Best In Wall Subwoofer for Home Theater

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1. Klipsch Reference Theater Brushed Polymer

Klipsch Reference Theater Brushed Polymer

Klipsch R-26FA is a pair of speakers. The Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Home Speaker is a pair. The Klipsch Reference R-12 SW is a 1200 watt all-digital powered Subwoofer. The built-in channel is for Dolby Atmos. The aluminum diaphragm compression Tweeter is 1" in diameter. There are dual 6.5" Copper Spun Magnetically Shielded IMG Woofers. The Tractrix Horn is 90 x 90 square.

Brand: Klipsch

👤These are great. I received a text message from my wife. The house is shaking. It could break the seams. The glasses on the counter are moving.

👤It sounds like it matches my Denon nicely.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Don't hesitate if you're unsure about buying this setup. The home theater sounds better than most cinema sound systems. I am very happy with my set up now that I have the speakers and Denon receiver.

👤I wrote a 2-star review when my order wasn't delivered. The center speaker of the surround sound was being shipped in a separate order and I contacted customer service from Adorama to find out what was happening. The other shipment arrived a day later. I am very pleased with the sound of the surround sound. I didn't know it was going to be on two different shipments. I received a follow up email to make sure everything was ok. I don't write reviews, but I am very pleased with the thoroughness of the follow through of Adorama and their team members. Thank you!

👤I have always had a good stereo. You can tell I am old. I have had decent surround systems for TV watching, but these are much more than I have ever owned, walls and floor shake and sound shoots out from everywhere! I am hoping for a true theater experience with the new Denon AVR-X3700H 9.2 because I am not fully setup. Only nick might be the last. They are not for a $100,000 furniture quality room. The black finish is fine. A lot of speakers for the money in this set.

👤I am very pleased with the speakers I have, they are great and my surround system was in need of an upgrade. I didn't realize how bad my old speakers were until I had the first tower speaker hooked up. The directions that come with them don't explain how to hook them up. Most of the speakers have one set of posts, but the front tower speakers had three sets. I had to look up how to wire and what the different posts were.

👤The speaker system is the best I have ever purchased. The sound is great. The towers are taller than I anticipated. This is not a problem for me, but it is for my wife. We were planning on expanding our house before we bought the new sound system so it shouldn't be a problem for my wife.

👤I was very pleased with the items I purchased and they were in good condition. These speakers are loud.

2. OSD Audio Trimless Wall Speaker

OSD Audio Trimless Wall Speaker

They are woofers. The OSD Trimless In-Wall LCR Speaker has big 6.5" black kerchiefs that give it a powerful sound and more bass. The design: The speaker has a thin grille that blends with the decor of the room it is mounted in. It can be painted to look like your home furnishings. The in-wall speaker can be used to match the front channel or system. You can build an indoor home theater with powerful surround sound with the help of a personal sound preference switch. Easy installation. The IW650CLR Speaker comes with install-friendly dog-ear brackets.

Brand: Osd Audio

👤The speakers are a great value. Six of them were installed in my home over the past five years. I ordered this pair to add to my mud/craft room and they sound just as good as the others. These are not the speakers you are looking for. These sound great for listening to music in your home. The bass is good and the mids are better than average. I wanted good quality sound in these speakers and they delivered that. I can turn on or off which ones I like with the speaker switch I matched them with.

👤The IW530 is the subject of this review. These were what I needed. I had a slightly smaller set in my ceiling, but could not find an exact fit. I was able to install these with a little cutting. These do not use a install plate, but have 6 brackets that rotation 90 degrees when you turn the screws. The screws are hidden. The sound is probably not high end but great for the price.

👤I'm not an audio engineer, but I like to listen to movies loud and in full surround sound. I bought this speaker to replace the black speaker that I had been using. The speaker was easy to install, the grate was easy to get on and off, and the speaker sounded great. The sound level seems perfect to my ears, if that makes sense, and the dialogue level is easy to distinguish. We use our set-up for both movies and television, and it works well in those instances. The price was great, and I'm glad I didn't spend more for a different speaker. I would recommend it to everyone.

👤The speakers have good bass and clarity. I love them. I had one of our church members order a second one for our children's area, but the second speaker was used. The item has lost 2 stars.

👤The speaker looks great. It is very easy to install. The flush mount looks great. Disappointed in the sound. There are some voices in the movie dialogue that have a distinctive rattle. I've been very pleased with this company's products in the past, but this center channel is a miss on their part.

