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1. LG Channel Soundbar Surround Speakers

LG Channel Soundbar Surround Speakers

TV remote compatibility

Brand: Lg

👤When my local stores deliver systems with wired rear channels, or systems with high price tags, this system delivers good performance and a reasonable price. We want a mix of cost, performance, ease of installation and good looks for our surround sound systems in our house. Setting the rear speaker volume has been a challenge.

👤We bought this to pair with our TV. It's great. The extra speakers behind the couch are a big plus. The sound has a good base. I would give it a 9 out of 10 if the wireless goes out for a while.

👤This is a good buy and the sound quality is good. I connected the system to my tv via the optical cable they provided with ease of connecting. If you like clear,crisp sound with no distortion, I would recommend you to watch tv in surround.

👤The reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the time when the back speak might stop. I think this is a great sound system, and it's a good price.

👤It was easy to set up and I would buy it again.

👤I was able to set up my sound bar in 15 minutes. It works with my tv. I'm happy with the simplicity and ease of set up. Plug everything in and enjoy the sound.

👤I bought this used. I got it for half the price. I tried 2 different sound bars with different prices that worked for streaming but didn't work for anteanna input on my 10 year old TV. The only helpful advice I got was to buy an Lg sound bar. The bar, sub, and rear speakers with 4.1 channel and 420 watt is the ticket, because I took a chance on this one. I had a small issue and the seller replaced it right away. Completely satisfied with this unit.

👤It's much better than Vizio. It seems like the volume controller responds just right if you hold it right. May be the angle from my seat. Still recommend.

2. LG QP5 3 1 2ch Passthrough Subwoofer

LG QP5 3 1 2ch Passthrough Subwoofer

The total output power is 320W. Audio technology in the area. The design has a vibrating subwoofer. 4K Passthrough and Dolby Vision.

Brand: Lg

👤The unit is white, but the seller sent black. I was happy. The height of the soundbar does not affect the bottom of the picture on my phone. I had to move the subs further away from the tv to pair them up. It works with all movies. The room is just like you are there. I was shocked when the deeper bass keys came out of the subs and the piano player tickled the ivories. Everything is in sound. I was so impressed by the sound of Danger Close that I watched it for hours. You can feel a bubble of surround sound as you increase the volume. You don't have to buy a larger bar or miss rear speakers. Try this before they sell out. Thank you Amazon!

👤I'm writing a review after the new update. It sounds even better after they stepped in the right direction. Movies sound better with music. It's been a good result. Sounds great. I bought another ultra high speed hdmi to see if it sounds better than the one I have, because I haven't figured out how to use the Atmos properly.

👤The sound bar was purchased to clear up some space. On paper, the eclair fulfilled all my requirements, including small, well built, support for latest codecs, and hdmi passthrough. I didn't care about the lack of smart assistant support. I saw it was on sale and bought it despite the mixed reviews I had read online. It was easy and I was ready to go. The sound quality was the main reason why I returned. The sound stage is too narrow and the sound quality is not consistent. The sound quality of sports and tv shows was good, but on games it was terrible and on movies it was ok. I could not get the app to perform consistently well no matter how much I changed it. In some cases the sound stage opened but the sound was too processed to cause fatigue, in other cases it sounded too flat. I really wanted to like this bar, but I returned it. It didn't work for me.

👤This product is what I was looking for. I wanted a small black lifestyle soundbar that would sound good without the need for my big stereo system to be turned on. It needed to work with my receiver and TV. I was concerned that it didn't have a way to tame the commercials, but when I downloaded the app for the soundbar control, it was fixed. It fits my needs as well as I had hoped.

👤I wanted it to work. I fooled myself into believing that this small form sounded good, after giving it a few weeks. I was impressed by the sound when I first heard it, but I found out that my television's speakers were built in, and my bar was on a wireless network. Black Friday is coming up. I'll find a better alternative.

👤Loud music and low voice make it hard to watch movies. No luck trying every setting possible. Disappointed with the purchase.

