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1. Sony SACS9 10 Inch Active Subwoofer

Sony SACS9 10 Inch Active Subwoofer

A 10” sub is perfect for your home theater or music listening setup. A speaker with a three-way coaxial, four-driver speaker system will amplify your audio experience. The complete range of Sony speakers from the SACS9 to the SSCS8 are perfect for a 5.1 home theater setup. The 10” dual layer woofer has a good bass response. Motion feedback technology uses detection circuitry to correct variations in the input signal. Customer operation can be accomplished with cutoff Frequency adjustment along with level adjustment, phase switch and power save mode. The enclosure has a woof cabinet and cloth grille.

Brand: Sony

👤I like and can tell the difference between good and bad audio components, even though I am not a techie. I have a couple of very expensive home theater setups that use power conditioners and Sony ES components with ridiculous costing and speaker wiring out to Polk LSi speakers and Polk subs. The setup on my desktop is very modest, using a V2 50x50 amplifier and a P1 tube pre-amp with upgraded tubes. All are connected with 12ga twisted pair speaker wiring. I use my laptop to stream audio via the internet. An inexpensive but clean setup. I've been using my LSi7 $800/pair bookshelf speakers and BIC F12 sub for a while. Maybe overkill for a desktop setup. These Sony 3 ways are on sale for $73/pair. They have good reviews. I wanted to get my LSi7's back to their surround positions so I decided to try them out. I was not excited because I was expecting a change in sound. It is a desktop setup for listening at lower volume levels, so I didn't want to spend a lot. Let me tell you something. My Polk LSi7's sound better than the Sony SSCS5 speakers. A better soundstage and better separation make this more detailed. How can this be? For $73.00 for a pair. Come on. I can't believe how good these are. I am listening to an album. I am amazed and flabbergasted. I think I will be doing my critical listening at my computer. I need to see a therapist.

👤I bought these on Amazon for $118. How good could a pair of speakers be? Let me tell you something. It comes to mind. I've been listening to music for 40 years. My method for buying speakers has always been to listen to the best speakers available, ones that I couldn't possibly afford, then work my way down into speakers that are within my budget, but sound as close as possible to my "dream" speakers. These speakers are solid, well-made, and have an incredibly warm and accurate sound. They can easily compete with speakers up to the $500 price range, well compete is not the word, but blow the doors off speakers in that price range is more like it. If you had no idea what speakers you were listening to in a side-by-side comparison, you may find yourself choosing the cheaper ones. That's correct! I said it! It had to be said. I don't know what Sony did to these little buggers, but they are magnificent. The price has gone up one week later and is not just on Amazon. They jumped $30 over night, but are they still worth it? I would pay double after hearing them. I am using them as main speakers in a two-channel scenario, not as surrounds. They are not even "broken in" yet. If you're looking for bookshelf-sized speakers, look no more. Don't let the low price fool you. Cheers!

👤I have experience with speakers in all ranges and have a lot of knowledge about how audio works. There are a few common issues that put me off as a listener, which these speakers have done a great job of avoiding. The speakers under $500 are usually not good because they don't mix well with the loudspeaker in the cabinet and sound like another miss-matched speaker placed on top of your much better mid/low range speakers. They are loud and sound like they are making noise. The sound quality is reduced when the dust protection panel is on. The bass lacks a proper tone. The bass is weak. Bass has a good tone, but relies too much on the addition of speakers that produce lower quality lows/mids. Audio suffers greatly when not placed in the absolute most optimal position, which restricts placement or quality, because of 3-way crossover. I expected to hear at least one of the common problems, even with the good reviews and research. I am blown away by how well these speakers handle these issues. Up close, far away, with a sub, without, placed properly or improperly, used with other speakers or alone, these two mini-monsters absolutely crush all of these issues and sound good while doing it. I'm very critical of audio and I'd have to be prepared to spend 600 dollars on an upgrade if it was worth it. I have these connected to an amplifier and are in a large room with it. I think 6 off the rip. These go above and beyond just making a few right decisions, and are perfect for this size speaker in a home theater. These had all the good design choices. I would highly recommend these if your amplifier can do 6 Ohms. The volume and atmospheric resonance in these are comparable to 8 Ohm 350 watt speakers, so 100 watt is something my power bill is happy to adopt. I'm not worried about ripping them apart because these barely break a sweat, producing a loud, high quality, detailed sound. I will be using these for music at house parties as well as for movies and gaming and so far I've tested them for all three and have yet to be disappointed. I don't recommend these speakers as side speakers as they are too much in your face. Side and rear are different ball games. You could definitely order 6 of these and use them as surround, front, and rear speakers; you just need to equalize them properly. I'm proud to say I own these and I'm even more proud to tell people what I spent on them. These aren't just good for how much they are, they're also great. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, there's little-to-no audible difference between these and other very high end speakers and I recommend getting these speakers if you need bookshelf sized speakers. If we completely ignore price and consider 10 the best sound, we will get a final verdict of 8.5/10. If I factor in price and give in to my bass-head type personality, I'll be happy. 98% of the world would consider perfect audio to be a perfect SOB, so 10/10 for anyone who isn't the pickiest SOB in the world. The bass on these are very good and I am talking about what you would expect from a Home Theater speaker. Unless you want to get those huge cabinet speakers that you see in theaters, you are never going to get a sub bass out of a front channel speaker. You aren't meant to, and for good reason. They handle bass incredibly well and do not need a sub to hear it. Please don't think these can replace a speaker. They're called sub- "woofers" because they push air so hard. That's not bass, it's an artificial effect. It's been 2 years and still going strong. Everyone who hears how good this system sounds is blown away, even though I know a lot about the best ways to setup and get the most out of my speakers. Everyone is encouraged to get a setup after hearing how good it is. These compliment my center channel and other speakers as well. I mix these with other speakers and it works. I've been pushing these configurations hard on a weekly basis. I think they work no matter what I do. I am happy to say that the room I have has no tendency to pick up dust, as I haven't had to clean it in a long time. There are a lot of things there. I don't think people understand how rare it is to find a speaker like this in this price range, so I wish I could give these more stars. Hats off to the engineers in Japan that designed this, you guys deserve a pay raise.

