Best Home Theater Subwoofer 8 Inch

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1. OSD Black Trimless Theater Subwoofer

OSD Black Trimless Theater Subwoofer

There are 2 in wall passive sub speakers that require a SA200 sub amplifier. A compact passive in-wall sub is used to add smooth, balanced, and realistic bass to home theaters, distributed audio, or two-channel systems. It can handle up to 300W of power to provide deep and satisfying low frequencies sound effects. Highly efficient and engineered with dual 8” long excursion graphite woofer cones that move more air for bass sound. It blends easily into interiors with trimless, paintable thin grille that is held securely in place by Neodymium magnets embedded into the frame. The mounts are easy to install and include a cutout template.

Brand: Osd Black

👤It's easy to install. We installed 2 units into the wall.

2. WeMax Nova Smart Laser Projector

WeMax Nova Smart Laser Projector

Superior Resolution might be an understatement. You can get 4x resolution of full HD or1080p with 4K and bright 3100 ANSI lumens light source. Nova is built with patented technology. Light can be used more efficiently for sharper detail across a wider color range and deeper vibrance for better video resolution. The short throw projector reduces eyestrain. You can choose from four projector sizes with the WeMax Nova laser projector. The center piece of your home theater will be a 150” screen. The right size for your setting is 80 inches, 100 inches, 120 inches, and 150 inches. Micro adjustments are made for the perfect home cinema experience with the 8-Point keystone correction dial. The Nova laser projector has a powerful 30W speakers by the audio company Dolby Audio. The home theatre experience can be enhanced by this stereo. If you already have a home cinema sound system, the Nova laser projector can be connected to it. The Nova is a smart projector that comes with thousands of apps at your fingertips. You can watch your favorite shows from a variety of providers. You can use the voice command button to tell Nova what you want to see. Also, note: Fire TV stick or similar device is required for streaming. There is a multi-tiered video company. It is possible to cast to Nova with a wireless connection from a variety of streaming devices. You should pair the Fire TV stick with the Netflix workaround. There are multiple video slots, a built-in casting for video, and ausb. You can connect a stereo system to a soundbar. There is a multi-tiered video company. It is possible to cast to Nova with a wireless connection from a variety of streaming devices. You should pair the Fire TV stick with the Netflix workaround. There are multiple video slots, a built-in casting for video, and ausb. You can connect a stereo system to a soundbar.

Brand: Wemax

👤Even if you put it on a ceiling, it won't have the lens shift feature. If you have a TV stand that is more than 14 inches tall, you can only use Keystone correction to make your image look better, since it doesn't have a lens shift, and the picture gets wavy on the top left corner. If you are the type of person that likes to change the picture quality, then you should be able to. The projector has a pathetic excuse for the settings page, and the remote control doesn't come with batteries, so you're out of luck.

👤The quality was disappointing. Quality issues in manufacturing lead to a warp in the picture from a warp in the lens over the laser. keystone adjustment will not fix it. Out the gate, Defective and disappointing.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this projector to replace my old TV. I was not sure how much of a difference 400 lumens would make between this one and the other I was comparing to. The Nova was the one I decided on. The pros and cons are listed here. The -4K UHD resolution is everything they claim, it's bright and clear, no washout, and it's good for gaming. There are a lot of streaming options via the internet. I have a sound system so it's not a big issue for me, but the remote is annoying, and it doesn't come with batteries. It blew away my expectations after I bought it. If you want to get the most out of your projector screen, you should purchase a good one. I think I got the best one for the price, compared to the other projectors.