👤The speakers are manufactured well and work as advertised. The sound quality is good. The grills are hard to paint because of a paper back of the grill. The paper absorbs paint no matter how dry it is. I had to take the paper off the grill after several failed attempts. I let the grills sit in the sink for a while and scrubbed the paper off. The cone of the speaker is obscured by the grill, so it is almost invisible.

👤One of the speakers I purchased was not up to par. OSD told me to ship it back after I called for a replacement. I had to pay $16.50 for it to be done. I found out that Amazon will not charge for the return. If you buy these speakers, make sure they don't crackle. Return to Amazon and not OSD. Another one has blown. These speakers are junk and you should save your money and buy quality speakers.

3. Acoustic Audio HDS10 Theater Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio HDS10 Theater Subwoofer

The HDS10 passive speaker has a recommended power of 200-300 watt and a Frequency response of 26 to 200hz. Instructions were included for the Woven fiber Cone, Butyl rubber surround and low profile housing. The wall-lock mounting system has a cut out template. 625" X 10 The mounting depth is 3. It was designed and engineered in the USA. Home entertainment, surround sound, home theater, multiple room systems, Industrial sound systems are used. The price is for 1 in Wall passive Sub speaker. Similar specifications for a sub amplifier.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤A sound system is one of the things that you don't go cheap on. If you're taking the time to put an in-wall system in, you want to do it right the first time. I wanted to add some bass to the system. This wasn't the speaker. It was not enough for bass. The search for a good in-wall bass continues as I return these.

👤I bought this speaker and a class D Power amplifier to amplify the sound of my audio system. It fills in for the missing sound of the ceiling speakers. The manufacturer used ridiculously thin wire leads for the speaker. They appear to be about 28 gauge. You will have to replace it with something bigger.

👤There is an internal rattle to it. Not a clean sounding sub at all. You can hear rattle when it's removed from the plastic mounting. This would be a nice sub if it weren't for the internal rattle. I spoke with Goldwood on the phone and they sent me a free replacement part. It was installed and tested much better. The old unit had a problem. It's still not perfect, but it's better. There was no rattle. Shakes the wire mesh grill.

👤Works. Doesn't sound good. It's nice to hide. You can see the yellow through the grille, so you may want to cover the unit with cloth to hide the color. I can't believe it's Rattles out of my wall. I painted the wall back over and put drywall screws on it, but it's still rattling. Make sure you have lots of blocking in your wall all the way around. This was also in the gyp board.

👤I purchased a damaged speaker from Amazon because they were out of the new ones. There was a small scratch on the front grill which was easy to fix. I have no problems with the speaker or the receiver. I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone who is using a speaker system. I am very pleased with the results of my Sony stand alone sub. It looks great too.

👤Good sounding speakers can be had for a great price. These will give a long time of quality listening if they aren't exceeded and are loaded into a 2200 sq ft room with a 2k Watt amplifier that pushes these to the limit. A better bass sound quality can be achieved by using ceiling backer or boxing.

👤I will not be listening at full impact. These will make your walls shake. If you have a room behind your install space, I would suggest building a box or adding structural support around these. These will give some power. Read up on how subs work. 2xSpeakers are using a dayton audio plate amplifier. The wall is not the ceiling. You might want to get some audio fabric to put behind the screens. Even though the white foam insert is provided, it shows through the white screen even though the speaker is black and the surround is white. The subtle bass track of shows, movies, and film is added by these. It's better to hide a cube in your theatre room. But! These will not be the ones for you if you are an audio engineer.

4. OSD Black Trimless Theater Subwoofer

OSD Black Trimless Theater Subwoofer

There are 2 in wall passive sub speakers that require a SA200 sub amplifier. A compact passive in-wall sub is used to add smooth, balanced, and realistic bass to home theaters, distributed audio, or two-channel systems. It can handle up to 300W of power to provide deep and satisfying low frequencies sound effects. Highly efficient and engineered with dual 8” long excursion graphite woofer cones that move more air for bass sound. It blends easily into interiors with trimless, paintable thin grille that is held securely in place by Neodymium magnets embedded into the frame. The mounts are easy to install and include a cutout template.

Brand: Osd Black

👤It's easy to install. We installed 2 units into the wall.

