Best Home Theater Wiring Kit

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1. Q Legrand WP1014 WH V1 Legrand WP1014WHV1

Q Legrand WP1014 WH V1 Legrand WP1014WHV1

We stand for the highest quality product and customer satisfaction. They offer an easy return policy if you're not happy with the product. All product comes with a lifetime warranty service. There's a lot of clothing that's dressy: MANAGES EXCESS CABLE. The cable brush strap is a great way to hide cables. The cords on the wall have a mess. Accommodates up to 12 cables, including Cat5e/6. Holds cables in place by using hooks that catch cables before they fall. Seamless integration is a concept. It fits into any standard opening. On-q solution. The On-Q Home Theater Connection Kit is a complete solution. On-q solution. The On-Q Home Theater Connection Kit is a complete solution.

Brand: Legrand

👤This plate was perfect for installing behind my home theater speakers. I zip tied my cables so they don't slip inside the wall because the access plate has a plastic keeper on the backside. I put a second plate below the speaker at the electrical outlet. I hid the electrical cord in the wall so that my speakers wouldn't be powered by the electrical outlet. To mount the access plate to the wall, purchase a low voltage outlet box and screw the access plate into it. I bought my box at a local store for $2.

👤These are cheap. The back photo of the product shows the brushes being held in by a single clip in the middle. One of the brushes fell into the wall and the other could not be saved. Some models have more holding clips to avoid this problem, and you can see that from the back images. The cover plate is made from a good material and does not break when installed.

👤The wallplate was purchased to hide a hole in the wall that was going to be used to feed the TV. This gave a nice finished look. This isn't a five-star product to me because it's more of an off-white color and not bright white. The color is not a big deal, but the size of the grommet is. Flat or small media cables are the only cables that will fit. The small grommet is not large enough to fit a basic two-prong plug. Don't think about fitting a grounded plug through the hole. If more than 3-4 cables were used, any other new cable would not be able to easily pass through without having to start the feed-through process all over again. This gets three stars for looks and covering up a hole.

👤They do not line up with the screw holes in the box already in the sheetrock. These were not standard cover plates. I have 6 of them with only one hole secured and the other end not flush, it looks terrible. Love the idea. They look cheap. I have wasted my money and will have to find a better solution.

👤The piece was hard to find and provided the perfect function for me, which was to snake an HDMI cable through the wall and have it neatly covered. There is a plastic box behind the middle part that needs to go into the wall. This was unexpected for me. To create a hole for the box to go into the wall, you need to cut into the Sheetrock. The extra work was done well. I wish this piece didn't have a box on the face so that you could remove it if you didn't need it. If needed, face plate would be used again.

👤The house was built in the last year. Everything has standard specifications. The product is too wide. The standard on my house is 3.25". 3.75" What a waste of money. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I used this to run wires to my TV. Keep in mind the gauge of your wires along with how many you need to run, that's what you should expect. I was able to fit a single CAT6e cable with relative ease through this. The last 2 or 3 cables did require a bit of tugging at the top and feeding at the bottom, but it wasn't really an issue.

2. Q HT22U2WHR6 Concealer Kit Top

Q HT22U2WHR6 Concealer Kit Top

The standard size is the size to match the wall plates in your home. The length between the two mounting holes is 3.68". In-wall design has wires. A professional install includes power, Cat5e, and HDMI. More flexibility in TV placement is offered. Most TV locations, including corners and outside wall mounting. There are multiple power devices. A cable box, sound bar, digital TV and more are needed. SUPPORTS ARE SUPPORTS Any type of powerPLUG. The outlet supports right angles. There is flexibility in project support for widening other audiovisual connections. The power inlet strap is Decorator-style. There is flexibility in project support for widening other audiovisual connections. The power inlet strap is Decorator-style.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤It was easier to install a new outlet than it was to use it. I could have gone to home depot and bought the parts for the new outlet, which is what this does, for a lot less money. I would have to drill through the wall's top plate and route the wiring into the attic. This allowed me to do it from inside the house and they thought for me so it is code compliant. It was fair enough. I would call it advanced because you still have to cut holes in the wall and run the wires through. My main complaint is that I ordered it in black to match my wall. The parts that were black were hidden by the TV on the wall. The parts that you can see are all white. A bright white extension cord runs to a white box on the wall. This is on a black wall. I bought a black extension cord and spray painted the bottom pieces black. I might use the white cord that came with it. Maybe. There is a The pieces that are hidden should be the ones that are left with the wrong color.

