Best Home Theater Screen 120 Inch Fixed Frame

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1. STR 169120 WAB Silver Ticket Cinema Projector

STR 169120 WAB Silver Ticket Cinema Projector

The projector screen can be washed by hand, but it should be dried as soon as possible so that it won't affect the viewing effect. There is a wall mounted fixed frame projection screen. There is no option for legs or stands with this product. It's recommended for projectors with a Native resolution. Speaker's may be placed behind the screen. Gain a white screen with a wide viewing angle and no resolution loss. It works with long, short and ultra short throw projectors. Enjoy beautiful movies, pictures, and games in full HD, 4K and Active 3D with a heavy duty aluminum frame wrapped in black velvet. You can bring cinema-quality entertainment to your home in a few minutes with quick and easy assembly. The mounting brackets allow horizontal adjustment. If you want to know the size of the projector, project an image on a wall and watch the instructional video.

Brand: Silver Ticket Products

👤Excellent screen. Assembly is easier with the Silver Ticket Screen than it is with the Elite Screens model. Check out my video.

👤The 120" acoustically transparent woven screen was purchased by me. I only had it up for a couple of days. I wanted to leave a review so I could think about it. It is an incredible value, especially if you shop around for other screens. The assembly is easy, though it does take a bit of patience. I was impressed with the quality of the parts when I unboxed them, it cost me $400. The metal frame is strong. The black velvet wrapping around it is very nice and clean, and the screen material is not very thin and easy to rip. Loss of sound is the most common concern for anyone looking at the screen. There is no sound to the human ear. I was more concerned when I saw that there was a black fabric behind the white woven material. I was worried that it was two layers like the material most Floor speaker's fronts are covered in. I actually watched movies for a few weeks on a TV on a stand until I got the projector up. I know what it sounded like before and now. Okay. I guess with a sound measuring device, there may be a small amount of loss, but your ears can't hear it. There is no fighting. The acoustic fabric has a picture on it. Unless you are 1 ft from it, you don't know it's perforated. It will take most people 1 hour to assemble the frame and 25 minutes to mount the brackets. I could do it all in 35 minutes. I am using an Optoma HD142x as a projector and Polk RC speakers in the wall. I have a home theater set up that is great for someone on a budget, but still appreciates good sound and image, and I bought it on Amazon. For 10% of the price, the difference is so minimal that I have set up a lot of 30K dollar screening rooms. It wows my friends and my kids. I'll take a home theater over a decent 75 inch TV from Sam's Club if it costs $2,000.

👤Excellent screen and easy build. I put some lights back on. Keep them close to the inside so the lip doesn't cast a shadow. I didn't have to fix the suspension because I rigged it up. The LEDs were helped with letting them do their thing. The wall mounts have a zip tied to them. There is an IR in the eyelet. Black velvet is very easy to align if you're not perfect. We love it!

👤I have nothing to compare it to my lightly textured tan wall. The material was made with high quality.

👤I wanted to share my perspective to help others. I was looking for a screen projector that would work with my Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. We decided to go with the Silver Ticket 4K because the theater room has some light from the windows. The screen was not very bright, but it showed blacks and dark colors very well during the day. The brightness was not as bright as it was before, but it was still close to what it was before. I decided to return the silver screen and purchase the white screen, and I couldn't be happier. The white screen looks better. I would recommend the white screen for anyone using a VAVA 4K or ultra short throw projector. That is what the attachment shows.

