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1. Sony SACS9 10 Inch Active Subwoofer

Sony SACS9 10 Inch Active Subwoofer

A 10” sub is perfect for your home theater or music listening setup. A speaker with a three-way coaxial, four-driver speaker system will amplify your audio experience. The complete range of Sony speakers from the SACS9 to the SSCS8 are perfect for a 5.1 home theater setup. The 10” dual layer woofer has a good bass response. Motion feedback technology uses detection circuitry to correct variations in the input signal. Customer operation can be accomplished with cutoff Frequency adjustment along with level adjustment, phase switch and power save mode. The enclosure has a woof cabinet and cloth grille.

Brand: Sony

👤I like and can tell the difference between good and bad audio components, even though I am not a techie. I have a couple of very expensive home theater setups that use power conditioners and Sony ES components with ridiculous costing and speaker wiring out to Polk LSi speakers and Polk subs. The setup on my desktop is very modest, using a V2 50x50 amplifier and a P1 tube pre-amp with upgraded tubes. All are connected with 12ga twisted pair speaker wiring. I use my laptop to stream audio via the internet. An inexpensive but clean setup. I've been using my LSi7 $800/pair bookshelf speakers and BIC F12 sub for a while. Maybe overkill for a desktop setup. These Sony 3 ways are on sale for $73/pair. They have good reviews. I wanted to get my LSi7's back to their surround positions so I decided to try them out. I was not excited because I was expecting a change in sound. It is a desktop setup for listening at lower volume levels, so I didn't want to spend a lot. Let me tell you something. My Polk LSi7's sound better than the Sony SSCS5 speakers. A better soundstage and better separation make this more detailed. How can this be? For $73.00 for a pair. Come on. I can't believe how good these are. I am listening to an album. I am amazed and flabbergasted. I think I will be doing my critical listening at my computer. I need to see a therapist.

👤I bought these on Amazon for $118. How good could a pair of speakers be? Let me tell you something. It comes to mind. I've been listening to music for 40 years. My method for buying speakers has always been to listen to the best speakers available, ones that I couldn't possibly afford, then work my way down into speakers that are within my budget, but sound as close as possible to my "dream" speakers. These speakers are solid, well-made, and have an incredibly warm and accurate sound. They can easily compete with speakers up to the $500 price range, well compete is not the word, but blow the doors off speakers in that price range is more like it. If you had no idea what speakers you were listening to in a side-by-side comparison, you may find yourself choosing the cheaper ones. That's correct! I said it! It had to be said. I don't know what Sony did to these little buggers, but they are magnificent. The price has gone up one week later and is not just on Amazon. They jumped $30 over night, but are they still worth it? I would pay double after hearing them. I am using them as main speakers in a two-channel scenario, not as surrounds. They are not even "broken in" yet. If you're looking for bookshelf-sized speakers, look no more. Don't let the low price fool you. Cheers!

