Best Home Theater Wall Sconces Battery Operated

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1. Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Modern and fashion design is ideal for interior house use. The power is 4*1W. L141*W141*H45mm is the size of the input and is not battery powered. Warm white/yellow and cool white have no UV or IR radiation. The aluminum body is durable and shining. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice.

Brand: Alotm

👤The light was installed in my stairwell. It was difficult to mount the light since there were no mounting holes or bolts. It looks great once it gets up.

👤These were installed for theatre room lights. They are great!

2. Its Exciting Lighting IEL 2464G Backplate

Its Exciting Lighting IEL 2464G Backplate

The wall is easy to hang on a nail or hook. There is an optional 24 hour memory that can be used to turn the light on at the same time every day. The faux burlwood textured acrylic shade is 10 inches high and 6 inches wide. The back plate has 5 long- lasting L.E.D bulbs. It takes up to 150 hours on 6 AA batteries.

Brand: It's Exciting Lighting

👤I discovered a major design flaw and these were on their way to a stellar review. The instructions state that these operate on a 4-hour timer to conserve battery life. If you want them on longer than 4 hours, you simply hit the power button again. Not true. They would not turn on again after I did this. The customer service line was the place I called. The instructions are not right according to the customer service rep. These are only designed to work 4 hours a day and be off 20 hours. You can't turn them back on. The only way to reset the timer is to take the batteries out and put them back in. It's very inconvenient to have a party or guests over. It is sad because these work great. They saved me from having to pay for an electrician to wire my wall. The design issue is a real disappointment.

👤I like inexpensive things. You can't tell from a distance that they are plastic. They're easy to replace and hang on the wall. It took me a long time to figure out how the timer works. They will stay on for four hours once you turn them on. If you want them to come on at 6pm and stay on until 10pm, you need to press the buttons at 6 and they will go off at 10pm. If you decide to turn them off early, you'll have to start over. They're very easy to understand. Don't plan on reading a book by them because they don't put off a lot of light. You will still need a lamp. I put them on either side of the painting above my bed, but I've read that a lot of people have put them in other rooms. They are inexpensive and look very nice. If you have someone looking at your lamps, they're probably not the right company for you.

👤I was a bit hesitant about purchasing this item but I'm happy I did. All of the different and conflicting responses to questions on exactly how it works, how you use the timer, how you can use manually, etc., are addressed in easy to understand directions. I am not good at understanding directions or figuring out the simplest of assembly instructions. The new one was up in less than five minutes, despite the fact that I had an existing screw to use. It is plastic, but it is still nice. It isn't that orangey color that it looked like. It's a color swirl of medium brown and dark brown. The shade appears lighter when on.

👤These are brilliant. I own an RV and was looking for battery operated mood lighting. These lights are bright. I now own three. They are lightweight and plastic. They don't look cheap. They give off a soft light and glow when hung on the wall. They were easy to install with one screw and I added some extra command strips on the back to make sure it holds up when bouncing down the road. I boondocked for two weeks and am in the middle of my third week and the batteries are holding up great on the first set. I used them all night from dusk to 11pm. I recommend it to campers.

3. Troy 1 Light Matte Nickel Wall Sconce

Troy 1 Light Matte Nickel Wall Sconce

18 months worry-free warranty guarantee ensures long- lasting enjoyment of your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact the seller. Great light for your home. The Troy 3, 1-Light Matte Nickel Wall Sconce is one of EGLO's most versatile fixture and it has a clean and simple design that enhances the look of any interior. The design of the cornbread is dainty. The minimalist style has frosted glass and two nickel finishing screws. Flexible light places. This fixture is approved for use in damp locations such as a bathroom, and it displays beautifully in hallways, bedrooms or foyers. The Bulb USAGE uses one 60-Watt, T-10 bulb. Complete the look. The Troy 3 collection has a complete lighting theme. Complete the look. The Troy 3 collection has a complete lighting theme.