2. Projector Screen 150inch Portable Projection

Projector Screen 150inch Portable Projection

The outdoor projector screen with stand is made of high-quality natural polyester fiber, thicker than other ordinary screens. The sharpness and brightness of the image are greatly improved by the foldable movie screen. The screen is soft and smooth, giving you more pleasure and less mold. Innovative design. The telescopic tripod structure makes it more convenient to use. Even in windy conditions, the upgraded projection screen will give you a great viewing experience. High-quality accessories. The telescopic design of the projection brackets is made of high-quality steel pipes, and the surface is rust-proof paint, so there is no need to worry about bending or rust. The eye nuts are matched with the buckle structure to make the support more stable. The user experience is further enhanced by the triangular structure and accessories. It is lightweight and portable. The projector screen with stand is easy to carry and pack, making it an excellent audio-visual experience for you and your family anywhere. It is a great gift for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. The product has a projector screen, eye nut, cross bar, 8 U ground nail, and 6 Rope.

Brand: P-jing

👤I like the screen. This was well packaged. If you look at the pictures on Amazon, you can easily figure it out. The screen is made of stretchy fabric. The straps are very strong. I did not need the stabilizing rope orstakes because I set this up in my living room. I put it up indoors so I could do a trial run on it. The initial set-up took about 20 minutes. My next setup took less than 10 minutes after I figured out the process. The screen allows for both front and rear projection, which is nice. The front & rear projection were the two factors that made me decide on the purchase. The dual tripod stands and the top hanging bar make for a very stable setup. The setup was a challenge for one person. The carry bag makes it easy to store and transport. I am very happy with this item.

👤I received the product this week and was trying to setup for the first time. I noticed the left post was malfunctioning when I was setting up the screen. I can't put the screw back in the slot it came from. I was going to have a movie night in the backyard, but it's a pity. Need to come back.

👤Garbage. The screen is stretchy. The bolts broke off the top on both sides. It is no longer usable. Junk.

👤The screen is great. After a day or two of being stretched out on the wall, the fewwrinkles went away. It's a soft material that you can wash easily. The projector picture quality is very nice. I'm more than happy. It is recommended.

👤The bolt on the top of the poles was broken off. The metal top is reinforced. It might be new to fix the claims. It looks easy to set up. This is like having a theater in the backyard.

👤I took a picture using it as a background. It looks grey-ish on the photo. It needs to be stretched very well, otherwise it will show up on the photo. It served its purpose after some installation effort. I like that the screen can be folded to a small size and washed in the laundry.

👤This was custom made and not mass produced, but it is well made. It's made of a stretchy material so when you pull it tight it won't crease.

👤I was able to put the entire screen up myself in a little over 10 minutes the first time it arrived. tear down is just as fast as the set ups. Movie nights outside are not the same as inside. The garage door is no longer projecting. The kids liked it.

👤The quality was very disappointing. The stain on my screen was cleaned by a previous user or the factory. You could still see the faded stain and the white background was greyed by the cleaning. 2. The screen isn't as pictured. It is not completely square because it is stretched between the poles. There is a bit of tension at each location. This is a piece of fabric.

3. Portable Projector Foldable Projectors Carrying

Portable Projector Foldable Projectors Carrying

The 120inch outdoor projector screen is made of high-quality spandex and spandex material, thicker than other average screens. The foldable movie screen has a sharper and brighter image. The screen has a soft and smooth touch, which makes you more pleasure, not easy to be yellow. The 3-side black border is convenient for posts to be inserted. The projector screen will be kept flat and free of waves. The screen can't be easily diverted by a breeze. The design will increase the screen's stability and speed up installation. There is no complicated process of fixing the outdoor movie screen. The projector screen and stand has several lightweight aluminum poles. It doesn't look like rust or distorted. Plastic joints can be inserted into aluminum poles with a tight fit. The stand is very sturdy due to the two oblong base and 4 fixed posts. The base will take less rooms on its behind, but it will still be stable. The projector screen and stand are easy to carry. You can either put travel bags on your shoulders or hold it on one hand. It's portable and takes less space. You can put it in the trunk. Better watch a movie with a 4k ultra HD home projector outdoors. It's compatible with outdoor use. Birthday, Father's day, Christmas, and so on are great days for gift giving. It is easy to install within 5 minutes without strings or screws. You don't need to research or buy anything. Two people can finish assembling in 5 minutes. It's great for transfer place with less time. You can hang it up if the projector screens get dirty.

