Best Home Theater Sound System 7.2

System 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Rockville HTS56 Channel Bluetooth Subwoofer

Rockville HTS56 Channel Bluetooth Subwoofer

The HTS56 5.1 Channel Home Theater System has light effects. Everything you need is in the box. Peak power is 1000 watt. 500-Watts program power. A built-in receiver with 8” subwoofer. A speaker on the center channel. 2x 3” full range speakers. 2x 3” full range speakers. The cabinets have plastic front panels. The built-in radio receiver has a great reception. There is a built-in optical input to connect to your television. The display is digital. preset curves You can control the volume of the speakers. v 2.1 is the most recent version of the wireless communications protocol. There is a maximum file size of 16Gb. There is a max file size of 16Gb. 2 14” MIC inputs with echo function. There are 5 audio outputs. 6 audio inputs. The AUX inputs are from the RCA. The input is for connecting to your TV. There is a radio antenna input. A full function remote. The Subwoofer unit has 4 lighting modes, and can be used with 7 colors or multi-color mode. Even with volume and bass settings, zero distortion can be heard. The sound on this system is better than anything else. Front L/F: 12Ft, Rear L/R: 30Ft, Center: 10Ft. The response time is 20hertz to 20hertz. There is a certification that complies with the standards of the European Union and the United States. The signal to noise ratio is 70dB. Even with volume and bass settings, zero distortion can be heard. The sound on this system is better than anything else. Front L/F: 12Ft, Rear L/R: 30Ft, Center: 10Ft. The response time is 20hertz to 20hertz. There is a certification that complies with the standards of the European Union and the United States. The signal to noise ratio is 70dB.

Brand: Rockville

👤I did a bit of research. I took a chance despite seeing some bad reviews. Some people will never be happy with anything. I'm happy I bought this system. It's good for less than $200, but it's not what you could get if you spent a lot. I have only had it for about 5 days, so I can't say how long it will last. It sounds good to me. The back speaker wires could be 10 feet longer, but that is very minor and easy to fix. The bass is loud.

👤I got a new tv in 2012 but still need a new surround sound, I bought a new tv in 2011. I need it for games and movies. Rockville sounds great, no complaints. My tv doesn't have a 3.5mm jack and the RCA doesn't work, so it's hard for me to use rockville. It was a pain to buy a converter to hook up my tv. I recommend it at this price point.

👤If you love wires all over the place, this is the system for you. If you're thinking you can use all your connections, forget about it. It won't work with an existing surround receiver, so you'll have to get all of your components to work with this system.

👤I like the theater sound system. I've had expensive theater sound systems before. I have a sound bar and a speaker. The sound bar was not giving me the sound and feel that I was looking for. I was thinking about my old system. The Rockville system has anLED and it caught my eye. I bought it for the price and features. I installed it after it came in. Everything was great. I first connected using a broadband service. When I turned the system off, I had an issue with connecting theBT. The route I went with was the RCA. My TV didn't have the correct outputs, so I bought a Toslink connection. A terrible sound came out when everything was connected. It wasn't in the paperwork of the Rockville system, but I had to change the sound on my TV. Houston has sound when I did that. I enjoy watching movies and TV.

👤I read a lot of reviews about the sound system and some said the base was overpowering and the sound quality was poor. I have watched a lot of movies so far and it is not overpowering. It makes the movie more enjoyable. After a few movies, I noticed a buzzing sound, but the experience and tests showed it was not the system that was buzzing, it was the dvd player. It was easy to install, it came with an auxiliary jack to plug the sound cables into the tv, and that's how we set it up. I am thankful for the review that said you need to change the location of the sound on your tv, I panicked when the system wouldn't work, but I remembered that information. I love the lights and the cords are long enough to fit around my room. The only thing that my dad wanted was a button on the controller.

2. Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

5.1 digital surround sound is what the studio intended. The sub woofer has 165 Watts. Home theater speakers are certified by the THX. Satellites are 4 x 67 W. It can deliver a continuous 500 watt of power, with the ability to deliver a peak of 1,000 watt under certain circumstances. A flexible setup allows you to connect to six devices. You can instantly personalize your surround sound experience with the compact control console and wireless remote. The system needs to work with any device with a 3.5 millimeter jack, six channel direct, digital coaxial input or optical inputs. The signal to noise ratio is weighted.

