Best Home Theater Screen 120 Inch

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1. Projector Screen P JING Projection Movies

Projector Screen P JING Projection Movies

The short throw lens design was created. 100% Wrinkle And High Absorbance Material The projection screen is made of thick and soft material to ensure it is Wrinkle free after being folded or compressed. Don't display all you want, just do it! It makes your life more enjoyable by displaying movies, games, photos, music, and games. Their projector screen can be used as a gift to your family, friends, lovers, and enhance relationship by sharing viewing experiences or talking about the plot in the movie night or some important occasion. The projector screen with a wide viewing angle up to 160 and 120 inch big size means you don't need to sit in front of the screen, just choose the most comfortable viewing posture to enjoy wonderful movie night. You will be able to unfold the screen and mount it in a matter of minutes, thanks to the 12 metal finished grommets which can be hung on a wall. The screen can be used indoors and outdoors. The projector screen has a viewing area of 104" x 58" and is available in a diagonal 120'' offering. They are professional customer service. Technical support for customers is provided by them. Questions about the foldable projection screen will be answered in 12 hours.

Brand: P-jing

👤The material is light and strong. If you have a strong projector, you can see clearly behind the screen, which is a bonus for clever projector placement. If the screen isn't taught, there will be a down side, but it's not noticeable in the grand scheme of things. The screen is great for what I need and it's great for the price. Cheers to the guys.

👤It works, but I wish I'd gotten the more expensive one. If you don't want to do rear projection, a backed screen is a good choice. It's a spandex material, so it stretches. A frame is needed for the wind in an outdoor setting. It does a decent job, but I wouldn't buy it again for my needs.

👤Wrinkles are not something to worry about. They come out in a few minutes. The 150" model is way bigger than you think. The frame is tall and wide. I am 5' 10". Its huge. It is supposed to be an outdoor screen for movies. I gave up trying to drape it flat. You can see in the image that is reversed that it does very well on the rear projection. I think I got a good price.

👤The 120 inch screen has a stretch which allows for a tight screen and it works well from behind, 5 stars.

👤My second grade classroom did not have a projector screen or a white board that was reflective, it was a mess. I put up some hooks so I can hang it when I need it, then unhook and gather to one side when I don't. It is affordable and practical. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The screen worked well for the movie. The material is stretchy and there is a fewwrinkle. The picture quality was unaffected because we could stretch most of the wrinkling out. The edges are clean. We used 1 1/2 inch pipe to build the frame. It is anchored by 3 foot high steel garden fence posts.

👤It wasn't what we expected. It's not a bad thing. It is a soft material and it is Wrinkle free. Hanging this is a pain in the rear. If you want to learn from our mistakes, find the middle of the projector screen at the top and staple or nail it. Pull taught enough from left to right so there is no sagging. You don't have to have access to both ends. The benefits in the end are better than being lazy and leaving at saggy because it is a tedious procedure. We decided to add wood trim around our screen to give it a more clean look, but we still have to repaint and caulk, but we love the cleaner look. Say goodbye to 3-4 hours of your life.

👤It was the best Christmas purchase. The screen is easy to set up and break down.

👤This product would work great in front of a solid surface, even though it didn't work for us because we hung it in front of a row of windows. The setup only takes a few minutes, and it is very easy to store in the bag included. The seller was amazing to deal with.

2. Projector Screen Inch Taotique Movie

Projector Screen Inch Taotique Movie

The projector is more durable and less noisy than other projectors thanks to advanced fan cooling technology. The cooling system cools the lamp's heat efficiently. The 120 inch projector screen used soft touch and stretchy thick polyester fiber material to ensure 100% Wrinkle Free after folded or compressed, providing clearer images, brighter colors and no color cast. All of their outdoor movie screens will undergo a rigorous quality inspection process before they are sent out, so there will be no spots on the screen to affect the viewing experience, and it is thick enough that you can't see what's behind it. The viewing angle is 160 degrees. The projector screen with a wide viewing angle up to 160 and 120 inch big size, that means you don't need to sit directly in front of the screen, just choose the most comfortable viewing posture to enjoy wonderful movie night. Their portable projector screen supports double-sided projection, which means that if you want to invite your neighbors or friends to watch the movie together, it will not look crowded. This video projection screens can be folded in a small size and put in a backpack or suitcase without damage, and then taken to wherever you want with a storage bag. This movie screen for outdoor use comes with all the necessary tools and can be set up by yourself. The 3d projector screen with good pictures quality and lightweight design is not only suitable for indoor, but also for outdoor use. Their projector screen can be used as a gift to your family, friends, lovers, as well as enhance relationship by sharing viewing experiences or talking about the plot in the movie night or some important occasion. The Professional After-sales Service comes with a projector, ropes, and hooks. If you have a problem with their tv projector screen, please feel free to contact them, they will try to resolve it for you. The video projector screen can only be washed by hand.