Brand: Abdtech

👤A 100 inch screen. The screen is made of high quality material. The picture is clear. The frame is easy to assemble. The projector screen comes with 2 legs, which makes it much more stable and sturdier than other similar products. It is light to carry around and can be packed in a 3 feet bag. It has ground stakes for use outdoors. I had a wonderful experience with AbdTech products and chose this product. This is the best deal you can find and I am very satisfied with this product.

👤I was pleasantly surprised, but I didn't have much expectation. We had the screen ready in less than 10 minutes. It took more time to decide what movie to watch than it did to assemble the screen. It turned out better than I anticipated. I would recommend it to anyone. The only change was that we put bricks on the legs. The stakes are not very effective.

👤If you're looking for an inexpensive screen to watch movies outside and don't mind taking a few extra steps to reinforce the base of the stand, this will meet your needs. I was able to assemble the screen quickly after setting it up for the outdoor movie night. The set up is easy to understand. The base of the stand had tiny holes in it. The stakes were to be used to hold the feet in the ground. The stakes are the width of the lead in a pencil. The screen blew over. I put weight on the feet to keep the screen from blowing over. We were good to go once I had done that. This isn't the set you're looking for. If you want to save money, you should add some weight to your feet.

👤It's easy to set up and it's light weight. It's so light weight and stretchy that it's a problem. I had a breeze that was barely registered on the human hair and skin, but I tried to fly off into the sunset, but it was too late. It's not a matter of just putting the frame down. The frame bends in a similar way to the Matrix. It's not a great product for movie night, but I think it could be used for sails for boats. If I needed a large wind indicator to teach kids about wind, this would be great. Maybe I need a very large kite for a Guiness World Record entry. There are lots of possibilities for this product, but sadly not for a movie screen. I would imagine if you used it indoors and you didn't use heating vents, it would work.

👤I love this screen! There is a cute little carry bag. The only one of this type I could find was this one, and I love it. If you are in the grass, there are holes for anchors. I put a weight on each foot to hold it in place. The picture was great. We use a projector with it and the picture was clear once it got dark, and we had 4 torches near it. The picture is visible at dusk. I had a little trouble getting some of the pieces to come apart, but otherwise no issues at all. The fabric is easy to assemble and it feels good.

4. Projector Screen Stand 120 Inch

Projector Screen Stand 120 Inch

The video projection screens are made of something other than disposable material. There will be some wrinkling on the surface when it is unfolded from the package for the first use. This material can show the color of the image more accurately than any other type of material. It is recommended to stretch it for a few days before use. The movie screen is designed for providing high-resolution images, enriched colors and supreme watching experience from different viewing positions. The projector screen with stand is ready for set up in a few minutes. If there is a wind, you can fix the scaffold on the ground. It's convenient to carry. The portable movie screen frame is made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum and can be easily transported to any location with a soft padded carrying bag. It was easy to put away in the car trunks. It's easy to travel with for family trips, camping, or backyard movie nights. The Projection Screen are made with natural Polyester fabric, which is fine workmanship, fiber flexibility, no curling and no wrinkling. The projector screen with stand is perfect for home theater, schools, offices, weddings, church, education, conference room presentation, public display, outdoor movie and other displays.

Brand: Hoin

👤I mostly use this screen indoors. You have to watch out for the height of your room, but it works perfectly. It barely fits. I give it 4 stars because it meets my need. The fabric is nice and stretchy, but does the job best in a dark environment, the quality is good, and the carry bag is nice. Even with the included stakes that attach to four small holes on the feet, the thing still needed more support because it can be too heavy. The screen doesn't stand up straight indoors. It is a large screen. I wish there was a better frame to mount it. You have to contort the legs. I was scared of grass stains and dirt stains when I set it up outside. It takes two people to set it up, because it can be flimsy and topple over. Corner stitching will break in repeated use. The fabric is already fraying even though I have only moved it a few times. There arerinkles near the joints. The metal feet will scratch the floors if you use this inside a non carpeted room.

