Best Home Theater Seating Tray Table

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1. Cupsy Armchair Organizer Recliner Removable

Cupsy Armchair Organizer Recliner Removable

The blow up movie screen is easy to clean and store. It is easy to clean and maintain your screen with theremovable projection surface. It's a good idea to keep your coffee cups, wine glasses, cell phones, remote controls, eyeglasses, and nearly everything else in one place. Move the sturdy legs to tackle drink organization in all lifestyle locations. Place your stemware in the flip down arms. You and everyone else in your house use it for a long time. You can see how stable your drinks are. "Use it every day" is the customer review. I wish I had it a long time ago.

Brand: Cupsy

👤I ordered three of them because I love them so much. It worked really well when you started with one and saw how they were built. After having a bunch of friends over last week, I realized I wanted another one, and I ordered another one a few months ago. They are sturdy, sleek looking and I have gotten a lot of compliment on their appearance. The word "midnight" is black. I was worried that it might be a dark navy, but it is.

👤This product is what it says it is. You get two cupholders with rubber fingers inside to accommodate different sized cups, a storage area in the middle for remotes or other small items, and two fold down tabs on the ends for holding wine glasses. It's not working out well for me, for all that it seems fine. It's supposed to be placed between the couch cushions. The product sticks up out of my couch, making it less stable, because the "legs" that let you do this are so long. It's hard to place between two people without getting bumped. Swing and miss for me.

👤Love! What a great idea. A cup holder was needed. The corner has no place to put your beverage. It's also convenient.

👤This is a review of both the product and the customer service. The first Cupsy was damaged. One of the tabs in the leg holders broke and the leg wouldn't stay in that hole. Mark replied quickly and told us it was fine. He asked if we could send a picture of the damage, and a week later, our new Cupsy arrived and is in perfect condition. This product is very clever. It is small and holds a lot. We haven't tried it in a car yet, but it works well in our furniture. There are two small improvements that could increase its usefulness. There is a way to adjust the leg length. 2. If used on a table or hard floor, the non-slip surface on the bottom would not slide. Overall, a great product and very helpful.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She is happy. They are sturdy, attractive, well designed and perfect! I had a situation where the color of the 3rd cup holder was different even though I ordered the same color. Cupsy asked for a review. Mark from Cupsy immediately got back to me after I told them about my problem. I call it a customer centered company that cares about making sure each customer is completely satisfied. I am very happy and grateful. It's a good thing. You can take these cup holders to the beach. They would be a great gift for yourself or someone else.

👤The black one isn't very good and the legs won't stay in even after a replacement. We had the brown one foe for a few years and then we upgraded to the black one and it fell apart. The legs don't move. Glue it in place. Once you glue the legs into place, it does the job.

2. Able Life Tray Table Ergonomic

Able Life Tray Table Ergonomic

Able Life's safety handle provides balance and support when sitting and standing from a recliner, lift chair, or couch, and it supports up to 250 pounds. A built-in cup holder and utensil compartment is included in the Bamboo Tray Table, which is 16 by 18 inches and supports 30 pounds. The sofa desk is easy to install under the feet of most four legged lift chairs or recliners with feet 20 to 36 inches apart; each tray includes all the needed equipment for assembly, no additional tools required. Furniture feet can be placed on either the outside or inside of the pads to protect the floor from damage. The Able Tray can be adjusted to fit your furniture by adjusting the table height from 26 to 32 inches, the support handle height from 34 to 40 inches, and the base length from 20 to 36 inches.

Brand: Able Life Comfortably Independent

👤I could tell by the photos that I was going to have to make some changes. The tray is too small and doesn't have an edge. My 88 year old dad keeps his pills, mail, and pencils on his tray, and he likes to eat on it. He has been using a flimsy TV tray and having to move it around to get out of his way to use his lift chair, often resulting in spills and knocking things off his table. He needed to be able to pull the table away from his chair. He was spilling and dropping things with his TV tray arrangement. He had a good space to work and eat on. I attached the replacement pan to the top of the table with double stick foam tape and left the cupholder out to make sure it fit. The table was a little shaky since the chair's armrest was getting in the way of the table's extended hand hold, so for the table to work it had to be barely tucked under the chair legs. It was shaky. Unstable. After a week, my husband took his power screwdriver and screwed a couple of concrete anchors in through the metal base through the carpet and into the concrete floor to eliminate the problem. I would make a top that has a lip and modify the table to make it bigger. A person can maneuver the table around large armrests if the base is extended out farther. That would be great if they made those modifications. I know my dad is safe and his life is a little easier.