Brand: Logitech

👤Don't buy. These speakers are not returnable despite saying they are on Prime. I have a 30 day return window and Amazon won't take them back. I was referred to the manufacturer, but they have not responded yet. It should be clearly stated if an item is not returnable. I have not been able to have the return accepted because my speakers are not usable.

👤The speaker set was amazing. The first problem I experienced was three months ago. It stopped working completely and only two lights were visible on the physical control panel. It started working again after I unplugged it. The same thing happened again a few weeks ago. I have tried the same fix many times. After looking through their support site, forums, and searches, it appears that this is common with the product, and Logitech's response has been all over the board, mostly refusing to replace the units. I won't talk about the sound of the device since there is clearly an issue with the design. It's sad to see that there is a clear flaw in these products and that they are not backing them up. This is going to affect my opinion of the company in a negative way.

👤They are a good speaker sound system, but they last about 5 months so you can't return them. After that they start doing a crack and pop sound, you can reset them, but after a while they stop working all together. So my advice is to look somewhere else. This is a known issue but Logitech will not do anything about it so don't buy these. If you are having a reset loop issue, do not try. The speakers are LEMONS.

👤The product does not work. Sound does not play. I can't return it less than a week after buying it.

👤Amazon won't take it back because it's a black hole and they consider it hazardous. I did not get a response from them. Don't waste time or money.

👤I bought this two months ago. The sound quality was amazing. The right front speaker failed after 2 months because of connection problems. I could work around it. The left front speaker has stopped working and the center speaker has stopped working as well. This has been the worst $300.00 I have ever spent on an item, and as a hard working person I don't have the money to flush down the toilet on CRAP like this. Stay away from this. It's a rap.

👤The system is great for money. If not triple, performance rivals system double its price. I did a lot of research before buying it. The looks of the system are the only annoyance. The speakers look like PC desk top speakers, in which they are realistic. You need to get creative in having them work with the appearance of everything in the room, but that is a big deal. Sound and function are excellent. Would buy it again. Subwoofer is small and has a powerful bass that will shake your house if needed.

3. Enclave Audio CineHome Wireless Surround

Enclave Audio CineHome Wireless Surround

The speakers have rear panel controls. Bass and treble adjustments are made. Additional features include a daisy chain ability and a unique power on the audio signal input. The Enclave CineHome II is an affordable surround sound system that is an instant plug and play system. Plug and play 6 speakers system is a home theater system that uses your TV's Arc or Optical connection to deliver a powerful cinematic sound for all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports and games. You can add wall power and a single HDMI cable to get up and running. The 5.1 surround sound system is easy to connect to and compatible with all modern TV's. The CineHub sound system for tv has Optical connections for quick and easy setup to start listening immediately after adding wall power to the speakers! CineHome II is powered by 11 Class-D 24-bit amplifiers that deliver an unbelievable, movie-theater quality sound right in your living room. Don't let that vinyl go unheard! The turntable can be connected with ease with a 3.5mm analog. Do you want to stream all your music? You can use any mobile device or tablet with the simple use of theBluetooth 5.0 connection.

Brand: Enclave Audio

👤When it worked it was great, the product was nicely packed. There are only positive things I can say about this product. Even though I am tech savvy, I had multiple setup issues. I haven't had any problems setting up my stuff. Plug and play is what this system should do. It wasn't in my case. I had issues with only receiving pcm audio, and audio cutting out every five minutes. You need to use their app to use the system. The app crashes frequently. I received a remote before the unit shipped to me, which was nice. Their tech support is condescending. They couldn't figure out what my issue was and referred me to the manufacturer of my television. I contacted tech support again after I called the manufacturer. I received an email that was very rude and blamed me and the setup for the issues. They had the owner call me to fix something. He used bad language and was rude. Even though my settings were correct, my issue was solved. After everything was setup correctly, I decided to give the system a chance. It worked well for a couple of weeks and then started cutting out during movies on hbo. The audio would stop for 20 seconds and come back into the right speaker. I tried to figure out the problem with Chromecast. The issue began occurring with everything I watched. I received a rude reply to my email. I sent the system back. I was able to return the product and that's why the issues occurred. Do yourself a favor and not have to use this system.

