Best Mcintosh Audio Home Theater Cinema Neon-like Led Sign

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1. Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign

Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign

A great gift idea. This big cinema light box is an ideal gift for a new dorm student, new home, teen, or someone special. Get nostalgic with your décor. The Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign has shades of black, white, yellow, and red and is designed to look like an old-fashioned theater sign. The triangle shape makes the sign project even more interesting. It can be displayed on the wall of your entertainment room or movie room. The dimensions are 24 inches wide and 8 inches tall with a projection of 5 1/2 inches. Keyhole Mounts 1 and 2 are metal linked chain.

Brand: Knowair

👤This is a nice sign. You can't tell from far away the letters on mine are blurry. I didn't know that the sign was designed to look like an old-fashioned theater sign and had faux rust damage on the letters and corners. It makes it look dirty. I didn't see that in the pictures. The sign looks like it's been there for a long time, it doesn't look new. It's a good buy if you're looking for that.

👤It was a nice size. It's a little hard to hang. It looks nice. Had it been longer, it would have been cooler.

👤This is worth every penny I spent. It looks like it's in the wall. I can't wait to show it off to my friends.

👤I host a weekly movie night at my community center. We have a projector, screen, sound system and popcorn machine. The theater is located in one of the former Sunday school rooms. The audience loves the sign and it adds to the fun atmosphere. The size is perfect, the colors are vibrant and the metal is great. When will you make a lighted one?

👤Will not hang straight. The hanging attachment is to blame. It arrived bent. It was packed for shipment and no thought was given to it's flimsy construction. Picture over sells it. The seller grabbed all the cash. I give it a 1 star because I can't go lower.

👤The online picture is similar to the one received in excellent condition. We hung it on the wall near the theater. We had to place the newspaper behind the sign to make it flush but no one will ever see it. Our home theater has a great nostalgic addition.

👤I think it is a good size, but not a quality piece, it is cheap and thin, and I don't want to pay more than $25 for it.

2. Handmade Embossed Industrial Apartment Decoration

Handmade Embossed Industrial Apartment Decoration

Red Carpet Hollywood Room Decor is made in the USA using materials that are Made in the USA. Movie wall decor uses a No-Mess Glitter Print, which eliminates glitter flake while maximizing bling effect. There is a lighted popcorn sign. Only 2 steps to light it up! Step 1 is to insert 2 AA. Step 2 is to turn on the switch button at the bottom of the sign. Enjoy your home cinema party! It is made of metal and wood. A funny natural light beer sign is great for apartment, home bar, kitchen, and popcorn shop. Looking for a retro feel? It is a must have for popcorn lovers. The colors are funny and fade resistant. There are perfect gift ideas for Christmas, birthday, Mothers' day, and etc. Care for those you love. The quality was well made and came on time. Money back 30 days.

Brand: Tiptrek

👤Love the sign. Looks good. There is a problem with the switch on the back where the batteries are. The lights work. You have to turn off the lights with the batteries out.

👤I put batteries on but wouldn't work because of the missing switch, it was cute but without the turn on/off button.

👤Exactly like the description. Works well!

👤I will not do out of box anymore because of the defects.

👤The recipient really liked it.

3. My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

Environmentally friendly. Only a low 3 Watt input is used. It is safe to touch with low heat emission. My Cinema Lightbox is a marquee with changeable letters, numbers, and characters, built in letter storage in the back of the light box. There are 3 modes, 2 types ofLED, and a freeze on any color option. There are many color options to choose from. Birthdays, graduation, Mother's Day, baby shower, and more are all occasions where this gift is perfect. It's great for friends, family, colleagues, kids, teens, and students. The battery compartment is powered by a 6x AA battery or ausb powered battery. The A4 size has wall mounting holes. It's perfect for home, decor, wedding decor, milestone announcements, photoshoots, and just about anything; from the original lightbox brand My Cinema Lightbox!

