Best Home Theater Seating Accessories

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1. Inflatable Outdoor Indoor Theater Projector

Inflatable Outdoor Indoor Theater Projector

The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses; for every taste and budget; was designed and manufactured by the company. Bigger screen size than the culprit. The diagonal length of the inflatable screen frame is 16 feet, while the projection screen length is over 10 feet. If you choose their products, you can buy a larger screen and frame at the same price. The back of the projection screen has a black material to prevent light transmission, and the screen has a professional projection screen. The fan they sent is a new generation of silent fans, which is more powerful and quieter, and will bring you a better viewing experience. The WUSHEG inflatable movie screen is easy to set up, and it's convenient. The package includes an air blower, rope, storage bag, and lron hook. The blow up movie screen is easy to clean and store. It is easy to clean and maintain your screen with theremovable projection surface.

Brand: Wusheng

👤This one is pretty good without much experience in projector screens. I was able to do it with help from a 7 year old. The screen is thick, that means that the picture projected onto it really pops. The screen has a black backing to help with the picture quality being projected onto the white front, as it can't setup the projector behind to project through the screen. The bag that comes with the setup is large enough to hold the frame, screen, and air pump without the help of an expert. I didn't see any issues with the pump, even though I have seen other reviews complain about the air pump not being enough to sustain the setup. The tie on spot for the pump isn't easy to get right. It slipped off a few times, but I tied it on correctly to hold the air chute to the air pump. It is a figure it out deal because there are no instructions. The frame setup was not an issue because I had it backwards. The name of the company should be on the bottom horizontal piece of the frame.

👤I was a middle aged giggling man when the fan blew the frame up in 3 seconds. The screen is white. If you tighten the straps the way you want them, you can just use the clips to remove it, since the bag is useless. I put a sound bar in there to keep it all together. The product was awesome. I don't like tying things, so I recommend a strap to tighten the fan to the frame.

👤When it was on sale, I got this. I don't like the idea of a "blow up" as I see costly repairs down the road. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this came together. I used a projector with a fire stick and a speaker that was connected to the aux in. I only had this up for 30 minutes and didn't try to get them out. The air seems to leak from the seams. I think that's a feature as you need to keep the blower going the whole time. The air can be released quickly with the help of a zip-up. I would prefer a flap over the zipper so it doesn't leak as much air, but I'm not the designer. It folded back up into its bag. I don't recommend putting stakes or sowing kit in a bag as they will cause damage. I will get a plastic container for it all and put it in there.

👤The product was easy to use. It was easy to take down. We could hear the movie we were watching without a problem. The picture on the screen was very clear, and almost like watching a TV. We were camping and it was great to use it. We were able to set a lot of people outside so everyone could see the movie. It will be used a lot next summer.

2. Furinno 11087GYW BK Turn N Tube 3 Tier

Furinno 11087GYW BK Turn N Tube 3 Tier

A small end table is suitable for small spaces. The quality of the material is high. Added safety feature. The corner is round to reduce the risk of injury. Each tier can hold up to 15 lbs. The product is 13 feet by 11 feet by 22 inches. The product is 13 feet by 11 feet by 22 inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤I wasn't expecting the quality to be great for the price, but it was. It's very durable and looks expensive. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this table to use as a bedside table. I found the assembly to be simple and straightforward. It probably took me less than 10 minutes to put the table together, just your hands and a lot of turning. The table should be able to hold reasonable things if you don't expect to use anything heavy or abuse it. The levels are made of medium density fiberboard and the stands are strong. The table is unbalanced and doesn't have an easy way to fix it, which is why I took off two stars. One of the legs would be like a fridge. My table is unbalanced if nothing is on it. I don't notice if I put heavy objects on it. This is a little too small for many objects. The middle shelf is too close to the top shelf to hold tall books, even though the bottom shelf is perfect for coffee table sized books. It's good for holding small items or having an extra place to put things. If you need an extra table and don't want to spend a lot of money, this is a good product.

👤This is a temporary side table. It definitely did the trick, but it looks cheap and only suitable to be placed on a flat surface, not a carpet, as it is light and not very sturdy.