5. Theater Solutions TS80W Speakers Surround

Theater Solutions TS80W Speakers Surround

Theater Solutions recommends 10 to 250 watt power for each speaker, efficiency is 93dB, and the speaker's Frequency Response is 30 to 20 kHz. Woven fiber bulletproof Cone woofers with Butyl rubber surround, Silk titanium dome tweeters, 2nd order 12dB per octave, spring loaded raw wire connections. Paint-able frames and grills, low profile housings designed for easy installation, and a unique wall locking mounting system are all included. Full instructions are included. The cut out size is 12. 75" X 8. Overall size is 14 per speaker. 125" X 10. 6275 The mounting depth is 3. The speaker was designed and engineered in the USA. The price is for 1 pair of Wall speakers and the use is for home entertainment, surround sound, home theater, offices or commercial.

Brand: Theater Solutions

👤I bought 4 of these and a Polk sub for my living room surround system. I went cheap because I am building a media room. Enough was enough. I have been setting up sound systems for many years and know what sounds good. These are very good. They are good enough that I haven't thought about sound quality since I built my system. We have watched a lot of movies. I'm considering the slightly larger versions for my home theater setup. There is a sweet spot in audio. These are correct. It would take 3-4 times more money to notice anything. It was a decent bang for the buck.

👤If you install the speakers correctly, they have excellent sound quality. The speakers in the wall need to be insulated. You need to insulate above and below the wall. I have an 8” model that comes with a template. You should leave at least a quarter of a mile from the stud to mark it and install it. The speakers aren't designed to produce much bass. What is a sub for? The set has a tool for removing grilles. You will like the results if you take your time installing. I have tested load on them and they can easily handle 30-50rms watt, they are loud and have built in crossovers as well. If your home theater has a eq, I would recommend using it as they are flat. Buy them and do things the right way. These sound better than the high end brands.

👤Are these as good as big name speakers? The install is easy to trace and cut. I think people broke screws because they were over tightening. The sound quality of my speakers is absolutely perfect, I have 2 xTS50w and 2 xTS65W. You can't compare this sound quality to a movie theater. Excellent highs and excellent mids. The lows are pretty good. You are not going to want to leave if you pair them with a decent sub. I can't speak to the center speaker because I installed it too late. I am sure it is the same quality as the others. I have only run these for about 10 hours so far, but I could not be happier.

👤Easy install comes with a template to help cut the hole out and a cross over built in on the rear of the housing, they sound good for the money. They were used in my home theater for the 7.1 system for the rear and side surround speakers and as a center channel up front.

👤I used to work for Denon. I have done this a few times. This is the first time I have done this. I was surprised by the resonance the company puts out for the price. $600 dollar sets that didn't have this much punch have been installed. A huge fan. I spent $200 on speakers in the ceiling. The rear was already in place. You will be thrilled with the outcome if you take your time and confirm what is in the wall.

6. Polk Audio 255C RT Ceiling Channel

Polk Audio 255C RT Ceiling Channel

Crystal clear sound and deep bass for a cinematic experience. Polk's patented Power Port technology is used to power the 255c-RT In-wall speaker. The speaker is designed to offset reflective surfaces with no sound distortion and is perfect for 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and above sound systems. Natural sound in your home theater and entertainment system. The perfect fit template, pre-construction brackets, and the patented rotating cam ensure secure installation. The loudspeaker goes into the wall to give you a clean, clutter-free look. You can paint the sheer grille in any color you want, and it will stay in your home decor. Polk is one of the most trusted names in home audio. You can relax and listen with your heart if you bring out the best in surround sound systems.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤The grill rattles and my speakers break down after a short period of use. I was very happy with how they looked and sounded after the initial installation, but there are definite issues with the 255c-RT. I had an annoying rattle during bassy parts of movies and music when I was listening to my Polk Vanishing services 7.1 surround system for six months. I thought it was pictures on the wall, or small items near my subwoofer, but after a while I realized it was the grilles that were making the rattling noises. The speaker covers are magnetic, but they are not strong enough to stay flush and securely, and they cause unwanted noise by vibrating. I discovered a second problem when I removed the centre cover to determine the root cause of the rattle. They had broken off at some point during the first six months of use and were sitting there waiting to fall out. I contacted Amazon and Polk who told me that the warranty was only for a year and that I would have to pay to have them fixed. It doesn't seem to be the manufacturer's problem that I only used them for six months, that the speakers disintegrated between 2 and 6 months of use, and that the only reason I discovered it was talking the grilles of to find the cause of the rattling issue. It would cost a lot to send them back to New Zealand. I am unlikely to buy another 255c-RT, so I may wait until the next problem. I am not happy. Polk won't send me a new speaker after buying so many. I have to use my speakers with the covers off, can see the faulty centre, and if you look closely around the speakers, they could be designed to not damage the walls.