👤It's just a kit of bits and pieces you might need for a power connection. There is nothing special here. Pick the pieces you need separately and save money. This kit is a great option if you need to place a remote power outlet up to 6 feet away from an existing power source. If you are comfortable doing your own home wiring for such a simple task, then you don't need this relatively expensive collection of bits. Get the parts you need. kit will make sure that every possible part of the job will be there.

👤I used this to run wires behind the wall. I triple checked everything the first time because I wanted to get it right. Behind the TV, it hides all the wires. Friends can't believe that I did it myself. Looks very professional. I recommend this product if I can suggest something to you. Well worth it!

👤It took about 2 hours to install, but I spent a lot of time measuring the spots on my wall to cut. Installation is easy. Before you screw in the wall plates, I recommend running your cables through the wall. I fit several cables, including 2 HDMI cables, 1 digital optical cable, 1 Ethernet cable, and 1 coax antenna cable. I may be able to fit one more HDMI cable but it will be very tight.

👤This kit is for sale. It has everything you need. The less expensive kit does not have the power cord in the wall. You need to connect electrical wires to the back of the outlet. Don't do this yourself if you don't trust yourself to be connecting the wires.

👤The location of power plugs in my house is dismal, it was built in the 60's. I needed a place to plug in my TV and gaming system that didn't require me to have exposed wires or an extension cord, as I have a TV and gaming system in my bedroom. This was what I needed. The instructions were easy to follow and I was able to install it on my own. If I had not had to search for my tools, it would have been less. I think a tool chest is next in my future purchase.

3. Q HT22U2WHR6C Concealer Kit Top

Q HT22U2WHR6C Concealer Kit Top

There is flexibility in project support for widening other audiovisual connections. The power inlet strap is Decorator-style. In-wall design has wires. A professional install includes power, Cat5e, and HDMI. More flexibility in TV placement is offered. Most TV locations, including corners and outside wall mounting. There are multiple power devices. A cable box, sound bar, digital TV and more are needed. SUPPORTS ARE SUPPORTS Any type of powerPLUG. The outlet supports right angles. The HDMI cables are supported by the support 18. UltraHD - 4k@60Hz 4: High Dynamic Range (HDR), Deep Color, ARC, and Ethernet bandwidths are 2Gbps. The HDMI cables are supported by the support 18. UltraHD - 4k@60Hz 4: High Dynamic Range (HDR), Deep Color, ARC, and Ethernet bandwidths are 2Gbps.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤It was easy to install for my first try. I love the extension cables. I was thankful for the kit because I didn't have to mess with the electrical lines. The tv looks great in our living room.

4. Legrand HT22U2 WH R12 Recessed Management HT22U2WHR12

Legrand HT22U2 WH R12 Recessed Management HT22U2WHR12

The split cover is designed to snap into place. Even if partially covered, split design supports removal and access to components. EASE OF ACCESS: It's easy. Convenient access to the back of the TV is provided by the in-wall storage. It's possible to hook up a digital TV, cable box, sound bar, or streaming media device. The cable access strap is easy to use and handles all the cables necessary to support your TV. It is compatible with all TV power plugs, even right angle cords and bulky power supplies. It is compatible with all TV power plugs, even right angle cords and bulky power supplies.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤The people who post images of the hole not being the right size struggled in school. The template should be cut out. The cutout needs to be level. Use a carpenters knife to trace it. You can cut out the outline with a drywall saw. Very easy.

👤The product was easy to install if you have the right tools. It is easy to cut with an osmotic saw. I put the top piece in the wall that had plaster and lath over it, and the bottom piece in the wood baseboard to keep my other receptacles separate. The only complaint I had was how it arrived. Pieces fell out of a crushed box when it arrived. I didn't lose any parts because the crushed box was inside one of the bags. The box was crushed open and there was nothing broken. I would recommend the products all day long.

👤The right time to do some work on the house was when we were painting it. They work great on 3 TV's we installed. You'll likely have to buy longer cables when buying. The guy did the installation. It didn't look complicated. A handier person would probably be able to do it.

👤This product is designed to hide TV cables and wires.

👤Does everything it says. The length of the wire was cut a couple feet because they give you a lot. It makes wall mounted TVs look great.

👤I'm going to look at the product photos here to figure it out.

