Best Sony Wireless Home Theater Headphones

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1. WH 1000XM3 Wireless Canceling Headset International

WH 1000XM3 Wireless Canceling Headset International

Sense engine is smart listening. The response time is 4 to 40,000hertz. Without taking your headphones off, quick attention mode can be used. In the box is a Carry Case, Charging Cable, Audio Cable, and a wire. Music is the only thing that brings noise canceling. Volume Control Touch Sensor. 40mm liquid crystal drivers have a premium sound quality.

Brand: Sony

👤This is a high quality product from Sony and a worthy competitor to Bose. The device's quality and performance key factors weren't the issue, but I decided to return the product for reasons I will describe below. This is top of its class and wonderful. I tried to switch from Bose to this, and the difference in noise reduction is almost identical. It seems like it's better at controlling the sound of lower sounds than the QC35, so rumbles will be quieter with this Sony. This is a great pair of cans. Excellent bass, good highs and mids. This will be one of the best sounding headphones you can own. If you listen with noise cancelling enabled, it's not a huge difference compared to the Bose QC35 IIs, but if you listen with a built in DAC, it's better. Now for my negatives. It takes 2 full seconds to turn the system on or off, compared to my Bose, and it has a nifty little feature where you can cover your earpiece with your hand. This works well, but it looks a little odd and isn't what I would use. I tend to be in a situation where I don't need to interrupt, or I need to turn it off immediately. It's not good to have to awkwardly hold the power button, but the ear-holding doesn't pause the video, which is also not good. I only had this "gesture" work for me the first time I tried it. If you're too light or too heavy it's not recognized, if you're slow or too fast it's not. It looks silly and sounds unpleasant to repeatedly tap on your own head. It's too unreliable for how critical the function is. Touch based controls for volume and play back are used. If you want any semblance of precision, you have to do one quick move at a time. If you're too slow, it will register them as multiple swipes, which can lead to low or high volumes. The same issues for volume apply here as well. There are two aspects of this control that I don't like. The orientation of the swipes is static. If you're lying down trying to skip forwards, you need to move your head from the surface to the ceiling or vice-versa. If you're lying on a side, you can't interact with the controls if the right ear is covered. 2. It's pointless to use buttons to get the right part of the earphone with the right part of your finger at the right speeds. There is no feedback to understand what you did wrong if your gesture doesn't work. The "multi" device sync may not be as big of a problem for other users, but this headphone does not support sync with other devices. You have to manually connect to your laptop or other device after you disconnected from your phone. You don't have to re-sync the device, but you have to fiddle. My Bose QC 35s connect to my phone and PC at the same time, and switch between them based on audio priority. If I get a phone call, I can switch audio from my laptop to my phone. No such behavior from the Sonys. This is the main break for me. The handling of high speed wind is atrocious, even though the level of cancelling is better. I take an open ferry most mornings as my commute is quick. With more break in time, I think this would improve, but on multiple occasions, a session of 45+ minutes started to get a little painful, and loosened the headband, it slipped off. It's a high quality item, and it does the jobs it does very well, but for my use cases, it's not very good.

2. Sony Wireless Theater Headphones Transmitter

Sony Wireless Theater Headphones Transmitter

You can use two headphones with the Oasis B. The Oasis B can stream audio to two devices at the same time. Stereos and soundbars connected through optical will need to use bypass mode. The ear pads and headband are comfortable. The headphones have a range of up to 150 ft. The noise reduction system reproduces a clearer sound. Voice mode gives clarity to the voice. The details with large driver units. The driver unit has a wide range. Automatic tuning for high quality transmission is built in. Simple setup. It's easy to charge. Listen for up to 20 hours of playtime. The box has a Sony WHRF400R Headphones, TMRRF400 Transmitter, AC Adaptor, Stereo Mini Cable, and a Rechargeable battery. Impedance is 32 ohm and Frequency Response is 10 Hz-22,000 Hz.

Brand: Sony

👤My 92 year old father in law loves them. He doesn't want to wear a hearing aid because of his hearing. We love them too. The TV has a volume of 70. Sound is clear. They are easy to use.