👤I have two 5.1 surround home theatre systems. They were decent. The last one was destroyed when the internal dvd crashed and corrupted the receiver unit. I was researching wireless systems because I was tired of stringing speaker wire. I have not been disappointed by the Cinehome II. It comes complete in a box. Wireless allows for great flexibility in placement within a few feet of a wall sockets. Plug the power source into the tv and within seconds it will pair to all the speakers. The app on my phone allows me to change settings. The app has a layout that shows active speakers and a touch to test levels. I own a fire tv, chromecast, and a high quality dvd player. The high and mid-range speakers have crystal clarity, and the bottom of the system is superb, which is better than either of my previous systems. I received a reply within an hour on my email question. I recommend the Enclave for easy installation and high quality.

👤I put together this thing in about 20 minutes. No fuss. I wanted no wires going from the screen to the recliner. Good sound, surround that doesn't feel intrusive, got that. Sometimes I do with concerts, and I can raise the roof. You listen to Beethoven. No 5. You will float away, tenderly caressed by sound clouds. A ferry scene from Spider-man: Homecoming. The web-slinger is a great test for surround effects. The Spider-man and the Vulture fight is a great work-out for a home cinema set-up. First it is some standard busy action - gun shots from left, right, up and down; smart dialogue; and then the quick move to a full-on swinging and flying fest from the two lead characters. The final act is the most important for your sub. When the ferry splits in two, there is some groaning and breaking up of the hull, which needs to be communicated by your system with terrifying weight to give that genuine sense of scale. This is a good time to show the system's ability for dynamics and detail. The person who wrote bad reviews to this gear was either having a bad day or a shill for a competing product. Of course. I have had the system for a year. I don't know why anyone would have issues with it. It fills my man-cave with sound. I had a problem today. The power went off for a while. The CineHome II 5.1 produced no sound when it came back. I contacted Tech Support and they sent me some directions. When we lost power, the TV settings which enable the audio to be sent to the hub were lost as well. In 10 minutes, I reset the speakers, the hub, the TV, and the wireless. I gave the system a 5 stars a year ago, so I would like to add more.

4. Acoustic Audio HD728 Ceiling Surround

Acoustic Audio HD728 Ceiling Surround

Not all TV's have an Audio-out jack. The transmitter may need to be connected to a cable or satellite box. A 9 piece home speaker set includes 4 wall speakers and 2 ceiling speakers. Butyl rubber surrounds, round cut out, and low profile housings. The cut out is 19.25" X 7.5" and the depth is 3.25". 2 HDS10 wall passive Sub speakers, 200-300w each, 26hz-200hz, 10" Woofers, cut out is 10.625" X 10.625", overall is 12 X12", depth is 3.75", these passive subs require a Ws 1005 Sub amplifier This listing is for a complete 9 piece wall and ceiling speaker set.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤Each of the subs will need an independent amplifier to provide power to them. If you have an audiovisual receiver that can provide Pre Amp Outs, you can connect your speakers to an external amplifier. We put in a pair of front speakers along with a pair of back speakers. Behind our listening area, we installed 2 rear speakers, 1 sub, and one round in the ceiling. The other round was above the other seating area. We were able to verify the ceiling speakers were working and generate tones using the AV receiver YAPO because we didn't hook up the subs to the audiovisual system. I wouldn't purchase this product. The system looks complete and the seller says that only 2 Amp products will work and make it work. The use of passive subs would be a problem with this speaker package. Pre Outs are only available for active subs in the majority of the receivers you will see. I bought a Rockville amplifier that I thought would provide enough power for both subs. After reading previous reviews and questions about other buyers concern for the amplifier for the subs, I was not able to verify if other users were able to use other Amps besides what the seller recommended. I waited until our living room was renovated to install the speakers and wires for our audiovisual system, so I am out of the return period. I left questions for other buyers and their reviews, so I was not able to get a reply or support for this product. It turns out that a purchase was made under good intentions. It is very embarrassing to show friends and family what you have purchased and only able to enjoy tones from all speakers and have no subs as they remain in the wall as "Display Only". The money, time, and research spent before purchasing was not what you were expecting. My recommendation is that if you want a 5.2 or 7.2 speaker configuration for your home theater, you should not buy from this seller and build your own. This purchase is not meant for you unless you know how to use passive and active speakers. The seller will want you to purchase their own Amps for each sub, no matter what speaker system you buy. You can find 2 front speakers, 2 matching rear speakers, 2 additional wall or ceiling speakers, and 2 active subs that can be hooked from your audio equipment. The tech support you expect is poor. The reviews from other buyers are more than 3 years old. I don't think this was an honest purchase, so I can't give an honest review. If you understand passive and active subs, the product may fit your needs. This purchase was not for me. I probably wasted money on the external amplifier I bought because it wasn't recommended by the seller. The seller told me that the only amplifier that will work for this speaker set is the WS105. The Pre Outs from your receiver are used to connect your subs to the outs of the amplifier. Let me know if other people are able to do this work. Before buying, please do more research. Just finished hooking up the 5 man speakers to a Yamaha and the Rockville RPA 9 Amps and the Pre Outs of the Sub 1 and Sub 2 to the input of the Yamaha. The performance was so good that the sub woofers ran out of Rockville, Stereo, Low Pass and turned the system on. I felt like I was on stage when they were so loud. I would buy it.

