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1. Projector KHQ Portable Compatible Smartphone

Projector KHQ Portable Compatible Smartphone

The KHQ Video Projector has a native 800X480P resolution and supports 1920x1080P. A clear and vivid picture is depicted in an excellent color reproduction. You and your family can experience a home theater experience with the subtle expressions. The video projector provides the projection sizes from 40 to 100" according to the distance. The built-in 2W speakers provide original audio fidelity and crystal clearness. Even without external speakers, the sound quality can meet your needs. It's suitable for watching movies, playing games, and watching sports. The projector for outdoor movies has a small size and weighs only 0.75 pounds. The Micro-USB interface needs to support 5V and 2A. No matter where you are, you can enjoy a great movie night with your family and friends. There is a multimedia connection. The mini projector has a variety of easy-to-use ports, including audio, audio-visual, and HDMI. You can connect it to a lot of things. There is an additional Lightning/ Microusb/Type C/ to HDMI adapter required when connecting a phone. Not included. One of the best overall projector warranties in the industry is offered by KHQ projector, with a 90-day refund and lifetime free customer support. Buy for yourself. If you have a product question, please email them. They are ready to give you solutions. One of the best overall projector warranties in the industry is offered by KHQ projector, with a 90-day refund and lifetime free customer support. Buy for yourself. If you have a product question, please email them. They are ready to give you solutions.

Brand: Khq

👤My son will love taking this projector to his friends house for gaming tournaments. It is portable and high quality for the price. He can play with his friends while they play on a tv with his own projector. It is compatible with many devices, including his ps4. Depending on the available wall space, it can project 50, 80, or even 100” in size. The picture quality is amazing. We use it at home when he isn't using it, and I can connect to my laptop or cell phone. Project any other streaming service. It was fun for the perfect family movie night. Even without an external speaker, the sound is loud. It is worth every cent to us because we are using it so much.

👤The projector works great. I have it because I can use it with my phone. It's not hard to set up for people who are tech challenged. The instructions are easy to follow. It's made well, has a nice picture quality and sound, and is perfect for doing an outdoor movie in the yard.

👤I have been trying to figure out how this projector works since it was delivered this morning, but not a single cable is working. I have read other reviews and they all say it was easy, but I am not sure if I am dumb or missing something. I tried to connect it to my phone and laptop, but it was not possible. I plug in the cables and not a single thing happens. I am going to try to get a lightening to hdmi conversion, but if that doesn't work I will send it back because I didn't pay for it. I was so excited that I got the converter and it says no signal, but there is a whole mini paragraph in the booklet that tells you what to do, it makes no sense at all.

👤The mini project is what I want. I can bring it to any place I want. It's easy to set up. I don't need any other external speakers. I will bring it on every trip. This is a great item to buy.

👤I have set the projector up for a long time and can't connect. It is very convenient to connect mobile phones, computers, and ipads, and I recommend it, because it is easy to set up and install.

👤The projector is very light. It looks like a toy. keystone adjustment is not included and it cannot project too far. The screw on the bottom is not adjusted. You can't place the projector in a certain location. The volume on the mono speaker gets loud, but it doesn't get too bright. The fan is noticeable. I would probably return and get a better one.

👤love it! It's amazing. The projector is small and does not take up a lot of space, the sound is clear, and the picture quality is very clear. The projector won't heat up even after a movie, and the noise is very small.

2. Projector CiBest Portable Supported Compatible

Projector CiBest Portable Supported Compatible

There is a movie experience. The CiBest home video projector is 80% brighter than other mini projectors. You may enjoy the time with your family or friends at home or outside with the support up to 2000:1 contrast ratio. The projection image can be softer with the diffuse reflection technology. You can connect to multiple devices. Works with TV stick, PC, laptops, tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, TF card, PS4/XBOX/WII, media players (music, pictures, video, TXT), headphones. You can connect it to your iPad, iPhone, and other devices. It's not a good idea for business presentations. STEREO SPEAKERS AND A big screen. It has a size from 30 to 200 and a distance from 2.62ft to 14.8ft. The optimal image size is between 60 and 80 inches. The built-in speakers have amazing sound effects. You can use the 3.5mm audio output to connect your home theater system. The design is portable. The CiBest mini projector is small and convenient to carry. The projector has a cooling system that cuts the fan noise by half and makes it a quieter place to watch a movie. Manual keystone correction can be used to meet your demands. There is a 2-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please contact their customer support team. They will try to find a solution for you. There is a 2-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please contact their customer support team. They will try to find a solution for you.

Brand: Cibest

👤This is a small unit. If you want to see it in action, check out my video review. I didn't cover every feature, but it's pretty straightforward for most of the time. The picture seems to project in high def, and it has a reasonable sound for being a small unit. I didn't cover the ability to plug in an SD card or other memory device in the video, which makes it great for a slideshow display at weddings or other events. This is a quality product for a relatively low price, and I only have one complaint: the power cord is a little short. Ps. It comes with an HDMI cable and some other cards.

