Best Home Theater Wall Plate 7.2

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1. Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Excess cable can be stored in-wall and there is slack for convenient access to the back of the TV. The media center can be moved closer to the wall. A 125V receptacle is included. The cable access strap is easy to use. The total outlet is 2. The easy extension of electrical wiring is supported by the other products in the family.

Brand: Legrand

👤There are wires behind my TV. I wanted something that was durable, usable, and good looking. I like that the unit is not square so that furniture can be closer to the wall. Since the three main ports are decora, they can be changed out to be whatever you want. You can change the location of the power outlet. The mechanism for holding the unit on the wall is good. I've taken it off a few times and I haven't had any issues with it. I put a piece of lath at the top and bottom of the hole so that I wouldn't damage the drywall if I tightened the screws too tight. That makes for a good installation. The brush insert was the only thing I kept. I added a keystone plate instead of an outlet and replaced the screw-back speaker plates with ones that have more terminals. I replaced the silver screws with white ones. I'm very happy with this unit, even though I only used the shell. It is holding up a lot of hardware.

👤This uses standard Decora inserts. To get the connections I wanted, I swapped my own keystone plates in. If you need to get more cables to your TV, there's an additional knockout on the top. I like that it allows me to expand in the future. I wish it had the brush. There is a The bad? The screws are made of silver. It's not a big deal if your TV is in front of it, but it looks cheap to have metal screws. The outlet box for power is an old style one that you can find at big box stores. I expected a more elegant solution. It did the job and was easy to hook up. I didn't know how it would fit in a wall. It's your wall, but it should fit.

👤I took the opportunity to run my surround and subwoofer wiring under the house while I was remodeling it, and this box fit the bill. The box is easy to install and can be tailored to your liking. I replaced that section with a Legrand On-Q decora 4-port keystone plate because I didn't need the front speakers. I ran a patch cord up to the TV and hardwired the receiver and PS3 to the other ports.

👤We hired a professional to hang the tv and hang the wall mount. The outlet has a lot of plugs and space. The TV is flush on the wall. Exactly what we wanted.

👤It's a good way to clean up the installation.

👤Excited to install. The product seems to fit my needs. Thank you.

👤Speaker wire coming out of the wall is much cleaner. The brush plate was swapped out for a cat 6 wall plate.

2. TNP Theater Speaker Plate Outlet

TNP Theater Speaker Plate Outlet

It's an ideal addition for your home theater speaker wiring setup that works with audio players that support 3 surround sound speaker setup. The wall mounted wire connection is for five speakers. The decora style white with gold plated copper and colorcoded speaker banana plug terminals have high amperage and high watt capabilities. Any standard 1 gang box is fit. The banana binding jack plug post and the gold plated brass connection are made from high quality brass and are resistant to oxidation. It is designed to be used with banana plugs, spades or bare wire. Banana plugs are easy to install and remove and have a 3/4" spacing. The mess of wire strung along your baseboards is eliminated by wall plates.

Brand: Tnp Products

👤Do not buy them. They are very low quality. The wires can fall out of the loose fitting rings. They strip if you try to make it snug. If a wire is loose behind the plate, you will short out your amplifier. These are the lowest quality items I have ever gotten from Amazon.

👤The ugly hole in the wall was turned into a wall plate. If your wall box does not have a place to screw in the middle plate, you will need to glue the inner plate to the outer plate. This is easy to do. Put glue on the opening between the inner and outer plates and hold it there for an hour with a spring. It is one solid plate. Bandanna plugs or bare wires are used in the inner plugs. The plugs are the same. Looks great. It works well.

👤The product is sturdy. Looks great. Banana plugs fit on the front side and on the back side. You will need a low voltage bracket if you want to mount in the drywall.

👤The threading was poor. I used banana plugs as a result. Too much of a PITA can return.

👤I am happy with the purchase. Quality is solid and the price is good. If I needed the same product, I would buy again. I received the item quickly.

👤You can't double it up because it's not a standard size and you have to use the faceplates that come with it.

👤Attaching banana clips to either side was easy.

👤The product is suited for 3 devices.

👤The quality of these is not the best, some of the threads were stripped, making it hard to secure the cables. It wasn't the best experience to push the wire between the stud and the nut.

👤It has a finished look. There are secured hook up connections. The price is reasonable.

3. Construct Pro Surround Sound Theater

Construct Pro Surround Sound Theater

Designed for home theater systems with powered subs and surround sound speakers. The gold- plated connectors have (14) gold binding posts and (2) female F to female RCA jacks. For easy connections, use spade lugs, banana plugs, or plain bare wire. Color matching screws are included. The dimensions are 4-7/8” x 4-7/8”

Brand: Construct Pro

👤There are not enough holders in the back. Not worth it. Don't waste time and money.