👤The picture quality was very good. I compared this to the vava short throw. Most people will be happy with either one. When they were set up side by side, there was only one difference. The picture is of high quality. Both are excellent. The image quality of the wemax was not bad. The colors on the vava were more vivid. If you want to take the time to change the colors, you can. I did not. I couldn't focus on the upper left corner of the screen. The title was blurry and annoyed me. The contrast was good. We were going to compare the wall. Sound. The vava was better in this area. The wemax was good. External audio will be available for our use. Sound didn't matter. The wemax speak is enough for most living rooms. The vava is much larger and heavier. The ceiling mount needs a unit. The vava is heavier than just a little. It works remote. A couple buttons and a directional pad. I like that it's not necessary to find an ir receiver. The vava has something called the interface wemax that has a version of the mobile operating system. We were not able to get to the onscreen menu after the update. It was very annoying. It's hard to adjust the screen colors if the picture is turned off. They are aside. The job of the tv was to house your apps and allow you to cast to it. vava has a 2 year repair / replace warranty, while warranty only has a 1 year limit. Customer service. There is a I don't know who to fault for this. We tried to exchange the unit because of the unfocused upper left corner. We had to return in because Amazon didn't offer exchanges. It took weeks of calls to get our money back. We were never told to contact the seller, so I can't put this on them. Since it only has a one year warranty, we are hesitant about buying another.

3. Rockville HTS56 Channel Bluetooth Subwoofer

Rockville HTS56 Channel Bluetooth Subwoofer

The HTS56 5.1 Channel Home Theater System has light effects. Everything you need is in the box. Peak power is 1000 watt. 500-Watts program power. A built-in receiver with 8” subwoofer. A speaker on the center channel. 2x 3” full range speakers. 2x 3” full range speakers. The cabinets have plastic front panels. The built-in radio receiver has a great reception. There is a built-in optical input to connect to your television. The display is digital. preset curves You can control the volume of the speakers. v 2.1 is the most recent version of the wireless communications protocol. There is a maximum file size of 16Gb. There is a max file size of 16Gb. 2 14” MIC inputs with echo function. There are 5 audio outputs. 6 audio inputs. The AUX inputs are from the RCA. The input is for connecting to your TV. There is a radio antenna input. A full function remote. The Subwoofer unit has 4 lighting modes, and can be used with 7 colors or multi-color mode. Even with volume and bass settings, zero distortion can be heard. The sound on this system is better than anything else. Front L/F: 12Ft, Rear L/R: 30Ft, Center: 10Ft. The response time is 20hertz to 20hertz. There is a certification that complies with the standards of the European Union and the United States. The signal to noise ratio is 70dB. Even with volume and bass settings, zero distortion can be heard. The sound on this system is better than anything else. Front L/F: 12Ft, Rear L/R: 30Ft, Center: 10Ft. The response time is 20hertz to 20hertz. There is a certification that complies with the standards of the European Union and the United States. The signal to noise ratio is 70dB.

Brand: Rockville

👤I did a bit of research. I took a chance despite seeing some bad reviews. Some people will never be happy with anything. I'm happy I bought this system. It's good for less than $200, but it's not what you could get if you spent a lot. I have only had it for about 5 days, so I can't say how long it will last. It sounds good to me. The back speaker wires could be 10 feet longer, but that is very minor and easy to fix. The bass is loud.

👤I got a new tv in 2012 but still need a new surround sound, I bought a new tv in 2011. I need it for games and movies. Rockville sounds great, no complaints. My tv doesn't have a 3.5mm jack and the RCA doesn't work, so it's hard for me to use rockville. It was a pain to buy a converter to hook up my tv. I recommend it at this price point.

👤If you love wires all over the place, this is the system for you. If you're thinking you can use all your connections, forget about it. It won't work with an existing surround receiver, so you'll have to get all of your components to work with this system.

👤I like the theater sound system. I've had expensive theater sound systems before. I have a sound bar and a speaker. The sound bar was not giving me the sound and feel that I was looking for. I was thinking about my old system. The Rockville system has anLED and it caught my eye. I bought it for the price and features. I installed it after it came in. Everything was great. I first connected using a broadband service. When I turned the system off, I had an issue with connecting theBT. The route I went with was the RCA. My TV didn't have the correct outputs, so I bought a Toslink connection. A terrible sound came out when everything was connected. It wasn't in the paperwork of the Rockville system, but I had to change the sound on my TV. Houston has sound when I did that. I enjoy watching movies and TV.

