Best Reciever/amplifier Home Theater 7.2

7.2 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pioneer VSX 834 7 2 Channel AV Receiver

Pioneer VSX 834 7 2 Channel AV Receiver

The pass-through for the signals is supported by the VSX- . These latest video standards can be enjoyed on a compatible display if you connect a compatible source device. Premium content such as 4K videos can be enjoyed with all the HDMI terminals that support it. The MCACC is a multi-channel acoustic calibration system that was developed with the expertise of professional recording studios. The custom microphone equalizes response and compensates for differences in speaker size, level and distance. You can connect your wireless headphone Dock to the zone B Audio output terminals on the VSX- . You can listen to the sound in the living room with headphones. You can stream songs from compatible devices. 4. 2 + LE. The A2DP/AVRCP profiles are supported by the VSX-834. When the unit is not in use, you can start up the function by pressing the button on the front panel. If you press the personal preset button on the front panel for three seconds, your current settings can be saved. The front panel button or remote control can be used to call up up to three preset.

Brand: Pioneer

👤I had a hard time setting up the receiver because I only had one connection on the receiver and I had 2 digital audio connections. I did some research on TV arcs. I connected the tv to the cable. It's good. I disconnected the audio wires from the TV and connected them to the receiver, and everything worked great. The sound is great. It's odd that the volume starts from a negative number for no sound to a positive number for max volume. Who cares? Either way. It was easy to set up the speakers in the room once everything was connected. I tested it with a movie and it was great. My old stereo didn't sound good. I bought it 10 years ago. I would recommend it to everyone.

👤The receiver is advertised as a 7.2 receiver, which means it powers 6 speakers. After assembling my 6 speakers, I was surprised to find that two of them were not playing at all, because I had bought speaker brackets to mount them high. I wondered if I had to turn on a switch internally to turn on that port, yet when I got in the manual, it said only four speakers can be powered by this receiver. The manual says the receiver only powers 4 speakers. I am out extra money I paid to make a surround system because that is false advertising.

👤The Vsx60 elite receiver is not 4K past through, so I replaced it with a much better one. I agree with Sound and Vision that this receiver is great. Very happy!

👤I was very pleased with the stereo receiver. The sound is great, we have just a 3.1 setup with bookshelf, center and sub speakers.

👤I love this receiver, but I wish it had more power. The sound quality is decent for not having an amplification device. We always want more when we host a lot of parties.

👤I worked for a few days, then stopped working in the middle of a movie. After I unplugged it and plugged it back in, I switched it over to weird mode. It never worked because of everything that was tried to get it to work. The product was junk. I was glad I was able to return it for a Denon.

👤I have had a 7.1 system for over 15 years.

👤The transformer inside buzzes makes the receiver useless. It was very annoying.

👤Went into safty mode after the speaker check. All the systems are new. A boat anchor is now a thing. The boat anchor is $450.

👤It's facile, bonne qualité de son.

👤Calibration facile et Bon prix.

👤Ajustes home. Destaque para Zona B.

2. 5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

There is a Canal. The home theater receiver from the Pyle is perfect for your system. It gives you 1000 watt peak power to be used for speakers and subs. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The professional integrated high powered stereo receiver is equipped with a wireless music streamer. It works with smart phones, iPad, and computers with hassle-free receiver pairs. The 4K Ultra HD TV support is included in the digital amplifier box. You can connect and stream audio/video from external devices. There are EQ controls. 2 14” mic inputs are included in the home amplifier. Next generation audio technology and controls for echo, bass, treble, microphone and volume adjustments are included. A digital display. The home theater surround sound receiver system has a built-in display. Features front panel control center and over current protection. Includes remote control.

Brand: Pyle

👤I don't like the bright blue light when the unit is on, but I hate it when you turn it off with the remote. Looks like the cops are outside your window. The only way to stop it is to push the "off" button on the unit. Who was the "bright" idea? I don't like the fact that you have to cycle through the menu to get to HDMI every time you turn it on, and it seems like it should remember where it was and go back to that. You have to go through several different options to get to HDMI and the desire TV picture, and then switch to a different sound option because it sounds like static on the HDMI. It's ok once it's on, but I wouldn't buy it again. I would never have bought this unit if I had seen it in a store.

