Best Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers

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1. Moukey Bookshelf Speakers Theater Passive

Moukey Bookshelf Speakers Theater Passive

Polk is one of the most trusted names in home audio. They bring out the best in sound systems so you can relax and listen. The 1 inch and 5 inch bass units in the Moukey bookshelf speakers allow them to produce clear treble at higher frequencies and powerful bass at lower frequencies. The speakers have a built-in amplifier that will split up audio signals and send them to the correct drivers to improve your listening experience. The M20-1 Stereo speakers are compatible with most home theater receivers, stereos and home theater processors, giving you plenty of setup arrangement options. Use these bookshelf speakers as front, left-right setup, surrounds, as rear speakers, also with 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 systems or an immersive 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 setup. Wall-mountable. The back side of each speaker has an independent hook. If you have more space on your table, you can hang them on the wall. M20-1 speakers use hand-made wooden boxes with structure accurate to 1 cm to achieve better sound quality. The power amplifier should be used to match the speakers. Don't exceed the maximum input power.

Brand: Moukey

👤These speakers sound better than I could have imagined. I didn't set my hopes very high, they were bought as Christmas gifts for my kids, and the sound is far beyond my expectations. When I turned the bass up a little, they started sounding good, so I made sure to crank it up so they wouldn't miss a lick. A small boomy hollow all the way up. The highs were very pleasant. The only issue I had was when I tried to plug in the banana clips, but the terminal that I used was loose, so I had to use another terminal. I'm not saying that there will be a blow away set of high end speakers, but they will out preform speakers that cost several times more.

👤I use the speakers along with the Preamp and Mini amplifier to listen to vinyl. The speakers can be hanged. The bass is good and the sound quality is fair. These are great for small to medium spaces. A top contender for bookshelf speakers. These are passive speakers, meaning they need to connect to an amplifier. I'm using these for vinyl listening. The Moukey amplifier can also play music. The radio works. There is a humming when playing at low volumes. I don't know if the humming happens because of the speakers or the amplifier.

👤I wanted to replace a pair of speakers I bought after reading positive reviews. Bose sounded terrible with my amplifier. The sound of the speakers is amazing and I received them well packaged, so I could set them up and enjoy them. The soundstage these speakers provide is outstanding. Watching movies and my playoff games, these speakers round out the mids and highs needed with my 10” Sony sub! I was happy with my choice and didn't have to spend a lot.

👤I was going to rate these four stars based on the sound quality alone, but when you consider the price, they're worth a 5 star rating. I'm picky about my audio and sound quality isn't that bad. They have an ok sound, but you need to add padding to keep internal resonance down. There is no big deal there. It was not fatiguing to listen to, but it was disappointing, being dull and distant. The vocals sound ok but they do a better job than they should at this price point for orchestral music, revealing details in the upper and lower bass, cello or piano music. If you wanted to, you could replace the speakers for more distinct vocals or electric guitar, or other such high frequencies, but that alone could cost you as much as the whole speakers. If you're listening to bass-heavy music, power handling is 30 watt tops before you get a lot of distortion. The speakers should be able to handle a higher sudden burst of power, but the average power handling is less than half of the listed peak. If you keep the bass down, 50 watt may be ok. It's as high as you can go and still give a good bass performance. The cabinet is made of wood. I thought it would be smaller. I like that the bass reflex port faces forward, so you don't have to worry about reflections on the wall, and can place them anywhere you want. For the price, these are pretty darn good. I don't think I could build anything better myself for less money, and I don't think I could purchase individual speakers, wood, electronics hookups, wire, glue, and finish. For this price range, I don't think you can do any better than a pair of hi-fi bookshelf speakers that cost about $300 just for materials.

2. Polk Audio Blackstone Technology Performance

Polk Audio Blackstone Technology Performance

Product 1 creates a sound system that is compatible with a large system. There are two drivers, a silk dome tweeter, and injection molded cones. The rear port can be mounted against the wall or on a shelf. The unique shape of the product is based on time lag technology and is designed to align the acoustic centers of the tweeter and mid-bass in the same plane. You can build your own 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 home theater system by adding four to eight satellite speakers and a sub to the center channel. The center channel is easy to connect to, just like any other speaker. Product 2 is a home theater experience. The speakers are designed to produce a natural, well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies. Product 2: Use these wall-mountable bookshelf speakers as front, left, or rear speakers, and you'll get crystal clear vocals, enough to fill a small to medium sized room. Product 2 is a 5.1 home theater set up with the complete range of T-series speakers from Polk with two T50 Tower Speakers, one T30 Center Channel, two T15 Bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. Polk speakers are compatible with most home theater audio equipment giving you many setup options, in a single or multi-room setup.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤Center channel speakers are not very good. Audioholics chose a 2500 dollar center channel against a 100 dollar book shelf speaker, and the book shelf speaker was better than the cheaper ones. It takes a lot of money to fix the problem of the three speaker design muddies and distorts the sound, it is meant to spread the sound across a wide listening area. The Polk center channel is where that brings us. It is a bad center channel, but it is not a bad breed. It does clarify movie dialogs, but at a cost. The surround sound effect is destroyed by the strident midrange. The trade-off was unacceptable and I bought a pair of bookshelf speakers that are now performing as my center channel. It works for me.

