Best Jbl Home Theater System 5.1

5.1 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. JBL K951387 BAR Studio

JBL K951387 BAR Studio

The total maximum power is 30W. The max SPL is 90dB. The Audio Return Channel has a version of HDCP. Audio inputs: 1Analog, 1 optical, and 1usb. The version is 4.2. Soundbar dimensions W x H x D is 614 x 58 x86mm.

Brand: Jbl

👤There are issues with these soundbars. The audio will be cut during low volume audio when using the SPDIF/BLEAK technology. It appears that the issue is not going to be solved by JBL. It does not appear to be an issue if you are going to use analog. Digital inputs are not allowed.

👤It doesn't work and there is no return allowed. Don't buy from this person.

👤It worked great at first, but after almost 6 months it started making a loud noise. I wish this happened during the return period.

👤The sound bar was easy to set up and deliver great sound.

👤This product has a delay in the audio coming on that is a fraction of a second. The beginning note of a song can be dropped, or the first syllable or two of someone's voice. This happens when the sound channel goes quiet and comes back on. There is no reason for a modern sound product to suffer from this kind of bad design.

👤I bought this JBL BAR STUDIO 2.0 - Channel Soundbar withBluetooth for Rs. 7200. During a sale on Amazon. The MRP is Rs 11990 The box has 1 on it. A single unit sound bar. There is a tiny remote control. An AC power cord. An optical cable. AUX cable, 6. There are two wall mount brackets. There is a warranty card and a quick start guide. I have attached this to my Le Eco Super X43 Pro TV, which is a 43 inch 4K tv. The sound of my TV has improved a lot. I didn't want to buy a soundbar with separate bass and satellite speakers as they are hard to place in different places in the room and make the room cluttered with wires. I just needed a soundbar which will improve my TV's sound and which will be slim and compact, and I am happy with this... Obviously, the costlier 5.1 soundbars with separate woofer and 3 or 4 satellite speakers would give you more cinematic surround sound with better bass, but I just Pros. 1. The design is a single unit soundbar. The dimensions are approximately 24 x 3.5 x 2 inches. LxBxH. The soundbar looks nice. 2. The sound quality is the most important thing. The compact Soundbar does an excellent job. Your TV's sound will be improved. You can expect more rich sounds with the JBL-Harman sound. The bass and clarity were good. Movie Mode with Surround Sound is one of the best Movie Modes, it will make you feel like you are in a cinema hall. This is a soundbar with Dolby Audio. The living room has enough sound output. The maximum power is 30W. There are two small bass radiators and a pair of 1.5 inch tweeters inside the Soundbar which are capable of producing balanced sound quality. There was no distortion at the highest volume. 3. There are multiple connections. If your TV has a HDMI port, you should connect it to it as it will give you the best sound and you can control the volume through the TV remote. There is a If you don't have a high definition tv. You can use the port. That will give the same sound quality. There is a The good old 3.5mm AUX port is always used if you want to use this soundbar with a TV that lacks these connections. If we like to play music with any device that has a wireless option, it's very helpful. The sound output is great. An optical cable and an AUX cable are supplied. 4. Installation was very easy. If you want wall mounting, you just need to drill two holes. The box contains the brackets and screws. 5. They are known for their quality sound systems. This is also an exception. The Soundbar has a one year warranty. 6. There are not many options of reliable soundbars in this price range. 10 k. Mi is not available in India and it does not have a remote control. There is a good soundbar but it lacks reliability and has a separate bass unit. That doesn't have the same quality of sound. If you are getting a Soundbar in a deal, you should go for it. You will not regret. 7. This has just 30 watt max. It will be very low on electricity consumption if there's no audio signal. The cons are 1. You have to purchase the soundbar because it doesn't have an HDMI cable. I recommend using basic cables. They are of excellent quality. 2. I don't think you can expect a concert room sound from these small speakers. The maximum volume is not recommended for halls. It is a larger version of a good speaker. This speaker is the best in its class. There is a If you need a good bass and surround sound then you should consider 5.1 soundbars. Don't expect to get a perfect bass or a perfect treble. This is not a 5.1 home theater sound system. The sound of your TV will be enhanced by this soundbar. If you keep your expectations realistic, you will be satisfied with this soundbar. Trust me. 3. Not a con, actually. Before using the remote, it is advisable to remove the plastic from the button-power Cell compartment. It won't work if it isn't done. 4. I have issues with the HDMI ARC, though I can control my TV's sound through the TV remote control. I have to manually reset the TV's sound output settings each time I change them, and the remote control is not always working when I increase or decrease the sound. I am getting 52 after 50. This might be a problem with my TV's software. I don't know. 5. The soundbar could not be connected directly to the power sockets. The AC switch board power supply can be connected to the soundbar with an accessory. This adds up to a lot of wires and sh*ts that I don't like. The box-like power adapter in between should be replaced with a normal power cord. This is unacceptable if compactness is the point of attraction. 6. There isn't a digital display. There are a few light indicators. If you have a budget of less than 10k, then you want a slim and compact one-piece soundbar for your TV. This is the best choice for you. You can ask me any questions. I would be happy to help you. If you find my review useful, please like it. Thank you.