👤If you really want a bright blue light that never goes off when you turn off the unit, then you should not buy this unit. When I inquired about the indicator on their website, they only said it was a backup. There was no solution offered. I wanted to save a few local stations for preset. There is no information in the manual or online. The online support person didn't know the answer to the fundamental question, so I was told to create a ticket to advanced support. I don't like returning items, but this one may be the last one. Terrible support. Very annoying.

👤The unit works well. The price is great. The remote doesn't seem to work beyond 10 feet if you want to change a setting. The blue light on the button could be turned off. The light was covered with white tape.

👤This review was good. I would have given it a great rating, but a few things weren't as I thought. The surround sound is not a real sound. It doesn't do digital. It doesn't support DTS. The blue ray player won't play the video with the sound on. The sound is similar to a card in bicycle spokes. If I turn off the surround on the TV and use an optical cable to connect my stuff to the TV, it will work. Quality sound can be heard to 5 channels. I paid less for this unit. A unit with all the neat stuff for surround sound would cost a lot. I would make sure my friend knew that the receiver doesn't do real surround sound.

👤It is easy to hook up components.

👤One speaker output was bad and would output static. Returned immediately for a new unit. Any output of 5.1 would only output static. We're outside of the 90 day window, so we won't refund or replace now. Terrible customer service. Avoid this at all costs.

👤I didn't buy this receiver thinking I would get something great. I needed a budget receiver for the guest house. The build is fairly solid, but the sound quality is okay, the display is dim, and the blue power light is too bright. I returned the first one because I thought they were defects, but the replacement one does the same things.

3. Sony STR DH790 7 2 Channel Surround Fastening

Sony STR DH790 7 2 Channel Surround Fastening

The Jacky Microfiber Cloth is included. The bundle includes a Sony home theater receiver. Speaker wire (100 feet) and Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs (5 Pairs) are included. Superior Audio with Advanced D.C.A.C will have the speakers all deliver the same high-quality sound. Automatic Phase Matching will align the phase characteristics of your speakers to the front left and right speaker channels so that all channels work together to deliver a more effective surround sound experience. Press play to get connected. You can connect your TV, games console, and Blu-ray Disc player with four inputs and one output. High-Resolution Audio has the best sound in higher quality than CD. It feels like the artist is performing in front of you because of the passion for music. The receiver can fit into your media unit with a streamlined slim design. A rigid Chassis helps maintain signal fidelity.

Brand: Sony

4. Pioneer VSX LX304 9 2 Ch Network Receiver

Pioneer VSX LX304 9 2 Ch Network Receiver

Imax enhanced* the vsx-lx304 is IMAX enhanced, Certified to deliver the powerful sound just as intended by the Filmmaker, and provide the immersive experience on your home theater. Function is available with future updates. The vsx-lx 304 is compatible with 7. 2. 2 ch 5. 2. The latest theater sound platform is called Dolby Atmos. Sound can be reproduced in smooth, curving movements or overhead by the top speakers. Other Audio Codecs can be upmixed with the help of a 3D surround sound system. The Audio CODEC from DTS is the next-generation Audio CODEC from the company that uses object-based Audio to enable new experiences. Enjoy a smooth sound with 7. 2 ch 5. 2. The surround system is loud. Other Audio Codecs can be upmixed with the help of the neural: x program. The height virtualize of the Dolby Atmos format allows for a more immersive listening experience, without using additional surround or height speakers. Function is available with future updates. Apple is on the air. You can easily stream music or podcasts to speakers in your house using any Apple device, or by asking the speaker, and it all stays in perfect sync.