Brand: My Cinema Lightbox

👤The light box is a present for my granddaughter. The pros outweigh the cons. There are pros and cons. It does what it is supposed to do. The lights glow nicely, the colors blend from one to another smoothly, and you can lock in on any color background you want. There are enough letters and characters in the starter kit to do whatever you want, and you can order extras from the website. I would suggest using rubber bands to group the unused letters so they don't get all messed up. There are some things that are CONS: The box is not very good. I was expecting something heavier and more durable, but I am waiting for something to break. The battery and storage compartments are very difficult to open, as I am waiting for something to break, rendering one or both of the compartments useless. I was disappointed to see that the box only serves as a power cord, and that it is useless unless the box can be used next to a standard electric outlet.

👤It shows that you can turn it pink. That is not the case? It looks like it has white, then you click the button again and it colors. It doesn't stay just a solid color. I need it for what I need it for. You can put the letters in the back of the box. The only plug to the wall is theusb port.

👤It's called TLDR. This product is bad because it isn't for a standard outlet and you can buy something else from a different vendor. It's cool. That is not in the product description. The cord is 6 inches long, and if you have any usb outlets around your house, it is blessed. Prepare yourself with extensions. 2. You should be able to push a button and have the colors change. No, my friend. This thing is cheap because it is basic and barely works. If you want a color change, you should be prepared to spend 30 minutes reading instructions and 30 more crying because you can't comprehend them. I tried to make the best of it, but who ever made this doesn't understand how English is spoken, so you'll be forced to buy extra letters/numbers/whatever if you ever want to say anything on this sign

👤I didn't realize that the batteries I ordered were 6 aa and theusb connection didn't fit. I thought it ran on electricity.

👤Considering the cost, I was disappointed in this. If you tilt the cinema box a bit, the letters fall out of it, and the colors are not what you would expect. If you want to hang it on the wall, you have to either use 6 AA batteries or they give you a very shortusb cable. I wish I hadn't bought this because it will stay in my closet.

👤This was purchased for our 13 year old and she loves it. It was a fun idea. It's fully changeable. Extra tabs allow you to make your own symbols or extra letters. The box is light. Comes with a wall accessory.

4. BIGASUO Projector Bluetooth Compatible Supported

BIGASUO Projector Bluetooth Compatible Supported

PWR+ has a 30 day return and 24 month exchange warranty. Customer support experts. The Bigasuo Pro302 projector is a home video projector and also a DVD player. Their exclusive patent allows you to directly play movie from your favorite discs and enjoy it on the big screen. Save money on a DVD player. One projector, happy! This projector has a native resolution of 1280 x 720 and a contrast ratio of 8000:1. The picture reproduction is higher and the color level is richer with high-quality coated lens. The ability to decode high-definition display screen creates a better picture quality and gives you a shock. The projector has built-in 2 powerful speakers that give a HIFI sound effect while watching a movie in a Max 200 inches screen. The extra Bluetooth function is not supported to connect with your phone via the internet. Relax in a private space, enlarge your happiness with their projector, just enjoy it! The movie projector with multiple inputs can connect to most devices, like laptops, PCs, and PS4 The equipped DVD function supports to play CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD. Not supported by the discs. Considering the requirements of customers, Bigasuo offered a free bag and tripod, which is good for storing and carrying. They are also giving a 90 day refund or replacement service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any problems during use.

Brand: Bigasuo

👤We were so excited to finally get out our family Easter present and have our first outdoor movie of the year. We had an older model projector that required a laptop, external speaker, and DVD player to achieve what we were able to do with this one projector system. I like the internal speaker system and the built-in DVD player. The compactness will allow us to setup movie nights with ease and less stress since we won't be hauling so much equipment outside. The picture is perfect for outdoor movies. A great purchase and investment for family fun.

👤The picture is great no matter the size or setting, the speaker is great on it's own but you can add speakers if you want a more cinematic experience, all functions work perfectly, and the portible kit makes it perfect to move around different areas. We're obsessed!

👤I bought a projector. The projector is better than the two I returned. The user manual is easy to use. The projector is very light and has good picture quality. The remote control is easy to use. I feel like I am in a movie theater when I connect the projector to my Bose speaker. A projector with a DVD player is a smart idea. I really like this projector.

👤It was great for our outdoor movie night because we received this in less than 24 hours. The picture quality was great and the function was great for streaming the movie. Highly recommended!