5. Acoustic Audio HT 55 Ceiling Theater

Acoustic Audio HT 55 Ceiling Theater

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. The recommended power is 200-300 watt per speaker, 8ohm. The response time is 40hz-22 kHz, the efficiency is 97dB, and the Woofers are made of high rigidity cones. Butyl rubber surrounds, soft dome tweeters, and low profile housings were designed in the USA. The rectangular cut out is 6.25" X 9.5", overall is 7.625" X 11.125", depth is 3 and full instructions are included. This listing is for a complete 5 speaker set, which can be used for in wall or ceiling home entertainment, surround sound, home theater, multiple room systems, Industrial sound.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤The speakers sounded terrible, which was very frustrating since I had just cut some large holes in my walls and ceiling to mount them. I tried a few things to change the sound, adjusted delays from my receiver, covered the tweeters to get rid of the tin sound, but nothing made them sound good. They sounded great about two days later. I've never thought that breaking speakers in was necessary, but it appeared to be necessary with these. I'm very happy with them.

👤I bought the speakers for my home theater. The template is smaller than it should make installing this difficult. My ceiling is black. The grille and frame only come in white, so I painted them to match. Installation and painting them before testing was the biggest mistake I made. I have a lot of experience in this field and everything was wired up. I disconnected the speaker and found that it was making my receiver shut off by itself, which stopped once I disconnected the speaker. I don't want to remove the other 4 speakers that are already installed so I can't return this speaker. I just buy another speaker that is the same size and impedance, after taking the hit. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by spending a bit more for a good set.

👤I wanted to leave a review in case something happened after we got these. We paid a lot for these speakers and they sound great. The hollow sound in-wall speakers are notorious for, so we added acoustic foam behind them. The ceiling speakers were padded with acoustic foam in the attic to make them sound more downward. We used a good quality 14 gauge copper speaker wire. The sound these give is very close to what I've heard from Polk and JBL. If you're a music enthusiast, you'll have to raise your price since these can have a muddy sound with music reproduction, but they are perfect for movies and video games when you have a good quality receiver. They have good punch, the highs are crisp and the voices are clear. We couldn't be happier. The cutout template is paper and one of the copper coils fell off during shipping, so if I had to complain about anything, it would be the lack of a speaker cover for painting them. I had to solder it back on.

👤cardboard cutout templates are provided to help make installation easier. Most of the speakers have terminal style connections. Either way, it was fine. The sound was great. If I needed it again, I would buy it again.

👤The speaker in the set was faulty and the manufacturer gave me a run-around. I bought a replacement speaker for my old one because it was worthless, but I ended up buying a different brand because it works great. Please contact me if anyone wants to make this right.