👤The weld on the bottom foot is broken by the beginning of April, after this was bought at the end of November. You can see that it's useless at this point. The sad part is that the handle part was not used until this week for support after surgery.

👤My mom loves this table. It's very convenient to change degrees. It's perfect next to recliners and it helps her feel secure when getting out of the recliner.

👤I ordered a table with an ergonomics assist. When I was shopping for an electric lift chair on Amazon, I didn't think about the fact that I was moving into a "tiny house" after living in a four bedroom home for 30 years. This little jewel is a marvel for anyone who has difficulty standing up from a recliner or easy chair. It makes the hospital bedside table look sick. This baby would take it, hands down, if there was a furniture Nobel Prize for elderly and/or disabled people like me. My son had the Able Table put together in a matter of minutes and it was also made to work with two easy chairs at the same time.

👤I broke the tray during assembly. It was almost impossible to turn the screw because the paint was in the screw hole. I put so much pressure on the allen wrench that it felt like it was going to break. My arm hit the tray hard. The tray ripped off the screws when it went flying. I tried to fix it, but ended up putting the tray on top of it. I decided to call the support line. They sent me a new tray and hanging brackets in a few days. I was confused when the tray ripped off. I had a hard time deciding if I should return the whole thing or give it another try because I was afraid it was just cheap. It's as well made as any of the others on the market. Most products made for the handicapped population are less than perfect, and this is new to us. We might have just lowered the bar and don't expect too much, because this stuff is often plain crap. I wish I'd ordered the tray with the knob instead of the handle because my husband decided the handle was in the way. That was my fault. The tray swings away when not in use. It fits under the recliner and is sturdy. The tray is small and easy to put more than a plate on. A lot of spills happen because the cup holder is not deep. Customer service is good. Shipping is fast. The product is described. I was not sure if I would give this 3 or 4 stars.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Rectangular

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Rectangular

Wheelchair end table. The built-in 3-outlet power strip makes this side table perfect for the living room. The look is comparable. The end table is made from wood and engineered wood. There is a lift-top storage compartment, drawer with twin cup holders, remote slot and lower storage cubby. Richly finished. The hardware was hand-applied with a medium brown finish. The magazine holder has a width of 10 and a height of 15. The space-eFFICIENT design is what it is. The chairside end table is 14 W x 24 D x 23 H. It's necessary to assemble: Hardware and tools are included. The power cord is listed on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website. Direct from the manufacturing process, the extra care is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. Buy with confidence was designed and manufactured by the company. The trusted source for stylish furniture. For every budget and taste. Buy with confidence was designed and manufactured by the company. The trusted source for stylish furniture. For every budget and taste.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤It's fantastic with a couple modifications. The side table has a built-in power cord, which is different from others. This product could have been made much better by the missed opportunity. They should have made two changes which would have made this a five star piece of furniture. The cords must exit on top of the furniture. That creates a look similar to my first photo. There is a messy surface. They should have put holes in the inside of the unit so that you can place things like a headset, laptop, or iPad charging cables through them. That way your electronics can stay out of sight. It's pretty worthless, but that drawer could have been so nice. The other area for the remote is a waste of space, and the cup holder is silly. We changed it by turning it upside down, removing the drawer rails, and cutting the sides of the drawer flush. We put the rails back together so it slides in. It took a few attempts to get the rails placed perfectly, but now we have a drawer that can hold an iPad and it can be charged in the drawer. There is a hole in the drawer. We have an end table with a drawer that has a power cord in it. We have a top shelf for our son's headsets and a bottom shelf where his controllers are stored, which is plugged into the integral charger and run through a hole we bored into the back of the cabinet. I did it myself and it was easy, I had never used a bore on a drill before. The furniture should have come with the holes already drilled. Nobody would have known they were there if you didn't use them. The manufacturer missed a golden opportunity. I really like our charging table.