👤I bought a mini projector for more than $100 a few weeks ago and I was very impressed with it. I was asked if I could find a cheaper projector for my sister in law. Being the tech guy of the family, I did a price and spec comparison and ended up with a CiBest Mini Projector. We were blown away by how good this is. The packaging was good. The projector is protected by air cushions. It had a remote, power cord, and video cable. It is very similar to the projector I got. It has a mini sd card slot, audio out, vga, HDMI, and 2usb ports. If you want to watch anything you want, you can use a Chromecast device, powered by the port on the phone, or a stick from a streaming service. The setup was easy to figure out without reading the manual. The projector can be mounted onto a tripod by using the height/tilt adjustment. I mounted this on a tripod and tested it on the wall. The quality of the picture is outstanding. The video was amazing even without a projector screen. We had a good time watching movies while lying on the bed, as I tried to project against the ceiling. 50,000 hours of light life is promised by this mini projector. 5 years of continuous playtime! If this projector lasts at least 2 years of regular use, that's more than your money is worth. I'm amazed at how technology has made entertainment cheaper and better. This product is a good example of technology at a low cost. Everything is excellent, can't find anything to complain about. Highly recommended.

👤The resolution is 800x480. I searched the product description and reviews for 20 minutes and never found the Native resolution of this thing. It's a shame how all the projectors are listed as capable of high definition, but then bury their actual resolution in the description, just don't mention it at all. This was very impressive for the cost. I paid 60 dollars for it. I could blow this up to a 80" screen before it started getting blurry, because the low resolution wasn't that bad in actual usage. The internal speakers were good, not going to blow your mind, but for a quick casual setup they are adequate and much better than what I expected at this price point. The image is bright, but the saturation of the color is not good. I noticed that the more expensive projectors were sometimes claiming lower numbers than they actually were. I'm sure these numbers are inflated to some extent for these cheepie projectors, but it's also related to color production. The projector rating is based on how much white light they can produce and not on the color of the light. I can't tell you much more than that because this is my first time ever buying a projector and I am researching them. It is impressive for the money. I like that it can be mounted on a tripod and has a quiet fan.

3. Projector Video Projector Multimedia Compatible Smartphone

Projector Video Projector Multimedia Compatible Smartphone

The Superior Home Theater Projector is in use. A mini projector with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and support for1080p resolution brings you a 35% brighter image than similar projectors in the market. It gives you a premium home cinema experience with a bigger screen and clearer image. The mini projector has a projection screen size of 170 inches and a projection distance of 1m to 5m. External speakers can be connected to the built-in speakers to meet your higher quality sound needs. Low noise and long lamp. The projector is quieter and more durable than previous models thanks to advanced fan cooling technology. You can use it for more than 15 years because the cooling system cools the lamp's heat efficiently. The portable movie projector is portable and can be used for multiple purposes. It can be easily connected to other devices to play games. There is an extra HDMI adapter needed when connecting with a phone. Due to copyright issues, projectors with mirrored are not compatible with streaming services. Every customer is guaranteed a 2 year satisfaction guarantee. Please contact them if you have any problems with using it. They have a 2 year warranty. It is not recommended for business presentations. You can enjoy the outdoors in the dark.

Brand: Auking

👤If you're expecting a $65 off-brand projector to be cinema quality sharp and bright enough to easily watch in a room with the lights on, you're not being realistic. What is this little unit? It's a great projector for a movie night for a group of people at an amazing price, but you'll need to make sure you have a dark room and a projector in case you're having an outdoor viewing party. If you get close enough, you can see the picures. The description says it's in high definition. Right? It does not mean that the internal display is 1920x1080, it is just that it can play high definition content from a microSD card or ausb drive. Does that mean it's not worth the price? Absolutely it is. You can find a projector with a high definition display for less than $300. It means that you need to chill out and accept that your projector won't be as sharp as the ones at the movie theater. Did you think it would happen? I don't know who you are. I like to get movies on bluray after I've seen them in the theater because even the theater ones are not as sharp as a bluray on a decent TV. It is on a large screen. If you pick this up you can get a projector screen for $20 on Amazon and have your own home cinema for less than a hundred dollars. This thing is easy to use, reliable, sharp, and bright enough to be seen in a dark room. The cheap and long life light bulb prevents you from buying expensive halogen bulbs, and it has a tripod thread on the bottom for easy mounting.

👤I used the video projector to project a game in a Cervell style and let everyone participate, thanks to the excellent brightness, having a lot of fun. I put it through a test to see some movies by connecting it to the PC and it still looked good, even under stress. I am really satisfied with the purchase and the projector looks good in materials. Excellent delivery times and great product are recommended for the quality and price ratio.