2. JBL Professional Reference Bluetooth JBL104 BT

JBL Professional Reference Bluetooth JBL104 BT

Most desktop and laptop computers are compatible with the reference monitors. There are three sets of inputs that allow connection with professional equipment. The front-panel input control can combine all inputs. There is a front-panel volume control and a jack for headphones. The reference mixes via streaming. The driver has a 4.5-Inch (118mm) woofer and.75-Inch (19mm) soft-dome tweeter. 30 watt power amplifier is distributed to each speaker.

Brand: Jbl Professional

👤These are some of the most mediocre monitors you can find. I was playing a D0 and the note didn't come through. I checked on my headphones to make sure they were working, because I thought I might have the fundamental and harmonics out of whack. They favor higher frequencies and have bad EQing. Better sound can be heard from battery powered sound bars. Lesson learned: buy nice monitors or mixing headphones. The marketing department of JBL should focus on their products.

👤Do you want to play through a singlet set of speakers with no changes to the wiring? These speakers are worth a look. These speakers can service up to four sources at once with no need for switches, because they mix up to three hard wired sources with the same wireless technology. It's something other manufacturers should be doing. The research and development resources of the company, which is called JBL, completely shame any Chinese company that makes a speaker. How many desktop speakers under two hundred dollars have KEF style wave guide shaped woofers? I don't know of any. The build quality is excellent and there is no laser bright powerLED to annoy you. The power switch is on the back, which is odd. These sound good for the price. They are nicely balanced and won't shake the room. The long range, low latency, and easy to use are some of the things that make the connection reliable and easy to use. The build quality is good. The speakers are a perfect example of how North American engineering shames all the Chinese designed junk on the market at a still very reasonable price.

👤The speakers are fine and work well, as highlighted in a lot of the reviews here. I have no complaints about the performance of the product. The clip on the back of the powered speaker that holds the wire broke three months into ownership. The plastic part fell on the floor after the spring snapped. The second speaker is useless because the wire can't be held in. Things will happen until you try to get support from JBL. They refer you to Pro support, who can't do anything for you unless you bring the speakers to a pro dealer. If you live in a state that doesn't have a pro dealer, you're out of luck. The connecting wire between the two speakers can't be used because of a plastic clip that won't stay in. Even though it is out of the return window, Amazon is helping me get a replacement set. 10/10 for Amazon support and 10/10 for the product itself. The cheap plastic clip broke without any effort. The pro customer support for JBL was 0/10.

👤The risk of not being able to return a faulty unit is always there because returns fees are sometimes more expensive than the item you buy. I was disappointed that I still bought them. The speakers came in less than a week and were very well packaged. The connection was not working after installing them. I tried to pair them to different devices, but nothing worked. The rest of the input options were working. I didn't like the sound, it's a good not great sound. I was hoping the speakers would recognize my devices the next day, but they didn't. The speakers are non-Bluetooth but paying as if they were, because the receiver is faulty. I contacted customer service, then technical support, then JBL support, then Harman support, but none of them offered actual technical support. I will have to keep them and get a separate receiver to connect it to the 3.5mm input, because sending them back would be too expensive. I don't recommend buying them. Get the regular ones and add the receiver yourself. I won't buy any more from JBL. Amazon customer service was attentive.