Brand: Eglo

👤I expected that the ones I received had quirks. There were additional and potentially dangerous issues that were noticed. The power cable sticks out behind the base because it is bent over tight at a right angle. It's not possible to mount against the wall, and when you try you are pinching the cable. There is a shade mount. There is a gap between the inside of the shade and the brackets that could cause the screws to be tightened more and possibly break the glass. When the base is not mounted to a wall, the shade holes lined up ok for me. The shade holes wouldn't line up if it was mounted to a wall.

👤I am very pleased with the appearance of this light. The shade is frosted glass, not plastic, as some other reviewers may have received. I like that it takes one bulb to change myself instead of a limited lifespan unit. The holes on the metal front plate did not line up with the round mounting plate behind the front plate so I had to put 2 wallboard anchors into the wall to secure it. I'm not sure why the size was off but it needs to be fixed. I got a discount on a used light that I ordered. I got it installed and it looks great, but it may have been frustrating. It was worth the extra work for me as I already had the wallboard anchors on hand and I had saved quite a bit of money.

👤We were looking for a stairwell light to illuminate the area. The housing was difficult to get into. The light bulb was supposed to sit upright. We wanted the light to be shining down rather than up, so we put the light on the bottom side. This way, it shines down on the stairs. I think this is a good deal.

👤It's better than picture. It was easy to install. A clean modern look. We bought two more after hanging the first one. Our electric box is square so we couldn't use the same mounting screws in a round box so we used shorter screws. Our electrical situation is not normal, just old house quirks, so most of the time it is not an issue. There are good reviews on this at home depot, but it's easier to buy it from Amazon.

👤We were able to use 4 of them over the mirror and sinks to put in the wall fixture. The look of the fixture and the price are great. I would buy again when needed.

👤If you know what you're doing, it's easy to install. Looks great. Very happy.

👤They are battery operated lights.

👤Photos are a tad misleading. The light only comes out top of the wall. The husband had to cut some screws to get it to work.

👤Don't buy it. It's not easy to install. I am familiar with these types of installations so I don't think I know what I'm doing. The product is not designed for North American installations. There is a It is impossible to mount thumbscrews to the enclosure because the mounting brackets are perfectly aligned with the electrical box sides. I believe they drilled the holes in the wrong place. Will not fit North American installations. There is a The glass shade has a gasket that does not stay in place, so I glue the gasket to the head of the screw. To change a standard lightbulb, you have to remove the glass cover.

4. GE Wireless Operated Basement 17455

GE Wireless Operated Basement 17455

Soft Glow is an ambient downward facing white cone-shaped shade that creates an ambient and warm glow in your home, making it a perfect decorative accent and reading light. Warm white LEDs illuminate your dim rooms. It's ideal for entryway, stairs, hallway, closet, utility room, basement, bathroom and more. There is no need for an electrician to add light. Two operating modes to control your lighting needs. There is no wiring needed for placement in your home because it is battery operated. Requires 4 AA batteries. There is no wiring needed for placement in your home because it is battery operated. Requires 4 AA batteries.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤Two years ago, I bought five of these. They are still working. They have been set on motion. I have one at the main entrance that will light up for 45 seconds to walk and then turn on the light in the living room. I put one in a closet with poor lighting, one on the stairs to the basement, and one in each bathroom. I have all of them with me. I only have to change the light on the stairs every two weeks because I used to not have to use the light at all. I attached them to the wall with damage-free hanging strips so it's easy to detach them when I need to swap batteries. I am happy to have found these sconces and they help to light up when needed.

👤The motion sensor doesn't work out of the box, but the manual switch and light work just fine. I need the motion sensor to work. It's not worth having to return it. I think other should know about the potential for a failed product, and that I changed the batteries and the light worked on manual, but now the sensor is working just fine. It seems like a good light for my shed and I won't have to look for the manual switch.

