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1. Klipsch R 26FA Floorstanding Speaker Channel

Klipsch R 26FA Floorstanding Speaker Channel

100 watt power handling. Klipsch 2x R-26FA. The Klipsch 5 year limited warranty on the Dolby Atmos Floorstanding Speaker is for 2x Front Grille and 2x Top Grille. The main channel has a Frequency Response of 38Hz to 24kHz. The main channel has a sensitivity of 97dB. The main channel has 100W / 400W power handling. The main channel hasNominal Impedance of 8 Ohms compatible.

Brand: Klipsch

👤I feel like this is more of a confession now. I have lost my mind and become a Klipsch junkie. I went off the deepend in just two months. Klipsch speakers and upgrades are on this list. The speakers have been great! I had to have more. The Klipsch RP-8060FA was recently purchased by me. The speakers on top of the reference premier are the same as the ones in the movie. Due to their size and weight, they are being delivered by a semi truck. I pick them up today. This will be the last update I do. The wife has no idea that I bought them. She is probably smarter than I think she is because I won these in a raffle. The sound quality of these speakers is a must have. I'll keep my R-26FA's in a different room. August 15th is an update. I lost my mind a month ago. Started with the speakers. I've bought a number of things since then, including two 12 inch Klipsch subs, a wireless denon receiver, and a 65in TV. The lady asked if I was done, but I hung my head and said no. Need surround sound for the RP-502's. I have never done drugs before, but I assume it is like being a crackhead. Just can't have enough! I've decided to upgrade my home stereo system. I went with the R26FA pair because of the price and my brother in law was talking about Klipsch speakers. I had one on Monday and one on Tuesday. As they arrived, I hooked them up. One speaker is a monster. I had 4 Onkyo tower speakers and one speaker blew them away. I was still in awe after having them both go. The 12in Klipsch sub was purchased by me, and it hit hard enough to rattle the dishes in the kitchen cabinets. The current center speaker isn't enough and that's what I noticed while watching movies. It's not a big speaker, it's not worthy of being plugged in. I wait for the center speaker to arrive. I'm buying all my speakers before I upgrade my receiver. I listen to a lot of music from classical to heavy metal and these speakers are great for it. Be warned, you will want more.

👤Good purchase. Hope they last.

👤I used to have large speakers that failed, but my replacements have always been small due to the small places I lived in. I moved into a small house with a big open living room. I never upgraded my speakers. I replaced my front speakers after they blew up. It made me a Klipsch fan. I replaced my 20-year-old HK receiver with a Yamaha 7850. That made the sound quality much better. 20 years of technology really makes a difference, even though the HK was great. I thought about getting full size speakers up front because I have a room now. I can use the 41Ms to get the floor standing up. I love the home theater experience and wanted to use the new receiver that was compatible with ATMOS. I found the Klipsch R-26FA floor standing speakers on Amazon after searching for them. I was surprised that you could get these with built in ATMOS. The R-26FA are the same as the R-26Fs, but with the addition of the ATMOS top mounted speakers. They bounce sound off the ceiling and provide sound all over the listening area. Atmosphere is referred to as ATMOS. If you want to add the ATMOS speakers to an existing system, you can buy them separately. The speakers are over 100 lbs. It was nice to get them on Prime as shipping would be expensive. It would be easier to set up two people than one, due to the weight. There are three binding post pairs. 2 more for the standard front firing speakers and 1 for the ATMOS speaker. The lower 2 are bridged so you can hook them up to a normal front speaker. You can bi-amp the two binding posts if you want. You can bi-wire them. I don't see much use in that, both post sets to the same terminals on the receiver. I am currently using the included bridge and it sounds good to me. I haven't tested the idea of removing the bridge and using wires to bridge it. Speaker covers give the speaker a nice look. If you don't leave them off, the gold and Klipsch horn look great. You can choose which look is better. I had to do some balancing to get the sound I wanted, but in the end it sounds great. Klipsch put the tweeters on top so they are ear level when sitting down. The bass is provided by the woofers, but my subs handles it nicely. The ATMOS speakers work, but it is not something that you will notice. I bumped the ATMOS sound up to increase the affect as I have a vaulted ceiling. They produce sound most of the time. Some games and movies are made for ATMOS. You will hear sounds coming from the top speakers, like a helicopter flying over your living room. I use my XBOX as my main source and it works well, but I had to install a Dolby app to use ATMOS. I am very happy with the new speakers and they are great for my living room. I use my system for more than just movies. I like to listen to music while I clean or study. The R-26FAs were exactly what I needed and were much cheaper than the current model. I recommend them for purchase.

