Best Karaoke Machine Home Theater System

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1. 808 Singsation Karaoke Machine Microphone

808 Singsation Karaoke Machine Microphone

No CDs are needed, you can connect your phone or tablets to your computer and watch thousands of songs andkaraoke videos. You can use the aux-in cable to connect to the speaker, or you can stream your favorite songs from your phone or tablet. Light effects include party, pulse, breathe, chill, dance and more. 3 voice effects transform your voice for hours of fun. The speaker, microphone, and cradle are included.

Brand: Singsation

👤It's easy to use and connect. I've had a lot of fun with my family. The Voice FX button on the speaker allows me to change my voice. I would recommend this to my friends because of the great sound and microphone quality.

👤I originally bought this system for my daughter, but it works so well that we use it for barbecues and weekends in the backyard. Kids can karaoke favorite songs on a phone or tablets. You will use this more than you think.

👤It was very easy to set up. I didn't have to read the instructions. If I sing too loud it lowers the music volume. Music volume is not consistent. It sounds like the speaker can't handle both music and singing at the same time. I had high hopes for this machine, but it's $80 and I'm disappointed. Someone can reach out to me if they can.

👤It is so much fun that I originally bought it for a small function. The kids loved it when we opened it. It's small and portable. We used Amazon's X-RAY vision to sing. There are lights, a voice change and a headset. There is a party waiting to happen.

👤The customer service for this company was very helpful. I received a new product and a mic. The unit seems to work better with my daughter playing with it. We are careful with the mic cords. Thank you! My daughter's microphone stopped working 12 hours after she got it. I've been unplugged and reinstalled. Nothing seems to work. I was excited but disappointed by the positive reviews of this item. The speaker started to sound bad and we weren't using the voice change effect.

👤I was surprised by how loud the speaker was. It works with a phone or a tablet. The voice effects made us laugh. You can sound like a family of animals. The microphone picks up voices well.

👤This review is updated. She fixed the problem after being contacted by ShopVoxx. Very happy with the product. Excellent customer service and Highly recommend. Thank you again, thanks again,

👤This machine is great for karaoke. Don't let the small size fool you, this thing is loud. It connected to my phone in a matter of seconds. The Multi color light effect is a nice touch and the sound effects are fun. It is easy to carry from room to room. Our oldest uses it as a speaker when she's not singing. We're very happy with the purchase.

👤Bon prix! Beau is a l'écoute. A transporter partout.

2. JYX Wireless Microphones Portable Bluetooth

JYX Wireless Microphones Portable Bluetooth

The karaoke machine should include two microphones. The speaker and mic will connect when they turn on. The karaoke effect is created by independent bass/echo control. You can connect more microphones and karaoke with two extra microphone jacks. The latest chip for wireless streaming, the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, provides the more stable transmission and longer distance. It's compatible with all of the above: mobile phone, TV, iPad, tablets, PC. Choose for personal party, school, class room,gym. Powerful on-the-go Speaker: 15W output power with 6.5 inch woofer and 2 inch tweeter bring amazing music and awesome vibe to your party. The high capacity battery guarantees you 8 hours of continuous party. TWS Speaker says two is better than one. Awesome Stereo has a dual wireless Stereo Pairing. You can use a secondJYX-66BT wireless speaker to play with a dual track stereo. Pair the JYX-66BT speakers with a booming stereo. It will be great for the party. AUX jack provide wide range of connection from phones,tables,smart TV,laptop,MP3 &MP4, etc. Music recording and microphone connection. There is a built-in micro-SD card slot.

Brand: Jyx

👤I got a karaoke machine and speaker for my gig singing at a restaurant and I am very impressed. A speaker with a microphone. Even came with batteries! You can see in the attached video that it sounds clear. Five stars!

👤The sound is great, the price is great, and the quality is great, you'll get a great speaker for a great price. This speaker is great for preaching and music because he is clear in tune and will grab attention with the volume. Recently, I learned that I can preach and play a song in the back. It is a karaoke machine. I didn't get it for that, but I believe it's worth it. If you don't know Jesus, you won't be able to know God because he died for your sins, but you will be able to read the bible and follow him.

👤We need a microphone and speaker for a conference call in a large hall where we have a lot of business meetings. This product is great because it can cancel the echo from the feedback and control the bass and treble according to the person's voice tone. The knob allows the echo to be canceled and the microphone volume input to be controlled if the microphone is too close to the speaker. The unit is light and easy to carry, the microphones are easy to use, and the volume level is very loud, so it's been a great system for us.