3. LG CK43 Hi Fi Shelf System

LG CK43 Hi Fi Shelf System

The sound control is adaptive. The speaker system comes with a standard stereo auxiliary input and a port for an external drive to play music. It is possible to stream music from your phone or other compatible device. The ez file search has a clear readout on the panel to help you quickly find the folders or tracks you're looking for. Sound sync wireless is a convenient alternative to hardwired external speakers.

Brand: Lg

👤I bought a mini hi-fi system on Amazon. It worked well for a while. Then it stopped working. After changing the batteries in the remote, I realized it wasn't the one I thought it was. I tried plugging the power cord into a different outlet and manually turning on the unit. I tried everything I could to bring this unit back to life. Since it was still under warranty, I contacted the manufacturer to get it fixed or a refund. They had a lot of questions about the purchase. I provided my residential address and phone number, as well as answering all of their questions. Then nothing. I sent a reminder to the company that I had not received a response for more than a month. Again, nothing. It's been more than a month since I first contacted the company, and five weeks since this reminder. I don't want to send another reminder. I have concluded that I made a mistake buying this product. I have been receiving multiple emails from the company that they think I should buy. Unless I get a replacement for this unit, this will be the last product I buy from the company.

👤This was complete garbage and terrible. My son got it from Santa for Christmas. I can't reutnt it. It would be worth $50-$75 but not near what they are asking because the sound quality is terrible.

👤The stereo is easy to use. Classical, blues, jazz and rock all have a wonderful sound. It is easy to connect to tv. There are a lot of preset. Not being able to adjust my own settings is the only thing I dislike.

👤The bad boy does what you would expect. The bass is awesome. Yes! Exactly what I was looking for. It's cute and compact. It's not in the way. It plays loud.

👤Once it is in a place where it can get reception, the system is fine. There is no on/off button. I had to turn it off. I plugged it into a surge protector that had an on/off button. I bought myself an AM/FM/CD player from BoISE at a discounted price at QVC, because I was tired of the static reception. Hi Fi will be put in a spare bedroom.

👤The sound was not good. The reviews were positive, but not great.

👤The gift works well and the sound quality is really good.

👤The bass is perfect. I am very happy I bought it.

4. Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

5.1 digital surround sound is what the studio intended. The sub woofer has 165 Watts. Home theater speakers are certified by the THX. Satellites are 4 x 67 W. It can deliver a continuous 500 watt of power, with the ability to deliver a peak of 1,000 watt under certain circumstances. A flexible setup allows you to connect to six devices. You can instantly personalize your surround sound experience with the compact control console and wireless remote. The system needs to work with any device with a 3.5 millimeter jack, six channel direct, digital coaxial input or optical inputs. The signal to noise ratio is weighted.

Brand: Logitech

👤Don't buy. These speakers are not returnable despite saying they are on Prime. I have a 30 day return window and Amazon won't take them back. I was referred to the manufacturer, but they have not responded yet. It should be clearly stated if an item is not returnable. I have not been able to have the return accepted because my speakers are not usable.

👤The speaker set was amazing. The first problem I experienced was three months ago. It stopped working completely and only two lights were visible on the physical control panel. It started working again after I unplugged it. The same thing happened again a few weeks ago. I have tried the same fix many times. After looking through their support site, forums, and searches, it appears that this is common with the product, and Logitech's response has been all over the board, mostly refusing to replace the units. I won't talk about the sound of the device since there is clearly an issue with the design. It's sad to see that there is a clear flaw in these products and that they are not backing them up. This is going to affect my opinion of the company in a negative way.

👤They are a good speaker sound system, but they last about 5 months so you can't return them. After that they start doing a crack and pop sound, you can reset them, but after a while they stop working all together. So my advice is to look somewhere else. This is a known issue but Logitech will not do anything about it so don't buy these. If you are having a reset loop issue, do not try. The speakers are LEMONS.

👤The product does not work. Sound does not play. I can't return it less than a week after buying it.

👤Amazon won't take it back because it's a black hole and they consider it hazardous. I did not get a response from them. Don't waste time or money.

