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1. Sony HT G700 3 1CH Dolby Atmos

Sony HT G700 3 1CH Dolby Atmos

The engine is called the Dolby Atmos: X and Vertical Surround Engine. Audio closes to 7.1.2 each sound. The wireless sub delivers a powerful bass sound. Sound modes can be used to listen to movies and music. You can enjoy all your media with multiple easy connections. Enjoy high quality movies in 4K. You can connect to your TV via the internet.

Brand: Sony

👤I bought this knowing that the movies are fake and not real. Why? You cannot beat the price of a Dolby Atmos soundbar. My TV is from Sony. There is an advertised 7.1.2 upscaling. There was no wi-fi. So my review? I watched the content at high volume. A 5.1 or 7.1 sound bar would be better than the zero vertical effect. I had to use my spare high quality HDMI cable because the bar didn't have the right audio quality. The vertical audio can be heard through the front 3 speakers. The sound bar does not have speakers that are upward fired. Sony claimed it could do it with software magic, but solid smart marketing would make you get Sony! It is a decent sound bar with a fake belief that you have a soundbar and upscale. Do you like it? Nope. Everything is coming from the bar. There was no surround effect except for very few effects. Why didn't I get it? This will work for my small room and it will do better than my tv speakers. You can get a Sony 7.1.2 Atmos Sound Bar for $1300 or a Yamaha 7.1.2 Atmos Sound Bar for $1500 if you want a real room. Something with dedicated speakers for Atmos. You have to check the signal of the soundbar to make sure it works. The Apple TV failed to relay the same signal as the TV app got theDD+ signal.

👤I upgraded my sound bar to the 2.1 system. I own a TV. Compatibility and flawless operation can be achieved when you use items of the same brand. The sound wasn't clear. I was looking for an upgrade. This item caught my attention because of a review by a consumer. He seemed to like it and it was a new release for Sony. I had concerns with a Sony speaker. I bought it because of the reviews that said it had a clear dialogue and a realistic sound. I didn't want to pay a premium for the latter. It's cheaper than a full blown Dolby Atmos system and more expensive than a standard 2.1 sound bar. It's a nice speaker, typical of Sony. Installation was easy and included all the required cables. Installation is difficult if you want to fully utilize the capabilities of the speaker. To get full capabilities, you have to use both. You have to connect it to the sound bar correctly. This allows your speaker and TV to work together. If you have more than one HDMI input on your TV, you can use it to output sound to the sound bar. All of these are provided via HDMI data, so this will enable them. There's a problem. These sound formats must be supported by your input sources. For example, my XBOX One only supports Dolby Atmos, my Tivo only supports Dolby Digital, my SAMSUNG only supports Dolby Digital, and so on and so forth. You're paying a premium for this speaker. It's a potential waste of money if you don't have a source to give it to. Unfortunately, that's not the whole story. The speaker needs to be setup correctly if you want to know what your sources are capable of. The manual for this speaker is not very good. Most aren't. You have to read and understand the settings to get the most out of your system. Don't get me wrong. You can get sound by hooking it up. If not configured correctly, the sound would not be better than a standard 2.1 soundbar. I don't want to go through the details, but I recommend you set the audio to either "Dolby Speaker Virtualizer" or "DTS Virtual:X" and never touch the remote again. The settings are what you're paying for. The speaker has other "modes". The sound enhancements didn't seem to make the sound better or different. If you switch to this mode, you'll lose the premium modes of Dolby/DTS, so you have to go through the multi-level settings on the remote to reset it. It's a pain to set the speaker up via the remote. It is not intuitive. The display on the speaker is too small for a person with a vision of 20. My old phone had a big display where you could always see what mode you were in. The dialogue sound quality is very good. I hear a clear sound when there's someone talking. - It's cool if you have the right content. It's not crazy. The review on urAvgConsumer was not accurate. It depends on the person. It looks like a bunch of dots, but if you stare at it long enough you will see a 3D dinosaur. So it's like that... If you sit and listen long enough, your mind and ears will start hearing things around the room. It's not consistent because you're constantly adjusting to not be tricked. This will only work if you are watching content that supports Dolby Atmos. You won't be hearing your evening news in a magical surround sound. There were some nice surprises when I was watching a movie. I go "woah". If your content supports one or the other on the speaker, you don't need to manually switch between the two. You need to make sure you are setting "bitstream" and not "PCM" if you want the speaker to detect and switch to the correct format. - The speaker will shake your walls if you want to pump up the volume in the movie theater. The bass is strong. There's no link issues that I've experienced with the sub. - Normally, I'm in the 40s for normal viewing, but the volume goes to a 100. I've gone up to 50 for some movies. It's too loud beyond that. If you like it loud, the system has plenty of power. It's expensive for what you get. I didn't go and test a bunch of different content with the full experience in mind. The usual stuff I tried were Disney+, Amazon Video, etc. I'm not sure if there's a movie that can blow your mind, but that would be the exception in how I'm using the speaker. - There are some weird issues with one of your TV sources. It took me 2 weeks to figure it out. I have a 1st generation Chromecast plugged in. My TV would lose sync with the sound bar because of this. I almost returned the sound bar because of this. You could re-program the speaker settings to make it easier to watch TV. Be aware that your input sources could cause problems. There will be a delay in sound when you change channels. If the sound format is different between channels, the sound bar has to re-detect which sound format it's in. I'm ok with it, but it could bother people. The sound bar works best with a Sony Bravia TV. This is a Sony feature and you lose out on it. There have been a few quirks where I have to reset the TV and sound bar sync. Most of it may be due to my device. To reset the system, make sure you replug the TV and sound bar. This usually resolves my sync issue. Is it worth it? I'm not sure. I used gift cards to bring the cost down. My main requirement was clear dialogue, which it does well. The Dolby stuff is a nice addition. I think it will leave a lot of people dissatisfied. It's either pay for the $1k+ models to get the best experience or stick with standard audio. This speaker tries to fill the in-between gap and as with all things, you get what you paid for, which is neither here or there for this speaker. -