Brand: Pioneer

👤I bought this one to replace a Pioneer Elite that is only a few years old. I bought it to be able to run the extra channels. I own a pair of Mirage OS3-FS, with Mirage rears and mirage front. The new one leaves a lot to be desired, since they have used 2 different ones. They don't sound great even after adjusting the set up manually. I feel like I need to increase the volume beyond what makes sense to hear what I'm watching because volume is a lot lower. The receiver is in a cabinet off to the side of the room and I can't really see the front of the screen, so we have no idea about volume or other information. The receiver has a static sound on the left front channel when I change the channel. When I plug in a different speaker to the left front output on the receiver, it makes the same sound as the one on the speaker, so this has to be a problem inside the receiver. The other reviewer said that the relays are loud and that my commercials are so loud that they cause it to click off and on when I fast forward. This is disappointing. Maybe I got a bad unit, but it's not good enough for a $650 receiver. I think I will return this and go somewhere else, maybe a Denon or Yamaha. I wouldn't purchase this.

👤A new Yamaha 7.2 was bought to replace the 9.2 Pioneer. The Yamaha could not power up my setup and the Pioneer had more features. The sound is great and it is easy to operate. The receiver makes it easy to calibrate the setup.

👤The system is easy to setup and the sound is great.

👤It works just fine, it wasn't Sirius ready other than that.

👤I replaced an older Onkyo model that couldn't handle 4K signals with this unit. The MCACC calibration worked well, but it has some quirks that make me hesitant to recommend this unit, and I checked the distance calculations by hand and they were spot on, but it set the sub output too low. It doesn't upscale common video sources to 4K because it has trouble with them. Don't expect to cast videos from your phone on the built-in Chromecast. The Zone B feature, which could be great, is impossible to access without navigating a complicated menu on the Receiver's display, which won't show up on the TV if your source is the TV through ARC. We just got a new 4K TV, the P-Series Quantum X, which has a few quirks of its own, and wanted to be able to send 4K signals from a connected PC through the receiver to the TV. When I first set up the unit, I plugged in the PC and DVD player. I turned on 4K upscaling in the setup menu, thinking that I would check to see if this unit did a better job than the TV. The receiver failed to send a video signal to the TV. When the receiver was on, it would process audio from the DVD player, and when I turned it off, it would send the video from the DVD player to the TV. I needed to get audio and video from the DVD player. The PC was worse. The PC has a video card, so the receiver should be able to handle it. When the PC was off, the receiver sent a blank signal to the TV, so it showed a blue screen. When I turned on the PC, the signal turned off and the TV didn't show anything. It didn't help to turn off upscaling. I had to spend a lot of time on the phone with tech support going through hidden menus to turn off HDMI Deep Color, so I had to turn it off for all the inputs. The PC signal went through only at high definition. The receiver won't send a video signal to the TV if I try to output a higher resolution from the PC. Windows 10 shows that the receiver doesn't support high definition content. It's really hard. The "Zone B" feature is disappointing. My wife wanted to be able to use the app on the TV but not disturb me while I work nearby, so she used headphones. The TV doesn't have a built-in microphone, so if she casts video to the TV, the audio is automatically sent to the receiver through the ARC. She can't cast to the receiver because it has a built-in audio only device. The Zone B feature allows you to send audio through the speakers or just Zone B and not the speaker output. You can listen to music through headphones if you choose Zone B out. There is no Zone B button on the remote or the unit. You have to use the remote to navigate through the multi-item menu, which will not show the TV if you don't send the video signal through the receiver. I'm rather disappointed. I can't use a PC to upscale to 4K, I can't send 4K signals from my PC, and I can't use deep color if I ever want to. I might send this one back.

5. Denon AVR S960H Channel 90Watt Receiver

Denon AVR S960H Channel 90Watt Receiver

You can enjoy Immersive surround sound with the help of the new 3D Realism for your home theater system. You can get the most out of your 4K TV by enjoying the highest quality audio and video. The most demanding entertainment needs are met by this high-power amplifier. The next generation of gaming features a smooth, lag-free experience with 4K/ 120Hz pass-through, Variable refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Enjoy the most advanced video technology. Quick Media Switching eliminates video delay. You can connect with any HD/ULTRA HD TV, SubWOOFER, BLU-RAY PLAYER, and Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound with a range of wireless connections. If you want to extend the reach of your music to any room in the house, you can use a variety of wireless speakers, like the Denon Home series. You can get hi-fi audio around your home with a number of services. On-screen setup assistant provides simple, clear instructions to connect your TV, Audyssey MultEQ XT, and the audio system in your home for an optimal listening experience. Does not support pass-through from 888-739-5110

Brand: Denon

👤I upgraded my receiver for the next generation of consoles, and this thing definitely delivers. It's only giving 3 stars because it's crazy. Adding fans to your home theater equipment is something you should be prepared for. This thing is very hot. If this thing is tucked away, I recommend adding an alternative cooling solution because some of my equipment shuts itself off for thermal protection after installing this. Make sure it has proper air flow here.

