Best Home Theater Wall Sconces Plug In

Sconces 28 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Stepless JACKYLED Material Lighting Stairway

Stepless JACKYLED Material Lighting Stairway

There are three different color temperature settings for thejacyled led wall sconce. It's a perfect solution for those who want the best interior lighting. The remote control can change colors from 3000k to 6500k in less than an hour. The light will be turned into night light mode if you press the off button long. The fluorescent coating on the remote control buttons make them easier to find. It is easy to hardwire to the wall. Do it yourself or have it done by an electrician. The modern wall lamp is made of pure aluminum and acrylic. The mounting base and plate are both rustproof. The wall lamp is perfect for the living room, bedroom, stair, balcony, patio, and hallway. 2x wall sconces, 2x accessories, 2x remote controllers, and 1x glove are included. They want to make your shopping experience pleasant by providing the highest standard of customer service. If you need assistance, please contact them directly. 2x wall sconces, 2x accessories, 2x remote controllers, and 1x glove are included. They want to make your shopping experience pleasant by providing the highest standard of customer service. If you need assistance, please contact them directly.

Brand: Jackyled

👤We did not use them because they were not dimmable and they were light-weight, easy to install and offer 3 different lighting temperatures. You have to flip the light on and off multiple times in order to see the different colors. We would prefer a product that you could set the color temperature once and then turn it off and on, and it would always be the same color until we change it. These did not work for us and we will return them.

👤It was difficult to install for a single woman. I'm returning the item.

👤The accent lights are modern. This is an equivalent of a 25 W candelabra light bulb. It's amazing how you can dim the light without a dimmer. You can dim and change the light's color with the included remote control.

👤The plug-in model of the Sconce is what I had to purchase. It has many of the attributes of the hard-wired sconce, but it lacks some of the features of the other kind. It doesn't have the dimmable remote control which can change the light temperature. I was able to purchase an auxiliary remote control which allowed me to turn on the light from anywhere in my apartment. The units are sleek and modern. They are attractive.

👤They are easy to install. But... The electrical box in the wall is not completely covered by the back piece. Measure before you buy. The subdued lighting is nice and I remember they are led. They are so inexpensive that I will keep them.

👤We needed 6 sconces so we bought three 2-packs for the top of stairs, bottom of stairs, and pair on far wall. They said they were easy to install. The instructions in the box made it easy for us to program the remotes ourselves. They're dimmable and you can control the light temperature. The door at the top of the stairs has a dim warm light so it doesn't blind you. The bottom of the stairs and the kids play area are set for bright daylight, and the pair on the tv wall are currently bright and warm. We are using remotes. The stairs are mounted at the top of the stairs. Controls stairs and is near a wall. The far wall is kept downstairs. We are very happy with the function and flexibility of these lights and I will update if anything changes.

👤I absolutely love them! I was worried that they wouldn't match the other lighting fixture I have, but they are a basic shape and can match almost anything. One light comes on warm and the other cool when we flip the switch off on the sconces, it doesn't save our previous setting and one light comes on warm and the other cool. When we use the remote to turn it on and off, it saves the setting we had before. It's easy to see in the dark with a gentle glow behind me if you adjust the brightness and temp of the lights, and if I need to find something, the higher brightness makes it easy to see without having to turn on all the lights. One of the remotes in this set was only used for a day or two, however, I dropped it on the carpet and it stopped working, luckily there is another remote that works great, but I guess these remotes are a bit delicate, so don't drop them! If you don't want to flip the switch, you should save your setting. Installation was easy and the value for the money is amazing, I would buy again if the time came. These are gorgeous and work great.

2. TRLIFE Modern Sconces Acrylic Lighting

TRLIFE Modern Sconces Acrylic Lighting

TheUL certification is for your safety. The components are tested and quality is high. If you still have doubts, please contact them. The US patent certificate is a rights-holder. The material: The wall sconces are made of high quality brushed aluminum. 2 in 1 Installation Design: The wall lamp comes with a plug-in cord and a switch that can be plugged into a wall outlet. It can be hardwired, a standard 3 wires connection, and connect the reserved wires directly. Two mounting options can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Product size is not glaring and the light source is not glaring. Plug in Wall Sconces: Noble design, nice slim low profile, the illumination is comfortable and gentle, can be widely used for hallway, bedroom, walkway, living room, bathroom, hotel, stairway, path etc. 60-days money back and a new replacement are included in the warranty. 60-days money back and a new replacement are included in the warranty.

