be framed in the pics, but the fine print tells you it isn't so that's on me, even though it feels a little shady. I have to build a frame. There are no frames with this dimensions available on Amazon. I'll have to waste time trimming off the border because it's so bad. There are 3 more The colors are dull. They are not like the pics where they are vibrant and pop. The red is more pink. I hope that when I hang it up, it will look better from a distance. Unless you intend to do most of the work yourself, I don't recommend buying this product. You can either take it to a framing shop where they'll charge you hundreds of dollars for a basic frame with these dimensions. I went to Home Depot. I picked up a couple pieces of trim and a sheet of plexiglass that I plan to use on the project. The total cost was around $50-60. Good luck.

👤It's really bad. I would have liked to have read the reviews before ordering. Everyone here has said that this comes like a poster, rolled up in a tube that is only about 1.25" in diameter. I don't know about you all, but when I see the word canvas, it means art that is mounted without a frame on to a raised square structure. This isn't that. It is printed on canvas type fabric. There is a piece of fabric with an image on it. It was annoying and misleading. I don't have time to create a frame right now. I'll probably return it.

11. Sonorous Leather Remote Holder Compartments

Sonorous Leather Remote Holder Compartments

StangH has a variety of styles of Velvet Curtains, Valances, and Velvet Pillow Covers. Please email your request to them if you have any requirements. The five churchyards comprise a churchyard. The control remote holder has five spacious compartments to hold TV & DVD remotes, office supplies, media accessories and other small electronic devices. It is also used as an office desk organizer. It is a solution for remote control storage. The material and design are extraordinary. A protective soft lining protects against scratches and the remote caddy organizer is made from premium quality PU leather. The sleek and minimalist design of their remote organizer matches every décor and room set up. With Sonorous remote control holder, you don't have to worry about mislaid or damaged remote controls. You can easily organize your remote controls and access them whenever you need them. It's the perfect size for your controllers. The remote storage organizer is 7” in length and 2.3” in width. The design can be placed in any room. It can hold up to five remote controls. There are three different colors available. Caddy organizers are available in black, brown and white. This is a great place to keep all of your stuff.

Brand: Sonorous

👤I warned others before they made the same mistake because I don't like to post negative reviews. The controller holder has been sitting on my ottoman for a long time. Sometimes I left my controllers on the couch, but other times it wasn't even used. This image is not what you would think after only 2 months. I'm pretty sure I could have found something more durable on Amazon if it was only $25. It looks great on the first day, but time seems to take it apart. Stay away from this product. If I had a do-over, I wouldn't buy this again because it may have been just the one they sent me.

👤My husband thinks that he is the master of the remote controllers. It's not true, but we let him believe it. He had a mess on his end table with all the remotes. He likes to have things like screen cleaner, eye drops, and other things that he thinks he needs. He still has everything, but now it's neat. Everything is in a home. It's made well, it feels solid, and it's black, so it hides in plain sight. I recommend this to anyone who has a remote. We still allow him to think he is the master of the remotes.

👤There are 2x large remotes, an odd pear-shaped round/chunky TV remote, a round tube Amazon Fire TV remote, and 2x "watch battery"-powered remotes sharing the front pocket with the lowest walls. With them ordered by height, tallest in back, you can see and reach any one of them easily. The stand is heavy enough to hold the remote that is the tallest in the world, without tipping, even on a flat part of a soft couch. If you drop a remote in, the interior lining will make it easy to slide items out without hitting anything. The material on the exterior is leathery and has edge stitching. It looks and feels nice. My shade is uniformly-colored and dark brown. Overall dimensions are very narrow and not a lot of thick edges or extra bulk. The pockets are almost a perfect size for every remote, except for the fat end of the remote which is thicker than a 2x AA battery Denon remote, which has to go in upside down. It's not a problem if you hold the remote firmly but not tight, it's a pain to get the remote lined up. The different heights of the chambers make it easier to keep everything visible and in the order that works best for your brain.

👤I bought a remote control holder in March of last year. It has been falling apart slowly and steadily. I thought I had made a good investment in this thing and it was good quality. The item is falling apart after 3 months. I tried to glue them with E6000 or Gorilla glue. It was difficult to glue them back together if both sides were out. I'm tired and sick of having to fix this thing. I didn't think it was worth the price when I bought it.


What is the best product for home theater room decor and accessories?

Home theater room decor and accessories products from Skenoart. In this article about home theater room decor and accessories you can see why people choose the product. Blisslights and Tumovo are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater room decor and accessories.

What are the best brands for home theater room decor and accessories?

Skenoart, Blisslights and Tumovo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater room decor and accessories. Find the detail in this article. Yalikop, Yoenyy and Summit Designs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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