👤The update works perfectly and has been used many times. We upgraded our screen because we were loaning it out so much. The fire stick is working well after being hooked up. It's worth every penny. Great little projector. I have used it about 20 times. The kids love it, it's perfect for outdoor movies. I have been telling everyone in my neighborhood about this machine. It is so easy to use. The picture quality is great.

👤For an update, read to the end. The deal is likely to be true. I need to be a contortionist to use the remote, so I can't say anything about the picture quality or features. It's difficult to aim at the sensor when it's mounted high on the wall. Who had a bright idea was it to 1. The machine has a sensor on it. Make the signal so weak. It is practically useless. I know this because my children like to link their Roku to mine and change the channel on me, so I know our remote works anywhere in the house. I used to get quality products from Amazon, but not anymore. I have learned my lesson. There will be no more purchases from me. I'm sick of wasting money on useless products. It is difficult for me to return things because of my work hours and there is no place to send returns to. There is an update. The company apologized and sent a new remote, but it didn't make a difference. I had to be a contortionist to get it at the right angle. They tried to guilt me into changing my review. She needed that job and if I didn't change my review she would be fired. She told me they would give me a partial refund. More manipulation is good. I never saw a dime returned. They tried to get me to change my review, but never heard back from Amazon. There is a large orange tint in the middle of the picture after only 7 months. I have to get my son to help me get to the root of the problem. It looks like the lens are burning. I'm going to buy a new one. Not from this company. There are shady business practices.

4. DBPOWER Projector Keystone Correction Compatible

DBPOWER Projector Keystone Correction Compatible

The DBPOWER RD828 Full HD Native projector has a bright light and a high contrast display that provides over 50% sharpness and brightness. It's the most cost-effective projector because it has native 1920x1080p resolution, 3 times of the resolution of other 720p projectors. The latest screen sync technology can be used to connect your smart phone to your projector without the need for extra equipment. When the home projector is suspended from the ceiling, it brings a Wireless Freedom to you. The biggest feature of their mini projector is the innovative 4-point keystone correction. The 4p keystone knows that the corners of the picture can be adjusted separately, making it more convenient and user-friendly. It can shrink the image size to 50% using the zoom function. The first projector to play Microsoft office and Adobe PDF files directly from yourusb stick is theDBPOWERRD828. Others only support text format, and need to connect the projector to a laptop/PC to project it. Unlike other projectors that only support local upgrade methods, the 828 wireless mini projector supports both online and local upgrade methods. The lamp life can be extended to a maximum of 1000000 hours by using the latest sarcoma technology. The portable projector is suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard games, yoga, and party usage. You have nothing to lose if you purchase it. There is free tech support and professional customer service. The lamp life can be extended to a maximum of 1000000 hours by using the latest sarcoma technology. The portable projector is suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard games, yoga, and party usage. You have nothing to lose if you purchase it. There is free tech support and professional customer service.

Brand: Dbpower

👤I wanted to watch movies outside. It has a built in HDCP that prevents you from streaming anything from Disney+ or Amazon. You have to connect your TV or DVD player directly to watch anything. It defeats the purpose of taking it outside.

👤In their ad, they said that the projector is compatible with the internet. It is not. The customer service representative said she would contact marketing to change thexad. They don't "mislead" anyone else. It is not compatible with 5G. The customer service is horrible.

👤If you want to place the projector at a specific spot, you need to adjust the tilt and the size of the projector, but I couldn't do that with a cheaper projector. If you aim the lens up or down, the projection will blow up if you move the projector far away. The tilt "keystone" and the size "zoom" are both called by the DBPower, which gives you clear control over them. I was pleasantly surprised by the software. You can raise the angle with one screw-foot. The fabric covering on the projector makes it feel like you're on a screen, and it's gorgeous. The light is bright enough to project during the day, but you probably shouldn't. If you make this device the center of your media hub, you'll want to use the audio out or separate it, but it's extremely short, so I'm not sure if. There is some noise from the fans that is similar to a gaming laptop. The focus adjustment wheel feels good. The unit is sturdy and built to last. The product is all about the basics. You can skip the HDMI cable with Miracast. I think the look is great. I had a cheap projector that was out of the water.

👤I can't add anything to the reviews about this product. I was impressed with how easy it was to setup. This works because I needed something that would be visible in a bright room. The built-in speakers give a good sound. The remote control works well and the fan noise isn't bad. I've used this to play movies from a thumb drive, connect to the HDMI ports and mirror my display from an iPad. I don't want to play anything from a streaming service. The carrying case is handy and it seems like a great product for the price.

👤I contacted the seller to see if I could possibly clean the unit, but they advised that it was not possible without harming the unit, so they sent me a new unit for free. I wouldn't recommend this unit for heavy use because it doesn't have a way to clean the inside. The seller got five stars for replacing my unit quickly. I paid more for this than other projectors I had in the past, hoping the filter would help keep the dust out, but it did nothing. There are black dust specks in the picture. It started in the upper left corner. You can see them on the projector lens if you look into it. There is no way to clean that part. We use a freshly painted white wall as our screen so it's not a screen issue, it's a projector issue. If you plan on using this unit frequently, I wouldn't recommend it. It's only good for occasional use so you don't get the dust build-up.