2. Sony Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Technology

Sony Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Technology

The Sony 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System with Wireless Subwoofer is the ultimate home theater upgrade. Audio comes alive. The power output brings the content to life. The speaker unit and volume of the subwoofer are powerful. S-Force Pro is a virtual surround sound technology. There are seven sound modes, choose from Auto Sound, Cinema, Music, Game, News, Sports, and Standard Audio Mode. Voice enhancement can be used to amplify the noise over the background. You can stream your favorite movies, shows, and music from your phone.

Brand: Sony

👤I was looking for a good sound system. I didn't care if it was able to jump through hoops or not, this one fit the bill nicely. I have a great soundbar with built in subs that is great, but I wanted one for a larger room that would provide even louder and deeper bass. After listening for a few days, I was a little disappointed but knew that speakers and especially subs need to be replaced in time. I've heard that some of the soundbars sell for up to 600 dollars, but this one sounds like it would be a good buy. Some people have experienced sound delays with other soundbars. The voices are clear and the bass is loud enough to make a difference in a movie. I can confirm that music and dvds sound good. If you're able to use a subs, you should place it in different places in the room to see where it will sound best. This is a great buy at 199 dollars and is well worth it.

👤It's okay if you're used to sound bars. I really wanted to like it. I tried every setting and it sounded so compressed. Even at full volume, the sub is not impressive. The living room is twice the size and we just installed a Samsaung sound bar in it. It was paid for at Best Buy. This was installed with a 65" Sony in a media room with carpeting and 8' ceilings. The set up was easy and fast. It sounded better with Steely Dan than it did with the TV, when I turned it on. I will be sending it back so I can get a better sound experience. My thoughts. If you are interested in something that sounds better than your TV speakers, this might be a good idea for you. I would suggest different options if you want something more than average.

👤The sound is really good and it is very easy to use. I downsized from a 7.1 surround setup. If the dialogue is enhanced, I don't think we lost any sound. If I had paid full price, I would have been happy.

👤I have had a Sony sound bar for two weeks. The sound bar was easy to pair with after the user error was corrected. I was initially disappointed with the bass from the sub woofer, but the more I have listened to it, the more I can say it does deliver. It was a good value and it was delivered on time. It was well packaged. It will allow you to pair 9 devices to it, which will allow for a lot of usage. I have it in my master bedroom and it is loud enough. You don't have to use on and off button's. It will turn on and pair automatically if I tell it to do so. When you turn the television off, it will also power off. The price and sound quality are what will make you happy.

3. Monoprice 108248 60 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 108248 60 Watt Powered Subwoofer

This is a powered sub that can produce 60 wattRMS output. The lowpass filter on the sub can be adjusted from 50 to 150 hertz. Gain and Frequency knobs on the control panel allow you to adjust the power output for the optimum blend and balance of bass output with your stereo or surround speakers. The subwoofer can be used with any amplifier system that has multiple input options. There is a corresponding output for each input. A full-range signal from the amplifier's stereo speaker outputs can be received by high-level inputs. The unit would be connected to a 5.1 system and these would be taken off the left and right sides. The outputs are in parallel to the speakers. The power output to the front speakers will not be affected by the impedance matching circuitry on the amplifier because the subwoofer provides its own power. There are a set of Line Level inputs for the sub. If you use a standard stereo system, you can connect the left and right line level outputs on the amplifier. The mono bass signal needs to be combined with the signals from the subs to drive the speaker. If you are using an amplifier with a single mono subwoofer line level output, you can split the output and send it to the two line level inputs. The cabinet that houses the subwoofer is 13.75" x 11.75" x 11.75" and is black. There is a black cloth speaker grill on the front of the driver and sound port.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I don't think 50hertz is high enough for a sub, but with my PC I can push the lowest frequencies on it, which is 31hertz, which makes it wobble like a mound of jello on top of a trampoline. The bass is amazing and it doesn't matter what the gain is with my PC at half volume. It is a little high for my taste. It is 8 inches. It doesn't get distorted and you can force a lower input. It rolls like it's trying to squash Harrison Ford.