Brand: Taotique

👤It is very stretchy. The material feels like a shirt. It seems thick. It doesn't seem like I can see through it. I thought it was a little bigger. I built a frame out of 1 inch PVC for a few bucks. The fence has a frame mounted to it. It's up against a standard fence panel. I feel like it could use more than it's worth. I bought a cheap kit to add more grommets. It seems nice. I'll try and remember to post a photo after I add more. I changed it to: The first two photos have factory installed grommets. The second two photos have doubled the amount of grommets. The screen is stretched out evenly and it looks a lot cleaner. The frame is about 65 inches tall. I put screws in the PVC. I can leave the frame in place and take the screen up and down with the help of the screws. If you wanted to make something like this, you could either add or subtract a few inches. You can use a website that will tell you how far to space out each screw and keep it even. The kit I got here was for half inch grommets. It's easy to do and it's affordable. I'm really happy with this screen.

👤I bought it for my kids to watch movies. Excellent quality for the price. It's easy to put up and take down. It was easy to put it back in the bag. We love it!

👤This one is amazing. I read a lot of reviews before making a decision. I'm happy. The clarity is amazing, it's really soft, lightweight, and not see through, although you can watch the movie from both sides of the screen. It comes with hooks and paracord strings. I looped a single cord through the upper grommets and around the brace of the instant canopy. It was wrinkled when I put it up, but it doesn't affect the viewing, I can't see them at all while watching. It's machine-washable so that's great, we purchased it to use while camping.

👤This is a great screen for an outside projector. After the sun went down, the picture got better and better. It doesn't affect viewing quality because it's lightweight, easy to put up, and notwrinkle free. The clips didn't hold up well but I didn't expect them to. We screwed in the corners as they had to bare the most weight and the other clips held it up. It folds down relatively small but has a big screen when up.

👤My friend got something similar at home and I searched here for cheaper ones. I thought it was a shirt when I received it. When I saw the package was delivered, I realized it was it. Set up my projector, turn off the light, and it will look good, and better than projecting on my window's blinds. The clips are better than the hooks and can be stretched as much as possible. There is no hard cover on the back of the house which makes it hard to hang on the bush.

3. ShowMaven Projector Screen Stand Outdoor

ShowMaven Projector Screen Stand Outdoor

Home movie theaters are excellent. The ShowMaven 120inch projector screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio. The view size is 104. W x58.6”H. The overall size is 112”W x 124”H x 41.7”D. The portable movie screen has a 160 degree viewing angle. The projector screen with stand is easy to set up without tools. Press the snap to attach the screen material to the frame. Corner pull-tabs and tear resistant PU border make finishing the assembly easy. The premium screen has a 1.1 gain. 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready. It is easy to clean the outdoor projector screen with soap and water. The black backing screen prevents excessive light penetration. You can get a real projector screen with the Easy snap system. Store screen away indoors for maximum longevity. There is extra flexibility. The 120inch portable projector screen is made of sturdy aluminum which makes it possible to be used in light wind. The extra stability set has rigging cords and support rings. You don't need to worry about wobble when using it outdoors. The projector screen 120 inch outdoor is portable and easy to carry, it comes with a soft padded carry bag which is suitable for most of the trunk. The carry bag is 38.6” x13.3” x 7.4” The screen material can be folded in a bag so it is easy to travel with for family trips, camping, or backyard movie night. 100% satisfaction with a 2-year warranty.

Brand: Showmaven

👤I have used this screen a number of times. I had to set it up myself each time. I usually have it in the lower position on the legs, so I can easily reach the top for buttoning the screen material on, and it is more stable for backyard winds. The frame is easy to fold up. The time to fold the screen material is important. I can't see the fold lines on the screen at night. The product is easy to transport.

👤I bought this for use outside. I live in Los Angeles by the mountains, so I get a lot of wind, but this screen has not fallen over. It's very strong. The small squares that make up the screen are the only negative thing about the screen. There is a mesh inside the screen. I sit 10 feet away from the screen but I can see them when I go up to it. I can't see the squares from 10 feet away, so I'm not sure if all screens are made that way.

👤Can't beat the price. Quality is topnotch. The stand structure design of this one is better than any other of its kind and it allows you to move up or down the screen frame with the extra holes on the stand legs. That is wonderful. This is a very critical feature and none others have it. Highly recommend it.