👤I read a lot of reviews about the sound system and some said the base was overpowering and the sound quality was poor. I have watched a lot of movies so far and it is not overpowering. It makes the movie more enjoyable. After a few movies, I noticed a buzzing sound, but the experience and tests showed it was not the system that was buzzing, it was the dvd player. It was easy to install, it came with an auxiliary jack to plug the sound cables into the tv, and that's how we set it up. I am thankful for the review that said you need to change the location of the sound on your tv, I panicked when the system wouldn't work, but I remembered that information. I love the lights and the cords are long enough to fit around my room. The only thing that my dad wanted was a button on the controller.

4. Yamaha 100W Powered Subwoofer NS SW050BL

Yamaha 100W Powered Subwoofer NS SW050BL

A new twisted flare port contributes to clear and tight bass. The YST II is a Yamaha technology. Any room has a stylish addition. 100W (5 ohms) is dynamic power.

Brand: Yamaha Audio

👤This may be a long review of the Yamaha NS- SW050 Subwoofer. I'm not an audio guy, but I can tell you I love this sub. I will tell you the details. This little sub really packs a punch. I had to turn the subs down from time to time when I played music and watched movies. Even at night. I don't mind that it doesn't have the volume knob on the back. I put the volume knob in the middle. It does well in my bedroom. Could do better in a medium room. The response is very nice. I could hear low notes in the hallway. It will not shake the house, but it performs very well and I thought it would. As you scroll through the pictures I've taken, you'll probably see a different one. That's correct. The Yamaha YST- SW012 Subwoofer is pictured. I own two Yamaha subs. You can still find the YST-W012 and the 5.1 speaker package on the internet, but Yamaha has stopped selling them. Do they sound different? Is the other louder? Is the newer version bigger? I have switched them around a few times. I couldn't tell the difference. They sounded the same. I had more bass with these two. The weight is almost the same at almost 19 lbs. The shields covering the speaker and the ports on the side are the same as the two subs. Did they not add the Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II in the newer model? Yes, they did. The YST- SW012 had it as well. If you wanted to look at the manual, I took pictures of it. "Magnetically shielded type" is what the YST- SW012 is called. The "Non-magnetic shielding type" is the NS- SW050. I think they are the same. I love how they perform. Now the price. Being honest here. It's going to cost you $160 when you checkout. I was confused as to why the YST- SW012 Subwoofer was only $160, because I paid the same amount for the same package in the previous year. I went on with it and got it. You get what you pay for. The price may go down around the holiday season. I forgot how much it was when the holiday season started, but it will drop around that time. This is a great sub. If you want something bigger, the NS- SW 100 might be for you. It's likely to be around $200. It doesn't come with a sub cable. If you don't get one in store, you probably already have one ready for it. I'm done with my research for subs. Even if the newer vesion is $160, I'm very satisfied with the two. I think the five surround speakers were free. Probably not. I plan on buying a new Yamaha. I have a pretty old one. But anyways. Thank you for taking the time to read the review. I want to do a lot of reviews on things I ordered on Amazon. Again, anyways. I like it.

5. Monoprice 133829 Ssw 8 Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 133829 Ssw 8 Powered Subwoofer

A sub amplifier is needed since this is a passive sub. OSD Audio recommends the SMP200, a 200 watt class D sub amplifier, to power the IWS8. The Monoprice ssw-8 features a low profile enclosure that is designed to deliver ample bass output. You can put it behind your TV stand, under your chair, or even on your living room wall. The ssw-8 features a full-sized 8 watt Woofer housed in a bass-reflex enclosure that is designed to maximize bass output from its slim, low profile design. You won't have to skimp on the bass because of the extended response. The ssw-8 has an amplifier designed for subs. It has the ability to set volume, low Pass filter, phase, and is equipped with both line level RCA jacks and speaker level Terminal inputs. Monoprice has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year Replacement warranty, so you can buy with confidence. Monoprice's rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices.