👤The sub works well, it has a dial on it. Quality items can be found at a good price with Monoprice. The sound quality is not great, maybe a little bit of boom instead of a tight hit, but not much. This is one of the cheapest real entry level subs you can get. The finish is pretty good but could be better if you wanted to keep good sounding equipment cheap, like everything with monoprice, but you are getting function over form. One star is taken off because of the price on Amazon. These things are only 60 bucks. 20 extra dollars seems like a lot when you consider the cost of the 2 day shipping. Thats 33.3% of the price.

👤The price was a bit higher before. They decided to buy it based on satisfaction with customers' reviews and watched a few videos about it on the internet. I also own a Polk Audio PSW10 sub. I have no idea about Audio. According to some called "Audiophiles," having two or more different subs is not a good idea. They were correct. After an hour of tweaking and adjusting, I was finally able to get a strong bass with kicks and thumps. My neighbor upstairs complained about hearing and feeling the bass without the help of Polk's sub. I used it when I knew he was at work. I am very impressed with this sub that is great on both music and movies. If you're in a tight budget and want a good bass, get it. You won't get a low feel. It still kicks.

👤I wanted to extend the low end of the piano. It's perfect for that job. I'm not sure if I would use this in a primary home theater or entertainment setup if I had a student budget. I have nicer stuff in my main room. The build quality and feature set are very good. I settled on low volume and high volume levels for my DP, so I felt like it had plenty of room for that application. It was expected that higher settings would become a bit boxy. The kick drums really came alive with this sub, and myDP has decent drum kits in it. It's pretty tight. I am really happy for that application. 5 stars for value for money. If you're a Prime member, the shipping might wash out the cheaper pricing from Monoprice.

👤I don't understand the high ratings. It was okay for movies but terrible for music. The bass was muddy and made a terrible booming sound on the amplifier and receiver. I returned it because it was junk. If you replace the Elac 8 with the same price, you will get twice the volume.

4. Klipsch Synergy Black Sub 100 Subwoofer

Klipsch Synergy Black Sub 100 Subwoofer

The front-firing Cerametallic woofers are Spun copper. A front-firing driver. The grille is strong and flexible. Digital amplifier for high-efficiency and sound accuracy. It needs to be connected to a processor or pre-amp. The contemporary finish is easy to integrate with any decor. The dimensions are 14” H x 12.5” W x 15.7” D.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The Elac Uni-fi 2.0 speakers were upgraded to the Def Tech ProCinema 1000 front and center speakers. The speakers sound great. We hunted around for an upgrade because my old SW was woefully inadequate. The family room is large at about 16' x 28' and has a wide corridor to the entry and a kitchen and bar area on one side. I assumed we would need a bigger SW. We bought Klipsch's 12sw. It wasn't subtle, didn't blend with the Elacs at all, and was too boomy at lower volumes. It was not pleasant to listen to. I was able to return the Klipsch thanks to a particular wholesale membership warehouse. Thankfully. While this speaker is a Klipsch, it is their newer design and we took a shot and bought one, even though I could not determine if they made changes in the crossover or the woofer. This SW fits in perfectly. It blends well with the Elacs, fills the room well, adds rather than takes over lower level audio content, and really comes alive at mid volumes. We can keep the volume very moderate and still get solid enhancement of base frequencies, like space ship engines and gun fire. We're very pleased with this SW. If this didn't work out, I would have spent $600 on the Elac SW. This SW worked well for our needs because we have a larger room. It's not small, but it's a lot smaller than the 12" version.

👤I live in a two level house. I went into the street to check the mail today and could hear the fight scene from the movie from 30 yards away. Having a set of speakers with a sub that destroys the neighborhood is a penny-pinching delight sent from above. This makes a serious home theater that everyone loves. I do anyway, but not as much as the neighbors.

👤I had an old subwoofer that worked well for over a decade before it kicked the bucket. I debated between this one and the Polk Audio 10" sub. I didn't know how much bass was missing from my movies and music. This thing is really hot! It has the power to make sound so that you can hear it outside. The home theater has bones in it. I was really impressed with how much sound you get from a small unit. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought a reference for the same price. When I compared the two, the infinity was better. I needed something that could keep up, so I purchased from Klipsch reference towers. The Klipsch sub is good for its size, and it is not broken in yet.

👤A good value when on sale. Avoid retail prices. The sub is half off and it is a huge value. It is not the deepest of lows, but it is enough to enjoy movies and music. The quantity and quality of the bass are surprising. This unit is small enough to be placed anywhere because the surrounding cabinet is so small. Would I recommend this sub to others? No. Better subs are available from other brands. Is it a good idea to recommend it on sale? Absolutely! The value is half off.