👤Great product. It was easy to assemble without any instructions because the box had wrong instructions inside. I was concerned that the height might be fixed and too tall for an indoor setting. If you leave the side frame folded, it works. There are many height options for attaching the screen frame to the stands. The minimum height is 6 feet. I haven't tested it at it's highest height or outdoors yet, but the screen material stretches pretty tight, and the only way to see a wrinkled screen is to use a projector.

👤The screen is very high quality. The fabric is very tight so be sure to follow the recommendations for installation. I have been in the A/V business for many years and this screen is a good item if used correctly.

👤They sent the wrong instructions and we were reluctant to try to assemble it. We went back to see what happened. We put it together. 2 people are needed. If you are not 6ft., you can use a ladder.

👤This screen is used for backyard movies. I wanted a black-backed screen so I wouldn't lose light, and this is perfect. You need 2 people to set it up, but it's fast and the picture looks great.

👤The screen is good for money. The anchors could be doing a better job. I think I'll buy some longer anchors to make sure it doesn't blow over. We enjoyed watching movies under the stars.

4. Mdbebbron 120 Inch Projection Screen

Mdbebbron 120 Inch Projection Screen

2 pack XLR cables are economical and practical to use on a set of microphones or on different systems. The mic cord is a good choice for audio equipment in a radio station. The compact one-piece is lightweight and folding. You can put the screen in a backpack or suitcase. It's ideal for home theater movie,office, education, conference room presentation, public display, outdoor movie and more. The Projection Screen are made of natural Polyester fabric that is anti-wrinkle and high in elasticity. The Projection Screen can be fastened with hooks, ropes, brackets, nails, and double side tape. The diagonal 120" screen format has a 104" x 58" viewing area.

Brand: Mdbebbron

👤I had to modify the way it was used because it was a good screen for my application. The rope is cheap and I wouldn't use it. The screen is good. I built a frame with 1 x 4 and a staple gun for $12. If I painted the wood white, it would be better.

👤We put hooks on 2x4 to weigh down the bottom and did a great job pulling the screen taught evenly. Works well.

👤The screen has a black edge with black grommets so that it can be mounted inside a frame or stretched out with string. The screen appears to have a lot of wrinkling. It becomes a smooth surface when you stretch it out in an even manner. I strung the screen inside of the frame from the pipe. It looks good.

👤The screen is perfect for our use. We bought it for outdoor movie nights, whether it was on the garage door, in the back yard, or inside the garage. It is easy to install and shows a great picture. I have attached pictures that show how well I can see the picture despite being surrounded by Christmas lights.

👤It's worth the money. When I received it, there were a few small problems, but once you pull the screen tight, you can't see them. My nail gun and spray paint were used to make a frame. It turned out great.

👤The screen was great. It took less than 10 minutes to set it up. I used hooks and rope and it was very easy to stretch into place. I don't have it against a wall, but it's still a great picture. You could watch it from the other side if you didn't mind it being reversed.

👤A successful outdoor movie night. Attached to my gazebo!

👤I love this screen. I used a sheet before. This is the best gift I have ever received.

👤The large screen can be put into a suitcase or bag. The screen comes with tape, hooks and cords to hang it. The screen is similar to a white micro-fibre cloth which is used to show a projector image.

👤Présentation de film extérieur par l'arrire.

👤I had a white wall so I thought this screen would improve the colors but it doesn't and even makes things appear blurry so this is only for people with a white wall.

5. Projector Screen 120inch Portable Projection

Projector Screen 120inch Portable Projection

The 120-inch outdoor projector screen with stand is made of high-quality natural polyester fiber, thicker than other ordinary screens. The sharpness and brightness of the image are greatly improved by the foldable movie screen. The screen is soft and smooth, giving you more pleasure and less mold. Innovative design. The telescopic tripod structure makes it more convenient to use. Even in windy conditions, the upgraded projection screen will give you a great viewing experience. High-quality accessories. The telescopic design of the projection brackets is made of high-quality steel pipes, and the surface is rust-proof paint, so there is no need to worry about bending or rust. The eye nuts are matched with the buckle structure to make the support more stable. The user experience is further enhanced by the triangular structure and accessories. It is lightweight and portable. The projector screen with stand is easy to carry and pack, making it an excellent audio-visual experience for you and your family anywhere. It is a great gift for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. The product has a projector screen, eye nut, cross bar, ground nail, and storage bags.