5. Upgrade 3500Lumens Projector Supported Smartphone

Upgrade 3500Lumens Projector Supported Smartphone

The power bank supply is listed. The mini portable projector is powered by a power adapter that does not have a built-in battery, but it can be powered by a mobile phone, car, or power pack that supports 5V/ 2.5A. It's important to watch movies. 1. You can buy a projector to use outside on clear nights to break up the monotony of watching TV. 2. It has a speaker that is made into the projector and is quiet enough for indoors, but it can be connected to external speakers using the ear phones connection on the side. 3. It's perfect for use in the living room or the back yard. You are able to use your TV Sticker to display what you are watching on your phone, YouTube or straight up movies. 2. It's easy to adjust the contrast and connect multiple devices to it. It can be connected to your phone, PS3 or Wii to play games. Gets an A+ for value. If you are into HD and top quality, you may want to spend more money on a projector. It's not the best projector for sports. Unless you have a 4,000 sq foot home with a movie theater room, you should just buy this. It's great! It's easy to operate. Light is on and off in the photos. The display is over 180 inches. This projector has a projection distance between 4.9ft and 16.4ft and a watching size from 32” to 176” The recommended viewing distance is about 6.5 feet. The lowest price in the first month of this new arrival is $ 56. They offer a 3-year 100% Money Back Guarantee and professional customer service. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Projector

👤I was excited about the projector that got good reviews. This is a good projector. Here's the negative: 1. It is not very bright. If you need to operate in a semi- or well-lit environment, this projector is not for you. 2. It can't zoom. If you need a specific size of projection, you need to position it at a certain distance from the screen. 3. The focus depth range is not big. You can find distances with no focus. 4. keystone correction is small. If you are not close to a couple degrees of straight on your projection area, you will see distortion. The projector isn't for me at the end of the day. They tried to bribe me with a $30 Amazon gift card to change my review after reading it. Beware!

👤I have a projector that I use for my Halloween projections, which I display in a window overlooking our neighborhood. I set up the projector and began projecting, but within 5 minutes a dark spot appeared in the center and spread quickly. If the bulb becomes overheated, turn it off for 3 hours, then try again. I did it anyway and it happened even though it was 3 hours too late. Within 5 minutes. I reached out to the manufacturer, but they didn't reply. I returned the product for a full refund. Would not recommend this product.

👤My sister recommended this brand to me and I bought it. My sister bought the same a month ago and it worked great. She said that it would change your life. It did not fail to impress. Everything was described. I knew what I needed to do to connect my speaker to my computer. It was easy to set up. It has the ability to support a variety of devices. The compatibility is easy. I bought a VGA conversion for $25 to connect different devices. Within minutes, I connected my speakers to my tv. The set up took a long time to complete.

👤The price point and value is 5/5, the quality is 4.55 and the recommendation is 5/5. I can play holiday videos on my porch. The video is bright and HD, but clear for being that way. It is easy to hook this up and play video games outside by adding a device for casting or hooking up directly via HDMI. It has a speaker built in, but it isn't that great of an output at 2 watt. The audio can be played anywhere I want it to be played. The interface and navigation of the projector are easy to use. The 3 year warranty allows me to test the claim on the bulb's longevity. I am surprised and pleased with the quality and would recommend it.

👤It was easy to set up and make for a fun movie night. I was able to project the video onto the wall because it was clear. The projection size that this little machine can output is amazing. A movie is being watched in a small size. It's very portable because of its zie. I'm looking forward to doing some backyard movie nights once summer comes around again. I was able to connect this to my laptop and firestick, so I had lots of shoe options. This purchase was very sastified.

6. AAXA Projector Battery Resolution Business

AAXA Projector Battery Resolution Business

The P7 projector has a latest generation of high definition projector with a high definition optical engine and high definition lens. The P7 projector is a mini form factor and can fit in a laptop bag or briefcase. The 38 watt Li-ion battery is included for Amazon customers and can provide up to 90 minutes of runtime. There is no need for bulb replacements with 30,000+ Hour LEDs. The all-in-one portable projector has an onboard media player, a wireless output, and onboard speaker. The other inputs include mini-VGA. It's perfect for business or home use. Up to 120" screen in low light conditions. It includes a remote for navigation. It's perfect for business or home use. Up to 120" screen in low light conditions. It includes a remote for navigation.

Brand: Aaxa Technologies

👤The main advertisement picture is not accurate. I was expecting it to be a lot lighter. You can see what I mean by attaching some pictures. I don't have average hands and I wouldn't be able to hold it on my hand like the picture shows. It's small for a projector, but not light, and it's also large, as other reviewers mentioned. I am.