👤I buy stuff expecting the least from them, but they don't reach that low bar. Reviews were uniformly good on this speaker, but that doesn't always mean much. I bought it at a low price and was expecting to be disappointed as I was going to swap out a great sounding speaker for a bulky one on a mantel. It's surprised, but doesn't begin to describe it. The speaker is small and has a rich sound. The bass, mids, and highs are all well represented. It's a warm and full sound, and never muddy. I don't think I sacrificed sound quality in moving down to a third of the size of my other speaker. It looks pleasant and simple, without any faddish bling or dated design touches. Speaker terminals are not in the way of your connections so they don't get in the way of hanging it flush to a wall. It's hard to know what to say. I have a 7.2 set-up in a large room and it never gets lost in the competition with the other speakers. A really capable performer in a small package.

👤I own a pair of Monitor 70s which sound great, and I also own a pair of Polk speakers. The center channel is one of the most important speakers in a surround sound/ home theater setup. I have a limited amount of space in my TV stand so finding a center channel that has a smaller profile and great sound has been a challenge. The Polk center channel is nice. This speaker was exactly what I was looking for, low profile, high quality Polk build, attractive design and balanced, yet powerful sound. This is one of the nicer looking center channel speakers out there with no bulkiness. Without the grill, it looks really bad, and with the grill on, it disappears into your home decor, which is really nice. I have found that with extended use, the sounds become a bit distorted at certain pitches, and it has gotten a bit annoying. My previous Energy Take Classic center channel was having the same issue with the same shows, but it was not unique in this issue. This has worked well for most other applications. Most TV shows sound great, and I have had no issues listening to music. The sound field is good for most of the time, even though there are some exceptions. I'm going to swap my TV stand for a Polk center channel to better match my speakers, but that's a big speaker compared to this one. If you're looking for an attractive, easy to fit center channel that has good sound for most every day use, this is a really good and very affordable option. I'm a fan of any speaker connections that allow for banana clips, and it will fit in most setups. The connections are great. If you like to blast movies in a larger room and need to turn up the volume, it may have distortion issues. Overall, great space efficient design, sleek modern look, great price and decent but not exceptional sound. This will be more than enough for most people to watch a movie with music at low levels. It's worth a look.

3. Polk Audio Subwoofer Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio Subwoofer Bookshelf Speakers

A great compliment to any home decor is a classic wood finish. Enjoy your classic vinyls while listening to modern day audio technology. The design of the home theater is a premium one, with a 10" Dynamic Balance woofer and front-firing port that directs powerful lows at the seating area. State-of-the-art Keppel Technology provides a resonance-free combination of materials and construction techniques that tune out distortion for subtle and rich sound even at extreme listening levels. A built-in high-powered amplifier gives 50 watt RMS 100 watt dynamic power for an exotic bass response and is crucial to recreate the intricate details and authenticity of life-like sound. Product 1 is an easy integration with your existing sound system. Product 2 is a home theater experience. The speakers are designed to produce a natural, well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies. Product 2: Use these wall-mountable bookshelf speakers as front, left, or rear speakers, and you'll get crystal clear vocals, enough to fill a small to medium sized room. Product 2 is a 5.1 home theater set up with the complete range of T-series speakers from Polk with two T50 Tower Speakers, one T30 Center Channel, two T15 Bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. Polk speakers are compatible with most home theater audio equipment giving you many setup options, in a single or multi-room setup.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤I bought a 10 inch sub to replace a 12 inch one. I thought this sub wouldn't do as well as the Velodyne, but I was wrong. The bass fills a large living room. I would be surprised if you could find a sub that does this well. I have had this product for over a year without any issues. We use this sub a lot when we watch TV or movies.

👤We bought this sub for our new receiver combo. It works well. It's a very tightly defined bass that goes low but is not sloppy, if you know what I mean. It doesn't have the low end that many powered subs have. Right under an SLS center speaker, the size fits out nicely. In the photo for this review, you can see the sub under the SLS speaker, on top of a small shelf to elevate the sub and center up from the floor.

👤It fills the bill as a starter or small room sub. It is a small, boomy sub. The woofer is muddy and not precise. There is a You don't spend a lot of time expecting a sound. It's perfect for my use, which is to add some low end in a workout room. The room is small and does the job. There is a If you use movies less often, save a bit longer and get a better unit.

👤The sound of my home audio system is terrible. On music and movies. I tried to shoot the issue but it still sounds terrible. The polk speakers are good but this one is just trash.

👤The sub has a deep bass that adds to the movie experience. I replaced an eight inch sub and the difference is still there. You'll need all the controls. The front cover has a unique curved design that sets it apart from the rest.

👤I had a little trouble getting it enabled in my amplifer, but that isn't the sub's fault. I was able to dial in the volume once it was enabled. I'm happy I got it.

👤The surround sound system is really improved by the addition of this sub. It fills the living room where it is located. It makes action movies better.

👤The modelos PSW10 and PSW108 tienes aplicas para el color de la parte frontal. He has an audio collection that includes: Bose, Klipsch, Polk Audio, Dayton, Edifier, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Sony, Pioneer, etc. He tenido un Dayton Sub-1000, Pioneer SW-8MK2 and Polk Audio PSW108. el Dayton lo segu por reseas y comentarios en foros, para ellos era el "Value Subwoofer" y la msica. No se disfrutaba, por lo decidir buscando un sub. I have a Polk PSW10 that is comentarios in Amazon USA, eBay, Newegg, and donde todos opinaban. The Polk PSW108 has a sub. Ahora, tiene un sonido refinado, balanceado y limpio, pero mezcla a la perfeccin con los altavoces. El "Sweet Spot" se convierte en una delicia, para pelculas no sea. The Pros are: - excelente calidad de construccin. Sonido limpio, balanceado y refinado a volmenes moderados. "Sweet Spot" - Precio accesibleContras: - No recomendable para salas grandes y para gente. Polk PSW505. BIC America F12 o un Klipsch 12hg, pero nada, tiene una bolsillo.

4. Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

The speakers are designed to produce a natural, well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies. Use these wall-mountable bookshelf speakers as front, left, or rear speakers, and you will get crystal clear vocals that will fill any small to medium sized room. Polk has a complete range of T-series speakers, including two T50 Tower Speakers, one T30 Center Channel, two T15 Bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. Polk speakers are compatible with most home theater audio equipment giving you many setup options. POLK'S QUALITY IS AT A AFFORDABLE PRICE. Premium acoustics, high quality construction, easy setup and a spectacular theater experience are what you can get with these value-priced speakers.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤There is not much to say about these speakers. I want to address people who are down rating them for having fake speakers. A lot of speakers have passive radiators. A non wired way of increasing bass output. Please don't penalize the product due to your lack of knowledge, because the product clearly states that two of the speakers are passive.

👤I bought a speaker. I rearranged my living and it seemed like my tower speaker was malfunctioning. I pulled the speakers out and discovered they were fake. Make sure you have real speakers if you are by them.

👤I bought the S15 speakers from Polk after I was so impressed with their T15 speakers. The S15 is said to blow away the T15. My definition of blow away is the difference between the T15 and fast food drive through. The S15 was noticeably better on that scale. I'll leave it to you to decide if the difference is worth more than 2x the price. The T15 gives you 90 percent of the performance for under 50% of the price, which is outstanding value. The T15 is more versatile because it is more compact and front port, which means it can be positioned right up against the wall.

👤Edifier R1280T has puncher/deeper bass and can sound muffled. The Polk Audio T15 is a good choice for a home theater system because of its airy highs and clarity. The Edifiers are the better sounding stand-alone speakers. It's easier to not notice an absence of high Frequency than it is to not notice an absence of low Frequency. The Edifiers shine as a stand alone smart speaker system if you add a Chromecast Audio to them and you don't need a receiver. I highly recommend the Polks if they are rear speakers for surround sound.

👤They will damage your amplifier. These are 6 speakers. When I bought them, I didn't pay attention to this critical detail. The Yamaha R-S202 which I own is one of the very popular receivers and amplifier. I own a Yamaha $1000 audio receiver that accepts low impedance speakers but has to be changed in the setup to accept them. Before you buy these, make sure you check the minimum IMPEDANCE. Polk did a disservice by designing speakers that sound great but don't meet the 8 ohm standard. The Polk T-15 bookshelf speaker is rated at 8ohms. The lowest priced speaker in the T series is the only safe speaker. Please only buy 8 speakers. My previous 5 star rated review has been deleted since it was only noteworthy at the time. There is subjectivity about the accuracy of my claim. These speakers are 6 watt. The Polk name states that these are 6 ohm speakers, as many other users in reviews on the internet also stated. One reviewer tried to correct my claim that the cheaper T-15 was 6 ohms and the T-50 was 8. The user is wrong. The cheaper T-15s are more safe than the more expensive T-50s due to the lower impedance of the latter. The Polk website now says it's a 8 6 ohm speaker. That makes no sense. Is it a 6 or 8? Polk is trying to hide this important fact. Users mentioned their tripping. The lower impedance speakers make the amplifier work twice as hard, which results in failure regardless of the wire gauge. Do your research and be aware that there is a lack of clarity about the spec. Lower impedance speakers sound better because they take all the energy out of the amplifier. Unless the speakers support 6 ohm, just pray the amplifier doesn't cut out.

5. Polk Audio Wall Speaker White

Polk Audio Wall Speaker White

The POLK OWM3 speakers have a 4.5" mid/woofer and a 1" tweeter that produceAILEDAUDIO, MAKING your movie and music nights more enjoyable. It's an exquisitive thing. Polk's compact multi-application speaker is ENGINEERED WITH QUALITY. It's like round sound filling your room. You can choose between horizontal, vertical, corner, angular, shelf, top or mount them on a wall with the DistinCT CuRVED design. Take your pick. It is possible to demonstrate dependability in an application. Plug them into your computer for a gaming experience or surround them in your bedroom for home theater. They have it all covered, from movie to one room or more. Polk is one of the most trusted names in home audio. They bring out the best in sound systems so you can relax and listen.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤I would recommend. I use it for my surround sound in my 5.1 setup. You know this is true because I am drunk and still care about proper spelling. This is the next part as Tony the Tiger. mountability! End TTT voice. I am pretty darn happy with these. Absolutely worth the price. You can get them at 99 cents.

👤I'm using them as ceiling speakers. They do not handle 100w RMS, but they sound great in this role.

👤I am a Polk Audio advocate. I have purchased everything from them. The sound quality is clean, good mids and lows are notexistent. They are not meant to be used as mains or without a sub. The color is my biggest complaint. These are not white. Not even close. It was an off-white that sat in a smoker's house for 10 years to get that color. A great product idea and poorly executed by quality control is a waste. If you want to buy the black ones, buy them off white/spoiled milk tan.