5. Subwoofer Bestisan Subwoofers Amplifier Bluetooth

Subwoofer Bestisan Subwoofers Amplifier Bluetooth

Extra bass and punch can be achieved with a powered subwoofer. The 6.5" powered sub has a variable 60 and 250hz frequencies. The enclosure has the perfect air space to maximize sound quality and punch. Standard RCA inputs can connect to your home theater receiver's output, and its outputs can pair with AUX or bookshelf speakers with line in, for the ultimate in refined behavior. You can stream music directly from your phone, tablet or other compatible device with the built-in wireless bluetooth technology. They recommend that you pair the subs with your speakers and sound bars as it enlarges the bass only. You can connect the Subwoofer to the Soundbar and TV by using the optical cable in the box and hooking a supplied cable between the audio out port and AUX in port on the soundbar. Bestisan offers lifetime technical support. Please email them any questions or suggestions. They give you a solution that is satisfactory.

Brand: Bestisan

👤I bought a pair of Edifier R1280T bookshelf speakers for myself and wrote a review about them. I loved them and still do. I've gotten another pair. When I wrote that review, I thought the product was good and deserved praise, not a review written with ulterior motives. I'm not a professional reviewer. I didn't know that the review had tens of thousands of views and hundreds of clicks. Cool. Glad to have been helped. A few days ago, I got a message from Emma, a rep for an audio manufacturer called Bestisan, who had seen my review and wanted me to take a look at theirs, one designed to pair well with powered speakers like the Edifiers. The "verified purchase" review would be the one I agreed to purchase with my own money. Why would I do that? If I didn't like it, I'd return it to Amazon, and I'd write what I thought was right. I am not accepting any compensation for this review. I got around to setting it up a couple of days after the subwoofer arrived. It was packed. There were styrofoam supports and a plastic sub in the box. Not fancy, but sensible packaging. A bag held the manual, 3.5mm to RCA cable, and an optical cable. Hmm. It is optical. It's cool. I put the instructions aside as Emma mentioned that some people had trouble setting it up correctly. The unit felt modern and solid. It seems like it's heavier gauge than the vinyl-covered chipboard used to be. The texture of the sub is not cheap. With a sub, it looks like it's not going to matter as it's going to be out of sight. Setting it up will be the next step. The last time I used a sub, it was attached to the amplifier and received the signal. Not so, the Bestisan. The first thing in line is designed to be this. The signal goes to the amplifier. Line-level output goes to your speakers. It made perfect sense after I found it confusing at first. Being the first to receive the signal, they had the right to add a couple of extra options. Is it possible to use a wireless device? Yes! Is it optical? Why not? If you want to connect your phone to the internet, you should use the wireless technology known as Bluetooth. This was not something my speakers offered. I opted out of it. The digital optical input is cool. You can use your TV's optical out to get the best signal, even though you still use your analog gear. I connected the Amazon Echo Dot to the input and the Edifier speakers to the output. Something wasn't right. I was only getting intermittent sound from the sub. This must have been what other people had run into. I checked the connections and tried again. I noticed that the color of the light was different when I pushed one of the knobs. A couple of taps and it was flashing blue, which told me that it was in a mode of communication that uses the internet. The Bestisan was in the list of available devices, I checked my phone and it was there. Cool. It sounded great a moment later. The sound was rich. The signal from the Echo Dot was streaming in full, glorious quality when I tapped the input selector a few more times. I played with the levels. I found that if you adjust the input volume to 50% and set the subwoofer's volume to 50%, you can find a good setting. Play with it if you add a bit of bass. When it sounds right, you'll find that the sub's output is close to the speakers' volume, no adjustments are needed. Do I think this is a good idea? There is a I do. Whole-heartedly. The sound of the Edifiers is enriched by the Bestisan Sub. Digital music sounds better. The speakers sound bigger and the sound fills the house, but never sounds harsh or booming. I didn't think I needed a sub, but now you'd have a hard time taking it away from me. Thank you for your patience, but more than that, thank you for introducing me to the Bestisan SW65D powered sub! I'll be ordering another to go with my other Edifiers. Tell your bosses to give you a raise.

6. Klipsch R 100SW 10 Subwoofer

Klipsch R 100SW 10 Subwoofer

The front-firing spun- copper IMG woofer has a 10 watt rating. The amplifier has 300 watt peak power. Volume low pass and phase control. Line level LFE inputs are used for maximum receiver compatibility. The dimensions are 14 5" x 12 5" The response time was 32, 120, and 3dB. 150W 300W is the amplifier power on theCont Peak. The amplifier has volume, low-pass, 0 180 phase, and auto power on.

Brand: Klipsch

👤I bought 2 of these at a discounted price on Amazon. That deal lasted less than an hour. I used a mic and a wizard software to measure the subs along with some others. The subs have a hump between 50-60hz and no audible output below 30hz. The combination was bad. This is even when placed in a corner, which is known for causing room gain. That is decent for what I paid. The normal price is $224. No way. You would do better if you used a part express solution. The Sub 1200 was from partexpress. The BIC f12 is probably better for less. The cabinet is very thin. I think the wood panels are 3/8′′ thick.