👤I have experience with speakers in all ranges and have a lot of knowledge about how audio works. There are a few common issues that put me off as a listener, which these speakers have done a great job of avoiding. The speakers under $500 are usually not good because they don't mix well with the loudspeaker in the cabinet and sound like another miss-matched speaker placed on top of your much better mid/low range speakers. They are loud and sound like they are making noise. The sound quality is reduced when the dust protection panel is on. The bass lacks a proper tone. The bass is weak. Bass has a good tone, but relies too much on the addition of speakers that produce lower quality lows/mids. Audio suffers greatly when not placed in the absolute most optimal position, which restricts placement or quality, because of 3-way crossover. I expected to hear at least one of the common problems, even with the good reviews and research. I am blown away by how well these speakers handle these issues. Up close, far away, with a sub, without, placed properly or improperly, used with other speakers or alone, these two mini-monsters absolutely crush all of these issues and sound good while doing it. I'm very critical of audio and I'd have to be prepared to spend 600 dollars on an upgrade if it was worth it. I have these connected to an amplifier and are in a large room with it. I think 6 off the rip. These go above and beyond just making a few right decisions, and are perfect for this size speaker in a home theater. These had all the good design choices. I would highly recommend these if your amplifier can do 6 Ohms. The volume and atmospheric resonance in these are comparable to 8 Ohm 350 watt speakers, so 100 watt is something my power bill is happy to adopt. I'm not worried about ripping them apart because these barely break a sweat, producing a loud, high quality, detailed sound. I will be using these for music at house parties as well as for movies and gaming and so far I've tested them for all three and have yet to be disappointed. I don't recommend these speakers as side speakers as they are too much in your face. Side and rear are different ball games. You could definitely order 6 of these and use them as surround, front, and rear speakers; you just need to equalize them properly. I'm proud to say I own these and I'm even more proud to tell people what I spent on them. These aren't just good for how much they are, they're also great. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, there's little-to-no audible difference between these and other very high end speakers and I recommend getting these speakers if you need bookshelf sized speakers. If we completely ignore price and consider 10 the best sound, we will get a final verdict of 8.5/10. If I factor in price and give in to my bass-head type personality, I'll be happy. 98% of the world would consider perfect audio to be a perfect SOB, so 10/10 for anyone who isn't the pickiest SOB in the world. The bass on these are very good and I am talking about what you would expect from a Home Theater speaker. Unless you want to get those huge cabinet speakers that you see in theaters, you are never going to get a sub bass out of a front channel speaker. You aren't meant to, and for good reason. They handle bass incredibly well and do not need a sub to hear it. Please don't think these can replace a speaker. They're called sub- "woofers" because they push air so hard. That's not bass, it's an artificial effect. It's been 2 years and still going strong. Everyone who hears how good this system sounds is blown away, even though I know a lot about the best ways to setup and get the most out of my speakers. Everyone is encouraged to get a setup after hearing how good it is. These compliment my center channel and other speakers as well. I mix these with other speakers and it works. I've been pushing these configurations hard on a weekly basis. I think they work no matter what I do. I am happy to say that the room I have has no tendency to pick up dust, as I haven't had to clean it in a long time. There are a lot of things there. I don't think people understand how rare it is to find a speaker like this in this price range, so I wish I could give these more stars. Hats off to the engineers in Japan that designed this, you guys deserve a pay raise.

2. Subwoofer BESTISAN Receiver Speakers SW65C

Subwoofer BESTISAN Receiver Speakers SW65C

The power of the powered sub is suited for your room, it completes the system by adding the deeper notes of music that has deeper notes recorded. It does a great job. A down-firing sub is designed to fill your room with low and smooth bass. All products with a mini-jack or RCA output can be worked with. The function of the sub is to enlarge the bass only, so they recommend you to pair it with your speakers. If your TV supports sound output option, you can connect the speaker to the TV directly. If your TV doesn't support this sound output option, they recommend you to pair the subs with another speakers or a soundbar first. The Bestisan SW65C Subwoofer is included with the cables.

Brand: Bestisan

👤You don't need a receiver with this sub, it gives you a lot of flexibility. It's powered so you can connect any speakers directly. It is easy to connect to devices with the included cables. You get everything you need out of the box. You will not sacrifice sound quality for convenience or ease. The speaker is small and compact, and it delivers good sound. It is well suited for a medium size room which could be a large living room, a master bedroom, or rec room.

👤The sound bar lacks bass, so I got this for my bedroom TV setup. It seems easy to setup this sub. I can connect the rca red white cable to the sound bar without any problems. Fishing the wires in the wall will be difficult. The sound is different. It doesn't feel thin anymore and it fills the air better. It is obvious on music with big drops. You can adjust the knobs to make your speaker sound different. The bass won't over power the voices. This is a good value sub that produces a lot of bass without breaking the bank. I love it!

👤I was not upset that I didn't understand this sub. I live in an 700 square feet 1 bedroom apartment and this little beauty can fill the apartment with crisp and clear sound. The sound quality is great, with the bass being a little more "oomph" during movie action scenes or when playing on my XBOX. It looks sleek and simple on my TV stand, but it makes itself known very quickly when you want it to. It was easy to use, plug in the power and use the existing speaker.

👤The small living rooms and theater rooms are great places to put the subwoofer. The punch is very strong and will shake the seats. I was using it in my basement and it broke my TV because I was playing it loud and it was too strong to fall from the table. The TV isn't repairable. I am happy to find a strong sub. It was difficult to explain what happened in the room and convince other family members that it was not your fault. The speaker only has volume control on it, so if you want to change frequencies, you have to get up each time, but when you watch the movies, it has the perfect setting.

👤The sound bar is good but the bass is not. A perfect set of my audio system has been completed by the subwoofer. Enjoying a good movie.

👤I have a DVD player for watching movies at my mountain cabin, but I don't have cable TV, so I decided to add a sub to my soundbar. I am happy with my purchase, it makes the cabin rock like a movie theater.

👤My set up is complete, I was missing bass in my life.