👤We bought this and a projetor for Pandemic outdoor movie nights. The material and screen is good, but you need to be careful with the installation as the material on the corner attachment is brittle, and we nearly broke one. A screen this size used outdoors is not immune to wind, it does not come with weights and the stakes are a bit lightweight. If you live in a windy area, you should plan on a weight system that's easy to use. I'm not sure why "picture quality" is rated by Amazon, but it's a good value.

👤We don't go to movie theaters anymore due to the Pandemic. It's fun to make popcorn in our popcorn maker and watch our favorite movies. If you have a 2 year old who is going to pull on the poles, make sure they are not running around during set up, because it will fall at the smallest push, luckily it is not heavy, but still make sure they are not running around.

👤The screen is easy to set up and disassemble. It is easy to pack up in the carrying case. It works for both front and rear projection. The image is amazing! It is used for backyard movie nights. The screen comes with lawn stakes to keep it from falling over, but you will want something heavy to hold the feet down as well as a way to tie it off on the top in case there is a breeze.

👤It is very easy to assemble. My littles enjoyed a soccer team movie night. I've used the same type of projector screen in the past, but I was skeptical that this would be the first time I'd see a projector behind the screen. It worked perfectly. The picture clarity and brightness were the same. Stand was easy to build. The screen slips on the stand instead of being tied. The screen was stretched smooth. I am very happy with this product, it is easy to use and works as described. It also comes with a carry bag.

5. Projection Screen 150 Washable Projector

Projection Screen 150 Washable Projector

The Rear Projection Material has a better sense of verticality and the projection screen has a wide field of view. The unique black frame design has a viewing angle of 160 degrees and a screen format of 150 degrees. Pantallas Para Proyectores Stand is suitable for Wide 3610mm 142.12 inches up to 2580mm 142.12 inches. It can be easily fixed on the wall with hooks, pulleys, brackets, nails, and stickers. It's portable/Function: The folding design is easy to carry. The projector screen can be washed by hand. It is suitable for home theater, outdoor screening, classroom education, conference room presentations, lectures, office meetings, parties, public displays, etc.

Brand: Aajk

👤It was easy to set up. The picture is better than the sheet I was using, because the screen went on so easily, and I used screw in hooks. If you are watching in a dark room, it is not a problem. I put mine up over a large window so I can't see it during the day. I wouldn't expect to have a projector anyway.

👤I watched it with the children while I used it. The children said it was like watching a movie in a cinema. The effect is good.

👤The material is not cheaply made.

👤I bought this to watch football with a projector. The screen was great and the image was clear. We put it on the side of the garage. It was washed well. I put it in with a load of towels and hung it to dry.

👤Absolutely perfect screen. ! It was a success to use my projector for football.

👤The screen is portable and easy to install. The package was open and slightly dirty. Double sided tapes for hanging hooks securing are not as strong as they could be after one day.

👤This screen is huge and it makes no sense.

👤I put a black sheet behind it so that I don't lose light through the back, which definitely helped. The fabric is a nice material but once stretched to fit against the wall it showed lines going up and down, sometimes they're not that noticeable but watching a darker scene definitely can see them and they give a texture to the video that shouldn't be there.

6. Portable Foldable Non Crease Projector Projection

Portable Foldable Non Crease Projector Projection

If you want to know the size of the projector, project an image on a wall and watch the instructional video. It's convenient to have a movie screen and a story. The projection screen is made of synthetic fiber. It can be placed in a backpack or portable handbag that can be easily taken away. There are foldable projector screens for video projects. The folding package is small, it can reduce the footprint of the screen, and there is no crease when folded. 120INCH DOUBLE SIDED PROJECTOR movie screen. The 120 inch projector screen has a high-definition projection. A large viewing area is needed for outdoor camping movies. It's easy to set up a home project. It is easy to install with a small non-stick hook. The projector screen can be hung on the wall or tied to the frame. The film is a 16:9 POLYESTER FABRIC PROJECTOR. It needs to be avoided if it is machine wash or hand wash. Use a damp cloth to clean this product.