👤The biggest negative is that you have to turn the receiver on and then turn the receiver off again. If you select the input on the remote, it turns the receiver on so you have to turn it off again. The life span of the product is going to be shortened. It would be nice if the input was still switched while the receiver was in sleep. The receiver is amazing. This is my first Denon receiver. It is easy to setup. The on-screen prompt on your TV walks you through each step, but it also walks you through how to connect the speakers, what to do with the wires, and so on. A microphone and stand are included in the full system calibration. The setup was easy. The sound quality is amazing. Great range and power. If you don't want to always have your receiver on to watch your various sources, pass through capabilities for HDMI is a must have. It breathed life back into my speakers. The quality of my receiver is very similar to that of my 15 year old one. 8K is amazing. You can control the device from your receiver remote with the help of the internet. It easily connects to iHeart. This system has everything I needed and more. Can't believe the price of this unit is more expensive than others. The internal radio sounds better. It's nice to have a touch on the remote on your phone, but it's clumsy to use at times, and it needs some work. Well done Denon! The remote is made with light plastic and has limited features. It would have been nice to have a higher end remote.

👤Amigos produto. The interface and controle remoto were precisam. Som sensacional.

👤timo custo. Inclui zona 2 Balanceamento automtico das caixas acsticas. com memorizao intuitiva, captao das rdios.

👤Sistema! O melhor? A qualidade de som dos sites is controlled by the headfone. A recuperar os mp3 com densidade.

👤No tienes un equipo de alta gama.

👤It is called excelente. A qualidade impressionante. A compra.

6. Onkyo TX SR494 Receiver Ultra Dolby

Onkyo TX SR494 Receiver Ultra Dolby

160 watt per channel. 4K/60p and HLG are supported. 5.1.2-ch audio and video. The Virtual:X and the Height Virtualizer are from the same company. The AccuReflex and AccuEQ have subwoofers.

Brand: Onkyo

👤When the PS4 Pro is connected to the TV, the option for 4K RGB is disabled, as you can see in the picture, and the frequencies for HDR are not the max, but when the PS4 Pro is connected directly to the TV. Check the message that says to check the TV settings. If you are going to use it for games, get something else. When I try a game, I get a warning that the game will play at 2K, but I don't see it because the TV isn't the receiver.

👤I have a set up in my home theater that is awesome. 2 front speakers, 2 ceiling pivot speakers, 2 rear surround speakers, 1 center channel, and 1 subwoofer are all expected to be upgraded soon. I've seen a lot of people flaunt their 2 and 3 thousand dollar setup but this receiver does exactly what it is intended to do and I have been buying Onkyo products for years and have not been disappointed yet. It can drive my speakers without being loud, and it can reproduce the sound of the movies in Dolby Atmos. My only regret is that I didn't get a 7. A receiver. I wanted to add 2 more speakers to the theater seating area. Maybe upgrade later. This is a great buy for anyone who wants a good Atmos setup in their home.

👤I had a 13 year old boy. I thought it would be a great upgrade since it supports all of the new sound formats. I was very excited when I got this. The result was disappointing. The sound was flat. The voice was muffled. I re-ran the setup again and the same thing happened. The Audyssey used on my old Onkyo is called AccurEQ. There was a manual setting on my old Onkyo, but it was not possible on this new one. Each time I ran the setup, there was a different one. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but I didn't like the lack of sound quality. I ended up spending over 2x as much as I would have spent on a Yamaha, but I'm very happy with the speaker calibration and the various profiles it offer out of the box, and there's also a graphical manual EQ. I didn't like this receiver. I wasn't happy with the sound quality.