2. Klipsch Reference Theater Surround System

Klipsch Reference Theater Surround System

The Klipsch reference theater pack has a minimal footprint. The cleanest, most natural sound can be achieved with Klipsch's exclusive Tractrix Horn technology. The wireless sub is designed to deliver room-filling low frequencies without requiring a lot of floor space. Each satellite speaker has a threaded insert and a keyhole mount, which make it easy to place the wireless subwoofer. The reference theater pack has a minimal footprint.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The purchase of this product was about 5 stars. Good product, good sound quality, arrived on time. There was a problem that turned into a nightmare. One of the simpler and inexpensive parts of the subwoofer is the rubber foot, which is one of the legs that should have it. It was inserted under pressure. Why is this important? Without the rubber feet on the sub, it will lose its stability and the leg will hit the floor, creating a noise that shouldn't be there. Klipsch customer service initially was excellent, and immediately sent a replacement. The replacement parts were wrong. They made sure they had the correct model. They double check to make sure everything was okay. The attendant went to another department to check out what went wrong and assured me that I will work this time. Wrong part arrives again. I sent pictures with arrows pointing the rubber foot and a schematic sketch so they could recognize the mysterious part. Klipsch said to go find this part on the secondary market. I can't return the product because of the time spent. The price was lowered to make it even better. Customer service from Klipsch was incompetent. If my friends decide to buy anything from Klipsch, I'll use the system with a piece of cardboard under the leg to repeat the story.

👤I am retired but I can't throw away money. We built our own home on our farm and all of it is paid for by God. I went to a store. I paid less for the speakers on Amazon than I did for the Klipsch ones. I bought my receiver from Amazon a year ago because of the tight finances. Got it paid for, bought some great sounding Klipsch speakers and love them. What a sound. I am going to put my QLED 70 series on my wall. Got it from NFM. A beautiful vent free fireplace is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The setting is going to be beautiful. I want to have many romantic nights with my wife. God is in control of life. I went to Best Buy and the Geek Squad came to my house and said that it would cost a lot to install my speakers. I did it myself at 72 years old. The Stereo cabinet I put together is beautiful. I put the wheels under it because it will weigh 200 lbs. Almost solid wood. Thanks to Amazon, life is more affordable. The farmer is Joe.

👤The system came without a wireless accessory for the sub. The company that sold me the unit ignored me when I contacted them. If you would like to buy this system. Don't buy it here. I had a look at the Klipsch sub. It is a Onkyo sub in a box. Sending everything to klipsch on Monday.

👤I bought the speakers and receiver from thelipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1. This is the best sound I have ever heard after I got it all set up. This system spits out perfect sound with everything I throw at it, from football games to television to different genres of music. I am playing my favorite songs and am hearing sounds I have never heard before. If you are going with 5.1 surround, I recommend this system. If I were to put a system in a larger room, I would have bought a 7.1 receiver and tried using the Klipsch as surround speakers, but now after listening to the Klipsch, I would go with the Klipsch.

3. Klipsch R 625FA Dolby Floorstanding Speakers

Klipsch R 625FA Dolby Floorstanding Speakers

The built-in channel is for Dolby Atmos. The main channel has a copper Spun Magnetically Shielded IMG Woofers. Bass-Reflex via Rear-Firing Tractrix ports. There are dual 1" aluminum diaphragm compression shavers. Square Tractrix Horn. The sensitivity is 96 dB with 2 83V/1M and power handling. It was Hz.

Brand: Klipsch

👤There is proof in the hearing. I love the fact that the R-625FAs can enunciat high frequencies. At times instruments such as cymbals and triangles seem to be present. Woodwinds and brass instruments are very good. When I play Artie Shaw's clarinet pieces, it seems like he's in the room. I was surprised by the weight of the speakers. When I ordered them, I didn't bother to check on this. When installing them, it's better to have a hand truck.

👤Love them. The speakers are fired to deliver the sound. The sound bounces off the ceiling. You are completely immersed. The heart of the experience is the sound system. I bought mine from Amazon and they arrived perfect. I can not tell the difference. A few bucks were saved. If you crank it, it will blow your ears off. Very happy with them.