👤The product was exactly what we were looking for. It is fully assembled and slid in. Usually I wait for my husband to come home to set up the packages. I did this one by myself. I was surprised to see people who received multiple items with 'gashes', but I thought this piece was a great quality. It was much cheaper to have an outlet, cup holder, and shelf all right next to you than it was to have them in stores. Would recommend.

👤I use these tables as end tables on either side of my couch, and we all love them! They are strong. There is a charging station in the top. There is a drawer with two built in cupholders and a remote holder. They are gorgeous! I just got a few comments on them. The wood on the top looks nice and it seems to be a material that resists water. Someone had a question about what the back of the table looked like and I attached a picture of it. I would recommend this table to everyone and I would buy it again.

👤I think I should have expected that. She seems to make nothing but garbage. The seller, Rhodes Furniture, is rotten as well. The pictures are attached. The drawer and slide out tray are not straight. They will not fully close. Rhodes Furniture wanted me to pay a 20% restocking fee if I returned it, and Amazon didn't help with that issue at all. I am learning to accept my over-priced piece of garbage from Rhodes Furniture. Be careful!

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Island

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Island

The chair side end table is clean and well-put together, and it's a great choice for a living room. Handcrafted: The table is made of wood with iron-tone hardware and has 2 fixed shelves. There is a storage solution. The open concept shelves make it an ideal place to add decor accents or an indoor plant. It's great for small spaces. Set beside a sofa for a practical room accent is what the studio floor plans do. It's necessary to assemble: Instructions, tools and hardware are included. Direct from the manufacturing plant, the furniture company goes the extra mile to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. The middle opening is 20.38 inches in width and 14.50 inches in depth. The bottom opening is 20.38 inches in width and 14.50 inches in depth. The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses; for every taste and budget; was designed and manufactured by the company.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤The tables are sturdy but not perfect. I had ordered 2 tables and it took 3 different deliveries to get them. The table was perfect. I paid for two and only got one, so I thought this was a good deal. The one that never arrived was replaced by Amazon. The second table arrived several days later and had a black permenant mark on it. Amazon agreed to send me a new one after I called. The second replacement seems to have over spray all over the edge. These tables are from the second generation of the company and not the quality that you normally get from them. I have stopped ordering furniture from Amazon because I don't think it's right. It is not going to happen that decent tables will be flawless.

👤I could see the damage to the table from the first one. I was lucky that I didn't have to rebox it. The shipping box looked like it was rolled from Amazon to my house. The top was not attached to the table after I opened the box. I couldn't find 5 of the 6 screws in the box after all the screws were pulled out. The electronics door was loose because the screws holding it were torn. Right along... The screws that held the corner in place had been pulled away from the right bottom where one of the legs was supposed to attach. I was able to get the electronics door back together with the help of large screws and glue. The leg brace had holes drilled into it. Amazon has a shipping problem for heavy furniture. I ordered my last furniture item from Amazon and it is in the area where a leg is attached. Picture 2 is one of the places that the top screws down.

👤The value is great. I paid the same for a table that disappointed me. I was pleasantly surprised by the weight and detail of this one. I had trouble with one leg. The leg was not notch for the bottom shelf. I broke out my own chisel and put the notch in myself after trying everything to assemble. The exposed wood is under a shelf. It took me going the extra mile to get to the final assembly, but I love the table.

👤It could have been a five star review. The table is what I was expecting. It seems to be well made, and it's perfect for our entry way. One of the drawers wasn't constructed squarely. Truth be told, not even close. I will have to break the wooden slide mechanism and reconstruct it so the drawer closes properly. I didn't think rebuilding a new piece of furniture was what I wanted to do. The shelf and top surface look very nice. I will coat them with varathane to make sure they last a long time.