👤I bought this because I wanted to do a funeral service next week outdoors. The product allows me to be away from the crowd. The quality of sound for only 99 is amazing, and I did a practice run with it. I love that I can sing along with my track. I am a professional singer and this is a great inexpensive way to perform outdoors with tracks and the mic is great again for the price. I am very happy that I invested in this product. It comes with two mics.

👤The sound of two people singing was great. The sound and volume were great. But... I didn't like the fact that you had to connect and play music with another phone if you weren't using it. It's hard to find the person during a party. The battery life was a big disappointment. The speaker was dead by 8PM after I started using it. It is only 5 hours when it is advertised. My party went from booming to snoozing in a matter of minutes. We had a backup speaker, but it was a failure. If your battery runs out, you can plug in the ION speaker, which has a much longer battery life. You can spend the extra money on a longer battery life.

👤I was looking for a cheap solution that didn't cost a lot. The sound quality of the microphone was bad. I decided to buy a few wireless mics and connect to an existing speaker and use my phone to listen to music while looking up lyrics, but that's when I discovered the JYX speaker. The portal speaker has decent sound quality for its price, but what sold me was the two wireless mics that are already connected. The mics are ready to go if you put the included battery in. The speaker's size is just right. I can see using this system for karaoke nights. It has a great added bonus of a record function and radio, but not something I've tested. It charges the new standard ofusb-c. It's understandable to keep the price down if the system doesn't have a power charge. It's a great all in one system for karaoke, it's portable, and it's cheap.

3. Singing Machine SML385UBK Bluetooth Microphone

Singing Machine SML385UBK Bluetooth Microphone

CD player plays music CDs with graphics. It is possible to stream digital audio from compatible devices. You can record your performance or play your saved songs with theusb connection. The disco lights have a dimmer setting. You can know your song track with a 2-digit display. The speaker in the wood cabinet has a powerful sound. Play fun and instantplug can be done with the help of the cables on your television set.

Brand: Singing Machine

👤Good value for money. There are a few neat features. Plugging into a tv to get the words on the screen with CDG, fun lights, 2 microphone capability, and auto voice control is possible. It was a good deal if it continues to work for a long time as it does out of the box, it feels a little cheap, but the microphones can overdrive a bit, and the volume is not super loud. For a complete review, watch my video. I apologize for the amateur nature of the video and my poor singing. Also, note: My video won't be uploaded. I think it's too big. At some point, will try again. Sorry...

👤I was worried that it would be broken when it was transported. Even though it is a Christmas gift, I opened it to make sure nothing was wrong. I bought it for my sister, and she will love it. The machine works well and the sound quality is great. I give this item a 5 star, but they did a better job at the price.

👤I am testing it out before Christmas. There is no way to hear the voice. I know how to turn knobs for volume control and hook up a mic. You can faintly hear something coming from the mic if one person puts their mouth on the mic and the other puts their ear up to the speaker. A piece of junk. I hope Amazon will give me a full refund.

👤The machine has not worked since we got it. I bought this for my daughter. Since we got the disc, the machine hasn't worked. I have been trying to get the Singing Machine replaced but the customer service will not help me. I am going to throw this away and start over. This is ridiculous.

👤The singing machine has a female power supply. It's the kind with a round power connection that's found on laptops, small TVs, and many other electronics. The female power connection on the machine broke off after 5 months of use. It's useless now.

👤Several of us have had the same problem. The AC port in the back of the machine is useless because it doesn't get power. We bought this for our girls ages 10mo, 2yrs and 4yrs to replace the karaoke machine that we bought them for Christmas, which randomly lost sound. It is fun when it works, so I'm giving it 2 stars instead of one. The sound wasn't the best, but it was convenient and I wish it was louder. It was okay for little kids to play. The lights were fun and my girls loved them. We used it daily for a month at many dance parties. It wouldn't turn on one day. We unplugged the AC adapter and realized that the plastic case for the port was loose, like it had been broken. I have included a picture where I pull the cord slightly and you can see how the port is so lose it looks almost as if it would come out. I don't know how it broke. It was in the corner of the room that it had always been. It is portable so one would think it would be durable enough to be carried around, but we never moved it from that spot. It is a brick without power. I'm out of luck unless I can take it apart and rewrite it, because my return window closed before it broke.