3. JBL Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth

JBL Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth

Take turns enjoying the sound of the speaker by connecting up to 2 phones or tablets. The 7800mAh battery has a capacity of up to 20 hours of playtime and can be used to charge your device. You don't have to worry about spills or submersion in water if you take charge 4 to the beach or pool. Amplify your listening experience to epic levels and rock the party perfectly by wirelessly connecting more than 100 JBL connect+ enabled speakers. The charge 4 does not include a wall accessory.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤Overall, I like this speaker. It's portable, but it has some drawbacks that I think are short-sighted. The good things first. It's loud. It's loud. The speaker has good sound quality. It fills a room with sound. It's not the worst out there because it isn't laggy with video streaming. The description says it's a type of charging. Wow! Almost all my devices will use one cable to charge. That's the dream, right? It uses a Type-C port, but doesn't use any of the benefits of the Type C. I have to have another cable because I have to use ausb-a tousb-c cable. That was a terrible decision for design. I know it's a portable speaker, but it's not good for audio quality if you only use the audio codec. It's cheaper than ever to implement some higher quality audio transfer codecs, but we're stuck with the same thing. At the end of the day, it seems lazy.

👤Don't buy this product. It's. A scam. The speaker on the left doesn't work. They connected the left channel with the right one to make it appear that both speakers are working. You end up with mono sound and less power. They know how to propose. This is a scam.

👤I used it 2 times in 3 weeks and it won't charge, just get a blinking light.

👤The most powerful speaker I have ever owned is this little dude. The sound is top notch. It hits hard. And loud. I don't plan on it being waterproof. Incredible battery life. It has some weight to it. The only thing I don't like about it is the type of charge it takes. It takes a larger type of chargers. The world has been using the Charge 3 for the last 10 years, but not the average "android type" charger. It is the newer type of charger. thumbs down to only that part I have no other complaints and lots of praise.

👤I was not happy with the reviews. There were good comparisons online when I decided to go with another brand. The speaker is mono. I expected more for the price.

👤I work in music and audio and this speaker is amazing. Even though it's a mono chrash, it still sounds good because it's so small. The speaker is full and rich even from 100 feet away. It's a bit pricey, but it's worth it. The battery lasts as long as needed. We ran this speaker on a single charge for 3 days and it still had 2 bars left. Excellent unit. Well done.

👤I bought 2 so I could use "JBL Connect" to set the speakers to play music in stereo. Sound is great! Excellent battery life! I would not have given this 5 stars if it was the JBL Connect App. There is no Windows App for JBL Connect. That makes no sense. If you are listening, please release the JBL Connect App that runs on Windows 10.

👤I showed it to my co-workers. The co workers said it was the best value they had ever seen. I'm very happy. It's a leap of faith buying something. This leap paid off.

4. JBL PSB 1 Commercial 2 Channel SoundBar

JBL PSB 1 Commercial 2 Channel SoundBar

The IR pulse of the volume controls can be learned by the PSB-1 Pro Sound Bar, so guests can use any remote to adjust the system. Front-facing speakers have better clarity than internal television speakers, and at low levels it's possible to hear without increasing volume. The universal power supply allows global installations. The speaker grill is easier to clean and maintain and less prone to damage if no cloth is used. Hardware, audio cables, and cable are included.

Brand: Jbl Professional

👤A clear sound. The product is called girt. When a signal is detected, power is on.

👤It automatically turns on in professional environments. It's nice to not have to mess with auto power off.

👤iPhoneps42p60 ps416


5. JBL Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth

JBL Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth

There is a wireless streaming device.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I decided to give the product a try after being skeptical about buying a renewed product. The item was packaged in a brown box. It has a shoulder strap. I rigged my own grab handles. See the pictures. The speaker sounds great. The bass was clear and booming. I did the update through the app and then uninstall it. The speaker gets a boost. There is a slight increase in bass. L&R channel or party mode is the only things that the app gives you. Why do it need location contacts? They are looking at data. It's not good for anything except for the 15min firmware updates. The speaker sounded great and the purchase was good. Purchase another at this price. The first one was good and I liked it. I bought another one. The 2nd one is loud. The first day it worked well, then went to rice crispies. The replacement for the faulty one sounds ok so far. See pics of this one. Is it cracked on the inside? Afraid to get it wet. That's only 1 out of 3. I don't think I'll be buying renewed anymore. There was no crackling or pops with the 3rd one. The 2nd one was crackle pop and the 3rd one had a scar, but this speaker sounds good. The battery life is good. Connects bumped it up a star.