2. Bose Soundbar System Universal Control

Bose Soundbar System Universal Control

The Solo 5 TV sound system is an easy solution, with advanced technologies that deliver the clear audio your TV can't. Every word and detail should be said in dialogue mode. You can stream music from any of your devices. There is one connection to your TV. 3.5mm aux input (digital); optical audio input (digital); Coaxial audio input (Analog). The universal remote controls TV, bass, and more. Speaker: 2.6 H x 21.6 W x 3.4 D (3.73 lbs), remote control: 4.1 H x 1.6 W x 0.4 D (5 oz)

Brand: Bose

👤I'll keep it short and sweet. 1. The small design doesn't take up a lot of space, so mounting options are extensive. 2. It is possible to use a wireless device. I don't need a cable to connect with my Apple TV. 3. The voice enhancement is the best feature of the sound. You can hear a conversation without having to do anything. The music and sound effects of a movie are not used to cover voice dialog. When someone is speaking, no more having to turn the volume up or down because the sound effects are loud. 4. The car shut off. After a period of no activity, it will turn itself off. What more do you need?

👤I searched for a speaker that we could use in our living room, but found 888-353-1299 My wife told me that I should have something that would fit into our entertainment center without being an eye sore and still be good enough to watch tv shows or movies. She has told me that I might be sleeping with the dog, and that the dog doesn't like sleeping with me. I watched videos on the Bose system. I chose the Bose Solo 5 because I didn't want to buy a larger dog bed. This speaker is great. It has good bass but not overpowering the sound effects we are watching. Oh, yeah! It has a well rounded sound, and can get loud enough that we can find the right volume for whatever we are watching. I haven't needed to max out the volume yet, except to drown out the wife's voice. I have other Bose speakers and have been satisfied with their quality. Bose didn't need to buy bandages because the dog and the wife bite each other. Bose did a great job! I still can't sleep in the bed, but at least I'm in the a/c. I am very happy with the Bose. Bose should have made replacement wives. The wife won't read this. It's a good thing. There is a The universal remote that comes with the system is so good that we have it as our primary remote for the living room. The sat box, tv, and Bose speaker are all controlled by it. I like that remote. The instructions were clear and the tv and sat remote were replaced. The remote is nearly worth the purchase. We are very happy with the remote. It's easy to setup. Great!