👤I got the whole set of 10 matching speakers. People are blown away by me. The corner was smashed on the bottom of my speaker as they arrived. Be careful to check your speaker when it arrives from a carrier other than the one you choose.

👤I received one speaker on the date and the second on Monday. I set this up quickly and enjoy listening to them. I have a Onkyo 7.1 which is great and I will watch a DVD to compare the sound.

👤I have owned speakers from Klipsch before and these are no different. They are outstanding. The sound quality is great. The surround sound on my first Atmos speakers is excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. You will not be disappointed if you buy the Klipsch speaker.

👤If you like the sound of Klipsch, you will be fine. The speakers have built in speakers that give you a different sound. The room filled with sound. They could make more on the bottom end.

👤The seller was great to deal with and the product was in perfect condition when I got it. I would purchase from this seller again.

👤I was looking for atmos speekers.

4. Klipsch RP 640D Black Surround Speaker

Klipsch RP 640D Black Surround Speaker

Today's ultra-flat TV's are similar to the Slim on-wall solution. A reference to the premiere horn loaded acoustic technology. There are two mounting options: horizontal and vertical. A titanium dome linear travel Suspension (lts) has a tweeter. The painted finish blends nicely into the modern interiors.

Brand: Klipsch

👤It is always a premium for most families to have space. I needed something that took up less space in my living room, so I purchased an entry level set of Onkyo speakers. I wanted to get a speaker that would give superior sound and offer a smaller footprint for my cramped living room, so I took my TV off the large stand and mounted it to the wall. This was perfect for the bill. It was a no-brainer to buy these because Klipsch is a well respected brand on most home theater forums. The sound will become richer as time goes on, they were installed a few weeks ago. Even if the audio is mono, the number of speakers playing sound is increased from my old center channel speaker because I chose this speaker as my center speaker. I used left and right speakers.

👤In November of last year, I received the RP-640D, and a pair of RP-240Ds, to use as left/right speakers. I needed a very flat center channel to go behind a spandex projection screen, and so I used the 240s with it for consistency. This setup was not as good as my home theater, since I had recently moved. I had hoped that the Klipsch and its sisters would be an adequate substitute for my long-serving JBL center channel. I had enjoyed this set for six months, but I was reluctant. There was no sense of depth to them. I feel like they broke in last week. The break-in period was so long because I only use my speakers for a few hours a week. There is a Wow. They are a completely different experience now, with rich resonance, precise treble, and mid-range and lows. I feel like I'm in a theater. This effect can be achieved by spacing them far apart. The missing bass can definitely help with certain content. In my new home theater space, this fills the room just fine on its own as a very satisfying center channel, and its placement behind the screen makes for a compelling illusion of immersiveness. The speaker is a small, thin package. I wouldn't put it up against other higher-end offerings, but for the price and the small space it takes up, I find it incredibly rewarding.

👤I replaced my bose system with 2x2650 and marantz 5012 for this. Bye bye! Never again.

👤The box was mangled. I wrote to the seller, but got nothing back. The speaker cover was damaged when it was delivered, so I asked for another one. I get to set the speakers up and they sound like they've blown! I'm not happy with this purchase.

👤The kleinen Box was aus der recht. Ist das Preis bei wert.

👤Fast delivery and great sound for a small speaker.

5. Klipsch Reference Theater Brushed Polymer

Klipsch Reference Theater Brushed Polymer

Klipsch R-26FA is a pair of speakers. The Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Home Speaker is a pair. The Klipsch Reference R-12 SW is a 1200 watt all-digital powered Subwoofer. The built-in channel is for Dolby Atmos. The aluminum diaphragm compression Tweeter is 1" in diameter. There are dual 6.5" Copper Spun Magnetically Shielded IMG Woofers. The Tractrix Horn is 90 x 90 square.

Brand: Klipsch

👤These are great. I received a text message from my wife. The house is shaking. It could break the seams. The glasses on the counter are moving.

👤It sounds like it matches my Denon nicely.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Don't hesitate if you're unsure about buying this setup. The home theater sounds better than most cinema sound systems. I am very happy with my set up now that I have the speakers and Denon receiver.