Brand: P-jing

👤The projector has been great. We did a lot of research and compared it to other similar products, but based on reviews we felt this one beat the others on paper, and hoped it would in performance as well. We used to love going to the movies as a family, and this has made it feel like we really never need to go anywhere to get that big screen feeling again! The picture quality is amazing and my husband is very picky about it. The set-up and take-down are both very easy to set up, and it comes with a convenient case for storage. We bought this thinking it would be used for movies in the backyard with our teenagers and their friends. It has become a fun family night accessory for movies and Nintendo switch game battles. If you have older kids and a movie or game fan, just sayin'. We are loving every second of it, because this just brought it all to a whole new level. Not investing in one of these sooner is our only regret.

👤In this age of Covid-19, when entertaining inside is not advisable, this works well to view audio-visual media with friends outside. There is a screen in the backyard. Add your laptop and projector.

👤The stands for the screen were poor. I tried to put it up myself. The weight of the screen made it difficult to extend the arms of the stands to their full height. The stand tipping over with the weight of the screen was the result of the last attempt to raise the stands. The plastic that was set in at the top of one of the stands was snapped between the two stands. The stand is useless after this because it was plastic holding the bolt. The plastic piece was going to fail at some point but it failed in the first attempt at assembly. It seemed that the bases on the stands could have helped prevent tipping. If you can assemble with more than one person, then the screen could be secured with anchor ropes to prevent it from tipping. I didn't get far enough to test that theory. The screen seemed to be of high quality. I would not recommend this product because of the stands.

👤Customer service by P-Jing is good. They were responsive to our issue, but the main problem is the quality of the top connector. It is made out of aluminum and should not be made of steel because of the pressure that is put on it. Unless you are going to handle it very delicately, don't buy this screen. It is designed to be an outdoor screen, so should stand up to some wind, be bumping by kids, or be moving around with out snapping. I should have returned the whole screen for a refund after the first time the top connector broke. They agreed to send a replacement part since I liked the screen. It took almost a month because it had to come from China. They were quick to give an update when I queried the status. The other side broke the very next time we used it. They should have made this part in a more durable material. Disappointing.

6. Projector Screen Stand Outdoor Indoor

Projector Screen Stand Outdoor Indoor

PVO provides first-class customer service. PVO's professional service team has provided lifelong technical support through e-mail and online chat since the ISO9001 manufacturer provided warranty. The stand on the PVO screen is well-known. You can contact them at any time if you have any questions. The projection screen is made of high-quality material, it is flexible and smooth, without traces, and can provide brighter colors and clearer images. The stand is made of steel. Front/Rear Projection Clear pictures can be seen on any side of the 120inch projection screen. If you put the projector on the opposite side, people won't affect the movie. 160 Wide viewing angle, 120-inch Diagonal,Gain 1.1 and 16:9 aspect ratio,support for multiple viewers and not crowded. It's easy to carry. The projector screen with stand 120 inch has a weight of 6 lbs and comes with a carry bag. It's a good choice for traveling because it's portable and takes less space. It's easy to set up, designed with ease of use in mind. No strings, no screws, just several kinds of accessory that can be quickly and firmly set up. You don't need to research or buy anything. You can fix the scaffold if there is a wind. It's perfect for home theater, schools, offices, weddings, church, education, conference room presentation, public display, outdoor movie and other displays. Birthday, Father's day, Christmas, and so on are great days for gift giving.

Brand: Azxrhwygs

👤It had a good picture and was Wrinkle free. We are going to watch a lot of movies outside this summer.

👤Since it's still winter and cold in my area, I put this up in my basement. The frame is 7' tall and 9' wide. The center bar is around 5'4" from the top bar. The material for the screen is roughly 8' 5" wide by 4'8" high, which is smaller than the opening of the frame. The first picture I took has an office chair next to the screen. Assembly was easy, but it differed from the instructions. The instructions showed a pocket sewn in the screen material, but there were only elastic straps on the other side of the material. The assembly is made of plastic, and this is my main concern. It will be very difficult to disassemble the tubes because they fit very tightly into the connectors. Assembly and disassemble of the plastic joints can be made easier with a little dish soap on the tube end. Care must be taken in the assembly, use, and disassemble of the screen because plastic isn't as durable as a metal. Ropes and stakes are included to anchor the screen against the wind. The screen material is bright white and can be used in either front or rear projection. The last two pictures that I included in this review show a front projected image with the basement lights off. This screen is great for front projection in a dark room. The cloth storage case for the screen parts is included in the kit. The reason I took one star off is because of the difficulty of disassemble and the long-termDurability of the plastic frame connectors.