👤The Bigasuo projector was the best choice I could have made when I decided to have an outdoor theatre setup. The sound of the brand I bought was so bad that I returned it. The Bigasuo can be connected to an existing speaker or sound system. A great projector, simple to operate, clear picture, and minimal fan sound. It's much easier to centering and distance when you have a tripod. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Tripod with Bag is available at The projector has a receiver in the bottom. It has a built in DVD player which makes it easier to watch a dvd if you don't use a fire stick or other streaming device. This is a great deal.

👤The projector is not good and falls short. It is the only one with a DVD player. Let's get into it. Under the best conditions it is watchable but it is very dark opaque and sometimes blurry. There are things that come in clear like well lit outside shots or well lit scenes. The outdoor scenes are dominated by red and brown. The darks are too dark and the lights are not bright if you adjust the brightness and contrast. It looks bad in one setting and good in another. Skin tones are warm in the outdoors but messy indoors. A lot of things have been washed out. Everything is muddy in low light situations. It's best in the dark. That has a 4k streaming stick and it displays high definition. No doubt. The biggest disappointment is when you jump into the DVD player. It's 480p. That's 480p. It looks worse. Muddy was washed out over saturated and pixelated. It's like watching a bootleg. The sound coming out of the speaker is cheap and hollow in a pinch. Sometimes the BT is easy to hook up. Good surround sound is what it puts out. Get a good speaker. The keystone isn't enough. Put the projector on a tripod. The focus is similar to a lot of the lower end projectors. There is a blurry picture in one area and a clear picture in another. If you want to save money, you should buy a separate DVD player and connect it to your projector. The build quality is ok, the options are ok, but the picture quality on the DVD feature is worse than the picture on the remote. Many of the reviews showing pictures that look better than they really are because the camera they are using is correct. I would not buy it again or recommend it because it has a DVD player and a stream of 720p. There is an update. The adjustment I found can improve the picture but only slightly. If you hit the setup button on the remote, you can adjust the video on the DVD. There is more contrast brightness saturation and hue adjustment. You can only get it when you use the DVD. The settings make a bigger difference. There is a permanent warning on the top of the screen that says " device not support" The performance is low and unrefined for money. You can tell which ones are in ambient light and which ones are in the dark by looking at my pics. If you have a power flicker, the projector will turn on and stay on until you come home. It happened to me twice. I leave it unplugged when not in use because it's not a fire hazard.

5. ADVPRO Personalized Theater Cinema St6s43 Ph2 Tm Rb

ADVPRO Personalized Theater Cinema St6s43 Ph2 Tm Rb

If you're looking to add a little brightness to your home or business, a neon sign may be just the thing. These decorations stand out no matter where you put them. You will say goodbye to dull walls and hello to the good times with ADVpro light signs. The ON/OFF switch function can be provided with a 5.5 ft/ 1.6m wire. Plugs from the US to USA and CA, and from the UK to UK, are plugged into the EU. No noxious gas or mercury are needed for maintenance. It's safe to use or touch if there's little heat emitted. The latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies are used to carve ADVpro signs. The laser engraving method only provides a 2D surface effect.

Brand: Advpro

👤I ordered with lots of time to spare because of the reviews that said there were delays. Within two weeks of placing my order, I received my sign. It's an excellent sign. It's the perfect gift for a friend that has a basement that looks like a movie theater. I can't wait to give her this. There is a Well packed, zero damage, vivid colors with clean edges. It was easy to get back into the package that was shipped to me. I plugged it in to make sure it worked, but now it will be sent to another state.

👤I was skeptical when I first read the reviews. It was made in and shipped from China. Don't expect this to arrive in two days. It is well worth the wait. The engraving is really nice and the clear acrylic is protected by protective sheets between the two sheets. The wait is worth it. Happy!

👤My son just finished his home theater and he is going to be so happy when he sees this under the tree. I can tell him that it is an awesome piece of work and that I made it for him. I will have pictures after Christmas.

👤It is pretty cool. I gave it to my husband because he loves it. A good one.

