Best Home Theater Speakers 5.1

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1. Monoprice Caliber Speakers Fiber 3 Way

Monoprice Caliber Speakers Fiber 3 Way

The lightweight cone drivers from the DuPont are clean and natural sound. The speakers have titanium Silk dome tweeters that give you airy clarity with defined vocals and dialog. You can add speakers as main home theater speakers or whole home house systems. The wife acceptance factor is increased by the lack of logo grills. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I wanted to use the speakers as rear surround speakers. The pictures don't show how large they are. You'll have to cut a big hole in the wall to mount them. The speakers were one of the reasons I bought them. You'll be left with a white border all the way around the speakers after you paint the grill. The speakers are held in the frame with six screws. You can paint the plastic frame along with the grill if you remove the speaker. I used a can of spray paint and did everything. They look great. Most houses have a stud spacing of 16 degrees apart, so you can cut the hole in the wall with two inches on either side. I used a RotoZIP to cut out the drywall after taping the template to the wall. The template is the minimum size needed, so I had to go back over the cut to make it larger for the speaker to sit on the wall. Don't let your wife see the hole in the wall before the speaker is installed because it will look huge. The speaker mounts to the wall with a series of tabs that spin into place and tighten as a screw on the front of the speaker is turned. I used an electric screwdriver to reach the screws. Go slow if you do that. I let go when I felt resistance on the driver. Before you put the speaker in the wall, make sure the tabs are vertical so they can spin outward. If you use a drill, I would be careful as I could see the tabs breaking easily under stress. I would rate these speakers 5 out of 5. They sound great, don't let the price fool you. The tab installation system keeps them calm. One of the speakers arrived with one of the tabs broken off, so I docked the speakers one star. It was too late to return them because I didn't notice it until I started painting them. If the speakers ever stop working, I'll either have to replace them with the exact same model or learn how to do serious drywall repair.

👤He has a weird area under our staircase. There is an empty space under the staircase and we mounted it in that void. It looks great. Very low profile. You can tell the speaker is high quality by the weight of the magnets used. We have a 4k sqft house, and this is installed in the middle. The plan is to use the sub in conjunction with the micca speakers to add some bass. I have serious concerns that this puppy is going to piss off the neighbors, and everyone in our neighborhood has acre sized lots, so I'm not kidding. If you're like me, and think that the music is more important than the clarity, then this sub is for you.

👤The speakers sound good. They are not for the faint of heart. To install them, you will need to cut a hole in the wall that is about 12 feet wide. I put a batt of Rockwool insulation in the wall before installing these. It also makes it harder to hear them on the other side of the wall, for example, if you want to avoid filling the room with sound, you could put it in a bedroom or other area. I dropped the speaker wire down the wall because they have spring terminal connections on the back. I soldered the speaker wire to the audio plate at the bottom of the wall at the same height as the power outlets to give it a finished look. You're done if you connect your amplifier to the spring terminals.

2. Acoustic Audio HD516 Ceiling Surround

Acoustic Audio HD516 Ceiling Surround

The box has 1x in-wall audio receiver, 1XAC adapter, and 2X screws. The ceiling speakers have 2 x speaker wire. Goldwood HD516 is a six piece home speaker set with 2 wall speakers and 2 ceiling speakers. Butyl rubber surrounds, round cut out 7.125", overall 9.125", depth 3.25", and low profile housings. The cut out is 19.25" X 7.5" and the depth is 3.25". HDS10 wall passive Sub speaker, 200-300 watt, 26hz-200hz, 10" Woofer, cut out is 10.625" X 10.625", overall is12" X12", depth is 3.75" This listing is for a complete 6 piece wall and ceiling speaker set.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤5 speakers and a sub for this price is garbage. I did what most online buyers do and read reviews. Some people love the product and others don't. I thought I could always return them. I was skeptical due to the fact that most of the speakers I've seen were at least $800. I inspected the quality and build of each speaker after receiving the package. I was impressed by the center speaker that I tested. I knew the surround sound system would be decent. Most people recommend thicket gage speaker wire and a sub. I ran the speaker wire out of the basement. I ordered a Polk audio sub. I'm glad I did. The bass needed to complete this package is not provided by the subwoofer that comes with the set. Everything was great except for that. The Denon 5.2 surround sound receiver is in my basement.