👤If you want to take family movie night to the next level, get this screen and spend the evening outdoors. We have had a projector in a room in our home for a while, but getting a screen and taking it outside has been a winner for everyone in our family. It will be a tradition for many years to come. The screen was perfect. It is large and bright white, which makes it a high-quality picture. It was easy to put it back into the bag that came with it. Assembly is very easy to do in less than five minutes, even though the instructions are not perfect.

7. Portable Projector Foldable Projectors Carrying

Portable Projector Foldable Projectors Carrying

The 120inch outdoor projector screen is made of high-quality spandex and spandex material, thicker than other average screens. The foldable movie screen has a sharper and brighter image. The screen has a soft and smooth touch, which makes you more pleasure, not easy to be yellow. The 3-side black border is convenient for posts to be inserted. The projector screen will be kept flat and free of waves. The screen can't be easily diverted by a breeze. The design will increase the screen's stability and speed up installation. There is no complicated process of fixing the outdoor movie screen. The projector screen and stand has several lightweight aluminum poles. It doesn't look like rust or distorted. Plastic joints can be inserted into aluminum poles with a tight fit. The stand is very sturdy due to the two oblong base and 4 fixed posts. The base will take less rooms on its behind, but it will still be stable. The projector screen and stand are easy to carry. You can either put travel bags on your shoulders or hold it on one hand. It's portable and takes less space. You can put it in the trunk. Better watch a movie with a 4k ultra HD home projector outdoors. It's compatible with outdoor use. Birthday, Father's day, Christmas, and so on are great days for gift giving. It is easy to install within 5 minutes without strings or screws. You don't need to research or buy anything. Two people can finish assembling in 5 minutes. It's great for transfer place with less time. You can hang it up if the projector screens get dirty.

Brand: Abdtech

👤A 100 inch screen. The screen is made of high quality material. The picture is clear. The frame is easy to assemble. The projector screen comes with 2 legs, which makes it much more stable and sturdier than other similar products. It is light to carry around and can be packed in a 3 feet bag. It has ground stakes for use outdoors. I had a wonderful experience with AbdTech products and chose this product. This is the best deal you can find and I am very satisfied with this product.

👤I was pleasantly surprised, but I didn't have much expectation. We had the screen ready in less than 10 minutes. It took more time to decide what movie to watch than it did to assemble the screen. It turned out better than I anticipated. I would recommend it to anyone. The only change was that we put bricks on the legs. The stakes are not very effective.

👤If you're looking for an inexpensive screen to watch movies outside and don't mind taking a few extra steps to reinforce the base of the stand, this will meet your needs. I was able to assemble the screen quickly after setting it up for the outdoor movie night. The set up is easy to understand. The base of the stand had tiny holes in it. The stakes were to be used to hold the feet in the ground. The stakes are the width of the lead in a pencil. The screen blew over. I put weight on the feet to keep the screen from blowing over. We were good to go once I had done that. This isn't the set you're looking for. If you want to save money, you should add some weight to your feet.

👤It's easy to set up and it's light weight. It's so light weight and stretchy that it's a problem. I had a breeze that was barely registered on the human hair and skin, but I tried to fly off into the sunset, but it was too late. It's not a matter of just putting the frame down. The frame bends in a similar way to the Matrix. It's not a great product for movie night, but I think it could be used for sails for boats. If I needed a large wind indicator to teach kids about wind, this would be great. Maybe I need a very large kite for a Guiness World Record entry. There are lots of possibilities for this product, but sadly not for a movie screen. I would imagine if you used it indoors and you didn't use heating vents, it would work.

👤I love this screen! There is a cute little carry bag. The only one of this type I could find was this one, and I love it. If you are in the grass, there are holes for anchors. I put a weight on each foot to hold it in place. The picture was great. We use a projector with it and the picture was clear once it got dark, and we had 4 torches near it. The picture is visible at dusk. I had a little trouble getting some of the pieces to come apart, but otherwise no issues at all. The fabric is easy to assemble and it feels good.

8. Projector Foldable Portable Inch(16:9) Projection

Projector Foldable Portable Inch%EF%BC%8816%EF%BC%9A9%EF%BC%89 Projection

The video projector is fitted with a modern design and uses only raw materials with premium quality. The cooling system is innovative and efficient, which reduces fan noise, and the dual built-in speakers system, which has excellent sound quality without connecting to an external speaker. The keystone correction function and easy to adjust focus are also included. The material is a fabric projector screen with iron and anti-rust paint. The dimensions of the portable movie screens are 120 inches by 9 inches. The projector screen has elastic drawcord, a double bracket, and a storage bag. Storage is open, easy to move, carry, folded, and does not take up space. The entire assembly can be set up in less than 2 minutes. Home theater, outdoor activities, teaching and training, workplace, and so on are all Applicable scenes on the projector screen. They will provide you with a solution if you are not completely satisfied with your order. For a risk-free purchase.