👤Sony has 2 wireless headphone systems that are called deferent names. Music for TV and the other. I bought the TV from Amazon. I found an offer for 30 bucks less. I got that. The battery wasn't holding its charge. Sony sent me another battery after I called Amazon. The first battery started working. It is possible that the battery needs 2 overnight charges to be right. I have a long history with Sony wireless head phones and I have several of them around the house, so if one goes there is another. Before the new battery came, I went back to Amazon for a second pair and found a deal that was half price. I noticed the second model. I got it after the new battery was installed and they worked great, I let the second pair charge for a night and they worked great. I said that both pair work great and that they should go for the best deal.

👤I bought this unit to replace the failing system from Sennheiser. If the sound is off for a few minutes, the Sony doesn't need to restart, and I can use it whenever I want. It comes back on as soon as the sound comes back. It's a trade-off I'll accept, but I don't like having to press the auto- tuning button at every start up. The sound quality isn't as good as the Sennheiser, but the positives make it worth it. The range seems a lot better, and the charging turns itself off.

👤It's not as convenient or comfortable as the previous Sony TV headphones that turned on automatically. Ear cushions get uncomfortable after a while. It is difficult to align the cradle with headphones. The buttons are hard to operate in dark environments. The sound is ok. The noise cancelling isn't very pronounced.

👤The instructions were the same as my old Steinheiser TR 135. I tried to listen to the TV but the batteries were completely charged. The base station has a green light that indicates it is receiving an audio signal from the TV but no static in the headphones. The green light on the headphones indicates it has power. I tried to swap out the batteries for dry cells, but nothing. I tired all the basestation audio channels. I plugged the old Steinheiser back into the TV and it worked. They sent me a pair of headphones. It makes you wonder about their control.

👤These work well. The battery life is great and they are light weight. I can walk a long way away while still listening to them, since my tv has a terrible sound. If I change the channel on them or move the receiver, the static usually clears up.

👤Over the years, I have used several of these. This one seems to be the same as all the others. I use it with a TV. It has a good sound. It's interface uses a private radio interface that works great and is very reliable. This unit stands out in the world of tiny components and cheap prices.

3. Headphones Transmitter Rechargeable Connecting HeroFiber

Headphones Transmitter Rechargeable Connecting HeroFiber

You can take calls with the built-in mic. The kit includes; Sony RF400 Wireless Home Theater Headphones, Sony TMR-RF400 Transmitter Base Station, Sony Rechargeable battery, Stereo Mini Cable, Mini Jack to 2 Male RCA Plug Adapter, AC Power Supply, HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth and operating instructions. The home theater headphones are not a Bluetooth product. The range of the RF wireless transmitter is up to 150 feet. The VOICE MODE is designed to make the dialogue in your TV shows and movies easier to understand. You don't have to pay for up to 20 hours to enjoy your favorite shows, music, and films. A twist and tilt feature allows anyone to use them comfortably for hours on end.

Brand: Herofiber

👤I ordered the headphones for a family member's birthday. She doesn't wear hearing aid. She can't have a conversation because the TV is so loud. I decided to give her the headphones before testing them on my TV. I put the headphones on after they were charged. The sound was clear and loud. I walked to the other side of the house. The sound never faded or stopped. The whole family was happy to hear the test was a success. I delivered them to her. They didn't work on their low-end version. We're keeping these headphones, I'm getting a TV for theirs, and everyone wins. The family will be able to visit while she enjoys her shows, and everyone will be able to watch a movie.

👤I thought my husband would be able to hear the conversations better if he wore headphones. We realized the sound disappears when plugged in.

👤They didn't work. The red light would go out after 7 hours if the instructions were to be believed. I charged the unit in excess of 30 hours before the red light went out, but was unable to hear anything through the headset, regardless of volume setting, channel selection, etc. I went through all the trouble shooting suggestions but didn't get any results. I finally contacted Sony customer service and they couldn't help me. The Sony customer service rep told me they would send me an email with return instructions and a return label after they decided that the transmitter must be faulty. Sony will send me a new unit in 7 to 10 business days if they receive my faulty unit and confirm all the components are present and not abused. What a hassle! I don't think it's worth it if they just test their product before shipping and boxing.