👤The Bose sound bar is perfect for what it is, but I'm not sure that a sound bar is what I want to buy. Speech is clear and easy to listen to and the sound is crisp and precise. The volume fills a large room. I was hoping for a small scale version of home theater experience, and this is definitely not that, and I doubt that any sound bar is. There is no hint of floor-thumping sub-bass. The set-up was very easy, and included an optical cable to my TV. The optical cable is relatively short and I may need to buy a longer one to get flexibility in positioning the bar, and there is no output available to add-on a subwoofer if I wanted to do that. I chose this product because of the Bose name, and I have owned several wonderful Bose products over the years. The challenge of choosing a sound bar is made more difficult by the large number of fake reviews of Chinese products. Before purchasing this. Bose bought a $90 Chinese unit and returned it because it was just junk.

3. Bose 809281 1100 Surround Speakers Black

Bose 809281 1100 Surround Speakers Black

Bose designed the smallest speakers so that the focus of your home entertainment is not on your speakers. It's designed to bring music movies and TV to life with full surround sound. Simply plug the adapters into a power source and you're good to go. Bose sound bar 500, Bose sound bar 700, and Sound Touch 300 are compatible with. The bass modules have a range of 30 feet.

Brand: Bose

👤I decided to complete the set with surround speakers because I have a soundbar. The quality is as expected. I was a bit disappointed at the beginning. The voice coming from speakers was very low, almost no difference, as many customers share here. We spent $418 for nothing. I have decided to trust the Bose brand the same way I trust the Mercedes brand. Checked here and there, and found the solution, and shared it with you as a New Year gift, if you decide to buy me a beer. The Bose Mobile app is a solution to low sound coming from your new surround speakers. There are few. "Bose Music" and "Bose Connect" are not compatible with the soundbar 300. You need the "Bose SoundTouch" app for the 300 model. You can use your home wi-fi to connect your phone and app. Press and hold 9 if you want to prepare your soundbar for connection. Follow the instructions to open the app. I didn't know the sound system could get updates, but it did for the first time in 2 years after I bought it. It took about 15 minutes for the update to be done. "Audio settings" can be found on the app under settings. You can adjust the central level and the surround level, the last one is what is bothering you. Test your sound. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

👤I was disappointed in my performance. I bought the speakers for my father to use to hear dialogue while watching TV and movies, but I was surprised to find that they only played background music and not the noise of the screen. Absolutely makes no sense and makes their purchase useless to me and therefore a waste of money.

👤My wife bought me the Soundbar 500 from Best Buy, and I wanted to finish it with the surround speakers and bass module. These suckers are loud and have a serious punch. I replaced some ancient bookshelf speakers with this setup. Very pleased with the purchase. Everything was easy to set up.

👤The Bose Soundbar 700 was added to my collection. It sounded amazing, but it was missing something when watching movies. I was a little hesitant about buying the surround speakers, but I am glad I did. We have a dedicated theater room with over $10k in equipment and the Bose 700 5.1 system sounds great. You have to hide the wireless box that supplies the power to the speakers, that's the only negative thing. The sound quality is amazing.

👤I bought the Bose Soundlink system about 8 months ago. Bose has a reputation that I went with. It was a mistake. They changed their app system, so my sound system is already obsolete, I tried to build out my system, but it was hard to find Bose speakers, it has to be deliberately vague. I thought I had everything, but one of the soundbar's doesn't work. Half of the Geek Squad crew tried to figure out why it wouldn't connect to the app. I have been trying to contact Bose for a long time and he has not responded. Do yourself a favor and go with the streamer. I would have liked to.

4. Bose Soundbar Alexa Control Built

Bose Soundbar Alexa Control Built

It's slim and powerful for a better sound experience that won't get in the way of your TV screen. Built in voice assistants, like Amazon'sAlexa and the Google Assistant, with superior voice pickup from a noise rejecting eight microphone You can stream whatever you want with the compatibility of Apple and other wireless technologies. You can play music through the integrated services. Control can be done with voice, Bose music app, or included remote. Bose music app driven setup with detailed prompts, supported audio format: Dolby Digital, DTS, and video source compatibility: HDMI The Bose bass module and Bose surround speakers can be used to amplify the sound of thunderous bass and full on surround sound.