4. Singing Machine SML625BTBK Bluetooth Karaoke

Singing Machine SML625BTBK Bluetooth Karaoke

You can play your favorite music and karaoke CDs. You can stream audio from your compatible devices. The singing machine free mobile karaoke app for ios devices can be used to stream thousands of karaoke songs on demand. There are multi-colored led lights. You can record your audio performances with the integratedusb port. You can use the included rca cables to scroll lyrics on your tv. A speaker in a wood cabin makes a loud sound. There is separate volume control for duets. A microphone is included. To connect to your audio devices, you need to line-in. You can see your audio track with a led display. You can download 5 free karaoke songs.

Brand: Singing Machine

👤I bought this for my sister. She loves it, maybe a little too much. She is singing at full volume with the mic turned all the way up. Since her March birthday has become a Karaoke birthday party, it is portable. She can operate it on her own. It is easy to use and fun. When we turn it on, we can use the phone to play the Karaoke song on the TV, and then use the mic to sing.

👤The lights are great for kids but not great. The sound quality is not good. Even though I have never complained about a product directly with the company, they want me to jump through hoops to show that the second mic port doesn't work. I wish I went with mtg's second choice now, because it was bought for my daughter's birthday. She was disappointed that she couldn't sing with someone else.

👤I received a singing machine but it doesn't work. They were excited and ready to sing. The Singing Machine that I bought did not work, but Mr. Vargas was very impressed with him. A microphone replacement was sent by Mr. Vargas. Thanks for standing behind your product.

👤This has broken on me twice. There are multiple problems. I can not hear the CD play. The microphone hummed. My window just closed. Please!

👤Don't waste your money! I got this for my daughter. The only thing it did was turn on the power. Nothing else worked on the machine. Huge disappointment!

👤The machine was purchased for the granddaughter's birthday. Set up today, 10-20-2018. The microphone didn't add her voice to the mix. The microphone could be the connection or the machine. Will try to find a solution by using a substitute mic and then return you with a new mic. The replacement microphone arrived yesterday. The problem is solved. The new microphone works well.

👤I do Disco Ball Friday to show my appreciation for all the hard work of my associates. This enhancement was a perfect fit for my disco music, and it took it up a notch. Thank you Amazon for the great product that made a lot of people smile.

👤My child is obsessed with this machine. He can play band with his friends with the additional microphone and microphone stand. A great gift! The Singing Machine customer service was very helpful. When I needed answers.

👤My 4 year old granddaughter received this gift. She knows how to work and play with it on her own. My next visit will be a concert.

👤One month after we received the machine, my three year old dropped the microphone from no more than 2 feet off the ground and the microphone stopped working. There isn't any physical damage on the outside. There is no way to repair the switch that sheared off the two thin wires that held the microphone in place. I don't think I need a new microphone one month after buying one for a device for children. Had this not happened, it would have gotten 5 stars. Be careful with the mic if you get it.

5. Sound Town Channels Microphone Microphones

Sound Town Channels Microphone Microphones

There are different connection options. The receiver has one 3.5mm (1/8”) TRS and one optical input and one optical output for easy setup with your home theater or speaker system. It can be used with a wide range of sound bars, home receivers, speakers and etc. The karaoke mixer system can connect to a wide variety of smart TVs, soundbars, home receivers, and external speakers. Please note the instructions to improve sound quality. 1. The external sound bar/speakers can be adjusted to max level. The mic has a volume knob. The main volume knob should be adjusted to below mid-level. The wireless microphone system comes with Ultra-High Frequency which is less likely to get interference from other equipment compared with a VHF system. It has a variety of frequencies and is compliant with the FCC regulations. The wireless microphone receiver is also a sound mixer and has rotatory controls which allow you to adjust echo, tone and volume of the mics; it is ideal for conferences, broadcasting, weddings, karaoke, social events and any small to medium-sized venues such as meeting.

Brand: Sound Town

👤It was a disappointment. I was excited to get this product through Amazon and I was happy to get it the next day. I didn't read the reviews. It was easy to connect the optical cables that come with it to the TV and the audio system, but not the karaoke receiver. I followed the instructions in the manual and powered down the mic and receiver. I held the mic power button down for a while. I quickly released the power button and pressed it one time to put the mic into pairing mode, which was confirmed by the flashing signal icon in the top right corner of the mic'sLED display. I turned on the karaoke receiver and waited for it to pair. The mic stopped working after 10 seconds as the icon stopped blinking. It tried this many times. There was no other electronic devices in the area where I tried it. Even when you buy the best world champion AA alkaline batteries, you still have to check that box. The manufacturer's support line is open from 10am to 5pm. I sent a detailed help request. If there is a simple fix, it should be in the manual.