👤The projector is very bright for its size. I can use it in daylight with the blinds open. I can get 65 inches in full daylight with lights on, but there can be dark spots on a wall in a lot room, so I have to use washout. The image is clear. I have had a dozen of these little projectors and we are decent, this bad boy throws a clear crisp image on nearly any surface. This is a pro and con. The pro is that you can keep it wherever you please. The 450 is adequate for indoor use. The fan is loud all the time. It is unbearable when in bright mode. The speaker or driver is garbage. This is the reason I am sending mine back. I can use an external speaker, but that doesn't help the cause. It is too small for many places to be stable. It would be stable if it had a wider footprint. If you use a fire stick, chromecast, and the like, they block theusb port needed for power, because they had to cram all the ports together. I used a 90 degree hdmiadapter to make room. It is a huge flaw that this is to help with. If you drain it, plug it in and watch for an hour, as soon as you plug it in, it will be dead. The sound and lack of charging doomed it from the beginning. If this wasn't a daily used item, it's perfect for presentation or weekends.

👤Where to start? I have tried many portable projectors. This one is my favorite. The picture is clear and the sound is good. Loud for gaming and quiet for movies. The screen is up to 100 inches on the battery and the 400 lumens are cutting it. I have a 2000 watt projector and it is very comparable to my other one. There is a There is no noticeable input latency. This was the problem with other projectors. There is no gaming possible. The little guy was nice. I was able to compete online and win. There is a I tried to play every media file I could find. There were no issues there. I had a smart projector in no time after I got a fire stick. The fire stick is powered by the onboardusb. The battery was good. I watched incredibles 2 and played smash for 25 minutes. The estimated 1.5 hours was lasted longer. Can not recommend enough. It works well. It was easy to place it. The picture has a purple/red hue that I can't correct. I will update and dive into color setting more, but so far it is what you see in the picture. It is passable. The incredibles were on my kitchen wall at sunset. Looked fine. Smash brothers was on a screen in a room. Really great. The corners in the right were blurry. The keystone issue is probably also a part of it. There is a The last problem. The focus wheel is not automatic and that is ok. I couldn't find the sweet spot because the wheel clicks in different positions. You will not regret this one. My new favorite. I have had other aaxa's. A cube. A planet. It beats all of them.

7. Optoma HD39HDR Brightness Projector Operation

Optoma HD39HDR Brightness Projector Operation

It's a HDR comparison. brigher whites and deeper black levels can be achieved with the use of 4K technology. Fast response time. Enhanced gaming mode has a response time of 8.4ms. A high brightness of 4,000 lux and a 6-segment color wheel produce accurate color with sRGB and REC.709. Clear, detailed images are rendered from high definition content without downscaling or compression. Extreme connection: You can connect to gaming consoles, media players, and other HDMI devices with dual HDMI inputs. Easy installation. Flexible placement in any environment is possible with a vertical keystone correction and a 1.3X zoom. An average of 4 hours of viewing time every day is provided by the long lamp life.

Brand: Optoma

👤The projector is mostly quiet and looks good, but don't be fooled by the 15,000 hour lamp life claim. A year and a month after purchase, the lamp stopped working. And guess what. The lamp is waranties for 90 days. If it had been on for a full year, it would have come in under 9000 hours. If they have to back that up with a warranty, they might as well say it lasts for a while. I bought 3 years of extended warranty through Asurion because I thought the bulbs were a weak point. There is a short story. Do not waste your money on it. After jumping through hoops for about 5 hours, my persistance paid off. They sent me a lable to get my projector fixed. A week and 3 days later, I received a note saying that the customer must replace the bulb. Guess what. They don't cover the bulbs. Isn't that great? From my mistake, learn. While the picture quality is good, you are buying from a company that won't stand behind their claims. You should not pay the extra 50 dollars for a 3 year cleaning contract that takes years of your life due to the stress of just trying to get your warranty honored. Optoma and Asurion are both bad for business and have bad publicity.

👤The Optoma GT1080 I had before is no longer valid. It's even quieter. When scenes are switched between light and dark, they are spectacular. It doesn't lose color, it's not too dark, and it's not grainy. I got a 65" curved TV when my projector died. The price was the same. I'll take this projector any day of the week, even though the TV was beautiful. I returned the TV after the projector arrived. Go for it if you think you might want it. You will not be disappointed.

👤I've tried several projectors, but this was what I was after. The lights are on in the room. I put this up in my garage, where I had 4 shop lights and a light from the door. You can still see the picture. If you can turn the light off above the screen, it would be better. The picture is great. I have a surround sound system. I can't say if the sound is good. I changed my fan to Eco+ and it was almost completely silent, despite the fact that the fan was a little noisy in bright mode. I keep it in Eco+ because it is still very bright, and I can't tell much difference in the picture. It is really good, but not 4K quality. You can see the pictures in the dark and on a paused screen, but first you have to see the quality on the screen. There is no lag in sports. The photos and video are in eco+.

