Best Home Theater Wire Hider

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1. CrocSee 25ft Management Protector Self Wrapping

CrocSee 25ft Management Protector Self Wrapping

The Inner Diameter is 1/2 inch and can hold 3 to 4 cables at a time. The cable sleeves can be cut to any length. The cords are fully protected from your cat. The "split" design makes it easy to add additional wires. The cable wrap will protect your cables in a variety of harsh environments.

Brand: Crocsee

👤This has been a great solution because our rabbit was eating our cords. The rabbit has not chewed through any new ones. It is very easy to wrap around cords. It isn't an eye sore and doesn't add too much bulk. It would be great to tidy up entertainment center cords.

👤I'm always concerned about items that are similar to this, you know, where you search on Amazon and there are 500 of the same Chinese garbage shows up. I was surprised by the quality of the description. I just need two 3ft lengths for my printer. It takes a little effort to cut length, which is a good thing, as it tells me that it's not going to fray easily with daily use. It takes a little effort to get the wires in, which tells me they're not going to slip out easily. The split sleeve is better than the whole sleeve wraps.

👤Cats chewed my dad's oxygen tubes. I tried critter cord, but it stunk and made his tubes too heavy. This adds almost no bulk and minimal weight. His tubes have been covered for a week now. If you have a lot of tubing to wrap, having someone with no hand soreness put them on might make your hands hurt.

👤This stuff is nice. There is an area in front of a sliding glass door that has several speaker cables and a rca cable that is starting to get annoying. It was only a matter of time before a wire was punctured because of the tack strip. I knew I would be adding an additional cable soon after I bought the well. The cable management folds back to keep the cables wrapped tight. The sizing chart is easy to use and thick for wire protection, and Amazon got it to me asap. I bought 25' because I will need more in the future.

👤This was used to cover wiring to a litter robot and a phone bedside charger. If you make the size snug to the ends, it's easy to put on. I think the cat tried once. It's head walked off! It was wonderful! Don't get rid of your cat because the Da Bird or Feather tease toy is very similar to the wire sizes. The wire should be covered.

👤The plastic cable sleeves I have are too stiff and hard to get the cables into. The zip-up kind of sleeve was too big for my cables. It was perfect for what I wanted. The cables are flexible enough to bend into any curve you want. It's not more heat resistant than any other plastic, as evidenced by the instructions to use a lighter to melt the end, to prevent it from fraying. It cut well with my dull scissors. I was a little worried that my cables would try to escape the sleeve, but the sleeve brought them all together nicely. The size I bought was 1/2. It cleans up my cable mess nicely. Highly recommended!

2. White Cable Sleeve Cover 10ft

White Cable Sleeve Cover 10ft

The self-fitting, flexible cable sleeve protects the cables. In automotive hi-fi audio speakers and data line protection, you can quickly and easily wrap cables. The mesh features have a good heat dissipation function. It's perfect for computer power cords, audio and video lines, automotive, and other industries. Thanks to the flexible material, you can cut it to your desired length or width. It is recommended to burn the edge of the sleeve to prevent it from unraveling. It is made of high quality material. The wire sleeve has a number of properties. Their cord protectors are made of excellent insulation and are safe and reliable. A safer environment is created.

Brand: Agptek

👤The solution is perfect. I have a desk against a wall. I work from home and have a computer and two monitors, as well as my personal desktop. A printer, a scanner, and external speakers are included. A boat load of wires everywhere! Since I'm an interior designer, I want to be neat and orderly. I have hidden my wires with 3 packs. The white mesh is heavy duty. Plastic can crackle when there is movement. It can be cut using a lighter. This product is very good.

👤Sometimes, there isn't an affordable way to protect cables. This isn't bullet proof cable protection, but it will prevent someone from easily cutting cables that are hard to put in. The lighter was very effective at closing the cracks in the fabric.

👤I was looking for a wire wrap that would fit on the exposed lamp cords. These are bulky when installed. I think they are best for applications that are not visible. The wrap works as advertised.

👤It was used inside a gaming PC build to cover the black AIO tubes and outside my case to wrap my cables. It works well for both use cases.