👤The sign is 24x16 It looks great. It was well packaged for shipping. We have had it for about a month and so far it is working great. It is so worth the wait because it ships from outside the U.S., but there is a downside. It's an awesome sign.

👤This turned out well. Better than expected. The husband loves it. Birthday gift. It was bright and legible. It arrived early.

👤This sign looks great. Don't delay--order yours today!

👤This got here very quickly, because it came from China. I love it because it is bright and beautiful.

👤I had a good experience with this seller. They got back to me immediately after my order was placed, asking what I wanted on the sign. They backed up the voice mail with an e-mail. I gave them the information they needed and it arrived. It looked better than I anticipated.

6. DELICORE Decorative Illuminated Marquee Ampersand

DELICORE Decorative Illuminated Marquee Ampersand

These light up alphabet letters are great for spelling out any name, word or phrase. It can be any word you want, I love U, home, joy and so on. Size: 8.86 inches tall, 1.77 inches thick, and Power: 2X AA batteries, not included. These eye catching alphabet letters can be hung on walls, mantels or placed on top of a reception table at your event. The long-term use of the FashionLED subtitles lamp is not hot. It's suitable for home, birthday party, bars, wedding, cafes decorated. The lights give a bright eye catching glow and add a wonderful atmosphere to any room.

Brand: Pooqla

👤The initial idea is great. That A blew it for me. The onoff switch is on the back side of the letter, not on the side of the letter where it should be. To turn the lights on and off, you need to flip the switch and take it down from the hanging position. It's a problem. The switch should have been placed in an accessible area.

👤I bought the "M" for my step daughter's wedding photos and reception. It was described. Takes 2 batteries. This is a piece of plastic. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I put the letter "R" in the living room. It shines bright. It's made of plastic but it's only for decor in a small space so that doesn't matter to me. You can't tell from afar that it's plastic. I love it! It requires AA batteries that aren't included.

👤I like the lighted ampersand. Went well in my kitchen. I always turn it on when entertaining.

👤The light is bright against the plastic. It's easy to read lettering. It's easy on batteries. During our son's and daughter-in-love's baby shower, I used to announce the name of our 1st Grand Girl. The name was written on the plate-rail of the screened deck. She's in lights, but she's not sure if she'll make it to Broadway. I am very pleased with this product.

👤My daughter loved this gift, it was called 'Z'. Teenagers and young adults would love this piece. She had a hard time finding a letter. It was a great gift and it was a good price. It's on not flimsy.

👤The light up letter is very bright and almost too bright. We didn't get a remote, but it said to rate it. It was cute, nice size, and it was good for the price.

👤It arrived in the mail quickly. I was happy with it. The lights are bright with two AA batteries and it is greyish black. I couldn't open the battery compartment. My husband was able to open it after it was stuck in there.

👤I bought it for our nursery room, and it looks great on the wall. The light is bright.

👤I am just waiting for my o m and e to come.

👤It's perfect,fits well with other letters.

👤The product is made of cheap plastic. Is a product you would likely see at a Dollar Store and is not worth what they charge. The 30% restock fee is not listed on the purchase site. Garbage. Save your money!

7. Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

There is a wireless streaming service. The receiver rack mount has a premium built in receiver. The receiver should be compatible with all your favorite devices. It has a range of 30' plus. Home STEREO. The home theater amplifier is a complete system. It acts like a radio with a digital display and an ID3 tag. Also has a 2.1 channel audio amplifier. You can connect to astronomer devices. The home theater amplifier has a 3.5mm aux input jack, as well as a multi source audio input and ausb flash and memory card readers. Reliable and durable: The home theater receiver is made of heavy duty metal and aluminum alloy to protect your gear for a long time. The package includes sturdy brackets for easy installation. The audio receiver rack mount comes with everything you need to start. This exclusive bundle features their top of the line amplifier receiver, wireless remote control, and hardware rack mounts.