👤This was the only device that I could find. It's a nice little unit that takes away the hassle of changing Toslink whenever you don't use it for Karaoke. The mic quality is reasonable. The mics could have been better. To sound right, you have to be close to the mic. The mic quality is not as good as the battery capacity would suggest. You have to keep the unit turned on all the time to play the TV sound when you don't use it for karaoke. When the karaoke system isn't needed, a switch would have been a great idea. You have to walk to the unit to turn it on/off because you can't control it from the remote. If you are looking for a hassle free Toslink In/ Out connection, I recommend this device. I solved the problem using an external receiver. I wish it was included with the unit.

👤It does its job well. It was easy to set up. We used optical connections. It came with 2 optical cables. Anything you can play through your TV can be mixed with your own vocal and instrumental input. This is a great way to sing along with karaoke CD's. I liked the mic's. I was able to play the guitar with the MIC C input. Very cool. I'm not happy that the unit has to be powered on to hear TV. I didn't check if AUX or RCA needed the power. There is a bright red power indicator light on the front of the unit that is hard to ignore. Great value.

👤The only 5 stars rating for this item is the ability to connect SmartTV to Soundbar. The setup of the unit was friendly. The voice from the microphone is what I hear, but my own voice is what I hear. I want to keep this item but I will return it because of the mic output. You will have to spend a lot of batteries. Why can't we have a mic that's rechargeable?

6. T26 Bluetooth Microphone Rechargeable Recording

T26 Bluetooth Microphone Rechargeable Recording

Carry your music with you wherever you go - beach, gym, outdoor party, long drive, or your home garden. T26 turns to a karaoke machine with a wireless microphone. The T26 has a built-in range up to 33 feet. It is easy to connect to a computer. The microphone can be used to record audio as it is streamed. The T26 can be used as a power bank to charge your device. HD Stereo Sound Quality is designed to reproduce full-range stereo sound. It makes the bass stronger. The technology of separating high and low pitch provides sound that is clear and sonorous. Get rid of keeping near the speaker and use the remote control to adjust the music. The T26 has a remote control that has all the buttons needed for easier operation. The volume can't be adjusted by the remote. The Li-ion battery has a built-in capacity of 3 600mAh and can provide music for up to 4.5 hours. You can charge for 6 hours with the included cable.

Brand: Earise

👤The unit is portable and I like it. A good sound is put off for its size. It's great to have all of the above in one device. The included remote with battery is a nice touch, as is the backlit knob and buttons. The magnetic storage spot for the remote is a smart idea.

👤I bought the Earise T26 Karaoke / PA speaker and I am very happy with it. The life of the party has been this unit. It is lightweight and portable. The battery lasts quite a while. The battery lasted at least 6 hours. When the party ended, it was still going. It can be used as a versatile unit. You can play music, sing along, and use it as a loud speaker. The sound and audio quality is very good. You can use the card to record. There is no external antenna on this unit, so you will have to find a good spot for reception. It is a great and versatile item. We have used it indoors and outdoors. The Grand kids enjoy it, and it was rugged. All the kids are fighting over it because it will be knocked over and over again. The microphone has a great range. The speaker picked up the signal even though I was over 50 feet away. The remote control works well. I highly recommend this speaker. It's a great value for what you get.

👤The Earise T26 could be used for more than just an outdoor speaker. My daughter sings. The speaker can help her by using the Karaoke function. She can practice anywhere because it's portable. She can record her practice and listen to it on the drive. The speaker has a good sound. I've used it with both of them. The speaker sounds great if the source sound is strong. It has an radio for listening to. Each station is saved as a memory setting when the radio uses an auto Scan to find them. Only the strongest channels will be saved because there is no external antenna. In the future, there should be a way of tuning to a station manually. The battery lasts for hours. The case is rugged and the unit is lightweight. The unit needed an update. There were Chinese Prompts for power on and different functions. The company responded quickly after I e-mailed them, providing an update file to change the prompt to confirmation tones. It worked well. The speaker could be used for small meetings. It's great to have a remote control. Don't have to be by the speaker to control the functions. There is a built in storage area for the remote. If you're looking for an all around portable Speaker, this is one to consider.