Brand: Fosa

👤Not happy. I used a bed sheet for 3 months and thought it would be better. It's not.

👤It looks really nice. I haven't been able to hang up yet.

👤El producto es demasiado delgado. No recomiendo.

7. Projector Screen Stand Portable Projection

Projector Screen Stand Portable Projection

The projector screen has a wide viewing angle. The projection screen is made of high-quality spandex material, that offers sharp and high-resolution images. The projection screen can be set in about 5 minutes. No strings, no screws, just several kinds of accessory that can be quickly and firmly set up. The projection screen has a weight of 6 lbs. You can either put travel bags on your shoulders or hold it on one hand. It was easy to put away in the car trunks. It's easy to travel with for family trips, camping, or backyard movie nights. The foldable projector screen with unique base of the stands keep stable. Plastic joints can be inserted into aluminum poles with a tight fit. It can be inserted in the hole of the bases when in the lawn, which can improve the stability. Application areas. The projection screen can be used indoors or outdoors. There are many things like camping, backyard movie, home theater, large commercial activity center, performance entertainment center, even mini drive-in theater.

Brand: Skerell

👤A good portable screen. It was not in time for our party, but will still be used many times to come. It is what we need and if you take a few more steps, it will work. I recommend using some tie-down from the top corners to keep the screen taut. The carrying bag is great. We will use it for a lot of things. I didn't expect the support poles to be made of aluminum or PVC. The joints are made of plastic. The screen uses a sleeve instead of a grommets to attach to the frame, which is much better for the lifespan of the screen.

👤It won't stand on its own. Ours was missing parts, stained, and smelled funny. Don't waste your money on this. It's junk.

👤I have a setup in my living room that covers the regular TV for special occasions. The cutoff for the TV alcove is where the top leans. I would recommend putting a brick on either side of the feet of the person planning to use the outside. I have an inflatable 20' screen setup that is similar to giant kites. Something fierce needs to be tied down that one. It's huge and amazing. Hopefully you can lean against a wall. Five stars for total value and sitting my needs.

👤Was very happy. It was camping. It fell because it was really windy. It worked well with the right weights. I love the bag. I was able to fit my projector in the bag. The bag is easy to carry. Light weight. I definitely recommend.

👤The attachment post on one of the feet had a stripped out screw hole and had to be filled with Weld so the screen wouldn't flop over. The screen is not good outside during the day because it is flimsy and light comes through it. It needs to be transparent. The stand is too weak to stand up well if there is a breeze. It does work well indoors now that the foot is repaired.

👤It is a little difficult to set up, but once it is up it is awesome.

👤The projector I got for Christmas was powered by this screen. It is very easy to put together. The pieces fit in the bag. Highly recommended.

👤It's easy to set up, but make sure you have a brick or two for each foot. But gives a nice picture.

👤The SKERELL 120" projection screen is perfect for our needs. It is easy to carry, comes with a bag, and the assembly process takes less than 5 minutes. The assembled product is strong and sturdy, the screen looks great, and it enhances the images from our projector. The frame is strong and lightweight because of the aluminum allow. It's a great price for a high quality screen. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought this as the walls in my house are painted a dark grey and my projector footage is not as good as it could be. The stand is simple to set up and makes a huge difference.