Brand: Bose

👤I bought this on Thanksgiving and it was my biggest purchase of the year, my first ever Bose speaker. It was easy to install, but I have to say, unless you're from stone age, you're not efficient with your smart phone. Setting up a random online account is just as easy as the installation process is. I was hoping for more in the sound quality. I wanted the sound to be surrounded by Bose. I can feel the TV sound coming from a single source in front of me, and it's just a louder version. It doesn't make you feel like you're watching something. I don't think it's close to the experience of a good set of 5.1 sound system or a cinema. It's probably one of the best TV soundbars out there. As for the 1 star. I used it for 1.5 days, a total use time of less than 5 hours, before it decided to go into updating mode. I can't do anything because it got stuck at something while updating the software and didn't respond to the factor reset command via the remote control. There is no button on the device. Very disappointing. The first Bose speaker died. Caused me more trouble than I have enjoyed so far. Bose was contacted in the first update. They agreed to do an exchange. Since I had a trip in two weeks, they said they would send me a new one, and I would have to exchange it for a faulty one, which would take three to four weeks. I waited for a new sound bar for almost two weeks. Bose said nothing was sent to me when I called them. I will have to send the faulty one back to them. What!? I asked at least 3 times if a new one was going to be sent to me in the first call. The sloppiness is laughable. I know you don't know what the other service support person said, but that's very irresponsible for a company selling luxury electronics. Just making things up. I left for the trip after giving up on them. I sent a message to Amazon to see what they could do. They said they would send one out within 5 minutes. I got it the next day. On New Years Eve. That is amazing! If there was a choice, I would give Amazon 5 stars. The new sound bar hasn't gone into updating mode yet. It doesn't really hear you say "Alexa" when you're playing music. The other voice in the room responded, but I had to shout loudly. The sound may have been blocked by the TV, but I was close to it. When the sound bar is playing music, we have to raise our voice to talk to Amazon. I have a feeling that this one doesn't understand as well as the other one. There are two more The sound bar doesn't have all the functions of the normal Echo. Things like "remind me in 15 minutes" or "set a timer" were things that she couldn't do. I use it a lot.

5. Bose Speaker Soundbar Bluetooth Connectivity

Bose Speaker Soundbar Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bose TV Speaker is a simple fix for better TV sound. A more realistic, spatial audio experience is delivered by 2 full-range drivers, which make up the sound of a small soundbar. The TV speaker is designed to clarify and elevate vocals. Pair your device with the soundbar to stream your favorite music and shows. A single connection from the compact soundbar to the TV via an optical audio cable or an HDMI cable is all it takes to get up and running. The small soundbar is just over 2 feet tall and can be mounted to a wall or in front of a TV. The TV speaker dimensions are 2.21" H x 23.38" W. The remote control for the Compact TV speaker can be used to add a bass boost or enhance speech. The Bose TV Speaker is compatible with the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 and requires the Bose Bass Module Connection Cable or a standard 3.5 millimeter audio cable to be sold separately. The Bose TV Speaker is compatible with the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 and requires the Bose Bass Module Connection Cable or a standard 3.5 millimeter audio cable to be sold separately.

Brand: Bose

👤I read a lot of glowing reviews and needed to do something. The dialog on TV shows was not being heard by my 60 year old ears. I had to blare the TV to hear the small talk, but also make everything else too loud. Believe the hype. The speaker has changed my life. Bose has the technology to pull the dialog out while not booming everything else, because this is a fantastic speaker. I can keep the volume at a reasonable level. The best part is that it sounds the same. I would order another one if this speaker broke. Couldn't be happier.

👤The TV speakers are great! It will meet expectations if you understand what this speaker is meant for. A speaker at this price point will give you better audio by giving you a boost in bass and clarity. It's not a sound bar that will blow you away. They don't advertise it as a speaker because of that. Great movie quality audio will be delivered by a speaker under $300. TV speakers have better vocals. I used to turn audio up just to hear the voice, then get overwhelmed when music or other sounds kick in. The speaker has great volume control. It's even better when the clarity feature is enabled. It's easy to setup. Bose setup video on YouTube makes it clear that understanding the lights can be difficult. It's great for hearing voices and delivers more than a TV can. I think it's priced well. I tried a few sound bars under $300 and they didn't do well, they didn't provide clear voice, and they provided much more power than the TV speakers. Bose is the right speaker if it's clarity and overall volume level control.