👤My two young kittens chewed through 3 DSL cables and 1 Ethernet cable in one afternoon and I bought the A GPTEK cable management sleeve cover. I tried everything to keep them out until the sleeve cover arrived. My internet connection is still intact after several days since installation. I'm very happy. This item is a must have for me.

👤This is to cover tv cables. The slit is easy to fit your cords in, but it is not a consistent white color all around. It's a bit transparent. It works. I cut it to the size I needed.

👤I was able to put a power cord, three cables, and a TV in a neat bundle. Two other TVs were used with the extra. The ends must be flame sealed after the sleeve is cut. There is a white sleeve on the wall.

👤It is easy to install nylon mesh over the cables. With scissors, cuts to length. It doesn't blend into typical off white home wall finishes.

👤A good product, but hugely let down by the amount of effort needed to get a neat solution to the sleeving. There are a lot of small plastic pieces that go everywhere when this stuff is cut. I didn't want to go down the route of heating spoons/pansauces that others have suggested as a solution to this problem. I have given up using this sleeving and bought a normal expanding sleeving that you can roll the ends inside to get a professional finish. You cannot simply fold the ends in to get the same result as this product is a sprung roll.

👤I have tried to tidy the cable. You have no chance of getting them out after you stuff the cables in. The A GPTEK sleeve is easy to use, just run your fingers along the join and place the cable through. The cable is held semi-rigidly by the sleeve. I bought another one.

3. JOTO Management Cuttable Organizer Reversible

JOTO Management Cuttable Organizer Reversible

Each package has 9 cable cover raceways. The cable is in total. The sleeve can be easily cut into your desired length to fit your cables, and there are holes in the sleeve to provide multiple exit points for cables. When wrapped up, it can hold up to 10 cables, but you can combine two sleeves to double the capacity. Fastening hook & loop ties create a secure closure, and the neoprene material is durable and flexible. You can choose the color to match your décor. It's ideal for keeping cords organized. Fix your cable mess, it's perfect for home and office use.

Brand: Joto

👤Maybe you want to keep your vacuum robot out of your cats. The neoprene cord can help make it happen. This is not going to be a long project. I reorganized every cable to make it work with my standing desk, despite not cutting any holes in the neoprene. You can let the cord look out to its destination with the velcro. I'm satisfied with the end product. It took about an hour to complete my project. Take a look at my pictures. I put some extra slack into the neoprene to make my floor appear empty.

👤I bought this product to repair a couple of old director-style camping chairs which we intend to use again soon at the beach. The chair arms are made of aluminum tubes with black rubber. Black electrical tape was used to fix the rubber arm rests. The hook&loop sleeves worked well without the old arm rest material. It is easy to cut to length. It feels good to rest your arm. The option of black/white is also nice. I've wrapped myself in white and dark teal chair fabric. I can cut more than two sets if I need to, because I have enough material left over. Good looking and good quality. I think they will last just fine since the material feels strong, but we will see how well they wear in use.

👤I spent a lot of time mapping out where my cables were going. The effort was wasted. Ultimately, everything was connected and then bundled together as compactly as possible. I stretched the sleeve over it and connected the cables with the velcro. It's pretty simple. Pull the cable out and then attach it to the wall. The mess that was there before is much better now. I wish there were more included. I'll have to buy another roll.

👤This product is terrible. The diameter is too large for a couple cords. I tried to house a lot of cables, but it slides down and won't stay in place. There are a lot of superior products out there. This item is not better than electrical tape. I found an amazing use for this product. I own a property and have irrigation pipes all over it. The product worked amazingly for the insulation of these pipes. I'm thinking of buying a second roll.

👤These are good for cable management. They're good for protecting wires from dogs and cats who like chewing them. These are great for wrapping up your CPAP hose. Dogs and cats love to chew on those and they cost up to $20 a pop. My cats thought the wrapped CPAP hose was a large black snake. The tube is a bit more rigid now that it has a sleeve, and sometimes it wants to pull one direction. No more chewed into the hoses.

👤My wife hates the mess of cables around my desk. I've used a lot of different things. I came across this and it's perfect, just hook it up and then cut off the rest. There is a You don't have to choose between white and black when ordering. It works great. It's nice looking and doesn't look like a cord management system. It's small because it's neoprene, and you can fit more cords in it than you can in a plastic sleeve. Excellent purchase. The wife is happy.