👤The speakers are easy to install and a good value. It was a hassle to find a compatible amplifier for the passive subwoofer, so I deducted one star. I wish they would just include it or sell it as an add on. I couldn't buy it at the store. It works great once I found a functional amplifier. The look and sound of the home theater is very nice.

👤The quality of the materials and components are superb, the speakers are easy to install, and they sound amazing in a home theater room I made for a customer. The only two problems were that the speaker wasn't a lot punch on the wall and I'm going to have to put a vent on the front. I put a bit of crazy glue on that sucker and it did the job, but unfortunately you need to make sure you don't mess with it because that sucker will be stuck for good.

👤I figured out that the install was smooth once I realized that the system needed a sub-woofer amplifier. The company sells one for $100 on Amazon. This is better than I anticipated. The speaker cover is knocked off when the sub knocks it off.

👤I just finished my basement and decided to use in-wall speakers. Why not? I had access to the frame work and the speaker wire, so it was a no-brainer. The speakers are a great price compared to other units. The only problem was figuring out a way to prevent the sub from shaking the wall. I had to buy a separate amplifier, but it was worth it. Problem #1 was solved. Problem #2 was a little tricky but luckily with the help of my contractor, he suggested building an enclosure to be installed inside the wall as well. He looked at other 300W active subs and built his enclosure using an internal volume of 1.56cu-ft. If you want to do the same, remember that number. The install was a piece of cake, with the exception of the sub enclosure. I recommend either using heavy insulation around the sub or building an internal enclosure. I can only imagine how bad your walls will be. The speakers are being used to amplify the sound of the receiver. I'm not an audio engineer, so I have nothing to compare the sound quality to, but many people who have come over to check out the basement have said good things about the sound.

3. Harman Kardon High Performance Discontinued Manufacturer

Harman Kardon High Performance Discontinued Manufacturer

There are 2 speaker cables, a power supply and an amplifier in the box. All Herdio speaker products have a limited warranty. The response is 35hertz to 20kHz. The impedence was 8 ohm. 86dB at 1 watt. The center channel has drivers.

Brand: Harman Kardon

👤This was a great system to start with. It's very easy to connect to my receiver with the speakers. After 2 months, my sub failed. I had to go to a repair center that was authorized by the company. It has been almost four months. I haven't received my sub yet. Their service is terrible. The service reps were the most painful I have ever had to deal with. Nobody knows what is going on between the repair center and their customer service. I am on the verge of asking for a full refund because nobody can give me a straight answer. This has been a poor service. Go with any other sound system manufacturer if you spend the extra money.

👤The sub stopped working. I went back and forth with Customer Service, and they made me return the entire system, which means I would have been without any speakers instead of just my sub, for this entire time. The system sounded great, but stopped working and the customer service was terrible.

👤In November of last year, the order was ordered and arrived. Suburbia stopped playing at the end of January. They suggested that it may be my receiver not putting out a signal. I had no problem returning the receiver for a new one since I purchased it from the best buy store. There is still no sub. Small speakers sound good but the system is worthless without a working sub.

👤The first month I owned them, the speakers and sub were great. The sub stopped working after that. The auto sense switch is malfunctioning. HK is not willing to honor their warranty on this product because it is being discontinued by the manufacturer. Will not buy HK products again because the closest authorized repair facility is in Michigan.

👤Excellent price and beautiful sound with a Yamaha receiver. When the "CATCH" the sub stopped working, it started making a buzzing sound. Even if I switch the on mode, the orange light will not work. It seems like I missed it by a few days when I checked to see the return policy. I'm very disappointed. I was trying to save money with this speaker system, but now I'm stuck with a useless sub. I'm wondering if it was already bad before I tried buying it directly from the manufacturer, even if it cost a little more.