👤I bought this for the entryway from the garage to the house. I was hoping it would be a simple fix to take the place of the ceiling light. It is easy to install but not enough light to see into the coat closet. It is about the brightness of 2 standard nightlights. It looks nice.

👤The smaller light strip failed after several years of use, savesay got this to replace it. The product and motion sensor is very good. I used four corners of poster putty to mount it. It is not as bright as I would have thought. Maybe 3x a standard nightlight. I would rather have softer light than harsher light. There is an update. The light has a motion sensor. It stays on all the time even in sensor mode. It might be more expensive to buy another light than it is to send it to Oklahoma. It was great for the first few months.

👤Dad gave me one of these lights to install at the bottom of our stairway so we wouldn't have to use the light switch at night. It stopped detecting motion and shut off after three months. I bought a new one on Amazon because we liked having the light come on automatically when entering the stairway. The new one lasted less than 2 months before it started going on and off all day long. The light is nice, but the sensors are poor. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I have a small cabinet area next to my fridge which has a black microwave. There is no lighting in that area. I never considered the buttons on the black microwave to be black and difficult to see when I switched from a white microwave to a black one. I had been searching for a light that would fit on the wall at the end of the microwave but it wasn't until the upper cabinet door opened that I found it. The light is perfect in size, location, and it has a motion sensor which works great. It took me a few minutes to get into the wall. My daughter and son-in-law were very impressed with it. I think it's a great idea.

5. Lightess Dimmable Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Lightess Dimmable Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Dimmable Sconce: Black up down wall lamp has a dimmable switch that allows you to adjust the brightness to your liking. If there is no dimmable switch, it will appear with the full brightness level. The hallway lamp is made of aluminum and has a hight of 20CM/7.87inch. The 12CM is 4 inches. More bright and stylish with a 10CM/3.93inch, AC 85-265V, 1200lm, and 3000K warm white. The indoor wall mounted light is made of aluminum. You can choose a colour to match your interior decoration. Simple and sleek design makes your room look better. It's ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, hallway, children's rooms, stairwell, restaurants, kitchen, corridors, conservatory, and other wall lamps and bedside wall lamps. Installation is easy without a complex installation. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Installation is easy without a complex installation. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install.

Brand: Lightess

👤I bought this to replace an unattractive wall light. The design is simple and modern. It is not the standard black, white and green wire color. They have a diagram of the load, neutral, and ground so it was easy to figure it out. The wires are connected to a plastic block. It could be mounted in a way that's more suited to my wall design, but it's something to be aware of. It is very cone and splash, so don't expect it to have a flood, the light outlook is very directed up and down, so either a small space to see the ground or have multiple lights there is overlap is best.

👤It had no power switch so it had to be returned. Excellent quality. I would have liked it to work out. Go for it if you have a switch to link it to. I am not an electrician so I couldn't install one.

👤It's a nice fixture, but it's not shown in any of the pictures how bright the LEDs are if it's mounted above the eye level. Prepare to be blinded because there is nothing to diffuse the light. The wire colors didn't match the standard black and white and the wiring connector wasn't a fan of mine. Not an issue for me, but it could be for other people.

👤The light was damaged when we got it but not so much that we could not glue it, the electrical hook ups were tiny and miserable to install, and now it acts like it has a short in it, you have to tap it to get it to come one. It looks nice, but it feels cheap. It doesn't have motion detection.

👤The low light is perfect. Do not expect bright light, that is not what this is for. This is a light. We bought a few. They were easy to install, like any other wired lights. The wire colors are not the standard white/red/black. You will be fine if you follow the instructions. You need a level to make sure they are installed straight. We used our own connection hardware. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Love, love, love the consecrations. An electrician will be needed to install them. The light diffuses up and down and creates a warm look. If you want to get a cooler feel in the room, you need to ask the electrician if he will put in a bathtub. A, GONNELLA.

👤These lights are gorgeous. I am so happy I bought them, they look even better once connected and the dimmer gives the room that elegant touch. The style lights will enhance any room in my opinion.

