Best Home Theater Speakers In Wall

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1. Acoustic Audio HD516 Ceiling Surround

Acoustic Audio HD516 Ceiling Surround

The box has 1x in-wall audio receiver, 1XAC adapter, and 2X screws. The ceiling speakers have 2 x speaker wire. Goldwood HD516 is a six piece home speaker set with 2 wall speakers and 2 ceiling speakers. Butyl rubber surrounds, round cut out 7.125", overall 9.125", depth 3.25", and low profile housings. The cut out is 19.25" X 7.5" and the depth is 3.25". HDS10 wall passive Sub speaker, 200-300 watt, 26hz-200hz, 10" Woofer, cut out is 10.625" X 10.625", overall is12" X12", depth is 3.75" This listing is for a complete 6 piece wall and ceiling speaker set.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤5 speakers and a sub for this price is garbage. I did what most online buyers do and read reviews. Some people love the product and others don't. I thought I could always return them. I was skeptical due to the fact that most of the speakers I've seen were at least $800. I inspected the quality and build of each speaker after receiving the package. I was impressed by the center speaker that I tested. I knew the surround sound system would be decent. Most people recommend thicket gage speaker wire and a sub. I ran the speaker wire out of the basement. I ordered a Polk audio sub. I'm glad I did. The bass needed to complete this package is not provided by the subwoofer that comes with the set. Everything was great except for that. The Denon 5.2 surround sound receiver is in my basement.

👤The speakers are easy to install and a good value. It was a hassle to find a compatible amplifier for the passive subwoofer, so I deducted one star. I wish they would just include it or sell it as an add on. I couldn't buy it at the store. It works great once I found a functional amplifier. The look and sound of the home theater is very nice.

👤The quality of the materials and components are superb, the speakers are easy to install, and they sound amazing in a home theater room I made for a customer. The only two problems were that the speaker wasn't a lot punch on the wall and I'm going to have to put a vent on the front. I put a bit of crazy glue on that sucker and it did the job, but unfortunately you need to make sure you don't mess with it because that sucker will be stuck for good.

👤I figured out that the install was smooth once I realized that the system needed a sub-woofer amplifier. The company sells one for $100 on Amazon. This is better than I anticipated. The speaker cover is knocked off when the sub knocks it off.

👤I just finished my basement and decided to use in-wall speakers. Why not? I had access to the frame work and the speaker wire, so it was a no-brainer. The speakers are a great price compared to other units. The only problem was figuring out a way to prevent the sub from shaking the wall. I had to buy a separate amplifier, but it was worth it. Problem #1 was solved. Problem #2 was a little tricky but luckily with the help of my contractor, he suggested building an enclosure to be installed inside the wall as well. He looked at other 300W active subs and built his enclosure using an internal volume of 1.56cu-ft. If you want to do the same, remember that number. The install was a piece of cake, with the exception of the sub enclosure. I recommend either using heavy insulation around the sub or building an internal enclosure. I can only imagine how bad your walls will be. The speakers are being used to amplify the sound of the receiver. I'm not an audio engineer, so I have nothing to compare the sound quality to, but many people who have come over to check out the basement have said good things about the sound.

2. ELAC IC DT61 W Ceiling Theater Speaker

ELAC IC DT61 W Ceiling Theater Speaker

Andrew Jones is an audio designer. Jones designed custom drivers. There are 6.5-inch woven aramid-fiber woofers with large magnets and vented pole pieces. There is a custom seven-element crossover. A deep-spheroid custom waveguide is used.

Brand: Elac

👤These speakers are more than I could have asked for, from great quality, amazing sound, and the ability to direct sound into the room. I think the speakers are underpriced. Click the button to add to cart.

👤They were used for a 5.1.2 system consisting of B6.2 fronts, C5.2 center, Bic PL-200 II sub, and OW 5.2 rears. Superb sound!