👤I replaced the item with my Optoma HD 27-E and it worked fine. The screen flickered like the bulb was going out. I went online to replace my projector and got a message from Optoma that they couldn't return. Someone off shore gave me the same advice I received from Amazon. I was transferred after requesting to speak to a Manager. I told the Manager what my issue was and she said she would help me. She said that she would replace my projector immediately and that I should receive it within two days, which I did. I asked her why she told the offshore reps that there was nothing they could do for me, after I told them that the Amazon website said free returns. She said that she would bring the misunderstanding to their attention. If you know you are within your rights, ask the person at the top for help. The projector is beautiful and there are no flickers so far. I hope this will help other people with the same problem.

8. Portable Projector Keystone Correction Battery

Portable Projector Keystone Correction Battery

An advanced DLP lamp brings stunning FHD entertainment at a bright 700 ANSI lumens. The 100 inch screen size has vivid colors. The patented Smart keystone correction will adjust the projected screen up to 40 degrees both vertically and horizontally to give you the best viewing experience. Dolby Audio/Theater-Like Audio is a program that uses the 2x3W speaker to produce audio that fills any room. Light up your portable theater. The DICE is a portable projector that can run off the rechargable battery for up to two films. It's great for evening screenings outdoors. You can build-in a projector with apps from the Play Store, including Disney+, Prime Video, and more. You can use a projector to mirror your phone's screen. You can build-in a projector with apps from the Play Store, including Disney+, Prime Video, and more. You can use a projector to mirror your phone's screen.

Brand: Wemax

👤There are relatively little reviews of this. It turned out well. I had previously bought an Xgimi Mogo Pro, and the WeMax Dice beats it in almost every way. The Xgimi Mogo Pro has advantages over the Mogo Pro. I can start the movie earlier in the evening using this. The battery life is better. I had range anxiety with the Mogo Pro. I couldn't get through a short movie unless I changed the picture. I can comfortably watch an average-length movie with the help of the Dice. The cord is longer. The cord of the Mogo Pro was too short. This one doesn't need an extension. The built-in sound is better. The Mogo Pro was barely audible outdoors. This definitely gets loud. Sometimes there is sound clipping with loud noises on the low end, but it's not bad. Hopefully they can improve this with an update. The build quality is better. The Mogo Pro wasn't bad, but the Dice is a step up. It is well built and has nice materials. Customer service is pretty good. I have been very quick to respond to sound issues that I have reached out about. The headphones out is too quiet. The audio output from the headphones is too quiet, so I connect this to a Hyperboom for a better outdoor sound experience. I can't turn up the sound more, but I should. The customer service said they would look into the problem. I wouldn't need to hook up a cord to the Hyperboom, as the Mogo Pro supports low-latency, which is an advantage. It's brand new, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. Everything else about it is perfect. I would suggest using Aptoide TV to get around the lack of Amazon Prime in the Play Store. I was able to install builds of both Amazon Prime and Netflix on the device. There is no lag between the audio and video after a system update. Great! The update killed my app. That is unfortunate. I can't install the app again from Aptoide. Unfortunate. It was close to perfect. After another update to the system, the Aptoide version is working. I have no complaints about this thing.

👤This projector is not a $10K entertainment system, so it's important to set the tone of this review. It's a portable projector that's priced under $1K. The picture quality is amazing. The picture quality is important to our family. Don't expect to see anything in strong light or medium light. If necessary, lower the blinds or move to a darker room. The image is large and sharp in a dark environment. We've used it to watch a movie and play games. There were no complaints either time. It works well for video games. There are notes and thoughts. The battery life is advertised. You can charge your phone and other devices, but there is no zoom. The auto focus and keystone work as advertised. This is an excellent projector at this price point. You could get better quality out of a $3K projector. That is 3x more expensive. The picture quality was the most important thing to me, and I am very pleased with what the Dice has to offer.

9. Projector PVO Portable Cartoon Interfaces

Projector PVO Portable Cartoon Interfaces

There is a gift for children. The Mini projector is a must have for children to watch cartoons and videos. It can project a maximum of 150 inches when viewed from a distance. Children's eyes can be protected from mobile phones and tablets. The mini video projector is small and portable, and can be carried in a pocket or bag. Children can hold it. You can watch movies, videos and games wherever you go, no matter where you are. The natural resolution has increased to 800*480 with the upgraded YG300Pro. The picture is more comfortable if the brightness and color saturation of the projected picture is improved. A small projector has multiple ports, including HDMI, audio, Micro SD, and TF. It can be easily connected to multiple media devices, such as TV boxes, laptops, desktop computers, digital cameras, HDMI-enabled devices to play video, TV series, photos sharing and games. No internet, no phone. Please contact their customer service if you can't connect. The power bank supply is listed. The mini portable projector is powered by a power adapter that does not have a built-in battery, but it can be powered by a mobile phone, car, or power pack that supports 5V/ 2.5A. The power bank supply is listed. The mini portable projector is powered by a power adapter that does not have a built-in battery, but it can be powered by a mobile phone, car, or power pack that supports 5V/ 2.5A.