Brand: Monoprice

👤Monoprice makes similar subs with different speakers. The Monoprice S SW-12 has a 12 inch driver. Everyone asks the first question- is it loud? It's loud and produces very low frequencies. I don't doubt that it can achieve that, even though I didn't pull out my audio analyzer. What does it contain? The sub, of course, wall mounting brackets, drilling template, floor stand, manual, and a set ofRCA toRCA cables are included. What is the sound quality like? Even if you carefully tune the roll-off on the crossover, it will still show some weakness here. The sound quality isn't bad, but it isn't great. It's not very precise. If you're looking for seat rumbling on a movie night, you'll love it. If you're interested in hip-hop, you'll probably like rump shaking bass. If you're looking for a bass that's tight, controlled and accurate, you'll probably be disappointed. I know it's difficult to get good bass in a small sub, but I know it's possible because Yamaha used to produce a wonderful little sub that was in the same price range. I was going to keep the Monoprice S SW-12 if it wasn't for one annoying habit. It's designed to turn itself on when there's a signal. It would turn itself on at random, even when the audio system was off. I decided to send it back. I'm not sure why auto on and off is a problem for speaker designers. If there's a long quiet scene in a movie, my sound bar will turn itself off, because it requires a ridiculous volume level to turn on. Then there's this, which seems to turn on with an electrical anomaly. I wish someone could get it right. If you want low, low-lows, and you can live with them being a bit sloppy, and reminding you when your system is off, you'll probably like it. Keep looking if not.

👤You can't expect much from a sub like this. All other things being equal, a sealed enclosure should give about a 3db gain compared to a ported enclosure. That's the same as using an amplifier of twice the power. I bought two of these and they don't equal the single sealed velodyne unit I am replacing, so I am replacing them with two subs. These things are four times the power, double the woofers, and have a bass reflex design, but they're not even close to my velodyne in terms of loudness. Despite their claims, they do not respond nearly as low. These are machines that play mid-bass. The purpose of my front main speakers is lost when I get louder and lower frequencies from them. It's so quiet that it disappears into the room. They distort so badly that the music or movie track is no longer heard if I try to turn up the gain enough. No bueno guys, try harder. You need more power and a longer port on your bass reflex design.

👤The red and white audio cables are longer than the nubbins that the unit is supposed to rest on so the entire unit ends up resting on the angle of the red and white cables. Doh! It seems like it could be a fire hazard, or a great way to wear out those cables. The cables should be somewhere else, like along the back, if the nubbins are larger.

6. OSD Audio IWS8 150 Watt Subwoofer

OSD Audio IWS8 150 Watt Subwoofer

The efficient sonic purity consumes less than half a watt in the background while gold-plated inputs ensure the highest quality sound transfer. There is power. The IWS8 has an 8 inch polypropylene sub and butyl rubber surround for a high performance with 150 watt, taking you out of reality and into the plot with great sound. The sound quality is good. Place the IWS8 in the wall to fill in the low frequencies that are missing from your music and movies. It enhances the sound quality of your home theater. In-WALL: When placed into a wall, the IWS8 has a low profile look. It has a dog- ear brackets system that can be mounted to the sheet-rock. The rear dust shield improves sound quality. The design: The slim in-wall sub has a paintable frame and grille that makes it look flush with surroundings while allowing you to experience that thunderous, room-filling bass without filling up floor space. A sub amplifier is needed since this is a passive sub. OSD Audio recommends the SMP200, a 200 watt class D sub amplifier, to power the IWS8.

Brand: Osd Audio

👤There are better in-wall subs on the market, but not for this price. I had to turn the gain all the way up to get the volume I wanted, because the amplifier I was going to use was rated for 300 watt. I replaced it with a 500 watt amplifier. If you don't have 16" wall studs, you'll either have to build in some or just send it back. A lot of people order these before they check, which is the reason for the open box sales. The speaker is screwed to the wall studs and the grill is held on by magnets when the frame is cut. There's no vibrating because it fits tight.