👤I was looking at all the subs within my budget and one stood out because it looked so minimal and would blend in with everything around it. I didn't check compatibility because any sound source will connect if you have the right cables. There is a mini Jack to stereo RCA jack cable included which will connect to most smaller audio/Video components. If you want to set this up with a sound bar, you will need to buy a single male -male RCA component cable, which is around $6+). That is it. Setting the balance between the speakers and the Subwoofer can take a while, because it can reach around 90dB in volume, so I recommend starting off at half volume and gradually increasing until the sub starts sounding distorted, at which point you can dial down. You will probably make adjustments for a while. There is a The most exciting thing about this sub is that it is firing. The speaker at the bottom of the cabinet pulls the weight downward, which makes the bass feel like it is below you. If you have a budget that is similar to mine, you can get a setup that is in a corner against the walls, which will allow the bass to expand around you, but make sure to get the cables you need for setting it up successfully. Hope this helps.

3. Fluance DB10W 10 Inch Frequency Subwoofer

Fluance DB10W 10 Inch Frequency Subwoofer

The DB10 offers a powerful cinematic experience that brings your movies and music to new depths. The 10 inch long throw driver has a long excursion and controlled linearity that results in deep bass and precise sound reproduction. The amplifier design ensures exceptional low frequencies. A warm, distortion-free sound is created by the Precision Crafted Wood Cabinet. The auto power-on feature will turn the subwoofer on or off by detecting the signal from the audio source.

Brand: Fluance

👤I started to build up my stereo system so I could listen to my vinyl again. I bought a toy. The Fluance RT85 turntable was used with the older Yamaha amplifier. I don't need to annoy my neighbors because I live in a small apartment with both of them, but I did know I didn't want to blast my music. I heard the Klipsch might be a bit bright. After about 2 weeks, I saw that the Klipsch has great detail and an expansive sound stage, but I had to use the EQ to bring up the base on base music such as Mingus and Thundercat. I went to the forums and asked for recommendations for a sub that was in the 40% range. Once the laughter subsided and a few 'That's an oxymoron man! You can't have both base and low volumes. I eventually found this Fluance 10-inch sub. The price was right and it has a good set of controls. I tried it. Within 24 hours of setting it up, I knew what I needed and Fluance hit the mark again. Thank you Fluance for the turntable and sub. I don't know what sheerness means and I didn't give the sub a ratting on it. I think that's correct.

👤The fit and finish of the packaging is impressive. I kept tweaking settings as it broke in, but things have settled down now. The lion's share of the base handling duties have been shifted to this thing. The rest of my speakers can only reproduce the mids and highs, because this thing is producing amazing noises below 160 Hz. The Fluance sub's crisp and clear sound has me adding a little more, even though I'm not typically a fan of huge bass. The feel of the balance and crossover knobs seem right.

👤The wood is very well made and the finish is very clean. The sound is powerful and clean. You have to adjust the settings on your TV to match the volume control and frequencies you want. I'm using a Yamaha. A lot of tweaking was done to the receiver and speaker levels. The other speakers are the old school Center, R Tower, L Tower and 2 Fluance Bi-Polar Rear Surrounds. My room is 20' x 35' and it's filled with bass all over. It's nice for the price and beats a lot of expensive Woofers.

👤It was good to have a price. The inputs are high. On or off. There was nothing at this price-point. This is a great value. This is the ideal for small to medium sized rooms. I use this to fill in the bottom end on a pair of Kef Q 100's. The sound is balanced and natural. Live recordings have more presence. This delivers punch for rock records after tweaking the low pass filter. Hip hop and electronic are really good.

👤The floor standing speakers were for me. I bought the sub to have a cohesive speaker setup. The sub sounds good. Fluance makes quality stuff, and I own one of the best under $500 turntables you can get. I don't work for budget minded people.