👤I have installed 2 of them and they work great. The template is correct. You can do it if you have a saw and a screwdriver. The instructions are good. If you follow them, you will have an issue fishing the wires behind the wall. I had an issue with the walls I used for my TV. There is a The insulation on the outer walls of our house makes it difficult to pass the wire down the wall. The Bath was on the other side of the bedroom. The structure got in the way. I used a coat hangar to get past the tub structure. You just need something stiff to get past the wire. If you plan on doing a lot of these, I recommend investing in a fish tape. Let's talk about Amazons shipping. I received the wrong item. I received a rubber band set. I received the correct item 2 days later. The box in the bag was opened and all the parts were there. I used it since I did the previous one. If you ever add a stereo system or a soundbar, you should purchase a couple of extra HDMI cables and put them in the same place as the other cables.

5. Klipsch Reference Theater Surround System

Klipsch Reference Theater Surround System

The Klipsch reference theater pack has a minimal footprint. The cleanest, most natural sound can be achieved with Klipsch's exclusive Tractrix Horn technology. The wireless sub is designed to deliver room-filling low frequencies without requiring a lot of floor space. Each satellite speaker has a threaded insert and a keyhole mount, which make it easy to place the wireless subwoofer. The reference theater pack has a minimal footprint.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The purchase of this product was about 5 stars. Good product, good sound quality, arrived on time. There was a problem that turned into a nightmare. One of the simpler and inexpensive parts of the subwoofer is the rubber foot, which is one of the legs that should have it. It was inserted under pressure. Why is this important? Without the rubber feet on the sub, it will lose its stability and the leg will hit the floor, creating a noise that shouldn't be there. Klipsch customer service initially was excellent, and immediately sent a replacement. The replacement parts were wrong. They made sure they had the correct model. They double check to make sure everything was okay. The attendant went to another department to check out what went wrong and assured me that I will work this time. Wrong part arrives again. I sent pictures with arrows pointing the rubber foot and a schematic sketch so they could recognize the mysterious part. Klipsch said to go find this part on the secondary market. I can't return the product because of the time spent. The price was lowered to make it even better. Customer service from Klipsch was incompetent. If my friends decide to buy anything from Klipsch, I'll use the system with a piece of cardboard under the leg to repeat the story.

👤I am retired but I can't throw away money. We built our own home on our farm and all of it is paid for by God. I went to a store. I paid less for the speakers on Amazon than I did for the Klipsch ones. I bought my receiver from Amazon a year ago because of the tight finances. Got it paid for, bought some great sounding Klipsch speakers and love them. What a sound. I am going to put my QLED 70 series on my wall. Got it from NFM. A beautiful vent free fireplace is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The setting is going to be beautiful. I want to have many romantic nights with my wife. God is in control of life. I went to Best Buy and the Geek Squad came to my house and said that it would cost a lot to install my speakers. I did it myself at 72 years old. The Stereo cabinet I put together is beautiful. I put the wheels under it because it will weigh 200 lbs. Almost solid wood. Thanks to Amazon, life is more affordable. The farmer is Joe.

👤The system came without a wireless accessory for the sub. The company that sold me the unit ignored me when I contacted them. If you would like to buy this system. Don't buy it here. I had a look at the Klipsch sub. It is a Onkyo sub in a box. Sending everything to klipsch on Monday.

👤I bought the speakers and receiver from thelipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1. This is the best sound I have ever heard after I got it all set up. This system spits out perfect sound with everything I throw at it, from football games to television to different genres of music. I am playing my favorite songs and am hearing sounds I have never heard before. If you are going with 5.1 surround, I recommend this system. If I were to put a system in a larger room, I would have bought a 7.1 receiver and tried using the Klipsch as surround speakers, but now after listening to the Klipsch, I would go with the Klipsch.

6. AmazonBasics 2 Male RCA Audio Cable

AmazonBasics 2 Male RCA Audio Cable

There is clear audio. The plastic jacket helps ensure high-quality signals. The box has a 4 foot 2-Male to 2-Male RCA audio stereo subwoofer cable. Crystal clear audio. It's ideal for home-entertainment and high-fidelity systems. The input can be high or low-pitched, and can be connected to either L or R input. There are gold submitters. 24K gold-plated full-metal connections are resistant to oxidation. ReLIABLE PERFORMANCE: Eliminates unwanted noise for clear audio; minimal signal loss for consistent audio. There are color-coded computations. Red/white color-marked connections for quick hookups.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These cables are large and made from good material. They won't fit in my jacks.