👤Being that I produce music, I have some decent equipment. I have a good idea of sound quality. The speaker was packed well and came in a generic brown box. It included all the accessories. Even though it said it was refurbished, everything looked brand new. The seller is so deserving of praise. The speaker is attractive, but the sound is not up to it's looks. It doesn't sound bad, don't get me wrong. That's when it's plugged into an outlet. There's a noticeable difference in sound quality and volume when plugged in. It gets more clear. It's definitely not as loud when plugged in as you'd think, and some reviewers make it out to be. It's good for a medium sized bedroom or shower, but not the party starter it's made out to be. The bass is not very good. If you look at this and think you're getting a bass thumping speaker, you'll be disappointed. It is more for clarity than bass. It's definitely not this speakers strong suit if you can get it in a sweet spot and get the most thump out of it. The sound is not nearly as clean when unplugged. The speaker is not worth the price. Don't give your money away. I refurbished it for $170. I'm not happy with what I paid. A speaker like this one should cost about $100. I really mean that. It is very overpriced. I don't want to go through the hassle of returning it. I guess it's worth it if you can get it for $150. The battery is pretty decent. If you're willing to keep it plugged in most of the time to get the loudest sound and best clarity, you can get it for around $150. But Don't buy if you're expecting big bass. Don't buy loud things if you need them. Please don't buy if you're thinking of spending $300. Its very expensive.

6. JBL Professional Next Generation Powered 305PMKII

JBL Professional Next Generation Powered 305PMKII

Next-generation JBL transducers, Boundary EQ, and a sleek new design are included in the Mk II series. New design improvements result in better transient response and deep bass with lower distortion. When speakers are placed on the work surface and adjacent to walls, the neutral low frequencies are restored. Any studio has a dramatic flair to it. Even while listening off-axis, neutral frequencies across a wide area allow you to fine- tune your mix. Purchase includes a studio monitor, Power Cord, quick set-up guide, and peel-off rubber pads.

Brand: Jbl Professional

👤I didn't try anything else because I figured I wasn't missing out much, and the speaker that I thought was good would cost over $2,000 and require a larger cabinet. I always wanted to try a set of studio monitors for listening to music and decided that these were the ones based on just about every review I read and, at this price, why not?! I'm using it for all my music because the sound out of these things are so great. Hooked up my COWON. It's amazing to listen to mp3's and flac files through these speakers. I'm not sure what to do with the BOSE, it's unplugged and going into storage until I can figure it out. The clarity of these monitors is amazing. I agree with another reviewer that casual music listening isn't necessary with a sub. Like him, I also tried a sub woofer and the sound was better with just the monitors. The low end of these things are amazing. The sound is still clean and accurate. Don't feel the need to get more bass. I like bass heavy music. I don't hear anything like that from my speakers. It was perfectly silent. I bought the TISINO dual RCA to XLR Male Cable, 2 XLR to 2 RCA/Phono Plug, and these cables are a perfect compliment for the speakers. I think these are all that and more, even if the speakers are $10K and not audiophile level.

👤I jumped on the Thanksgiving sale for 90 dollars for desktop use. I was skeptical of the hype for the SLR305 predecessors, mainly due to the lack of sound demos that impressed me at all, and I read issues of hissing and Class D treble nasties, which I can't stand. Thankfully, I don't get any of these. Their sound is big, separation is good, bass is dynamic, mids are well-balanced, and treble is detailed, polite, and never harsh. Overall, I'm really impressed. I would have preferred they'd kept the baffle instead of the plastic trim. The +4db / -10db sensitivity switch is not like the eq or boundary switches and requires a micro screwdriver to adjust - it's more like a recessed slider. They didn't use the same switch. You need to run these fully balanced to get the most out of the onboard Amps. I connected my full home rig source to the +4db XLR inputs with the JBL volume pots set to max and the sound was fantastic. There was tons of detail and presence at all levels. It's a huge step down to run 3.5mm stereo direct from the PC to the unbalanced jacks. It's still fine, but not close to what the JBLs are capable of. If you can run these balanced with a good preamplifier, please, please.