Brand: Pvo

👤I needed a mini projector to put up a webpage from my laptop or iPad that interacts with a laser and a camera phone, but I didn't want to spend a lot. I found a projector that had a lot of value packed into it. Now that I have a projector, here's what I found. It powers from my powerbank. Just plugged it in. How cool is that? Time for some videos with the family. 1. It's small and light. It is easy to carry a backpack for overnighters. 2. When powered from a wall outlet, the brightness is much brighter. Maybe 50% brighter. I would recommend using the wall outlet as much as possible. The brighter the picture is, the smaller it will be. I was able to get a focused picture of 1.5 foot by 2 feet, the closest I could get to a wall. The brightness surprised me. 3. The projector has a small speaker on the back that can make a loud noise. It's not a Bose stereo system, but it does the job without an external speaker, and there is a jack for a headphones. The included remote control can be used to adjust the volume. 4. The projector doesn't have up and down arrows, just left and right, so the remote control is required for many menu options. The remote is not included with the product so you will need 2 batteries. 5. There is a screw mount on the projector for a tripod. Pick up a cheap tripod to make it easy to adjust the angle of projection. There is no keystone adjustment. 5. I was able to use my Apple TV, Apple TV Stick, and Chromecast through the HDMI port. Just plugged them in again and switched the source to high definition. Looks and sounds great. I was able to use the Apple TV or the Chromecast to cast my screens to the projector. Convenient! 6. The picture quality and brightness are not comparable to a projector. The edges of the projected screen were noticeably darker and fuzzier than the middle, but there was nothing to stop the viewer from enjoying the experience. This little guy has been really useful for me. The value and features of this projector are unbeatable. It works great, but if the kids drop it, you're only out a fraction of the cost of typical projectors. I highly recommend!

👤It was a great projector at first. The picture was clear at night and it was enjoyable to watch movies in our bedroom. It all went wrong after the return date. The projector is not well sealed and we saw big dirty spots on the lens about 4 weeks in, they have just gotten larger. The color began to go out. The picture in the circle turned blue and yellow. It died in 4 months. I wouldn't recommend this product. It's not well made. The protection plan will go wrong after 30 days if you don't get it. It will be necessary to take it apart to clean the lens. I am looking for a projector that will work in my room.

10. KODAK Projector Bluetooth Compatible Resolution

KODAK Projector Bluetooth Compatible Resolution

The portable mini projector displays images with clarity, color, and brightness with a native resolution of 1920x1080p. Anywhere you go, inside or outdoors. You can download Binge Media on the projector, just like a smart TV. You can project from your phone, laptop, gaming console, streaming sticks, and more via a HDMI or ausb connection. Easy set up and screen adjusting allows you to see the picture from virtually any angle or distance. Set up and watch in seconds. There is extended 3 hour play time. The set includes a 10500 mAh battery that can be used for up to 3 hours of play in Eco Mode. Plug and play, stream and view content directly through the projector apps at home or on the road, portable design, quiet operation, bonus remote for stress-free control, perfect for family movie night, backyard parties, presentations, camping trips, big screen, is what Pocket-Sized CONVE Plug and play, stream and view content directly through the projector apps at home or on the road, portable design, quiet operation, bonus remote for stress-free control, perfect for family movie night, backyard parties, presentations, camping trips, big screen, is what Pocket-Sized CONVE