👤These are not bad cables. They are not great either. They seem to have a decent build quality. The gauge is thin. It needs to be a heavier gauge. Here is the reason. The bass drops out at 60hz and below. They seem to lose out on the highs at around 15khz. To confirm my assumptions. 3 people did a blind study against some more expensive rca's. One of my sons tried to fool us by playing 3 or 4 different songs and 5 test's while he changed the cables. They all came to the same conclusion as me. All 4 of us were correct on which cables we picked. There is a Most people have normal audio gear. The cables will work. I have higher end gear. These cables are not for you.

👤The cable set is great. You would pay three times more for an equivalent product at a big box store that sells home electronics. The ends held on to the equipment. They could be pulled off at the same time. I've seen higher end jacks damage the RCA jacks on connected equipment because they held on too tight and could not be removed without damaging something. The pressure was right. I use this for my receiver's outputs. The cable is flexible and easily routed, but it is a lot thicker than the generic cables included with some equipment and cheap ones that are still widely sold. Amazon got this right.

👤This purchase was a no-brainer for a hardcore audiophile. The garage audio system has this y cable. The cable is too long for my needs, but it produces superior performance.

👤I've now bought about 10 pair of basic cables and they are better than some of my more expensive purchases. I love them all - appearance, performance, packaging, all are great! I have equipment that costs several thousand dollars, and cables that don't have to break the bank. Highly recommended. Well done Amazon!

👤Unless you're buying really expensive cables, don't bother with more expensive cables. Just buy these. I use a lot of these in my setup, and they sound great. I bought a fancy Audio Technica cable in Japan for $100 and can't tell a difference between these and it.

👤It was good quality for how much you paid. I don't think the gold is worth much, but I think it's more of a facade than anything else. The wires were quiet and resistant to interference. All but one of the plugs fit perfectly on the receiving jack, and the only one that didn't fit was tightened up by the pliers. The length was good. 3 feet doesn't feel like enough and 6 feet is often too much, so the doctor ordered a little bit of slack and a little flexibility with 4 feet. I will probably get more of these in the future.

👤I was able to connect my Yamaha receiver to my Polk PSW. The receiver has out connections. I only have one Sub. I used this cable to connect the outs of the two subs to the single subs on the Polk subs. The cable does not pick up any interference. The cables sound great with my subs.

7. Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 WH KIT Organizer Solution

Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 WH KIT Organizer Solution

Ring Terminals, Speaker Terminals, and 5/16" Ring Terminals. The industry's thinnest mounts and tvs have low profile design. The power can be installed behind a wall mounted tv. The metal mounting Wings are attached to the top and bottom plates. The female end of the extension cord is in the wall.

Brand: Data Comm

👤Yesterday, I received and installed my conduit box. It's relatively easy to install, but before clicking "add to cart", you should invest in a stud finder. The locking brackets need space around the holes. If you cut the hole next to a stud, it won't lock in place. FireBLOCKS! The pieces are between the studs. Since you are probably hoisting your TV up on the wall, there is a good chance that you will run into someone trying to push your cables down the wall. Unless you know where they are, you will be upset when you cut two big holes in your wall and realize you have to cut another one to get your cables through the wall. I didn't have this problem but I can see how some people will get stuck dealing with it. In my photo, you can see where I put my box. The templates are good. It was difficult to install the bottom box. It took me a while to shave the wallboard. Push your electrical wire through the small, white box before pressing them into the connectors. Ooops. I sanded a small hole off the bottom so the main wire could fit without the other wires pulling out. It's easy to fix. I ran an extra pull line in the box for additional cables in the future but I now agree with others that you should just buy a second cable and run it at the same time. It will be difficult to pull wires through the holes in the cables in the future. I don't think there is a need for a second line, but if I do, I will have to pull the boxes out of the wall. The TV looks great on the wall with the boxes in place and the power cables zip-tied. It looks professional because there are no cables visible from the side. I didn't hurt myself, but my wife is happy with the results. This is a good product, but you need to plan. Check the wall for fireblocks. Make sure you have enough room for the locking clips.