8. Projector Screen 120 Inch Frame

Projector Screen 120 Inch Frame

The package contains a 120 inch projection screen, a ropes, hooks, and self-adhesive strips. The 120 inch projection screen is easy to set up. The folding design makes it more convenient to carry when traveling. The 120 inch HD movie screen is made from natural fabric. The mobile Projection Screen with frame can be fastened easily with hooks, ropes, brackets, nails, and the wall/mount, you can do it yourself. Milk Silk Premium Fabrics Material is easy to clean with soap and water. It is thicker than other projection screens. The projection is brighter and sharper than most other screens. Have you ever wanted to watch a movie on the beach? How about next to a pool or camping? Do you have to make a presentation? This projector screen is an idea for your home theater, movies, conference room presentations, public display, gaming, camping, and other outdoor activities. They believe that you should be happy with the products you spend your money on. Their products are guaranteed with a manufactURER LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Have you ever had issues with your projector screen? You can simply reach out to them. 30-day money back guarantee and 90-day free replacement warranty are provided by them.

Brand: Hoin

👤The screen and frame is easy to assemble. I hang it from the wall in my basement and garage and they sell a great version with legs if that would serve your requirements better.

👤This screen isn't what I was hoping for. It does not stay square. It is very thin and transparent, even though it says it is thick. It looks cheap hanging on the wall. I had to modify it so that it wouldn't bow. I was not happy with my purchase.

👤It took just minutes to install and hang, and it looks better than the cheap screen I started with. The frame is hidden by black fabric and the hooks to hold it on the wall are out of sight. This is a great product for money.

👤It is easy to assemble. It was much larger than I expected. It was 120" diagonal. It is being used in my basement. The screen would have to be backed up to prevent it from moving in the wind. Overall, very nice. People are trying to use pipe.

👤It's worth knowing that it's not the best experience. You can see the seams because it's sewn fabric. There is no alternative for the price.

👤The screen is easy to assemble and has good quality. It only comes with four clasps and does not hang firmly. There is no option to buy more clasp. It would be the best if it had the option to buy more clasp.

👤The frame is light. The length is not as long as I expected. Overall, 5 stars for the price and quality.

👤It was used once. It was worth the price we paid.

9. Mdbebbron 120 Inch Projection Screen

Mdbebbron 120 Inch Projection Screen

2 pack XLR cables are economical and practical to use on a set of microphones or on different systems. The mic cord is a good choice for audio equipment in a radio station. The compact one-piece is lightweight and folding. You can put the screen in a backpack or suitcase. It's ideal for home theater movie,office, education, conference room presentation, public display, outdoor movie and more. The Projection Screen are made of natural Polyester fabric that is anti-wrinkle and high in elasticity. The Projection Screen can be fastened with hooks, ropes, brackets, nails, and double side tape. The diagonal 120" screen format has a 104" x 58" viewing area.

Brand: Mdbebbron

👤I had to modify the way it was used because it was a good screen for my application. The rope is cheap and I wouldn't use it. The screen is good. I built a frame with 1 x 4 and a staple gun for $12. If I painted the wood white, it would be better.

👤We put hooks on 2x4 to weigh down the bottom and did a great job pulling the screen taught evenly. Works well.

👤The screen has a black edge with black grommets so that it can be mounted inside a frame or stretched out with string. The screen appears to have a lot of wrinkling. It becomes a smooth surface when you stretch it out in an even manner. I strung the screen inside of the frame from the pipe. It looks good.

👤The screen is perfect for our use. We bought it for outdoor movie nights, whether it was on the garage door, in the back yard, or inside the garage. It is easy to install and shows a great picture. I have attached pictures that show how well I can see the picture despite being surrounded by Christmas lights.

👤It's worth the money. When I received it, there were a few small problems, but once you pull the screen tight, you can't see them. My nail gun and spray paint were used to make a frame. It turned out great.

👤The screen was great. It took less than 10 minutes to set it up. I used hooks and rope and it was very easy to stretch into place. I don't have it against a wall, but it's still a great picture. You could watch it from the other side if you didn't mind it being reversed.

👤A successful outdoor movie night. Attached to my gazebo!

👤I love this screen. I used a sheet before. This is the best gift I have ever received.