4. Concealer Channel Paintable Ethernet CC05

Concealer Channel Paintable Ethernet CC05

The product is top rated and easy to install. Code compliant is 6 feet in-wall. One-Cord Channel Cord Hider is a great choice if you only have one cord that is about 8.42mm in diameter. The mini cord cover has 9 channels and is ideal for concealing one cable. There are 9 channels and 10 pre-cut foam tapes in the cable concealer. The attached tape has been upgraded. If you follow the instructions for flexibility in securing wire hider and one cable, you can avoid damaging your wall with screws. Installation of the Delamu cord covers is easy. Installation is easy even without experience. Simply peel and stick the double-sided tape to the back of the channel, press it to the wall, and close the cover. The wire concealer has a round angle profile that subtly matches the wall and is paintable and cuttable. There is more room in your home and office if you don't have messy cords. Household security is first, and cords may trip up your family. Babies and pets chewing and playing with cables are more likely to be in danger. Delamu cable management can be installed to organize cables and prevent accidents.

Brand: Delamu

👤I decided to install lights in my bathroom. I bought these cord hiders to hide the wire. You can slide open the hider from the top and base. If I were to paint, I would have to sand or primer the plastic. The plastic is easy to cut. I used a utility knife with a new blade and scored the top and base separately. I snapped at the scored area for a break. The strips are separate, which gives them flexibility. I put the hiders on the wire first. I pressed hard to make sure the strips stuck when I peeled one side. The cord hiders were applied after I peeled the other side of the strips. I hid the cord by stacking them against each other. When standing back, you can't see the seams. I was surprised by how well the glue works. I used it in an area with caulk and semi glass paint and they stick, no problem.

👤The stuff is cheap and flimsy. Getting the top piece on is a pain. It's so flimsy that you would think it would be easy, but it bends when you try to press it down. The top falls off if you touch some of them. I ordered a brand from Amazon that was much better quality and cheaper. Go figure. If you want to use this for a cable TV wire, don't even think about it. The second piece won't look small. The sticky tape does work. Smh.

👤It worked well for hiding an ethernet cable. It isn't easy to install. One reason is that the strips are separate from the actual cord cover, so you have to peel one side of the strip to put it on the cable cover. I didn't want gaps between the pieces so I used 8 of them to get down the wall. I slid the top covers over the next base because it was hard to line them up perfectly, but it works now that it's on the wall. It was difficult to put this in.

👤The wall could have been better matched by the color. The beige color is not very bright. It was easy to install. I put the holder on the cord to make sure it was in the same place as I went down the long cord. I stuck the tape to the wall by placing it on the flat edge of the holder. It was easy for someone who wasn't very good at it. Like me. I'm pleased that it looks better than the curling cord, even though I would have preferred the color to be a better match.

👤It is easy to set up. The addition of corner pieces would help hide the cord. The product does what it says and the glue is great.

👤It's great to write a review for a product that gets top stars. I can't say that about everything. These were perfect for hiding the wart cords. They work the same way. The tone of the tiles was nicely blended with the color. It is possible to cut 45 degree angles. They take the curse off of seeing cords everywhere. The installation looks professional. I'll be purchasing more as needed.

5. Cord Cover Concealer Management Connectors

Cord Cover Concealer Management Connectors

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase within 30 days, please contact them for a solution. They will cover your troubles. The days of messy cables all over your house are over as EVEO provides you with a cord hider that will make your house look neat. The cable management kit has all the necessary components. The tv can fit up to 153" of cable, which includes 2 HDMI cables and 2 regular USB/AUX cables. Their cord hider wall is perfect for your home decor. It only takes 15 minutes to make your living room look brand new. The attach & snap structure of EVEO Premium Cable concealer makes it easy to change the cable. Choose between tape or screws. It has connections that will fit any installation method. The cable raceway is best for any corner. They made a sleek and slim cord organizer that will fit your home décor and size. If you want to match the color exactly to your wall, you can paint the cord cover wall. If you need a different length, simply cut the cable to your desired length. It's so easy to upgrade your living room with the EVEO cord management cable concealer. Safety is the primary purpose of their cable concealers. The dangers of loose cables at home are especially bad for little kids and pets. Their wire organizers make sure that all the electronics are locked up. Home decor and overall look can be improved by the EVEO Cable Concealer. An important protection for you and those you care about. It's easy to organize your home or office with their wire concealers, they're only Top Quality. You can arrange and hide the wires in your space if you don't need professional help. They stand behind the quality of their products and that is why you shouldn't be concerned. EVEO wire covers for cords are of the highest quality. EVEO cable is a classic high quality structure. If you want to remove the cord hider, you can use a hair dryer to apply heat and then remove it.