👤The sound bar was something I was looking forward to. I ran a series of sound tests to see if the Bose sound bar would live up to my expectations. I don't think this Soundbar should carry the name. Bose is on it. The pro's and con's that I observed were listed below. I had high hopes for the sound bar, but I was disappointed. The Bose 500 and 700 models have a true Bose sound which I will be paying an extra amount of money to get. If you know the quality is subpar, don't buy this sound bar. Either get a different brand or pay more money to get True Bose sound. That is my opinion. It has a sleek design. 2. The voice clarity option works well. 3. There is an HDMI ARC connection. The bass on this soundbar is flat, which is disappointing because there are many other options with better sound. 2. The sound is not deep. A lot of the minute details in sound are lost with this soundbar. A lot of the time when I watch an action movie, a lot of the details are not there. 3. It is hard to understand what level the volume is on because only a small status light indicates a change in volume. 4. Doesn't have a internet connection. Doesn't have voice commands. You have a lot of other cheaper soundbars that offer the same features as this one. The 500 bass modules cannot be connected to the internet. Does not work with Bose.

6. Bose Bass Module 700 Black

Bose Bass Module 700 Black

The Bose sound bar 700 is designed to bring music, movies, and TV to life with deep, dramatic bass. The speakers have a range of 30 feet. A powerful driver and generously sized port deliver a dynamic range of rich, low notes so you can feel the full impact of pulse pounding scenes. Quiet port technology virtually eliminates distortion, so rock the house without sacrificing clarity. Premium glass top finish adds elegance to your home theater setup. The Bose sound bar 700 and Bose bass module 700 can be used with Bose surround speakers for a powerful combination of thunderous bass and True surround sound. Bose Bass Module 700 is compatible with Bose Sound bar 500 and Sound Touch 300.

Brand: Bose

👤Please read my review on the Soundbar 700 for more information, but here's a copy of what I said about the sound module... I hated spending $700 for a bass. I am glad I did. It provides a sound. It's almost like it's not there, but it is the real star of the show. I connected it and disconnected it a number of times to hear the difference. If you are looking for Movie Theater Sound, it is a must have. It is a lot of money, but it is worth it. It makes a difference between "nice" and "Holy Cow". Well... You won't care if you hear this.

👤This thing kicks out some of the cleanest sounding bass I've ever heard, and it's from a bass head who loves deep, tasty bass. If you turn it all the way up, it can be used to slay your house bass. It's a natural sound profile, it's just there. It's subtle and substantial. It means you're getting very clean lows because you feel it just as much as you hear it. A lot of people's perception of good/strong bass is a bit taint because it usually coincides with everything around it rattling to hell and adding to the 'bass' noise. The sound coming from this thing is a lot of both the bass feel and the bass sound, so it's not distorted... It's a great experience, but it's hard to describe. If you know the Bose sound profile from other Bose speakers, it makes sense. This is similar to that, but for bass. It's great. The wireless works well. It is easy to setup. You have to go into the app, click the soundbar, go to settings, and then add the auxiliary speaker if you want. It's not added in the same way as the sound bar, which is what I was expecting. The TV and sound bar are in the middle of the living room, but I placed this in the corner. It didn't make a difference to me that the bass was coming from the corner and it wouldn't sound balanced in the room. The directionality wasn't a problem because the bass was so clean and it sounded fantastic. The sound bar has a beautiful sound profile and it just layers on this nice rich low-end. The combination is amazing. The thing feels sturdy and robust. The metal and glass look very clean. My wife thought it looked like a high-end trash can. We have the white one. I think it looks nice and minimalist, but I can't say I agree with it. It's easy to hide under a side table or next to a couch or chair.

👤I'm going to update the review for this thing. The bass module is a monster. I didn't have any of the problems that the one star reviews had. The app was running smoothly. Still connects well. Sound quality is great as it emits an insane amount of bass. It is a lot when it is at 100. If you have wood floors, it will rattle and shake. Definitely recommend it. If you want the full power of the system, this is a great addition. The Bose app gave me easy control. It is expensive like most Bose products. If you don't believe me. I will show you what the system sounds like. I have the surround speakers as well. Right, go big or go home?

7. Bose Smart Soundbar 900 Module

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 Module

Product 2 has a height of 38" Bose Smart Soundbar 900 (Black) has a Remote Control with Batteries, Optical Cable, HDMI Cable, Power Cord, and a Quick Start Guide. Bose Bass Module 700 for Soundbar has a 1 year limited warranty. TrueSpace spatial processing for content that isn't Dolby Atmos. There are a lot of things that can be done with wi-fi, AirPlay2, and the like. Voice assistants are built-in.