👤I used them for the first time yesterday and was bombarded with snapping, hissing and crackling. I was within 9 feet of the transmitter, with a clear line of sight and no obstructions. I thought my phone was interfering. I took those off. I switched between the three frequencies. I threw the packaging away because I thought they were a quality Sony product. I can't believe that Sony is putting out headphones that are the same quality as they were when this tech was new. If you are a masochist you should buy a cheaper set.

👤The reception and sound quality were good, but about 3 weeks after it was received, it began to hold a charge. After charging all night, it only lasted 2 hours, and my husband thought it wasn't placed on the cradle, but it wasn't. The battery lasts 17 minutes on May 5th. The last day we could return this piece of junk was May 3rd, according to my order to check return policy. I bought this because of the brand and good reviews, but wouldn't recommend or purchase again. $100 goes down the drain.

👤I wondered if I could hook this headset up to my TV. Even for someone like me, the instructions and photos made it easy. The wife reads in her chair beside me while I watch what I want on the TV. We're both happy now. The Sony product is well-made. I'm a happy customer.

4. Sony Wireless Theater Headphones WHRF400

Sony Wireless Theater Headphones WHRF400

The 41899 provides 40 ms audio latency, which is significantly lower and better than the 200 ms of typical Bluetooth solutions on the market. The audio and visual will always be perfectly synchronized, no matter what you're watching. Hear the details of large driver units. Voice mode has clarity with vocal clarity. Up to 20 hours of play time. Ear pads and headband are comfortable. Simple setup. In the box was a Rechargeable battery, Stereo Mini Cable, AC Adaptor, and headphones.

Brand: Sony

👤I couldn't get it to work with the cable. The cable I needed was ordered separately by customer support. The point is not the cost. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to get the cable that came with the head phones to work. It didn't. I don't understand why they wouldn't include the cable in the user manual. Kind of stupid.

👤I bought another Sony headphones set for my husband when he was watching TV late at night. I bought this set for my husband and myself because they were worn out. They work well and we all have the same set. There is a buzzing sound from the TV when the TV is close to the wall. They work well and you can hear the programs.

👤My previous wireless headphones for watching TV were Sonys brand, but I am hearing impaired and have purchased this Sony brand. They are 14 years old and in dire need of new things. The set will not cost you. I have had them less than a month. The charging cradle has a red light that goes out in a few minutes and the headphones don't charge. There is no more than ten minutes play time. All connections are fine after we checked them.

👤I have had an older model of headphones for a long time. The quality was not as good as the previous model, but the problem was static in the headphones. I place the transmitter in the same location as the old headphones that I had no problems with. The static persisted when I tried to move the transmitter to other locations. I bought a second pair of headphones and a new pair of opera headphones after returning the headphones to Amazon. They work well with no interference and noise cancellation.

👤The RF 400s are different, but Sony tells buyers they are getting the original RF 400 quality. The new RF 400s are not as comfortable to use as the original RF 400s, but they are still easy to use and have large comfortable ear cups. The new versions of RF 300 are cheap.

👤These are the largest ear cups I have found. Both wired and wireless. Most headphones seem to be small for children. These cover my ears instead of sitting on them. Work with my tv and smart phones. I will recommend them to my friends and family.

👤My husband and I have bought a second set of this product. He said they are better than the old ones. He thought they were great but was surprised by the sound and quality. The report was in error, for those who asked about buying two sets of earphones, but were told they only worked with the stem. They work with the old stem. The old one is still connected to the TV, but we use the new ones to charge the headsets. Great product!

👤My husband is not a fan of hearing aids. He wears a head set. The headset is easy to use. The first time you use it, you need to put it on a 12 hour charge. I was very pleased with the purchase. I already have a replacement headset for this one.

5. Sony Lightweight Wireless Headphones Computer

Sony Lightweight Wireless Headphones Computer

Included are accessories. The microusb cable is 1.5m. The noise-reducing technology is designed to keep the wireless signal free of interference from other electronic devices so you can enjoy your favorite film soundtrack or game with clear sound. You can move from room to room without losing an audio connection with the enhanced range from the transmitter dock. 40mm driver units deliver broad balanced and accurate sound reproduction for an exceptional listening experience. The ear pads are made for long-wear and are great for relaxing on the sofa. The all-in-one audio set includes a charging dock and a wireless headset.