👤I have used the LSR305's in a different environment before, so I should say that these are my first pair of studio monitors for my own personal use. I chose these over the competing monitors because of their low end response. I don't think you'll find a better pair of studio monitors for the price. When these are powered on and connected via my Focusrite Scarlett, I experience a "hiss" or white noise. Many people have complained about this but I don't notice it very much.

7. JBL Professional Control Performance Loudspeaker

JBL Professional Control Performance Loudspeaker

The latest version of JBL Control 1 is 150W Pro quality. Multiple uses and angles can be achieved with variable angle wall brackets. Professional drivers and high quality vehicles give a transparent sonic performance. It has SonicGuard protection overload. It has shielded transducers for TV applications.

Brand: Jbl Professional

👤These are real studio monitors that are used in actual recording studios around the world. There are four or five small monitors used in studios, and these are one of them. Don't buy powered speakers. "Powered speakers" are a waste of money. All powered speakers are rubbish. All the time. If you want to listen to music for the rest of your life, buy speakers. If you want to buy the absolutely incredible Fosi amplifier for 70 bucks, then you should also buy the monitors of your choice, such as the classic C1s Regarding JBL C1s, they are simply one. They're a standard. They are a bit too heavy in bass for me, but that's just a preference and will depend on your room, desk, etc. Near-field speakers are incredibly sensitive to the position, exact placement, and many other things. I move these around an inch or so relative to the exact place I sit in, and it makes the sound different. All small studio monitors are affected by this. I use these for voice production and they're a bit bassy for me. That's a personal preference. They're incredible for music. The sound experience with near field monitors is different from big speakers in a big room, it's meant to be. If you just play any ordinary music track you're familiar with, the Beatles, whatever, through a Fosi and on to these C1s, you'll hear a huge amount of stuff you never heard before. Just be aware that it's different: the three experiences using headphones, large speakers in a large room, and nearfield studio monitors are different. The experiences are vastly different. You can't go wrong buying a JBL C1s. Like in the analogy, most working guitarists will own a fender strat, but they may prefer other guitars or use others for different reasons, but it's a standard item. You don't buy "powered" speakers. You can buy a Fosi for 70 bucks. One of the best Amps in the world. If you buy a pair of speakers like this, you will be ahead of the game on sound. The small Behringer passive monitors are named "C1" for obvious reasons. At 80 bucks a pair, it's awesome. Don't buy "powered" monitors, they're a total ripoff, and if you do, buy a pair of Auratones, which are the monitors Quincy Jones uses, for example. "Powered speakers" are used for convenience music in your kitchen. If you need to sit by your computing gear to work on audio, don't buy powered speakers, or passive monitors, or a Fosi amplifier.

👤It sounded better than expected, but I didn't expect much for the price. They did a great job installing them high for surround sound. One of the most expensive was $160 for the year. 5 star and recommended!

👤The install was great. They are bookshelf speakers. I had room on the walls for them. Check out the dimensions of the purchase. The mount was sturdy. I didn't believe it when I opened it, but the mounts are sturdy and solid. I will worry about plastic stress fatigues in 10 years. I keep that rod in my jewelry box so I don't lose it. I am sure my audio will connect to a government implant when the plastic fails. Don't know who speakers are. My ear is very rude. My ears are happy.

8. JBL 2 5 Way Woofers Alluminum Standing

JBL 2 5 Way Woofers Alluminum Standing

Hardware, audio cables, and cable are included. Two-tone design for wood. High-definition image engineering by JBL.

Brand: Jbl

👤I've toured with R&R bands for decades and I'm familiar with the product of JBL. If you want something that can absolutely rattle the windows and piss off neighbors with the sheer volume they can produce, these speakers are for you. I have them hooked up to my TV and they sound great. They shine when watching movies on streaming services like Amazon and Netflix as they have great sound.