Brand: Bose

👤I have no complaints about the seller. Customer service from the seller was good. The product was new. I am happy.

👤You get what you pay for. It's worth the money. Sound is very stylish and terrific. It sounds great in the family room.

👤I like Bose 900 soundbar. The quality is worth the price.

8. Bose 3 1 Home Theater White

Bose 3 1 Home Theater White

The Bose sound bar is the best performing sound bar. Ask to play music, get answers to questions, and control smart- home devices with the built in alexa. An eight-microphone array ensures superior voice pickup. You can play music from your phone or tablet with aBluetooth Connection or integrate wi-fi music services. The Bose sound bar 700 is designed to bring music, movies, and TV to life with deep, dramatic bass. A powerful driver and generously sized port deliver a dynamic range of rich, low notes so you can feel the full impact of pulse-pounding scenes. Quietport technology virtually eliminates distortion, so you can rock the house without sacrificing clarity.

Brand: Bose

👤The bose performs perfectly. Sound quality is important. It's like a theater with my tv.

👤Soundbar doesn't turn on when connecting to the tv reliably and will sometimes sleep the tv when it shuts off after an unsuccessful pair. Call the manufacturer and they won't do it.

👤Good looking product. It's not great wireless and remote performance. It was difficult to set up. Sound for the money. The Polk signa1 system is at least 50% better than the Bose Sys. The app didn't work right. Controls for bass and audio adjustments are not good. I was disappointed because I loved Bose products for a long time. A $500 product for $1400 is a value and utility.

👤The voice assistant does not work in Kuwait, so the product looks and sounds great, but it is not working in my country. I looked and found that this regional issue is the same in many other countries, so I paid for a "smart" soundbar that is not really working.

9. Bose CineMate Theater Speaker System

Bose CineMate Theater Speaker System

A full, impressive TV sound that spreads well beyond the soundbar itself. The acoustic mass module brings movies, TV shows, sports and video games to life. The soundbar is easy to fit in front of the TV. Universal remote controls are easy to use. Digital optical, coaxial and analog audio inputs are available. The table-top placement is what the soundbar is designed for. There are no mounting features for this device.

Brand: Bose

👤I like quality with everything I buy. I read reviews for weeks before making a decision. I had a 5.1 soundbar. The bose had a tiny Soundbar and a sub. The bass on the cinemate 15 is not strong. I realized that placing the sub against the wall and the vent facing another wall made the base sound better than it did when it was placed by my tv. Sub placement is important for any unit with a dedicated sub.

👤If you're just looking for a simple solution to boost your home entertainment setup, this system may be for you. The bass is large but not muddy. The treble was bright but not loud. Bose products are more expensive than your average brand because of that. Bose uses a proprietary cable to connect the two devices. It's not long enough for you to move the subs far from the TV.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this system. I have two Bose SoundTouch speakers and I'm very pleased with the sound quality and Bose'proprietary settings. The settings seemed to be the biggest complaint with the system, so I was sure it would be fine for me. The balance between base, treble, voices, whispers, music, and so on is nearly perfect. The system I replaced was better. The system has issues that are intermittent. I tried to send it back after I bought it, but Adorama said I had to deal with Bose, and I never took the effort. The issues got worse. When it first turns on, it makes a loud popping noise, and sometimes it makes a sound that's out of sync with the show that's playing. * It has been on for a while. I have a recording of this but I can't post it here. I have checked connections, re-made them, etc. This happens occasionally. I like the sound quality, low profile, and ease of operation. I'll be reaching out to Bose to see if they'll give me a replacement unit or upgrade.