👤Unless you have a lot of devices, this is all you need. I replaced an older unit with this one. The older unit had all the inputs that were never put to use. This is perfect for 4 devices. The sound quality from this unit is perfect once you start using it. It's better than the best movie theaters. The sound quality of the audio is not as good as it could be. The sound is the same as you get from the high end Onkyo units, even though it has the same 32 bit sound processor. I only use it for the two gaming consoles. I don't play music in the house. If you are looking for a high quality home theater sound system that is only going to be used as a home theater system with 4 or 5 devices, this is it. If your TV can pass HD sound, you will be able to hook up 5, 6 or 7 devices to this, depending on your TV's inputs. It does work very well with 4K upscaling. The HDMI pass through works perfectly, but the features are not real. The problem is that the standard is too new and not standard, so there are device conflicts. This is a great unit for anyone who doesn't have a lot of audio devices. Who does now?

7. Pioneer VSX 534 5 2 Ch Virtual Bluetooth

Pioneer VSX 534 5 2 Ch Virtual Bluetooth

There is a playback in the movie. The next-generation audio codec from DTS is called Dolby Atmos and it uses object-based audio to enable new interactive audio experiences. Bluetooth is a company. You can connect your phone, PC, or tablet to the receiver with the help of the technology. Whenever the smart receiver sees an incoming audio stream, it starts playing. DOLBY ATMOS. Without using additional surround or height speakers, the virtual surround and height effect can be created. 5.1.2ch. The personal preset. Press the personal preset button on the front panel for three seconds to change your settings. Up to three preset can be called up from the front panel button or remote control. RANGE CONTROL. You can use the up/down key on the remote control to make independent volume adjustments to the range, including dialogues in films, with this unique mid-range sound control feature.

Brand: Pioneer

👤I have a VSX-1130 in my living room and I really like it. I wanted to buy one for my basement, but didn't want to spend a lot. The price is 3 times the price of the 1130 I can't tell the difference in sound. The 1130 has bells and whistles, but the 534 is light and easy to set up. What else would you like? The sound from the 534 blew away the old Onkyo I replaced. Very happy. I would have gotten the 534 instead of the 1130 if I could do it over. Very happy. I replaced my old receiver with a cheaper one in my living room. It sounds better. Still very happy with it.

👤This is a fine piece of equipment if you don't need to use the HDMI connection to your TV. I needed the ARC capability when I bought this to use with my new TV. When the receiver is turned off, the signal will pass through. Problems exist with it on or off. I have a satellite input to the receiver and the ARC connected to it. There is an audio delay when you pause a tv show and start again. When you channel surf or change channels, the output to the tv becomes scrambled and you will lose the output altogether. I had to stop using the tv receiver because it was so bad. It took me a while to realize that the problem was the AV receiver and that I should have connected the tv directly to the satellite box. I missed the 30 day return so I'm stuck with the problem.

👤If you have small space, you're a great receiver. I own a huge Pioneer VSX that is twice the size and weight of the 534. If it's too big to fit in a cabinet. If there is plenty of power and features, a smaller surround can fit anywhere. Unless you wire the unit to the TV to complete setup, you cannot get out of setup mode. I didn't want to use the receiver to run my TV. I only wanted to use an optical connection. I had to run the TV, DVD and Echo through the receiver after the TV prompt. The main front speaker connection allows for 14 gauge wire while the center and back channels speaker ins only allow 16 gauge wire.

👤I wanted to test this receiver out for a while before I submitted a review. I'm very happy with this Pioneer. This was a great upgrade to my old Kenwood 5.1, which did not support the new DTS, and which was replaced by a slightly newer Yamaha that bit the dust after a power surge. I don't like to listen to music but I do like the fact that a receiver can belt out music and a picture with no distortion. The receiver delivers on both fronts. Older and newer CDs are clear. The dialog is clear while the movies boom through my subs. I wish they put a second slot on the front of the device for quicker, more convenient firmware updates and simple mp3 players. Follow the instructions carefully. The website gives more information on the steps, but they require you to turn off HDMI. If you need a receiver in a pinch, this Pioneer is worth the money because it is well worth the money. I put a couple of AC fans on top of the receiver to keep it cool. The previous Yamaha I owned was so hot I could fry an egg. I'm not taking any chances with this one. This application is where the receiver shines, because I bought an Lg UBK80 4k player. The sound of Ex Machina was amazing, with clear dialogue and booming lows of the soundtrack. The explosions boomed when I watched the 4k version of Aquaman. When the Atlanteans shot off in the ocean, my room shook. I am using a Sony sub and a Yamaha sub with Bose surround sound. The receiver made everything shine. For the first time, I could tell that I had surround speakers.