3. Acoustic Audio HT 55 Ceiling Theater

Acoustic Audio HT 55 Ceiling Theater

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. The recommended power is 200-300 watt per speaker, 8ohm. The response time is 40hz-22 kHz, the efficiency is 97dB, and the Woofers are made of high rigidity cones. Butyl rubber surrounds, soft dome tweeters, and low profile housings were designed in the USA. The rectangular cut out is 6.25" X 9.5", overall is 7.625" X 11.125", depth is 3 and full instructions are included. This listing is for a complete 5 speaker set, which can be used for in wall or ceiling home entertainment, surround sound, home theater, multiple room systems, Industrial sound.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤The speakers sounded terrible, which was very frustrating since I had just cut some large holes in my walls and ceiling to mount them. I tried a few things to change the sound, adjusted delays from my receiver, covered the tweeters to get rid of the tin sound, but nothing made them sound good. They sounded great about two days later. I've never thought that breaking speakers in was necessary, but it appeared to be necessary with these. I'm very happy with them.

👤I bought the speakers for my home theater. The template is smaller than it should make installing this difficult. My ceiling is black. The grille and frame only come in white, so I painted them to match. Installation and painting them before testing was the biggest mistake I made. I have a lot of experience in this field and everything was wired up. I disconnected the speaker and found that it was making my receiver shut off by itself, which stopped once I disconnected the speaker. I don't want to remove the other 4 speakers that are already installed so I can't return this speaker. I just buy another speaker that is the same size and impedance, after taking the hit. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by spending a bit more for a good set.

👤I wanted to leave a review in case something happened after we got these. We paid a lot for these speakers and they sound great. The hollow sound in-wall speakers are notorious for, so we added acoustic foam behind them. The ceiling speakers were padded with acoustic foam in the attic to make them sound more downward. We used a good quality 14 gauge copper speaker wire. The sound these give is very close to what I've heard from Polk and JBL. If you're a music enthusiast, you'll have to raise your price since these can have a muddy sound with music reproduction, but they are perfect for movies and video games when you have a good quality receiver. They have good punch, the highs are crisp and the voices are clear. We couldn't be happier. The cutout template is paper and one of the copper coils fell off during shipping, so if I had to complain about anything, it would be the lack of a speaker cover for painting them. I had to solder it back on.

👤cardboard cutout templates are provided to help make installation easier. Most of the speakers have terminal style connections. Either way, it was fine. The sound was great. If I needed it again, I would buy it again.

👤The speaker in the set was faulty and the manufacturer gave me a run-around. I bought a replacement speaker for my old one because it was worthless, but I ended up buying a different brand because it works great. Please contact me if anyone wants to make this right.

👤It was flaky. I couldn't get close to the receiver. I didn't think that was a big deal when the sound stopped working. It wouldn't have a sound but it would show video. I only had to wait a few minutes and it would come back on. I had it on for hours. I'm really angry at this product since my television devices are all centered around this receiver. I would like to get some compensation for this bad product.

4. Polk Audio Ceiling Speakers Placement

Polk Audio Ceiling Speakers Placement

The overhead speakers that elevate the sound quality are timbre-matched. Adding a home theater set up or building your own Polk collection is a good way to improve your sound. Experience more balance and life-like sound with an 8" Dynamic Balance woofer and a 1" aimable tweeter. Wide dispersion is created by mineral-filled cone and strong driver baskets. The rubber seal drives are a key feature for use in a bathroom, kitchen, and closet. In 3 simple steps, you can get these speakers out of the box and into the ceiling. If you want to make the grilles disappear, leave the paintable aluminum grilles as is or spray paint them. One of the most trusted names in home audio speakers and entertainment systems is Polk. They bring out the best in technology so you can relax and listen.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤They live up to the hype. I have realistic expectations for outdoor wall-mounted speakers. I wanted to mount these on my patio, so I bought them. These sound nice for speakers in a non-ideal location. Good bass and smooth midrange. After a day of playing at a loud volume, they broke in and sounded a bit better. It was still a surprise for me. Give them a good crank and let them play for a day or two before you evaluate them. I don't understand why you would use a spring-clip speaker input. Simple spades would be better. I like to solder in a ceiling or wall. If you don't connect more often, spring clips are useless. The stupid spring clip terminals have a Minus 1 star.

👤Over the last 10 years, we've been cranking out music and movies. I have 5 of these mounted in the ceiling. I installed them in 2007.

👤I bought six of these speakers and a Polk Audio 255C-RT center channel speaker to switch my surround sound set up from traditional floor/shelve speakers to in-ceiling. They were bought based on reading reviews and not wanting to pay more for Bose. The speakers sound like a dream. Once you plot out where to find them, it's very easy to install. I was able to do a self install project because of the attic space above my great room, which I was able to use to make sure there were no obstructions in my preferred locations. It turned out well. These speakers are excellent.