👤It was flaky. I couldn't get close to the receiver. I didn't think that was a big deal when the sound stopped working. It wouldn't have a sound but it would show video. I only had to wait a few minutes and it would come back on. I had it on for hours. I'm really angry at this product since my television devices are all centered around this receiver. I would like to get some compensation for this bad product.

6. Klipsch RP 5000F Home Theater System

Klipsch RP 5000F Home Theater System

The reference floorstanding speaker is each. The speaker is from the center channel. The speakers are a pair. The speakers are a pair. The SPL-100 is a 10" Subwoofer. The SPL-100 is a 10" Subwoofer.

Brand: Klipsch

7. Klipsch Reference Theater Surround System

Klipsch Reference Theater Surround System

The Klipsch reference theater pack has a minimal footprint. The cleanest, most natural sound can be achieved with Klipsch's exclusive Tractrix Horn technology. The wireless sub is designed to deliver room-filling low frequencies without requiring a lot of floor space. Each satellite speaker has a threaded insert and a keyhole mount, which make it easy to place the wireless subwoofer. The reference theater pack has a minimal footprint.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The purchase of this product was about 5 stars. Good product, good sound quality, arrived on time. There was a problem that turned into a nightmare. One of the simpler and inexpensive parts of the subwoofer is the rubber foot, which is one of the legs that should have it. It was inserted under pressure. Why is this important? Without the rubber feet on the sub, it will lose its stability and the leg will hit the floor, creating a noise that shouldn't be there. Klipsch customer service initially was excellent, and immediately sent a replacement. The replacement parts were wrong. They made sure they had the correct model. They double check to make sure everything was okay. The attendant went to another department to check out what went wrong and assured me that I will work this time. Wrong part arrives again. I sent pictures with arrows pointing the rubber foot and a schematic sketch so they could recognize the mysterious part. Klipsch said to go find this part on the secondary market. I can't return the product because of the time spent. The price was lowered to make it even better. Customer service from Klipsch was incompetent. If my friends decide to buy anything from Klipsch, I'll use the system with a piece of cardboard under the leg to repeat the story.

👤I am retired but I can't throw away money. We built our own home on our farm and all of it is paid for by God. I went to a store. I paid less for the speakers on Amazon than I did for the Klipsch ones. I bought my receiver from Amazon a year ago because of the tight finances. Got it paid for, bought some great sounding Klipsch speakers and love them. What a sound. I am going to put my QLED 70 series on my wall. Got it from NFM. A beautiful vent free fireplace is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The setting is going to be beautiful. I want to have many romantic nights with my wife. God is in control of life. I went to Best Buy and the Geek Squad came to my house and said that it would cost a lot to install my speakers. I did it myself at 72 years old. The Stereo cabinet I put together is beautiful. I put the wheels under it because it will weigh 200 lbs. Almost solid wood. Thanks to Amazon, life is more affordable. The farmer is Joe.

👤The system came without a wireless accessory for the sub. The company that sold me the unit ignored me when I contacted them. If you would like to buy this system. Don't buy it here. I had a look at the Klipsch sub. It is a Onkyo sub in a box. Sending everything to klipsch on Monday.

👤I bought the speakers and receiver from thelipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1. This is the best sound I have ever heard after I got it all set up. This system spits out perfect sound with everything I throw at it, from football games to television to different genres of music. I am playing my favorite songs and am hearing sounds I have never heard before. If you are going with 5.1 surround, I recommend this system. If I were to put a system in a larger room, I would have bought a 7.1 receiver and tried using the Klipsch as surround speakers, but now after listening to the Klipsch, I would go with the Klipsch.