👤This piece of furniture looks like an $800 piece. The heavy piece was delivered to my front door step and I only had to open the box and roll it over to my living room. It was assembled. The drawers and lifts are working great. I would be proud to have built this piece because I am very picky and a woodworker. I can't remember how much I received.

5. Table Mate II Adjustable Tray

Table Mate II Adjustable Tray

Without leaving any damage, the bubble was carefully packed. STURDY DESIGN: These folding table are lightweight and strong enough to hold a laptop or dinner plate. It has a cup holder to prevent spills. The dimensions are: 15"D x 21"W x 29.25"H. It is adjusted. The tray table is fully foldable and can be adjusted to 6 different heights. Set your food tray table to the perfect position so you don't strain or spill it again. Convenient and easy to use. The legs are designed to fit around obstacles. It's convenient to have a breakfast in bed tray, portable desk for dorm room, or couch tray for puzzles. Simply slide the table surface to a horizontal position, and the TV trays are ready to go. If you fold it down, put it under the couch or in the closet. It'sTILE: These tray tables make meals super convenient, and can also be used for reading, writing, living room crafting, entertaining with food, as a camping table, or as a laptop table for working from home!

Brand: Table-mate

👤The TV tray is what I expected. I am happy I bought it. Some of the other reviews are correct. It is light and not solid like a rock stable. I was not expecting it to be that way. The bar holding the tray is locked into place as mine sits on the ground. Raising it up and down can be difficult for an elderly person or someone with physical limitations because of the pins in the holes in each leg. I wouldn't say that storing it flat is a feature of this item, because that involves partially disassembling it. I'm not sure I'd trust the cup holder to hold my drink because it's flimsy and too small for some of our cups. I bought this for my son to do homework. I needed something light and small so that I could easily move it from one place to another. I like how it can be raised or lowered. The tray is large enough to hold textbooks. We need something under the paper to write on because the top is not smooth enough. I chose the model with the curved legs because I thought we'd accidentally kick this one less. I'm glad I got this one, but I want you to read the negative reviews so you can make a good decision.

👤The table top is larger than my older TV tables, and the table legs are wide enough apart that my legs felt unrestricted in movement. Changing the slope of the table top is very convenient. The lip around the top is very flimsy and unstable. The legs are loose and will wiggle with almost any touch, the table top is unhitched with the slightest upward movement, and the tables are unbalanced and will fall over with a slight touch. The legs under the couch give it more support than standing on it. The weight in the back and front of the table is not as strong as I expected. A metal bar will slip into one of the two sets of hooks to determine which of the three slopes it is. The table top was crooked because the bar would slip into different hooks on each side. The cupholder is worthless. The bottom of the holding ring popped out if I lifted my drink too fast. I didn't trust the cupholder to hold the weight of a large drink for long because it was so flimsy. The table would be great with some additions. I would put the table's value at around 15. I will return the ones I bought and try out a competitor. The stability issues have been fixed and this would be worth $40.

👤I don't write a negative review. My mother told me that if I can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. I can either scream "Serenity Now!" or "Serenity Now!" because this table is so frustrating. I can write a review. The top is so slick that if you bumped it, it would go flying. It is almost dangerous because it is so weak. Anything over 5 pounds is not safe. Don't put your elbow on it while eating. Will Robinson, beware. You sit there trying to figure out what is wrong when the table is uncentered on the support. The cup holder is weak and cannot hold a beverage larger than 8 ounces. 6) I paid almost $90 for two of these tables, which are going to the thrift store first thing in the morning. I was fooled by him once. Shame on you.

6. Sofa Side End Table Small

Sofa Side End Table Small

There are two straps on the cushion, and the safety buckles on the back and bottom of the chair. The mat should be adjusted to the proper length to ensure that it won't slip off, and to ensure the safety of children when eating. To provide a flat surface for a snack, beverage or book, slide the side table up to your sofa or chair. The artisan was made with a wood-look top, burnished metal sides and intricate leaf metalwork. The measurement is 12L x 8W x 20H. There is a $5 shipping charge.