👤I liked the way it looked with dual 5.25 mids. It wasn't as clear and clean as I thought it would be. The speakers made noise when punching or fighting scenes were being filmed. If you are wondering, I'm powered with older (marantz 5010 7.2) if you are just starting off. If you're just starting to build your surround sound up, then give it a try, but if you're doing a center channel replacement, it's not the center for you. I'm not knocking polk because I'm still using two 265 -RT as my L and R front speakers, but I guess just depends on your pocket and ear.

👤The speaker I purchased was a compliment to the 7.1 sound system. I bought the Polk Audio 255C-RT (center) Polk 265-LS x 2 (front sides) Polk 80F/X-RT x 4 (Surround and surround back) and the Denon AVR-x3600. They sound good out of the box. I was concerned about how well it would sound having mix and matched LS andRT into the same speaker setup. Those concerns were quickly laid to rest after the following process. Once you get your initial sound set up configured, play around with other options and the speakers will sound amazing once you get the right configuration. If you want to get the most out of these speakers, make sure you lay them out correctly and then modify them to your liking. I put the surround and back speakers in the ceiling and installed the front and center channels on the wall. These are easy to install. The layout of your speakers and speaker wire will be the most important things you do.

7. Monoprice Ceiling Speaker 8 Inch Subwoofer

Monoprice Ceiling Speaker 8 Inch Subwoofer

The price is for 1 in Wall passive Sub speaker. Similar specifications for a sub amplifier. The MIT-1000s in-wall bridge speaker can be used to transform smaller in-wall or satellite speakers into full range monitors. The sub is not for replacing a decent powered LFE sub. It's difficult to pair smaller speakers to a high powered subwoofer. Monoprice has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year replacement warranty, which makes them stand behind every product they sell. Monoprice's rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices.

Brand: Monoprice

👤The speakers were installed in the ceiling. I bought and installed the enclosures to make sure I didn't get debris on the speaker cones. The result is mediocre sound quality. The sound is unbalanced because the speakers have a "tubby" sound. These speakers are perfect for heavy bass. If you want a more natural, open sound, you should either avoid these speakers or install them without enclosures. I installed a pair of Monoprice "Caliber" in-wall speakers in an insulated wall. I didn't worry about debris falling onto the speaker cones because I installed them without enclosures. They sound good. I'm amazed that I get good sound from the speakers that cost $33.

👤I got a quote for over $100,000 for speakers, but why should I pay $750 for 42 speakers? Put them in the bathroom and laundry room. It's fine for a lot less. The $750 sounded better, but come on... How much? For a bathroom? Great value. I'm not sure how long they'll last but at the price. The grill is very difficult to get in and it was a delicate plastic. You get for less than $100 because you don't like the flange.

👤I was expecting a little more power and thump out of this thing. Its not bad. There are other subs that hit harder than this one.

👤Will be buying again, the sound is great.

👤The speakers are flat. There is a The package does not include instructions for connecting them in stereo. The grills don't come back on after you install the speaker, so you end up standing on a ladder pushing it in, which could cause the ladder to fall. Stay away from complete garbage.

👤Speaker work is great. It's ok to have sound play in the background. The sound is "Tinny" and lacks base, to be expected. I used to live in the garage and rec-room.

👤Very happy. These are good value and sound. I have no complaints about these.

👤Excellent prix. Basses puissantes. Haute discrte. recommander.

👤Fantastic sound. It is worth every penny to install.