Brand: Sony

👤I connected this unit to my TV and it made a hissing noise every few seconds. I had to use an ancillary cable to connect it to my TV. It doesn't function well and doesn't provide the high quality sound promised in the product description.

👤The batteries for this headphones only lasted for 3 months and you will need to replace them for $65. The padding on the headphones doesn't go all the way across your head, which leads to a ridge in the middle of your head.

👤Wow! What can I say about these headphones? They are comfortable. The sound quality is amazing. The noise cancellation works well. My mother is hard of hearing and I bought these for her. They help her hear. They are saving me from headaches caused by a television. I can not say enough good things about these headphones.

👤I brought the headphones for a family member to replace their old wireless headset because I knew they wouldn't remember to plug it into ausb and it was easy to set up. If you have a family member who is hard of hearing, this is a great way to watch a movie with them.

👤My stepmother is 93 years old. I am handy at hooking up these types of products if I read all the instructions thoroughly. No sound comes out while all appears normal. The cradle is cheap and touchy. There is no way to get phone support. Even though it was purchased on Amazon, it is still advising to go to a Sony dealer. I can't get a few minutes of phone support for this product. It's not cost effective for them to give support.

👤The box had been opened. The English instructions were missing. The audio cord was missing. The battery was put in. The seller of the used item sent it to the buyer.

👤I thought this headset would help my mom hear the tv better, by using her hearing devices. It didn't help her the way I thought it would because it wasn't compatible with her devices. She had a hearing problem and it increased the volume.

👤It was not easy to setup, but finally it worked.

👤J'ai payĆ©, le prix is ajustements et sont confortable.

👤Livraison rapid, et je l'ai acheter, ouverte, la moitiĆ© du prix. trs son et confortable pour les oreilles.

👤The product I received was faulty. When I opened the box, I found a different product, but I was willing to let it be, but when the battery bay was damaged, the earmuffs were shredded, and there was copper wiring sticking out, I was surprised. I bought this unit in a new condition and it was notgently used. It was unacceptable during the Pandemic. Filled by Amazon. For return, sent in.

👤Le son n'est pas. The son grinche quelque fois, est trs chaud en arrire des oreilles. Merci.

6. ZIHNIC Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Comfortable

ZIHNIC Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Comfortable

In the box was a Rechargeable battery, Stereo Mini Cable, AC Adaptor, and headphones. Active noise cancelling technology is used. In low and mid-range frequencies, the ambient noise can be reduced with the help of the Zihnic wireless headphones. You can listen to music in a quiet and peaceful environment on the subway, bus, or plane. The ANC headphones have 40mm large-aperture drivers, which can deliver Hi-Res audio sound and deep bass. The wireless headsets try to bring out the best sound performance. A built-in microphone with a wireless technology. The built-in microphone in the headphones ensures better sound quality for hands-free calls. Most of the devices that are connected to the internet could be connected fast and it has a stable connection. You can get rid of wire hassle by listening to music or calling. The earcups are made from durable and skin-friendly leather and foam. You feel no pressure because it wraps around your ear. The earcups are 90 so that you can find the best angle. 40 Hours Playtime with Quick Charging: The ANC headphones have a large battery capacity of 700mAh, so you can enjoy music for 40 hours. The charging is fast and the headphones are fully charged in 1.5 hours. 24 hours after-sale customer services and quick response are some of the tips.

Brand: Zihnic

👤I bought these headphones for travel because of the 45H playtime listed. That is a lie. The maximum time listed is 35 hours for noise cancelling only, 30 hours if using only sound, and 15 hours if using both noise cancelling and bluetooth. The playtime is only 15 hours. The image I'm attaching shows the times I'm talking about. Don't buy if you're warned. The sound is decent, but the time lie is sad. I wouldn't buy again if I knew this. The headphones will not charge past 40% after 6 months of use. I left them to charge for 5 days. There is a message every 8 seconds when the headphones are down to 10%. I am changing my review to 1 star because of the fail and nagging message.

👤When I was going to have cancer, I bought headphones. I just wanted to listen to my music. I could sit and listen to my music. My oldest granddaughter loves them too. She grabs my headphones when she comes to my house. I wanted to have her own pair. The noise cancellation is great since I have to stand in front of her to get her attention, but the sound is great. This was a win for the household. I get to keep her headphones.