👤We had pre-wired the house for speakers. The builder over charged us to install cheap speakers. I love the sound of the Polk bookshelf speakers. Very clear highs. I bought these first so I could listen to them. Polk puts quality in their speakers big and small. They were easy to install and sound great. A decent amount of bass from a small speaker and perfect highs and mids. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it.

👤They were installed in the kitchen. They were easy to install and had good construction. It is a nice feature. These speakers can't reproduce the sound quality of bookshelf speakers or freestanding monitors, but that's not what they are for. It's not a sub, so low end frequencies are missing. It's great for casual audio solutions. The speakers can be used to listen to music in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. You'll need to spend a lot more to get speakers up to that task, so I wouldn't suggest installing them in a home theater setup.

👤I used the Yamaha to power it so I could listen to music in the kitchen. It sounds muddy. I connected it to the old Denon 3805 receiver because of something that was wrong with the receiver zone 2. It still sounds terrible even with the help of a graphic equalizer. The Z130 computer speaker sounds better. When I bought this speaker, I didn't know it was a decade old. Don't buy it for ATMOS. The dispersion is weak and you have to be under the speaker. It is not possible to meet the recommended 45 degrees.

5. Sonos Ceiling Speakers Architectural Listening

Sonos Ceiling Speakers Architectural Listening

Sonance has speakers for ambient listening. The sound is crystal clear and you can listen to it anywhere in the room. The wired speakers can be powered with Amp for the full experience. Amp unlocks Trueplay, which takes into account the size, construction, and layout of the room where the speakers are placed and adjusts for the best possible sound. The grilles can be painted to match the ceiling. Sonance and Sonos have collaborated on a collection of passive architectural speakers that are compatible with the Sonos Ampere. A home sound system that brings every room and everyone together can be created by connecting the speakers in different rooms.

Brand: Sonos

👤The Sonance in wall 5.1 systems requires more equipment and a 3rd party interface, which is not as good as the new Sonos tv. Plug and play. The new 18 year olds have a native Apple TV app. Don't need Apple TV anymore.

👤You could get better speakers for less money. The speaker isn't as good as they advertised. Call the sonos and ask them to give you the speaker specification that they don't give you. The basic and general product information is provided by any legitimate store or product in the world. Before you buy speakers, you have to know how to use them. What are the responses to sensitivity and Impedance? You can compare these to any other speaker you can find. I called sonos and they said they couldn't give it to me because they didn't have it. It is a scam.

👤I was disappointed that I had to pay more for an amplifier when I bought it.

👤The Sonance speakers were used in the Amazon Warehouse. Others were advertised as being in better shape. I went with the cheapest option, saving over $200. I thought that they could either work or not, and that the grilles could be damaged. I could return them if nothing else. The box was taped back up quickly after it showed obvious signs of damage. When I opened the box, I was surprised to see that the speakers were brand new and undamaged. I installed them in my ceiling and have enjoyed them for a couple of weeks. 100% satisfied. Did I mention it already? I saved over $200. Sometimes you get lucky.

👤The sound quality of their speakers is not as good as Garbage's. Don't spend the money.

👤It is overpriced for the sound quality. The quality of my other products is striking. Will return this one.

👤Awesome product. It's easy to install. I'm going to order 6 more pairs.

👤I wish the Arc was in stock. Great brand!

👤The Compagnie de transport is a Compagnie de transport with a signature. Vous devez avoir des cbles. The vendeur charges for the frais de restockage de 30% on Amazon. Ont des lois et ce vendeur.

👤Producto mis expectativas.