Brand: Pyle

👤Some major problems bring down the rating of this amplifier/receiver. Sound quality is good. This thing has a lot of features for the price. The slim profile makes it possible to stack more things. The volume dial is touchy, and the difference between quiet and very loud is a couple hairs. The included remote only works on the digital inputs, not the plugged in ones, so if you want to change the volume from across the room, you may use whatever mp3s you have plugged into the micro sd orusb slots. The first one of these was sent back because the main volume control didn't work at all. The dial was set where the two loudnesses were. I wonder how long this thing will last. Hope that was helpful.

👤There are a few gripes. The remote only works with the radio modes, so you have to get up and walk like the old days to change the component volume. This is a problem during commercials. There isn't a mute function either. 2. If I leave the room or hold my phone in a certain way, the range with my phone drops out. I thought my 2x6 Daytons might explode because the amplifier pushes them so hard. The component input makes the TV sound great. My kid loves the echo feature of the microphone. 1/6” It's nice to have inputs for guitar practice. Radio works. If you need it, avoid it because it is WEAK, 3 stars, and that is what I bought it for. I still like it for tv and radio at the price of 99 dollars.

👤I bought this receiver because I had a good pair of speakers and a small amplifier that did nothing. I needed an amplifier that could give me 100 watt per channel. This amplifier was perfect for my needs. I have connected the speakers to the amplifier and it can drive them. The rear speakers terminals were not receptive to banana clips, so I had to remove them and twist in the copper ends. My other complaint is that the standard is old and prone to interference. I just use the audio output with a stereo jack on my computer, since I stopped using it. I use a 100 watt Polk Audio Tsi 100's and they drive perfectly. I would look into an additional accessory to use with this, or another amplifier entirely, if it was a must-have feature for you.

👤First off... The price! I wanted this to meet our needs alone. I'm looking to replace a receiver in a room that's rarely used, where my previous receiver stopped working. It plays a variety of audio and video formats, though other reviews state the range is poor. I don't need top-end stuff in a room that is seldom used. The room is rarely used and I want it to be functional. This device is not. Others have stated that the remote control is egads. I've seen larger postage stamps. It works, but a 1976 Ford Pinto can do the same. Doesn't mean I want one. There are two more The volume. The best part is this. The remote control's volume is pointless unless the knob volume is turned all the way up. If you have a master volume, turning the volume up using the remote control is not going to make it louder. If you turn the master volume all the way up, you can turn it down using the remote. So what is that big deal? Turn the master volume up and leave it there. The next time you turn it on, it will reset so you won't notice. Hopefully your speakers can handle it. It's a good one. The power off button isn't off. You have to flip the switch on the receiver to turn it off. Trust me, you'll want to do that when you have to turn the volume up to make the remote work. The speakers would wake the dead. I wanted this for a seldom used room and to play files on the computer. I copied all the files onto a thumb drive. The feature on the receiver works just fine. I put the thumb drive in and it started playing. I selected random and it did the same thing. Only one problem. The next song is randomly selected by the back button. Let's say you have as many songs as I do, and one in particular play that you just love and want to hear again. Not gonna happen. If you hit "back" on either the remote or the receiver, it will randomly pick a new song. It's not a joke when this bad boy says random. All of my experiences happened within the span of 15 minutes, and I was already thinking that I'd probably send this thing back. Unfortunately, that's what I intend to do. Between the volume wonkiness, horrible remote, and not even a simple "back" repeats the song when on random... This thing would be more rarely used than the room is. Now... I don't want to end on a negative note, but if you just want to play music for cheap, don't plan on using it in a very complex manner. The job would most likely be done with this thing. You don't mind if your customers cross their arms and say the painting "speaks to them" if you have background new-age music for your art gallery. I would say you're in business with this thing. You may end up with the one I send back. That's right.

8. Marquee Cinema Cinematic Letter Letters

Marquee Cinema Cinematic Letter Letters

This cinematic light box has 32 white and 18 yellow front marquee lights and can be placed anywhere you want to add more light or express yourself with word combinations, characters, or symbols. A good party accessory. The light up letter board has 200 light box letters that make it easy to tailor the lighted sign to suit any occasion or celebration. The light up message board is great for weddings, parties or movie nights. Also, note: Remove the film before using it. A set of 200 assorted lightbox letters, number and icon tiles makes it easy to create greetings, phrases and other word combinations to surprise friends and family alike with this letter light box. Light weight and portable. The light letter box is battery powered and lightweight, it's easy to take with you anywhere you might want to bring it. The marquee box can be plugged into any outlet with the included cable. A great gift idea. This big cinema light box is an ideal gift for a new dorm student, new home, teen, or someone special.