👤I can't say anything else. I have had a dead Definitive Technology subs in my living room for the last 2 years because my boyfriend was too lazy to swap them out. I took control of the situation. I will never live in a world without bass. I feel like watching movies again. The 12 inch Klipsch sub makes a world of difference in my home theater system. My neighbor recommended Klipsch to me. Since I am not a high end audio person, I sought out a cheaper one. He was correct. It sounds like elephants are running through the room. If I ever need to replace a speaker, I will consider this brand.

👤I got this to be the sub for a 2.1 setup in my new house, and I am absolutely blown away. I put it with two Polk OWM5 mains and a Klipsch power gate amplifier. This was the cheapest subs I have ever had, and the best sound I have ever had. The bass is clean and deep. I am in a big, open space and this thing provides a good bass. I am very impressed. I can't believe you could find anything better for this price. My wife hated the idea of having a bulky speaker on the floor in her home, and said "this is unbelievable" the first time she heard it. If you're considering this purchase, click " buy now" and do yourself a favor. You won't regret it.

👤I have had a nice projector for about two years. I have neglected to put in surround sound, and I have been cheaping out on sound. I have a nice Speaker-craft inwall Starlett 6 for the front 3 channels, but no atmos, surround, or the important.1 (sub). On Black Friday, Amazon made me an offer I could not refuse. I now have a beast. The mediabridge cable I bought is white and matches the trim for an easy temporary install. Skyscraper was thrown on blueray. I added atmos speakers and surround speakers. The sound difference is not static. My wife made the winning statement. She doesn't get my love for electronics. There is aSpoiler alert. During the scene in skyscraper, my wife turned to me and said, "I'm not even out there and I feel my feet tingling!" I don't have the gain turned high. I want to experience the movie, but I don't want to cause any problems for my neighbors. I think this sub can do those things. Things get very interesting at about 1/3 gain. I like to watch action movies. I am sad I didn't get this sooner.

7. YAMAHA SR B20A Built Subwoofers Bluetooth

YAMAHA SR B20A Built Subwoofers Bluetooth

There are built-in subs for deep bass in the sound bar. Dialogue clarity is enhanced by clear voice. 3D surround sound is a virtual thing. It's possible to switch between two devices with the help of a streaming device. Simple setup with a projector. There are components for remote control.

Brand: Yamaha Audio

👤The last of the breed was retired after buying a new TV for the main room. The exercise room has a Panasonic projector. My half is not an equipment nerd. She wants one button to turn it on and one button to change the sound level, but I have a perfectly fine 2 channel system. Period. I get to fire up the main system whenever she wants to watch or listen. You know the drill - turn this on, then push this button, then change remotes, then pray to the electron gods, etc. I did 20 hours of review and data reading. You can get stupid with sound bars very quickly if you don't spend a bundle. This bar was brand new, and hardly any reviews. I figured it out for this price. She is not a sound nerd like I am. Let me be clear. This isn't a comparison of a bar with a TV speaker or a bar with a new bar. I have never owned a bar. I have considered them sacriledge. The speakers on the main system retail for $7k. The TV and music sound is pretty decent with 280w pushing it. This is a comparison between a 5.1 system and an inexpensive one. There is a Wow. It's amazing that anyone can do that for under $200. It doesn't blow the windows out. It doesn't equal a $10k sound system. The voice production is very clear. If you sit in front of it, the range of music from a hidef music documentary is just fine. There is no separate sub. This tiny little thing does a great job of providing bass sense with the bass booster thingie on, but it won't pound your floors. If you want to add one, there's a sub. I'm ecstatic. I'm not sure if there are other great bars out there, but this one is up against the sound quality of my main system. I'm sorry that people are not happy with the ratings it has gotten so far. I'm not sure what to think. I am biased towards Yamaha stuff. That is an old amplifier.

👤At the time I purchased this device, the information did not indicate that it disabled the function for certain devices, such as the ones mentioned above. The answer I got from Yamaha indicated there was no issue if the device supported an appropriate level of bluetooth. We have earlier versions of Yamaha soundbars that have been disabled as part of a pricing strategy. Postage is paid if you return to Adorama. I had it in my cart before, but it wasn't the seller. This has a great sound so it gets a 4.

👤The sound bar is amazing. The sound quality is great. It is sleek as well. I like how it has the option of mounting. It was easy to connect through either a cord or a device. My only disappointment was. I received the package as a Christmas gift. I would have gift wrapped it if I had seen that, because the person I was giving it to was going to get it before me. It was left on the porch for everyone to see. Not good. The sound bar is worth it. The sound quality is excellent. Minus the packaging. I don't have a thing to complain about.

8. Yamaha NS SW100BL Powered Subwoofer Black

Yamaha NS SW100BL Powered Subwoofer Black

A new twisted flare port contributes to clear and tight bass. The YST II is a Yamaha technology. Any room has a stylish addition.