Brand: Eveo

👤This is a good product that fits a lot of cords, and the covers snap on rather than being stuck on the sides. I have an installation tip. The channel is hard to remove from the wall once you stick it. Measure, level and draw a line on the wall before you remove the cover for the glue. Now my trick is to use an axe or razor blade to cut through the cover. Cut about 2 inches from both ends, and then make a couple cuts in the center. You want to get rid of the other glue, but you also want to keep the 3 two inch sections. It was difficult to get the liner to stick when I tried to remove it from those sections. It might have worked if I pushed harder to get those sections to stick. I took my thumb and rolled it around to peel off the whole thing in the larger areas, except for my 2 inch sections. It's almost like a rubbery gummy glue and you can roll it off with a little effort. When it comes time to take it off, it won't rip up the whole wall because it sticks the channel down very securely. It looks better to put 2 straight pieces against each other rather than using one of the connector covers. The covers are wider so you can see the bulge at the connections. I tried to do a 45 degree cut on 2 pieces of channel with my hacksaw so I could butt the corners without the extra covers. I didn't get it perfect and there was a little gap showing. I decided to just pop on one of the 90 degree elbow covers and be done with it, but I think if you got the cuts right it would look better to use the covers.

👤This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. The kit came with everything needed for the job to start and finish, except for a pencil mark to the wall. The saw to trim the pieces was useful. It also includes a measuring tape. The instructions seem straightforward, but I only looked at them as they seemed intuitive. The way this was packaged was mentioned by another reviewer. The kit completely transformed the mess of cords that ran down my wall from my tv, ps4 and sound bar. The included pics show before and after. The tv and wall unit were installed at the same time, so I only have an "after" for my living room. My bedroom walls are light grey, so they don't blend in as well as they do in my living room, but I assume they could be painted if that really bothered you. I have done the living room and bedroom so far, and plan to do the other 2 bedrooms in my house. I will probably have enough left over to do at least two more rooms once I'm done.

👤You should note to every product maker. Everything you need to make your own cord concealing track is in the package. I had a kit that covered all of the areas I wanted it to cover. I didn't need the screws&anchors because the track has sticky tape that was strong enough to stick to the wall, and a saw to cut the tracks if needed. You don't have to go to a hardware store to open a package. Thank you for looking and working perfectly!

6. JOTO Management Cuttable Neoprene Organizer

JOTO Management Cuttable Neoprene Organizer

Household security is first, and cords may trip up your family. Babies and pets chewing and playing with cables are more likely to be in danger. Delamu cable management can be installed to organize cables and prevent accidents. The sleeve can be easily cut into your desired length to fit your cables, and there are holes in the sleeve to provide multiple exit points for cables. When wrapped up, it can hold up to 10 cables, but you can combine two sleeves to double the capacity. Fastening hook and loop ties create a secure closure, and the neoprene material accommodates multiple cables at a time without ripping or tearing. You can choose the color to match your décor. It's ideal for keeping cords organized. Fix your cable mess, it's perfect for home and office use.

Brand: Joto

👤I was drawn to this product because I am a surfer, but I have to give this a try because of the stretchy nature of the product. I have been a slacker in the past on cable management, but it was time to change my mind. I am very impressed with this product. Before and after pictures of two areas I attacked have been included. A kitchen bar, with appliances and phone charging cables, as well as my work-from- home environment, with a desk that can raise or lower, depending on whether I want to stand or sit, and all the cables for the laptop, two monitors, and a power supply. This cable management sleeve is different. It's so clean and less junky. This product received a A+.