👤I was hesitant about buying this light fixture because it was so inexpensive, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was good quality and made a nice update to my bathroom.

6. Sconces Lighting Bathroom Basement Stairway

Sconces Lighting Bathroom Basement Stairway

The industrial wall sconce comes with a 6ft plug in cord, just plug and play. It can be installed on a junction box and connect the reserved wires directly. The package includes all the mounting hardware. The US patent certificate is a rights-holder. The material: The modern wall sconces are made of high quality brushed aluminum. The slim low profile design of the wall sconce looks elegant and beautiful. It is easy to fit a US standard junction box, and it can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The light source is 6000K cool white and has high quality chips. 60-days money back, and 18-month replacement for their wall sconces. 60-days money back, and 18-month replacement for their wall sconces.

Brand: Trlife

👤It works well and I love it. The style is very bright and I love it.

👤The bathroom looks bright.

👤No more dark corners. No more light bulbs. It looks perfect and is easy to install. It's a good thing.

👤They are easy to install and love the look.

👤I wanted to do the same thing with my house after I saw the wall scones at the hotel. The sample pictures show these wall sconces in a similar way. They were made from brushed aluminum and acrylic. The light is bright but also comfortable. The hardwired version takes a while to install but once it is done it is beautiful.

👤I drilled a hole and added a switch because of the hot wire on the right side. Hope they last!

👤The old lighting in the house was replaced. The way the lights illuminate my hallways is wonderful.

👤For 2 lights, I paid $35. The thicker frosted acrylic lights were a couple more dollars than similar lights. I was afraid that the thinner ones might be a bit more fragile, so I chose these instead. You would have to compare them to see how the thicker glass makes them brighter. The package was received before the delivery date. The items were in good condition. It was pretty easy to install. You should be able to just hook them up if your wall mount is done right.

👤After the previous fixture broke down and couldn't be repaired for more than 30 years, I got this light to install on the stairs. I'll be very happy if this light lasts as long as advertised. I now have a spare set of two lights.

👤The base of the lights gets too hot because of the hot ballast which causes the lights to emit a good amount of light. The lights seem to be a problem.

👤happy with our lights They are extremely bright so you may want to put on dimmer like we did, it always sits at the lowest setting.

👤The lights are beautiful. Exactly as described. Very bright. They make me feel like I'm in a hotel. Delivery was fast too.

👤I was looking for a light fixture that was over the bathroom Vanity. These were a great feature and really lit my bathroom up. The white cooling light is great for my bathroom. The price is unbeatable. Thank you!

7. Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

The whole sconces are approved by the U.S. government. The Licperron industrial sconces come with a US professional metal bracket, which makes them easy to fit in your electrical box. Their high-quality industrial sconces are made of good quality metal materials, rust-proof, durable and more decorative. Please check their pictures to get more information. This is a note. The bulbs are included in the package, so you can buy them separately. There is attention. The bulbs are very vintage and decorative. Industrial wall sconces are great for a lot of things. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs.

Brand: Licperron

👤This light is unique. I like the steampunk look of the sconces I replaced in my bedroom. One of my bulbs was broken. This is common because there is a document with the light that tells you if you get a broken bulb. There was no way to contact them. I tried to get feedback from the vendor but never heard back. I found better replacement bulbs on Amazon, so it really didn't matter. The original bulbs are not LEDs. I found some better looking bulbs on Amazon. The product is called "B07V49D2HV" and it is available on the Amazon website. The combination looks great! It was a bit difficult to install. If you have replaced a wall lamp before you can manage it, you should be able to. If you're nervous, hire a handyman. The light is tall so there is a lot of room on the wall. Measure before you order. It is a dexterity test to get the bulb installed once you assemble the cage. A little patience pays off. I love the look of the product and I am happy with it. I did not like the lack of response from the company, however it forced me to find more interesting bulbs. The cost of the new bulbs doubled the cost of the project. Click on the button to help.