👤The product's composition gets a five star for me. It's easy to assemble and it's value for money. The table is made of particle boards and uses a bonding agent. After years, off gassing in wherever it's located releases this formaldehyde as a gas. I have confirmed with the company that this table uses less than 0.10 parts per million. It's usually 0.05 in standard. The levels of 0.1 to 0.5 ppm have caused irritation to the eyes. Changes in lung function have been caused by levels from 0.6 to 0.9. Which is what the product uses. I think it's absurd. The particle boards are small. It's not necessary to have more than 0.05 parts per million. The table is great. It's easy to set up because of the quality, price, and execution of design. I suppose that's how it is. Formaldehyde makes it easy to mass-produce wood. This makes it cheap and affordable and doesn't mean it's low quality. Full wood furniture is very expensive and hard to mass produce, so full wood nightstands which don't use toxic things go from the range of $200-$800 even. I simply could not afford that at the moment, and I need one. This does the job a nightstand does, and it does it well. This works for me. I like it. If the following wasn't important to me, it would get five stars in everything. If you can afford it, you should get a full wood product or a product that has less of the harmful substance. It's not to say the quality. This product is not good. Make sure you understand how much you're already exposed to before purchasing this product. Almost every house that uses wood as a building resource in existence uses processed wood which is known to be very toxic to humans, and if they don't let the house off-gas for around 2 years, most people are exposed to very large amounts of formaldehyde, which is known to be It's a long time to not live in a home. The diameter measurement of how much processed wood you have in your home is more important than the significance of a house. It is bad news that the ceilings are worth nothing. Your bed cloth may use it. You may also have other items. Which uses it. If you can, limit your exposure as much as possible, possibly remove products in your home which do contain formaldehyde, ventilate your home and open windows often, and find other means of air filters and absorption of it, but before anything else, make sure you remove as much as you can. If that is not possible, try to remove as much as possible, and seek professional advice on how to handle exposure before taking any of what I've said into consideration. Formaldehyde isn't something to mess with. People that work in the environments around it have developed extreme issues because it is very toxic to humans. It doesn't just take breathing. It's contact as well.

3. Hollywood Hanging Decorations Ceremony Supplies

Hollywood Hanging Decorations Ceremony Supplies

The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses; for every taste and budget; was designed and manufactured by the company. Movie themed decorations come with 30 pieces party foil swirl decorations, which include 21 foil swirl decorations cutout cards, and 9 double spiral decorations without cutouts, as well as a well selected movie themed ornaments for you to decorate and add strong atmosphere of parties. Their movie theme party decorations are made of high quality paper, which has good wear resistance, and can serve you and your friends. How to use it. The hanging swirl decoration needs to be taken out. The connection part of the swirl should be torn. Tearing along the edge. You can use metallic foil swirl decorations for your movie theme party, which will really get the party atmosphere going. This movie theme party hanging swirls are perfect for your birthday party, graduation party, movie night party, or celebration event, and can be used with other or movie night themed party decorations supplies. The awards night ceremony style design will highlight your entertaining gathering, creating atmosphere for your movie theme party.

Brand: Blulu

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday party. We were very happy with the results. Would order again.

👤I received 18 hanging swirls, but no cut outs. The movie theme cut outs were the only reason I purchased this kit. The decorations for my son's birthday party are not here.

👤Very happy with the decorations! Just what we were looking for.

👤For my daughter's birthday, we used to watch a movie. It made the room look better. She liked it so much that she made her movie night more special.

👤The atmosphere for the theme was really added to by using this. It would be too many hanging decorations for a small gathering. I was not sure how the decorations would be used.

👤It was used for a party. Lots of decorations in the pack, great value.

👤It looked great but it was a bit 888-353-1299

4. OOTSR Organizer Recliner Smartphone Magazines

OOTSR Organizer Recliner Smartphone Magazines

The sofa armrest is 7.2 inches wide and is suitable for most couch, recliner and chair arms. Take the actual size into account. The second image is in the details page. The remote storage couch organizer can hold a lot of things. To keep their home clean. You don't need to look for a remote control or phone to use this couch pocket holder, just put the things you need in it. Don't put it into a washing machine to clean it, it's made of durable Oxford fabric. The sofa organize pouch is a great idea for a simple, casual and tidy life. If there is an issue, please contact them.