4. Monoprice 108248 60 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 108248 60 Watt Powered Subwoofer

This is a powered sub that can produce 60 wattRMS output. The lowpass filter on the sub can be adjusted from 50 to 150 hertz. Gain and Frequency knobs on the control panel allow you to adjust the power output for the optimum blend and balance of bass output with your stereo or surround speakers. The subwoofer can be used with any amplifier system that has multiple input options. There is a corresponding output for each input. A full-range signal from the amplifier's stereo speaker outputs can be received by high-level inputs. The unit would be connected to a 5.1 system and these would be taken off the left and right sides. The outputs are in parallel to the speakers. The power output to the front speakers will not be affected by the impedance matching circuitry on the amplifier because the subwoofer provides its own power. There are a set of Line Level inputs for the sub. If you use a standard stereo system, you can connect the left and right line level outputs on the amplifier. The mono bass signal needs to be combined with the signals from the subs to drive the speaker. If you are using an amplifier with a single mono subwoofer line level output, you can split the output and send it to the two line level inputs. The cabinet that houses the subwoofer is 13.75" x 11.75" x 11.75" and is black. There is a black cloth speaker grill on the front of the driver and sound port.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I don't think 50hertz is high enough for a sub, but with my PC I can push the lowest frequencies on it, which is 31hertz, which makes it wobble like a mound of jello on top of a trampoline. The bass is amazing and it doesn't matter what the gain is with my PC at half volume. It is a little high for my taste. It is 8 inches. It doesn't get distorted and you can force a lower input. It rolls like it's trying to squash Harrison Ford.

👤The sub works well, it has a dial on it. Quality items can be found at a good price with Monoprice. The sound quality is not great, maybe a little bit of boom instead of a tight hit, but not much. This is one of the cheapest real entry level subs you can get. The finish is pretty good but could be better if you wanted to keep good sounding equipment cheap, like everything with monoprice, but you are getting function over form. One star is taken off because of the price on Amazon. These things are only 60 bucks. 20 extra dollars seems like a lot when you consider the cost of the 2 day shipping. Thats 33.3% of the price.

👤The price was a bit higher before. They decided to buy it based on satisfaction with customers' reviews and watched a few videos about it on the internet. I also own a Polk Audio PSW10 sub. I have no idea about Audio. According to some called "Audiophiles," having two or more different subs is not a good idea. They were correct. After an hour of tweaking and adjusting, I was finally able to get a strong bass with kicks and thumps. My neighbor upstairs complained about hearing and feeling the bass without the help of Polk's sub. I used it when I knew he was at work. I am very impressed with this sub that is great on both music and movies. If you're in a tight budget and want a good bass, get it. You won't get a low feel. It still kicks.

👤I wanted to extend the low end of the piano. It's perfect for that job. I'm not sure if I would use this in a primary home theater or entertainment setup if I had a student budget. I have nicer stuff in my main room. The build quality and feature set are very good. I settled on low volume and high volume levels for my DP, so I felt like it had plenty of room for that application. It was expected that higher settings would become a bit boxy. The kick drums really came alive with this sub, and myDP has decent drum kits in it. It's pretty tight. I am really happy for that application. 5 stars for value for money. If you're a Prime member, the shipping might wash out the cheaper pricing from Monoprice.

👤I don't understand the high ratings. It was okay for movies but terrible for music. The bass was muddy and made a terrible booming sound on the amplifier and receiver. I returned it because it was junk. If you replace the Elac 8 with the same price, you will get twice the volume.

5. Subwoofer BESTISAN Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier

Subwoofer BESTISAN Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier

The powered sub is an answer to more power in a small design. The overall response was 40- 250 hertz, Gain and 60 - 250 hertz. The enclosure has the perfect air space to maximize sound quality and punch. The Bass Reflex cabinet design is a great sub, with added internal bracing and a black oak finish, but also a premium decor. Even when the subwoofer is out of sight and the warning tone and rear panel subwoofer interface are not visible, full control can be achieved with the Wireless& wired Connection. To enjoy rich bass from this sub, you need to connect it to your TV or other device with optical and audio cable. Round corner design is perfect for your room because it can prevent bruised skin. The Home Audio Subwoofer has a built-in amplifier that combines delicate musicality and thunderous power for the ultimate in home theater sound effects. They recommend that you match this sub with your speakers.

Brand: Bestisan

👤I needed a new sub for my 5.1 system. I didn't want something too overpowering and I didn't want to spend a lot. I wanted to put it under my bed so I looked at different brands. The bedroom system is a full blown 5.1 system that is hidden. I didn't want it to be visible. I decided to give this a try because I have had good luck with my Bestisan office soundbar. It is perfect! It was nice to have a deep bass without shaking the walls. It fits under my bed. Purchase two and wire them up if you need more output. The sub is perfect. Many subs in the 6.5 inch size don't have the deep rumble, but this is nice and low. It's a perfect small sub to add in the lows that will be missing from a wall speaker or a soundbar. Very happy.

👤This is a good retrofit for an existing sound bar. I'm getting good bass response for movies and music after adding this to my sound bar setup. It's pretty decent and not too bulky, and it does help enhance my existing sound bar, for what it's worth.