Brand: Yamaha Audio

👤I have the 8” version of the system that I bought many years ago, and it works great. My neighbors enjoy playing loud music until the early morning hours and this was a present for them. They close their door since I bought them and that makes me happy. The speaker got some respect from my noisy neighbors by doing what 5 conversations didn't do. Thank you Yamaha!

👤The sound for the price is amazing. The speaker is perfect for clean and tight bass. I guess the wannabe ganstas want that thump? The bass is very clear, can thump when needed, but it sounds great on low volumes. Those that say they paid 100 watt but only got 50 do not understand the difference between Peak and RMS. I went to the store and bought an instrument that measured the actual RMS at 65 watt and the peak at 120 watt. You are getting more than you pay for. Everyone sells speakers at peak voltage. Being an audio engineer I know sound and these subs are great, I can't say anything bad about this sub.

👤The Yamaha YST- SW45 8" sub was good, but it wasn't reaching well below 35. It wasn't enough with the towers that were handling down to 50 Hz. I like how Yamaha subs sound, so I went looking for a decent one that reached at least 25 hertz. The middle of the road is where Yamaha has 3 subs. It's a hybrid of the low YST- SW216 and the higher end NS- SW300. The 216 has more or less the same specifications as the 300. It doesn't have built-inadjustable crossover for speakers that don't have a subwoofer output, and it doesn't have speaker level inputs with built-in speaker level inputs. It's an extra cost if you don't need it, but I didn't need the speaker inputs because my Pioneer receiver has a sub out and extended subwoofer signal built in. I never used it on the SW45 because it wasn't sensitive enough. You need a loud bass signal to take it out of the background. A power cord, power button, and a volume are all that's needed. I plugged it in and set the volume to mid point, and then I played some tunes. The midbass from 40-100 was really weak, so I adjusted the volume to 80% and the sub to 1/3, and the 40-100 Hz came back, but then below 40 Hz were really blown out... The old SW was positioned to the side. I had switched to out-of-phase for better sound, but because of the port location on this sub, the extended midbass signals were cancelling. When I switched the phase back to in-phase, I left the extended bass signal and moved the crossover back to 50 hertz, but everything still sounded good. This sub is a good choice if your receiver/amp has the ability to play both movies and music.

👤I question the sources of most of the reviews. The specifications for the sub tell you it is not powered up. I was hoping that the function would make up for the low power. I was wrong. This is not powered up. It is not a frills price. There are less features than others. The response is dull and under powered. The port feature is a marketing stunt. The "swirl" doesn't extend into the port. It would be a miracle if this produced any sound down to the 25hZ claimed low end. The Yamaha does not perform, it rides the coattails of the NS- SW300. 2 out of 5

9. Yamaha NS SW300PN Powered Subwoofer Black

Yamaha NS SW300PN Powered Subwoofer Black

The digital drive has a high efficiency amplifier. The Twisted Flare Port contributes to clear and tight bass. The YST II has 250 W output power. 10 inch voice coil with square wire. Front control panel for easy control, sensitivity switch and system control.

Brand: Yamaha Audio

👤The Klipsch reference subwoofer's electronics failed after 3 years and I bought the Yamaha NS- SW300 to replace it. The price of the Klipsch is 1/2. The LFE connection on the Yamaha YSP-5600 receiver/soundbar was used to connect the Klipsch and Yamaha subs. The Yamaha provided a more precise bass sound. The sound was more powerful than the Klipsch when the signal called for it, because it was more precisely synchronized with other channels of the sound track. I have more confidence in the reliability of Yamaha products than I have in Klipsch, because of this performance.

👤The guy is three times the size of the sub that we bought to replace the one that quit after 2 years. It has adjustible frequencies so you can change it if you need to. It's great for movies when connected to our entertainment system. It's a good idea to flip it over to internet radio or simply FM channels. We have a living room that is 25 feet by 35 feet and it doesn't bother us. We only run it between 1/2 and 1/2 to fill the room with clean bass. When the sub doesn't detect bass signal from the receiver, it goes into sleep mode. The bass booms when it sees signal again. This sub is worth the extra money compared to others I have heard or considered.

👤I have this box for two years and it looks brand new. The piano black finish is beautiful. The sound is amazing. The base is better distributed by setting it as music in the back. It connects directly to my tv and will turn it on if the tv volume goes up and off if it goes down. This is convenient. This price is higher than other models because it is a better product. There are pros and cons to quality and beauty. None

👤Flat response from 30 to 100hz is offered by this sub. The LS50s gets down to 40hz in my room. If it helps others make a decision, there are attached plots.

👤Music is the top priority for me. The best in price range musical response. A fast and deep response. I use this to fill out the low end and take some work off my KEF XQ5 andamp stereo setup which has solid bass already. The speaker outs to the binding posts. It syncs better with the towers. I have it plugged into an amplifier for 5.1 movie watching. It does well with loud noises from space ships. There are better movie oriented subs on the market. Controls are easy to understand. It's great for level matching that volume control is not linear. Your level will be very close to an 8th turn or less. The range will never be used. There is a placement placement. This should be considered for any 2.1 in a small room of 400 to 600 square feet. Completely satisfied.