👤My room is like a movie theater because I bought this for $120. I like it. It was worth every penny. I love my $200 receiver.

👤If I had to pick one, I would buy this again and again. It works well and won't need to be replaced for a long time. My house windows are rattles. There was no problem at 34 power. It's too much.

👤You can order via Amazon. Excellent delivery service. After a few weeks of research, I bought a small home theatre speaker system that sounded great. Very pleased with the purchase. I am glad I did not spend more on sound. I was surprised at the size of the sub and had to move it to another corner of the room to do more wiring than planned. Speaker mounts only allow for rotation from right to left, so it made for 4 stars instead of 5. I wanted to buy better wall mounts, but I couldn't find any that would work with the non-standard location of the screw placement. I don't have a need for better mounts because the best sound in my room is when they are pointed directly across the room from each other. The sound from the speakers is great and the style is sharp. The kit comes with a lot of long speaker wires, but you should get speaker wire designed for in wall use to be code. I ordered all my wire and accessories from as I thought their prices were good, but there are many places to order this stuff. I would recommend this purchase for the value-oriented consumer looking for good home theatre sound and a fair price if they combine it with a good AV receiver.

4. Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

It's easy to connect. Their speakers can be used to connect to your TV, PC or laptop. Powerful 30W speakers. The speaker system provides a sound that fills the room. Light illuminates your space and enhances your home theater. You can use the buttons on the sound bar to adjust the volume, play music or switch mode. Different colors of indicators mean different modes. You can stream your favorite music from your phone, tablet, or other device. Sits below the TV or securely mounts on the wall.

Brand: Monster

👤It looks cool. It was too quiet and my tv speakers sounded better since it looked cool with the lights.

👤The price is good and it looks cool. It works well, but it doesn't get as loud as I would like it to.

👤If you have a sleek TV it is almost necessary to have a separate sound system. TVs are thin with no room for large speakers. The speakers are usually on the back. The Monster Soundbar has a low-profile and comes with a remote control that can be used to power on, volume, play, pause, switch between lighting colors and modes, inputs and Bluetooth. The unit has some control built into it. The sounbar can be placed under the TV or on the wall. It could connect via the AUX port. The Monster Soundbar has several color options and mode selections. You could pick a color or pick a wave. The remote has controllable dimmer settings. The sound of my TV is better than that of the soundbar. I was expecting a Monster sound bar with a name like Monster to create a better audio experience than the tiny speakers on the back of the TV. I have a portable speaker with a bigger sound and a better bass than this one. There are similar priced units with better sound. Some of them have a separate sub, or have a HDMI port for music from an external drive. The Monster Soundbar is mostly for TVs. It is too wide to fit on many desks and it worked better as a PC speaker. Sound and lighting should be more important than they are.

👤I wanted to put it over my monitor. The sound from the speakers was very good. The stereo is great because of the wide separation. This is not very useful for use with a TV in a small room. If my PC is off, I loved the convenience of using a phone or iPod with my computer. It's easy to pair. I had to provide my own cable at a small price, and it was almost as good as the one that BT provides. The sound is clear and loud enough for me to sit at my computer desk. Not a lot of Bass. 2 screws and anchors are provided for the mounting. It can sit under a TV. If you don't try for a tight screw to the soundbar back, it will lean down a bit. If mounted to the wall like I did, it will aim the sound down a bit. The lighting is bright, multicolored, and can be set with the remote control from off to on in many patterns and color schemes. I provided my own batteries for the remote, which will control the inputs and play. A small wall wart provides Soundbar power. The instructions are very good. I love the improvement over my monitor speakers. I recommend this Monster Store Soundbar: Home Theater with Multicolor Led Lights, 30W Speakers, Remote Control, and Optical AUX Connection. It's ideal for close up use with my PC. I hope you find the information helpful.