👤I bought a cool headset a few weeks ago, and it's working well. I like the metallic surface design and it looks very cool. It's comparable to other high end brands with good noise cancellation. The bass sound kicks in nicely. It fits well with my ears, and it is adjusted on the length. I use it to listen to music while I run on the treadmill, because it's wireless and I sync it with my phone. I think this is a good deal.

👤I have hearing loss in the mid/upper frequencies. I need a pair of headphones that reproduce higher frequencies with clarity and decent volume, and this causes me to be a bit more discriminate when it comes to headphones. It is easier for me to understand people when using these headphones. The mid/high frequencies are solid and the dynamic range is excellent, which means I can use sound compression on the mid/high frequencies and get excellent results. It means that the hairs in my ears don't respond to sounds up to 70 decibels until they get to 50. Sound compression makes whispers louder. The headphones respond well to the compressor that I have programmed in Windows to reproduce the dynamic range from 0-100db. The result is that the headphones do a great job with the mid/high frequencies and the bass is very clear. People with mild to moderately severe hearing loss should use these headphones. If you want to use these headphones for people with severe hearing loss, you'll have to adjust the compression and equalization using a third-party program.

👤I bought these expecting an ok product to use when exercising outside. They are fantastic! The sound quality is comparable to my old Koss headphones from the 70's. They're worth every penny and would be a great purchase again. The bass sound is great. They are very comfortable in the cold. I put the headphones on over the cap of my stocking car and it sounded great. The lowest temperature so far is 22 degrees F.

7. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Digital stewardship is a way to communicate. ANC gives a personalized, virtually soundproof experience. The phone call is on. You can take hands-free calls with a built-in mic. Voice assistants are available for voice access to music, information and more. With a simple touch, you can be activated. There is a quick attention mode. To turn down your music, cover the right ear cup. Personal noise cancellation is a service that adjusts ambient sound to your activity for the best noise cancellation. Touch controls. Control music tracks and volume with your voice assistant. Long battery life. Up to 30 hours of playtime is provided by a single charge.

Brand: Sony

👤I own about 30 headphones. I own the Bose QC35 II and the Bowers and Wilkins PX. I returned the Sony WH-1000x and the Sony MKI because they were not as good as I wanted them to be. The Bose QC 35 II were my headphones. I liked them for their comfort. The sound on the Bose can be described as lifeless. I decided to pull the plug on the Sony WH-MX1000M3 on the first day they were available on Amazon because I was always in search of something better. I was pleased to see that the case was similar to the Bose QC 35, a little bigger but shaped well enough to fit in my backpack. When I put the headphones on my head, I realized that they would be as comfortable as Bose. Good job Sony. After charging for a couple of hours, I put them on my phone and went to listen to my headphones. The previous Sony model's sound was not very clear and had a lack of soundstage and definition. The M3 sounded better than the previous Sony's and Bose, but the highs appeared to be subdued and overwhelmed by the bass. This was disappointing. There is a I download the Sony phone app that allows for EQ. Frustration. The app did not recognize the car. There is patience. I think Sony hasn't updated the app yet. I wait a day and see that the Sony app has been updated. I open and rush! It is now recognizing the MK3. Now I can play with a negative score. on 400 MHz. +2 on 2.5K and +4 on 16K. Play music and talk. I don't think these sound as good as most of my wired headphones, but for everyday-on-the-go-beat-them-up-with-ANC these are exciting. The Bose is destroyed. The sound of the Sony's is not as good when the ANC is on because the sound changes considerably and not for the better when you apply one of three ANC modes. After an hour of no ANC listening, my ears and the top of my head hurt. Bose is a generation ahead of Sony in noise cancellation. I said it there. The Bose is the best ANC you can get, according to most reviewers. Bose has been shown by Sony that they are the new big boy. I did some A/B comparisons with both headphones and realized that the Sony does a great job of virtually eliminating all other sounds, including television voices and even other people, as my headphones do. This doesn't require messing with the settings in the app. Others have not had the same experience. I didn't expect it to cancel voices, but I must say that the Sony comes as close as I have ever heard. If you want headphones with the best sound and active noise canceling, you should get these. They won't sound as good as wired closed back or open back headphones, but you can't always get what you want, nothing is perfect, and everybody is different. During this review period, I used the Sony WH-1000XM3 as well as the Bose QC 35 II and the Bose H6 on my phone and computer. The problem occurred with all three phones when I tested the headphones. I replaced them through Amazon. The new pair does not have the issue. After some tests with phone calls, I think Sony needs to do some work on the call quality at the other end of the call. The Bose QC 35 is better in this regard. The sound processing that Sony has implemented is what makes the call quality good. Hopefully this will be improved in the future. The Bose handles the support for multipleBT sources better. I only use the Sony's for my phone, so I am not constantly changing sources. A small price to get better ANC and musical sound.

8. Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless Headphone Black

Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless Headphone Black

40mm liquid crystal drivers have a premium sound quality. There are headphones for cord-free listening. The technology is wireless. 40mm driver units are used for sound. The headband is easy to adjust for long term comfort. A noise reduction system is used. Automatic tuning for optimal reception.

Brand: Sony

👤5 min. start to finish hook-up. Plug headphones into wall plug. Plug the other end into the tall transmitter. Plug the colored plugs into the back of the TV and the black plugs into the Audio Out or Headphone Jack. Plug White and Yellow on the side of the receiver. Put the earphones on the transmitter. Headphones have no cords. 3.5 hours to fully charge. Prepare for the best experience ever. The sound is deep stereo. There is no static. Extra padding is used for comfort. Volume control and on and off switch are convenient. One person can have their volume wherever they need it, while the other person can only listen to TV at their choice of volume. Completely different volume levels. TV volume and headphones work in different ways. This is the Sony quality you want and expect, but even better. Click on headphones to charge them. If you want to charge your headphones, turn them off. Don't over charge, just leave them on the charge until ready to use. When charging complete, the red light on the headphones goes out. The Sony Headphones are a life changing product and could not be better at any price. The quality is underpriced. Thank you AMAZON for always giving it to us.

👤I have purchased cheaper wireless headphones before, but these work better. I can walk through the house and still get a reception, even with interference. The padding is perfect and they are much more comfortable than flimsier headphones. The signal interference is my only complaint. 98% of the time I use these headphones, I am within 6 feet of the base, however I often have interference. Sometimes the signal is lost for no reason at all and only comes back if I get up and plug the power cable back in. Sometimes it happens 4-5 times in a row, which can be very frustrating. I am happy with the headphones. I'm downgrading my rating to 3 stars after nearly 8 months of use. The frustrating loss of signal problem is happening more and more. None of the fixes suggested by Sony work for me. I would return them at this point. If this problem continues to be a daily issue, I will begin searching for new headphones soon.

👤My dad likes the headphones I bought him. If anyone around him was talking he could not hear the TV or if he turned the TV up load it would cause arguments with other family members. Everyone gets along fine now that he can hear.

👤This is an update on the review. I get interference when I move my head, even at 10 feet from the TV. The sound is blank until I turn my head. I'll have to shell out new money if I want to return them, because I'm outside the 30 day window. The "Sony quality" is not present. There is an upgrade review. I bought these earphones a month ago, having been happy with an earlier Sony model that was just worn out after many years of use. The new ones are not worth the money. The earlier model had better sound. It is tinny. The ear pads are not as comfortable as the earlier ones. The range is what really kills these. I just found out that this set won't be coming back. The signal is okay in the TV room. If I wander a room away, the signal keeps clicking in and out, even if there are no walls in the room. Try something else.

9. Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call

Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call

HOPVISON movie projector can be used as a home theater, as well as being used in work scenes. 3 years of free repairs and lifetime professional tech support is offered by HOPVISON. If you have a problem, please contact them. noise canceling with dual noise sensor technology Next-level music with Edge-ai, co-developed with Sony Music Studios Tokyo. 10 min charge for 5 hours of video is included. Touch Sensor controls allow you to pause play, control volume, and answer phone calls. Speak-to-chat technology reduces the volume in conversations. The call quality is superior. When headphones are removed, wearing detection pauses.