👤Arise T26 A sound system with a small footprint and a big mouth is what we have here. When I took it out of the box, it was just a kids toy that won't sound good or last long. I was wrong. There is a strong speaker. The microphone pairs perfectly with no issues and produces a very rich sound. If you have a question or need assistance, their customer service is top notch and they answered all of my questions. She is pleasant to work with. If you want a lite system that is less than 10 lbs, you will be happy.

7. Sound Town Microphone Bluetooth SWM15 PROS

Sound Town Microphone Bluetooth SWM15 PROS

It is possible to haveTILE COMPATIBILITY. The SWM15-proS has multiple input and output connections, which makes it compatible with a variety of devices. Please check the pictures for the guidance on setting up a PCM. Please help make sure that your TV has the proper equipment to support the audio format of your choice. The SWM15- PROS karaoke mixer has a HDMI port that allows you to get the audio from the TV to the mixer. This allows the mixer to mix music and vocal sounds, and send them to an amplifier. AUX/OPTICAL COMBO The Audio Out port can be used for either an AUX or optical output. It supports a variety of sound bars. The karaoke mixer system can support up to 2 wireless mics or 2 wired mics, and it has a range of up to 100 feet. There's an arcade game called "INSTANT KARAOKE FUN." The SWM15-PROS system has echo and tone controls. It's perfect for DJ music, house party and speaking, and it allows you to mix mic signal with music without using an additional mixer.

Brand: Sound Town

👤You can use this box to add wireless mics to your show or video. The echo effect is great for karaoke. My setup is on the following website: * You need to have the device on to affect the audio. Audio and video are synchronized with this mixer, which makes sense since the SHIELD and Onkyo combo has no delay. The selling point of this device is that it doesn't require an audio return, which is a big selling point over its predecessor SWM15-HBT. I got this new one in case I need to move the box to a smart TV or soundbar setup, which would be much cleaner with Arc support, I'll update this review when I try it out. I can confirm that it can do all of its predecessor's claims, including outputting video from a separate source like the SHIELD or a Roku, and adding two mics to anything you watch. I have foam covers for the mics, they are OK. Once activated, they connect out of the box. They can add echo to anyone's voice and recreate a karaoke bar vibe if they set it too loud. The only real downside is that the mixer only outputs 2ch audio on the hdmi output. If you have a 5.1 or other surround sound setup, you'll only get audio out of front left and right. During karaoke mode, on my setup, youtube works in stereo while playing videos and singing into the mics. You'll notice you're losing out when you don't use karaoke, watch a show on a streaming service or rent a move in surround. It would be a perfect device if this box had a passthrough mode that preserved digital multichannel audio, only going to stereo when active mixing. If you want to get multichannel, you'll have to swap a few cables around. I'm going to try to use two different input modes on my receiver with the help of an HDMI splitter. This will prevent me from touching wires, and will switch mode on the receiver, so that one can get the same video feed. Not sure if there is a way to use a splitter to work with audio return. I've been looking for a simple full HDMI solution for karaoke for a long time and this is the closest I've found so far. My previous setup was not cool for the party guests and used a laptop and one wired mic. This little box is tiny, never moves, the mics work on standard AAs, and full wireless is key. You can set up a queue on your phone and use it to watch karaoke on the tv. If you care about surround sound, you will usually do cable shuffling or get a splitter to get it ready. The setup for a karaoke party will look great if you set up the mics yourself.

👤I have owned many Karaoke systems over the years and finally this one does what I have always wanted. My setup is that we use the radio on our phones to send karaoke songs to the sound town. The sound town to the TV. What you need to look out for is the TV optical audio out to the soundbar. Some settings in a soundbar might make the audio not sound right. It was a setting on the remote that was labeled TVVOL. Everything was perfect after I pressed it.

8. Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone Karaoke Wireless Microphone System K036

Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone Karaoke Wireless Microphone System K036

The range is 80 feet. The wireless microphone is less likely to be interfered with. The sound will be cut out and the signal will be reliable. If you use tv to stream music, you need a digital to analog converter. 3 people can sing together. The extra wireless microphone could be found from Fifine. Each mic has its own volume control. It's perfect for karaoke, party, school and church. The echo effect is variable. It is possible to mix the mic signal with the music signal. The metal receiver has better anti-ference ability than plastic ones. The microphone system can be portable and save space at home. Flexibility for connections was allowed by the included cables. The audio cable is 1x1/4'', the audio cable is 1x 3.5mm, and the audio cable is 1x 3.5mm. It could be a karaoke microphone or a speaking microphone. You will get a wireless receiver, 2 handheld microphones, 3 audio cables, and a video guide. The speaker needs to be worked with. If you want to use the smart tv to stream music, you will need a digital to analog converters to connect the tv output to the mic system. There are videos on the product page.

Brand: Fifine

👤Couldn't wait to try it out after receiving it today. The base was connected to the mixer. Nothing happened when you put batteries in the mics. Couldn't get the mics to pair with the base. I noticed something when I was packing the base and removing the mics. There is a sticker on the base that says 540.0MHz and 570.0MHz. There are two stickers on the microphones where the batteries go, one stating 542.0MHz and the other 572.0MHz. They packaged the mics and base unit. I think I'll spend a bit more and get a brand that has better quality control standards. The year ended on 2018.01.06. I received a reply from Fifine last night. Very fast response. They made this right and requested pictures of certain things on the microphones. I got my rating to 2 stars because of their quick response. Will update with resolution. The year ended on 2018.01.09 The level of customer service offered by Fifine has been upgraded to 5-stars. They sent me a replacement and the response time was amazing. Thank you for your understanding, Rob. We don't want you to experience this. We apologize for any disruptions. After you receive your package, we will follow you up. If you have any other issues, please contact us again. Fifine, I wish you well.

👤It died in two months. Won't turn on. I put a new one in and it destroyed the old one. Quite dangerous. Don't buy this product.

👤The second update. One of the ones we've used has completely fallen apart. It is only used by a 35yo female. Not ever by children. I'm assuming the 2nd one will have the same shelf life as the first one. Buy something better. You have been warned. See the pictures. The buttons broke after 2 months of normal use. The rating has been adjusted accordingly. These are what we were looking for. You can use this setup to play karaoke on your tv if you have any type of receiver. The ease of function is amazing. Sometimes it won't pick you up if you're not loud enough. When adjusting the nobs for different volumes, it creates static. It works well if you leave it alone and speak loudly.

👤Budget microphones for karaoke and events. The microphones sound good. It's pretty crazy to think you're getting two wireless microphones and a mixer. If you are looking for quality mics to use for karaoke or larger events, I don't think you can beat the price you get with these. The range is better than advertised. I got them up to 100 feet and still had a strong signal. The battery life was good. If I can get a full event out of one set, I am happy. It is easier for me to change them out each time because I may have been able to get longer. This is a piece of cake if you have a few batteries around. I am very impressed, but I thought I would be the same as the previous microphone I purchased.

9. Pyle 200W Audio Power Amplifier

Pyle 200W Audio Power Amplifier

200 watt power. The Pyle Digital AM/FM Stereo Receiver is a great choice for karaoke and home entertainment. It allows you to enjoy high quality audio by giving you 200W peak power for multi speakers. The effects of MICs. The professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has an echo effect, mic bass, mic treble, and volume that you can control. It's perfect for karaoke, event hosting, public gatherings, and announcements. There is a display meter. The amplifier has a built-in digital fluorescent display meter which shows all the functions and input used. A remote control is included in the package. There are EQ controls. The sound amplification device has buttons for the audio sources, the mic and the master volume. It has blue illuminated buttons that can be adjusted even in the dark. Not Bluetooth compared.

Brand: Pyle

👤First of all, the fact that it can power two channels of audio doesn't mean that you can choose which one to play. You can't. If you put speakers on both channels, it plays. There isn't a way to decide. I bought this because I wanted to use it on an indoor set of speakers and occasionally use it on an outdoor set of speakers. The receiver does not work for that. This is the reason I will be returning it. The advertisement clearly states that it has A and B channels. Oh, well... The remote control has no power control. I was going to put the receiver out of the way and use the IR extender to control everything from the remote. Without a power button on the remote, I can't do that. You cannot directly tune into the radio channels via the remote control. If you already know what channels you want to program, this can be annoying, since the only option is to find the right channel and then program it. "Irritating" is the only word for it. The sound is fine, but there are too many people who don't like it, and I can't recommend it to anyone except for those who need a basic system within arms reach.