Brand: Ootsr

👤This is amazing. Well constructed, sturdy, doesn't slip, and so handy for all our gadgets. I like the tray. I put my glasses, remote control and cell phone in it. It works well over the arm of my recliner. The pockets are all the same size. It would be a great gift. Very happy!

👤I didn't like the chair arm holder. It is not long enough to fit under a chair cushion. I put a few small items in the long pocket, but they just made it to the inside of the chair arm. The area on the top is not strong enough to hold a hot drink. It was usually one of my cats.

👤My chair has a rolled arm that is not symmetrical. The rolled arm is too heavy for the organizers to handle alone, so they want to slide off toward the lower edge of the roll. I cut a piece of the shelf liner to help with the sliding. I put the cylinders under the item on either side of the roll to make the surface more level. Most of the weight is put in the remotes. I put them in the three compartments on the side of the chair's organizers. The weight was equalized by putting some ballast in the slot on the outer side. I put drinks on the organizers, but my chair is a recliner and I can't trust it. I have made my own version of the organizers and I am very happy with it.

👤Sides are not long enough to stay on the couch. The weight distribution didn't help.

👤This is my second one. The command center is what I call it. I don't feel like getting up to search for small items, so it's very handy to hold them. The pockets that hold your controls are not back-stitches. The manufacturer does not sew back and forth a few times to secure the seam. Bad business practice can be made right by adding another buck. This one has fallen apart very quickly. I need to get out my needle and thread. You have to put things in the back pocket as well.

👤The organization needs rubber or non slip underside to prevent slipping.

👤Poor quality and poorly made. It was ripped at the seams when it arrived. Not worth the money.

👤The photos make it look better than it really is. Will be back.

👤I wondered what you would get for the price. I was pleasantly pleased with the arrival of this yesterday. It works well. It's great for storing my remotes, TV, sound bar, roku box and electric fireplace, and it's just fine on my sofa. It's strong enough to hold a cup of coffee and can hold magazines, books, ear buds, etc. The smell was the only con that I could find. A strong smell of gasoline or something similar. I put it outside to see if it would blow off. I can still smell it when I enter the room, even though it is better today. Any suggestions? Will it wear off? It works just fine, other than the smell.

5. Movie Party Popcorn Boxes Decorations

Movie Party Popcorn Boxes Decorations

There are multiple applications. Any place could be used with theNexluxusbled strip lights. Can be powered by any device with a 5V port, such as your computer, desktop, car, or wall charging device. A great gift for friends and family. There are 20 open-top popcorn boxes in the package. Popcorn holders are 6 x 4. Popcorn snack boxes have a classic red and white stripe design and are fun to decorate. It's great for any event. These retro popcorn bags are perfect for a circus themed party. A popcorn favor box is a great party favor. Popcorn containers are perfect for snacking. Are you having a party? These bags are perfect for popcorn machines. Popcorn boxes are foldable so they can be easily stored until you're ready to use them.

Brand: Kedudes

👤We bought these for a movie party. There was a hole in the bottom that was not tight. The top of the house was leaking out. I suppose if you used plain popcorn or microwaved popcorn it would work. I wouldn't add any more salt or flavors.

👤Great! Goody bags were made with them.

👤We were looking for something that was perfect. We have a lot of nieces and nephews that love to come over and play in our arcade and eat popcorn from our popcorn machine - these are great for those one or two time uses by kids as we don't have to worry about broken or missing bowls, and the size is just right The popcorn machine has a display next to it. I did the whole box in less than 5 minutes after folding them.

👤These boxes made great gifts for my coworkers. I put a redbox movie code in the box along with popcorn, pizza giftcard, and movie candy. Everyone loved them.

👤My daughter likes popcorn. I bought a pop corn machine so that I and my daughter could experience popping pop corn, which I don't use microwaves for. We put pop corn in cute containers with butter, salt, and garlic. Don't use too much oil as it may soak through the carton. I doubled the box after that happened to us. This is a good buy.

👤My daughter had a drive-by party. We will use the remaining few to 800-273-3217

👤They were used this weekend on our camping outting and we loved making popcorn over an open fire. They are very sturdy and have a lot of room in them. I'm sure that will be purchasing more.

👤Fast shipping and a good product. Negative feedback was intended for another seller of the same product. I tried to apologize but the website wouldn't let me. Will purchase again and recommend others. A+ rating.

👤It was exactly what I needed.