Brand: Gt Getco Tech

👤This screen is great for a get together with family and friends. The directions weren't very clear, but the set up was easy. Don't remove the number stickers from the pieces. They make it easier to figure out directions. The picture of the screen on the box helped more than the directions did. It comes with a carrying bag to store it. It's big enough for everything, not like what I've experienced before. I give it 5 stars. It's been great to use so far, even after trying to use it where there's wind.

👤The picture was brighter than I anticipated. I had an outdoor get together for Christmas because of the Covid threat. Everyone was able to see it without any issues, even if they sat at least 20 feet away from the screen. The picture was clear. The street light has been installed in the backyard. There were no issues with seeing the movie. It was nice to go to the fire pits to escape the cold in Texas. I didn't get the chance to check out the rear projection performance of the screen. I don't use a high end projector. Assembly was very easy. Attach the parts in order of the numbers. Assembly pictures are provided. If the screen gets damaged, I will buy again. I wish the price was lower, so nothing comes to mind. Thats with all things.

👤The screen projector is a steal. It comes with a caring case, and I love it. We watch movies at our daughter's. It's convenient! Highly recommend it.

👤This isn't well built. The bottom rail was broken on the first use. I contacted the seller to replace the rail. They said they wouldn't and wouldn't send it. I don't have a replacement part, the screen is useless, and the return window has closed. Not a lot of money spent.

👤I returned mine as it was tall for use indoors. The stand was easy to install. The screen quality is one of the better ones I have purchased. Light loss is low. It works better front facing. If it could fit in my house, I would still have this. When I wanted to do movies in the rain, I didn't calculate the space for the room as it was too big for the room and I have a low ceiling. If you are looking for an easy to use screen, this is it. Measure the space you will use this product in.

👤It's easy to put together. 15 minutes MAX to assemble. There is a number sticker on each tube. I wrote the number of the rod on the picture I cut out with a felt pin. Assembly by numbers. There are a few 120" screens with a stand up frame. Comes with a bag. If you put the frame on the grass, there is a cord and grass spike to tether it. The frame of the screen has a thick black canvas-like structure and is wrapped around the metal frame. The white part of the screen is stretchy. The top rods take a little elbow grease to bend, but not as bad as stringing a bow and arrow. The screen is not straight across like in the picture because it has no bar at the top.

9. Projector Screen Upgraded 120 Inch

Projector Screen Upgraded 120 Inch

The product has a projector screen, eye nut, cross bar, ground nail, and storage bags. The premium projector screen made of PVC is clearer than all other materials because it has an optical pattern to make the light evenly reflected. The outdoor projector screen promises to provide a brighter and smoother surface than most other screens. More than 160 viewsANGLE. Their 120 inch front outdoor movie screen with 1.3 gain, 160 viewing angle, 16:9 screen format,4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection ready, offering wide viewing area, brings you a fantastic widescreen experience for your movie nights, presentions, photo sharing and other display. There is a bag that can be used for banditry. The projector screen has a storage bag. Their projector screens are easy to travel with. You can put the portable projector screen in a backpack or suitcase. The movie screen can be fastened with the included sticky hooks or ropes within 2 minutes. The video projection screens have 30 grommets installed. A soft cloth or brush can be used to clean the projector screen. This outdoor screens for movies comes for folded transport, so the first time there will be crease, and it will disappear after has the projector screen fully streteched and hang for several days. Their projector screen has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty. Any issues with the projector screen can be reported to them.

Brand: Jwsit

👤I bought a 1060 and decided I wanted a screen. The wall could fit around 200. I decided to go with a 180. This is the screen that I bought. It's so cheap. For real. It arrived. There is a folder. Wrinkled. It's a mess. Some suggestions from family. I painted it like a canvas. $50 later in 2x4's, metal brackets and washers. It looks great. 149 boards. There are 76 side boards. It was a laid flat. The metal plates were screwed together. It worked out perfectly. A little wrinkled but mostly gone. It was worth it! Been a few months. It was still wrinkled. I'm not sure how to fix it. You don't notice it often. So still 5 out of 5.