👤I bought this two months ago. The sound quality was amazing. The right front speaker failed after 2 months because of connection problems. I could work around it. The left front speaker has stopped working and the center speaker has stopped working as well. This has been the worst $300.00 I have ever spent on an item, and as a hard working person I don't have the money to flush down the toilet on CRAP like this. Stay away from this. It's a rap.

👤The system is great for money. If not triple, performance rivals system double its price. I did a lot of research before buying it. The looks of the system are the only annoyance. The speakers look like PC desk top speakers, in which they are realistic. You need to get creative in having them work with the appearance of everything in the room, but that is a big deal. Sound and function are excellent. Would buy it again. Subwoofer is small and has a powerful bass that will shake your house if needed.

5. LG SN5Y Audio Sound Virtual

LG SN5Y Audio Sound Virtual

2.1 Channel 400W is perfect when you want to give your TV a boost with a sound bar and sub. The sound is close to the real thing. The sound quality surpasses CDs with higher sampling rates and bit depth. Listen to every detail. Any movie, TV show or playlist can be transformed into a multidimensional audio experience. You can pair the 2.0ch Rear Speaker Kit expansion to deliver audio from behind for better depth and surround sound. The rear speaker kit is available separately. You can stream with the new 4.2 version of the Bluetooth protocol to connect your sound bar to your phone or other device.

Brand: Lg

👤Quality sound is a must in a stereo for me, first of all, I'm a purveyor of sound. This is amazing. The bass from the sub is big and loud. The highs are clear. You will have to play with different settings to find your sound preference. If you're thinking of buying a soundbar without a sub, you'll be disappointed. This sound system is for sale.

👤I received the sound bar on time. I was excited about a 400 watt system. I put the sound bar and sub in the box without the power cords or remote. I returned it because the company couldn't supply replacements.

👤Sounds good. I need to replace the Pioneer soundbar in my living room TV. I took the Pioneer with me to my office. Anywho, about the sound bar? The sound bar is really good. I settled on +2 bass and +2 treble after jacking around with the levels. The sound quality is what I was hoping for and the price is great for a 400w unit. The HDMI ARC is buggy for me. The sound bar on my TV works for 2 seconds via HDMI, but I have to plug it back in before it goes silent. You must repeat. I checked for updates, but they didn't come, so it looks like the unit is half baked. Maybe it will work with your equipment. I prefer to be able to control the sound bar from my TV. I've used analog for this reason, but on to the next con. There was no analog input. I know analog is old school, but it still has advantages. I think I have a problem. I have an optical adapter on the way. This will allow me to set the volume on the soundbar to a reasonable level and then use my TV to control the audio level via my analog out. It is not perfect but should work. - The bass is not very high. I have it set to max out at 5. I'm not a bass-head and never max out the bass I have ever owned. The max bass is about what I want. It might not be strong enough for more bass oriented people. These annoyances got a star. The setup is still a great one. It has been confirmed that the HDMI ARC is malfunctioning on my unit. I decided it goes back. It might be bad luck for me. It sounds great!

👤The sound quality is poor. I wanted to add a sub to my setup. I own a tv and a sound bar that is a few years old. Not capable of adding a sound system. The sound is worse than I thought. It sounds like using the internal tv speakers. The new system didn't sound as good to my kids. There is no depth in the bass. The volume is at 60 out of 100, so it's as loud as my previous one. Most sound systems in this price range have the ability to adjust bass, but there is no ability to do that in this price range. I have ever purchased a bad product from the company. It was just bad. It works with the sound sync. The sound bar volume can be controlled with the Firestick remote.

6. LG Electronics SH2 Channel Sound

LG Electronics SH2 Channel Sound

The wall mount is included. Channel 100 Watts. The sound control is adaptive.

Brand: Lg

👤We just purchased a new smart TV and had a hard time finding the sound bar. Amazon had them, YEA! YEA again, at a very reasonable price. The quality of sound and ease of installments are what we love about it. We were very happy with our purchase.