👤Li ho acquistati per la festa.

👤Son pequeas estn.

6. Flash Furniture Comfort Reclining Straight

Flash Furniture Comfort Reclining Straight

Make your house the place to be with this reclining theater seating unit. The product cannot be shipped to Canada. LeatherSoft upholstery is soft and durable. The weight capacity of the foam is 250 lbs. Contemporary styling is great in your living room, media room, den or man cave. The overall size is 113"W x 37-66"D x 40"H, the seat is 22"W x 21"D, and the back is 27"W x 24"H. Wall clearance is 6.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I love this! I'm a 50 year old woman who was able to get the furniture upstairs. It's gorgeous. It's very easy to put together. You won't need the schematic to assemble it because it is shipped in 3 boxes. It looks nice and I think it's a steal. It was very well made and comfortable. I bought this for a small room. The room is small. I had priced similar pieces at furniture stores and they were more expensive. It has cup holders and is fully reclined. I'm very satisfied with this furniture piece and I would recommend it. It's very easy to assemble. The center console's top tier is where you will bolt. The other pieces can be attached to each other. The edges have a piece of velcro on them. It looks expensive.

👤I was a little worried about the look and feel, but after I got used to it, I realized it was no different from my other leather couches. I looked all over the internet and found a local furniture store that sold 2,000 dollars. I like to be different from others. This seating added a lot of pizazz, instead of being a solid black one. The arms have a huge amount of storage. If your kids like to play hide and seek, they might be able to fit in there. Recliners are easy to use and pop out with no problem, even though it has a pulley handle. The seller's customer service was great and the corner that sagged was taken care of by me. I would highly recommend these because my movie theater looks amazing.

👤The home theater seating was decent. I thought the boxes would be large. I have a small basement with a narrow door space to fit them through. I was able to get them to the basement with some help. The seat backs are not attached. The person who said the backs don't come off is wrong. Set fit together well. It seems sturdy. I will get used to them. This is the first thing I will do to rebuild my home theater. They are firm so you won't like it if you like super comfy seats. It's comfortable for me. The reclining works well. Stays reclined. Cup holders and storage areas are perfect. The material is not real leather. It's easy to keep clean. I hope the mechanism doesn't break. I have had a recliner that broke. It's more than 100 inches wide. My space was about 130 inches wide. It was close, but not so close that I couldn't walk around it in my basement.

👤I'm not sure why most of the reviews say they were comfortable. Holy smokes! It is like sitting on a thin mat. They looked softer in the pictures. My butt was numb at halftime while I was watching college football. They are made for shorter people. My feet are not very comfortable and I am 6'1". They don't provide great neck support and the reclined position isn't very good for watching tv I was disappointed. You get what you pay for. If comfort is important to you, you may want to save up and spend more money on nicer seats. Kids may find them more comfortable than 50 year olds. My opinion.

7. Theater Filmstrip Clapboard Decorative Pillowcases

Theater Filmstrip Clapboard Decorative Pillowcases

Design quotient. Their rugs are rich in chocolate brown and complement a wide range of décor styles. The set of 6 Pillow Covers is only used for 16” to 20” Pillow inserts. The pattern is one side only and the back is nature linen. Vintage cinema poster design throw pillow covers are easy to match your sofa, couch,bed and other pillows. It is made of durable and eco-friendly materials. It is a good idea to keep your square throw pillows clean. ULOVEYOURSELF pillow covers are a work of art and not a simple home decor item. They monitor every step of the process to make sure that you will receive a high quality product.

Brand: Ulove Love Yourself

👤These are great for my home theater. The fabric is not very soft but it is comfortable enough to hug during a movie. They made my theater room look better. The colors are not as vibrant as the picture shows. The cases are folded in the picture. The pillows were ordered separately.

👤The Home Theater Room was the perfect place to put these pillow cases. They fit the pillows perfectly. Would definitely recommend.

👤I think a cheap decoration print adds a bit of class to a movie room. I used polyfill from Hobby Lobby to fill the covers instead of buying pillows. There is a nice addition to the seating areas.

👤The quick grab comfort pillow fits nicely in our movie room. Put the covers on with ease after buying pillows separately.

👤The design is beautiful. A quality image. It's perfect for my media room.

👤The media room chairs have great covers. Very pretty.