5. Channel Amplifier Speaker System Built

Channel Amplifier Speaker System Built

300 watt power. The Pyle 5.1 Channel A/V amplifier receiver is a must have for your home theater entertainment system. It allows you to enjoy high quality amplified audio by using 300W peak. The personal digital amplifier box has a stereo input and a radio antenna input. You can connect external sources such as a computer, DVD player, and TV. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The professional integrated indoor house audio receiver has a music streaming function. Works with today's latest devices including smart phones, tablets, iPhone and computer. The entertainment system provides full range audio reproduction. The base receiver, center channel speaker, and directable satellite speakers are included in the entertainment set. A digital display. The amplifier has a built-in digital display panel which shows all the functions and input used. A power cable and remote control are included in the package.

Brand: Pyle

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The only sound that comes out of all the speakers is through bluetooth. If you want to watch a movie on your device, forget it. The sound will only come from the sub-bassoon and front left and front right. The sound from the speakers will not come from the center or rear speakers. I hid all of the speaker wires and mounted all of the speakers after setting up the whole system. The manufacturer tech support failed to return my calls or emails after multiple attempts, despite the fact that Amazon tech support could not resolve the issue. Amazon gave me 50% of what I paid.

👤Where to start? It's a good system. It's not for a night club but it is a movie theater. I gave the remote 2 stars because it needs to face right at the sensor. I connected x 2 tall speakers with a 10 inch and 8 inch speakers inside and x 2 box speakers with a 6 inch speakers and 4 tweeters. It adds a lot of sound.

👤The surround system does not come with good instructions so you may have trouble setting it up. You have to guess how to connect the wires at the end of the main box. It would be better if they put banana clips in the box. I could only get sound out of three speakers. I bought two different splitters, but they didn't work. I only got one reply a day from technical support. I got all the speakers to work after trying different things on the remote. The sound is good but it was a lot of work to get this set up.

👤The set is nice. We like having the ability to listen to the radio in stereo with our Smart TV, and this gives us great sound for our TV. If you want, you can mount the speakers to the wall. If you have a small place you are planning to put it in, make sure to get the measurements from the info.

👤The output is not bad for an affordable stereo. I use a surround sound system to deliver music that is designed to put people in a more settled state, adjusting their nervous system. This stereo shows that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get good quality.

👤I have had this unit for 34 days and it's not working right after only 2 weeks of use. The remote wouldn't connect to the internet anymore, it stopped working all together. I called customer service. They want me to pay for shipping as well. I don't have the original box. I have to figure out a different way to send it to them. I have to pay for shipping to return it. I've paid for shipping before, why a second time? Not happy with the product. I want my money back, not because it's fixed, but because I want it to be. It worked for 2 weeks.

6. Energy Classic Theater System Black

Energy Classic Theater System Black

The speakers are black. The Energy center channel is black. The patented ribbed elliptical surround has a 200 watt Energy Sub with front firing port and driver. It's perfect for a large or small space surround sound solution.