👤I wrote a 2-star review when my order wasn't delivered. The center speaker of the surround sound was being shipped in a separate order and I contacted customer service from Adorama to find out what was happening. The other shipment arrived a day later. I am very pleased with the sound of the surround sound. I didn't know it was going to be on two different shipments. I received a follow up email to make sure everything was ok. I don't write reviews, but I am very pleased with the thoroughness of the follow through of Adorama and their team members. Thank you!

👤I have always had a good stereo. You can tell I am old. I have had decent surround systems for TV watching, but these are much more than I have ever owned, walls and floor shake and sound shoots out from everywhere! I am hoping for a true theater experience with the new Denon AVR-X3700H 9.2 because I am not fully setup. Only nick might be the last. They are not for a $100,000 furniture quality room. The black finish is fine. A lot of speakers for the money in this set.

👤I am very pleased with the speakers I have, they are great and my surround system was in need of an upgrade. I didn't realize how bad my old speakers were until I had the first tower speaker hooked up. The directions that come with them don't explain how to hook them up. Most of the speakers have one set of posts, but the front tower speakers had three sets. I had to look up how to wire and what the different posts were.

👤The speaker system is the best I have ever purchased. The sound is great. The towers are taller than I anticipated. This is not a problem for me, but it is for my wife. We were planning on expanding our house before we bought the new sound system so it shouldn't be a problem for my wife.

👤I was very pleased with the items I purchased and they were in good condition. These speakers are loud.

6. Klipsch Synergy Black Sub 100 Subwoofer

Klipsch Synergy Black Sub 100 Subwoofer

The front-firing Cerametallic woofers are Spun copper. A front-firing driver. The grille is strong and flexible. Digital amplifier for high-efficiency and sound accuracy. It needs to be connected to a processor or pre-amp. The contemporary finish is easy to integrate with any decor. The dimensions are 14” H x 12.5” W x 15.7” D.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The Elac Uni-fi 2.0 speakers were upgraded to the Def Tech ProCinema 1000 front and center speakers. The speakers sound great. We hunted around for an upgrade because my old SW was woefully inadequate. The family room is large at about 16' x 28' and has a wide corridor to the entry and a kitchen and bar area on one side. I assumed we would need a bigger SW. We bought Klipsch's 12sw. It wasn't subtle, didn't blend with the Elacs at all, and was too boomy at lower volumes. It was not pleasant to listen to. I was able to return the Klipsch thanks to a particular wholesale membership warehouse. Thankfully. While this speaker is a Klipsch, it is their newer design and we took a shot and bought one, even though I could not determine if they made changes in the crossover or the woofer. This SW fits in perfectly. It blends well with the Elacs, fills the room well, adds rather than takes over lower level audio content, and really comes alive at mid volumes. We can keep the volume very moderate and still get solid enhancement of base frequencies, like space ship engines and gun fire. We're very pleased with this SW. If this didn't work out, I would have spent $600 on the Elac SW. This SW worked well for our needs because we have a larger room. It's not small, but it's a lot smaller than the 12" version.

👤I live in a two level house. I went into the street to check the mail today and could hear the fight scene from the movie from 30 yards away. Having a set of speakers with a sub that destroys the neighborhood is a penny-pinching delight sent from above. This makes a serious home theater that everyone loves. I do anyway, but not as much as the neighbors.

👤I had an old subwoofer that worked well for over a decade before it kicked the bucket. I debated between this one and the Polk Audio 10" sub. I didn't know how much bass was missing from my movies and music. This thing is really hot! It has the power to make sound so that you can hear it outside. The home theater has bones in it. I was really impressed with how much sound you get from a small unit. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought a reference for the same price. When I compared the two, the infinity was better. I needed something that could keep up, so I purchased from Klipsch reference towers. The Klipsch sub is good for its size, and it is not broken in yet.

👤A good value when on sale. Avoid retail prices. The sub is half off and it is a huge value. It is not the deepest of lows, but it is enough to enjoy movies and music. The quantity and quality of the bass are surprising. This unit is small enough to be placed anywhere because the surrounding cabinet is so small. Would I recommend this sub to others? No. Better subs are available from other brands. Is it a good idea to recommend it on sale? Absolutely! The value is half off.