4. Vanco HTWP72 Theater Connection Plate

Vanco HTWP72 Theater Connection Plate

It uses 7/16 nuts for installation. It works on a 3-Gang j-box. There are gold binding posts and jacks.

Brand: Vanco

👤My son installed a 7.2 in-wall sound system to complement my flat screen. The little plate allows easy connections and a professional look.

👤I wanted to tame the wires of my 7.1 system and built an in wall rack for it, this item worked great for that. The price was more reasonable than at local stores. I'm very pleased with the item.

👤Does what it says and what you need. Great product. It's perfect for the 7.2 theater system.

5. Vanco HTWP72BW Whole House Theater

Vanco HTWP72BW Whole House Theater

It's on a four gang J-box or low voltage mounting bracket. The 7/16" nuts accept banana plugs or stripped wire. Accepts up to 12 AWG wire. The binding posts and jacks are gold plated.

Brand: Vanco

👤The product description does not mention that the Sub Woofer connections are F-Type on the back. Since Sub Woofer Wall Plates are Coax on the back and also on the front, you'll need a coax cable with an F-Type connection on one side and an RCA connection on the other. Since your cable is probably on both sides, you'll need to purchase an "RCA Female to F-Type Coax Male Adapter" to connect it to the back of this product. If this omission was corrected, I would give this product 5 stars.

👤The build quality is good. The front of the plate is good, but I don't know why. The description doesn't say I needed a full rca pass through. I have to replace them withrca.

👤This was more expensive than the last 7.1 wall plate, but it was worth it. One solid face plate instead of three seperate pieces that are screwed into a bracket and covered with a plate. My wiring was cleaned up nicely.

👤It makes running cables much easier. It makes it look neat. It was easy to install.

👤I wired my living room for 7.1. Well made and looks great. Pick up a 4 gang low voltage remodel box at the hardware store. They are cheap.

👤Well made product, thick plate and well made connections.

👤It's nice to organize the sound.

👤The product is high quality. I had to return it because I never used it. I changed my plans because I thought I needed it.

6. Fosmon Quad Speaker Theater Plate

Fosmon Quad Speaker Theater Plate

A high quality gold plated copper connection is built with Remium built. It is easy to install and remove with no special tools required. There is a color code. Matching binding posts on the front and back. Standard size gang boxes are not included. A clean and tidy installation can be achieved by eliminating the mess of wiring along the baseboards.

Brand: Fosmon

👤It was almost five stars. It seems that all of these products are made in the same Chinese factory. The quality is reasonable for the price. The one that fits with a standard Decora wall plate cover is different from the five speaker wall plate. If you are okay with using the supplied wall plate cover, you should use two of these instead of the five speaker product. Some reviewers report issues with stripped threads. The reviews are correct, but you should let the seller know. This happened to me when I used the five speaker product. Some banana plugs are too long to fit in the speaker receptacle. This issue has been encountered by other reviewers.

👤The product is easy to install. Make sure you have your wires spliced before you install the wall plate. I used banana plugs to connect the wires from the wall to the receiver.

👤I bought three of these Quad speaker units and ganged them together in a three gang assembly to create a 13 speaker interface behind my receiver. The middle unit was modified to provide a custom interface by exchanging the bottom two binding posts for two subwoofer posts. I am very happy with the quality and convenience of this product, and I can definitely recommend it.

👤I put two of these next to each other for an 8 speaker connection because they were easy to install. It works because movies sound amazing.

👤A hole in the wall allowed the speaker cable to come out. I don't have a problem with adding my own labels.

👤The connecting point for my surround sound speaker system was the wall plate. You think you are getting two of them in the picture. It is a front and back picture. Banana plugs can only be used on one side. The other side has to be hardwired. It made for a clean installation.

👤You can swap out a terminal for a coax easily. I ran a line to my amplifier. It's working great!

👤It works well and has a high density. I removed the plate from the wall cover because I wanted to use it with a wall box. The new wall box fit the Decor style plate perfectly. The cross threaded one did tighten down. If needed, I would buy again.

👤Plates cracked on the wall. The plugs are great.

👤A good product, but beware! The holes for securing the plate do not match the overall size of the plate. I drilled new holes in the wall plate, so you have to either buy a plate mounting separately or drill new holes in the wall plate. The description should state that fact. I have no complaints about the product at all.

👤The Terminal macht bei wertigen Eindruck. Ich ist das Terminal, so I have a problem with der Mae. Leerdosen ist das Terminal. Im Trockenbau ist das aber der Ausschnitt.

👤Quality control could be better because they look good and generally do the job. I had to use banana plugs inside the wall box because one of the locking nuts wouldn't tighten down on the wire I was using. The included screws are not the standard north american thread, but they were a fine thread and I had some left over from a previous reno.