Brand: Brooklyn Lighting Company

👤It's very fragile so be careful with it. The thing has two anchor points that are 7 inches apart. The unit is light and only needs one anchor point in the middle. I have used and sold a lot of hardware. Even a small anchor can hold this unit up. The pros give a good amount of letters to this unit. It is bright and nice. If you are like me, you don't want cords and you want the battery to be hung up. If that's the case, you should use rechargeable batteries. The unit only has one function and it's bright. A switch that makes the orange lights flash or move would have been nice. It works just fine for now. Light life and battery life will be determined by time. This is a great buy if you just want to use it. Store it safely since it is flimsy.

👤I wanted to create an outdoor theater for our friends and family while respecting the shutdown and other restrictions imposed because of the coronaviruses epidemic. The solution to the problem of not having indoor gatherings was an outdoor movie theater. After our first movie night, I knew I needed to up the ante. I like it. It is easy to use and works on either battery or electric. It's nice to have options. It's perfect for a home theater. Excellent price, fast shipping and would recommend anyone looking to add flair to their next outdoor movie nite event. Thank you.

👤I keep looking for ways to entertain the family while we are together. This is very enjoyable. It is one of the more expensive options, but I like the theater style lights around the outside, and it has a room for longer love notes. It is a challenge to change out the letters, but I expect that to be normal. Be patient. I bought a second one to send to my niece.

👤My son's 7th birthday was celebrated at an outdoor movie party. There was a concession stand with popcorn and candy. I wrote out popcorn and candy on the marquee sign. It was very cute. I was happy that the lights are warm golden colors instead of the harsh white light that hurts your eyes. It worked well with the batteries and didn't lose any power over the course of 6 hours. Can be plugged in as well. Would recommend!

👤I ordered a model that was supposed to have both white and amber lights but ended up with all white lights. I thought the lights might have a flashing option, but that's not the case. It's small but large for my purpose. I wish it could come with a remote control, as well as be able to charge batteries inside the unit. It works as indicated for it's basic usage. It takes 6 AA batteries but will work on just 3 AA's, although the light is slightly dimmer. You can hide the cable since the port is on the side. The remote control on this unit needs to be taken down in order to turn it off, since it will be going up on a wall, so it would've been nice if it was there. The price is too high.

9. Custom Control Brightness Adjustable Function

Custom Control Brightness Adjustable Function

The latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies are used to carve ADVpro signs. The laser engraving method only provides a 2D surface effect. Click "Customize Now" and begin with any text of your choice, or a picture of your design. An artwork with a 3D texture and a grow of neon light instantly livens the atmosphere. You can create a magical archway to your home, business, or special event. It is safe to touch. No noxious gas or mercury refill is needed. Environmentally friendly. Only a low 3 Watt input is used. It is safe to touch with low heat emission. Environmentally friendly. Only a low 3 Watt input is used. It is safe to touch with low heat emission.

Brand: Advpro

👤Really? It wasn't originally promised that it would arrive much later. Didn't get what they wanted for Christmas. The text was proofed multiple times. It was still called "Go bless you" instead of "God". It's Pathetic!

👤I was worried about the way they have you submit your artwork, but I can tell you that. It came out better than I thought. I included a picture of the finished product in the file. I built a frame with a black background to make it pop. I would like to comment on the customer service. There was a short in the wiring. They sent out a new light and it was up and running in a matter of minutes. We love the light. We have a sign welcoming you to the house of Sin. It's our last name. There's that! For the people who said it doesn't come with a remote. Take the time to read the entire description. No battery will be included. This comes from China and mailing/shipping batteries is not a good idea.