8. Marantz NR1711 7 2Ch Receiver Built

Marantz NR1711 7 2Ch Receiver Built

The amplifier is made to fit in a small transformer and delivers the same power on all 7 channels. The auto eco mode reduces power consumption without compromising on sound. Enjoy movies and gaming with the latest connected technologies, like Masterful 8K, Dynamic HDR, Quick Media Switching (QMS), and ALLM. Your home theater and gaming experience should be upgraded. ImmersIVE SURROUND SOUND WITH HEIGHTENED REALISM is a virtual sound effect that can be enjoyed without installing in-ceiling or upward firing speakers. TheLESS CONNECTION POSSIBILITIES have 6 HDMI In and 1 output for your favorite audio and video sources. For a comprehensive surround system, connect a turntable, speakers, DVD players, and other devices. The whole- home entertainment box has built-in HEOS Wireless Multi-room Technology, so you can play the same song in every room. You can control your HEOS speakers with the app. You can stream music from your favorite sources via a variety of methods. You can use popular voice command services such as Amazon, Apple, and others. An advanced graphical user interface helps you through the step-by-step process of connecting your audio sources to the stereo amplifier.

Brand: Marantz

👤It's + Features such as HEOS, Sound calibration, internet radio, and 8k support are amazing. Good remote, DDigital. There are enough channels and power. Ok for movies. I sound unnatural. It sounded like a poor D class amplifier. Not a HiFi device for listening to music. I tried it with some speakers. The Marantz 1711 sounds boring, flat, and non- musical. The music performance was disappointing. It's outdated on screen graphics. The plastic enclosure is low end. I would like to return it in time. I regret buying it.

👤If using primarily for audio, a TV is required. The app is not very useful. Special characters are not supported in the names of the networks. The email was never returned. The chat support is not reachable. When it said the average wait time was 7:44, it gave an error message that no one was available. The automated system never returned the call-back that was requested.

👤First and last purchase of Marantz. I think it is a good buy if you just listen to music. I purchased a 4K pass through and 120htz gaming. I returned it because it had issues. My friends told me that this brand was great but didn't work for me. You return and move on because maybe I got a bad unit. I would recommend another brand. My Yamaha is 5 years old and it is blowing junk out of the water.

👤I was looking for a receiver that could do things. My main reason for buying a receiver was to get HEOS capability, but also have all the latest video switch technology in one box, and this Marantz checked all the boxes. HEOS has the ability to pull in different streaming services into one app, and the flexibility to control multiple receivers within your home. The 12vtrigger out and pre-out connections were the deciding factors for choosing this model over cheaper models. I don't recommend this model if the user wants to fill a large room with sound and use the internal amplifier, as 50 watt per channel is going to be hard for movie watchers to enjoy. If you are only looking to fill a small apartment with the latest sound processing technology, then you won't find a better sound quality than this price.

👤I purchased a new audio system for my theater room. I have all the new Klipsch speakers in a 5.1 configuration. The 18' x 12' room has plenty of power and the sound is great. The setup of this amplifier was a little difficult, but using the on-screen menus, I was able to figure out all the parameters. This programming was done by a software engineer, not a real user. The remote control is the only complaint I have. It seems like an after thought. My other remotes work well, but this one has to be pointed directly at the amplifier, and the buttons have to be pushed firmly. The slim height of the amplifier was the selling point to me, and it fits perfectly in my entertainment center.

9. Onkyo TX SR393 5 2 Channel Receiver

Onkyo TX SR393 5 2 Channel Receiver

155 watt per channel. 4K/60p and HDR are supported. The film is called x-play. The height virtualizer and the DTS virtual are included. The accureflex and the accueq have subs.