Brand: Energy

👤I consider myself to be a veteran home theater enthusiast. They worked for Circuit City for 5 years before becoming a Home Theater Sales Associate. I have had the chance to review and test speakers. When we moved to a new house, I gave my brother-in-law the speakers I had owned for a long time. I went for 2 years with a cheap Sony home Theater-in-a-box that sounded muddy and cheap. I bought 2 sets of the speakers because they were on sale for $299 on Amazon. There is a little about my system. We have a PS3 and Wii-U that are integrated into my system and I watch a lot of movies in hi-def surround formats. My wife uses a top of the line Grand Videoke TKR371MP that outputs hi-def audio on certain song choices, as well as a top of the line wireless karaoke system that she uses. I use a cable provider. I wanted to do a 7.2 setup in my man cave so I purchased 2 of these Energy systems. The extra speakers that are left over will be integrated into a 9.2 Dolby Atmos setup. Here is my review of the speakers. A. The sound quality is better than I had thought. Dialogue from the center channel is hard for me to hear because I have a hearing disability. The center speaker of the Energy is clear on all sources and I have not had a problem with any dialog. My Infinitys cost thousands more because they were not clear. A. The blend between the subs and satellites is the best I have seen in this class. I have tested similar sized systems from Polk. The Energy system blends so well. You need to set your volume on the sub to the mid-way point and then set the cutoff frequency to 110hz. I hate the auto calibration DCAC that Sony uses, and I have an older Sony STR-DH-810. I had to use what I got for now, but I prefer Audyssey. There was a bias of too much volume on the left side of the Sony DCAC, so I had to do a few manual adjustments. I plan on getting a new Denon next year, so I can calibrate it with the Audyssey XT32 system, since HDCP 2.2 issues for 4K are pending. A. The 8 inch subs put out better bass than my 12 inch sub ever did. You will know what I'm talking about when the new Godzilla is in the airport scene. D. The satellites are easy to position. The bass tube on the back of the speakers should be put on dedicated wall mounts. You can wall mount them flush with a nail, but for best performance, let them breathe a little away from the wall, as there is a key hole slot on each speaker. E. They work well for both music and movies. It is either one or the other that many speakers cannot do. I listen to a lot of metal. When listening to music, the focus is on guitar work. I wanted speakers that could handle the type of music I listen to more for, like Randy Rhoades, Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee, and George Lynch. The Energy's did not miss a beat. F. They will surprise you if you are into karaoke. My Energy's smoked the competition on voice clarity and overall sound quality from both the background music and the singers voice, when I hooked up my Karaoke system to an Onkyo system and a Bose Lifestyle system at two different friend's houses. There is no speaker888-607-3166888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 that will help you if you can't sing. I don't sing, it's my wife's system, and I need help with that. There is a g. If you want the IMAX feeling in your cave. If your receiver will allow it, you will be blown away. The extra back channels of the 7.2 system will put you right in the movie. The construction of the actual speaker modules is superb and look and feel like they would last forever. The housing is ok but not very useful. It is durable enough that you don't have to worry about scratches or peeling, but it is a laminated/pressboard finish so definitely not indestructible. I got spoiled because my infinities were real wood. You will pay an arm and a leg for speakers with better material. These were on sale for $299 with Amazon. There are magnets with fingerprints. After you handle them or touch them, the high gloss finish needs to be cleaned. This is a small gripe. A. The type of material used in these speakers makes them sound a little bright at first but will gradually become warmer after a few days of use. 50 hours of use is recommended by the manufacturer. When I first hooked them up, they sounded terrible. Be patient. I highly recommend this system to anyone who wants smaller speakers. The speakers' performance is much better than the cost. It's money well spent because they perform like high end speakers and allow you to use the rest of your home theater budget on better equipment such as a higher grade receiver or a man cave couch. I have already recommended this system to a friend of mine who is in the process of hooking up his own new home theater system, and I would buy it again for another room. Money is not wasted.

7. Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

5.1 digital surround sound is what the studio intended. The sub woofer has 165 Watts. Home theater speakers are certified by the THX. Satellites are 4 x 67 W. It can deliver a continuous 500 watt of power, with the ability to deliver a peak of 1,000 watt under certain circumstances. A flexible setup allows you to connect to six devices. You can instantly personalize your surround sound experience with the compact control console and wireless remote. The system needs to work with any device with a 3.5 millimeter jack, six channel direct, digital coaxial input or optical inputs. The signal to noise ratio is weighted.

Brand: Logitech

👤Don't buy. These speakers are not returnable despite saying they are on Prime. I have a 30 day return window and Amazon won't take them back. I was referred to the manufacturer, but they have not responded yet. It should be clearly stated if an item is not returnable. I have not been able to have the return accepted because my speakers are not usable.

👤The speaker set was amazing. The first problem I experienced was three months ago. It stopped working completely and only two lights were visible on the physical control panel. It started working again after I unplugged it. The same thing happened again a few weeks ago. I have tried the same fix many times. After looking through their support site, forums, and searches, it appears that this is common with the product, and Logitech's response has been all over the board, mostly refusing to replace the units. I won't talk about the sound of the device since there is clearly an issue with the design. It's sad to see that there is a clear flaw in these products and that they are not backing them up. This is going to affect my opinion of the company in a negative way.