👤I thought it would be good. I've installed hundreds of in-wall devices and speakers and it was obvious that the metal brackets are not the same as the instructions. The speaker is good for the price and hard to find nice in-wall speakers, but it doesn't seem to be that loud. There is a I tried to Silicone the screws and the speaker so that it wouldn't rattle, but it didn't work and I had to go back to using the metal brackets. I used #8 sheet metal screws with a dash of Silicone in the hole to fix the brackets rattling. They start to go in a little tight, then just power through it and they will conform the crappy brackets. Since then, it has not rattled.

👤The quality is good. Volume is soft even though output is high on the external driver. You can still feel T-Rex's strength. I think it is a good purchase for the price and the quality of the build.

👤I bought 2 of these for my 7.2 setup and they were a hit. People who struggle to hook up simple audio equipment saying things like "they don't work" or "too weak" is a sign of poor reviews from people who aren't happy unless they break the bank. The subs sound great, and that's most likely a user/install error.

👤Sounds good. The install plate was different than the dog ear clamps. The plate was easy to figure out, but the instructions didn't give instructions on how to use it. You cut the hole out with the supplied template, then use the long screws to connect the speaker to the plate, and then insert the plate through the hole. The speaker holds in place when the sub is screwed down. There was no rattle. Make sure to use an appropriate amplifier. I put it with this, "oh_aui_search_page?ie=UTF8&psc=1 OSD Audio SMP250 Subamp."

👤This is a good one for an in wall sub-woofer. I'm using a Bash 500 Amp. It has a good bass. It is not a blow out sub, but it helps to fill in the lows nicely. I've been using it for about a month. It has helped the overall sound quality of my system, which is a Yamaha v673 receiver with outdoor speaker depot IW545 for left, center, right, and the MK850's for the two rears. The sheet rock around the sub is showing a few nail pops, which causes a bit of vibration with the sheet rock. The problem has been solved by adding screws. This is a good pick if you are looking for a sub that has a smooth bass. I enjoy good sound.

7. Acoustic Audio PSW300 8 Theater Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio PSW300 8 Theater Subwoofer

Home theater LFE power outlets are easy to connect to your home theater receiver Subwoofer Output. The Signal Sensing Auto ON/OFF feature can save power. The 300 watt power amplifier has a high efficiency power amplifier, auto ON/OFF and 0 - 180 degree Phase control switches. A long throw woofer with high rigidity PVA Treated cone, bottom slot port, Bass cabinet with internal bracing, black ash finish andremovable acoustically transparent grill are included. The system requirements are a grounded wall plug, a home theater receiver with LFE or RCB outputs, and a stereo with raw wire outputs. Use for surround sound systems. The box contains a PSW300-8 powered subwoofer, 9 foot dual RCA/LFE cable, and an instruction manual. 300.0 watt output.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤I think it is a good value for the amount of bass it produces because it sounds good and hits hard, and it is a good value for the amount of bass it produces. There is a So for the issues it has. I paid extra for this model because of the LFE option, but it is useless, and I get a crackling noise at low volumes. 2. Even with the gain, the bass is weak. I had to use the regular audio connections. The bass is more powerful with this method, but the crackling noise is still there at the lower volumes. I adjusted the gain but still have luck. I'm not sure what to do, maybe spend money on a more expensive wire to connect it to my amplifier, to see if this will solve the issue. Or return it? I will contact the manufacturer to see if this can be solved. Don't buy the model. The LFE option gave me more control of the sub. This sub is not a good one.

👤I bought two for my receiver. Long story. After receiving a signal from your receiver, the "Auto-On" feature turns on the subwoofer. If it doesn't have a continuous signal, it turns off almost immediately. What does this mean to you? If you are watching a movie and there is a dialogue where people talk quietly, before a monster pops out, the plane bombs them, or something crashes, then you should. The sub is off the whole time, not anticipating anything, and then is delayed for an explosion. This means you hear a loud bang. Then it turns off again. The sub could help some low frequencies, but all of the little footsteps aren't picked up. I left the sub full-on and it worked fine, but I can't turn on and off the two subs manually. It's nothing to write home about. I turned on the service to play music, but it was lacking. I would avoid everything.