👤The pictures size is perfect.

8. Armrest Drinks Remote Control Snacks

Armrest Drinks Remote Control Snacks

Angor is always dedicated to provide excellent home wifi projectors and no-complaints customer service. They will give you a money back and new replacement guarantee within 6 months if you have missed any parts or received a broken item, and they will also give you professional technical support for 2 years. It's handy for reaching drinks, snacks, and remote control. The table is held in place with strong spring arms that fit in both round and square arms. Just clip on and uninstall in a second, without the need for assemble or tools. Premium food grade plastic is black. The measurement is 12.3(L) x 9(W) x 2.5 collapse/ 4.5 expand.

Brand: F&t

👤I have ordered 2 more of this item. The price is reasonable. The arm of the chair has a clip on it. Amazon had a professional installation for $68.84. I thought I could save the money by doing it myself. I put it on the arm of the chair after taking it out of the box.

👤We were going to use this for wife's morning tea and fruit bowl. The catalog photo of this item does not have any reference points, so keep in mind that the surface area is only 12 inches by 11 inches, which is slightly larger than a piece of notebook paper in the center. The space between the couch arm and the clamps that is used to attach it is 7 inches. The lower set of serrations have a hard time holding the tray if your couch armrest is more in the 4 to 5 inch range. Setting an empty bowl and cup on the surface made it slip. I wouldn't trust it with a cup of coffee. The construction is made of 1/16 inch molded plastic. It seems adequate to hold the weight of anything that would fit on it. Also available in white. You can sign up for "expert installation" for an additional 68 dollars. If your couch has wide arms and not a lot of stuffing, and you need remote controls, eyeglasses, and small pill bottles, this might be your most cost-effective solution. If you'd like to try one of these out, Amazon is very good about accepting returns.

👤These are cheap and do not look like wood. They come assembled, but not sure why there is an expert assembly option. The legs are spring loaded and if you're not careful they will throw the table and drink over the sofa and floor. They are not strong enough for glasses or coffee cups. They are very thin.

👤This is an interesting concept, but poorly executed. Even if the tray is stuck on the armrest, it won't keep it in place. If you put a drink on the tray, you should expect it to fall on your lap or on the side of the couch. The entire purpose of buying this for me was to have a place to set a drink down, and this will not do this except on a chair that the manufacturer used to test this product. I don't think you could put an object on this tray that was secure on the arm of the couch.

👤The concept is close to a home run. This thing could be great with a few minor improvements. It's still okay, but it could be better. There are two missing things; the tray and the contact surfaces of the clamp arms. This will help stop items from sliding. The grip arms need a bigger contact area on the tension-hinged clamps. To accommodate varying thickness of couch/chair arms, there should be slides on the bottom of the tray. The RV chair is smaller than average home chairs. If the weight of the contents shifts left or right, the tray will easily slide off and everything will fall on the floor. If you have something that has any weight, it's especially important. The plastic surfaces that contact your sofa/chair are smooth and have small cut outs that are hard to grip. They didn't want to risk ripping furniture, so it's not more aggressive. If a Silicone surface could adhere to the fabric, it could be achieved with a stronger grip. Also, stronger springs could be considered. It's a very clever idea and needs to be executed better.

9. PERLESMITH Universal Stand Table Adjustable Heavy Duty

PERLESMITH Universal Stand Table Adjustable Heavy Duty

There is wide comparativebility. It works on most flat screen TVs up to 88 lbs, including Sony, Vizio, Sharp, and more. It's a great solution for the bedroom, game room, classroom, hotel room, or office. It is compatible with VESA patterns of 100x 100mm to 400x 400mm. 70 OF SWIVEL: You can choose the most comfortable viewing angle by using the 35 left or right lever. Change the screen direction in multiple seating areas. It is possible to adjust the height. The TV plate can be installed in three height adjustment positions. The TV brackets have height adjustment options. Strong and hardy. The TV base is made of strong steel and heavy-duty glass. The back of the unit has cable management clips. Easy assembly. Choose a TV stand over a mount to save money and avoid wall damage. Hardware and the instruction manual are included with each unit. If you need assistance, please contact their US-based customer support team. Easy assembly. Choose a TV stand over a mount to save money and avoid wall damage. Hardware and the instruction manual are included with each unit. If you need assistance, please contact their US-based customer support team.