8. Soundavo PSB 400DSP Subwoofer Amplifier Presets

Soundavo PSB 400DSP Subwoofer Amplifier Presets

High Wattage Power OutputCompact 1U design subwoofer amplifier delivers plenty of solid clean power with high fidelity, strong and deep bass frequencies to drive medium-to-large sized in-wall or floor stand style subwoofer speakers. It provides 1000 watt peak power, which makes your home audio and home theater audio system sound like it came from the cinema. The easy connection to any system includes a stereo/mono line level audio input that can receive full band audio from any audio amplifier, receiver or LFE input, also features a stereo speaker level input/outputs connector and passthrough for easy to work with older amplifier/ Set and save your bass frequencies and volume levels for music listening, movies and late night mode. The menu function screen has a selection knob that can be used to adjust Master Volume Level, Crossover Frequency, 4 different Slopes, Phase, and 4 different Low Cut. Store up to 3 presents are designed for 8” and 10” subs. A three way switch on the rear panel allows you to set the 12Vtrigger mode, auto on/off by music signal detect mode, or always on mode. The function can be turned off from the menu or choose from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Brand: Soundavo

👤I don't really use this product exactly as intended, but it was the lowest cost replacement amplifier I could find to power my Buttkicker LFE that output the appropriate power level. It seems to work well so far and the different options allow me to fine tune the setup. I just adjust the output on my receiver when I need it. It serves its purpose well so far without being heavy or expensive.

👤It was replaced with a new one that had plenty of running power and sounded great. It drives my big speaker to concert levels. I can play music without turning on or off the amplifier with the auto on feature. It works with any audio device. It has a good build quality and is well finished.

👤I've owned a pair of the Cerwin-Vega XLS- 215 (w/ dual 15" subs in each cabinet) for about 10 years and have never been able to get them to sound right. There is a I decided to give them a shot after running across this amplifier. I had to buy an amplifier for each speaker cabinet since they are single/mono channel. I took away 1 star because I would have only had to buy one amplifier if it was a dual channel. The sound is amazing. I've never heard speakers sound like this. My wife told me that I was not allowed to return the amplifier or she would be upset. If you need a lot of power to drive inefficient subs, you would do well to give this amplifier. Good luck.

👤It really hits the bass. The bass is made of Klipsch. The amplifier went out under warranty twice. I added some clips and hooked it up because I don't want an internal amplifier anymore. I have an external amplifier that moves the 15 inch better than the Klipsch amplifier. The video was on a sub. The range of an Amp is 9db to -9db. The 12volttrigger is not a regular one on my other devices. I don't know what cable to use. I answered questions quickly but with poor cable options. I am not sure if the email answer knows this device. Klipsch should be ashamed of their design. Twice in 8 years. Hard bass music is not used for LFE purposes.

👤I had it for a day. It has a low end range of 10 hz. The amplifier says it can power that low. It doesn't kick in until north of 35 hz. I have the value all the way down to 35hz. I am hearing sound at 80hz. The Nobsound states it can only go down to 20hertz. The Nobsound/shakers kicked in sub 35 hertz and rolled off at 40 hertz. I will give these more time. I will come back here to edit if this is in line. Otherwise, returning it.

👤Two years ago, we had a professional install the home theater system that came with two 10” in-wall subs and a SA1000 sub amplifier, but the sub amplifier blew out last month. If we upgrade the higher output power sub amplifier, we should choose between Nuvo 200 and Soundavo PSB-400, both of them have the same spec, but this one has more power and has a screen with a digital signal processor. Since we already have pre-wired our system, we can just replace the cables from the SA 1000 with the existing wires. Wow... It's easy to adjust the subsonic filter and the low end punch sound, just follow the user manual. I am very happy with the result of my purchase, the building quality looks good, it is easy to hook up, and the sound is great.