👤Before I bought this Bose, I thought about it a lot. Bose has a reputation for having a superior product, but you will pay a heavy price for it. I thought it was a good price. I read the bad reviews to make me angry. I need to say this model. Bose is a better sound bar than the one I have in my kitchen. The Woofer gives you a wonderful kick! When action is being taken. When it's needed, you're a fwiw. I turned it up a bit less than half way. I am happy. The other sound from this small speaker is amazing. You will be happy, that's what I have to say. My ManCave may be 15x20. Do you have a bigger room? Maybe you need an upgrade. I don't like the sound. You can't change the bass or treble. You can adjust the volume. It is what it is. You can't change the way the others speak. I mean sports, cinema, movie, press. You can't see the volume. You can see the volume up or down. I turn the volume up to where I like. I only watch TV when I like it. I am hard of hearing. When my wife asks me to turn it down, I like it. I don't say yes to a small or Medium room. I have yet to let it go. If I have a chance? I will buy a TV for the living room.

10. BOSE 321 Home Entertainment System

BOSE 321 Home Entertainment System

The home theater experience that other systems use five speakers to create is delivered by two speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module. The 3?2?1 GS Series II system?s speakers are half the size of their original 3?2?1 system, and blend easily into your room. This easy system includes a setup disc that helps you through a step-by-step installation process, with just 3 wires and 2 visible speakers. TrueSpace surrounds digital processing circuitry. Bose Videostage 5 decoding circuitry delivers a home theater experience from almost any source. CDs, VHS tapes, and even mono TV programs were not recorded in surround sound. Bose Videostage 5 decoding circuitry delivers a home theater experience from almost any source. CDs, VHS tapes, and even mono TV programs were not recorded in surround sound.

Brand: Bose

👤I like qualification because when they say have all the wires, only the equipment to speakers, not the configuration disc, the use of it was intense and the front left stand is bend and affect the floor of acustimass.

👤I had already canceled the order.

👤I was expecting something good. It was displayed in the Bose store. It blew me away at home. I can't get enough of it. I have an open floor plan home with 1400 square feet. Get the floor stands.

👤Bose still sounds great.

👤The system is not close to the Bose sound that you would expect. If you're looking for a good surround system, pass this one on. You will be happy to pay more for a better Bose system.

11. Bose Lifestyle 35 Entertainment System

Bose Lifestyle 35 Entertainment System

A/V wires, demonstration and test DVD, quick setup guide, and 1 year warranty are included in the box content. Direct/ Reflecting speaker technology in the award-winning Jewel Cube speakers allows for more open, spacious sounds throughout the listening area. The ADAPTiQ audio calibration system adjusts sound for your room's unique acoustics, speaker placement and listening locations so your Lifestyle system can deliver a quality Bose performance. Powerful, low-frequency sound effects are used in today's movies. Today's DVD video can be played in an integrated DVD player.

Brand: Bose

👤Bose systems are the best when it comes to sound. You don't need to spend more money to get high quality home theater equipment.

👤This system is worth the money spent. Excellent sound performance. There's nothing like it.

👤The Bose lifestyle 35 series IV system is for 2008. The reviews on cnet and the web are too old and out of date to rate this system. Throw out all the old reviews and start listening again. I have used a lot of different brands of speakers. The Bose Lifestyle 35 is a piece of equipment that is better for listening to music and watching movies on high definition television. The sound of the videostage 5 processing will impress you. Bose has come a long way. They have superior products in the Musicians and Audioholics World. If you want to create music, take a look at the Bose L1. There are not many speaker companies that create serious audio equipment for musicians. Bose does. The Bose Companion 3 is reviewed on the web, so you can see all the great reviews. I own Kef's, Definity, Polks, and other speakers. Each speaker company has a signature sound style. You will find different kinds of speakers andamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; It depends on what you like and what you don't. I enjoy the Bose lifestyle 35, V30 and Companion 3. The Lifestyle 35 and V30 have small jewell speakers that produce low LFE lows. The sub speaker has low bass notes and voice. The small speakers produce high notes and sounds. The small speakers produce some highs which will create a high sound. Everything on the soundtrack is clear and precise. These sounds will make you happy because you know that your money was well spent. You won't be carrying speakers that weigh a ton or take up a lot of room in your house. The perfect sound can be created with invisible speakers. I could not ask for more. There is a If you can afford it, then buy one of these systems from BoSE. The Bose V30 systems and the Bose Lifestyle 35 are my favorites.

👤This is the only product I have buyers for, and I have purchased many different electronic devices. The people at Bose are friendly and helpful, but the product is expensive and hard to install. Bose is behind the times when it comes to their products.


What is the best product for home theater system bose?

Home theater system bose products from Sony. In this article about home theater system bose you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater system bose.

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