👤You mounted your TV on the wall and saw all the cables, it wasn't perfect. This kit is the best and easiest decision I have ever made. It took me about an hour to install it. Before buying this product, you need to read a few notes. You need a tool to find them. 2. There are fireblocks. The horizontal and vertical studs are located in between each other. 3. You will cut inside the wall. 4. You will need a saw. 5. I used my stud finder to locate my two studs so I could install the tape measure in the middle. I used the stud finder to make sure there were no fireblocks between the studs. They give you a layout that you can trace on the wall with a pencil. This is probably the most important part of the installation so make sure to trace it correctly. You just grabbed your jab saw and started cutting. There is a I noticed after cutting that I have insulated walls and it was hard to fish down my cables, so I used this tip to my advantage. I fished the tape measure out of the water, then taped my cables to the tape measure, and everything came down very quickly. It is not safe and up to code to fish down your TV outlet source. The top receptacle has its own outlet. You can plug in your TV there. Even though there are two available plugs, I only plugged in my TV up there to be on the safe side. You just need to connect the two white receptacles on the top and bottom and the wire that comes with the top part to the white, black, and green wire, and you're good to go. You will have a nicer looking theatre.

8. Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Excess cable can be stored in-wall and there is slack for convenient access to the back of the TV. The media center can be moved closer to the wall. A 125V receptacle is included. The cable access strap is easy to use. The total outlet is 2. The easy extension of electrical wiring is supported by the other products in the family.

Brand: Legrand

👤There are wires behind my TV. I wanted something that was durable, usable, and good looking. I like that the unit is not square so that furniture can be closer to the wall. Since the three main ports are decora, they can be changed out to be whatever you want. You can change the location of the power outlet. The mechanism for holding the unit on the wall is good. I've taken it off a few times and I haven't had any issues with it. I put a piece of lath at the top and bottom of the hole so that I wouldn't damage the drywall if I tightened the screws too tight. That makes for a good installation. The brush insert was the only thing I kept. I added a keystone plate instead of an outlet and replaced the screw-back speaker plates with ones that have more terminals. I replaced the silver screws with white ones. I'm very happy with this unit, even though I only used the shell. It is holding up a lot of hardware.

👤This uses standard Decora inserts. To get the connections I wanted, I swapped my own keystone plates in. If you need to get more cables to your TV, there's an additional knockout on the top. I like that it allows me to expand in the future. I wish it had the brush. There is a The bad? The screws are made of silver. It's not a big deal if your TV is in front of it, but it looks cheap to have metal screws. The outlet box for power is an old style one that you can find at big box stores. I expected a more elegant solution. It did the job and was easy to hook up. I didn't know how it would fit in a wall. It's your wall, but it should fit.

👤I took the opportunity to run my surround and subwoofer wiring under the house while I was remodeling it, and this box fit the bill. The box is easy to install and can be tailored to your liking. I replaced that section with a Legrand On-Q decora 4-port keystone plate because I didn't need the front speakers. I ran a patch cord up to the TV and hardwired the receiver and PS3 to the other ports.

👤We hired a professional to hang the tv and hang the wall mount. The outlet has a lot of plugs and space. The TV is flush on the wall. Exactly what we wanted.

👤It's a good way to clean up the installation.

👤Excited to install. The product seems to fit my needs. Thank you.

👤Speaker wire coming out of the wall is much cleaner. The brush plate was swapped out for a cat 6 wall plate.

9. BOSS Audio Amplifier Installation Wiring

BOSS Audio Amplifier Installation Wiring

The competition cable is high quality. Black ground cable is 3 feet. Blue turn-on wire, 30 foot, 16 gauge speaker wire. 20 foot high performance rca tubing There are (20) wire ties. Ring Terminals, Speaker Terminals, and 5/16" Ring Terminals.

Brand: Boss Audio Systems

👤This was not copper and not 8 AWG, but copper coated aluminum that is badly undersized. This should be disclosed and the max amperage specified for safety. The ratings are based on real copper. There are attached photos of a real 8 AWG Rockford Fosgate pure copper cable and a cheap copper coated aluminum undersized cable. The cheapo skimpy cable has a silver glint in it's aluminum, and one has four or more times the cross sectional area of metal. You get what you pay for, even though the kit was 20 bucks more. A pure copper cable. Unless you are installing a 150 W or lower amplifier, don't risk the "savings" of buying this garbage- pick a better brand that uses real true gauge and copper. The amount of copper wire that BOSS is giving you is 10 or 12 gauge. You need a thicker cable to match a true gauge copper one because aluminum does not have the thermal capability that copper does. The gauge is not true on Boss kits as well as using coated aluminum. This looks like a good way to start a fire. Saving fifteen or twenty bucks is not worth the risk of a car fire or damaged audio equipment. Buying a good brand will allow you to calculate real numbers and know the cable can handle it without heating. I am disgusted that a company could so blatantly skimp on quality to the point of a safety problem but not advertise honestly. Tell us what the cables really are. You can either ban this dishonest product or force them to reveal their wire specifications honestly. This should be advertised and sold as CO ALUMINATED 10 or 12 AWG because that is what it is.