👤I was looking for a sign that was bright. I searched for items on eBay, Amazon, and more. I didn't think I would be able to make my own logo. And for an affordable price. The guys were topnotch. Emailing back and forth my design until my specification was satisfied, kept in communication with me all along the way. I had to use an extension cord because my placement was higher. The cord can be a nuisance at night when it is used most often and the lights are off. I don't know if it is there. The hardest part was figuring out what to include in my sign. I am very satisfied with the work I have created and that it is hanging on my wall. Click the Gray Yes button if you find this review helpful.

👤It is not a neon sign, it is a led sign, the product came wrong and broke, then took another month to get a refund. The led sign is plastic and has a light bar screwed to the top. Not worth 50 bucks.

👤It was nice. I have a genuine neon sign, which is blue, and I had a custom sign made for me. The shades are the same. This is not a neon sign. It's nice to see it fits in my collection. It's not as bright as a neon sign, but it's still nice, and it emits less light than the other product I bought from this seller. The design of the cable was what I asked for. It is perfectly replicated. I had an issue getting the app to let me upload what I wanted, so I sent them an email and they confirmed the new design and got to work right away. The bar that holds the led has a scratch on it that is visible from a distance. I plan to move and675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531

👤Really like this! I gave it to my dad for Christmas and he is going to love it. I spent 2 weeks trying to find a sign that was quoted $250 or more. If I wanted the colors to be multi-colored, it would be an extra $100. Each letter cost an additional $20. I love it here. I was able to put my dad first. I want 16 different colors, so I need to change it to what I want. It cost $97 after shipping. This is a great recommendation. It is the perfect gift because of the great job that was done. Thank you so much!

10. Hearth Haven Cinema Marquee Changeable

Hearth Haven Cinema Marquee Changeable

The package contains 8 pieces of Spade Plugs. 2 pairs of pin plugs. There are right angle pin plugs. The Hi End Banana to Spade Plugs are made of gold plated magnetic copper pins. The Banana Plugs have a limited lifetime warranty. You can make your own message by using any of the 130+ letters, numbers, or symbols. The characters can be put into the railing of the letterbox and turned on the lightbox for a cinematic display. This sign doesn't require wires, cables or cords. It is powered by 6 AA batteries which allow you to mount it anywhere you go. The marquee letter lights have retro bulbs around them. The design of the board can illuminate your living space with amazing quotes and other messages. It's pretty darn good to have VIVID BRIGHTNESS. Your personalized message can be easily seen from far due to the light up letters on the letterbox. Why do you choose to live in Hearth & Haven? Because they back their lightbox letters with a lifetime limited warranty and friendly customer service, you can buy it with confidence and have complete peace of mind.

Brand: Hearth & Haven

👤My daughter picked this out for her sisters birthday. I thought the small would be too small. I didn't use a ruler to measure, but it is a small size. It worked well for her and she loves it. She likes the options of the emoji.

👤A cute light box is a gift for an 8 year old. I am sure she will like it, but it is not as large as indicated on the ad and box. I ordered the big one. The diagonal measurement is 18” and the longest length is 18” in the ad. The total box is 8 1/2 x 11 1/2. 6x8 is the space for displaying letters. I contacted the seller to see if I received the correct size. The second one is the same size as the first one, but I was not charged for it. The seller responded quickly. I think it will get a lot of use, but I don't think it will be as big as advertised. I can not imagine the size of the two smaller boxes.

👤This is a good sign. It is a perfect size for my projects and the colors are great. I didn't give a 5 star review because you can't hold the color you want. It changes colors on its own. You have to wait for the picture to change to a different color before you can take a picture. Otherwise, it is perfect.

👤This is an easy pass to use. I bought two for each of my boys. There are three sizes, mini, medium and large. The options are small or large. I think it's a mistake, and small isn't pictured. I believed that small was between mini and medium. No way is it small. Like the MINI MINI. It is about the size of a chapter book. The light box has tiny letters on it. There is a hazard for babies. Pass on these or get large. Don't bother.

👤This was purchased for a mock up of my business and it was what I was looking for. The color combinations were pretty. There were a lot of alphabet cards and emojis. It was small, but with a big style.

👤It's ridiculously small. Completely useless. The description was complete waste of money. Half of the lights don't work.