7. Klipsch Reference Premiere RP 280FA Theater

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP 280FA Theater

The built-in all-digital amplifier has plenty of power and high efficiency. 2x Klipsch Reference R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and Klipsch R- and K The built-in channel is for Dolby Atmos. The Linear Travel Suspension Titanium has a titanium component. There are dual 8" Spun Copper Cerametallic Cone Woofers. The hybrid Tractrix Horn is 90x90

Brand: Klipsch

👤Totally worth the money. Well packed. Heavy. It was big. When I hit the purchase button, the speaks looked small on my phone. My poor man! The packaging was good. Every speaker was clean. The sound is amazing. I have a Denon AVR. It is 165w per channel so it is 80w at 8 ohms. The sound is clean and crisp. My ears hurt when my meter said 112. There is no need to push further. The 12” swim is tight. There was no flutter at the bowl. I am happy. I enjoy a movie or some music. The speakers are a dream for me. Sometimes you get what you pay for. If my wife would let me turn it on.

👤The price made the system even better. The quality of manufacturing is second to none. I highly recommend this to anyone in the market for a home theater system.

👤The speaker system is outstanding. It arrived in a timely manner and was packed well. The sound reproduction is outstanding. It's used in a home theater.

8. Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers Technology Efficient

Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers Technology Efficient

Use as surround speakers. The sound is accurate and non-fatiguing. The dimensions are 12.5" H x 7" W x8" D. The contemporary finish is easy to integrate with any decor. The speaker needs to be connected to an amplifier or receiver. Quality audio reproduction and longevity of the speaker's components are dependent on the speaker's power supply. External wiring and speaker pads are not included in the box.

Brand: Klipsch

👤These are great speakers. I am able to tell the difference between instruments. The notes are clear and precise. This is what I was looking for. There are no feet or cushions on the speakers. I put a foam mat under the speakers, but they didn't come with them.

👤I was looking for bookshelves that would complement my vintage Marantz. I like Klipsch. I like the warmth, tone and bass. Picked this set of labels. I could not be happier with the choice. When listening to some of the classics where you have guitar, vocals and then the bass comes in, it's nice to have warm tones. It sounded very crisp. The sound is great. The puppies fill the living space just right, I didn't want a big speaker. A good sized dining room with a vaulted ceiling and hard floors. Just picked up a speaker stand from Amazon. Will hide the wiring during the chase. The speakers are only used with the Marantz. Adding a switch box to the Onkyo receiver is possible. The speakers handle all genres of music. Have not tried them on any heavy metal. They can easily handle low volume levels. These are perfect for what I was looking for, and one can buy a more expensive pair.

👤The product was out of plastic and had a chip on the speaker that looked like road rash. They look used.

👤I received a label from Klipsch. The design and build of the B-200 Bookshelf Speaker Pair was very good. After a safe start and power up, the speaker made a loud popping sound and then stopped. I contacted the manufacturer after reading their instructions on their website and received an automated reply thanking me for contacting Klipsch. We are currently closed, but your request has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff as soon as possible when we resume business. I can't say that I didn't use the product correctly, but that's irrelevant because I wanted to repair the speaker and move forward with my garage sound system. No other response has been received from Klipsch. I can't comment on either sound, build or overall satisfaction with the product quality until I have two, so the one star rating on cosmetics only has nothing to do with the intended use.

👤I have spent more on speakers but have not been as happy. There is a tight base, a crisp treble, and clear vocals. This is in a package 1/6 the size. The best I have owned.

👤These speakers should get a good review. Every part of the frequencies curve is clear. They are very bright and cymbals and highs are real. Regular bass is acceptable, but you must use a sub. They are not bad for bass, but bigger speakers are better. I like them.

👤I liked the small speakers a lot. Two large speakers are being replaced. When you have good sound quality and a good sub, it sounds great. Excellent quality for money.

9. Klipsch CDT 5800 C II Ceiling Speaker

Klipsch CDT 5800 C II Ceiling Speaker

China is the country of origin. Integrated whole-house Audio systems are becoming more popular.

Brand: Klipsch

👤Amazon bought 2 from amazing deals online. One doesn't work at all. Contacted Klipsch. Klipsch told me that the deals on the Amazon website do not qualify for warranty coverage. Don't buy from amazing deals online.

👤A huge improvement over my existing speakers. The rest of the system was already Klipsche, but I had some 5in Yamahas in the ceiling. I got these because I blew one of them out when I watched The Matrix in high definition. It was worth every penny. I want to make it a 7.2.4 system, but I have a problem with that. This home theater bug is so bad.