6. Polk Audio Premium Speakers Placement

Polk Audio Premium Speakers Placement

The sound quality and Polk's excellent sound reproduction can be heard with these timbre-matched speakers. You can pair their speakers with your existing home theater system or build your own Polk collection. Experience more balance and lifelike sound with an 8” dynamic-balance woofer and a 1” tweeter. Wide dispersion is created by mineral-filled cone and strong driver baskets. The rubber seal drives are a key feature for use in a bathroom, kitchen, and closet. In 3 simple steps, you can get these speakers out of the box and into the wall. If you want to make the grilles disappear, leave the paintable aluminum grilles as is or spray paint them. One of the most trusted names in home audio speakers and entertainment systems is Polk. They bring out the best in technology so you can relax and listen.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤They needed a few days to break in, but I thought they were tinny. They sound great now. There was a lot of bass. The sub should take care of the low end now that I have a cross-over at 80Hz. They looked great and were easy to install. As we use them more, they get better. I turned off the receiver after we watched the movie, but I didn't realize the subs was off until after the movie was over. I didn't even notice that there was a lot of low end just from the RC85i's. When I noticed this, I turned everything back on and watched the movie without even noticing the bass was off, which is a big deal for these speakers. There was an update on July 17, 2019. These continue to impress me. I changed my set as these have an 8 inch sub and should be ok with the lower frequencies, and I can confirm that they are. I like it without the bass being too full, but I had to turn down my sub as a lot more bass is coming from these front speakers. I would buy them again.

👤The installation of the speakers looks great. The sound quality is great. I was happy to have taken advantage of the combo purchase of these with the center speaker and two rear/ceiling speakers. I finished off the setup with a Polk's 12 watt sub. I have not experienced this after watching loud movies, and I read that some customers noticed that there was some rattling from the mesh covers. The mesh covers fit very snug and don't give me any reason to believe that they will be an issue in the future.

👤The price is unbeatable and the sounds are great. 5 stars on the speaker output. There is a The plastic rough-in components have a star deduction. If you don't screw the self-closing clamps of the housing to the wall, it will crack and you won't be able to hang it. You will not have any issues if you are careful and gentle. If you rush or force this, you will break one or two corners and not fit in the wall.

👤I've used these in-walls for both front and rear speakers. The sound quality is great, but a little flat compared to bookshelf type speakers. If you want speakers out of the way, these are a good way to go. We had these speakers installed in the home that I sold. The rear channel space of my home theater setup is very small. There are no places to mount rear channel speakers in the open floor layout so I chose to put these in the ceiling to give it a trim appearance. They do get the job done, but they are not designed for that. You can aim the tweeters for a different sound. These speakers are worthy of consideration.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of these speakers. I use these primarily for background music, and they produce nice sound, and have a clean look on the wall. Are these going to open new levels of depth and height to your music, which you haven't experienced before? No. Will these be the perfect speakers for your circuit parties? No. If you have a small house like me, the extra floor space and lack ofcluttering is important, and $150 a pair is probably the most bang for your buck out there. I don't think you'll find more value for your money if the goal is to add surround speakers, or background music while you are getting a shower, cooking, entertaining, or reading a book. I'm happy. It's a good idea to tighten the screws that anchor the speaker to the wall. I used the weakest setting on my drill, and it still broke one of the plastic clips that hold it in place. If you want to avoid this, you should tighten the screws by hand until they are snug. If you have old plaster and lathe walls, consider hiring a professional. If you screw up, it will be worth it. Installation is easy and straight forward.

7. Klipsch R 5502 W II Wall Speaker

Klipsch R 5502 W II Wall Speaker

1” (2.54 cm) The titanium compression driver is connected to the Tractrix Horn. There are dual 5.25” Cerametallic cone woofers. It's perfect for left, center or right channel use. Easily mounts vertically or horizontally. Horn-loaded technology increases acoustic output.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The speakers have a full range with crisp highs and rich lows. I already had conduit boxes attached to the studs so it was a bit of a pain to install them. The little tab 'grabbers' don't hold the wall well if they're not away from the studs. I had to fill in sheetrock where the existing holes were against the studs, so I had to do more than just cut a hole. I'll be installing 4 more of these for my next trick, they hold well, are solid, and I tried just 2 for the front L/R speakers in my media room. They are high quality speakers. Don't be afraid.

👤I bought a very good budget system at the store, and it's a Yamaha receiver. I'm using a wire. I bought on Amazon and I thought it was pretty good. It was recommended by Amazon. I hear popping noises when the volume increases in movies and music. This is indicative of a faulty setup according to everything I've read. I'm waiting for better quality speaker wire to arrive so I can see if it will fix it. I will update this review after I double check my setup. It's hard to say if this is a speaker, receiver or wiring issue. The popping has all but disappeared with the upgraded 12 gauge speaker wire and the Yamaha receiver. I still get a rare but occasional misfire, but I'm now able to rate 4 stars.