Brand: Trlife

👤I had to use a floor lamp in my bedroom because it had no ceiling lighting. It was easy to install. 6000K is bright enough to light up my bedroom.

👤I was worried they would be too bright. Even with my gray walls, they are able to illuminate a full room. I connected the cords to my hub through my walls. I am loving this new addition. I was clumsy with my tools while installing them and hit the same lamp twice when I dropped them on my bed. It held up well. It seems so far to be a decent product.

👤I've been looking for bright lights to put on top of the shelves in my office for over a year. I wanted to be able to use a smart plug to turn on the light switch in that room, without having to turn on the main lights, since they were going to be up high, and I wanted to provide a comfortable amount of room light. I made a number of purchase mistakes when I settled on these, most of which were due to the fact that the lights are touch on or not compatible with being left on. It was difficult to find a lamp with an on/off switch that could work with a smart plug. I decided to give them a try because they were more expensive than I had anticipated, but I had become a bit tired after finding these. It worked out well. They are not the design that I originally planned but after several mistakes I was willing to compromise on my vision and ordered another set. They are connected to my smart switches that I've grouped together to provide the perfect lighting for that room that I was looking for. Cool to the touch when operating. I wish they were cheaper, but I'm happy to finish this part of the project in this room. I was looking for a lamp that was not something that was going to be installed against the wall. I don't need to install them on the wall because they are stable enough to be pulled out to the middle or front of the shelving unit to provide better light. I didn't understand that they were also set up to be adjusted so that they could be hardwired. That is an option if you are looking for that. If this weren't on a very tall shelving unit that would not be acceptable but they are designed to be attached to the wall either with the switch/plug or by hardwire, so unless you plan to put them high up and out of reach like I did. The photos were taken at an early stage of my install when I was still setting things up and trying to decide if I liked them.

👤A lot of people complain about it. Leave lights on constantly. Electricity warms almost all lights. If you're looking for lights that are constantly on, all day/all night, maybe look for another option. We usually turn them on for a few hours a day, but sometimes less. It's perfect for lighting a room for a long period of time. I've never been worried about them being a fire hazard. I left them on while I was at work, but they came home and were fine. They stood up to the test of time with the big complaint people have so you can make your own decision on the product. They're beautiful. I put them on the tv side. It was bright. It's easy to install. There's nothing I don't like about the external switch and I need to get around to concealing the cord in a way that I want. Great product.

3. MOTINI Waterproof Outdoor Adjustable Textured

MOTINI Waterproof Outdoor Adjustable Textured

Modern Simple Design: a black and gold outdoor wall sconce is the epitome of transitional style that matches any decor. The size is 8 x 2.75 x 6.25 Inches. 50,000h of life, no need to change bulb, 1100lms brightness, 13W power. The lamp is not dimmable. Installation is easy with hard-wired and surface mounting. All hardware and simple instructions should be included. It's perfect for hotels, department stores, yards, doorways, porches, ground, garden, pathway, square, stairs wall, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and working place. Dustproof is resistant to exposure to the sun and cold, no need to worry about rain and humidity, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Their lighting products are designed to meet strict national safety standards and have a 5-year warranty. 5 years warranty is provided by them. Their lighting products are designed to meet strict national safety standards and have a 5-year warranty. 5 years warranty is provided by them.

Brand: Motini

👤The product is a joke. Even in the dark, there was almost no light. Would not recommend or buy again. It will go to the garbage if it is used to cover mounting holes on the walls.

👤The lights are better than expected. The light makes my office look better and adds a nice look to the room.

👤Excellent quality for a cheap price. I want to switch all the outside lights to this now. Love it.

👤The kitchen counter bar stool area was used with this matched dining area pendant lamp. The instructions seem to be constructed with a great warranty. It took about an hour and a half to install on an older property with a dated electrical box. Enjoying the warm light.

👤If you don't want a really bright light, they are perfect for my theater. It's great for the theater.