👤This is the first time I have had to share a negative review of a Yamaha subs, and I have been buying Yamaha subs for over two decades. This sub was really disappointed in terms of failing too soon. This sub started popping and crackling, which made it useless. I have a second Yamaha sub that is 10 years older than this one and it is still working great. I spent a lot of money on this newer sub and I want to warn others to think of another sub option.

10. Polk Audio Subwoofer Technology Experience

Polk Audio Subwoofer Technology Experience

There is a high EFFICIENCY for small to medium sized rooms. The HTS 12 features a long throw woofer with Polk's proprietary Dynamic Balance Technology designed to fill your room with three-dimensional sound in great clarity. The sleek rounded corners are a highlight, but this sub will surely take your movie and music experience up a notch with its deep rumbling bass from the in-built 200 watt amplifier. Potent Power Port Technology delivers deeper bass response with its turbulence-smoothing diffuser that transitions air flow from the speaker into your listening area, minimizing any kind of distortion and delivering rich full-range sound everywhere. The sub comes with LFE and stereo line level inputs. Pair it with any of Polk's Signature series 2-channel stereo speakers or create a complete home theater with S60 tower, S20 bookshelf and S35 center channel speakers. The rear panel has all the controls for volume, low pass filter, and phase toggle that are needed for optimum bass levels. The front has a clean look. Polk has a commitment and expert craftmanship with their use of advanced technology, master engineering, and innovation, which helps them bring out the best in sound systems and speakers. So you can relax and listen.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤The sound of the sub is good when on. A dud. When off for a while, the status led will go off. When the unit is set to auto on, it no longer turns back on using the 12vtrigger from the reciever. Plug the power back in after a while to get it working. Even tried with another reciever and still had an issue. I contacted tech support and got no response over a week later. I got an email reply. They said they were too busy and that if I still need help, they would be happy to help. I tried that and was hung up after talking to a rep. 45 minutes was wasted. There is still a broken item.

👤I need to replace 2 non-working subs. I bought a 1000W Paradigm Servo 15 in 2006 for $2000. An old Polk model that was small but great bass was the other. I had gotten a 50W Polk sub as part of a HTIB several years ago, and I only have one remaining working sub. I decided to upgrade my sub to something more punch than 50W after purchasing a brand new 5 speaker surround set-up, a new Sony receiver, a 4K dvd player, and a new Sony TV. I know what an earthquake is like having owned the Servo. I wouldn't need that powerful in my family room. The HTS 12 would be great. The difference in power specifications is important. The description usually lists peak power, which is double what the RMS power is. The sub can put out power continuously. A brief burst of power is what the peak power is. The sub has a 200W rating but a 400W peak. I put the sub on an Auralex Gramma foam isolation pad to prevent room shaking from the laminate flooring. I have it at 80% volume and an 80HZ point. It wasn't long before I noticed my chair vibrating. This bass is powerful. Clean bass is the other thing to look for in a sub. A lot of subs can put out a lot of power. Loud is not good. You want the sub to disappear so that you don't even realize it's there. This sub does that well. It looks good. There is a huge port on the bottom. It's too powerful and I can't believe it's only 200W. I'm going to buy another and put them in my basement to replace my Paradigm. I don't need the floor to shake constantly so I'm going to put the 100W HTS10 in my family room. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I'm a story teller and so I'm going to tell some of the issues and why this sub was kept. There is a Even though Amazon left it at the door for anyone to take it, I was very happy when I got the sub. I may have never gotten the sub if I came home early. After opening the sub, my expectation went up even higher. I had to make sure I had a place for it, so I cleaned out my closet. I was anticipating that this sub would have the punching power to give the lows and that I could create an enclosure like a closet to only hear the sound of resonance. I quickly learned that this isn't a sub that packs power. When I closed the closet door, I didn't hear the sub at all. After doing various tests, including listening to this sub, all other channels were unplugged. This is where I knew that the receiver wasn't powerful. I sat on my couch and prepared myself to repackage it and send it back. I read the instructions while getting the wrappers together. The instructions are written in different languages so they have a book feel to them. When I read through the instructions, I was surprised to see that it said that rap is the best test case for the sub as it has lows in most of it's music. They gave instructions on where to place the sub. I don't usually read instructions. I was wondering if I missed something after reading these. The speaker was placed in a section. I decided to listen to my old subs and this new one. I have two other Polk 505s. I was able to get two of those subs because I bought both of them on sale. The Polk 505s have limitations. The 505s try to amplify, but really they sound like paper flapping loudly. The HTS 12' doesn't amplify at close range, but it makes a sound at low frequencies. The words are close to each other. After listening to the Polk HTS further back, they sound good, not 400 dollars good. They sound good for the price. I was hesitant to keep them. I didn't get the amplification I was looking for. I made a final decision, I said I would follow the instructions and place the speaker next to the Front speakers. The Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker was placed with the 3 other speakers. I played some of the music I used to play on my speakers. I will give you a quick list of those records. I quickly understood the purpose of this sub when I started listening to the music. The Polk HTS sub is all about place. The Polk HTS is a back up singer, meaning it can sound adequate by itself, but it really shapes the way bass lines are supposed to sound. The Polk HTS looks like it has a nipple like other subs, but it isn't using this new cone technology. The Polk HTS uses technology that makes it amplify at low frequencies about 4 to 6 feet in front of the sub. The target area of amplification is the center living room. The Polk HTS offers frequencies. The Polk HTS sub does not have a powerful bass line sound, but it does shape how the bass sound is. This is true when you pair the Polk 505s with me and I have 2 of them. There is a place behind my TV and a place next to my couch. You get those.2 frequencies and they sound great when adjusted. I used to like the songs that were missing. I have the HTS, which has alleviated these concerns. The Polk HTS is focused on bass quality and not shaking your home. I have both with the HTS and the 505s. I need to find a place to put it. It would only be an even number of subs if I bought it. I would only recommend this speaker if you understand the concept of placing this speaker next to your front speaker and it compliment subs that are already hard hitting. The Polk HTS has a warm sound. The bass line is shaped by the HTS. I advise users of HTS to keep their receiver at 80hz and to tune the speaker at the highest frequencies. I think the HTS goes up to 120hz, but you will get all the benefits of this receiver if you place it there. If you get the HTS, I will give you 2 or place it with others you already have. The sub lacks power. That's okay. You can squeeze the juice out of it if it's placed right.