Brand: Carol Wright Gifts

👤If you're purchasing this to fit over the arm of a couch or chair, don't waste your money. I'm 5'4 and it barely comes up to my knee. I don't know of any furniture that has arm rests like this. It's inexpensive. You get what you pay for with this side table. It was not easy to put it together. The pieces are cheap and feel like they're going to snap, the holes aren't right, and the "wood" top is more like cardboard. I wouldn't buy this. Pay a little more for a different item.

👤I don't know why anyone would say these are hard to put together. It took about 5 minutes. For each one. Some people said the leaves were plastic. The top is made of wood, but it is a piece of wood with a plastic sticker on it. I cleaned it and put a coat of Mod Podge on it to protect it, but I might cut and stain something better down the line. These are exactly what they look like, they slide nicely over the couch, perfect for our purposes.

👤I need a place for drinks and remotes in my large sectional. I got these because I didn't like the design of the higher quality ones, but they are made in China. The instructions were difficult to follow. The table top has a sticker on it. coasters can be used to prevent damaging the "wood." If you can, get them for less than $20, I am glad I have them. I think I got them for $26 each. I will post pictures for reference.

👤I knew I wasn't getting anything amazing with this, but I was surprised. The whole thing was made slant by the bent/bowed assembly. I had to use pliers to get the screws to open. There are holes that are poorly drilled. I can't get one in because the top is badly drilled. Being off-keel means the bottom flap is useless. The table is small and wobbly. I needed a table for a tight spot and it was the only thing that was going for it. It will grind on the cushion where you sit, not above it.

👤This side table is large enough to hold a TV remote, drink, and glasses. Which is what I need by the lounge. It is easy to fit in tight spaces with the small size. The bottom wire shelf is a good place to keep small items off the floor. The feet are adjusted so you can level the stand on an even surface. The stand is made of lightweight metal but it's stronger once it's assembled. The only thing I don't like is the table top. The description says a wooden top with dark stained finish is misleading. If the description said "simulated dark stain finish," it would be more accurate. I rate this at three because of this. If you spill a drink on a vinyl top, it's not a big deal. The furniture colors are close to the picture. It's a good thing that there was no surprise after assembling the unit. Prices can be different. I placed it in a wish list. There are different stands on Amazon. You should shop around to find a good price.

7. Convenience Concepts American Heritage Espresso

Convenience Concepts American Heritage Espresso

Assembly tools are easy to use. There is additional bottom shelf storage. Also available in Black is the rich espresso color. Also available in Black is the rich espresso color.

Brand: Convenience Concepts

👤It's not unusual to have all the right parts and pieces, but this assortment of parts and pieces is so carefully labeled and packaged, that it seems there could be little reason why this shouldn't go together in a few minutes. That's how it worked for me. It's a great piece of furniture and a great purchase. I would like to suggest that you place the washers on the bolts first, so that you don't have to place the bolts into the legs. It's also a time saver. It just feels right. Don't you want to be right? Absolutely you do. This product is recommended by me.

👤After putting it together, I think it is worth the price. The board was not pressed. My four year old grandson helped my dad. It fit our needs perfectly. Anyone can read my reviews, so I am hard to impress. I have no problem giving this a five star rating because of the price point. I took pictures of the box that showed damage, but the interior packing was excellent and the product survived. I believe you will find this a good buy if you don't get something slipping through the quality check.

👤The table is wedge-shaped and can be used between a couch and glider. It is sturdy and the finish stands up well. The style of the finish isn't my favorite, but the surface has some texture from the grain of the wood, that's more about my personal taste than anything else. The table top arrived with a damaged corner, despite being well-packaged. The slip that came with the table said to contact Convenience Concepts if there were any issues with the item. They were very responsive to my email and shipped me a replacement table top without any questions asked. The table is perfect for our space.

👤The table is great to go between chairs.

👤The table is very sturdy. The table top is ready to put together. All you have to do is screw in the legs, turn the locks, and insert the screws. This part will be loose. The legs of the table top should be screwed onto the table top with two screws. The legs were gliding on them. Done! I used a soft cloth to wipe the table down to cut the package smell. I could see a set of tables between theater seats, tucked into a reading Nook, and in a corner with two chairs to make the room look moreangular. It is small enough to fit in your bedroom and has a smaller chair to give you a place to sit. Great product!