8. Acoustic Audio AA5102 Bluetooth Surround

Acoustic Audio AA5102 Bluetooth Surround

The speaker system has 800 watt system power, 40Hz-20 kHz frequency response, 5 independent channels and an audio amplifier. Enhanced bass boost design, front panel controls, illuminated display, bass, treble and main volume controls, stereo auxiliary input, pro surround function,usb/sd card reader, plug and play connections, computerized enclosure design, magnetically shielded speakers The Subwoofer speaker is 10" x 11" and has a port for full bass, the satellite speakers are 3.5" x 3.25" and have a 6' single RCA cable. The 3.5mm to RCA wire is included with the remote control and jack cables. Use for home entertainment system, laptop or PC, DVD player, gaming,MP3 player, cell phone, tablet or any other device with a 3.5mm headphone output orRCA audio output. The AA5102D has a Smart TV Digital Optical Input.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤It doesn't have a radio. I can confirm that it does. You can use the button under it to get to bluetooth. If you want to play music from your device, you have to search for AA5102 from whatever device you want to use. The system is good. If you set it up correctly, it will get loud if it's 800 watt, but I don't think it is. It's definitely a better sound than regular tv speakers. It fills a big basement with sound. It's crazy that a little over would never pay the original price. The system should be priced at $50.

👤I bought a Durabrand 5.1 surround system for around $20 at a store. It was so basic, but it made my house fill with sound. I decided to look for another budget buy after the subwoofer gave out. It is hard to find in a 5.1 system. The acoustic audio AA5102 was my first find under $100. The first flaw is the length of the speaker cords. Extension cords will add to your cost because the cords are not long enough with this model. The make has different "Kits" that might come with the extension cords. I was going to buy the extension cords, but I decided to listen to the sound check and was disappointed. My room is 20x12 and it was not loud enough. The system is lacking oomph and you can only increase volume to what is displayed. I was looking for a system that would match the performance of my previous system. I returned it quickly. I would not pay more than $35 for the unit if it was used for a PC speaker system. If you are looking for a budget 5.1 home theatre system, I recommend the Rockville HTS45 600w 5.1 system.

👤It is easy to use and perfect for a computer, TV, DVD/CD player. It's more like 80 watt, 30 watt, and 10 watt for each satellite. It's still a nice surround sound system.

👤Unless you live in a small box, this is not a home surround sound system. The cords for the satalite speakers are small. You can't even get close to putting them on the ceiling in a room. Two stars, because they are a decent speaker system for $75.

👤The sound is good, but I have a problem with the connections. All connections are rca only. I don't have rca connections for audio on my television. I have had to make the wires longer because they are never long enough. I am not able to do that with this being rca cables, so I am going to have to look for something else. The only problem I have with this audio system is the rca connections.

👤This would be a great system for a small room. I set this up in my cave and it sounds great. It has great sound quality and volume for the price, but it's not going to rattle windows or blow your ears out.

9. Acoustic Audio HT 67 Ceiling Theater

Acoustic Audio HT 67 Ceiling Theater

It is a small home theater system that can connect with 4 speakers to play music in multiple rooms. You can spend time with your family. It is also suitable for hotels. The recommended power is 20 to 250 watt per speaker, 8ohm. The response time is 35-22 kHz, the efficiency is 97dB, and the design is 6. Butyl rubber surrounds, soft dome tweeters, and low profile housings were designed in the USA. The rectangular cut out is 7. Overall, it is 7. The X 12 is 825" X 25. The round cut out is 7. Overall is 9 and depth is 3. Full instructions were included. This listing is for a complete 7 speaker set, which can be used for in wall or ceiling home entertainment, surround sound, home theater, multiple room systems, Industrial sound.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤It is easier to access wire in the ceiling. I have a powered sub that is running off of a surround sound system. The speakers are made of a good quality material. The plastic housing has six clamps that hold it in place, but they can break if not careful. The sound quality is still adjusted, but with 8 speakers it will make some bass. You could use the mounts later on.

👤We purchased these for our new home surround sound because we were pleased with the sound quality, and also because we bought them about 4 years ago for our basement media room. It's easy to install the flaps that rotation as you screw them into the wall.

👤It's a bit cheap to mount a apparatuses. There were three break while installing. It can be difficult to get the screws through the un-threaded Drywall clamps. Sounds great! The best sound comes from being in an enclosure or in-wall. Adding a sub for a great surround sound is a must. Four stars for installation troubles. 5 stars for function and sound.