👤This is one of the most useful things. I always make sure I have it storage when I buy it. At the ends where you cut, it begins to untie itself. The parts with the fabric are what I mean. The sowed string can break. That is expected. You can either sow the ends yourself or use a strap. The strao method is something I like more. It will probably be a bit cleaner because of sowing. Very useful. Love it.

👤Great product. I'm happy. There is a simple change you could make that would make this product better. There is a visible seam in the photo, which I positioned the tube to make visible. When the tube is formed using a slight overlap, the exposed edge of the velcro will match the outside tube color, making the seam nearly invisible. The other strip would be the wrong color but it would also be inward facing so it won't matter. I think the manufacturing tool change would be a switch to two spools. It's a good thing. If you find this suggestion really cost effective and useful, I won't be above some free samples.

👤I have a shelf with my computer on it. The tube allowed me to keep the cords together. It isn't the most amazing look, but I am happy with the price. I like that the colors are changeable so you can blend it with any background you want. I have plenty left for more rooms.

👤You could use the black or white side. I didn't like that it would only wrap around the end. It was too big for some of my cords, and it would have been nice if it had more velcro where you could roll it up smaller. It's great if you have a lot of wires.

👤It's easy to set up and trim to length. Is it as sleek as putting holes in your house to bury cables? Absolutely not. Will it make your electronics look better? It was marked. The white looked like a cord. We went with the dark side.

👤The cable management sleeve was purchased to use on my boat. This sleeve was a cheaper option than the sleeves that were manufactured for that purpose. The price of one made for that purpose was cheaper than the two I got. I had to trim a few feet off of the end as I wrapped the cables.

7. Kootek Management Neoprene Cuttable Organizers

Kootek Management Neoprene Cuttable Organizers

Flexible premium neoprene material can be used to cut the sleeve into different lengths, or to cut holes to stretch cables out. Any tangled cables can be hidden with complete customization. It's easy to hold several cables at a time with the cable sleeve. White colors can be used to match your decor. Double fastening design uses glue bonding and loop&hook sewing to ensure the closure won't fall apart after cutting. For a long time. Conceal cords from your pets and baby, and hide cluttered wires of computer table, network, entertainment center, TV and other electronic devices, making your living and working space simple and non-messy! Just wrap cables with a sleeve and you're done. Simply unwrap and rewrap when you need to add or remove cables.

Brand: Kootek

👤This item was what I was expecting. A cable cover. I use it to cover cables from my wall mounted TV to a receiver and have lots of extra space to add to it. It's a tip. For those like me who only need to cover a few cables and don't want a baggy sleeve hanging off or sliding down the cords, fold over the cable cover and achieve a more fitted and polished look.

👤It got the job done. I wish this product would make the Velcro wider so you can tighten or loosen it as you please. It would look neater if they did this. You wouldn't see the opposite color. I put sticky-Velcro strips on the back of it and on the wall to help it stay flat and in one place.

👤It's advertised as being either white or black. The white side is not actually gray. The cord cover looks dirty because we have a white wall behind it.

👤This is a great product, but it is limited to how it is applied. This product works great if you use it for long straight runs with at least 1 1/2 inches of bundle. If you're using it for small bundles that have a lot of turns. If the wires are small, the connection won't be tight. This will bunch up on the turns if there are a lot of turns. You can size/cut as you please. This is a good product and I would recommend it if they are mostly straight or slightly curved.

👤This is a substitute for a plastic in wall cable management system. I didn't want to spend more than $30 on other items. Outside of a wall, this would be a great little management system. The cables are wrapped with the Velcro. The nylon material bends and warps when it is in a wall. Everything needs to be installed before that. The mount behind the monitor is plywood, and I have the wall open at the moment. I fastened it to the plywood to create a "tray", instead of using the Velcro. The wall was closed up. I can now run cables in a wall. Not the intended purpose. It worked. I would do this again if the wall was opened again.

👤It doesn't seem like the greatest, very bulky, and only one-size tube that's quite large is what it looks like. It does what is advertised, but it is very average. It doesn't look good. Would not recommend it if it will be visible. If it's behind furniture or not open, it's great for cord management.