👤I need these to complete my home theater setup. I was not ready to do in ceiling speakers just yet, and this is a viable option to avoid that. The mounting options and ease of hookup are great, and they provide a nice overhead sound with the rest of my setup. Going to buy another pair and mount behind the listening position to get an 11.2 receiver.

👤I had a 7.2 setup and wanted to move to 9.2.2 speakers with the Denon X3600H receiver. I initially used the polks as rear high speakers. I decided to use the polk as a surround speaker and use the sonance as a rear high and mid-high speaker. The sound was amazing. They are easy to mount. I attached a picture so you can see they blend in. The suggested freq cut-off was 80hertz, but I set it to 110hertz. The sound on these is loud and clear. They can produce a decent base, and I found about 112 to be the optimal point. If you want the installation to look professional and clean, be sure to buy the brackets for corner install.

👤I was on the fence between the OWM5's, The Boston Acoustic Soundware 5.5" and the Polk Atrium 5's before buying these speakers. I'm using them as a surround left and right. The positives are 1. There are multi-direction mountings. I have mounted my speakers at a 45 degree angle against the ceiling and the wall, and they delivered. You don't need any special mounting hardware for this, just a couple of screws and some dry wall anchors. These are great for rooms with difficult mounting options. They cost a star. They are much bigger than I thought, both in the height and width. I was expecting them to be closer to the 4.5" wide that is mentioned on the cone size, but it is closer to the 7" wide I guess. They are taller than I thought. They look like a square speaker when mounted at the 45 degree angle, which is what the real kicker is for me. 2. The speakers are loud and nice. My wife and I agree that they sound "tinny." I don't think I have added a sub yet, but I think this will fill in the gaps. This is the first true surround sound system that we know nothing about. This was our honest feedback. I'm happy with the speakers, they are perfect for our needs, just a few observations, and hope they help others with their decision.

6. Bookshelf Speakers BESTISAN Bluetooth Wireless

Bookshelf Speakers BESTISAN Bluetooth Wireless

You can fine tune your Bookshelf speakers with 3 different equalizer modes, which you can use to match your favorite sound. The bass and treble are adjusted to match your favorite sound. The Bookshelf Speakers can be connected to multiple wireless and wired connections. 50W continuous undistorted power, 4-inch sub-woofer unit and 13mm silk dome tweeter unit ensure strong bass and bring more impact to the sound. Balanced natural sound with the 4-inch driver and bass reflex port. 6 impedances. A great compliment to any home decor is a classic wood finish. Enjoy your classic vinyls while listening to modern day audio technology.

Brand: Bestisan

👤I needed a pair of monitors for my desk. I didn't want to add another set of cables behind my desk so I went with powered units. I have a benchmark for mixing and sound processing because recording monitors do not have to be great or accurate. Some sound engineers will have a pair of speakers or a boombox to run their mixes through because they are cheap. The average consumer listens to music through crummy speakers on their computer, not the fancy studio monitors. "If I can make my mix sound good on crappy speakers, it will sound good anywhere". Some truth to that. I mostly mix music for myself, and want to enjoy the best fidelity I can, so I didn't seek out bad speakers. The Bestisans are good for less than $100. I would have guessed that the speakers cost $20-300 if I hadn't known the price and the build quality. Good warmth and thump on the bass end of things without the "boom", smooth mids, and crisp but not harsh highs. These sound like a pair of bookshelf speakers from Boston Acoustics or Klipsch. The price was at a third of it's price. Don't hesitate to buy them; they will be great. I've never given a 5-star rating to anything before, but how can you say anything is perfect without sampling everything else in the world? One can't call any pair "the best" until one has tasted all 50,000 speakers in the world. A 5 star rating is a sign of flawlessness. It was perfect. I started to give four stars because I was mostly out of habit. I kept looking at my rating as I was writing. I wondered if I could point out any flaws in the speakers. The answer was clear. They could have used better speaker output/input terminals. They could have used wood instead of vinyl. They would be in a different category. That is a serious nitpicking, and neither example affects the sound at all. Most speakers don't use real wood veneer. Do they have any flaws? Not one. I don't think they will fall apart tomorrow. They should get 5 stars right now. I gave them to them. Wait for it... Five stars!

👤I'm impressed. I wanted speakers for the bedroom because I listen to rain sounds at night to try to relax. The quality of the portable ones I bought was terrible. The clear bass is excellent. A rain storm can sound like a crackly mess, but on these speakers it sounds real. thunder rolls with no problems These are good and will be recommended to friends.

👤These speakers have great sound. It's really convenient to connect in 4 ways. There is a line In, optical andusb. I like to turn the base to the max to enjoy Bose like sound quality that fills the room. Initially, I was going to use it as a desktop setup. It is good enough as the small Home theater is set up. Really impressed. It is now possible for me to work from home and enjoy some time with my family. Sound has highs and lows, can be used for speech or music. All you need is a sound bar with better sound quality. Overall, very pleased with it!