👤My daughter is happy with it. She likes that the batteries last for a long time and she can leave herself little messages.

👤I like the light box. I like that it shifts through all the colors, and then to a multicolored look, and it is sturdy.

11. StarTech Com 7 1 USB Sound Card

StarTech Com 7 1 USB Sound Card

A sound card with ausb sound card. This sound card can add up to 7.1 channels of audio to your computer with a single port, and can be used with 3.5mm jacks. The bus-powered audio to USB adapter will upgrade the existing integrated audio on a desktop or laptop computer with support for analog and digital audio output for stereo to 7.1 channel audio applications. The audio is of a high quality. The digital output only supports 48KHz audio and the optical input passthrough supports up to two channels. Easy installation. Plug and play support in Windows 7.10 makes it easy to install the digital audio adapter and the external sound card.

Brand: Startech

👤The seller and/or manufacturer failed to tell the public that the SPDIF OPTICAL PORTS only support 2 STEREO CHANNELS and wouldn't support 5.1 or 7.1 sound. I found out that the ports had no sound outputs by reading the User Manual. The User Manual does not include a feature called optical surround, but it does mention that the S/PDIF optical pass-through port does not support 5.1 or 7.1 audio. I would like this information to be disclosed on this website so we don't have to go through the hassle of testing and returning. It was easy to return. Thanks to Amazon.

👤This is a review of the " 7.1usb audio card" I bought this card to use the input from my PS4 to output it to my speakers and headphones. I thought I could use this to replace my laptop's horrible onboard audio and also get input from the PS4 to my laptop. I am using a card from my Thinkpad T520 that has a very low latencies of 10.3 ms. The pulseaudio-jack is running in the background. I get about 1 xrun every 15-20 minutes, but that is most likely due to my laptop having shared IRQs all over the place. I can't get 0 runs. The card still performs without issues, even though I bought it September 16th, 2016 and it is now July 25th. This has been a great deal for around $30 for a card that works out of the box.

👤My laptop does not have a Stereo Microphone IN port. Stereo Microphones were supported by theusb audio adapter. I'm not sure if it supports microphones. The audio was barely enough to be recorded via the audio software program, but I was trying to get an unamplified shotgun stereo mic to work with this. It wasn't enough to use a video chat software. I think StarTech failed in this area. I took the plastic case off the device because I was curious about what it was made of. The device is powered by a dual channel op-amp and a C-Media chip. And that's it! I think the driver for the C-Media CM6533 chip only allows control of one of the two on-board digital and analog amplification devices, which is odd since the chip has both of them on-board. StarTech relies on a standard Windows Audio Endpoint driver to get the job done. Some microphones need more amplification than others. The "digital mic boost" feature is found in some Microphone drivers under Windows, but it needs to be enabled by the manufacturer. StarTech did not do this. They let the standard Windows Audio EndPoint driver do its thing on this one. If you go to C-Media's website, they will tell you to contact your manufacturer for a driver. There is nothing on StarTech's website. The Audio Out is just okay. It has a switch on the back that can either give you a Bass boost, no EQ change, or a Treble boost. You get a nice Bass boost when you use the switch. The amplification is just okay. The sound is not very loud. If you listen carefully in a quiet room, you can hear the noise from the op-amp. The op-amp is from the "Boomer" brand. It is designed for headphones. High output and low voltage. It gets the job done. This isn't a terrible unit for the price, but it isn't great either. The built-in audio chip in my laptop is much better than this thing.


What is the best product for mcintosh audio home theater cinema neon-like led sign?

Mcintosh audio home theater cinema neon-like led sign products from Knowair. In this article about mcintosh audio home theater cinema neon-like led sign you can see why people choose the product. Tiptrek and My Cinema Lightbox are also good brands to look for when you are finding mcintosh audio home theater cinema neon-like led sign.

What are the best brands for mcintosh audio home theater cinema neon-like led sign?

Knowair, Tiptrek and My Cinema Lightbox are some of the best brands that chosen by people for mcintosh audio home theater cinema neon-like led sign. Find the detail in this article. Bigasuo, Advpro and Pooqla are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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