👤It has a lot of bass, and it's cheap. You won't be disappointed. It could look better.

👤The bass is a little heavy. The speaker wire did not come with a small stand as shown on the box.

9. JBL Studio 520CBK Channel Speaker

JBL Studio 520CBK Channel Speaker

The response was 38 to 20,000Hz. The Transducers have PolyPlas cones. The driver is 25mm in diameter. The horn is filled with glass. The enclosure is 1/3-Inch (19mm) in diameter.

Brand: Jbl

👤It sounds better than some $1200 channels. A friend of mine that owns a $1200 center channel is buying it after hearing about it. Good for both movies and music, but trueHD music is where it really shines, those vocals sound amazing. You need a good receiver with power.

👤I bought this on a sale and am happy I did. I have a small room so this is good for sound. I have a polk t series surround speaker set, but I also have a pair of older but good bookshelf speakers sitting on top of the polk towers, polk t15 surrounds and polk subwoofer hooked up with this center speaker. The front soundstage is very good. The polk t30 center sounds better than the jbl 520. I've never heard sounds like that before. It sounds clear and audible at a low volume. I have a Yamaha htr 5840 6.1 natural sound A/V receiver. I think it pushes 65 watt per channel, but will be adding an amplifier or equalizer later because I want to fine tune it better than just bass and treble. I didn't need this center for wall mounting. I have it on a stand at ear level behind the TV and it sounds great. The highs are much improved over the polk t30 center and the mids are much improved as well. I'm happy with the sounds coming from the speaker.

👤The rest of the system doesn't have enough volume to fit in a small room because the speaker has so much power sent to the center. The speaker is only around 4 inches in length, but it would take almost $200 more to get the same sound as the 5 1/2 inch polk audio.

👤If you want to upgrade your home theater sound, this is the place to go. I wish I had upgraded my center a few years ago, I didn't know the difference a high quality center would make. Make sure you have a good spot for it.

👤The sound is good for our small room. I don't think it would be enough for a medium-size room. We don't listen at loud volume, so I hope those two little 4-inch woofers don't die before the warranty expires. The speaker could be moved forward instead of back to aid in volume and focus. A forward-firing port would eliminate reflections from the back and side walls, increase the volume of what the listener hears, and give added focus, all of which are benefits of placing a center-channel speaker. It's a fine product, worth the money, which one expects from JBL. They delivered on this one, but could have done better.

👤The center is clear. The dialogue is clear in my 3.0 setup even though it was mismated with different channels. The center was set to small on my Avurod and the 80 Hz Crossover made it even better since it wasn't as low bass to muddy up the dialogue. This center has a lot of space, and you can use your left, right, and sub to handle the bass.

10. Acoustic Audio AA5172 Theater Bluetooth

Acoustic Audio AA5172 Theater Bluetooth

There is a new type of wireless communication called the "bluetooth 5." The speaker system has a built in speaker, a built in receiver, and a power amplifier with 700 watt system power. A sound, a radio tuning device. Plug and play connections are easy, with standard RCA inputs connecting to most Audio sources, 6 independent RCA inputs for True surround, stereo, and RCA aux inputs, and an illuminated display with front panel controls. The speaker is powered and has the highest quality. There is a measurement of 3 X 6. There are 6 wired satellite speakers. There was a 7 inch X 4 inch piece. Each of the 2 fronts and 2 rear speakers has a 6 foot single RCA cable. Any Audio device with a standard 3. 5mm or 6 Channel audio output is required. For home entertainment, laptop or PC, DVD or mp3 player. The box has a powered subwoofer speaker, 5 passive wired satellite speakers, a full function remote, and 5mm to a RCA jack cable.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying this item, and I'm confused after opening it. Two words, "Fisher Price". If you don't know what that means, search it. I think they are a manufacturer of toys. This surround sound system is a toy. The speakers have no mounting holes or attachment, the flimsy "speaker wire" comes out of a tiny hole in the back of each speaker, and they are made of what looks like press wood. I bought the item to see if the reviews could possibly be accurate, and to save a few dollars. They did not have the courtesy to clean the thing up before shipping it out to a new customer, which was a waste of time and money. It was disgusting, with dust and food prints all over it. I can't imagine how someone could return something in such bad shape and be okay with it. Some people don't care and have no shame. We have the condition of the item. There were scratches on some of the speaker cones and corners looked like they had been mashed together by someone who had their eyes closed. The wires were wound around the speakers and stuffed into the damaged box, with bits of styrofoam stuck to the speakers. There is a The sound quality is important. I had to climb over the wires that were so short, plugged everything in and turned it on after I tried to place the speaker far away in the correct locations for a true surround sound. The TV speakers had the same sound as the "surround sound" system. Weak. Time and money are wasted. I will be returning this device after I have cleaned it and I think my days of shopping for this type of device on Amazon are over. Disgusted to go to the store.