👤The table looks good, but it is particle board for the top and shelf. One of the cheap locking mechanisms that you put into the lower shelf broke and pushed out the top of the shelf. Attached are pictures. You get what you pay for. I want a table that is solid wood. I originally gave this 3 stars but after contacting the company they immediately sent a replacement cam lock and shelf. Customer service was excellent.

8. Convenience Concepts 121043W Designs2Go Monitor

Convenience Concepts 121043W Designs2Go Monitor

There are multiple finishes available. There are two separate storage areas. Coordinates with any decor. Will give years of enjoyment.

Brand: Convenience Concepts

👤The TV shelf riser did wonders for elevating our flat screen TV atop our tv stand console. We can watch without obstructions. The larger of the wooden boxes underneath is 12.5" wide and 6.5" tall, with a 5"x7" picture frame beside it. The wood cross bar is part of the stabilizing of the riser and the 3 wooden legs are as wide as the shelf. It's a good build. The attachment hardware was packaged in a vacuum sealed package. There are metal anchor screws and wood dowls on this shelf. I can't stress enough how sturdy and perfect this riser is for enhancing your TV experience in a small living space. The little glass high riser was all we used to add height.

👤Even though it was damaged on a corner, a faulty unit was shipped. I kept it because I needed it and the corner was hidden behind the TV. This is a cheap board. This is sturdy enough for me since it sits on the TV stand. It took 30 minutes to put this together. There are wooden pegs and camlocks. It's a pretty simple process. The hardest part was aligning the pegs and cam screws. The rest are easy if you get one end locked. The riser is pretty sturdy once all the cams are locked and pegs are glue in. I posted a picture of the corner with the brown and black Sharpies. It's hard to see the colors. I'm okay with the riser. I needed it because my TV stand was too low for the remote to hit the TV at the right angle. This fixed it. I gave this 3 stars for function, ease of assembly and color. Two stars were deducted for sending out a damaged unit. If you need an inexpensive riser, buy it at your own risk.

👤I checked many TV mounts for a 55" TV before buying this product. The mounts had complaints about bending or leaning. I decided to lift the TV by this shelf at the end. I think this is a safer alternative than the TV's own mount on the shelf. It works just fine with no risks, even if it doesn't look as high tech as some of the table-top TV mounts. The shelf underneath holds a player and a recorder.

👤I bought a riser for my PC. I moved the supports to the back using glue and angle brackets because I am not using the center support. The wood is made of high pressure pressed particle board that doesn't seem to break off like some I've seen. It doesn't have air pockets and holds screws well. The finish is attractive and well-aligned to the board beneath. There is a The pegs and bolts fit well. I use glue on all wood surfaces. This can make a cheap piece of furniture last a long time. I used my own glue to glue this set together. I added cheap right-angle brackets to the back of the riser and glue the lateral supports there. I don't think it will be a problem for a computer desk if the over-all structure of the riser is weakened by this. I doubled my desk space because I can slide things under the monitors. Look at pictures.

9. Household Essentials Industrial Narrow Rectangle

Household Essentials Industrial Narrow Rectangle

This side table is ideal for anyone looking to add a touch of modern inspiration to their home. A metal frame supports the faux black wood grain surface. You can use this side table in your living room, family room or office. Extra supports add design and reliability. The height is 25" tall and the top is 10.25" W x 18.13" D.

Brand: Household Essentials

👤Nice looking piece. The material after assembly was wrapped in metal. It is nice looking. Important. The hole that you put the screws into is too small to keep the screw from loosening. Put the pieces out and run the screw through them. It will make the holes bigger and easier to insert. It is strongly recommended to use a drill with a hex head bit. If you are going to use a manual screw driver, make sure it is big enough to fit into the head of the screw or you will have to buy screws. Trust me on this.

👤This table is perfect for our entry way. The mirror was purchased on Amazon. When I bought the table, it was suggested. I got the hooks from Amazon. They go well together. The wood is the same. It is easy to assemble.