7. DiyTech Speaker Keystone Jack Theater

DiyTech Speaker Keystone Jack Theater

The sound is apocalyptic. Each speaker keystone jack accepts up to 12 AWG speaker wire to deliver that crisp high-fidelity surround sound experience for your home theater. Easy installation. Each speaker wire keystone port has a female to female connection. Push n' play is the same. There are no tools or additional hardware needed to install your surround sound speaker wires.

Brand: Diytech

👤The upper edge of the square hole is impeded by the buttons on the outward-facing side of the keystone insert. The buttons have to be compressed so that they clear the edge. The insert is put in place once they clear. You have to depress the buttons to clear the edge so you can remove the unit from the hole. The inserts fit flush with my keystone jacks, and the connectors securely gripped my speaker wires, even the small-gauge wire I used for the center channel speaker.

👤These are quite nice. The problem other people mentioned on their reviews was never mine. The springs are easy to push and go into the six gang Legrand keystone. If you pay attention to the direction of the keystone top, you will not have any problems. If you want to mess with the stranded wire, twist the wires before you insert them, and then just turn slowly and insert in the same direction you twisted them. The strands wouldn't come out. If you want to prove this, solder the tip of the wires. I am happy with the purchase. I also bought Legrand banana plug keystones, which will save you one gang for each speaker since both wires are on the same keystone! Thanks for reading.

👤These are terrible. The push buttons are so stiff my thumbs were hurting after installing just a few wires. I used a small flathead screwdriver. I used the screwdriver to pull the button out of the black side because it was a little loose. The red side was very hard to open. Push buttons can block the path when you push in at the right angle, so you may have to pull them out of the keystone brackets. I relented and installed banana plugs after I decided I wouldn't want to touch those buttons again. I wanted to save keystone space with these, but banana plugs are much better.

👤The quality is ok, but the idea is fantastic. I had wires that were almost no tension pulled out, they did not hold the wire very securely. Some of the ones in the bag are better than others. I don't know what the inside looks like, but they should add some ridges or something to help add drag to the wire. If you get one installed and it doesn't work, make sure the wire on the backside doesn't fall out. I will say that they look better now that they are all working. I wish they added almond and grey to their line. A lot of houses still use almond cover plates.

👤It works fine once installed, but not good for a static wiring cabinet. It takes a lot of force to open it. It takes a lot more effort to do the back in the air than it does in the keystone, and it can hurt your fingers. Does not have a good grip on the wire. It's easy to pull wires out. It's not a good idea to use wire holes to guide conductors into their holes. They can catch a few strands of wire which can come very close to shorting the other side. It's difficult to be sure you don't have a stray strand shorting the conductors because of the lack of an external barrier.

8. Choice Select Theater Connection Plate

Choice Select Theater Connection Plate

Designed for home theater systems that have audio speakers. The gold-plated connectors have superior performance. The color-coded solderless ports are easy to use. Color matching screws are included. The dimensions are 4-7/8” x 4-7/8”

Brand: Choice Select

👤The screw mounts are for a single ganged box, but this is a double gang plate. The plugs in the back are not compatible with the wires. They are too small.

9. DiyTech Subwoofer Supports Configurations Screwless

DiyTech Subwoofer Supports Configurations Screwless

Their premium speaker wire connections are far superior and much easier to use than traditional banana plugs, and can support up to 7 surround sound speaker setups. Each speaker jack keystone accepts up to 12 gauge speaker wire. Four HD 4k UltraHD Hdmi Ports give you a perfect number of HDMI ports for your home theater experience. You need to connect your 4K Ultra HD Player. Their home theater wall plate has 4 HDMI Ports. It is all about that sound, one (1) Optical Toslink and two (2) Rca Subwoofer. Their premium wall plate audio comes standard with the best of the best. You can connect your home theater surround sound receiver to the optical toslink port and the sub to use the RCA port. There is one single port that needs access to connect theusb devices. The speaker wall plate has a fastusb 3.0 port. Their audio wall plate has a port that's ready to use. Are you a fan of streaming your favorite shows and movies? Enjoy the bufferless experience that an Ethernet connection can provide. Say goodbye to choppy, fuzzy picture and hello to amazing clarity from your streaming HD, 4K or UltraHD sources. All comes into the speaker plate.

Brand: Diytech

👤A number of five star reviews have no written comments. The price was cheap, but quality control was poor. The jacks were too tight to fit a cable. The screws don't fit through the insert. Not every keystone jack may work properly, so this may be a good purchase. Disappointed in the product.