👤The 92db SNR on the speakers helps, so push it with an Onkyo TX-RZ820 which is 130W per channel. The theater has 2 x R3800W, 4 x R3650W, and the center channel is R5502W.

👤I highly recommend these speakers, but Klipsch has to send a two cent template with the speakers, so I have to change them. I spent over $300 for each speaker and you don't get a template. I went to the website and they don't have it, even though they have a booklet on the website. I wrote them and they said the template you should make is a cut out.

👤Amazon had a better price. The speakers were put with the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-400C for the center, Klipsch Reference Premiere SPL-120 for the sub, and two Klipsch R-1800-C to have the sub be wireless. The sound is amazing.

👤I put them in the wall. It was a lot for me. I'm very happy with the sound quality. Very clear. There is a bedroom behind me and it's much louder than my old speakers.

👤I love this speaker. It stands up nicely as the center speaker, thanks to the Bose 891 wall speakers. I spent a lot of time researching this speaker and read a lot of reviews.

👤klipsch is simply perfect, thanks to Amazon for this great price. Get it before it's gone. I use them for the center, left and right. It works perfectly. You can't go wrong with klipsch.

8. Pyle Ceiling Speakers Stereo Theater

Pyle Ceiling Speakers Stereo Theater

In-wall or in-ceiling flush mounts are the two ways to install the pair of 8.0” full range stereo sound speaker. It has clips that are spring loaded for easy installation. The flower mount is designed. A pair of flush mount design midbass speakers are easy to install. The product has a cutout that is 9.4'' in diameter and 3.6'' in depth. The speaker system has a 1/2'' polymer tweeter and Frequency Response. The speaker has an impedance rating of 8 and has 250 watt power handling capability. There are 250 Watspeeks. The speaker system was carefully combined to reproduce sound clearly. It can extend the life of the product by securing sound performance speakers. The electronic crossover network. The speakers are built in with an electronic network and 89dB sensitivity that make them a class of their own. The product has changeable round and square grills.

Brand: Pyle

👤The speaker pictures on the website look good, but they don't show the flaws of the product. The plastic grill is easy to bend and vibrate. The grill is cheap and I won't put it in my house. The speaker is very high pitch and overwhelms any balance of the music in the middle and lower range, at the beginning it is sharp but after 10 min you will have a headaches. I have attached pictures of the speakers, as well as a look at the plastic grill bending, the not nice looking hole pattern, and a resister crossover.

👤Installation was easy. The circle was drawn after finding a location between the joists. I used a knife to start a hole, then used a small saw to cut the speaker's hole, just follow the line and be patient. I had my spouse with the vacuum cleaner hose so that I wouldn't blow the dust around. I put the speaker into the hole to make sure it was snug, and then I used a knife to make the speaker fit. I screwed the speaker in place with a No.2Phillips, after I connected the wires to the speaker. The speaker was cleaned with a moist cloth and plastic around it because of the dust in my hand. The plastic grilles are in place. I turned on the receiver and heard a loud sound with good bass and good treble. The voice was clear. The sound was filling, but lacked bass for my taste, because the speaker is not installed in a well designed speaker enclosure, but in the ceiling with an attic. The speaker grill vibrated with the beat of the music, so I put a small piece of foam between the grill and the tweeter. It did not affect the high frequencies. The glue for the grills was not mine. I liked the speaker's sound and I think it's a great value.

👤Nice speaker. I bought these for a full range replacement in a nutone home sound system. I would just remove the speaker from the ceiling mount and put it in the speaker box. Wrong. My bad that I didn't check with the seller first. The speaker and ceiling mount are in one piece. I am sure they voided any warranty they may have had by hand trimming off the ceiling mount. After a few hours of careful cutting, it all worked out. All worth it. It's hard to find a 10 inch speaker. Happy.

👤After convincing my wife that I am building a TV room for the family, I had to get components which I could afford and feel happy about. My family has an opportunity to listen to Atmos content in my home theater, thanks to this pair of Pyle 8inch speakers. Our TV room is where I mean. I highly recommend this product for those husbands. Families want an affordable product to launch their surround sound lifestyle. Pros. Good quality entry level speakers. There are cons. The latches may come off if you tighten the screws. Take your time.