👤The bad reviews should not be accepted over the good ones. I probably passed up good items because of this mistake. I go with the number of each. There is a trick to these speakers. It worked great with the music on the iPad. It is amazing even. It started to crackle with the tv and ps4 and then it started to play music. I was going to try this and keep the volume low and adjust the speakers. I did the center high, front middle and surround middle. While adjusting the sub. The sound is still great even though they don't crackle with the tv. Unless you want to mess with the different volumes, this is a steal for 90 bucks. That is more expensive, which is understandable. I bought some basic cords from Amazon instead of the cords that came with it. They are like thick rubber, so they might be more insulated. I think they are great. They are a little smaller than the picture. I hear that now, as speakers are now a days. The price is still amazing. The little speakers can't handle as much volume as the outside ones, so be careful with the volume adjustments.

11. JBL SP8II 8 Inch Speaker Tweeter

JBL SP8II 8 Inch Speaker Tweeter

Excellent high-frequency sound can be achieved with a titanium laminate tweeter. rubber surrounds are used for reduced distortion. It is possible to retrofit dog-ear brackets. There are optional rough-in frames for new construction. 30-20,000-hertz response.

Brand: Jbl

👤I installed a set of Speaker Craft in wall speakers when we built our house. The Speaker Crafts were never very nice to me. They sounded terrible and were not very loud. I lived with them for many years because they were only for background music. I had one stop working and it motivated me to replace it. The problem was a connection issue. I went ahead with the replacement because I never liked them. There is no comparison at all. The speakers sounded flat. The upper end was dull and lifeless and there was little to no low end. The new speakers sound great. Highs and mid range. The low end is acceptable for listening to music. If these were my main speakers, they would need a sub to compliment them. I was hoping they would have a stronger bottom end. They are not terrible, just not up to the job of main music speakers without some reinforcement. The front speakers in a surround system would be perfect. They would benefit from the LFE channel. The previous speakers had worse volume levels, but these are better. They are loud for all but the loudest party music. It's great for listening to loud music. The sound is good with decent low end and good volume for under $200 a pair. It was perfect for my needs.

👤These speakers are great. I've been working with inwall speakers for 4 years. I install and update home entertainment systems. I have had a speaker from the company for 4 years. I upgraded my HES to these speakers. These speakers are great. The sound field is better and the bass response is better than any other inwall speakers I have tried. I now recommend these speakers to my customers.

👤The sound is amazing. It was what I needed to fill in the rear sound. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an in wall speaker.

👤The product sounds clear.

👤The speaker was going to be 6” round. Glad I did not. The 8 inch woofer makes a big difference over my 3-way JBL rears.

👤I can't say anything bad about them, they have good speakers, but I think they should use a better wire Jack and not use a spring loaded one.

👤The speakers are very easy to install and they are excellent quality for the price. I watched a video on YouTube to make sure I could handle it. There were no issues in the walls of our home. Highly recommended!


What is the best product for jbl home theater system 5.1?

Jbl home theater system 5.1 products from Jbl. In this article about jbl home theater system 5.1 you can see why people choose the product. Jbl Professional and Amazon Renewed are also good brands to look for when you are finding jbl home theater system 5.1.

What are the best brands for jbl home theater system 5.1?

Jbl, Jbl Professional and Amazon Renewed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for jbl home theater system 5.1. Find the detail in this article. Jbl Professional, Jbl Professional and Jbl Professional are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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