👤The gold light color didn't match the white lights outside. We had to paint the inside of the light in order for it to reflect a white light.

👤The small size and nice accent light are much nicer than expected.

👤I needed a light that was small enough to not block my security door. This worked. I was unsure if I would like the modern look.

4. Lighting Fixture Plaster Conservatory Dimmable

Lighting Fixture Plaster Conservatory Dimmable

The lamp is made of plaster. The gypsum material is pollution-free and it makes the wall light feel softer, smoother, and more durable. The wall mounted light is supplied with a low energy light bulb and no battery. This is easy to install and requires no complex installation. Not a battery, not a plug. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Modern design. It can be used in a variety of places, including living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, restaurants, kitchens, stairs, corridors, hallway, and other wall lamps and bedside wall lamps. They are very compatible with classical furniture decoration and modern style decoration. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤The theater room is almost done, and I added some lights last night. I painted them with black spray paint because I wanted them to be black. I replaced the stock bulbs with dimmable G9 bulbs and they turned out great.

👤I needed a horizontal fixture for a small space. I think it's overpriced, but it fits my needs. It is 7 7/8" wide and 5 1/8" tall. It's easy to install. Light is bright. It is a bit brittle because it is plaster. The wall I was installing the fixture on was not straight. The fixture got pulled to the wall tightly as I tightened one of the screws. It's in my basement and I'm not worried about it.

👤The light is bright and stylish.

👤Money was well spent. These look great. We haven't painted yet so don't worry.

👤We were skeptical when we ordered them, as we were worried about how the light would look on the wall. They look great now that they are up there. We have plaster walls that blend into the background when not in use, and they throw a nice soft light up and down the wall when in use. They look very smart on the wall. The price was reasonable for the quality of the product.

👤We bought this pack of lights to replace two old ones. They look clean and modern, and they put out a lot of light. They were easy to install. The fixture cracked as he tightened the final screw, and a few chunks broke off. He had to glue the pieces back on after removing the fixture. It's really bad. Guys. The fixture are made of plaster. Even when you're handling them gently, they're incredibly delicate and fragile. Be aware of that. The cracks are on the top of the fixture, so they won't be seen. We would have sent it back.

👤I bought four of them for illumination. I was looking for illumination both up and down to provide both direct and indirect lighting. Even though they're clearly designed to be wall-mounted, I'm very happy with the result. We found the direct light to have too much glare using a room-temperature 60w-equivalent led. I trimmed rice paper to shape to fix this. I added a dimmer to the circuit. The result is more attractive. There are some build issues. Some of the mounting over the metal backplates was a little tight. You should know that the fixture is unfinished and not treated. I would not recommend this fixture for areas where it might be exposed to greasy fumes or other airborne, sticky particles unless you plan to seal its surface. It would be a great base for an art project if this is unfinished plaster.

👤The wall light was very easy to install. You can smudge the white housing with the white glove. It installs fast and looks great. As I installed bedroom lights, I provided enough light for bed side reading. The product is great. Others were priced much higher. I would recommend it.

5. Outdoor Waterproof Aluminum Suitable Courtyard

Outdoor Waterproof Aluminum Suitable Courtyard

The fixture adopts modern and fashion appearance design, presents unique lighting effects when lighting, and adds luster to indoor and outdoor places. The die-cast aluminum is not easy to rust and the back panel is not standard for US mounting. There are applications for indoor and outdoor. Good seal and waterproof wall luminaire that is suitable for balcony, living room, exhibition hall, doorway, cafe, square, corridor andGarage. The 10W COB chip is 3000K warm light. The lamp has a bright and uniform light, no flash, no glare, energy saving and power saving. The wall lanterns are easy to install, the lamp does not have a button, and additional drilling is required. The wall lanterns are easy to install, the lamp does not have a button, and additional drilling is required.

Brand: Rosysky

👤I bought an additional cheap light and mounted it on a round base to make it look professional and cover the electrical hole. They should have a round mounting plate.

👤Great idea, ugly control quality. If you want to replace an existing one, you will need to modify the wall or buy a base because the mountain base is not compatible with USA standards. Returning!