7. Polk Monitor Bookshelf Surround Speakers

Polk Monitor Bookshelf Surround Speakers

The Polk Monitor XT15 has a Dynamically Balanced Woofer and a 1 inch Tweeter for rich, clear audio, an open mid-range and powerful bass in an immersive soundstage. The Polk Monitor XT series features latest innovations in affordable but great sounding speakers, and their stylish design blends with any home décor. High resolution sound from all INPUTS is delivered by Monitor XT15's 4- and 8-Ohm compatibility. There areTILE placement options. The speakers can be placed on a bookshelf or a speaker stand. The MXT15 can be used as front, surround or rear speakers. A home theater set up is an affordable option. Quality, matched Polk components ensure seamless speaker-to-speaker Blending. The MXT60 tower pair, the MXT30 center channel, the MXT90 height module, and the MXT12 sub are all included in the unified surround system.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤There are no cons to these speakers. Zero. It's current price range and original 349 price range are included. You'll be hard pressed to find a better set of speakers for less than 500 dollars. They need power to make them sing. I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-LX301 with a front monitor 40s bi-amped, and also a rear monitor 40s. Excellent setup. I used an older Sony 710 receiver to run them and they sounded good. They lit up when I added the Sony to them. I upgraded to the better one and they are now howling! The highs are bright but never Klipsch style fatiguing. The bass could leave one wanting more, but in my experience there is no other 5in woofer that sounds as deep and powerful as these do. They need some space to breathe. They are almost 17in deep with grills on. You need at least a foot from the wall for them to shine. The port is centered in a corner. It gives a boost to the bass. The sound of the bass. I tried to turn off the sub during a Dire Staits song, but I never turned it on. Wow. The speakers are not labeled with a shiny label. They have the same rating on high end as hi-res speakers do. Music shines. They are crisp and impactful. I've noticed things before they're heard. I need to upgrade my center speaker because the movies/TV sound so good in the fronts that I need to keep up with them. My center is +4db and my fronts are -2db, both of which are hard pressed to keep up, the M40s in the rear are equally impressive. They still give me emerson even though I have them set to -1. The name is pronounced "tSDLT." If you have the power to throw, they will not let you down. They sound the same as my Monitor 50 sii, but in a smaller package. Buy them if you're considering them. Buy them now. The Polk Monitor line is considered an entry level, but the 40s and 70s show that design is more important than inflated prices. I was unimpressed with the "legendary" ELAC B6.2 that I also tried. Follow your ears, not the ears of reviewers who are paid to talk about speaker companies. You will thank me later.

👤I wanted to downsize. I liked the sound of the Polk speakers. I settled on these Monitor 40s after shopping around. I wanted to have a pair of subs in each speaker that could handle the mid-bass well, and I also have an 8 inch sub made by MartinLogan. I use a vintage quadraphonic (4 channel) receiver that has about 16 watt per channel to drive my two pairs. It's a lot, but it doesn't sound like a lot. Most people listen to music at 1 watt of receiver power. Yes, that's true. The speakers have a sensitivity of 89dB. The speakers will put out 89 decibels of sound at 1 watt of power. It's loud. When listening to music, I rarely hit 80 decibels. I've got eight 5.25" woofers and four 5.25" tweeters with the four Monitor 40s. The speakers sounded great. The speakers break in and some people report better sound. They will only get better and better as time goes on. I've only listened to the front two speakers. The soundstage is large. The detail is good. I haven't experienced any listener fatigue. The speakers are impressive. The bass can be put out on its own without a sub. The speakers impress with their bass output, even though they have a sub. There are lots of bookshelf speakers that have a single speaker. I think having a pair of 5.25" woofers in each speaker gives them a little more "oomph." The grills do a great job of protecting drivers. This is important to me because I have a very active border collie that is very active. The well-made grills prevent the speaker from being hit by a ball. I use a simple speaker stand that tilts the front of the speakers up to make sure that the speaker's tweeter is close to my ear level. The listening experience will be improved by doing so with any speaker. The speakers deliver a good audio experience for the price. The Polks are worth considering, even at $125-150 per pair, compared to similarly priced (and likely higher) products. The construction is of good quality. They are attractive. I own one pair of speakers. The speakers can be bi-wired or bi-amped. If you don't know what it is, just search. This method splits the high and low frequencies. Some people report getting better audio quality when doing so. I don't have speakers that are bi-amped or bi-wired. Some people are looking for a feature. The speakers are worth considering. I wanted to upgrade my Polk Monitor 40s. I compared them to a pair of ELAC B6's which have received positive reviews. I got a New-Old-Stock Sansui QRX-5500 about 2 months ago. I can listen in 2- and 4-channel. I mostly listen to music through streaming services. I use a Polk PSW505. While doing the A/B testing, I left the sub off so the bookshelfs were playing. My listening room is in the living room. It's probably considered a hard room, with no carpet, lots of hard walls and windows, a soft couch and recliner, and no special sound treatment by me. I've had some Polk Audio Monitor 40s for about 9 months that have served as both the front mains and rear surrounds. I got some ELAC B6 bookshelf speakers last week and have set up an A/B testing device using the Niles Speaker Selection System. I've been doing the A/B-ing between the Polks and the ELACs since Thursday. After reading about the ELACs, I was expecting a noticeable improvement in audio quality over the Polks. The Polks have hung in there very well compared to the ELACs, and I have listened to them for 20 hours or more since Thursday. I have moderate to severe hearing loss and use a hearing aid. My losses are mostly in the high frequencies. The Polks have a more pronounced high-frequency-end than the ELACs. This is how my ears are hearing it. The Polk sound is more noticeable than the ELACs because it is not harsh or bright. It's almost as if the highs in the ELACs are not as high. I double checked that my speaker wire connections were correct. Also, note: The scientific view is that speaker "break in" is a myth. I don't think the ELACs will get better over time. Let's not go there in this post. The lower bass is where the ELACs excel over the Polks. The A/B testing has not been done with the help of the subwoofer. The Polk cabs are 10% larger than the ELAC cabs. The ELACs have more bass than the Polks. If the ELAC highs are good enough for you, and you aren't using a sub, you may prefer the ELACs over the Polks. The Polks sound better to me than the ELACs once the subs are introduced. The sub picks up the lower bass range that the Polks miss, and the Polks' high end bests the ELACs, again, to my ears. Both sets of speakers look great. The cherry finish on my Polks is what I like. The ELACs look great. It is not trying to be wood. I think it looks modern and attractive. The speaker connections on both sets are 5-way jobs. The price of the Polks is twice that of the ELACs. "open box" and "scratch and dent" deals can save you money. I was hoping that the ELACs would be my choice. I'll stick with the Polks for now. The PolkTSi200's are the heirs to the Monitor 40's and have a slightly larger cabinet, so I might upgrade to them. That's my opinion on the matter. I wouldn't call this post a review of the speakers. It's just a comparison by someone with compromised hearing and someone who isn't an audio engineer. I like listening to good music over decent speakers that don't cost a fortune. Your mileage may change. Thank you for reading.