👤I connected this to a set of speakers from the M25 series. The easiest way to get to the sub would be to use the LFE rca/out from the speakers. The sound left me disappointed. The sub was not delivering on the frequencies I was hoping for. I tried the speaker out with high level connections on the speakers and sub before packing it up and sending it back. There was a huge improvement. I don't know if I should have read the directions, but I would have done that. It sounds good now. The sound of the Peachtrees is really rounded out.

👤I bought this at a lower price and it looked great. I've been working on a budget 5.1 solution for a small apartment. The micca rb42x series is refurbished. I was looking for solutions that were under $150. I started looking at the 10 through 15 inch options after reading positive reviews of the theater solutions subs. If acoustic audio and theater solutions are the same company, they have different logos on the box. I decided to use the 10 inch front firing from acoustic audio because it just happened to work out that way. If you wanted to expand down the line, I appreciate the input options and ability to daisy chain signal. If you set the power switch to the center option, the sub will power on and off with the receiver. If you need a new set of RCAS, I would get one because it's cheap and can cause humming problems if it's not aligned perfectly. If you use speaker wire or LFE hookups, the male end of the receiver is relatively loose. If you only have small bookshelves in the front, this item fills the low and mid-low range. If you have towers with larger woofers, you might want to upgrade to a 12 or 15 to fill the low end better. I might get a matching daisy chain to round out the low end and set this 10" at a higher freq to blend the mid-bass and set the 15" for the sub-45hz freq. The setup adds more flexibility and range for less than a single higher end sub. If you have enough space, I will always recommend multiple budget subs vs one more expensive subs.

8. Earthquake Sound CP8 Subwoofer Laminate

Earthquake Sound CP8 Subwoofer Laminate

If there is space between the back of the couch and the wall, the Slim Form Factor can be stored under most sofas and beds. A powerful amplifier has a 150W continuous / 300W peak high efficiency amplifier, 20Hz–180Hz Frequency response with 40Hz– 120Hz 12dB/Oct variable crossover, Auto/On/Off signal sense, and high level inputs with crossed high. Bass to unused space offers flexibility and concealment without sacrificing floor space for closer proximity to the listener for better bass response time. The floor is an acoustic amplifier and can be used as a down Firing Woofer. The ported enclosure design is used to maximize output at your seating position.

Brand: Earthquake Sound

👤A couch potato. The rca inputs went bad because the cable went in vertically after the warranty expired. It was called support. They told me I had to buy a new board. I did. I put in a new board and added 90 degree rca adapters to relieve stress on jacks. rca jacks went bad again 4 months later. A $350 paper weight is what it is.

👤This is a good sub. There is a black box. Quality bass is put out by nothing fancy. I used my Stereophile test CD to test my knowledge of music. The sub plays at a solid 32 hz. My old 12 inch B.I.C. beats it. The 12 inch plays better than the CP8 When I'm in the mood for some rock, I'll use the 12 inch on the CP8 for everyday listening. My room is 14'x10'. The room sizes will not be handled much bigger by the CP8. The CP8 can be placed under a sofa or bed. A remote control that could change the volume, Frequency and Phase would be a nice option. It is difficult to get at the controls once the sub is placed. This sub is recommended for small to moderate room sizes.

👤I want to like this. It stops working when it's running for a while. I realized it was due to the built in overheating. Why? I don't know. I bought it from a warehouse. I think the issue was present. They told me to dump it since it was probably returned more than once already. I sealed off the plate amplifier opening so I could try it out. The external OSD 100w Sub Amp seems to do the trick. The BASS is full. I bought an OSD slim SUB to replace it. I like the OSD for music, but not for movies. The BASS is pleasant. The box was really nice.

👤I have a small room. I have a 10" MartinLogan sub, but I wanted to feel the bass while watching movies. After setting it up with a calibration, this is what I hoped it would be. You feel like you're in the movie. Fast and Furious was great. I still wanted more. I bought another one. Yep, the duels of the CP8's. It's like DBOX without the seat moving. I can't watch a movie without it. These fit perfectly, and I'm lucky that my seating is a futon. I think the CP8 is a great choice. It's not a room shaker, but it does rock the seats. The best investment for a small room...