11. Yamaha MusicCast Wireless Subwoofer Compatible

Yamaha MusicCast Wireless Subwoofer Compatible

For use with a 5.1-Channel home theater system or with a 2.1-Channel stereo system, this is a design for you. It brings your entertainment to life with powerful bass that you can feel. You can place it anywhere in the room. The design has a piano-gloss finish. When using a compatible musiccast system, voice control with alexa can be done via any Amazon echo device.

Brand: Yamaha Audio

👤Gave away my wired audio system, wanted to get wireless speakers and a sound bar, recently purchased Sub 100, expecting to connect wireless to YSP-1600, purchased YSP-1600, very happy with sound bar, recently purchased Sub 100, expecting to connect wireless to YSP-1600 Customer Support contacted them to find out that the wireless connection between YSP-1600 and Sub 100 is not supported. The Sub 100 can be added to MultiCast, but the soundbar won't talk to it. Why did I speed $500 when I could have kept my old sub? The engineers at Yamaha should add this feature to MusicCast.

👤The Bose T10 system that I replaced had failed. The gear worked well for about 3 months. I had to replace my Wifi because I couldn't access the Sub 100. I tried to change the password and SSID for the new one, but it didn't work. About 30 other devices didn't need to be changed. I tried to get it into setup mode. It stopped working. The status light went out after the power button was pressed. Press again. Press power again and blink red. I sent an email to support Yamaha on Friday. Got a reply immediately requesting the serial number and purchase receipt. Both were delivered in 20 minutes. 30 minutes later they said they would ship a replacement. Today is Sunday after the Friday exchange, which was 2 days ago. I don't know how long the replacement will take. Their support is very good so far. The sound was great. It was integrated with the RX-A4A. If the new one lasts longer than 3 months, I will have to upgrade the rating to 5 stars.

👤I own a Yamaha turn table, a pair of MusicCast 20 speakers, and a Yamaha receiver. The Subwoffer works with my Stereo 20 pair. The Yamaha burn in will be setup by me. This is a perfect system for Vinla to play togethere with the help of Yamaha staff.

👤I have been a fan of Yamaha products for a long time and have been very happy with my RX-V1000. The MusicCast Sub 100 entered the picture and the RX-A780 was great. After a couple of months, the receiver would power off on its own. I replaced the receiver to shorten the review. The sub. The problems have returned. I have learned that the problem has not arisen again if the sub is not connected and not powered on. Yamaha support was slow and it was due to the Pandemic. Apple's support never missed a beat. I will have to take a loss on the sub and buy a Polk.

👤If you want a beautiful unit, you should not purchase it if you have a Yamaha RN303 amplifier.

👤This sub is not compatible with all of the MusicCast receivers. It doesn't work without an A/V receiver or separate MusicCast speakers.

👤I never got to listen to any music. Every 10 minutes, the network connection is dropped. Returned. Amazon was prompt with the refunds.

👤Couldn't link it to an older musiccast enabled receiver.


What is the best product for home theater subwoofer yamaha?

Home theater subwoofer yamaha products from Sony. In this article about home theater subwoofer yamaha you can see why people choose the product. Monoprice and Klipsch are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater subwoofer yamaha.

What are the best brands for home theater subwoofer yamaha?

Sony, Monoprice and Klipsch are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater subwoofer yamaha. Find the detail in this article. Bestisan, Yamaha Audio and Polk Audio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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