👤They are a good speaker sound system, but they last about 5 months so you can't return them. After that they start doing a crack and pop sound, you can reset them, but after a while they stop working all together. So my advice is to look somewhere else. This is a known issue but Logitech will not do anything about it so don't buy these. If you are having a reset loop issue, do not try. The speakers are LEMONS.

👤The product does not work. Sound does not play. I can't return it less than a week after buying it.

👤Amazon won't take it back because it's a black hole and they consider it hazardous. I did not get a response from them. Don't waste time or money.

👤I bought this two months ago. The sound quality was amazing. The right front speaker failed after 2 months because of connection problems. I could work around it. The left front speaker has stopped working and the center speaker has stopped working as well. This has been the worst $300.00 I have ever spent on an item, and as a hard working person I don't have the money to flush down the toilet on CRAP like this. Stay away from this. It's a rap.

👤The system is great for money. If not triple, performance rivals system double its price. I did a lot of research before buying it. The looks of the system are the only annoyance. The speakers look like PC desk top speakers, in which they are realistic. You need to get creative in having them work with the appearance of everything in the room, but that is a big deal. Sound and function are excellent. Would buy it again. Subwoofer is small and has a powerful bass that will shake your house if needed.

8. Klipsch Reference Premiere RP 280FA Theater

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP 280FA Theater

The built-in all-digital amplifier has plenty of power and high efficiency. 2x Klipsch Reference R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and K The built-in channel is for Dolby Atmos. The Linear Travel Suspension Titanium has a titanium component. There are dual 8" Spun Copper Cerametallic Cone Woofers. The hybrid Tractrix Horn is 90x90

Brand: Klipsch

👤Totally worth the money. Well packed. Heavy. It was big. When I hit the purchase button, the speaks looked small on my phone. My poor man! The packaging was good. Every speaker was clean. The sound is amazing. I have a Denon AVR. It is 165w per channel so it is 80w at 8 ohms. The sound is clean and crisp. My ears hurt when my meter said 112. There is no need to push further. The 12” swim is tight. There was no flutter at the bowl. I am happy. I enjoy a movie or some music. The speakers are a dream for me. Sometimes you get what you pay for. If my wife would let me turn it on.

👤The price made the system even better. The quality of manufacturing is second to none. I highly recommend this to anyone in the market for a home theater system.

👤The speaker system is outstanding. It arrived in a timely manner and was packed well. The sound reproduction is outstanding. It's used in a home theater.

9. Monoprice Channel Satellite Speakers Subwoofer

Monoprice Channel Satellite Speakers Subwoofer

Voice assistant input can be used to control your devices through the sound bar with a dedicated 3.5 aux or persistent Bluetooth connection. The Monoprice 5.1-channel Home Theater Speaker System is a must have. Four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker, and an 8" powered subwoofer are included in the speaker system. The speakers come with a black finish. The center speakers use two shielded mid-range cones, while the satellites use one cone and a dome tweeter. Don't let the small size fool you. The speakers can handle up to 125 watt of power from your home theater receiver. The amplifier that drives the downward firing cone is powered by a 60 watt (RMS) amplifier. It can be used with any amplifier, even older ones without dedicated subs. The subwoofer has volume balance controls and can handle frequencies between 50 and 250 Hz. There are four C brackets for mounting the satellite speakers to the wall in the box. A pair of plastic feet are included. You will need to provide your own hardware for mounting the C brackets to the wall.

Brand: Monoprice

👤The speakers sounded great for a while. Two months after owning the speakers, one of them sounds tinny and crackles when certain sounds are played through it. The speakers have not been used to play music or movies. Reached out to monoprice twice to find a replacement speaker, but have not heard back. I don't want to buy an entire new set of speakers and I don't want to introduce a speaker other than monoprice into my surround sound system as it will look silly. There is an update. Monoprice stated that they don't offer individual speakers for replacement after many attempts. Unless you want to start mixing different brand name speakers, you are out an entire system if one speaker goes bad. One speaker is bad after two months of use. Not happy.