👤Lamaparas tienen fcil, pero la muestro apagada. No funciona tampoco, y la del centro.

👤It is beautiful, but very bright. That's what I wanted. They are very dramatic. Great for money.

👤The light wall is easy to install.

👤The new house we are building looks great on the second story exterior. A great price. It was installed easily.

👤The product didn't meet expectations. It's not designed for use in the USA. The installation doesn't match the wall electric box. You need to make changes to install it. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤La lmpara es un poco ms pequea. Aluminio, a la misma, se ve de una calidad. El haz de la luz tienes buenos. No le doy 5 estrellas porque los focos van encapsulados dentro del metal, pero no tienen su fundan. La duracin de los focos LED sea tienenficientemente.

👤Amigos, se ve amigos, super facil de instalar.

👤Fundi a los 6 meses.

👤Producto cumpli ampliamente con mis expectativas.

6. HomeFocus Bedside Outlet Sconces Quality

HomeFocus Bedside Outlet Sconces Quality

1. If you need hardware installation, please cut the wire off first.Square fabric shade match up metal wall mount with one outlet design, plug in installation or hardwire installation The product size was L7"XW5.25"XH11. Milk white fabric shade, metal wall mount One Outlet for Convenient Charging and On/Off switch. Bulb not included. There is a suit for Home and Hotel Living Room Wall Lamp Light. There is a suit for Home and Hotel Living Room Wall Lamp Light.

Brand: Homefocus

👤When we were looking for a solution for bedside lighting that wouldn't take up a lot of space on our floating bed, these lights fit the bill perfectly. We hid the wire behind the bed to make it easy to reach the switch. Voila!

👤I rarely leave reviews for products on Amazon, but these lights are the best. The outlet has been incredibly helpful. They look great in my condo, and I've gotten many nice comments. Who would have thought it would be a plug-in lamp? I have 3 and plan to buy 2 more. I suggest buying SANSI LEDs or other bulbs where the LEDs are concentrated toward the top of the bulb. The shade is lined with a very dense laminated paper-type product which means that light will have a hard time penetrating it. The shade will direct the light to the ceiling if the bulb is concentrated up top. It looks great and is highly recommended. Thank you HomeFocus!

👤The drawers on the bottom of my bed frame make it difficult to have a nightstand. I bought two of these and my husband put them on the wall. I didn't want to hardwire them. Pros and Cons. The outlet is useful. I use this outlet to charge my cellphone and it doesn't seem to affect the charging speed. There is a The switch is on the face plate, rather than on the cord. It's easy to switch on and off. Depending on your needs, it can be hard wired or plugged in. The shade makes the lights appear yellow. This is fine because it is for the bedroom and I can make exceptions for soft yellow lighting for reading. It wasn't a dealbreaker to return them. The cord. The cord is a bit ugly because I didn't hard wire it into the wall. I can't hide my bed because my wall is screwed into it. I'll probably use a cord hider to match my wall paint. To change the lightbulbs, you have to remove the shade. I hope that dealing with this will be very minimal since I bought LEDs so they should last a long time. This could be annoying if you're not on the bandwagon. Other. One of the shades was damaged when I purchased it. I thought it was a rectangular. I'll flip it, no problem! The seam is on the other side of the shade. You don't want it to be the side that is facing out. There is a I contacted the seller because I didn't want to have to return the lights after setting them up. I asked if it was possible to send me a new shade. They said it was, and they shipped me a new shade from China. I hope they don't use them in the future because it was a nightmare dealing with them. The shade was in good condition and we now have two lights that work.

👤The small wall lamps were perfect for my small bedroom. They are not very far from the wall. I love the port.