👤This is a sturdy and economical item that needs to be stretched with force in order to look good. You can make this look pristine if you build or buy the frame to fit. If you buy rolls of this material, it never has the useful grommets around the exterior that make assembly and disassembly so much easier. My "180 inch" screen is listed as 156.9w x 88.2h and mine is 160w x 92h. This is before the race starts. They only count the usable screen area and not the black border around the perimeter. It fits my needs perfectly. The stars are 5. I'm a computer guy and a gun guy, so when I saw the pistol training program interacting with a projected computer screen, I was anxious to try the setup. To make this range, I needed a high end computer, a projector, a laser training device, and the 'Smokeless Range' software. That shopping list is hard for average retail shoppers. For a tech nerd. There is a The high end computer... The top rack of the shelf has everything with 4 cores or more, and the bin in the corner has all the video cards with 2 and higher. I can build three or four adequate pc's with just what I have on hand. It was easy. Hmm, a projector... A customer and close friend was pricing projectors recently, let him tell you about it. A phone call later. My friend promoted his business personally in conference rooms for the past 4 years with his $800 Epson 730HD and now that he's retired, "That thing's just taking up space, now." You can have it if you want to. Before my eyes lit up, I had to look at the specifications. 3000 lumens and 720P? That's perfect! The entire device only had 800 hours of use and he included 25' cables/remote/stand. I got lucky with that item. The screen and stand. That's why we're here, right? The man offered me a 120" screen with an expansion stand. I might get it later, but my arrogant punk said he was going to build a bigger one. I feel foolish rejecting it, but my one is custom made for the room size, and I spent a lot of time building it. It turns out that screens over 120" are rare and expensive. I was hesitant on this item because of the terrible reviews, but I like a challenge. I put the 180" in my shopping cart with some paracord and bungees, but I wondered what else I had been meaning to order. An elastic net for the back of my truck. I put the appropriate sized net in my cart as well. I went to checkout and had a revelation that left my mouth agape. The screen needs to be stretched around a rigid frame and held tight at 36 separate points behind the 13ft frame. This... It was too perfect of a combination to ignore. I measured the screen when I got the items and began making a frame. It would have to be sturdy enough not to bend under heavy pressure, but easy to disassemble without tools, and light enough for one person to carry. Most great material options were very expensive. When the low end factory pull down model is $900, I'm not going to spend $500 on a screen. I settled for a schedule 40 with 3 braces going vertical and 2 horizontal. The material was much thicker than I anticipated, but it didn't flex at all to the amount of pressure and distance I tested. The entire frame kit was under $100 and included the 7x pieces of 1 x 0.5" x 6' foam pipe insulation, 4x 90 degree joints, 10x T-joints, 6x 4-way (plus sign) joints, and 10x 10' long pieces of 1.25- The insulation on the pipe was to blend the corners between the joints and pipe to prevent tearing. I factored the internal gaps in each joint into my material needs before purchasing this. It sounds simple and easy to put that much PVC together and stretch the screen around it. My measurements were perfect, but there was no room for slack and it would be a TIGHT fit. I wore myself out until midnight getting the frame hammered together, stretching the screen around the frame with the carabiners and truck net, lifting it into place so the flex of the PVC joints is away from the back of the screen. I don't use that phrase lightly when I say I wore myself out. Stretching it to the frame was like lifting 30-40 lbs and releasing it at different angles for hours. I was wiped between the cutting, construction and stretching. The first picture I took of the Windows desktop was the one that had the screen size right. I know there is a smallwrinkle at the bottom of the picture, but it is not in the other pictures. Was this experience worth it? The movie is on a 13' wide screen. Absolutely! I can use it for everything, not just the Smokeless Range, because it touches both sides of my spare room. The thing looks pretty. The only way to see the folds is to use a flashlight and they are small. The screen and accidental home theater room are acquired. I can go into detail about the 'Smokeless Range', but I will do a separate review on that. It works well with this screen and is what I wanted. This large space has a Tv, computer, shooting range, and work space. The aspect ratio of the screen has changed a little, but it is still a great middle ground for both 2.39:1 and 16:9. This item was what I needed.

10. Projector Screen Stand Portable Projection

Projector Screen Stand Portable Projection

The projector screen has a wide viewing angle. The projection screen is made of high-quality spandex material, that offers sharp and high-resolution images. The projection screen can be set in about 5 minutes. No strings, no screws, just several kinds of accessory that can be quickly and firmly set up. The projection screen has a weight of 6 lbs. You can either put travel bags on your shoulders or hold it on one hand. It was easy to put away in the car trunks. It's easy to travel with for family trips, camping, or backyard movie nights. The foldable projector screen with unique base of the stands keep stable. Plastic joints can be inserted into aluminum poles with a tight fit. It can be inserted in the hole of the bases when in the lawn, which can improve the stability. Application areas. The projection screen can be used indoors or outdoors. There are many things like camping, backyard movie, home theater, large commercial activity center, performance entertainment center, even mini drive-in theater.