Brand: Perlesmith

👤There was nothing bad to say about this item. The base should be heavy to make it more solid and avoid tipping over the TV. If it wasn't for this base, the TV would have been returned because of the flimsy plastic feet that came with it, even though we loved the picture on the TV. It had to go on top of a piece of furniture since there was no wall space between closets, doors and windows. If it wasn't for this stand, we wouldn't have been able to see the TV screen straight on. I did it alone while my husband was away. I spread out the parts, read the directions and do it step by step, it's done. If you read the item description, you'll be able to find the screws that fit your television, if you know your brand and size. The item is a very good one.

👤I wiped down the base corners of the Foot Pads to make sure they were easy to stick on to. I applied Scotch-tape to the corners that were dry to act as guides for placement of the Pads. I pressed the Pads into place and then removed the tapes. Done. The base has a shiny side and a dull side. I was tempted to go the other way, since the shiny side of the Pads could have provided better grab for the Pads. The base's reflection on the TV can be seen by viewers if the TV is low to the base. We don't want that to distract us. I made sure that my TV height and viewers' seated locations wouldn't be a problem. For me, it was shiny side up. Good luck with your build!

👤This is a great stand. The cheap plastic legs on the expensive TVs are not new. Most people are mounting TVs on walls. This stand is a must for those of you who don't want to hire the Geek Squad or drill holes in your walls. I was able to assemble it and mount it on my own in under an hour. A bigger TV would need two people to handle it. The instructions were easy to understand, and the kit came with a huge assortment of screws and spacers, all neatly separated by size into separate sealed compartments in a long plastic sleeve. If you mix the pieces up, you will spend an hour re-sorting them. There were no missing parts. That is a big win these days. My only assembly advice is to have a good level. The TV looked straight but the slope was obvious when I stood five feet away. It took two minutes to loosen a few screws, adjust the TV and voila, it was perfectly level. No complaints about fit and finish. Plugging in all the cables was much easier because the stand is easy to use. After a month of everyday use, I haven't noticed any slippage, even though I saved the Allen wrench just in case.

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

It's easy on the body. The recliner is made of plush upholstery in a handsomely textured twill and has a divided bustle design. Reclining motion eases you back, because you can sit back and relax on comfy, high-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in ultra- soft polyester upholstery. It has notable details. The frame constructions feature corners that are blocked and stapled, and the cushion cores are made of low melt fiber wrapped over high quality foam. There's plenty of room to sprawl out in this chair, which is 70 inches in length. Easy-to- follow instructions are included for the assembly of the chair back slides. Direct from the manufacturing process, the extra care is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses; for every taste and budget; was designed and manufactured by the company.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤I did a lot of research before ordering a recliner online. I love it. It's big and fluffy and has great support for my back when I recline. It is almost completely flat, and the first weekend I had it, I fell asleep twice and burned my dinner. It's a good thing. It was worth it! It was delivered by ABF freight company. It wasn't that hard to get it in the door, I live alone and was worried about that. I had to unpack the box on the porch and bring in the pieces at a time. You just have to put the back on, and you're ready to sleep. The picture will show you how far back it is. The curious kitty is in the corner.

👤I got a chair. It was new out of the box. The delivery man helped me put it back on. I'm pretty sure I could have done it myself. The chair is easy to sit in. The chair is large enough for me and my dog to sit in, and the arms are wide and full. Lifting the lever on the side makes it easy to recline. It is hard to push the lever down when you want to leave the recline position. I have to use the handle and press with my legs at the same time. The cushion part of the arms don't stay with you when the chair is reclined, so there is a gap between the elbow and the cushion. So far, so good. I've always bought furniture from the same company, so I wasn't afraid to buy this chair. I will revise my review if it goes wrong. I am 5'2 and the chair feels comfortable, but I can't actually put my feet on the floor, but I can still rock, and usually I am in a recline position or pull my legs up into the chair. The head rest does not push my head forward as some chairs do.