7. HAITRAL Dimmable Fixtures Headboard Farmhouse

HAITRAL Dimmable Fixtures Headboard Farmhouse

The perfect size for any room is the round base and wall light height. Please see the picture for more information. The HAITRAL wall light fixture is made of high quality baking varnish metal and will not fade. It can become a perfect décor of lighting accessories in living room, office, bedroom, college dorm, bar, hotel, etc. This wall mounted lamps can maximize the lighting potential by adjusting the lighting angle. It can be adjusted on the lamp head and arm joint. It's a great gift for Thanksgiving day, Christmas, New year, Birthday, Housewarming Party, or any other occasion. Please use a 3-way dimming light bulb or Incandescent light bulb. Low Light and Full Light are the two dimmer options. Turn to the right when you use. The wires of the wall lamps are domestic standards. The bulb is not included. Plug-in or hardwired wall sconces can be installed in two ways. The line is 62.9 inches long. It is easy to use. There is a switch on the metal base that can be turned on or off. There is a guarantee for 30 days. They want you to be happy with their product and that's their priority. If you have a quality problem or wrong item, please contact them. "HAITRAL USA" will be re-released to you asap. Please add to cart now. There is a guarantee for 30 days. They want you to be happy with their product and that's their priority. If you have a quality problem or wrong item, please contact them. "HAITRAL USA" will be re-released to you asap. Please add to cart now.

Brand: Haitral

👤My first attempt was at wall mounted lights. The first was not able to handle their own weight. I am very happy with the result of using Amazon Choice lightbulbs. Budget lights don't adjust with zero effort, but I have played with where I want them and likely won't move them much. There is a little flex in the main cover when they are bolted away from the wall. It would be great if they made that stronger anchor point. When I removed the cords, I found a hole in the bottom of each wall mount that still has the plastic grommet from the cord. I will go to ACE Hardware to see if there is a plug I can put in to make it disappear. I have to put up with it. I completely transformed my office into a much higher end looking space by adding shiplap to the wall and these fixture and the lightbulbs. Not bad at all!

👤The lights are great and the price is great. I like the way they look. They arrived without the mounting plates, so I am removing one star. Thankfully my husband found a way to mount it without, but they are a little wobbly on the wall.

👤I put them on either side of the bed. There is an outlet behind the nightstand next to the bed. The lamps on each side of the bed don't rotation from side to side, so first one needs to install them over each side of the bed. They would clear the head board after installing these five feet up. I used cord covers to cover the cords. The cords are too short to reach the outlets, which makes it seem silly to use extension cords. The cost of each lamp was increased by $7 because of the 1 foot extension cords that Amazon has. Adding a foot to the lamp cord would have been more cost effective. Just for other possible buyers.

👤I was skeptical when I ordered. I was surprised when they were quality upon arrival. They are much lighter than other lamps. If you mount the joints on a wall, you'll never know they're plastic, like the rest of the lamp. The price of wall lamps at $200+ is comparable to these. I like that the shade is white, which is difficult to find at this price point, and it gives a clean modern/industrial /industrial farmhouse look. The wall lamps are hard wired and can be used as a plug in. The look and quality are amazing.

👤I don't understand why sheerness is an option. The lamp is made of metal. The shade is metal. It is not supposed to be. They were easy to install on a lamp or box. One did not have a screw or safety wire. They look great and make a soft reading light for the bedside. The shade concentrates the light in a small area and keeps it from lighting up the whole room. The quality is not very good. The arms can be easily removed with regular use. Metal is cheap. They don't swing side to side. Only up and down. Do not put these in a location that you will use them frequently. It is only for a spare bedroom and they look nice. That's all I need.

8. Lemonbest Lighting Spotlight Decorative Bathroom

Lemonbest Lighting Spotlight Decorative Bathroom

There is a light fixture called a WALL LIGHT SCONCE. The aluminum alloy shell is sturdy and durable. 6PCS bright warm white LED beads are on the high quality made surface. It creates a warm up/down light effect on the exterior walls. Modern coffered design is great for living room light, TV background, showcase, Vanity light, bedroom, dinning room, restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel, corridor,hallway light etc. It's widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting. This light is not waterproof. The light needs to be hardwired. There was no power plug or battery needed. 18 months worry-free warranty guarantee ensures long- lasting enjoyment of your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact the seller. 18 months worry-free warranty guarantee ensures long- lasting enjoyment of your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact the seller.

Brand: Lemonbest

👤I want my money back because it sucks that you have to connect everything into your wires in your wall and it is very small and no remote control.

👤Don't waste your money on this... It is a scam.

👤It looks good, it's easy to install, and you have no idea what you're doing. It's easy to wire a 120v house plug, so you can plug it in and out as you please. It will be harder to mount the wall between the studs.