👤The large screen can be put into a suitcase or bag. The screen comes with tape, hooks and cords to hang it. The screen is similar to a white micro-fibre cloth which is used to show a projector image.

👤Présentation de film extérieur par l'arrire.

👤I had a white wall so I thought this screen would improve the colors but it doesn't and even makes things appear blurry so this is only for people with a white wall.

10. ShowMaven Projector Screen Stand Outdoor

ShowMaven Projector Screen Stand Outdoor

Home movie theaters are excellent. The ShowMaven 120inch projector screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio. The view size is 104. W x58.6”H. The overall size is 112”W x 124”H x 41.7”D. The portable movie screen has a 160 degree viewing angle. The projector screen with stand is easy to set up without tools. Press the snap to attach the screen material to the frame. Corner pull-tabs and tear resistant PU border make finishing the assembly easy. The premium screen has a 1.1 gain. 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready. It is easy to clean the outdoor projector screen with soap and water. The black backing screen prevents excessive light penetration. You can get a real projector screen with the Easy snap system. Store screen away indoors for maximum longevity. There is extra flexibility. The 120inch portable projector screen is made of sturdy aluminum which makes it possible to be used in light wind. The extra stability set has rigging cords and support rings. You don't need to worry about wobble when using it outdoors. The projector screen 120 inch outdoor is portable and easy to carry, it comes with a soft padded carry bag which is suitable for most of the trunk. The carry bag is 38.6” x13.3” x 7.4” The screen material can be folded in a bag so it is easy to travel with for family trips, camping, or backyard movie night. 100% satisfaction with a 2-year warranty.

Brand: Showmaven

👤I have used this screen a number of times. I had to set it up myself each time. I usually have it in the lower position on the legs, so I can easily reach the top for buttoning the screen material on, and it is more stable for backyard winds. The frame is easy to fold up. The time to fold the screen material is important. I can't see the fold lines on the screen at night. The product is easy to transport.

👤I bought this for use outside. I live in Los Angeles by the mountains, so I get a lot of wind, but this screen has not fallen over. It's very strong. The small squares that make up the screen are the only negative thing about the screen. There is a mesh inside the screen. I sit 10 feet away from the screen but I can see them when I go up to it. I can't see the squares from 10 feet away, so I'm not sure if all screens are made that way.

👤Can't beat the price. Quality is topnotch. The stand structure design of this one is better than any other of its kind and it allows you to move up or down the screen frame with the extra holes on the stand legs. That is wonderful. This is a very critical feature and none others have it. Highly recommend it.

👤Great product. It was easy to assemble without any instructions because the box had wrong instructions inside. I was concerned that the height might be fixed and too tall for an indoor setting. If you leave the side frame folded, it works. There are many height options for attaching the screen frame to the stands. The minimum height is 6 feet. I haven't tested it at it's highest height or outdoors yet, but the screen material stretches pretty tight, and the only way to see a wrinkled screen is to use a projector.

👤The screen is very high quality. The fabric is very tight so be sure to follow the recommendations for installation. I have been in the A/V business for many years and this screen is a good item if used correctly.

👤They sent the wrong instructions and we were reluctant to try to assemble it. We went back to see what happened. We put it together. 2 people are needed. If you are not 6ft., you can use a ladder.

👤This screen is used for backyard movies. I wanted a black-backed screen so I wouldn't lose light, and this is perfect. You need 2 people to set it up, but it's fast and the picture looks great.

👤The screen is good for money. The anchors could be doing a better job. I think I'll buy some longer anchors to make sure it doesn't blow over. We enjoyed watching movies under the stars.