👤I bought this to increase the bass of my Sony Bravia TV which has good audio on its own, but is a bit light on the bass. It doesn't need a sound bar, just more bass. I tried the Bestisan interface which worked well, but the Sony speakers were disabled when the audio was on because they were not in use. The optical interface works great, but the Sony doesn't adjust the volume of the optical output. I will have to deal with that, but it is just a small thing. This is a great value and it delivers all the bass the Sony was lacking.

👤I cannot place anything bigger than this in my apartment. Subwoofer was delivered in a nice package. The package had a power amplifier, audio cable, optical cable, and user manual. Plug-in the optical cable to the television and the sub and switch on the power adapter was all it took to install the subs. Installation is easy and fast. The bass sounds better with this sub. There is a light in the back of the amplifier. A good small amplifier for an apartment.

👤I needed to amplify the isolation with a little help of a sub. I needed a good bass to help dramatize my movies, make my playlist feel more exciting, and entertain guests when the time is right. This has been a great addition to my home entertainment system. The guests were impressed, but the neighbors were not, because the bass was strong. I kept it on. It didn't matter what was playing, it had a faint, background beat to it. It was relaxing. It's a great way to get the most out of your speakers. It wasn't hard to set up, but it did seem like a lot of extra steps to connect, so make sure you have a couple open outlets right by it.

6. Elac SUB1010 Powered Subwoofer SUB1010 BK

Elac SUB1010 Powered Subwoofer SUB1010 BK

The bass reflex is the type of enclosure. ClassAB is the type of amplifier. 120 watt peak/ 60 watt RMS is the amplifier power. The response was 38hz-200hz and 40hz-200hz. The driver has a low throw dynamic woofer with inputs.

Brand: Elac

👤Don't hesitate, this sub is perfect. I lost everything in my house. I ordered 2 NHT speakers and a sub. For a small space, it was deliberated greatly. I have owned bic 12 but also a Martin Loga Dynamo 300 and an svs PB 1000. It's impossible to beat the depth and clean punch of the SVS. In small space, don't want to be kicked out. I got mine for $125, but now it's $200. Elac has a great rep so $129 for a small sub looks like quality and Andrew Jones has a great rep. Once the word gets out, this speaker will be a good choice for a desktop or small space, as it will jump up in price once the word gets out. The bass is clean and low. For small space, it is perfect for bookshelf speakers like NHT super zero's, which are special too, and driving off a topping MX3. The setup is pretty crazy good near the field and can take you into the music. This setup will give you a good experience, with a full range of music spectrum and sound stage, but for a pretty cheap price. The secret is out and now is a good time to get it. NHT super zero's are a special bargain, I loved my JBL studio speakers, but must have sub like Elac to fully appreciate. It is music heaven for me.

👤The low end of my bookshelf system was missing. After a few hours of playing it loosened up, but it did not sound good at first. If you push it outside of its comfort zone, it will sound boomy and sloppy. Most of the negative reviews were written by people who thought the bass was going to shake. If that's what you're looking for, this is not the sub for you. If you're looking for a flat response curve from your speaker system and need a little more low end to accomplish it, you have come to the right place. When setting the volume on this sub, I would suggest turning it up only to the point where you think to yourself, "there's the bass I was wanting!", and then turning it down from there. If the bass sounds like it's coming from the sub, you have the volume set too high. If it sounds like your speakers are making the low frequencies that were missing before. You have done a good job.

👤The pros are 1. 60 watt peak. There is a lot of power. 2. A good back port is needed for good sound flow. 3. The cabinet is smaller than average. 4. It was on sale for 99. 5. Both of them cost the same even at the same price. 6. A speaker passes through different input options to run two speakers for better placement. 7. When not used, autopower mode is used. There are 8. The option is Phase and 180. There are 9. The adjustment was from 50 to 150. There were 1 cons. Sometimes a sale is cheaper than I paid for. 2. It's best to work in mid-sized rooms. You may want to run more than one sub for larger rooms. I have good things to say. The Polk PSW10 is the best 10 inch sub in it's price class.

7. Yamaha 100W Powered Subwoofer NS SW050BL

Yamaha 100W Powered Subwoofer NS SW050BL

A new twisted flare port contributes to clear and tight bass. The YST II is a Yamaha technology. Any room has a stylish addition. 100W (5 ohms) is dynamic power.