👤I replaced three of the speakers. The speaker cost the builder around $100-150. I wasn't happy with the sound of the tin can. I just needed to enlarge the cut out for the speakers to make it easier to install. For the first time, I could hear the whole spectrum of music when I turned on the music. The sound of these is amazing and inspired me to write this review. The back surround speakers need to be replaced. I like the speakers so much that I'm going all in, even though the 6 is fine for the back channels.

👤These are my first atmos speakers. I installed these with a Marantz. The speaker is moving. It's especially important when mounted in line with my tower speakers that are 10 feet apart. It's nice to be able to play with the position of the speaker. I'm not sure if I can hear a difference when changing the angle. The speakers produce a powerful sound. I am very happy with them. The rest of Klipsch speakers balance very well. The magnetic grills look better off. The speakers in the ceiling are black and gold. The sound that is coming from them is very pleasing to me. The upgrade was worth the time and money. These speakers add to the experience.

👤It was easy to install using the enclosure. Will update after using the Denon software. 4 of these are used for height speakers in a dts:x/Atmos setup. I did some sampling. I may have to upgrade my other channels. It never ends.

👤Acquired a few of these for a whole-house sound system, replacing some original "builder-grade" speakers that sounded bad. The first thing one notices is the misleading marketing, these do not have 8 inch diameter speakers. The rigid center part is 5-3/4". The speakers they replace sound worse than these. Fix a loose wire inside the ceiling is not a trivial task, but you don't have to have any screws to tighten it. Installation appears to be easy, just don't overtighten to crush the drywall, and templates for cutting are included. Magnetic covers are great. Is the price worth it? Not sure. It seems high to compare what one can get in a shelf speaker format. The problem of lousy sound quality was solved by these, and they work well for background music.

👤These speakers are amazing when used for surround sound. The sound quality is great. You can angle the speaker.

10. Klipsch R 625FA Powerful Detailed Floorstanding

Klipsch R 625FA Powerful Detailed Floorstanding

The forms to the specifications. There are two 6.5" spun- copper woofers. The Tractrix Horn has a 90x90 square design. 400 watt power handling. 38hertz - 21 kilohertz.

Brand: Klipsch

👤Stand alone for a small room or apartment. The 6 inch drivers only get you so far with deep bass. My home is not large, and with no subs, they are okay. Just okay. Do they need a sound system? Who needs a sub? The answer for my application is yes, they need a sub to finish off that punch. I've put mine with the Klipsch one. It's amazing. You can spend more on subs and speakers. It's a great value and sound on sale on Amazon. The main listening stage has a corner behind it. If you are only going to do speakers, no sub, you should consider a pair with bigger drivers. I bought them because of one of the other reasons. I have a high ceiling. I could put over head speakers in a high wall. Could you think of me? I've pulled wires before in other homes. I didn't want to this time. The ATMOS combo speakers have been adjusted with Audyssey on my Denon receiver. I didn't have to pull wires or cut holes.

👤I needed new speakers to complement my open floor plan since the ceiling is vaulted and couldn't use wall speakers. Quality and quantity are provided by these. I have a Denon AVR-X4500H which was used to calibrate them to work in this space. The value was peaked because they were 50% off during the Christmas sale. Nice choice!

👤I love the two in one dolby atmos reference speakers that you don't need to run additional cables up to your ceiling, because I am a Klipsch fan. It mixes in with my Klipsch RC-62 II Center Speaker. The Denon AVR-S920W receiver drives the subwoofer. When shopping for Klipsch speakers on Amazon, you should know that the price has dropped every time you look at it. Put the speaker you are looking for on a watchlist for a few weeks to see if it drops.

👤I have a couple of Klipsch La Scalas that I use for Jazz. I like the combination. My Primaluna is usually connected to Sopra No3 Loudspeakers. I bought the Klipsch because I don't want the other speakers to get trashed. Although did not have high expectations, these speakers step all over themselves, the bass is not clear and the mid range is too shiny. You will be better served by a pair of Tannoy Revolution XT 6F for the same amount of money.