8. Polk Audio Channel Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio Channel Bookshelf Speakers

The center channel has Polk's Proprietary Dynamic Balance Woofers and a 1" Tweeter for more accurate reproduction of audio with very low distortion. The port on the rear of the speaker gives you more power in the center so you can enjoy high impact music that is natural and realistic. Product 1: Unique Remarkable Design gives you the flexibility to position the loudspeaker below the ear level and still hear clear, crisp sound. If you want to aim the sound up, turn the cabinet upside down. Product 1: Excellent sound! If you want a surround sound setup, combine the Monitor 60 or 70 Tower Speakers with the Monitor 40 Bookshelf Speakers. Product 2 is a home theater experience. The speakers are designed to produce a natural, well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies. Product 2: Use these wall-mountable bookshelf speakers as front, left, or rear speakers, and you'll get crystal clear vocals, enough to fill a small to medium sized room. Product 2 is a 5.1 home theater set up with the complete range of T-series speakers from Polk with two T50 Tower Speakers, one T30 Center Channel, two T15 Bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. Polk speakers are compatible with most home theater audio equipment giving you many setup options, in a single or multi-room setup.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤The quality is good. I expected better punch for the money paid, but it is well built. Sounds like it's close to my speaker set.

9. Polk Signature Elite Surround Loudspeaker

Polk Signature Elite Surround Loudspeaker

The Polk Signature Elite ES10 features a Dynamically Balanced Acoustic array with Precision Crossovers, a 1" Terylene Tweeter and a 4" Woofer that deliver room-filling, crystal clear sound in a life-like soundstage. Polk's Patented Power Port Technology delivers 3dB louder bass output than conventional speakers, so you don't miss any detail in your movies, music, and games. Realistic Sound Regeneration is an amplification and audio system that delivers spacious, enveloping, and true to life music and audio from nearly any amplifier or audio receiver. Looking to kill. The speakers in the Signature Elite series are loud and modern, and will make heads turn and feet tap no matter where you are sitting in the room. Their style will make a statement in any home décor. For a cinematic experience, use ES10 as side, rear or elevation surrounds. Attach it to a speaker stand or wall-mount it for firing using built-in screw inserts and keyhole slots. You should build your dream home. The Signature Elite series has a seamless speaker-to-speaker blend with the Polk components. Combine the tower pair with the center channel for a complete 5.1 surround setup.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤A set of speakers for little money. I use these as fronts in a 12X15 bedroom and they perform well as bigger bookshelf size speakers. The sound quality and build quality of these are very similar to those in the price range. Don't be fooled, these would make amazing rear surrounds. They will surprise you being used as front drivers in smaller rooms. These little quality mini monsters were hit on the head by Polk. Highly recommended.

👤Polk is a huge fan of mine. Polk speakers have been my only purchase since I first heard them. I always find the Polk's to sound better when compared to other speakers. I bought a mini stereo system for my office. It came with speakers that sounded good. I was looking for a pair of small Polk's. The only ones I could find were the large ones, as my stereo fits in a small bookshelf and the S15 were just large for that space. I bought a pair of Micca MB42X's that fit the space I had and they sounded great. They were better than the stock speakers. I saw an ad for the Polk S10's. I was looking for something similar in the first place. I bought them because they had the same drivers as the Micca's. The first thing I noticed when I got them was that they were smaller than the Micca's. The speaker was a higher quality and heavier. I was disappointed when I hooked them up. They sounded flat and lacked the bass that the Micca's had. I decided to hook the Polk to one side and the Micca to the other side. I could do a side by side comparison by changing the balance on the stereo. The Polk's were brighter in the upper mid's and high's, but the Micca's had the bass. I kept the Polk's and pushed them up again to give them more bass. It helped, but I'm not impressed by them. I think the S10's would sound great as surround speakers. Maybe it's my fault that I asked these speakers to perform roles they are not designed for. The first Polk speakers I have heard didn't sound better than the competition. I'm still using them, but I might switch back to the Micca's once they sound better. If you're thinking of getting surround speakers, I would recommend these. If you're looking for front stereo speakers, you can probably find better speakers elsewhere. After listening to these speakers for 8 hours a day for a month, I wanted to write and update. I don't know if I have gotten used to them or if there is a break-end period that I have reached, but they sound better to me than they did when I first bought them. I enjoy listening to them now. Pushing the bass up against the back of the book has helped it a lot. I found that playing louder volumes made them sound better. I am very happy with them now and would recommend anyone to buy them. I am going to upgrade my rating to 5 stars.