Brand: Sony

👤I have owned the Bose QC 35 series I for four years now, and just recently replaced the ear pads that deteriorated. After four years, there has to be some serious improvements in noise cancelling technology, and since the WH-1000XM3 model got so many good reviews, I figured these would be awesome. I pre-ordered them. I downloaded the app and used it to pair them to my phone after removing them from the box. I fiddled around with settings and listened to some music while it downloaded a firmware update. It was easy. The sound is very good. The kick drum has a nice bright sound. I settled on a slightly different version of the Bright preset. Things went downhill from there. After using the headphones for a while, the touch controls became very annoying and easy to make mistakes with. If you want to raise or lower the volume significantly, you have to adjust it in small amounts, which is very time consuming. You just push the buttons with the Bose QC 35. Simple. I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to pair the headphones with my laptop, reading the guide in the app and doing some web searching, thinking that it must be provided by one of the two dedicated buttons on the Bose QE 35s. Nope. It must be done with the app. Everything has to be done with the app except for the custom button and the power. The Bose has a power button that I have to press to go into pairing mode. Simple. Since the sound of these produce is so good, you could probably put up with the smaller issues. The deal breaker for me was when I connected them with the included wire to the controller to enjoy some TV time after a long day. I watch movies and TV with my headphones on. I was horrified to hear a clearly audible hissing sound. I disconnected the cable and turned them off again. The hissing sound is still there. This sound is not produced by my Bose. It's really bad. After listening to them for a while, I felt fatigued and had a slight headaches. I don't get the noise cancelling technology from my Bose even after listening to them all day. I couldn't tell the difference between the noise cancelling of the Bose QC 35s and the ones I had. They sound the same to me. I'm sure you could tell the difference with laboratory equipment. The sound is great, and the noise cancelling is great, although I can't tell the difference from my Bose QC 35 Series I. There are a lot of annoyances in the touch controls, including the fact that the app is required to do everything, except turn them off and use the custom button, and the hissing on the wired connection to my Roku Ultra. I will return them.

👤I have one of the older versions of these headphones. When I bought this, I was a wage slave, so I didn't have to pay for it. I don't recall the thought process that went into the purchase decision. I think no thought went into it. Let's not think about the mistakes of the past. I am a product of western education and a nihilist. Sex, food, and superiority over my fellow men are the only things life has to offer. I felt a sudden urge of something missing in my life last week, possibly because of the Prime Day Sale on Amazon. I decided to buy a newer version of the headphones, compounding my earlier mistake. I assumed that if something is newer it should be better. I have found that this is not superior to its predecessors except for being more expensive. The older version of the headphones is better in terms of built quality and response time. If you're like me, you're a fool who doesn't have enough money to buy the new version of these headphones, but you have the old one. I don't think this is better than the earlier headphones. The public is going away. You! Hypocrite lecteur!

10. Sony RF995RK Headphone Cable Bundle

Sony RF995RK Headphone Cable Bundle

A twist and tilt feature allows anyone to use them comfortably for hours on end. Sony Technology produces high fidelity sound and booming bass with noise reduction, voice mode, volume control and auto tune through walls and ceiling. The 40mm drivers are durable, powerful and designed to be ideal for cinema. You need either a left or right output jack for your TV to connect to the headphones.

Brand: Sony

👤The product did not work right. Only one ear piece is used for sound. I missed the return window when I gave it as a gift. I tried to resolve the problem with Sony, but they were not interested. I paid $100 for a set of earphones that only work one earphone, but I can get them for $20 anywhere. I did not get a $20 credit from Amazon. I wouldn't be back if this was a "brick and mortar" store. Don't buy gifts for people on Amazon. If they don't work right, you are stuck with a bad item.

👤I brought this 2 1/2 months ago and it was great, but then the sound went out and there was no sound at all. I tried to contact Sony, but it was still in the warranty period, so I couldn't talk to anyone. I received some of my money back from Amazon. I'm not sure why Amazon only gave me a partial credit. I will try to find out why I only got partial credit.

👤I like the convenience of wireless headphones. They fit and function well, but they pick up static and noise that is not supposed to be there when you are watching sports or movies. I would buy a better pair if I had tried them out first. I have had cheaper headphones that were better than these.