👤I can't really add more to the negative comments as they seemed full. Most of the reviews seem to suggest that most were expecting more bang for their buck. It's a good unit with all the options. It works well for a small shop stereo. There is a This one is only meant to amuse you, so don't bother with a fancy spectrum display. This is a good solution if you want to listen to music while you work or even attend a block party in your neighborhood. It can pump out the tunes at a decent volume level. If you're a music fanatic and need to hear everything at warp 10, you'll need to dig out your wallet and pay more.

👤I bought this product for our new home. When we put our sound system together, the receiver was making noise. It didn't have a radio reception with the antennaes attached and it wouldn't transfer the sound signal from the CD player to the speakers. After my first contact, they want me to pay to return the receiver and give them my credit card information so they can fix it in 3-6 weeks. Don't waste your money on this product.

👤I threw it in the trash after giving it a chance. The design phase must have been designed by a child to impress their dad. The remote control does not have an on/off feature. Really? Even in the dark, you have to get close to the remote. The blue lights at the bottom are bright and distract. The front panel has a graphic display and dancing interface. After working for three weeks, Bose started sounding garbled. Would power up and make a noise, then shut itself down. Cut my losses and throw in the trash because it's too much to send back for a refund. - Look for something else with a brand name.

10. 4 Channel Karaoke Wireless Microphone Amplifier

4 Channel Karaoke Wireless Microphone Amplifier

3000 watt power The Pyle Multi-Channel Pre-Amplifier is perfect for home entertainment systems. It gives 3000W peak power to be used for multi speakers, which will allow you to enjoy high quality amplified audio. The digital amplifier box supports a number of devices. It has a flash drive reader, 3.5mm input, 2 14” mic inputs, headphone jack, and output jacks dedicated for the subwoofer. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. Today's latest devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones, work with hassle-free receiver pairing. Front panel control. The sound speaker amplification device has front panel controls for independent audio source selection, and a control center for microphone volume and echo control. It also has a dimmer control. RACK MOUNT: A high powered home theater pro audio receiver has a built-in cooling fan and overload/ short circuitry protection. There is a remote control and mounting brackets. The video system is PAL/NTSC.

Brand: Pyle

👤I bought a 250 dollar Sony because I didn't have enough money to replace my Carver amplifier and pre amplifier. I bought the Pyle 3000 because it was a great surprise for the money and the sound was the same as my old Carver at a tenth of the price.

👤I would give zero stars if I could. The amplifier is cheap and garbage. It worked for a couple of weeks. We had someone look at it and change our iPad to see if it was the problem. It was only 32 days old and Amazon wouldn't take it back. The manufacturer wants us to pay for shipping to have it shipped back and also wants to charge us for any parts to fix it. Don't waste your money.

👤Junk. I opened the box and found something loose inside. Nothing was put in. I have no idea where the two screws came from, they came from a blown fuse. There are buttons stuck on the remote control. The sound quality is not what I was expecting. The CD door gets caught when you close it.

👤I bought this amplifier a few weeks ago. I'm not impressed with the sound quality. I had a party with friends and the sound was distorted with noise. I had to stop it. It's not worth buying at under $200.

👤I received my new computer yesterday and started working on it. The unit is packed in a single box. It has a 3000 watt Home Theater amplifier receiver with wireless blue tooth streaming, a pro audio stereo with AM/FM and CD/DVD player, and a mp player. I connected the Bose speakers to it immediately after taking it out of the box. I found several stations that sounded good. Everything is working out of the box. James OKelly is from Concord, NC.

👤I'm amazed by the sound. I used ceiling speakers for a restaurant and they worked great. A good sound for what was needed. If you're new to this type of purchase, you don't have to worry. You will get everything you need for just $179 for the set of 8 speakers. If you have the speakers that can handle it all, you shouldn't turn the volume all the way up.