👤I am an enthusiast and not an extreme one. I love the simplicity of these speakers, they have solid front channels and quick and easy dolby atmos. I got ceiling speakers but never installed them. These were the alternates. The first thing you will notice is that each one is heavy and built to last. You need to run 2 sets of wire to each speaker. The cloth "screening" over the top and front will make it look bad. Pet hair, child debris, dust, and other items should be thrown away. The height and depth are not obvious. Check the speaker dimensions to make sure they fit. The speakers just fit under the tv, they need a little more space to fit it. You'll have to move the entire speaker to tune the top speaker. It's not a huge deal, but depending on your setup and reflect angle, it can be a little cumbersome. These suckers work great, even though they may be annoying. A nice clarity and solid sound for movies and gaming. The effects of the ATMOS effect. If you've ever wondered what all the hub bub is about, watch Pacific Rim with and without Atmos. The creatures sound like they're over you. insane My set up includes a 4k tv, Polk speakers, a receiver and subs. Oh yes. These speakers are awesome. I can't use my projector and screen due to the size and depth of the speakers.

11. Klipsch R 52C Powerful Detailed Channel

Klipsch R 52C Powerful Detailed Channel

The dual 5. 25" Spun- copper IMG woofers are made of Spun- copper. The 90x90 square tractrix Horn has a 1" aluminum lts tweeter. 95dB at 2. 83V/1m 400 watt power handling.

Brand: Klipsch

👤This speaker has been with me for a little over a year. I use the R-625FA speakers in my 5.1.2 for my front side speakers, but the audiofile is not as full as it could be. This makes features like surround AI on my Yahama CX-A5200 less than ideal because it tries to always put dialog on the center speaker when the side speakers sound better. That's what it said. The center channel still has excellent sound quality, but it is not as good as the other speakers. When I leave my audio in surround decode, my audio experience is the best. If I were to do it again, I would buy the R-34C or Klipsch's Reference Premiere line up.

👤I got this on a lightning deal for a replacement speaker. Excellent performance for the investment. The sound is clear, powerful and broad. I hear sounds that are dull or invisible with older units. It blends well with my Polk Audio speakers. It works well inside my center console at the top of my receiver stack.

👤I've tried different speakers to balance out the sound quality of my center channel, but until now they've lacked in their ability to reproduce the human voice. The voice sounded either muffled or mechanical and unnaturally over-amplified and at the limit of each speaker's range. I use Klipsch speakers in my 7.1 system, including two height speakers. The R34c center channel from Klpsch was adequate, but it couldn't give the full range of the human voice as naturally as I would have liked. I went to Amazon to find a Klipsch R52c because I couldn't find a store that stocked a full range of speakers. I was looking for a combination that had the depth and high frequencies I was looking for, and this was it. Almost. The R52c is a great addition to my home theater audio needs. The sound is crisp, clear and full, but it can't handle women's voices. I recommend the R52c, though, with one caveat. I went back to my R34c since it seemed to do better.

👤I went with these because they have bigger drivers. They sound great for the price. They don't make anything like the 450c for this series. Don't have a second thought about buying these.

👤This was a great replacement for my Klipsch satellite speaker. I used to use that satellite speaker as my center channel. It worked well while it was there, but then came this. This is a center channel. It gets better and better. It is clean and crisp. There is no more asking the other person next to you what they said. I thought I would have to go all out to make things work for me. Bose 4001 direct reflect and this one are working well for me. It is a match made in the heavens. The Bose have enough bass to cover a sub. The speaker has everything I was missing.

👤Although it improved my sound, I was a little disappointed. I expected more from the speaker. This review is more compatible with my Cewrin Vega fronts, which have a 95% sensitivity rating, because it is done on movies and TV shows on satellite, DVD's, Blue Ray, and 4K. The dialogue volume goes up when the music goes up. My wife says the sound is more clear and understandable. It's a good improvement over my old center speaker which had an 89% sensitivity rating, but it's not as crisp as some have said. It makes good quality dialogue sound good, but it makes lower quality dialogue sound bad. The voices sound screechy if the treble is high or bad. The voices will sound better if the treble is adjusted and good from the source. That is also true on my Vegas. A movie in stereo only plays on the front speakers. I have always believed that a good audio system makes bad sounds worse. It took me awhile to get the R 52C to sound balanced and good. I used the manual and audyssey. The center channel's treble had to be turned down to make it sound good. I lost my friends by setting the equalizer for each channel. I had to adjust my speaker volumes manually. I am happy with the new speaker. The speaker only goes down to 89 hz so I had to set the crossover at 100hz. I have always set it at 100hz for the center channel. I have good highs and bad lows. The speaker of the r 52c does not make bad sounds sound better, but it does make good sounds.


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