👤I studied up on the Soundbars before buying them. I own a 32' Vizio wi- fi built in. I read all of the reviews and this one got a bad rap. Everyone said it was very good. I put it together and turned it on and it was amazing. It blew me away. I use it in my bedroom. The bass kicks butt. The Soundbar is great. I am very satisfied with this purchase. It's worth it for the price.

👤The T.V viewing experience was changed by this soundbar. I don't have to turn up the volume to listen to the T.V. because the speakers on it suck. I'm not sure if they're better than the other ones, but for the price, the SH2 2.1 is a good start.

👤Very happy! The size works well. I didn't need a separate shelf to mount it on. The way it's designed makes it easy to access the wires behind it. Looks good!

👤I liked the price for this item. I have an easy to use tv. I opened the box today. The optical cord is included. It is on the box. No one looked at this item. It should never have been sent to me. Going back. It was ruined on Christmas. I receive all of the product components when I buy a product. It's a pity.

👤The provided remote doesn't work very well and the sound quality is decent. It is common to press the same button multiple times. It was not possible to control it with my other remote controls. If you are using strictly for bluetooth purposes, this could be an ok option at a cheap price.

👤It will not sync to the TV sound. If you don't mute the TV, it will sound like a long echo if you don't delay the sound and picture.

👤Not a good sound. There is a lot of low mids and little highs. A weak receiver is included.

👤The product was good and arrived quickly. There was a bit of confusion but it was solved in the end. Even when in optical mode, interference is experienced with other bluetooth equipment. The sound on the TV is turned off when the pc is turned on.

👤Cheap and effective. The sound quality is better if you mount the bar on a whale.

7. LG SK1 Sound Bar

LG SK1 Sound Bar

The SK1 sound bar has a design that is compact and well proportioned, which makes it a pleasure to look at and listen to. It's possible to link portable devices such as phones and tablets to a speaker or sound bar with the help of the wireless technology known as Bluetooth. Control the sound bars with the TV remote from eight of the leading manufacturers to add great sound with added convenience. Sound sync is a wireless audio link between the television and speaker. It's easy to set up. Sound sync is a wireless audio link between the television and speaker. It's easy to set up.

Brand: Lg

👤I wanted to improve the sound of my TV. Even though many other soundbars have better ratings, I thought sticking with the one from the manufacturer would make it easy to use. That wasn't the case. The sound was very faint when I went to the apps. The sound processing in the apps weren't compatible with the soundbar. I had to change the tv's settings every time I went to one of these apps. That was a challenge. The sound was ok. I think the tv's sound quality is better. It doesn't get very loud. I have a Denon AVR with a player on it. I can get good sound by turning that on. I was looking for a simple way to increase the volume when I was watching the news. I returned this and will look to buy a Yamaha soundbar.

👤I should have paid attention to those who warned against purchasing this sound bar in their reviews, as I almost always write a review for any product I buy. The reviews for the sound bar were mixed, although both of my TVs work beautifully. The sound bar is not bad, but it is close to being all bad. The sound quality was better than the speakers that came with the TV. Since we have 10 foot ceilings, I wanted the sound bar to be directed from the sound bar rather than bouncing off the mantle beneath the TV. The sound bar itself was not up to par. Imagine my surprise when the sound bar didn't come on when I turned on my TV this morning. I replaced the batteries because I thought they were dead. Fugged about it! The sound bar has no effect on the red light. It has been almost a year since I bought it. Lesson learned. If the reviews are mixed, avoid it. The sound bar is a loser.

👤It works well but the sound is basic. I wish I'd gone for the better option. It will have to d9 for now.

👤I blew out the speakers on my TV, and realized I should have bought them in the first place. The sound quality was great for the price. It comes with a remote, optical cable, and batteries. You can plug the sound bar into the wall. Measure and check the dimensions before you buy something.

👤Sound wouldn't work with my TV.

👤The sound bar works well. The remote in the package doesn't have the same buttons as the one in the user manual that I downloaded, so I was on my own. We have to hit some of the remote buttons to get the function to work. It was installed to clean up the sound from the TV. It sounded like it was in a barrel. I guess it's a plus because it did just that with the included optical cable.

👤The sound has a great surround sound and a body trembling bass. I bought it for its small size and sound quality.