Brand: Onkyo

👤Gamers! If you can't get 4k or 10 to pass through your system, you can use the power button to enhance the channel. Where in the manual do they tell you this? Hold the dvd button down and you will see the receiver switch from std to ench. Your welcome!

👤I wanted to upgrade from my stereo receiver to an A/V system after purchasing a new TV. I decided on this model after doing a lot of research. I had it for about two weeks. The sound is amazing with my Yamaha 5.1 speaker system. I would like to address some things. I went through the initial setup process and realized that my sub wasn't working. I tried to set it up again and realized that on the first screen it shows the sub but not on the subsequence screens. I called tech support and it was answered in under two minutes. This response was typical of every call I made. I was told to return it after walking through the setup. I decided to try a few things first. I thought the speakers were out of phase because I had a hard time figuring out which wire was the negative wire. I turned the amplifier up. It had been the same for a long time. The issue was fixed by one or both of these things. I don't think I'm getting all the sound possibilities listed for this unit. Tech support says it's my device. The 4K Amazon firestick should be able to provide all of those sources. The remote. The remote is moving. The receiver has four HDMI ports. The buttons on the remote correspond to the ports. "TV" is listed on one of the buttons. I want to go to live t.v. when I watch the firestick. The t.v. button does nothing. I have to change the input on the receiver remote by putting it down. To get back to the firestick, I have to change the input on the t.v., pick up the remote and push the correct button. On my old system, I could just hit "return" and it would return to the last item used. It's difficult when you are flipping back and forth. I called tech support and was told that the remote was not a universal one. He couldn't explain why the buttons were there. I don't know what the other buttons are for, since I only got a quick start pamphlet. The most important part is that it delivers great sound, superior to my stereo system.

👤This is a budget receiver. I didn't want a lot of bells and whistles to get lost in, just something simple and intuitive. You need to learn about the sound adjustments and experiment with them. I have a 2.1 setup with two large towers and a 10-inch sub. I prefer to set up the sound myself rather than using the supplied microphone. The Level Calibration allows you to adjust the volume of each speaker set. The line-level out port is something I like about this receiver. That adds to the flexibility of the unit. I use that port to connect my headphones. The remote control is easy to use. I recommend this receiver to anyone looking for a low-cost option that doesn't require a lot of bells and whistles. It is easy to use and sound good.

10. Onkyo TX NR5100 Channel Network Receiver

Onkyo TX NR5100 Channel Network Receiver

The Onkyo TX-NR5100 has a network A/V receiver with a 5.1 channel.

Brand: Onkyo

👤It was easy to set up. The receiver worked great for 24 hours before it malfunctioned and wouldn't do anything. The "NG" errors are fatal if you read the manual and online documentation. The component blew when the popping happened. I checked all the wiring and it was fine. My previous receiver was an Onkyo and I never had issues with it, so I ordered another one hoping this is a one-off. I will be without a receiver on my time off recovering from surgery until Friday because Amazon is refusing to expedite shipping. I may have to cancel or order elsewhere. If I keep the order through Amazon, I will update the review after seeing how the replacement does. I paid for a new one and chose to get a refund for the dead one, so they don't have to wait to ship the new one to get the fastest possible receipt.

👤I have been trying to get the support team to help me with the problem for days, no help or response.

👤This receiver has the ability to display high definition content. It will pass through vrr 4k 120hz, but the handshake issues make it difficult to use. The switch on the receiver was slow. It took forever to go from game fullscreen to the desktop. It took forever to go from one input to another. The HDMI switch is very fast after Onkyo released a firmware update. I would like that to be the only issue. There are serious handshake issues. I usually have no sound when I start a game. You can see the receiver blinking the speaker indicators off and on as it tries to find a sound signal. It never does. The only way to get sound is to change the resolution on the game and then have the sound come on. When the game asks if I want to keep the new resolution, I cancel and go back to the one I wanted. I would begrudgingly accept this if it were the only issue. It is not. I can get sounds to work in the game if I switch inputs and back, or if I connect three HDMI cables. There are all annoying solutions. I can't access the UEFI on my PC because the handshake is so bad. It won't show video inn. The loading screens on the PC won't be displayed. I need to connect my PC to my TV in order to do anything. My previous Denon receiver had no issues on the same PC and TV. I upgraded to this because it was a downgrade of a receiver. The first firmware was able to speed up the HDMI switch. I'm hoping that a firmware update will address this handshake. This is a one star product and the last one I ever buy. Stay away, like the title says. Far away.