👤The Sony Wireless Headset is worth a few extra dollars. It is well packaged. I have yet to run the batteries dead, but they have lasted for a few hours in marathon video sessions. Sound is excellent, turn the headset volume down to 2 or 3, and adjust the volume of your TV or stereo to get the best sound quality. It reaches everywhere in my apartment and even allowed me to listen while walking to the mailbox, about 50 yards away. It has a 3.5mm stereo lead and a few 3.5mm to RCA adapters in case they are needed. The transformer is supplied with a U.S. plug and the flat blades are plugged into the Euro style plug. The headphones are light and full coverage.

👤There's a small selection of good Radio Frequency headphones for home entertainment systems, but this over the ear feature is better than my RIF6 headphones, and seems to be a better build quality than my Sennheiser foam padded RF set. This is the best of the three. As I walk around my house, I can see the range on all three. It seems like a 10' range with no walls blocking the signal is better than bluetooth.

👤The range was not 150 feet because of the load bearing walls in my apartment which limit transmission to about 25 feet. I bought the headphones to listen to CNBC in the morning while I did the chores since my three blue tooth headsets dropped the signal about 20 feet away. The charging station died in a little over two months, so I'm out the money, and am back to using my old blue tooth devices.

11. Sony MDR HW700DS Wireless Headphone 100 240V

Sony MDR HW700DS Wireless Headphone 100 240V

The driver unit has a 50mm voice coil adoption. The battery life is 12 hours. Weight: 410g. The decoder includes: Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS-HD Master Audio, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. Stereo pin jack x1 is the input terminal. The output is HDMIx1, opticalx1, and Included are accessories. The microusb cable is 1.5m.

Brand: Sony

👤This may be the "Japanese" version, but it's not the same model that was sold a few months ago. The included box and manual are in English and the product is meant for the US, unlike the Japanese version which has Japanese writing all over the box. The lack of multiple headphone support is the main functional difference. The Japanese version has two functions for the "input" button. The US version of the input button is the same as the one in the US version. The US market product does not have the other function. The Japanese version of the input button has two functions for the same button. Pressing and holding the input button for a few seconds allows to link additional headphones; I believe up to 4. The seller needs to be aware of this. He keeps the "Japan Import" on the item tile. If the model he is selling is the same one as the US model, he should make you think you are getting a Japanese product. The headphones should have an "id set" capability. The attached phone is from the real Japanese version, not the one sold here.

👤The sound of the SenhiesserRS 175 and 195 is better than the Sonys because they use optical as an input and can't support multiple channels. It is possible to have higher bandwidths than optical or toslink. The Sony DSP can only pass through up to 4k and 30 frames per second, that's a good thing. Most of the streaming devices and services are putting out 4k with 60 frames per second as well as the other stuff, but the Sony DSP will not do that. They will be used right now by Exofield. They are very expensive.

👤Been using them for a while. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The box and instructions were written in Japanese. The on screen menu was in English. It comes with a lot of features. I didn't look at 4k support before purchasing. To my disappointment, it has none. The problem doesn't stop there. It won't support 4k, uhd or HD formats so you have to view in under a year. No passthrough either. Streaming is cut to HD. It still gets cut down even though I split the audio and video. The model is not supported by 4k. I wouldn't have bought them if I'd known about it.

👤I have had this set for a couple of years. I have thought that this was one of the best sets of headphones I have ever had. They worked well. The sound was great, I could watch movies without being bothered by anyone else in the house, and I could move around without a problem. They started to drop out within the last month. They dropped out about 7 or 8 times per hour when I changed the Hz. I thought it might be interference from other sources, but when I unplugged all other sources the problem remained. Although they are not as pretty as they used to be, the 598's still work well for me. I have tried to contact SONY through the internet, but they never existed. This is a major problem with Sony. It doesn't take long to become an orphan. $400 dollars is too much for an item that only works for two years and there is no support.


What is the best product for sony wireless home theater headphones?

Sony wireless home theater headphones products from Sony. In this article about sony wireless home theater headphones you can see why people choose the product. Herofiber and Zihnic are also good brands to look for when you are finding sony wireless home theater headphones.

What are the best brands for sony wireless home theater headphones?

Sony, Herofiber and Zihnic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for sony wireless home theater headphones. Find the detail in this article.

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