👤The lights are great, but the bulbs are not bright enough for me. I replaced them with 7 watt led equivalent and it was perfect!

👤They were easy to set up. I didn't use the included wall screws. I think they are backups for those with nonstandard fixture mounts. I have 8 and they look good. I purchased a led bulb on the right side of the picture, while the included one was on the left.

👤The product was scratched. I reached out to the vendor and they didn't reply. When I opened the product, I couldn't return them, so I had to pay the electrician to put them in. The product looks nice and is perfect for my train theme room. The scratches are a tad bit noticeable but they are worth the money. Still cute. The bulb blew out when I turned one on. Can't find a replacement. Lowered to 3 stars. The second bulb blew out.

👤Over the course of my life, I have installed probably 100 light fixture. We just bought a farmhouse style vintage lighting fixture and are tearing out all the lighting in our house. I was very interested in the look of the light fixture and decided to use it in my theater room as lighting. The electrical outlet is not covered by the base of the fixture. If it were a half inch to a quarter of an inch wider. I don't know if I received a used fixture, but the bases in the box we received were really bad. Everything was brand new inside. I don't think I received a new set. I could be wrong. That was another dealbreaker for me. The light fixture did not give off a lot of light when lit up. It looks great and it comes with long tube bulbs to complete the look. I don't recommend these because we round up returning them.

8. Pathson Vintage Industrial Bathroom Fixtures

Pathson Vintage Industrial Bathroom Fixtures

The Vanity Light is a retro wall lamp. The modern and retro style of Fixtures makes them the perfect decors for your bedroom, bathroom, corridor, coffee shop, etc. Any space should have a retro vibe. Product dimensions are 10 cm/3.9” x 20 cm/ 7.9” and 16 cm/ 6.3” and 12 cm/4.7” wall mount base. The space should be 30Sq.m. It can be installed with 180 degrees rotation. Down and up lighting. 120V is required for North America. The Bulb type is ST45 Bulb. The bulbs are compatible with E26 sockets. Bulbs in the picture are not included in the package. The lamp body and lamp shade are made of metal. A metal cap with a clear body color. White glass shade makes your home look better. Enjoy a romance. A wall switch is needed to control it. Pathson has a quality guarantee of 12 months. Please contact them if you have a problem installing them. Clicking the store name "Pathson" will allow you to choose more lamps. Pathson has a quality guarantee of 12 months. Please contact them if you have a problem installing them. Clicking the store name "Pathson" will allow you to choose more lamps.

Brand: Pathson

👤The product was solid. The mounting mechanism had a few smaller holes than other lights I have installed, but a simple hurdle to overcome, using existing mounting hardware from the lights they replaced. A simple fix that only required 1 minute of extra work per light was needed in order to make a proper connection with the existing wiring. Maybe the wiring on this light could be a bit thicker to make it easier to see what's included. Everything seems to be on par quality, and overall happy with the look. There were no issues with function. If you like the look of these lights, I would recommend buying them.

👤I like the design and shade. The brass/ copper finish is a bit on the orange side and doesn't quite match the other brass we have in the house, but it's removed enough that you can't really tell. Installation can be done pointing up or down. The lightbulb size is standard. Small profile does not intrude into the stairwell.

👤We had to return because the color was off for the other fixures.

👤It was used in the bathroom to change from brass. It was perfect!

👤The gold hardware didn't match the rest of the room, so we returned the light.

👤I like these. It was easy to install and look great in my office. Would you recommend it?

👤It looks great in the spot I bought it for.

👤The light is on the right side. It is not the same color. A lighter color. Will come back when my new order arrives.