👤This is great! I have large cords that are very unattractive. The product is perfect, as it covers the cords. The cords are now much nicer to look at. This product is the only thing that fits around them all. It works despite the fact that I had to stretch it out. I am so happy I found this.

👤Great cable management. My wife has a telework Battle Station in our living room and it would have looked like a junk yard without it. The softer product on my systems is fantastic, even though I have used the usual plastic flex tubing. We used the white side in a light colored room, but it's great to have the black option if you need it. This is a good recommendation to anyone.

8. Resulzon Management Concealer Organizer Entertainment

Resulzon Management Concealer Organizer Entertainment

Household security is first, and cords may trip up your family. Babies and pets chewing and playing with cables are more likely to be in danger. Delamu cable management can be installed to organize cables and prevent accidents. It's a good idea to clean up cords in your dormitory bedroom living room entertainment center office school to save space for your kids to play. It is easy to use, just bind the cords together, wrap the sleeve around and bond. Black and white cable sleeves will match any decor. The cover your wires is a stylish design that hides power strip and cables. The plastic is scratch resistant. The perfect storage solution is to store your power strip, wires, chargers and outlets neatly and efficiently. A tangle of wires and cables is no longer a problem. The specially designed lid allows you to safely charge your electronic devices on it.

Brand: Resulzon

👤The box is being used to hold a power strip. There are two things plugged into it. We put a box fan up and down in the window during the summer. We wanted to keep the cords out of the way. I left enough cord outside the box to keep it from pulling at the box, and then bundled the rest inside. There are at least 2 feet of slack cable. The cord pops the lid off. We have to put the lid on the fan every time we move it. There's a lot of slack. There is no pulling. The cord will pop open if it is moved. This thing will hide cords that you won't ever move. This is not the box that you thought would be closed.

👤This is a small box. It was perfect for my needs, it only fits small power-strips. I was able to fit my small power-strip on the bookshelf so that it wouldn't be a problem to get it out of the way. I have cable organizers where the lid pops off, and it is so great that the lid clicks closed. I haven't had an issue with this person.

👤This is a small box. It is very sturdy. The finish is black and blends nicely into the background. The price is great. I have a few of these type boxes from the Container store and this one is just as good for a fraction of the price. I will be buying more of them. Highly recommended.

👤This was bought to hide the cords behind our coffee makers. It does a nice job and fades into the background. It was a plastic box with slots in it, so it was a little expensive.

👤I bought a set of two. I thought I would purchase another set of the same thing. I paid more for that box than I had paid for the two before. Anyway. I don't know if I would pay $12-13 again for a single box. I have a brand that is a bit more sturdy and comes with a power strip. Does its job.

👤This is a great solution for cable management. It works well for surge protectors. I placed it on the shelf because it was a small box that did not take up a lot of space. A larger unit is needed for larger surge protectors or a large collection of wires.

👤It was a great price and did a great job at storing the electrical cord. It is strong enough to do its job. It is tucked away so it will last some time.

👤Many reviewers said it was too small, but it was enough for my extension cable and lamp cords. Half the price of other cord hiders, taller than I expected. A small electrical strip would fit. If the price goes up, I'll buy another one.

9. Management Sleeve JOTO Computer Entertainment

Management Sleeve JOTO Computer Entertainment

180 days unlimited warranty is the Hassle-Free Warranty. They will get it solved asap if you contact them directly. Each set is 19 feet long. The zip-up solution on the cable sleeve makes it easy to access. Each sleeve can hold up to 10 cables, and the stretchy material allows for multiple cables. Zip two sleeves together and you could double the capacity. It's easy to use, just gather cables together, wrap the sleeve around and zip up. It's ideal for keeping cords organized. Pack of 4, each 19-20" long.