👤I had to email customer service because the directions are not up to date. The top will go on easy if the middle screw holes are larger than the outside. If you follow the directions, the screws will not go in all the way. When I get it going, will let you know about starting us.

👤It was the perfect size for my printer, and it didn't fail. It looks like a bookcase that I bought. I don't recommend this, but my printer is a bit heavier than the recommended weight capacity for this table, so I don't recommend it. I can't remember what it is, but the printer is 50 lbs and so far, I haven't experienced any issues. I would recommend it.

👤This is what I have been looking for. I couldn't find the right table to fit the small space between our large chair and sofa; the space was tight and we couldn't seem to find the right height, width, and color to go with the room...until now! I swore that the table wouldn't be sturdy or balanced since it didn't have any support legs on the one side. It feels very supportive when you place items on it. It fits the room perfectly and serves the purpose I needed it to serve.

👤This furniture is easy to put together and it looks great. I highly recommend. It is inexpensive but looks modern.

👤This was the perfect touch for my room. It is very easy to assemble. Light weight and size are displayed. The only thing that is not positive about this item is the legs. I could just paint them differently. There was a small mark on the edges. I don't mind it because it was very small. That is definitely worth the price to me.

👤I love these tables. The look is distressed. I can't stop staring at the new coffee table that I bought. It looks great in my living room. Assembly sucked is the only reason I'm not giving 5 stars. It would have been a lot simpler if I had a second pair of hands. I wish the directions said to push the silver things in as far as you can or it will not work. I was so frustrated that I almost started hammering, but someone left a review and I was able to get both tables assembled after 2 hours. I was able to put them together after reading the review, but it was still difficult. The tables are beautiful, but assembly is my only complaint.

10. Furinno 11087GYW BK Turn N Tube 3 Tier

Furinno 11087GYW BK Turn N Tube 3 Tier

A small end table is suitable for small spaces. The quality of the material is high. Added safety feature. The corner is round to reduce the risk of injury. Each tier can hold up to 15 lbs. The product is 13 feet by 11 feet by 22 inches. The product is 13 feet by 11 feet by 22 inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤I wasn't expecting the quality to be great for the price, but it was. It's very durable and looks expensive. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this table to use as a bedside table. I found the assembly to be simple and straightforward. It probably took me less than 10 minutes to put the table together, just your hands and a lot of turning. The table should be able to hold reasonable things if you don't expect to use anything heavy or abuse it. The levels are made of medium density fiberboard and the stands are strong. The table is unbalanced and doesn't have an easy way to fix it, which is why I took off two stars. One of the legs would be like a fridge. My table is unbalanced if nothing is on it. I don't notice if I put heavy objects on it. This is a little too small for many objects. The middle shelf is too close to the top shelf to hold tall books, even though the bottom shelf is perfect for coffee table sized books. It's good for holding small items or having an extra place to put things. If you need an extra table and don't want to spend a lot of money, this is a good product.

👤This is a temporary side table. It definitely did the trick, but it looks cheap and only suitable to be placed on a flat surface, not a carpet, as it is light and not very sturdy.

👤The product's composition gets a five star for me. It's easy to assemble and it's value for money. The table is made of particle boards and uses a bonding agent. After years, off gassing in wherever it's located releases this formaldehyde as a gas. I have confirmed with the company that this table uses less than 0.10 parts per million. It's usually 0.05 in standard. The levels of 0.1 to 0.5 ppm have caused irritation to the eyes. Changes in lung function have been caused by levels from 0.6 to 0.9. Which is what the product uses. I think it's absurd. The particle boards are small. It's not necessary to have more than 0.05 parts per million. The table is great. It's easy to set up because of the quality, price, and execution of design. I suppose that's how it is. Formaldehyde makes it easy to mass-produce wood. This makes it cheap and affordable and doesn't mean it's low quality. Full wood furniture is very expensive and hard to mass produce, so full wood nightstands which don't use toxic things go from the range of $200-$800 even. I simply could not afford that at the moment, and I need one. This does the job a nightstand does, and it does it well. This works for me. I like it. If the following wasn't important to me, it would get five stars in everything. If you can afford it, you should get a full wood product or a product that has less of the harmful substance. It's not to say the quality. This product is not good. Make sure you understand how much you're already exposed to before purchasing this product. Almost every house that uses wood as a building resource in existence uses processed wood which is known to be very toxic to humans, and if they don't let the house off-gas for around 2 years, most people are exposed to very large amounts of formaldehyde, which is known to be It's a long time to not live in a home. The diameter measurement of how much processed wood you have in your home is more important than the significance of a house. It is bad news that the ceilings are worth nothing. Your bed cloth may use it. You may also have other items. Which uses it. If you can, limit your exposure as much as possible, possibly remove products in your home which do contain formaldehyde, ventilate your home and open windows often, and find other means of air filters and absorption of it, but before anything else, make sure you remove as much as you can. If that is not possible, try to remove as much as possible, and seek professional advice on how to handle exposure before taking any of what I've said into consideration. Formaldehyde isn't something to mess with. People that work in the environments around it have developed extreme issues because it is very toxic to humans. It doesn't just take breathing. It's contact as well.