10. Polk Signature Elite Bookshelf Speaker

Polk Signature Elite Bookshelf Speaker

The Polk Signature Elite is a home theater speaker that has a Dynamically Balanced acoustic array with Precision Crossovers and a Terylene Tweeter. Polk's Patented Power Port Technology delivers 3dB louder bass output than conventional speakers, so you don't miss any detail in your movies, music and games. Realistic Sound Regeneration is an amplification and audio system that delivers spacious, enveloping, and true to life music and audio from nearly any amplifier or audio receiver. Looking to kill. The speakers in the Signature Elite series are loud and modern, and will make heads turn and feet tap no matter where you are sitting in the room. Their style will make a statement in any home décor. It can be placed on a bookshelf, a speaker stand, or simply wall-mount it, and use the ES15 as a side, rear, or elevation surround speaker. You should build your dream home. The Signature Elite series has a seamless speaker-to-speaker blend with the Polk components. Add a pair to the tower pair, center channel or sub for a full 5.1 surround setup.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤I wanted to replace my Klipsch front speakers with smaller ones. I tried the Polk S10s. Some reviews said that they were fine as fronts with a powered subwoofer, even though they were designed to be rear speakers. I tried those because of the small footprint. The S10s were too big of a drop off from my Klipsch. I moved on to the S15s. These hit the spot for fronts for me. The fronts are better than the S10s, but they are smaller. Music and movies sound great with these speakers. The S15s are noticeably smaller than the S20s, so they are better for the wife. I don't think I had to sacrifice sound quality with the S15s. These are great speakers for the money. The Polk S35 slim center speaker was the perfect match for mine. The Polk TL 1s are small and work well in the rear surrounds. The S15s are great for music and movies. I think they're a good choice.

👤I wanted to go with Bose when I set up a new system for my gym. I swore by Bose for 25 years, but after spending a lot of money on my gym, I decided to compromise on the sound system. My setup is a 20yo Yamama receiver with Polk PSW10 Bass, S20 front speakers, and S15 rear speakers. This review is for the Polk speakers. The Bose AM10 system, which has a brand new receiver, is killed by these Polk speakers. The bass is loud. Your wife will tell you to turn it down if you have one. The bass is set to neutral on the receiver and 1/2 on the sub. The sound is clean and crisp. It is everywhere. Bose's Direct/Reflect system puts sound in every corner of the room. The sound is not from over there. I highly recommend this system. I would replace my theater system if I had the coin. The speakers are big, which is a down side. They will take up some space. They look sharp, so they shouldn't take away from a room's visuals, but you have to give them some space. Don't pass these up if you're willing to do that. You don't need a sub for the S20's and S15's. You can turn the bass down to make it shake the house. I built my gym as far from the bedrooms as possible, and still get complaints, which is almost a negative for me. It's impressive for a small speaker to put out that much bass.

👤I have had the S15 for a few weeks now and I am very impressed. When you hold them, they feel very large. They sound full, with great clarity and bass response. I use these for my rear surround channels in conjunction with an S35 center channel, and a pair for S20's for my front L/R and Bose 302's for my L/R surround channels. The sound these speakers produce is very good. They sound balanced and clear. If I hadn't found a good deal on a pair of S20's, these would have been my main front speakers. They are very capable. Prepare yourself for how big the Polk Signature Series speakers are. The "Power Port" on the back makes them very deep. These are great speakers, and I am very impressed with the whole Signature Series line.

11. Sony SSCS5 3 Driver Bookshelf Speaker

Sony SSCS5 3 Driver Bookshelf Speaker

The Hi-Res Audio Bookshelf Speaker is perfect for your home theater or music listening setup. A speaker with a three-way, three-driver speaker system will amplify your audio experience. The complete range of Sony speakers, including 2 bookshelf speakers, 1 center channel speaker, 2 tower speakers, and 2 SSCSE Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, are perfect for a 5.1.2 home theater setup. 34 in. The super tweeter and 1” tweeter reproduce high frequencies. 5.12” woofer has deep, stable bass and detailed mid-range sounds. The componentry creates a clear sound. 100 W maximum input power. There are two speakers per carton.

Brand: Sony

👤I like and can tell the difference between good and bad audio components, even though I am not a techie. I have a couple of very expensive home theater setups that use power conditioners and Sony ES components with ridiculous costing and speaker wiring out to Polk LSi speakers and Polk subs. The setup on my desktop is very modest, using a V2 50x50 amplifier and a P1 tube pre-amp with upgraded tubes. All are connected with 12ga twisted pair speaker wiring. I use my laptop to stream audio via the internet. An inexpensive but clean setup. I've been using my LSi7 $800/pair bookshelf speakers and BIC F12 sub for a while. Maybe overkill for a desktop setup. These Sony 3 ways are on sale for $73/pair. They have good reviews. I wanted to get my LSi7's back to their surround positions so I decided to try them out. I was not excited because I was expecting a change in sound. It is a desktop setup for listening at lower volume levels, so I didn't want to spend a lot. Let me tell you something. My Polk LSi7's sound better than the Sony SSCS5 speakers. A better soundstage and better separation make this more detailed. How can this be? For $73.00 for a pair. Come on. I can't believe how good these are. I am listening to an album. I am amazed and flabbergasted. I think I will be doing my critical listening at my computer. I need to see a therapist.