9. FLYDEER Aluminium Lighting Bedroom Corridor

FLYDEER Aluminium Lighting Bedroom Corridor

1. Modern Simple Design is made of high quality aluminum with elegant arcs, surface paint treatment, not easy to oxidation, don't fade. A fashion wall light can increase your home security. 2. The lamp beads have a voltage of 85 and a size of 220 x 90 x 50mm. This wall lamp uses high-quality LEDs chip, 8 lamp beads, and has a long life, no need to replace the bulbs. 3. Warm lighting is warm light, no flash, soft and uniform light, eye protection, keep your rooms look warm and comfortable. 4. Before installing the lamps, the wall should be drilled. You can check the last product picture for installation reference. The grade is waterproof. It is suitable for living room, bedroom, hall, porch, studio, cafe, garden, yard, indoor and outdoor decoration. Installation instructions are included. 5. IC card constant current driver has short circuit protection, intelligent control circuit, overload protection and current stable. 5. IC card constant current driver has short circuit protection, intelligent control circuit, overload protection and current stable.

Brand: Flydeer

👤The pics they show to market are not accurate. It's small. There is 6. We're moving so we can do it. Cute. Way pretty. The light is great. But...tiny. It wouldn't cover an electrical box. I had a small wiring hole to work with. The pics flanking the entry door have to be 18.

👤I should have read the description better. This light is bright. It's ok. I guess. I'm not happy with it all. It's smaller than a bottle. My coffee mug is bigger than this light. If you're looking for something larger, this isn't it. There is no cord. This is a bare wire. It comes with nothing to help you wire it up other than the instructions, so be sure to know how to access the wires in your walls. My husband is handy and had no real issues with this, but he wasn't expecting it to be this way. This thing is bright. If you look at it, you're going to spend the next two hours in your house. We meant it to add a little "cozy" lighting to our room, but it looks ok from across the room, and pity the poor person sitting beneath it who is crying that their eyes are melting. I'm telling you that this silly little light has half the power of the sun. We aren't returning it because we went through all the hassles to get it. It's rarely turned on. Maybe when I need to find a needle in thick berber carpet, or a contact lens on a piece of glass, or I just want to get a severe migraines, then I may use it. It stays off if that's the only thing. I think it's well made and looks good. They could do better.

👤The pro: That design is very attractive. However... They don't give off enough light. Even though it is a movie room, you want to be able to see when you are looking for something or want to read something. My electrician told me that these are great if you don't care about the wattage. We will have overhead can lights added to our room. If I had to order them again. I would get brighter when needed.

👤This accent light is really cool. The design on the wall is better than the pictures. The white is on the cooler side. I would have liked a warmer color. There was no light fixture alternative with a warmer light. My electrician had no problem putting these up. The base was slightly smaller than my existing hole in the wall, but the shell of the light fixture covered up the slight difference in size. My electrician was able to install the wiring despite it being for European. I'm very excited about this light fixture. I had two on either side of my sofa and it adds a contemporary artistic element to the room. It's not meant to light the room or serve as a task light. It's an accent light and it does a great job.

10. Westek Battery Operated Wall Sconces

Westek Battery Operated Wall Sconces

Life time tech support and a 12 month warranty are included in the price. If you have a question about the touch light, please email them. The package includes 6 x push lights, 2 x remote controls, 6 x Adhesive Tapes, 2 x screws for each tap light, and a User Manual. There is no power in your home so you can add light to the spaces. There are 2 plastic battery operated sconces with a black finish. If you forget to turn off the lights, the battery operated wall lights have an automatic 4-hour battery saver timer. The battery light has two brightness settings. The battery powered wall lights can be used to illuminate a reading light beside your bed, or an attractive accent light in dark areas of your home. You can use the 180 degree pivot to get the perfect angle by installing with the cordless sconces facing upwards or downwards. No wiring or electricians are required for an easy wireless install. The wall light can be attached to most surfaces using mounting brackets and screws. 3 AA batteries are not included. The battery wall lights have a stylish plastic finish and are ideal for apartments, dorms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and areas without power supply. The battery wall lights have a stylish plastic finish and are ideal for apartments, dorms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and areas without power supply.

Brand: Westek

👤I didn't want to put permanent lights in the bay window. The perfect solution is these. There are two different settings for the light. It's easy to install and weightless. 3 AA batteries are required for each.