9. Monoprice Caliber Subwoofer Installation Paintable

Monoprice Caliber Subwoofer Installation Paintable

Installation instructions are easy to follow. You can put it in almost any wall with at least 3.6in of space behind it. The aramid fiber is made from a mixture of fibers. The materials used in the aramid Fiber driver are similar to those used in the Kevlar products. The form of the construction is better than that of polymers. The 300 watt peak power capacity means that you can fill your room with deep, earth- shattering bass. The grill is paintable. The paintable grill can be used to match the color of your walls to make the speaker appear invisible. The combination of the low profile, in-wall design and the powerful Sub woofer it Self makes for an excellent addition to a standard home theater.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I wanted to use the speakers as rear surround speakers. The pictures don't show how large they are. You'll have to cut a big hole in the wall to mount them. The speakers were one of the reasons I bought them. You'll be left with a white border all the way around the speakers after you paint the grill. The speakers are held in the frame with six screws. You can paint the plastic frame along with the grill if you remove the speaker. I used a can of spray paint and did everything. They look great. Most houses have a stud spacing of 16 degrees apart, so you can cut the hole in the wall with two inches on either side. I used a RotoZIP to cut out the drywall after taping the template to the wall. The template is the minimum size needed, so I had to go back over the cut to make it larger for the speaker to sit on the wall. Don't let your wife see the hole in the wall before the speaker is installed because it will look huge. The speaker mounts to the wall with a series of tabs that spin into place and tighten as a screw on the front of the speaker is turned. I used an electric screwdriver to reach the screws. Go slow if you do that. I let go when I felt resistance on the driver. Before you put the speaker in the wall, make sure the tabs are vertical so they can spin outward. If you use a drill, I would be careful as I could see the tabs breaking easily under stress. I would rate these speakers 5 out of 5. They sound great, don't let the price fool you. The tab installation system keeps them calm. One of the speakers arrived with one of the tabs broken off, so I docked the speakers one star. It was too late to return them because I didn't notice it until I started painting them. If the speakers ever stop working, I'll either have to replace them with the exact same model or learn how to do serious drywall repair.

👤He has a weird area under our staircase. There is an empty space under the staircase and we mounted it in that void. It looks great. Very low profile. You can tell the speaker is high quality by the weight of the magnets used. We have a 4k sqft house, and this is installed in the middle. The plan is to use the sub in conjunction with the micca speakers to add some bass. I have serious concerns that this puppy is going to piss off the neighbors, and everyone in our neighborhood has acre sized lots, so I'm not kidding. If you're like me, and think that the music is more important than the clarity, then this sub is for you.

👤The speakers sound good. They are not for the faint of heart. To install them, you will need to cut a hole in the wall that is about 12 feet wide. I put a batt of Rockwool insulation in the wall before installing these. It also makes it harder to hear them on the other side of the wall, for example, if you want to avoid filling the room with sound, you could put it in a bedroom or other area. I dropped the speaker wire down the wall because they have spring terminal connections on the back. I soldered the speaker wire to the audio plate at the bottom of the wall at the same height as the power outlets to give it a finished look. You're done if you connect your amplifier to the spring terminals.

10. Klipsch R 3650 W II Wall Speaker

Klipsch R 3650 W II Wall Speaker

The Tractrix Horn has a square 90-degree by 60-degree pivot. Horn-loaded technology increases acoustic output. The Tractrix Horn tweeter has been pivoted for clear sound. IR receiver knock out.

Brand: Klipsch

👤I was not sure if an in-wall speaker or a wall mount speaker was right for me. I decided to go with the in-wall style because of the layout of our room and the ultimatum from the wife about not having an ugly looking speaker hanging off the wall. Wow! Klipsch makes amazing speakers. We are using the R-5650-WII's as the surround channels, and we are using some R-820-F floor standing speakers for the L/R channels and a R-34-C for the center channel. We have a 5.1 setup. I was worried that the surround channels would be overwhelmed by the floor standing enclosures or that they wouldn't pair up nicely. This isn't the case at all. The rest of the setup works well with these in-wall speakers. The only difference is in the extreme low end of the range. The speakers don't match the sound of the R-820-F. It covers the range. My wife doesn't like audio. She thought we were wasting money creating a system like this. My wife walked into the room when I played the speakers for the first time. She sat down and said 'WOW!' immediately. I'm not exaggerating when I say that within a half hour we were listening to some of her favorite music and she was crying because it came through with such power and clarity. She wants to know why we waited so long. I have been using this system for about six months after I bought it. My wife wants to know when we will add in-ceiling speakers to create a Dolby Atmos setup. It is cheaper to just buy a movie and sit in your own living room instead of going to the theater, so we have decided to watch more movies at home. When guests come over, the family can't wait to show them the system. They can watch their eyes light up if they pop in a couple of test tracks. Back to the speakers. The R-5650-WII's are slick. The front of the speaker housing has speaker covers attached to it. They sit extremely tight and flush to the wall, without any tools required to take on or off. I haven't measured the speaker cover, but it sticks out at 3/16th's of an inch. We thought we would paint the covers to match the wall, but we were wrong. We decided to leave them as is because they blend in so well. I was looking for a good picture for this review, and in the dozens and dozens of pictures I have taken in my living room since January, the speakers are hardly noticeable and wouldn't do the review justice. Installation was easy. You can use the enclosed template and a saw. My only advice is to make sure you have enough clearance away from the studs so that the tabs can flip out and anchor the speaker. Use a hand powered screwdriver. Two of my speakers are in an exterior wall with rock wool insulation. I just cut the hole, hooked up the wires, and compressed the insulation. No issues have been reported so far and no cold drafts have been noted. We live in Michigan. If you install these on an exterior wall, be aware that you can hear the speaker on the outside of the house if it is turned up to a decent volume. Don't be on the fence about this speaker or an in-wall speaker. Go buy it! It was worth it. These speakers are made by Klipsch and they are quality.