👤I bought these on Amazon for $118. How good could a pair of speakers be? Let me tell you something. It comes to mind. I've been listening to music for 40 years. My method for buying speakers has always been to listen to the best speakers available, ones that I couldn't possibly afford, then work my way down into speakers that are within my budget, but sound as close as possible to my "dream" speakers. These speakers are solid, well-made, and have an incredibly warm and accurate sound. They can easily compete with speakers up to the $500 price range, well compete is not the word, but blow the doors off speakers in that price range is more like it. If you had no idea what speakers you were listening to in a side-by-side comparison, you may find yourself choosing the cheaper ones. That's correct! I said it! It had to be said. I don't know what Sony did to these little buggers, but they are magnificent. The price has gone up one week later and is not just on Amazon. They jumped $30 over night, but are they still worth it? I would pay double after hearing them. I am using them as main speakers in a two-channel scenario, not as surrounds. They are not even "broken in" yet. If you're looking for bookshelf-sized speakers, look no more. Don't let the low price fool you. Cheers!

👤I have experience with speakers in all ranges and have a lot of knowledge about how audio works. There are a few common issues that put me off as a listener, which these speakers have done a great job of avoiding. The speakers under $500 are usually not good because they don't mix well with the loudspeaker in the cabinet and sound like another miss-matched speaker placed on top of your much better mid/low range speakers. They are loud and sound like they are making noise. The sound quality is reduced when the dust protection panel is on. The bass lacks a proper tone. The bass is weak. Bass has a good tone, but relies too much on the addition of speakers that produce lower quality lows/mids. Audio suffers greatly when not placed in the absolute most optimal position, which restricts placement or quality, because of 3-way crossover. I expected to hear at least one of the common problems, even with the good reviews and research. I am blown away by how well these speakers handle these issues. Up close, far away, with a sub, without, placed properly or improperly, used with other speakers or alone, these two mini-monsters absolutely crush all of these issues and sound good while doing it. I'm very critical of audio and I'd have to be prepared to spend 600 dollars on an upgrade if it was worth it. I have these connected to an amplifier and are in a large room with it. I think 6 off the rip. These go above and beyond just making a few right decisions, and are perfect for this size speaker in a home theater. These had all the good design choices. I would highly recommend these if your amplifier can do 6 Ohms. The volume and atmospheric resonance in these are comparable to 8 Ohm 350 watt speakers, so 100 watt is something my power bill is happy to adopt. I'm not worried about ripping them apart because these barely break a sweat, producing a loud, high quality, detailed sound. I will be using these for music at house parties as well as for movies and gaming and so far I've tested them for all three and have yet to be disappointed. I don't recommend these speakers as side speakers as they are too much in your face. Side and rear are different ball games. You could definitely order 6 of these and use them as surround, front, and rear speakers; you just need to equalize them properly. I'm proud to say I own these and I'm even more proud to tell people what I spent on them. These aren't just good for how much they are, they're also great. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, there's little-to-no audible difference between these and other very high end speakers and I recommend getting these speakers if you need bookshelf sized speakers. If we completely ignore price and consider 10 the best sound, we will get a final verdict of 8.5/10. If I factor in price and give in to my bass-head type personality, I'll be happy. 98% of the world would consider perfect audio to be a perfect SOB, so 10/10 for anyone who isn't the pickiest SOB in the world. The bass on these are very good and I am talking about what you would expect from a Home Theater speaker. Unless you want to get those huge cabinet speakers that you see in theaters, you are never going to get a sub bass out of a front channel speaker. You aren't meant to, and for good reason. They handle bass incredibly well and do not need a sub to hear it. Please don't think these can replace a speaker. They're called sub- "woofers" because they push air so hard. That's not bass, it's an artificial effect. It's been 2 years and still going strong. Everyone who hears how good this system sounds is blown away, even though I know a lot about the best ways to setup and get the most out of my speakers. Everyone is encouraged to get a setup after hearing how good it is. These compliment my center channel and other speakers as well. I mix these with other speakers and it works. I've been pushing these configurations hard on a weekly basis. I think they work no matter what I do. I am happy to say that the room I have has no tendency to pick up dust, as I haven't had to clean it in a long time. There are a lot of things there. I don't think people understand how rare it is to find a speaker like this in this price range, so I wish I could give these more stars. Hats off to the engineers in Japan that designed this, you guys deserve a pay raise.


What is the best product for polk audio t15 100 watt home theater bookshelf speakers?

Polk audio t15 100 watt home theater bookshelf speakers products from Moukey. In this article about polk audio t15 100 watt home theater bookshelf speakers you can see why people choose the product. Polk Audio and Bestisan are also good brands to look for when you are finding polk audio t15 100 watt home theater bookshelf speakers.

What are the best brands for polk audio t15 100 watt home theater bookshelf speakers?

Moukey, Polk Audio and Bestisan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for polk audio t15 100 watt home theater bookshelf speakers. Find the detail in this article.

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