9. Polk Audio 265RT 3 Way Speaker

Polk Audio 265RT 3 Way Speaker

Crystal clear sound with a deeper bass for a cinematic experience. The 265-RT In-wall speaker comes with a 6.5" mid/woofer and a 1" Silk Dome loudspeaker. Use this 3-way speaker as a left/right speaker or rear speaker in a 3.1, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel system to offset reflective surfaces with no sound distortions. The perfect fit template, pre-construction brackets, and the patented rotating cam ensure secure installation. The loudspeaker goes into the wall to give you a clean, clutter-free look. You can paint the sheer grille in any color you want, and it will stay in your home decor. Polk is one of the most trusted names in home audio. You can relax and listen with your heart if you bring out the best in surround sound systems.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤I ordered the components of my theater system upfront so I wouldn't have to worry about it. I would keep everything at my finger tips. You can't return anything after 30 days if you got a bad product. This is too short of a period of time. When I called Polk to see if they would honor their warranty, they refused to send me a new speaker and instead sent me some parts to disassemble and repair.

👤The speakers come with a template for the perfect hole and layout for your room. The grills are very low profile, and the mesh is very fine with a high-end look. The speakers were secured firmly to the wall. I used these for my fronts in a 5.1.2 system, which was matched with the Polk 255crt. I am blown away by the sound after calibrating my levels. These produce clarity in both instruments and voices. The transition from one speaker to the next is perfect. I highly recommend these for anyone looking to install a clean in-wall system.

👤The speakers are still performing without issue three years later. These things still sound amazing behind my theater screen a year later. Stop if you have doubts. Place them all vertically for your L-C-R front soundstage if you buy three of them. You will not regret it. The speakers are awesome. I have three of them in my home theater and they sound amazing.

👤I've owned a pair of Vega's since 1998. At the time, they were top of the line. I thought they were still at the top. No, no! The Polk speakers are large and open. The sound stage is almost 3-D. Wow! I've been missing a lot over the years. The vocal cords are clear. It sounds great. Metal, Rap, and other electronic music can be hit and miss. You will definitely want a sub. Movies are also great. I have 3 of these in my house. They use your wall as the enclosure, so there is only one downside. They are not "dialed-in" perfectly. The foam plug insert is used to compensate. It becomes an acoustic speaker.

👤I was glad I put 3 of these behind the screen. If you have enough space, do it. There is a reason for choosing polk. I like the fact that he hits with a deep clean bass. I used to be a big fan of bose. The quality of Bose has gone down over the years. Polk audio is a better comparison to Bose. The difference? Polk prices are reasonable. I still have two. Hopefully they sound good in the ceiling. It is not the same polk as the other fronts. I went with the rc-80i. The speakers were loud and clear. If you run these as fronts, get yourself a nice sub. These are perfect for my SVS.

👤After a long argument with my wife, I agreed to get rid of my 20 years old Wharfedale Valdus towers that are taking too much space. I would say 265-RT is perfect if I didn't compare it. They are hidden in a wall. Polk sounds like Chiwawa against German Shepherd. The sound is crisp and deep. It's very good for the movie theater setup. For the first time, I will consider sub-woofer. My dear wharfie, farewell...

10. Klipsch R 3650 W II Wall Speaker

Klipsch R 3650 W II Wall Speaker

The Tractrix Horn has a square 90-degree by 60-degree pivot. Horn-loaded technology increases acoustic output. The Tractrix Horn tweeter has been pivoted for clear sound. IR receiver knock out.