11. Acoustic Audio HD728 Ceiling Surround

Acoustic Audio HD728 Ceiling Surround

Not all TV's have an Audio-out jack. The transmitter may need to be connected to a cable or satellite box. A 9 piece home speaker set includes 4 wall speakers and 2 ceiling speakers. Butyl rubber surrounds, round cut out, and low profile housings. The cut out is 19.25" X 7.5" and the depth is 3.25". 2 HDS10 wall passive Sub speakers, 200-300w each, 26hz-200hz, 10" Woofers, cut out is 10.625" X 10.625", overall is 12 X12", depth is 3.75", these passive subs require a Ws 1005 Sub amplifier This listing is for a complete 9 piece wall and ceiling speaker set.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤Each of the subs will need an independent amplifier to provide power to them. If you have an audiovisual receiver that can provide Pre Amp Outs, you can connect your speakers to an external amplifier. We put in a pair of front speakers along with a pair of back speakers. Behind our listening area, we installed 2 rear speakers, 1 sub, and one round in the ceiling. The other round was above the other seating area. We were able to verify the ceiling speakers were working and generate tones using the AV receiver YAPO because we didn't hook up the subs to the audiovisual system. I wouldn't purchase this product. The system looks complete and the seller says that only 2 Amp products will work and make it work. The use of passive subs would be a problem with this speaker package. Pre Outs are only available for active subs in the majority of the receivers you will see. I bought a Rockville amplifier that I thought would provide enough power for both subs. After reading previous reviews and questions about other buyers concern for the amplifier for the subs, I was not able to verify if other users were able to use other Amps besides what the seller recommended. I waited until our living room was renovated to install the speakers and wires for our audiovisual system, so I am out of the return period. I left questions for other buyers and their reviews, so I was not able to get a reply or support for this product. It turns out that a purchase was made under good intentions. It is very embarrassing to show friends and family what you have purchased and only able to enjoy tones from all speakers and have no subs as they remain in the wall as "Display Only". The money, time, and research spent before purchasing was not what you were expecting. My recommendation is that if you want a 5.2 or 7.2 speaker configuration for your home theater, you should not buy from this seller and build your own. This purchase is not meant for you unless you know how to use passive and active speakers. The seller will want you to purchase their own Amps for each sub, no matter what speaker system you buy. You can find 2 front speakers, 2 matching rear speakers, 2 additional wall or ceiling speakers, and 2 active subs that can be hooked from your audio equipment. The tech support you expect is poor. The reviews from other buyers are more than 3 years old. I don't think this was an honest purchase, so I can't give an honest review. If you understand passive and active subs, the product may fit your needs. This purchase was not for me. I probably wasted money on the external amplifier I bought because it wasn't recommended by the seller. The seller told me that the only amplifier that will work for this speaker set is the WS105. The Pre Outs from your receiver are used to connect your subs to the outs of the amplifier. Let me know if other people are able to do this work. Before buying, please do more research. Just finished hooking up the 5 man speakers to a Yamaha and the Rockville RPA 9 Amps and the Pre Outs of the Sub 1 and Sub 2 to the input of the Yamaha. The performance was so good that the sub woofers ran out of Rockville, Stereo, Low Pass and turned the system on. I felt like I was on stage when they were so loud. I would buy it.


What is the best product for in wall subwoofer for home theater?

In wall subwoofer for home theater products from Klipsch. In this article about in wall subwoofer for home theater you can see why people choose the product. Osd Audio and Acoustic Audio By Goldwood are also good brands to look for when you are finding in wall subwoofer for home theater.

What are the best brands for in wall subwoofer for home theater?

Klipsch, Osd Audio and Acoustic Audio By Goldwood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for in wall subwoofer for home theater. Find the detail in this article. Osd Black, Theater Solutions and Polk Audio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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