👤I enjoy listening. I enjoy listening to my favourite songs while I binge watch the best shows on the internet. I was impressed by the sound bar when it arrived. The modern post secondary education system gifted me with depression over the past 6 years, but this played sounds perfect. When I watched the election, I could hear Trudeau and Scheer talking for two hours, and I could hear every single mumble and word. If you don't have a soundbar, you need one. If you're me, no TV has speakers that can fill a living room.

8. Sony Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Technology

Sony Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Technology

The Sony 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System with Wireless Subwoofer is the ultimate home theater upgrade. Audio comes alive. The power output brings the content to life. The speaker unit and volume of the subwoofer are powerful. S-Force Pro is a virtual surround sound technology. There are seven sound modes, choose from Auto Sound, Cinema, Music, Game, News, Sports, and Standard Audio Mode. Voice enhancement can be used to amplify the noise over the background. You can stream your favorite movies, shows, and music from your phone.

Brand: Sony

👤I was looking for a good sound system. I didn't care if it was able to jump through hoops or not, this one fit the bill nicely. I have a great soundbar with built in subs that is great, but I wanted one for a larger room that would provide even louder and deeper bass. After listening for a few days, I was a little disappointed but knew that speakers and especially subs need to be replaced in time. I've heard that some of the soundbars sell for up to 600 dollars, but this one sounds like it would be a good buy. Some people have experienced sound delays with other soundbars. The voices are clear and the bass is loud enough to make a difference in a movie. I can confirm that music and dvds sound good. If you're able to use a subs, you should place it in different places in the room to see where it will sound best. This is a great buy at 199 dollars and is well worth it.

👤It's okay if you're used to sound bars. I really wanted to like it. I tried every setting and it sounded so compressed. Even at full volume, the sub is not impressive. The living room is twice the size and we just installed a Samsaung sound bar in it. It was paid for at Best Buy. This was installed with a 65" Sony in a media room with carpeting and 8' ceilings. The set up was easy and fast. It sounded better with Steely Dan than it did with the TV, when I turned it on. I will be sending it back so I can get a better sound experience. My thoughts. If you are interested in something that sounds better than your TV speakers, this might be a good idea for you. I would suggest different options if you want something more than average.

👤The sound is really good and it is very easy to use. I downsized from a 7.1 surround setup. If the dialogue is enhanced, I don't think we lost any sound. If I had paid full price, I would have been happy.

👤I have had a Sony sound bar for two weeks. The sound bar was easy to pair with after the user error was corrected. I was initially disappointed with the bass from the sub woofer, but the more I have listened to it, the more I can say it does deliver. It was a good value and it was delivered on time. It was well packaged. It will allow you to pair 9 devices to it, which will allow for a lot of usage. I have it in my master bedroom and it is loud enough. You don't have to use on and off button's. It will turn on and pair automatically if I tell it to do so. When you turn the television off, it will also power off. The price and sound quality are what will make you happy.

9. LG Electronics SPK8 S Channel Wireless

LG Electronics SPK8 S Channel Wireless

The Spk8 add-on rear channel speakers can turn a living room into a theater. This kit is designed to connect to the sound system via a wireless connection. The speakers can be wall-mounted, especially handy when there is no table nearby.

Brand: Lg

👤The speakers that I bought for the SK9Y 5.1.2-Channel High-Res 500W soundbar were nominated as an optional extra. The sound quality of this device is amazing. We have had two sounders from JBL over the past 8 years, but the price and the ability to add wireless rear speakers was too tempting. It almost ended in disaster. The rear speakers were to be the icing on the new cake, but they were the problem. The setup was easy and I recommend the app. There was no sound coming from the rear speakers. I discovered the cause after reading and re-reading the limited documentation. The speaker controller uses 5 GHz to communicate. If you have a dual-band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz internet and are using the 5 GHz channel, the rear speakers will not function properly. I had a dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz range extension for one side of the house. The solution is not worth much to me. It has faster data rates, but over a shorter distance. The solution was simple, turn off the internal 5 GHz radio in both the Router and the Extender. The rear speakers came alive when I did this. I hope my journey with this will help someone. I think the sound system is worth it.