Brand: Kodak

👤I normally don't write reviews immediately, but upon initial inspection and testing, I think that Kodak has something very special in the Luma 450. I can confirm that the native resolution is 1920x1080, and I will never know if I was cheated out of a couple rows of pixels. I don't have a way to confirm that the brightness is 200 lumens. The product size is 1.26"x4.9"x4.9" and appears to have a throw ratio of 1.2:1. I can recommend this projector to anyone who is looking for a small/pico1080p solution. Before purchasing the Luma 450, I had three projector brands, two of which were cheap. I have been looking for a projector that runs in high definition for a long time, and I had considered Optoma, AAXA M6 and the AAXA. The three of them were a bit big for my liking, and the smallest was dim at 70 lux. Then, out of the blue (late July 2020). The Luma 450 was quietly put on the market by Kodak, having only released 5 other projectors that had very low resolution. I decided to gamble on the purchase of the AAXA P7 because of Kodak's claim of a native resolution of 1920 x 1200, but it seemed crazy at the size of the machine. Kodak has more to lose by lying than their foreign competitors. I couldn't tell you why the remote control started working after I had some issues connecting it. The settings and menu are usable without the controller. I ran a few images on the display that allowed me to count and measure the size of the screen, and I am very happy to say that the results match what I would expect from a high definition projector. The response time is reasonable, the brightness is adequate for a dimly lit room, and the noise from the fan is not loud. It seems to be more sensitive to signal quality than other displays. The quality of the image was degraded when I ran an image through a splitter and extra length of HDMI cables, which is unusual for digital signals that usually just work or don't work with no in-between. The quality of the image is very impressive when the cable is not disrupted. I hope this helps someone make a decision. Kodak has something very special with this projector, and I hope it lasts a long time. If there is a dramatic event in the first year, I will update this review. My use-case lasts several hours every day, but mostly stationary. Since the original purchase, I have used the projector for several hours each week. External speakers are plugged in at the ceiling. The internal battery is not tested because the power is always plugged in. Since I got the remote working the first time, it has worked reliably and without issue. I haven't changed the batteries yet. The focus wheel has kept it's position, which is a problem for some cheaper projectors. I have not cleaned it yet, but I will probably do so this month to avoid an excessive build up of dust, which was caused by one of my other AAXA Pico projectors. I'm not using my projector in a normal way because it's pointed upwards towards the ceiling, which causes extra dust to accumulate. I highly recommend this projector to anyone looking for a Pico projector, the projector has worked well, and I can't find anything to complain about. I hope it lasts for another couple of years.

11. RCA RPJ136 Home Theater Projector

RCA RPJ136 Home Theater Projector

Every customer is offered a 100% satisfaction service. You can make it a Christmas gift for parents. If you have any problems with operations or quality, please contact them to get a reply from their professional technical department. You can support both 480i and 480i via the HDMI Input. The resolution is 800 x 480. Projects images from 30 to 130" on virtually any flat surface. It has 2 HDMI for connecting devices such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like mobile phones, tablets, and Apple TV. 50,000 hour estimated lamp life, that is 22.8 years viewing 6 hours a day or 5.7 years viewing 24 hours a day!

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤You will be very happy with this if you have reasonable expectations. It's not a replacement for a high-end projector. Excellent, low-cost device that you can casually use, like take with you on trips, use in a child's bedroom, or in your backyard. It's about the size of a dictionary and weighs about a pound. The unit is brighter than I thought, but you need a dark environment. If you can't make your environment darker than you can make the picture smaller. The colors are striking. The sound of the Firestick is loud but has a flat tone of the alarm clock. It's not a problem to listen to the news or sports game. If you want better sound, you can plug in a portable speaker. Don't sit next to the fan because it makes noise. Not a problem for me. If it was a decent size, it could be used for PowerPoint. Unless you zoom in, you won't see the spreadsheets. Make sure the unit is parallel to the wall it's projecting on. I found that the center of the picture is sharper than the corners and that keystone correction isn't as sharp as you might think. I found the best way to focus is to use the keystone dial to adjust the corner. The focus range works well to wall size. If you try to make a 20 foot image, you won't be able to focus. The power supply is 3.5A. The remote needs two batteries. There are two inputs: a computer and a flashdrive. Audio and headphones are outputs. There is a tripod on the bottom. I ordered another as a gift. If you have reasonable expectations, you'll be very happy with this.

👤The picture is bright in low light. It was easy to setup. It's cool to the touch. The power consumption is low. It's very light and fits in a travel bag with a laptop. Leave on continuously with microcard to transform an interior wall into a picture or video on a loop for interior design.

👤I like the projector because I can play my game on it. I would buy it again. It is difficult to control focus. It works great!

👤I love this projector. I bought one for $86 and it burnt out in 3 months, it was more complicated to set up and it made a loud humming noise. I paid $29 for this one and it's perfect. My kids knocked it off the table a few times to make sure it was still good.

👤I wanted to do a movie night in the backyard since theaters are closed, so I bought this. The quality of the projector was great. The size and quality of the video was amazing, and we placed it about 10 feet from the screen. It had the right connections. I plugged the headphones into my speaker system with an HDMI cord. The settings are saved once you turn it off and on. This is a great deal.

👤This projector is amazing. We bought this to watch movies in the backyard. The picture is clear. The screen was between 95 and 100 inches. I thought the device was faulty after I hooked an Amazon firestick up to it. You have to change the audio on the firestick to stereo if you want to listen to it on the firestick. Everything worked great after I changed that. The sound on the device was muffled. The portable speaker we hooked up with an auxiliary cord sounded better. This was a great purchase.


What is the best product for mini home theater projector?

Mini home theater projector products from Khq. In this article about mini home theater projector you can see why people choose the product. Cibest and Auking are also good brands to look for when you are finding mini home theater projector.

What are the best brands for mini home theater projector?

Khq, Cibest and Auking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for mini home theater projector. Find the detail in this article. Dbpower, Projector and Aaxa Technologies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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