👤These were bought to light up a hallway with no plugs for night lights. At night, use them for the kids. They should stay on for 4 hours and then go to sleep. Light can either be bright or dim. I loved them so much that I bought a second set in Bronze for above my small bar area. I highly recommend Bar on AMAZON. They last at least 2 and 3 weeks before needing to be changed. They are easy to install and take down. You don't have to guess where to put the screws when hanging them with a template. Go to the wall as well.

👤The look of the sconces is great, but they use a lot of power. They don't last as long as the description says. We don't have to buy new batteries. I suggest you invest in some so you don't waste money on batteries. It's worth it. I like these more than the battery life aspect. It was an alternative to hardwiring our wall.

👤We were looking for a battery-powered sconces. Our den needed some light and something extra on this wall. The 3M Command picture frame hanging straps were used instead of the screws. We got them straight with some measuring and a level. You would never know they were plastic from looking at them. There is a button on the black base. The price for the pair is cheaper than having an electrician install something.

👤They were easy to install and I got them for my daughter who is getting a puppy house for Christmas.

👤All plastic. $2 is a lot of plastic junk. Not going to put them up. I can see if someone is in the position of needing this type of fixture for certain places, without electricity in the home, but buyers think they are getting value for their money. I could find these at the dollar store. Put those dollars towards a better light and pay a little more.

👤It's easy to install. The settings allow a good range of light. It's perfect for the bedroom.

👤The sconces don't work with batteries. I tried throwing away AAs when the AA batteries didn't work, and they worked. The Energizer batteries did not work. The seller told me that a few people seem to have success with the batteries, but most don't. If you use these sconces every day, you should be prepared for a lot of throw-away batteries. The lights are very dim. It's not as bright as your average night light. I'm disappointed and have already started the return process.

👤It was easy to install and give off more light than expected. It can be expected that you will look a little bit cheap. I think I would pay a bit more for nicer.

11. Tubicen Aluminum Lighting Dimmable Included

Tubicen Aluminum Lighting Dimmable Included

The up and down lighting uses 2 bulbs on top and bottom of the wall to create a soft warm light. Dimmable Wall lamp can be used with dimmable bulbs and dimmer. The Streamlined Rounded Corner Design is very art Deco. It can be installed in a variety of ways. The lamp is made of premium aluminum and is rust-proof. This hardwired indoor wall sconce can be used in a lot of places. It is easy to install. This hardwired indoor wall sconce can be used in a lot of places. It is easy to install.

Brand: Tubicen

👤The white interior didn't match the dark look.

👤We were looking for more than a few light bulbs to accent our theater room. The 4 ro mounts were purchased as accent lighting. They work well and cast an amazing light on the columns. Great product.

👤I loved the style. It's easy to hang. The design is unique.

👤Great product! It is very classy but modern. The construction was great. Make sure you find your bulbs. E12 is required.

👤The Tubicen Indoor Wall Sconce Light is a modern style light that will look great in hallways and bedrooms. The unit is lightweight, with an aluminum housing, but it still feels sturdy and finished inside and out. The light is easy to install. It takes 10 minutes to install. I like the deep taupe colour, it's similar to bronze and is very chique right now. The dual up and down bulb design is what sets it apart. I received a unit that washed my hallway wall with a warm glow. I like it. It is quite expensive, since most people will need more than one to complete the look. It would be great to have a pair at this price. This one is worth considering just to add that unique style to the home. Full marks from me!


What is the best product for home theater wall sconces battery operated?

Home theater wall sconces battery operated products from Alotm. In this article about home theater wall sconces battery operated you can see why people choose the product. It's Exciting Lighting and Eglo are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater wall sconces battery operated.

What are the best brands for home theater wall sconces battery operated?

Alotm, It's Exciting Lighting and Eglo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater wall sconces battery operated. Find the detail in this article. Ge Lighting, Lightess and Trlife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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