👤The fit and finish of the Subwoofer was fine after unpacking. I was not able to get enough volume to match the output of my speakers. I tried connecting dual inputs, but it wasn't enough. I had no issues connecting another sub. I noticed the gain varied greatly with the subwoofer setting, but still it wasn't enough output. Amazon didn't offer returns. Customer support from the manufacturer was not helpful and asked why I tried to use dual RCAs. The manufacturer wanted me to pay for the shipping of the subs. Not a good experience.

9. OSD Audio PS88 Performance Subwoofer

OSD Audio PS88 Performance Subwoofer

A powerful 8” dual-woofer sub that delivers stunning bass to home theaters and media/gaming rooms. It can handle up to 300W of power for bass that is powerful, smooth, and accurate. The dual woofer design has an active and passive woofer to maximize sound performance. Digital Sound Processing enhances bass and ensures low distortion. The efficient sonic purity consumes less than half a watt in the background while gold-plated inputs ensure the highest quality sound transfer.

Brand: Osd Audio

👤The design fits anywhere. It's perfect for my small bedroom. The inputs and controls are laid out better than some of the other budget brands. It does a good job with low frequencies, but it is not a very powerful bass. There is distortion at high levels of bass. I don't think this is a 200W sub. When a sub can't reproduce a low Frequency, it almost sounds like the cone is hitting against the enclosure. The LFE channel in surround sound is mono. It sounds the same as plugging in a stereo cable. You only need mono-mono if you're using this with a normal surround receiver. There is no need to spend money on fancy male to dual male cables. There is no sound improvement when I have one. A space saving sub that gets the job done in a modest surround sound setup but has some difficulty with low frequencies and medium to high output. If the bass gets too energetic in movies and music, you will hear rattling and distortion. If you keep it toned down, your room will do the job.

👤The bad: 1. Excellent packaging. 2. I have a brand of sub-woofer that is 10% more expensive. The bad: 1. There is a split on the seam on one edge. Poor quality control? Was this used as a demo? 2. The unit has four legs on the side and a speaker. The plug is on the same side as the legs. You cannot set the unit without the speaker wobbling. The plug is on three legs. If you stand it on its side, the plug will be on the surface. This is basic design. What else did you miss? I will listen to the sound over the next week to see if it is decent. If the sound is decent, I will probably keep this. These oversights are so basic that you have to wonder who is in charge of this group. How do you ship a unit with an obvious defect? How does a product with a basic design flaw get approved to go to market?

👤I bought the OSD Audio Nero dual X8 to add to my secondary audio system in the front room of my house, and it did the trick. I have a lot of audio systems. I didn't expect the front room to be shaking, but that wasn't my goal either. The system is a two channel system that allows me to watch occasional TV and play music throughout the house from the main system. I wanted to fill the house with more sound when I was at my dining table, so I bumped the LFE signal a bit for TV and low-level music. I knew I wasn't going to get a chest thumping low end from an 8" sub, but this little Nero really filled the gap well where I needed it! I set myAMP accordingly, adjusted the crossover, and used an audio processor to dial all three speakers in, and it sounds really nice. I play music in the front room but not in the office. I can still hear the bass. I wish it had an actual LFE input and a by-pass when I first looked at it on Amazon. It works well when it is set up correctly and for the price point. If you have a small living space, it may be attractive to you because of the small footprint and good build quality. I wouldn't recommend it for a 5.1 system for movie watching or a bigger screen for movie watching. If you listen at low levels in a small room, it would work out well for you.

10. BESTISAN 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Distortion

BESTISAN 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Distortion

The Pure Home Theater Subwoofer Max is perfect for home theater systems that need a little extra oomph. It matches with any system. The sub is up to 100W. The 8-INCH Subwoofer Enclosure is made of 8-INCH material. The Kicker dual 8-Inch 100 watt vented subwoofer enclosure is factory-tuned and vented for deep, thunderous bass. You can upgrade your music sound instantly by hooking up this sub to the receiver. Continuously variable 60-120 Hz and 25-125 Hz frequencies. Simple and fashionable appearance, stable black atmosphere, hard texture, good sound, so that your room is full of surround sound is outstanding production technology. The Subwoofer size is great for matching TVS of all sizes and other connected devices. It won't take up a lot of room at home, but it will fill the space where you put the Subwoofer with a powerful bass effect.