11. WeMax Nova Smart Laser Projector

WeMax Nova Smart Laser Projector

Superior Resolution might be an understatement. You can get 4x resolution of full HD or1080p with 4K and bright 3100 ANSI lumens light source. Nova is built with patented technology. Light can be used more efficiently for sharper detail across a wider color range and deeper vibrance for better video resolution. The short throw projector reduces eyestrain. You can choose from four projector sizes with the WeMax Nova laser projector. The center piece of your home theater will be a 150” screen. The right size for your setting is 80 inches, 100 inches, 120 inches, and 150 inches. Micro adjustments are made for the perfect home cinema experience with the 8-Point keystone correction dial. The Nova laser projector has a powerful 30W speakers by the audio company Dolby Audio. The home theatre experience can be enhanced by this stereo. If you already have a home cinema sound system, the Nova laser projector can be connected to it. The Nova is a smart projector that comes with thousands of apps at your fingertips. You can watch your favorite shows from a variety of providers. You can use the voice command button to tell Nova what you want to see. Also, note: Fire TV stick or similar device is required for streaming. There is a multi-tiered video company. It is possible to cast to Nova with a wireless connection from a variety of streaming devices. You should pair the Fire TV stick with the Netflix workaround. There are multiple video slots, a built-in casting for video, and ausb. You can connect a stereo system to a soundbar. There is a multi-tiered video company. It is possible to cast to Nova with a wireless connection from a variety of streaming devices. You should pair the Fire TV stick with the Netflix workaround. There are multiple video slots, a built-in casting for video, and ausb. You can connect a stereo system to a soundbar.

Brand: Wemax

👤Even if you put it on a ceiling, it won't have the lens shift feature. If you have a TV stand that is more than 14 inches tall, you can only use Keystone correction to make your image look better, since it doesn't have a lens shift, and the picture gets wavy on the top left corner. If you are the type of person that likes to change the picture quality, then you should be able to. The projector has a pathetic excuse for the settings page, and the remote control doesn't come with batteries, so you're out of luck.

👤The quality was disappointing. Quality issues in manufacturing lead to a warp in the picture from a warp in the lens over the laser. keystone adjustment will not fix it. Out the gate, Defective and disappointing.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this projector to replace my old TV. I was not sure how much of a difference 400 lumens would make between this one and the other I was comparing to. The Nova was the one I decided on. The pros and cons are listed here. The -4K UHD resolution is everything they claim, it's bright and clear, no washout, and it's good for gaming. There are a lot of streaming options via the internet. I have a sound system so it's not a big issue for me, but the remote is annoying, and it doesn't come with batteries. It blew away my expectations after I bought it. If you want to get the most out of your projector screen, you should purchase a good one. I think I got the best one for the price, compared to the other projectors.

👤The picture quality was very good. I compared this to the vava short throw. Most people will be happy with either one. When they were set up side by side, there was only one difference. The picture is of high quality. Both are excellent. The image quality of the wemax was not bad. The colors on the vava were more vivid. If you want to take the time to change the colors, you can. I did not. I couldn't focus on the upper left corner of the screen. The title was blurry and annoyed me. The contrast was good. We were going to compare the wall. Sound. The vava was better in this area. The wemax was good. External audio will be available for our use. Sound didn't matter. The wemax speak is enough for most living rooms. The vava is much larger and heavier. The ceiling mount needs a unit. The vava is heavier than just a little. It works remote. A couple buttons and a directional pad. I like that it's not necessary to find an ir receiver. The vava has something called the interface wemax that has a version of the mobile operating system. We were not able to get to the onscreen menu after the update. It was very annoying. It's hard to adjust the screen colors if the picture is turned off. They are aside. The job of the tv was to house your apps and allow you to cast to it. vava has a 2 year repair / replace warranty, while warranty only has a 1 year limit. Customer service. There is a I don't know who to fault for this. We tried to exchange the unit because of the unfocused upper left corner. We had to return in because Amazon didn't offer exchanges. It took weeks of calls to get our money back. We were never told to contact the seller, so I can't put this on them. Since it only has a one year warranty, we are hesitant about buying another.


What is the best product for home theater screen 120 inch fixed frame?

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What are the best brands for home theater screen 120 inch fixed frame?

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