Brand: Klipsch

👤I was not sure if an in-wall speaker or a wall mount speaker was right for me. I decided to go with the in-wall style because of the layout of our room and the ultimatum from the wife about not having an ugly looking speaker hanging off the wall. Wow! Klipsch makes amazing speakers. We are using the R-5650-WII's as the surround channels, and we are using some R-820-F floor standing speakers for the L/R channels and a R-34-C for the center channel. We have a 5.1 setup. I was worried that the surround channels would be overwhelmed by the floor standing enclosures or that they wouldn't pair up nicely. This isn't the case at all. The rest of the setup works well with these in-wall speakers. The only difference is in the extreme low end of the range. The speakers don't match the sound of the R-820-F. It covers the range. My wife doesn't like audio. She thought we were wasting money creating a system like this. My wife walked into the room when I played the speakers for the first time. She sat down and said 'WOW!' immediately. I'm not exaggerating when I say that within a half hour we were listening to some of her favorite music and she was crying because it came through with such power and clarity. She wants to know why we waited so long. I have been using this system for about six months after I bought it. My wife wants to know when we will add in-ceiling speakers to create a Dolby Atmos setup. It is cheaper to just buy a movie and sit in your own living room instead of going to the theater, so we have decided to watch more movies at home. When guests come over, the family can't wait to show them the system. They can watch their eyes light up if they pop in a couple of test tracks. Back to the speakers. The R-5650-WII's are slick. The front of the speaker housing has speaker covers attached to it. They sit extremely tight and flush to the wall, without any tools required to take on or off. I haven't measured the speaker cover, but it sticks out at 3/16th's of an inch. We thought we would paint the covers to match the wall, but we were wrong. We decided to leave them as is because they blend in so well. I was looking for a good picture for this review, and in the dozens and dozens of pictures I have taken in my living room since January, the speakers are hardly noticeable and wouldn't do the review justice. Installation was easy. You can use the enclosed template and a saw. My only advice is to make sure you have enough clearance away from the studs so that the tabs can flip out and anchor the speaker. Use a hand powered screwdriver. Two of my speakers are in an exterior wall with rock wool insulation. I just cut the hole, hooked up the wires, and compressed the insulation. No issues have been reported so far and no cold drafts have been noted. We live in Michigan. If you install these on an exterior wall, be aware that you can hear the speaker on the outside of the house if it is turned up to a decent volume. Don't be on the fence about this speaker or an in-wall speaker. Go buy it! It was worth it. These speakers are made by Klipsch and they are quality.

11. Herdio HCS 818BT Bluetooth Speakers Bathroom

Herdio HCS 818BT Bluetooth Speakers Bathroom

The grilles can be painted. It is fast to pair a system with portable devices. Stereo sound effects are brought to you by the independent amplifier box and intense bluetooth signal. The thin grille is easy to install and perfect for your ceiling, no hassle installation with included speaker connection wire and power supply. A pair of flush mount design bluetooth ceiling speaker for simple and easy in-wall / in-ceiling installation. It's suitable for home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications. Their speakers are made of durable and lasting material, which makes them great for high humidity environments and they have balanced stereo sound-no drop-offs. There are 2 speaker cables, a power supply and an amplifier in the box. All Herdio speaker products have a limited warranty.

Brand: Herdio

👤The sound is clear and powerful.

👤I got the 6.5" speakers for my new house because I liked the Herdio speakers that I had. They changed the mounting design to a spring loaded one. These speakers go back to the style of mounting that you can trust to hold permanently. I have a spring loaded version that has all the holes cut for the other design, so I have to decide if I should switch to these or stay with the spring loaded version. The speaker's sound quality is adequate for my application where they'll be driven by an Amazon Echo. I docked them a star because they were nowhere near the listed power of 320W. They need to work on their listing. They rate the speakers for 160W each so the peak power they claim the speakers can handle is 320. I'm not sure if I agree with that number, but I will never drive them that hard. The amplifier is about 20 W, enough to get loud, but not great. I think this set is a bit overpriced.

👤I'm installing speakers in a playroom. Installation is easy with the included template. My room is small and it has some sound insulation, so I like the sound quality a lot. I plan on having soothing music in the room when the kids are playing. The speakers' anchor to the wall gives me added security and I like it.

👤The speakers have BlueTooth option and are budget friendly. Great sound is given by seamless connects. I was close to buying 10 speakers set to put in my home theater and other rooms. Couldn't complain so far.

👤Sound is absolutely acceptable and amazing value.

👤It's easy to install a spot.


What is the best product for home theater speakers in wall?

Home theater speakers in wall products from Acoustic Audio By Goldwood. In this article about home theater speakers in wall you can see why people choose the product. Elac and Acoustic Audio By Goldwood are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater speakers in wall.

What are the best brands for home theater speakers in wall?

Acoustic Audio By Goldwood, Elac and Acoustic Audio By Goldwood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater speakers in wall. Find the detail in this article. Polk Audio, Sonos and Klipsch are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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