10. Fosmon 2 Gang Surround Distribution Theater

Fosmon 2 Gang Surround Distribution Theater

Banana jacks don't work with dual banana plugs. Only works with banana plugs. The gang box/mounting brackets are not included. It is easy to install and remove with no special tools required. Standard gang boxes have mounts. A clean and tidy installation can be achieved by eliminating the wiring along your baseboards. The front plate has dedicated labeling. Use with banana plugs. Up to 5 speakers and a sub can be connected. Depending on the depth of the gang box, banana plugs can be accommodated on both sides of the plate at the same time.

Brand: Fosmon

👤The previous owner of my house had a lot of speaker cables hanging out of the wall. I had to place my sound system very close to the wall because the cables were so short. The cables were not labeled as to which wire they were connected to. The product solved all of the issues. I used a D-Cell battery and a multimeter with my daughter to determine the polarity of every wire. I could put it in the back of the plate and not have to think about it again. I was able to plug in the speaker into the sound system with the new speaker wire capped with banana plugs. I put pictures of the steps I took in my project in order for others to have the same success. The box has a hole in it's side that's opposite of the stud. The 1 gang box should be turned into a 2 gang by using a low voltage gang extender. I drilled a hole into the side of the outlet box to thread the speaker wires through. I figured out that the wires are in the same place. I screwed everything into the wall after attaching the speakers. I had a bad cut for my box extension, but I didn't use this product.

👤The painted screws are so thin that you can't see through the paint to the bag it came in, and the plastic is very old and clouded.

👤I bought a wall plate to connect my speakers. The product arrived in a box that was easy to open and start my installation in. If you choose, you can use one or both of the plates. Pick a single game outlet cover if you only need one for now. You can plug your wires into a place you can access with the help of the terminals. Banana plugs can be plugged into the back side as well as the front side. I wanted to use the F-connectors for my Coaxial cable connection. As this product is sold, you have a traditional RCA connection. If you want the sturdy and unmovable connection of a f-type screw on, then you will need to purchase a RCA to FTYPE adapter. I chose to buy it from the Amazon store.

👤The four mounting holes were not present in this one. I connected the speaker wires and discovered that it didn't have mounting holes. There were no holes in it. I bought the same one in the same year to install a 5.1 speaker sytem. There were mounting holes. Before hooking up the speaker wires, be sure to check that it has the mounting holes. I wasted 1/2 hour.

👤Single banana plugs can be used to make this fixture work. I wanted to use dual banana plugs, but the banana jacks on this unit are not on standard centers. The description on the website states that the posts aren't on centers. It took careful reading to find it. It would be great to make a bigger deal of that fact. I will be able to use the wall plate with single banana plugs.

11. Questech Cornice Insulated Decorative Switch

Questech Cornice Insulated Decorative Switch

Easy installation. Each speaker wire keystone port has a female to female connection. Push n' play is the same. There are no tools or additional hardware needed to install your surround sound speaker wires. VARIATION: Their products are hand-crafted and some surface marks and color variations are inherent qualities of the process. INSULATED BACKER: An insulated barrier keeps both heating and cooling. It is easy to install. Do not install TIGHTEN SCREWS over the mounting screws, they are hand held screw drivers. It's included. Adding a switch plate electrical outlet cover and coordinating mounting screws is an easy way to update your home decor. Q-Seal technology is a scratch and rust resistant surface that protects against stains. There are multiple configurations and finishes for the electrical outlet cover, rocker plate, and light switch plate. There are multiple configurations and finishes for the electrical outlet cover, rocker plate, and light switch plate.

Brand: Questech

👤The insulation layer on the plate is very good for the exterior walls where cold air can come in. I had a lot of trouble installing the plates. The electrical box and walls are not always perfectly flat. If they are, you don't need long screws to reach the threaded hole. You need regular-length screws, not the tiny nubbins in this product, to reach across in real life. I was able to install the screws despite having old regular-length screws laying around. I had to push hard to get the screw to connect with the threaded hole on the other plate.

👤The screws don't go in far enough, the insulation isn't very good, and it doesn't look very nice for the price.

👤I knew it wasn't that great, but it served it's purpose and matched our other existing wall plate. It is cheap and thin.

👤These covers are durable. They are not flimsy like other plastic covers. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤Shut off the cold air on the outside wall switch.

👤It seems like good quality. White is not dull. It is still plastic and do not over tighten screws.

👤It looks good, but it's about $1 less than Lowe's.

👤It was better than expected. Looks good.


What is the best product for home theater wall plate 7.2?

Home theater wall plate 7.2 products from Legrand. In this article about home theater wall plate 7.2 you can see why people choose the product. Tnp Products and Construct Pro are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater wall plate 7.2.

What are the best brands for home theater wall plate 7.2?

Legrand, Tnp Products and Construct Pro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater wall plate 7.2. Find the detail in this article. Vanco, Fosmon and Diytech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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