👤We don't listen to the speakers very loud because they blew within 6 months. We live in an apartment so we're careful about being too loud. Even when it hasn't been used in a while, the sub still gets hot. I tried to contact Monoprice, but couldn't get anyone to respond. It was a major disappointment. The speakers are overpriced for the quality, even though you pay for them. They wouldn't replace the speakers. They wanted us to send the entire system back in at our own cost, then they would eventually get around to sending a replacement. I told them to forget about it because I could replace the speakers for less than shipping. I will never buy from Monoprice again.

👤This is the 3rd set of speakers I have purchased. One for my wife's office and one for a bonus room. The v2015 sets were the ones that were there. They went out of stock for a long time, but recently came back. I immediately ordered a set for my theater as I have been happy with the previous sets. More than happy. The drivers may be made of a different color material. The speakers in the box were separated from the black laminate. The new logo is not great at all, and it is not as pleasing with the grills off. The biggest change was the mounting screw, which has always been a threaded screw. I bought the 6 I needed for my mounting brackets before opening this box. The screw was changed to an M6. Another trip to the hardware store. There are some mounts that have built in threaded rods that will no longer work with these speakers. You can see the differences in the versions here. I'll give them time to break in, which is important with these speakers. The sound is as expected, but the quality of manufacture has suffered. I don't understand why Monoprice can't throw in a bag of the correct mounting screws since they are not the standard size.

👤I don't like the system. I am very impressed with Monoprice. The speakers did not work. I contacted the company and they were very responsive. I received a second sub that wouldn't power on unless you jiggled the power wire and held it in a certain position. They sent me another sub. Many people have said that the one that worked worked, but they don't expect much. In movies, there is no boom or punch. The other two subs are in my garage. The system is inexpensive and works well for a dorm room, apartment or an entry home theater system. I ordered this package again after my experience, but I think Monoprice is a good company.

10. Sony 5 1 Channel Surround Multimedia Theater

Sony 5 1 Channel Surround Multimedia Theater

Don't let that vinyl go unheard! The turntable can be connected with ease with a 3.5mm analog. Do you want to stream all your music? You can use any mobile device or tablet with the simple use of theBluetooth 5.0 connection. The bundle includes the Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker, Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System, and the Sony 10-Inch Active Subwoofer. The upper surface of the drivers is made of foamed, dual-layer mica, which is designed to deliver supple and faithful sound quality, while the bottom layer is designed to leverage low weight with strength for a powerful bass response. The signal loss for an energetic vocal response with even the most delicate nuances is assured by the Crossover Component. It is mounted directly to the cabinet. The Sony SS-CS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker has a peak power of 145W. Four rubber foot pads are included to reduce shelf vibration.

Brand: Sony

👤I wired the speakers to the receiver after I bought the Sony bundle. They were recognized when it was turned on. The thing was malfunctioning. I had to place anti-vibrating material under the speaker cases and adjust the controls on the back of the subs. Also, note: The 2 sub channels need a powered subwoofer. You would think that the box or instructions would have the information printed on them. I thought the receiver had a defect when I tried to use the 5.1 Pioneer speakers from the new system. They all worked, except for the sub. The Pioneer had a good bass. I called Sony Customer Support. The Tech told me that the STR-DH590 must have a powered sub. He gave me speaker choices. I am fortunate that the sub woofer of the Pioneers was a no go. The 100 watt speakers would have been toast if one of my friends had maxed the volume. The Sony bundle includes the Sony SSCS8 (center) and 10-Inch Active Subwoofer, both of which have their own power and auto power on. I couldn't beat the price for a Sony or any other brand 5x145w plus powered sub speaker set. There is a The black speaker cases look like plastic, when compared to some of the wood speakers offered by other makes.