Brand: Skerell

👤A good portable screen. It was not in time for our party, but will still be used many times to come. It is what we need and if you take a few more steps, it will work. I recommend using some tie-down from the top corners to keep the screen taut. The carrying bag is great. We will use it for a lot of things. I didn't expect the support poles to be made of aluminum or PVC. The joints are made of plastic. The screen uses a sleeve instead of a grommets to attach to the frame, which is much better for the lifespan of the screen.

👤It won't stand on its own. Ours was missing parts, stained, and smelled funny. Don't waste your money on this. It's junk.

👤I have a setup in my living room that covers the regular TV for special occasions. The cutoff for the TV alcove is where the top leans. I would recommend putting a brick on either side of the feet of the person planning to use the outside. I have an inflatable 20' screen setup that is similar to giant kites. Something fierce needs to be tied down that one. It's huge and amazing. Hopefully you can lean against a wall. Five stars for total value and sitting my needs.

👤Was very happy. It was camping. It fell because it was really windy. It worked well with the right weights. I love the bag. I was able to fit my projector in the bag. The bag is easy to carry. Light weight. I definitely recommend.

👤The attachment post on one of the feet had a stripped out screw hole and had to be filled with Weld so the screen wouldn't flop over. The screen is not good outside during the day because it is flimsy and light comes through it. It needs to be transparent. The stand is too weak to stand up well if there is a breeze. It does work well indoors now that the foot is repaired.

👤It is a little difficult to set up, but once it is up it is awesome.

👤The projector I got for Christmas was powered by this screen. It is very easy to put together. The pieces fit in the bag. Highly recommended.

👤It's easy to set up, but make sure you have a brick or two for each foot. But gives a nice picture.

👤The SKERELL 120" projection screen is perfect for our needs. It is easy to carry, comes with a bag, and the assembly process takes less than 5 minutes. The assembled product is strong and sturdy, the screen looks great, and it enhances the images from our projector. The frame is strong and lightweight because of the aluminum allow. It's a great price for a high quality screen. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought this as the walls in my house are painted a dark grey and my projector footage is not as good as it could be. The stand is simple to set up and makes a huge difference.

11. GOOSH Inflatable Projection Beautiful Bag,Blowing

GOOSH Inflatable Projection Beautiful Bag%EF%BC%8CBlowing

The projector screen 120 inch outdoor is portable and easy to carry, it comes with a soft padded carry bag which is suitable for most of the trunk. The carry bag is 38.6” x13.3” x 7.4” The screen material can be folded in a bag so it is easy to travel with for family trips, camping, or backyard movie night. 100% satisfaction with a 2-year warranty. Good screen quality. Applause and Compliments from people always come from the GOOSH Canvas Material Projector Screen. Their special material makes them have bigger screen, better image and resolution than other similar products. Front and back design. The material for the screen supports two ways of projecting. You can put your projector in front or back, which will give you more flexibility for your screening party. The design of the screen makes it easier to adjust position, and you will get the same quality of image. It's easy and convenient. The Pull Ring makes theater Screen easy to set up. It has a Storage Bag that is perfect for your car and you can carry it on to go. The ground stakes, ropes, and bag are perfect for an outdoor cinema project backyard. The most powerful blower on the market is their 350w blower. It will be standing up to its full height in a minute. The screen is ready to display and it is wind resistant thanks to the powerful blower. If you have a question, please message them through the contact seller. Premium service would be provided by their service team. Let's watch movies together with family and friends.

Brand: Goosh

👤This was used for a movie night themed birthday party and it was easy to inflate and deflate. I would get a bigger one if I had to.

👤The screen is not blacked out in the back so you can see shadows and lights.

👤Popped up. Attaching the screen was easy. The screen was tight and smooth.

👤The video screen at the park is fake and has been digitally replaced. The video is moving while the screen is not, if you look closely at the bottom right corner.


What is the best product for home theater screen 120 inch?

Home theater screen 120 inch products from P-jing. In this article about home theater screen 120 inch you can see why people choose the product. Taotique and Showmaven are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater screen 120 inch.

What are the best brands for home theater screen 120 inch?

P-jing, Taotique and Showmaven are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater screen 120 inch. Find the detail in this article. Mdbebbron, P-jing and Azxrhwygs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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