Brand: Bestisan

👤This is not what I was expecting. I love Bestisan and their products but wouldn't have known I was missing something! It fills my house with quality bass tones without shaking the walls and is a perfect compliment to my soundbar. I love it!

👤This is the best sub I have ever owned. The room is surrounded by a deep base. I have a Bestian soundbar that works well with the sub. If you want a movie theater experience that is affordable, I highly recommend you get the soundbar and the subs.

👤Did well. Not enough base for movies.

11. Klipsch Synergy Black Sub 100 Subwoofer

Klipsch Synergy Black Sub 100 Subwoofer

The front-firing Cerametallic woofers are Spun copper. A front-firing driver. The grille is strong and flexible. Digital amplifier for high-efficiency and sound accuracy. It needs to be connected to a processor or pre-amp. The contemporary finish is easy to integrate with any decor. The dimensions are 14” H x 12.5” W x 15.7” D.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The Elac Uni-fi 2.0 speakers were upgraded to the Def Tech ProCinema 1000 front and center speakers. The speakers sound great. We hunted around for an upgrade because my old SW was woefully inadequate. The family room is large at about 16' x 28' and has a wide corridor to the entry and a kitchen and bar area on one side. I assumed we would need a bigger SW. We bought Klipsch's 12sw. It wasn't subtle, didn't blend with the Elacs at all, and was too boomy at lower volumes. It was not pleasant to listen to. I was able to return the Klipsch thanks to a particular wholesale membership warehouse. Thankfully. While this speaker is a Klipsch, it is their newer design and we took a shot and bought one, even though I could not determine if they made changes in the crossover or the woofer. This SW fits in perfectly. It blends well with the Elacs, fills the room well, adds rather than takes over lower level audio content, and really comes alive at mid volumes. We can keep the volume very moderate and still get solid enhancement of base frequencies, like space ship engines and gun fire. We're very pleased with this SW. If this didn't work out, I would have spent $600 on the Elac SW. This SW worked well for our needs because we have a larger room. It's not small, but it's a lot smaller than the 12" version.

👤I live in a two level house. I went into the street to check the mail today and could hear the fight scene from the movie from 30 yards away. Having a set of speakers with a sub that destroys the neighborhood is a penny-pinching delight sent from above. This makes a serious home theater that everyone loves. I do anyway, but not as much as the neighbors.

👤I had an old subwoofer that worked well for over a decade before it kicked the bucket. I debated between this one and the Polk Audio 10" sub. I didn't know how much bass was missing from my movies and music. This thing is really hot! It has the power to make sound so that you can hear it outside. The home theater has bones in it. I was really impressed with how much sound you get from a small unit. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought a reference for the same price. When I compared the two, the infinity was better. I needed something that could keep up, so I purchased from Klipsch reference towers. The Klipsch sub is good for its size, and it is not broken in yet.

👤A good value when on sale. Avoid retail prices. The sub is half off and it is a huge value. It is not the deepest of lows, but it is enough to enjoy movies and music. The quantity and quality of the bass are surprising. This unit is small enough to be placed anywhere because the surrounding cabinet is so small. Would I recommend this sub to others? No. Better subs are available from other brands. Is it a good idea to recommend it on sale? Absolutely! The value is half off.


What is the best product for home theater subwoofer 8 inch?

Home theater subwoofer 8 inch products from Osd Black. In this article about home theater subwoofer 8 inch you can see why people choose the product. Wemax and Rockville are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater subwoofer 8 inch.

What are the best brands for home theater subwoofer 8 inch?

Osd Black, Wemax and Rockville are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater subwoofer 8 inch. Find the detail in this article. Yamaha Audio, Monoprice and Osd Audio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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