Brand: Yamaha Audio

👤This may be a long review of the Yamaha NS- SW050 Subwoofer. I'm not an audio guy, but I can tell you I love this sub. I will tell you the details. This little sub really packs a punch. I had to turn the subs down from time to time when I played music and watched movies. Even at night. I don't mind that it doesn't have the volume knob on the back. I put the volume knob in the middle. It does well in my bedroom. Could do better in a medium room. The response is very nice. I could hear low notes in the hallway. It will not shake the house, but it performs very well and I thought it would. As you scroll through the pictures I've taken, you'll probably see a different one. That's correct. The Yamaha YST- SW012 Subwoofer is pictured. I own two Yamaha subs. You can still find the YST-W012 and the 5.1 speaker package on the internet, but Yamaha has stopped selling them. Do they sound different? Is the other louder? Is the newer version bigger? I have switched them around a few times. I couldn't tell the difference. They sounded the same. I had more bass with these two. The weight is almost the same at almost 19 lbs. The shields covering the speaker and the ports on the side are the same as the two subs. Did they not add the Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II in the newer model? Yes, they did. The YST- SW012 had it as well. If you wanted to look at the manual, I took pictures of it. "Magnetically shielded type" is what the YST- SW012 is called. The "Non-magnetic shielding type" is the NS- SW050. I think they are the same. I love how they perform. Now the price. Being honest here. It's going to cost you $160 when you checkout. I was confused as to why the YST- SW012 Subwoofer was only $160, because I paid the same amount for the same package in the previous year. I went on with it and got it. You get what you pay for. The price may go down around the holiday season. I forgot how much it was when the holiday season started, but it will drop around that time. This is a great sub. If you want something bigger, the NS- SW 100 might be for you. It's likely to be around $200. It doesn't come with a sub cable. If you don't get one in store, you probably already have one ready for it. I'm done with my research for subs. Even if the newer vesion is $160, I'm very satisfied with the two. I think the five surround speakers were free. Probably not. I plan on buying a new Yamaha. I have a pretty old one. But anyways. Thank you for taking the time to read the review. I want to do a lot of reviews on things I ordered on Amazon. Again, anyways. I like it.

8. Soundavo PSB 400DSP Subwoofer Amplifier Presets

Soundavo PSB 400DSP Subwoofer Amplifier Presets

High Wattage Power OutputCompact 1U design subwoofer amplifier delivers plenty of solid clean power with high fidelity, strong and deep bass frequencies to drive medium-to-large sized in-wall or floor stand style subwoofer speakers. It provides 1000 watt peak power, which makes your home audio and home theater audio system sound like it came from the cinema. The easy connection to any system includes a stereo/mono line level audio input that can receive full band audio from any audio amplifier, receiver or LFE input, also features a stereo speaker level input/outputs connector and passthrough for easy to work with older amplifier/ Set and save your bass frequencies and volume levels for music listening, movies and late night mode. The menu function screen has a selection knob that can be used to adjust Master Volume Level, Crossover Frequency, 4 different Slopes, Phase, and 4 different Low Cut. Store up to 3 presents are designed for 8” and 10” subs. A three way switch on the rear panel allows you to set the 12Vtrigger mode, auto on/off by music signal detect mode, or always on mode. The function can be turned off from the menu or choose from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Brand: Soundavo

👤I don't really use this product exactly as intended, but it was the lowest cost replacement amplifier I could find to power my Buttkicker LFE that output the appropriate power level. It seems to work well so far and the different options allow me to fine tune the setup. I just adjust the output on my receiver when I need it. It serves its purpose well so far without being heavy or expensive.

👤It was replaced with a new one that had plenty of running power and sounded great. It drives my big speaker to concert levels. I can play music without turning on or off the amplifier with the auto on feature. It works with any audio device. It has a good build quality and is well finished.

👤I've owned a pair of the Cerwin-Vega XLS- 215 (w/ dual 15" subs in each cabinet) for about 10 years and have never been able to get them to sound right. There is a I decided to give them a shot after running across this amplifier. I had to buy an amplifier for each speaker cabinet since they are single/mono channel. I took away 1 star because I would have only had to buy one amplifier if it was a dual channel. The sound is amazing. I've never heard speakers sound like this. My wife told me that I was not allowed to return the amplifier or she would be upset. If you need a lot of power to drive inefficient subs, you would do well to give this amplifier. Good luck.

👤It really hits the bass. The bass is made of Klipsch. The amplifier went out under warranty twice. I added some clips and hooked it up because I don't want an internal amplifier anymore. I have an external amplifier that moves the 15 inch better than the Klipsch amplifier. The video was on a sub. The range of an Amp is 9db to -9db. The 12volttrigger is not a regular one on my other devices. I don't know what cable to use. I answered questions quickly but with poor cable options. I am not sure if the email answer knows this device. Klipsch should be ashamed of their design. Twice in 8 years. Hard bass music is not used for LFE purposes.