👤Where to start? If you own a tizen tv, you will know that this soley is not easy to pair. It took almost 2 hours to pair it to my tv, I went to call customer support, but they don't have a phone number. I tried their live chat but it was only for sales reps and not support tech, so I was sent to support tech via email, but by the time I got the tv to connect to the blue tooth device, I already had it. The next topic is now on. The instruction manual doesn't give much information about it's bluetooth. It doesn't have a way to pair it manually with a pre programmed pin code. It doesn't have a specific channel for bluetooth, so if I want to listen to the radio, I have to push the button on the receiver to turn it off, which brings me to my next topic...the remote of all things the remote. The remote shown in the pictures is not the one I received. The cheap remote feels cheap and the buttons stick when pressed to protect the pcb. The volume and tuning buttons are small and hard to find unless held under the light and the remote is black with blue around the buttons with white text. If you have decorations on your living room table or tv stand that are remotely close to the front of the receiver, it's a pain to have the remote sensor blocked. I would first like to say that sound quality is the next topic of my post. I expected less for it's price, but it sounds really good and it drives all 4 speakers. The amplifier. I can set the volume to 10 and it's loud enough to hear a pin drop when I'm watching. There is a slight static when nothing is playing, but you won't notice it happening. The digital eq visualizer display is shotty and if the volume is low it doesn't light up or display on the screen like it's got anything going on, but it could be better. The main unit power is only on the receiver via a push button, not on the remote, which is acceptable. I like to turn off my systems when I'm not using them at night, but I don't think you would expect the entire unit to power down in a lit room. The dvd player is a nice feature but pointless in a home with multiple game systems and computers, and even if you have a smart tv that has netflix prime video, and such not really needed, it holds no use for setting up the audio outputs for the receiver. The on unit display is difficult to navigate and the buttons are hard to press. If you're looking for something with ease of use, don't buy this unit.

11. Karaoke USA GF842 Machine Bluetooth

Karaoke USA GF842 Machine Bluetooth

The Peak Digital Power Amplifier is the best with Polaroid 9V batteries. There are record voice and music mixes and instant playback lightings that flash with the rhythm of music. There is a remote control. Personal devices like smart phones, tablets, pads, mp3 players and more can be accommodated in a universal cradle. The Panasonic mics produce better sound quality.

Brand: Karaoke Usa

👤I wanted a portable karaoke machine to take with me when I go camping and one to use at the house when I have company, so I spent a week reviewing all the machines. I decided to purchase this because it came with music, and the cost of the CDG was a factor in my decision. The 300 songs are a waste. ABC, Ba Ba Black Sheep, and 297 other children's songs are included. There is not one adult song. The machine that I tried to hook up my phone and tablet with said it was not supported. I tried to connect my voice assistant to Karaoke USA, but it was not possible. The words on the 7 in display are only on your cell, even though I was able to connect to my cell with a bluetooth device. The CDG has a display with words on it, but if you close it with the microphones, it is static. The lights make the machine look fun.

👤Our kids liked it at the beginning. It started making a loud noise after about 4 months. It would happen randomly. The only way to stop it is by not using the karaoke, which means our kids can't use it anymore. We contacted the seller and they told us that the unit was out of warranty. There are no repair or replacement options. I said that it hasn't been a year yet and if there is anything they can do. I received the same reply. They don't stand behind their product and don't have good customer service. I would like you to stay away from this seller. If the product starts having issues, I expect some sort of customer service.

👤It's not compatible with the "usb" connection on the iPhone 6 or 7. If you want variety and don't pay a lot of money, I recommend using the bluetooth feature to stream a video on the internet. It doesn't show the song, but you can read the lyrics on your phone. There is a lot of feedback from the microphone and a delay of about half a second that ruins the experience, but it may be a home surround sound system problem. I feel like you are paying more for bells and whistles that are not essential to your daily life.

👤The machine was supposed to record the singer's voice, but it wouldn't. My father wanted it for that. Every time I went to visit Dad in Northern California, I tried different things, including different flash drives, different cards, and even different FAT32 formatted drives. Nothing worked. It would record music from a pre- recorded CD to a flash drive, but never include the singer's voice. The instructions were easy to understand. They didn't work. It was too late for this computer savvy buyer to return the unit.

👤We love this machine. It paid for itself the first time we used it. The sound is good, the double mics are great, and the flashing light makes it even more fun. It comes with two discs with 300 songs, however these are all small children's songs, so be sure to order CD+G's of the songs you like.


What is the best product for karaoke machine home theater system?

Karaoke machine home theater system products from Singsation. In this article about karaoke machine home theater system you can see why people choose the product. Jyx and Singing Machine are also good brands to look for when you are finding karaoke machine home theater system.

What are the best brands for karaoke machine home theater system?

Singsation, Jyx and Singing Machine are some of the best brands that chosen by people for karaoke machine home theater system. Find the detail in this article. Sound Town, Earise and Fifine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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