👤There is a pile of junk. I bought the audio kit to install a new stereo. After installing all new speakers, stereo, amplifier, sub and wires, it failed after a few minutes. I returned the stereo because I thought it was faulty. A warranty would not be issued because the manufacturer found the tip of the cable inside the stereo. The Contact Center Team Leader wanted the old stereo destroyed with pictures before he would give me a refund. He offered an inferior stereo. I only excepted the offer because I had no other choice. I was unable to get the shorted stereo back from the manufacturer. The BOSS Audio Kit without pictures was refused by the loser. I was able to send pictures of the cable. I was very disappointed after installing the sound system. A company like BOSS will decline even a cable kit refund in order to show how they treat their customers. I had to remove and re- install everything after purchasing a new stereo and cable kit. I will never buy anything from BOSS. The bad Objectionable Subpar Service.

👤Cheap wire is very cheap quality. After a few times of plugging and unplugging, the RCAs came apart. The wire connections are not good. I have installed hundreds of systems and the worst amplifier kit I have ever purchased is the worst. May 2017: Update. I smelled something burning while driving. The louder and heavier bass of my amplifier gave out. I bought a new one because I thought the old one was old. The lights in my Jeep and outside start to light up when I drive the next day. The old one gave out and went into protection mode before the new one. Time to check the wiring. I check my ground. I had to break the fuse holder in order to see if it was the one that blew. The fuse is fine. The electrical problems were caused by the wiring burning and melting. This company gave a fake power wire that was 8 gauge. I bought several 8 gauge wires over the weekend. All the proof was attached with pictures. You should spend more money on quality products. Stay away from this company.

10. Legrand Q Theater Connection WP9009 WH V1

Legrand Q Theater Connection WP9009 WH V1

It is designed to be used with banana plugs, spades or bare wire. Banana plugs are easy to install and remove and have a 3/4" spacing. The mess of wire strung along your baseboards is eliminated by wall plates. An ideal addition for your home theater speaker wiring setup that works with audio players, and surround-sound speakers, the ON-Q Home Theater Speaker Walls are an ideal addition. There are certain things that fit. Banana plugs or stripped speaker wire are accepted by gold multi-way binding posts. The high quality home theater ring kit. The banana binding jack plug posts are made from high-quality gold-plated brass, which prevents oxidation. The On-q Home Theater Speaker Kit has gold-plate binding. It is easy to install and remove a wall. Wall plates eliminate the mess of wires. The plastic used in their wall plates is flame-retardant. It is easy to install and remove a wall. Wall plates eliminate the mess of wires. The plastic used in their wall plates is flame-retardant.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤The wiring came out of a hole in the wall. I wanted to make everyone happy so I looked for a way to bring wires to the receiver. The wires will be brought from inside the wall to the surface. It is neat. Attach the bare wire ends to the wall. On the outside, use banana-plug-terminated wires.

👤The item is of great quality. The plastic is large. There is a The front and back of the subs have a good and a bad connection. Who uses cables for speakers? I have to purchase a new pair of RCA/Coax connectors. It is ok to label. Instead of using "right rear" or " left rear", it uses " left surround" and "right surround". Which speakers are the surrounds for my 7.1 or 8.1 set up?

👤My husband and I have purchased six of these so far, and we may purchase three more once our basement is finished. It was hard to find black because our light switches, outlets, and wall covers are all black. We hid all the surround sound speaker wires in the living room and master bedroom because we wanted it to look flawless. We have a 5.1 Bose surround sound system with a receiver that cannot all be right next to each other, so these are great. I felt obligated to knock off 1 star because I went through too much drama to find out that the fixture and cover plate were missing. The picture used in the ad was changed to show the connection fixture and cover plate, but the main point of the ad was that the product came with an indestructible wall plate cover. The cover plates need to be bought separately. I am satisfied with the product, but I don't like false advertising and getting 3 separate orders just for them to say I didn't get the cover plates included. I told the first lady that I was fine with them if they weren't supposed to include the plates, but she insisted that they were included on two separate occasions and I had to email her to say they weren't included. I demanded that they send me cover plates for free, but got some from Lowes.