👤I had it for a day. It has a low end range of 10 hz. The amplifier says it can power that low. It doesn't kick in until north of 35 hz. I have the value all the way down to 35hz. I am hearing sound at 80hz. The Nobsound states it can only go down to 20hertz. The Nobsound/shakers kicked in sub 35 hertz and rolled off at 40 hertz. I will give these more time. I will come back here to edit if this is in line. Otherwise, returning it.

👤Two years ago, we had a professional install the home theater system that came with two 10” in-wall subs and a SA1000 sub amplifier, but the sub amplifier blew out last month. If we upgrade the higher output power sub amplifier, we should choose between Nuvo 200 and Soundavo PSB-400, both of them have the same spec, but this one has more power and has a screen with a digital signal processor. Since we already have pre-wired our system, we can just replace the cables from the SA 1000 with the existing wires. Wow... It's easy to adjust the subsonic filter and the low end punch sound, just follow the user manual. I am very happy with the result of my purchase, the building quality looks good, it is easy to hook up, and the sound is great.

9. BESTISAN 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Distortion

BESTISAN 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Distortion

The Pure Home Theater Subwoofer Max is perfect for home theater systems that need a little extra oomph. It matches with any system. The sub is up to 100W. The 8-INCH Subwoofer Enclosure is made of 8-INCH material. The Kicker dual 8-Inch 100 watt vented subwoofer enclosure is factory-tuned and vented for deep, thunderous bass. You can upgrade your music sound instantly by hooking up this sub to the receiver. Continuously variable 60-120 Hz and 25-125 Hz frequencies. Simple and fashionable appearance, stable black atmosphere, hard texture, good sound, so that your room is full of surround sound is outstanding production technology. The Subwoofer size is great for matching TVS of all sizes and other connected devices. It won't take up a lot of room at home, but it will fill the space where you put the Subwoofer with a powerful bass effect.

Brand: Bestisan

👤This is not what I was expecting. I love Bestisan and their products but wouldn't have known I was missing something! It fills my house with quality bass tones without shaking the walls and is a perfect compliment to my soundbar. I love it!

👤This is the best sub I have ever owned. The room is surrounded by a deep base. I have a Bestian soundbar that works well with the sub. If you want a movie theater experience that is affordable, I highly recommend you get the soundbar and the subs.

👤Did well. Not enough base for movies.

10. Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer

A power hungry vehicle. For extra bass and punch, a 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer and a directed port provide accurate bass with added depth. A perfect solution for a small room. Even at low frequencies, the sound is rich and deep, even at high volume. The speaker plays the most demanding nodes without any distortion. The power to 100 Watts of Dynamic Power can be doubled with the in-built 50- watt amplifier. This sub is highly durable and fit for use. It is easy to integrate with existing systems. Variable 80-160 Hz and 40-160 Hz frequencies. A sleek grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs, as well as speaker-level outputs on the back, make this sub cohesive and complete!

Brand: Polk Audio

👤The glowing reviews for the PSW10 came to me after I had gone through three smaller 8” subs. It was better than anything I had before, and it was every bit as good as they say. I was so impressed with the musical performance that I began budgeting for something even better. The PSW10 cost 5x more than the SVS SB12-NSD, but many forums claimed it was light years ahead of it. I found the claims to be exaggerated after breaking in my new SVS. It could reach down to a bone-rattling 15hertz, which I like, but may not be everyone's cup of tea. For every other attribute, the PSW10 was 80% the quality of the SVS. I had to replay a bunch of songs side by side with both subs and assign a 10% more tightness to the SVS. Maybe some people consider that last 10% improvement night and day, but I just call it 10%, as in only really noticeable when compared side to side. I agree with many other reviewers that the PSW10 is perfect. Nothing can be done at its price point.

👤I had a Denon receiver and ordered 2 of these. I figured I might as well try it. I read an article on an A/V forum that said that 2 lesser expensive woofers is better in a home theater than 1 single premium one, because it will fill the room better and matter less where you're sitting for how you hear the bass response. I am blown away. I have one on either side. They sound great with games, music and movies. Replacing my theater in a box sub sounds terrible. I watched the Dark Knight and it was crazy how much more powerful the guns, cars, and punches were with the better bass and music of the films. Weapons firing and explosions in games will shake the walls if you want them to. I'm sure a single one of these would be a huge upgrade over theater in a box subs, but with a pair, they really shine. Highly recommended.