👤They are wireless because there are no wires to the front speakers. There are wires between the speakers and the amplification unit that connect to the wall for electricity. The setup was easy and the connection was automatic. The speaker stands listed below worked out perfectly. We are very happy with the setup of the sound bar and rear speakers, they are awesome! There is a satellite speaker on the floor stand.

👤The packaging was poor and there was nothing to cushion the factory box from banging around inside the shipping box. The speakers seem to be well made and have good sound, once you get them to work. I don't think it's right to have to download an App to my tablets just to adjust my speakers. I want to make available information that may help other people purchase this item. I have included some pictures because it was nearly impossible to find a picture of the rear or bottom of the speakers. There are two 4mm threaded mounting holes on each speaker and spring wire clips to attach the speaker wires. There are two of them, one on the bottom and the other in the back. The holes are deep. The wireless connection between the sound bar and the speaker amplifier is not the same as the wire connection between the speakers and the amplifier. The speakers were mounted with brackets. I have provided some pictures to show you how I did it. Hopefully, it will help others.

👤These are currently with the Sk9Y bar. My living room is large and open so I felt the bar alone wasn't enough. The bar and these pairs immediately. The bar has a surround setting of 6 and it still seems quiet. The surround sound when using the dolby demos is absolutely flawless. I feel these added to a more immersed viewing experience but wish the sound coming from the speakers were more dispersed so those sitting near the sides could get more benefit.

10. LG OEM Original Part AKB73575401

LG OEM Original Part AKB73575401

Enjoy music with your voice. To control your speaker, speak to the Google Assistant on your device. Home theater speakers. Home theater sound bar speaker replacements.

Brand: Lg

👤This is a direct product replacement and it works as advertised, but after I bought it, I was shown suggestions of other products that didn't have the brand on them, but still worked the same, and I talked to a friend of mine who bought the knock off and it worked the

👤Brand new replacement remote for my home theater sound bar system was exactly as described. I bought the bar and sub at a Wal-mart for only $80, but the remote was missing, so I am very pleased. The remote is required to perform functions that can't be done without it. I was able to upgrade our living room TV to a Bose quality sound system for less than $100. The remote was the icing on the cake. Thanks.

👤Mr. Man liked the original remote. Just like the original, it's a perfect replacement. Replacment for a sound bar.

👤I liked the remote. The original remote was destroyed by my puppy. It works well for most of the time. When I tried to use it on my smart TV, I had to close the app to go back to the page I was on. It did the job.

👤The remote did not control my sound bar because the batteries were in. I was told to buy a new remote by the company. The item is not eligible for return because I ordered it a couple of days ago. You have a 50% chance that the remote won't work.

👤It was strange how original it was for 2 years and then it quit. Took batteries from old and put them in new. The new remote has a better range. I don't have to aim directly at the sound bar for this part.

👤Works as advertised. I wish there was a universal remote function.

👤It was a perfect match with my sound bar. It works with TV as well. A great replacement remote.

11. LG Sound Output Meridian Surround

LG Sound Output Meridian Surround

The total output power is 437 watt. High Resolution Audio 24bit/ 96kHz with 4K Passthrough. There is a wireless surround sound ready. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Lg

👤I was having a hard time understanding dialogue in my bedroom, which is wall mounted. The sound bar has made everything sound better. The sound bar display is off center, which is really annoying when watching tv in the dark, and the display is always on.

👤I was not happy with this item. It would work when it wanted to. Sound was not good. The signal wouldn't work because the sub dropped. I wanted to like it, but the sound was not good.

👤The sound is amazing, I picked it up from PC Richards. Exceeding my expectations.


What is the best product for home theater sound system lg?

Home theater sound system lg products from Lg. In this article about home theater sound system lg you can see why people choose the product. Lg and Lg are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater sound system lg.

What are the best brands for home theater sound system lg?

Lg, Lg and Lg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater sound system lg. Find the detail in this article. Logitech, Lg and Lg are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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