👤The design and overall look are great. Disappointed by the small amount of light it gives.

👤The light is bright. It is almost too bright to see. I modified it so I could keep it, but buyer beware if you put it indoors, it's bright!

👤No tiene es el embalaje, no tienes a lampara por metal, no tienes a simple caja. La lampara tiene una calidad.

9. Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

There is a 10-year limited warranty. The size was made of high quality. The lamp holder and light shell are made of high quality pure aluminum. It will produce a soft and romantic light in the room. Installation is easy with Wall/Surface mounted, wired. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Soft and warm lighting tones give a bright atmosphere. Low power consumption and no harmful chemicals. It's perfect for living room, kitchen,dining room,bedroom,stair,balcony,path,patio and hallway lighting. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤There is a few seconds delay when you flip the switch before the light turns on.

👤The wall light was a replacement for the stairway light. It is an attractive piece and once installed, it lights the stairway up well so it is a good light. I am not a professional electrician, but I am a capable electrician with a good number of lighting installs in my experience so my thoughts are not those of someone frustrated by a lack of skill or knowledge. This is a piece of junk. I've never seen wires of that size on a lighting fixture. Even though I treated it very carefully, the plug broke. Due to the extremely light gauge wires, it was very difficult for me to create my own connector. The ground wire was yellow with a green stripe, instead of black and white, and the live and neutral wires were blue and brown. If you are going to sell this product in the US, use American standards. The only helpful thing in the instructions was that blue wire was live and brown was neutral. They were useless if they weren't. I got it in, be all that as it may. I like the look and function. I would have returned the item if I had bought it at a local store. I went ahead with the install since returning an internet purchased item is less convenient. Many home owners would find this more difficult to install than another light fixture. I don't think purchasing this light is a good idea.

👤The three fixtures look great and a ganga deal! I was going to buy three of the sconce that I had used before in a different house, and I thought that one was a good buy for $70 per fixture because it was very distinctive looking and gave off a good bright light. I saw the 3-pack and decided to go this route. The pack cost about $15 per fixture. My husband installed them. They give off a bright light that lights our stairwell. It doesn't look feminine or masculine but is elegant. It will look good several years from now, but it will be trapped in time soon.

👤Changing the fixture is an early step in my project. I pried the fixture that had a chain on it and replaced it with this. I like the white light on the hallway. The front is made of metal and feels real. I can't see cheap plastic. I like the light a lot and have no complaints about it. The light takes a full second to come on after you flip the switch. Not a big deal. Otherwise, very nice.

👤We were very pleased with the lights in our bathroom renovation. They are light and bright. It was easy to install.

👤I bought this light because it is a very unique light with a cool factor. My husband is building a new guest room for me and I bought it to go inside a closet. I liked this much better than the ugly, ugly "boob lights" that go on ceilings. He is putting the light on the wall instead of the ceiling because it was easier. He put it horizontally. It won't matter if it's on the wall or the ceiling since there are 10 ft ceilings. I would like it to be a little brighter. I didn't expect it to be since it is a wall light and not a closet light. It's not intended to be bright. It does the job and is brighter than most sconces. I'm going to smile every time I walk into that closet. I would definitely buy wall sconces if I had a place to put them in our house. These are a good value. I bought a used light instead of a brand new one since it looked brand new and could have gone anywhere in the house. I highly recommend this light as a wall light and I also recommend thinking outside the box and trying it out. When the room and closet are finished, I may add a photo.

10. Hamilyeah Lighting Industrial Hardwired Bathroom

Hamilyeah Lighting Industrial Hardwired Bathroom

The pilsen light fixture with half cylinder shade is made of brushed nickel. The home theater bedroom is a great example of a great decoration. E26 HEAT-RESISTANT The wall lighting has a quality heat-resistant sockets which protects the bulb and maximizes the bulb lifespan. There is no need to change bulbs frequently. All E26 bulbs are compatible. The bulbs shown in the photos are not included. Their priority is your safety. All of the lighting fixture are listed as being safe. Premium quality ensures long time use. Fix the mounting plate, connect wires and hang the light fixture. The electrician is not required to install the light fixture. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. You can shop with confidence if you have a 1 year warraty. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. You can shop with confidence if you have a 1 year warraty. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help.