11. Furinno 16050EX Modern Simplistic Espresso

Furinno 16050EX Modern Simplistic Espresso

There are dimensions and weight limits. The weight limit is 600 lbs. A simple design Cross Leg end table is suitable for any room. Made from wood. Magazine and snacks can be stored on the bottom shelf. The table top can hold up to 10 pounds. The product is 15. 5 (W) x 20. 5 Inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤I don't understand the negatives of putting this together. It's easy to put together. Follow the diagrams and count the screws. What do you expect from a cheap press board? If I needed a similar table, I would buy it again. It looks decent and is very sturdy. It is recommended.

👤I needed a small table for my collection. I was interested in some mid century modern styled tables, but they were way out of my price range. It was perfect for my space, budget and records. The bottom shelf claims to hold 10 lbs, but my records are heavier than that, so we'll have to see how it holds up. The instructions were clear and it took me 15 minutes to assemble. This is exactly what I expected and I'm happy with it.

👤It was a nice piece for the money. I need a side table for my lounge until I figure out what I want to do with it. This was not sanitary. It was easy to put together. It took me 20 minutes to drill after I followed the direvtions. I recommend using a drill, it will make your life easier and the process quicker. The table is small and can hold a lamp or other items. The surface does scratch very easily, so you need to be careful with what you put on it. I would recommend this piece for a quick fix.

👤This is not good. It is inexpensive but too expensive for what it is. This board is cheap. The table top and legs look like cheap fake wood, even though they are supposed to be espresso color. The unfinished particleboard is exposed on the bottom of the table. The unfinished particleboard can be seen if you are across the room from the end table. It comes in a flat box and is a jigsaw puzzle. Styrofoam is going to get all over your carpet if you don't put mini leg pieces together. You will want to skip this one.

👤I almost returned the table after seeing it in person. It was expected to be a little better made for the price. I think it could warp the table if I put too much on it. It doesn't look bad once it is assembled. The bottom of the legs don't have the same type of material as the top, so not sure how durable it will be. I wouldn't have bought this in a store where I could have seen it. When he saw it, my husband said to send it back. The particle board is very cheap.

👤It's a bit confusing to put it all together. The instructions are a bit odd. Some stuff is labeled differently than others. When you put it together, the table is very large. It was okay for the money. I guess. Also short. The pictures are not what they appear to be. Styrofoam pieces are useless and make a mess.

👤The instructions could have been simpler. The directions don't specify how it can go together. The pieces should be labeled to make it more clear. Some of the predrilled holes do not match up. The color is not espresso. The finish was scratched when I took it out of the box. It is affordable and will serve its purpose.


What is the best product for home theater seating tray table?

Home theater seating tray table products from Cupsy. In this article about home theater seating tray table you can see why people choose the product. Able Life Comfortably Independent and Signature Design By Ashley are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater seating tray table.

What are the best brands for home theater seating tray table?

Cupsy, Able Life Comfortably Independent and Signature Design By Ashley are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater seating tray table. Find the detail in this article. Signature Design By Ashley, Table-mate and Carol Wright Gifts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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