Brand: Joto

👤The product looks nice and black is a good color to make them. The product feels nice, you would think it would attract hair if you have pets, but I have cats and dogs in and out of my room, and so far they look very nice and have little to no hair attached to them, a big plus to me. I don't see myself needing any more than 4 sleeves, it's an adequate amount. The cables that run to my sub-woofer are covered by 2 of the sleeves that are running up my desk. I don't know if there's any science behind this, but it just gives me peace of mind that my cables are protected in this sleeve, I have pulled these so hard to stretch around my cables that they are hard to stretch around. It holds up well. I mean it's a cable sleeve, what more is there to say? I think the sleeves are small and not big enough to hold all my cables. They can either offer it as a separate option or implement it throughout the product line. zipping up is hard either way. I'm going to say that there's not much wiggle room, they really don't stretch as much as you would think. You can't branch off any of the cables unless you cut a hole in them, and if they have a warranty that would most likely void it. If you're looking to do that, please find a different cable management sleeve as this will not cut it for you - Miss aligned zippers, that's all that really needs to be said, but I'll go on because it just annoys me. Good luck if you want to zip it all the way up, my cable sleeves don't line up properly. It doesn't look bad, it's just a cable sleeve, but I just don't like it. I've decided to accept that the left or right side of the zipper will stick out a bit. I wish they added more lengths, 40" is too big for me, and 19" is too small. They can't cater to my needs, they go with the majority, and a few more options would have been nice. The most annoying part is taking these off. It took me about half an hour to get it right, because I had to route ausb extender for my new hub. The cables are in there for good and you won't get any wiggle room once they are there. You have to mess around with it until it's right and then zip them both up, hoping that you have not messed anything up. It looks nice and neat, but it's hard to get it that way. It seems the zip up doesn't want to go up, it's just a hair too high to go up, you have to start over again. It's a cable sleeve, nothing more, nothing less. Some reviewers would have you believe that it's not the perfect gift for a cable sleeve. That's not to say that it's not a good cable sleeve, it's a good one, and it looks professional. I'm sure they're better, but do you really want that thing hanging from your desk? I bought this product because I was short on time, so I'm not trying to trick you into buying it. If you're reading this, you're probably not as long as I wanted you to be. If you can see what they look like, please refer to the pictures I have posted about this product. I don't have any before pictures, and I'm not going to take apart my cables just to show them, it's hard enough to get them into the sleeve. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll try and help you out.

10. One Cord Concealer Management Paintable Ethernet

One Cord Concealer Management Paintable Ethernet

Just wrap cables with a sleeve and you're done. Simply unwrap and rewrap when you need to add or remove cables. This is the best choice if you only have one cable to hide. It is designed to protect a low-voltage wire or cable. The Delamu cord covers have 20 channels, each channel is 15.7" L x 0.59" W x 0.40" H. For home or office projects, organize messy cables. The attached tape has been upgraded to higher quality and stronger. You can follow the instructions to secure wire hiders and cables. It's not suitable for textured walls. A brand new living room with a small and easy change with the Delamu premium cable concealer can be installed in minutes. There is more room for you to move around. Household security is first, and cords may trip up your family. Babies and pets chewing and playing with cables are more likely to be in danger. Delamu cable management can be installed to organize cables and prevent accidents.

Brand: Delamu

👤She didn't notice. I've bought three sets of these. They are easy to install, easy to trim, and look nice if you notice them. I've tried several wire concealers and like them the best. The pros are 1. It's easy to install 2. It is easy to cut/trim 3. It's possible to leave an off-white color or paint it to match the walls. 4. There is plenty of room for 2 runs of 16/2 speaker wire. The double-sided tape is strong. I switched to the grey with red backing 3M tape which has a few minutes of working time before it becomes permanent. 2. The space between sections was confusing at first. A few experience based notes for a successful installation. Before committing the double-sided tape to a surface, plan and lay out things. 2. The pieces have a top and a bottom. The tape goes down. The top and bottom pieces are very similar. The close up picture is important. 3. As you add them to the surface where they are to be installed, allow about 1/2 of the open space between the bottoms. When the two joining top pieces are clipped in, the space is created by the couplers that the tops clip into. There will be no visible gaps when the top pieces are installed. 4. When installing against a corner, you should be able to fit about a quarter of a inch between the bottom and the corner surface. This will allow the top to fit flush into the corner. 5. Wait until you get to the corner or end of the run before cutting it to length. The rest of the run is already in place this way, which will give you a more accurate measurement. The tops are easy to remove and replace. Everything holds together when snapped on.