👤I installed speakers in a small room for my son. 2 of the speakers were loud. The speakers that did work had poor sound quality. I replaced these speakers with Klipsch in-wall speakers that sound amazing. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

👤Installation needs more speaker wire. Installation instructions were not given to these speakers. I wish these speakers came with a stencil to trace for installation because the cut out dimensions were posted on Amazon as bullets under the cost. I use these with a Sony Receiver and a Polk Audio Sub-woofer. The speaker quality is good. I would recommend them.

👤I was worried about getting a low priced speaker system, but these babies rock! I never heard the man smoking in Blade or the glass breaking in Spider-Man 2 until I installed the speakers.

👤The speakers have been good for surround sound. It's not great for music. I will probably upgrade the speakers in a few months because the price point was excellent.

👤The templates for the holes were included. They sound great. The wiring in our small room is not compatible with anything else. We wanted a heavier gauge wire for the long in-wall/ceiling runs so this was not a big issue for us.

👤A good set for a basic setup. The stereofiles out there are great for me and the price can't be beat.

👤Did not unpack them all. It was very cheaply made.

10. Onkyo Channel Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia

Onkyo Channel Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia

Onkyo has a Home Theater Receiver. The Polk speakers are floor standing. The Polk Bookshelf Speaker is a pair. The Polk 2-Way Center Channel Speaker is from Polk. Polk 10-Inch Active Subwoofer.

Brand: Onkyo

👤Only one channel was functional after we purchased this. We have tried to contact the vendor several times, but have had no response. We should reach out to the vendor according to Amazon. Absolutely frustrating!

👤This system sounds great. It took a long time to receive all the items. To make sure everything was responded to quickly, the seller was contacted a lot. This is not a complete in the box system, but you know all items are seperate, so for the money time and patience for delivery, I recommend this set up speakers.

👤The system is great for the price. The family is happy, but we can finally stop watching TV with the caption turned off. The movies sound great. It was loud and clear. It took about 2 hours to set it up, the tower speakers were a little shorter than I expected, but I love them.

👤Don't be foolish and listen to other people. Sounds amazing. Even at less than 100%. Friends wish they had it. I don't think Amazon reviews are good. This is good music. The dead are blasted. And PHISh!

👤Customer service was even better than Stereo. The reciever was fixed quickly.

👤Setting up a system is easy.

11. Sony 4 Driver Floor Standing Speaker Complete

Sony 4 Driver Floor Standing Speaker Complete

There is a bundle included. The Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor- Standing Speaker is part of a pack. The 3-way speaker is designed for ease of use. The speaker has a peak power of 145 watt and a sound reproduction of 50 kilohertz. The speaker impedance is 6 Ohm. There are dual 5-inch foamed-mica reinforced woofers with wide-dispersion super tweeters.

Brand: Sony

👤I bought these to use with my Sony receiver. The sound quality is pleasant. The set works well and sounds better than the low price might suggest. The speakers can pack a punch. For my aging ears and a setup in a small room, I couldn't be happier. The auto speaker setup on the receiver made it easy to install the speakers.

👤The speakers are at this price point. The surround sound speakers are amazing. They sound great. Very happy with the purchase. I love the sound of the surround sound. The house is shaking. Movie nights are better now. Buy these and do yourself a favor. You will not be disappointed.

👤Amigos sonidos recomendadas.

👤It was a good sound for the money. A base in a home theater has additional speakers. They look great and sound good. Through the full range, well rounded and tight. For what it is, Sub is flawless.

👤It was relatively easy to put together. It is worth the money.

👤The collection was a great investment and one doesn't think of Sony when thinking of speakers. I am not a big fan of sound quality, but these Sony speakers go beyond what I expected. Thank you both Sony and Amazon.

👤The seller did not respond due to speaker issues. The sound clarity is not good.

👤Systeme haute performance pour le prix.


What is the best product for home theater sound system 7.2?

Home theater sound system 7.2 products from Rockville. In this article about home theater sound system 7.2 you can see why people choose the product. Logitech and Enclave Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater sound system 7.2.

What are the best brands for home theater sound system 7.2?

Rockville, Logitech and Enclave Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater sound system 7.2. Find the detail in this article. Acoustic Audio By Goldwood, Acoustic Audio By Goldwood and Klipsch are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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