👤Fantastic product. It's easy to use a remote. Speaker connections on the rear are strange. There is some work that needs to be done. Even when using a low-latency set of headphones, there were still sync issues with vocals. The manual warns that not all of the sources for back music may be available with the headphones. Not a dealbreaker. I had to get an external device to run it through the Zone B hookup. A good buy and definitely worth the money.

11. Denon AVR S760H 7 2 Channel Theater Receiver

Denon AVR S760H 7 2 Channel Theater Receiver

The Onkyo TX-NR5100 has a network A/V receiver with a 5.1 channel. Enhanced realism and new features are available. You will think it's happening right above you when you hear the sound of a helicopter or rain. 7.2 channel, 75w (2 channel driven), 6 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI 2.1 output, and a Phono input. There are 3 dedicated HDMI 2.1 inputs with 8k up scaling. Most voice assistants have support. 8K UDH, HDCP 2.3, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 4k/ 120 and eArc are included. Includes a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Brand: Denon

👤All speakers have been updated, and I am a huge star wars fan, and Disney plus Silver screen will debut on their new shows in atmos, not to mention family movie nights, every friday pizza and movie night. I had the chance to screen the same clip over again in different sound modes on the ATMOS receiver, but it's dependent on the movie sound mixer and editor, if just straight dolby digital or 7.1 sounds, it will give you more. I did that with a KLH Platinum series and I ran 200ft of speaker wire to complete the project, but I wanted to make sure I did it right, so I kept an eye out for them. There was a learning curve involved and many hours of video on sound stagging, angling, ideal setting on placement and what room correction software would allow to speaker selection, to ATMOS vs DTS-X to 5.1 vs 7.1 vs 5.1.2 vs 5. I think so. Is it the best system you can buy for about $1200 in total or so including speakers and receiver, wire and mounts? Black is available at the store. I got these for $101 and could use another set of rear speakers, but I have to spend more on mounts as the Sony setup is pretty verstile on top of the front speakers wall and ceiling, so it becomes more of a wash. I found the best place for my room to be tilted down was in front of the main seating 8ft high, since my ceilings are carboard tile, and mounted on the front wall. Is there a second one, the one next to my loveseat, for the rumble effect? Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active... I added a front sub to make sure it was over kill, but I had already decided on the spot. 60 hertz for a bit more money than a 4k 120 hertz receiver, and HEOS which intergates internet radio in the mix from google to alexa, to air play 2, and its app that allows you to manually tweek. The Denon AVR-S760H is a 7.2-Channel Home.

👤This is a great receiver for anyone who wants a good quality receiver. The power is relatively low. It's ok for a basic 5.1 speaker setup, but it might be a bit lean in a 7.1 or 7.2 setup. A 4 cyl engine in a pickup truck is an example of a good analogy. The low power of the receiver deterred me from using it, so I can't speak to ease of use. Denon is a good receiver, but it is important to match your speaker setup with the right one.

👤The unit has been great so far. It's easy to set up. It's easy to change the setup, but I need to work on the connection.

👤Excellent sound and no problems to report. Can't go wrong here.


What is the best product for reciever/amplifier home theater 7.2?

Reciever/amplifier home theater 7.2 products from Pioneer. In this article about reciever/amplifier home theater 7.2 you can see why people choose the product. Pyle and Sony are also good brands to look for when you are finding reciever/amplifier home theater 7.2.

What are the best brands for reciever/amplifier home theater 7.2?

Pioneer, Pyle and Sony are some of the best brands that chosen by people for reciever/amplifier home theater 7.2. Find the detail in this article. Pioneer, Denon and Onkyo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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