👤This is to replace my husband's recliner. The chair seems to have been built well. The cushion on the footrest is good, but the armrest is so low you can't rest on them. The color is rich brown. We have to return it. We will stop ordering on line and go to the store. The chair automatically reclines and the foot stool pops up high. He can't just sit upright and use his tablets, he has to sit up and use his foot rest. The back relaxes even more when you just relax. I don't know, but what happened to the recliner that you could pop up the footrest and still sit up and use your device? Stay in those positions when you recline half way or all the way. We will be going to the store to look for the right chair. We are not the chair. Since the store we're going to carries Ashley chairs, we will most likely look at it.

👤I ordered a chair to replace my broken recliner. I almost bought the same chair at the local furniture stores for $125 more than I found it on Amazon. The deal was sealed with free delivery to my door. I'm 6 feet tall. It is still comfortable even though my feet hang over a bit. It was well padded. The lever control helps close the chair and I like the function rocker. I had a chair with a cable release that broke and was a PITA to close. The lever was a must have. They called to verify appointment time after they email the delivery company.

11. Seatcraft Diamante Adjustable Headrests SoundShaker

Seatcraft Diamante Adjustable Headrests SoundShaker

Assembly is required for the dark brown Leg Material: Birch. The finest material. The leather is hand-selected from the top 30% of raw materials for the finest touch, look, and durability. The top-in-class competition. You can experience the dream-level of comfort with the powered recline, memory function, and headrest all at your fingertips. The movie theater experience in your own home can be enjoyed with convenient features such as the lighted cup holders and base, hidden in-arm storage compartments, built-in SoundShaker bass shakers in each chair, and a swivel tray table for each seat. Shop with confidence. Seatcraft has decades of innovation and experience in home theater seating and is the top-rated brand on Amazon. The dimensions are 37" wide, 43" tall, 37" long when upright, and 65" long when fully reclined.

Brand: Seatcraft

👤I bought this chair because I am handicapped. The chair was put together quickly. I expected the chair to be more spacious. There were many problems when I sat in the car. My heals and feel were supported when I reclined my feet at the bottom of the recliner. My legs are not straight out. You can't use the cup holder on that side with the tray in place, and the arms are not long enough. The closed compartments are hard to get into if seated. The control panel is on the inside of the chair facing the seat, but theusb port is in the middle of the control panel. The plug can be easily broken off if a person hits it with a piece of furniture. The head rest and speed are good. The return to upright position switch is not accessible most of the time because it is above theusb port. I didn't try the SoundShaker. I spent a lot of money on this chair. I usually don't do reviews but I apologize for the negative one.

👤I decided to go with the best after a bad experience with Wayfair. I don't know what to say. I was so scared to sit in it because I'm a big dude. It supports me. I cried as I tried out all the buttons. The power head rest is amazing. I feel happy to be a human. The chair is nicer than my car. There is no adjustment for brightness of the blue lights, they are very bright in a small room, but you can just turn them off. The guys brought it to my house. There was no damage to the packaging. Movie night tonight!

👤This chair is very good. I didn't get to try the chair before I ordered it. I was hoping for the best on this purchase. I wasn't disappointed. It is pretty. The diamond stitching is very nice. The leather feels good on the skin. It is very comfortable to sit on. I like to watch tv and movies at the same time. I am planted for the day during football season. I can stay seated for hours if the mood strikes me. I can sit in the chair for a long time. The company was good. I was able to get a wide range for the delivery time. They call the night before to confirm or change delivery. They called again 30 minutes before the drop-off on the day of delivery. I bought another seat because I loved it so much.

👤I loved the leather. The ad leads you to believe that the chair has a sound. It was a miss leading. You can see how much more it is when you go to see it. The power port should have been placed on the side of the chair that is not touching your leg.

👤The recliner flew together quickly after being in a heavy box. The leather is beautiful. The motor is smooth and it looks well built. I don't understand the "ambient lighting" which is blue. They look like blue aircraft landing lights. If you dropped something in the carpet, the lighting would be better. In the second photo, you can see that the blue light on the wall is almost as bright as the big TV. That is a huge distraction. There is a Oh yes... The recliner is quite comfortable.


What is the best product for home theater seating accessories?

Home theater seating accessories products from Wusheng. In this article about home theater seating accessories you can see why people choose the product. Furinno and Blulu are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater seating accessories.

What are the best brands for home theater seating accessories?

Wusheng, Furinno and Blulu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater seating accessories. Find the detail in this article. Ootsr, Kedudes and Flash Furniture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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