👤The sound is great, but it doesn't work on your TV, so I went to goodwill and bought a Sony Blue ray for 30 dollars, and it worked great.

👤I like this product. Sounds great. It was easy to set up.

👤I don't know why anyone would dislike this system. I have been setting up surround sound box systems for 20 years. This one is as good or better than any I have had before. Someone said it was not loud enough. Wow! Not sure what you think is loud. I can not watch a movie with more than 60% volume. It is too much. The bass is turned down. I like bass in movies. This thing plays back both DVD's and Blu Ray's perfectly. There were no issues. It can take a little while to boot up. Not long enough to be an issue. My system plays through a 4k short throw projector mounted to the ceiling in a 13x13 media room. No complaints. The sound quality is great. I am waiting for my second BDV E3100 to arrive to my living room. The product is great for the price. The $300.00 system sounds and performs better than you would think. So all you people out there are complaining about the sound quality? You should check out your installation and set it up. My is great. I have some friends who have 1000.00s of dollars in their systems come over and they can't believe my system is at all comparable to theirs. It isn't going to compare to a really high end install. Again. It is 300 dollars. You won't be disappointed if you have a realistic expectation for this unit.

11. Acoustic Audio AA5170 Theater Bluetooth

Acoustic Audio AA5170 Theater Bluetooth

The system power rating is 700 Watts. There is a flash drive, a mp3 player and a radio. There are 5 independent channels for true surround sound. The speakers have a computerized enclosure design. Plug and play connections, 3.5 MM aux to a wire.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying this item, and I'm confused after opening it. Two words, "Fisher Price". If you don't know what that means, search it. I think they are a manufacturer of toys. This surround sound system is a toy. The speakers have no mounting holes or attachment, the flimsy "speaker wire" comes out of a tiny hole in the back of each speaker, and they are made of what looks like press wood. I bought the item to see if the reviews could possibly be accurate, and to save a few dollars. They did not have the courtesy to clean the thing up before shipping it out to a new customer, which was a waste of time and money. It was disgusting, with dust and food prints all over it. I can't imagine how someone could return something in such bad shape and be okay with it. Some people don't care and have no shame. We have the condition of the item. There were scratches on some of the speaker cones and corners looked like they had been mashed together by someone who had their eyes closed. The wires were wound around the speakers and stuffed into the damaged box, with bits of styrofoam stuck to the speakers. There is a The sound quality is important. I had to climb over the wires that were so short, plugged everything in and turned it on after I tried to place the speaker far away in the correct locations for a true surround sound. The TV speakers had the same sound as the "surround sound" system. Weak. Time and money are wasted. I will be returning this device after I have cleaned it and I think my days of shopping for this type of device on Amazon are over. Disgusted to go to the store.

👤The bad reviews should not be accepted over the good ones. I probably passed up good items because of this mistake. I go with the number of each. There is a trick to these speakers. It worked great with the music on the iPad. It is amazing even. It started to crackle with the tv and ps4 and then it started to play music. I was going to try this and keep the volume low and adjust the speakers. I did the center high, front middle and surround middle. While adjusting the sub. The sound is still great even though they don't crackle with the tv. Unless you want to mess with the different volumes, this is a steal for 90 bucks. That is more expensive, which is understandable. I bought some basic cords from Amazon instead of the cords that came with it. They are like thick rubber, so they might be more insulated. I think they are great. They are a little smaller than the picture. I hear that now, as speakers are now a days. The price is still amazing. The little speakers can't handle as much volume as the outside ones, so be careful with the volume adjustments.


What is the best product for home theater speakers 5.1?

Home theater speakers 5.1 products from Monoprice. In this article about home theater speakers 5.1 you can see why people choose the product. Acoustic Audio By Goldwood and Harman Kardon are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater speakers 5.1.

What are the best brands for home theater speakers 5.1?

Monoprice, Acoustic Audio By Goldwood and Harman Kardon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater speakers 5.1. Find the detail in this article. Monster, Pyle and Energy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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