Brand: Hamilyeah

👤I liked it because I thought it was gold, but it is silver. It's more work for me to return this because the light is fine. I like the silver color more than the gold. If you're looking for gold, it's not for you. If you are looking for silver colored, then you will do well here.

👤I bought a similar set for double the price at Home Depot. The set matches my decor. I have to use smart bulbs on them to work with Amazon because they don't have switches on them.

👤These are nice in person. I put them in my media room. It works perfectly.

👤Excuse the Reno. These are very sleek and I love them. They are not the only source of light in your room.

👤Great lights, what I was looking for.

👤The product is nice. It doesn't give off a lot of light. The light is nice.

👤These look nice. I am happy with them.

👤You need to cut the holes on the front that the light goes through. I don't have a tool to do that, so these are useless to me at this point, missed my return window, do guess these go in the donate pile

👤Two lights at this price is a great deal.

👤The lights look good. Happy with the purchase.

11. Modern Sconce Acrylic Material Mounted

Modern Sconce Acrylic Material Mounted

Cool white light is the best for living room, bedroom, staircase, balcony, bar kitchen, nursery, study, office, restaurants, hotels, shop, cafe, etc. The whole lamp is made of pure aluminum and it has a high quality that looks Fantastic and Advanced. Energy Saving Design will help you join in the environmental protection and also help you save on electricity bills. It is easy to install hardwired and surface mounting using screws and a license electrician. If you have a problem, please contact them. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤I love this wall sconces, they look great in my bedroom, I put one on each side of the TV, I would recommend them to anyone, they are beautiful! I like buying from Amazon.

👤These are straight forward light fixture. It's easy to install... Do not follow the instructions. The brown wire is neutral and the Blue is live. The wires are labeled "L" on the brown and "N" on the Blue. Follow the label on the wires.

👤The first thing I thought of when I opened the box was how bad the metal part on the light was. They were going for a cheap look with spot welds on the side of the unit. If you were going to install it in a high traffic area, you should think about the sharp edges of the metal and glass. We installed it to see if we hated it or were biased because of its cheapness. It's easy to install. The light this thing emits was the last strike. If these are lights that you will be looking at for a long time, be prepared for headaches because the glass does not diffuse the light well, and you will be blinded by it. It went back in the box and then to Amazon.

👤These are great light fixture. I bought 2 more for my tiny toilet room. I chose the warm version and am happy with appearance, price, and lighting. They are sleek and modern. There is a huge improvement in the light.

👤These lights have a contemporary look. They are perfect in our bathroom. They are very efficient. These lights are very good.

👤We needed some sconces to replace the ones that were weird. They are bright. It's definitely a good deal. They were easy to install and don't stick out far from the wall.

👤These are cheap. The wires are very thin. The wires were colored wrong. The ground was yellow, neutral was blue, and hot, but labeled with a "L." I would have returned these if I had seen all the problems before the window closed. They look cool, but not very bright.

👤I have bought these lights many times and never had a problem with this company. I would definitely recommend them. Over the summer, I have purchased at least 16 of these lights. It was easy to install. I wish they were dimmable.

👤We had to take a CSA certificate from the wall electrical inspector to make sure the light was safe, but we didn't buy it because fire insurance wouldn't pay. I don't email them chnace like any other answer. That's all.

👤facile d'installation, on exception des petites vis latérales de finition, pour des doigts d'homme. Lignes. Le fabricant aurait intért, qui pourrait fonctionner.

👤CSA approved, but my friends are not. There is no way a 12W lamp can cause fire. If it's installed correctly. Every single light in the house is checked to make sure they are all UL. Relax!

👤The installation of the sconces was simple and the brackets made it easy to line up. I am very happy with the product and would recommend them.


What is the best product for home theater wall sconces plug in?

Home theater wall sconces plug in products from Jackyled. In this article about home theater wall sconces plug in you can see why people choose the product. Trlife and Motini are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater wall sconces plug in.

What are the best brands for home theater wall sconces plug in?

Jackyled, Trlife and Motini are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater wall sconces plug in. Find the detail in this article. Changm, Rosysky and Homefocus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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