👤I found a lot of time to myself these days. The raceway cover was installed one afternoon. The small segments make it easier to work with. It does not bother me, but it also results in having many pieces on long runs. It was easy to install, popping off covers and making connections. The instructions didn't cover everything. The role is just enough for the number of segments, and you'll have to apply your own tape. The number of pieces for the run was easy to measure, but there are a couple of things to consider. The raceway segment requires an additional 1/2 inch spacing. The top portion of the raceway will always be longer than the base, so the distance can be approximated. Unless you make the gaps too big. The corners need a bit more space. The bend radius of your wire is not included. There is very little space on the piece that connects your wires. When placing the raceway along baseboards or crown moldings, make sure to factor in the thickness of the connectors! The difference is about 1mm. I forgot to factor in that thickness during my install, so I had to make do. When the light catches right, the cover bends slightly along the mold and is obvious. I had to modify some of the spare unused connector pieces to cover some holes, and I had to use 90 degree flush bends to cover the ends of the wire. It took a lot of thinking and sawing to place the flush mount 2-keystone housing. I was able to get two wires into the raceway. Your application may be different.

11. Raceway Channel Paintable Concealer L15 7in

Raceway Channel Paintable Concealer L15 7in

There are 20 medium cable labels, 10 black 8 self-gripping cable ties, 10 black 4 self-gripping cable ties, and 10 assorted color 8 self-gripping cable ties. It is the easiest way to organize your cords and provide more place for activities if you dress up your home and office. The total length of the 10 cable management channels is 157 inches. Installation is simple and easy, you can use self-adhesive tape or the package with screws and anchors. Keep your child and pets safe by hiding the cables or cords near the floor. They have made the wire channels slim and sleek so as to perfectly blend into your home decor, and you can paint the raceway to whatever color you need to match your wall.

Brand: Delamu

👤I bought this on the spot. I was unsure about the size of the raceway. I went with the middle size. My TV has a single optical cable that only runs the inputs and power. I also have a sound bar with an optical cable. There were two power cables from the two devices. See pictures 1 to 3. There was a lot of room for sloppiness with the T connector. This raceway fit my extension cord, 2 power cables and 2 optical cables. But. I have a TV setup in this room that has a power cable, as well as a HDMI cable. I can easily fit a couple more in that picture, because I think the power cable and HDMI are in it. I grabbed 2 thick + 2 thin HDMIs, a power cord, and a test, and it all fit inside. I have over 7ft left after my installs. I go to my family room. There are pros and cons to the price, easy to install and length of the connectors. To install straight, you'll need a good straight edge and level. If this helped you, please mark it as helpful because installing it straight without the straight edge will be hard. I know it's worth the time to do longer reviews with pictures. Thanks.

👤I had to hide the wires that were sticking out of my speakers. The plastic covers were well cut. The tape was sticky and worked well. If you attempt to remove the tape from a painted surface, be careful not to place the tape on the wrong place. This happened to me. Poor instructions were the only issue I had with the product. The instructions on the package are not clear. I tried to find instructions on how to attach the concealers, but they were not available. I was satisfied with how well the concealers looked after installing them. I was expecting the concealers to stand out. They didn't. The connections connecting the concealers were going to make them look ugly. I tried to leave the connections off, but it looked better with the connections. The before and after pictures are attached. I would definitely recommend this product to others. It is not expensive. If you want your entertainment system to look clean, it's definitely worth the investment.

👤I was looking for a way to hide the cables of my electronics. The finished project looks great and these were easy to use. These are easy to put together and get the job done. This worked well and I can highly recommend it. After reading reviews, I would avoid the tape included. This sticky tape causes a lot of problems. I decided that I wouldn't drill holes. Command Strips are an efficient way to solve problems. One can cut the command strip in half using the peel away portion on the wall and the back of the cord cover base piece. I got my Command Strips here. They were the perfect solution. Good luck!


What is the best product for home theater wire hider?

Home theater wire hider products from Crocsee. In this article about home theater wire hider you can see why people choose the product. Agptek and Joto are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater wire hider.

What are the best brands for home theater wire hider?

Crocsee, Agptek and Joto are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater wire hider. Find the detail in this article. Delamu, Eveo and Joto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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