👤I bought two of them because my Pro Sub 1000 died after 8 years. The purchase was based on the reviews. The receiver has two outputs. I decided to get two when I only had one. I was a bit underwhelmed at first. I was expecting a lot more bass, but it wasn't the case. It didn't have the same effect as my DT. I was expecting the cost of the DT to be under 200, but it is close to $500. After messing with the output of my speakers and receiver, I finally got a decent sound that I can live with. I have to keep the volumn on the subs to get the results I want. I only had to have half of it. I don't play music on my system, so I don't have a review of the sound quality. I'm glad I got two. There will be additional review after two days. I will now rate these as a 5 star after I realized that the lack of bass from these speakers was caused by an operator error. I didn't have the output to the sub turned up from minimal. Once I started cranking it up, I got more bass. Excellent. I can turn down the master volume on the speaker. The auto shutoff feature was malfunctioning. It wouldn't wake up on a signal return when it went into sleep mode. I didn't have a high enough output to the sub on my receiver. It works great after another issue was solved. Very happy with the purchase.

11. JBL Cinema 510 Theater Subwoofer

JBL Cinema 510 Theater Subwoofer

Two-way satellite speakers. A 6.5" powered sub. There are brackets for wall mounting.

Brand: Jbl

👤I didn't like this product. The sound is not dull. The speakers are not original but counterfeit because the logo stickers are crooked and not straight. I won't recommend it. I have a Denon receiver and Bose speakers with an Onkyo sub and the sound is amazing. If you don't care, don't buy this product.

👤The sound is great. Nice design. It is easy to use remote control. We put the speakers on the wall behind the couch. Two people are on a shelf. Nice view and sound.

👤This system is great for money. It provides a clear sound. The center speaker makes dialogue easy to hear. I have set it up in a way that it can be used with additional speakers. I only have it set to half way because the subwoofer provides all the base you could really need. It was difficult to run a heavier wire out but it was possible. I ran 14 gauge wiring to all of them. It required a good twisting of the end copper but it was worth it. This is a great place to put a budget home theater.

👤The speaker system sounds great. The speakers are small so they don't stand out in a room. I have several issues with these. The wall mounting system is my biggest complaint. The mount is not very good. My next complaint is that you have to use a thin gauge wire with the speakers because they have a thin gauge wire. You cannot wall mount these with a better gauge wire. If you want to use a better wire, you will need to cut the included thin wire at the end of the better wire. Nothing else will fit through the mount. The wire posts on these speakers are made of very thin wire. Nothing else will fit. The posts should be able to hold a better wire. I give this 3 stars because of the issues. One was taken away for the wall mount and the other for not accepting a better wire.

👤The sound is very clear and crisp. The plastic cover needs to be removed. The cinema is called the JBL Cinema 610. A quick start guide. # 3 You can pull it out if you push hard on the cover. That shows the push connectors that you connect the wires to. The red push wire is connected to the black wire. There is a black wire with a white stripe. Push the plastic cover into the locked position.

👤The bass and mids are great. Good speakers. Very pleased with the performance. The speaker is very powerful. If you have an auto-cal system, use it. You will definitely want a decent receiver to take advantage of these 4 Ohm speakers; there aren't a lot of great and cheap 4. If the receiver has enough wattage, it will do well. I got a second-hand Sony STR-DH820. The old model doesn't have a lot of modern stuff, but it does have a lot of legacy ports, and is refurbished for about $200 to $300. Get your own cable. The included cable picks up interference. I got studio-grade stuff, but it is fine at the hardware store. The biggest that can fit in the terminals is 16AWG stranded. The mounts are not good. They do. There is no way around it. If you can, get the aftermarket wall mount kit. The things wall mounted should be no bigger than 18-20AWG. I was able to get away with 16AWG because I left the speakers loose against the wall. When I get around to it, I will probably get the aftermarket mounting kit. They are very strong on the surfaces. The speakers are great for a relatively low price.


What is the best product for home theater subwoofer powered?

Home theater subwoofer powered products from Sony. In this article about home theater subwoofer powered you can see why people choose the product. Bestisan and Fluance are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater subwoofer powered.

What are the best brands for home theater subwoofer powered?

Sony, Bestisan and Fluance are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater subwoofer powered. Find the detail in this article. Monoprice, Bestisan and Elac are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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