👤The home theater wall plate is perfect for my speakers. The inside connection is already set up for the subwoofer and you can use the wall for it. I used cat5 twisted pair wires for my surrounds because they were already in the wall, and this wall plate has solid, gold plated terminals. The package came with two identical wall plates for both ends.

👤I prefer the surround speakers grouped together, which is why I got these over the Monoprice equivalents. There are some things that are not mentioned in the description. Set screws are used for the connections on the back. I was able to make a connection with double the stranded wire. The set screw is a bit small and it was difficult to find a screwdriver small enough to fit into the recess. The banana plugs are on the front and accept a standard dual banana plug. The spacing is too large for a dual plug and I tried to double check my wiring polarity vertically. When you get it all set up with a switch plate, it will look professional. Very pleased with the appearance.

11. KICKER 46HS10 Compact Powered Subwoofer

KICKER 46HS10 Compact Powered Subwoofer

We care about the customer experience and improve the product function details. The 10-inch sub model is included. 180 Watt amplifier drives a 150 watt amplifier. Ultra-compact is three inches high. There are minimal parts and quick connections. A remote bass control is included.

Brand: Kicker

👤It sounds good so far. The missing base was left out by the factory speaker setup. The way I tapped the speakers was a pain. There is a handyman cave and a sub install. I will add my experience in the future. I'm happy for now. I had to reset the gain and audio settings in my phone after a week. I feel more natural now that the sub is breaking in. A good sign so far. I added a video for power cable wiring. I haven't mounted the sub yet, but it stays in place. It is heavy. Will be sharing more comments in the future. 7 month update. The speaker sounds good. I got thirsty for punching bass and started playing with the gain. I am experimenting with a cheap 8” setup with a cheap amplifier and compare it to a cheaper option to see if it is worth the money. I set the gain to exclude the mid level bass as my ears started throbbing while I was tuning it. I will add more comments.

👤The bad reviews must have not had the gains set right or cheap thin wires. I put it behind the rear seat. It's great in my truck. If you want to shake people in their living room as you drive by, this is not the way to do it. If you are looking for a great bass in your vehicle, it is easy to install. If you've never installed a sub, you should look for instructions on how to set gain. Check the speaker wires for voltage. You tube should not be used for a radio station or other music. Over time, adjust. The unit was very impressive. I kept tweaking it for 3 weeks after it broke in. The starting point was close. It puts out amazing bass with no distortion. If you haven't planned on it, you're going to want a new door speaker and amplifier. It vibrates my mirrors when they are loud. Drive safe!

👤The worst. Don't buy one of these. They are meant for grandpas to play their big band music. They probably wouldn't be happy with it. I've heard that the speakers put out more bass.

👤You will definitely feel it if you have this bad boy installed under the driver's seat. I don't know how much you'd feel it if it was in the trunk, but it won't sound bad outside the vehicle. It's perfect for a large amount of bass being visible outside, so less people would try to steal it. After installing it, the bass hits the half of the remote control knob I have set for, which is hard. To make sure you hear the bass notes you want to hear, make sure toggling the Hi/Low level switch. If you install under the seat, make sure the dimensions fit. My car is a Civic Si, and it fits under the drivers seat with no issues, and the factory unit. One of the key features of this powered sub is that you don't need to run a remote wire as it'll take the power to turn on the unit from the speaker output voltages. This is not a good way to compare a system like this to a box for the trunk. I wanted to keep my trunk space for other things, so this was the best solution for me. If I wanted more bass, I would probably get another unit and put it under the passenger seat. Even though it's only a few more watt, this is better than the HS8. You should know that a 10" and an8" will move more air than a 10" and an8".


What is the best product for home theater wiring kit?

Home theater wiring kit products from Legrand. In this article about home theater wiring kit you can see why people choose the product. Legrand - Onq and Legrand - Onq are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater wiring kit.

What are the best brands for home theater wiring kit?

Legrand, Legrand - Onq and Legrand - Onq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater wiring kit. Find the detail in this article. Legrand - Onq, Klipsch and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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