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1. Enclave Audio CineHome Wireless Surround

Enclave Audio CineHome Wireless Surround

The HD 5.1 WIRELESS Home Theater Bundle includes a world class home theater system that provides you with movie theater quality sound. You can easily control your TV with the remote. Plug and play sound system is easy to set up using your TV's Arc or Optical connection. Plug in your TV and get ready for the CineHome Pro to deliver crisp, clear and room filling 5.1 HD surround sound. You can place your speakers anywhere in your living room if you plug in each speaker to the wall along with the CineHub. You can experience a sound like you are in a movie theater. The power of the 24 bit class-D amplifier is matched by 14 custom-designed drivers and a 10-inch sub to transform your living room into a true surround sound cinematic experience. 24 Bit Dolby Digital, DTS, and WiSA are certified. Don't let that vinyl go unheard! The turntable can be connected with ease with a 3.5mm analog. Do you want to stream all your music? You can use any mobile device or tablet with the simple use of theBluetooth 5.0 connection. Don't let that vinyl go unheard! The turntable can be connected with ease with a 3.5mm analog. Do you want to stream all your music? You can use any mobile device or tablet with the simple use of theBluetooth 5.0 connection.

Brand: Enclave Audio

👤I am leaving my review at the bottom. The speakers started out good, but then they disconnected and had poor sound quality and muffled voices. There is no sound. The speakers will make you angry. Frustration. They are trying to get them to work. For no reason, total death. I asked for replacements since my speakers were damaged. They promised they would, but never did. The grill cam can be damaged. They're all damaged. This system is not good. It is hard to understand. Don't buy it. There are a few small things I can complain about on these speakers, but they don't give a four-and-a-half star as a possibility, and I didn't want to give him a four-star. The packaging was not damaged. There is no problem there. Be careful with the grills. They could be damaged easily. I didn't get a connection to the speakers when I plugged in. The instructions were vague and frustrating. reset the speakers Is this done with them or not? Some devices should be turned off. I believe they must be reset when they are on. I pushed the reset in after taking the back side of a wall nail. The enclave was able to see the speakers and allow for setup thanks to this. The enclave app can set the speakers up to ten feet away from the seating position. I wish you could set it for the actual distance without a maximum of 10 ft. It comes down to adjusting the volume levels. I found that the system works best with high definition. I couldn't get the optical to work, but I think the HDMI has a better signal. anyway I will use that. The enclave app tries to find The enclave cinebar, but it doesn't give any indication if it's there or not. It seems to time out and never connect. I connected my phone to the internet immediately after restarting it. When you leave the app and come back in. It's the same story. The only way I can attach to the app is to restart my phone. You don't have to do this often. The app doesn't need to be used anymore once you have the speakers set. The bad part is over. It's amazing to have no wires. That is great. The only thing I could think of was a retractable wire cable. That would make the speakers bigger. One wall that I wanted to plug my speaker in has no outlet. Make sure you have the outlets in the right place. I'm going to see if I can add an outlet but there's no one else nearby so that might be a problem for me. The extension cord is the same problem as before. I got longer power cords from Amazon. I pulled the speaker away from the wall. I ran the extra long power cable there. I got tape mounted wire covers for the wall and floor. I will paint them to match. They look great. Great solution. The sound is perfect. The system is like a movie theater. The speakers have a maximum volume of + 6. The sub can only be sent to + 3. Maybe this is to stop the speaker from blowing it? All of this sounds amazing. I spread the speakers out wide. In films like Star wars rogue one, you can hear the separation. These are new approaches to surround sound. It sounds amazing in my living room.

2. Monoprice 109995 Speaker Selector Control

Monoprice 109995 Speaker Selector Control

The speaker selection will allow you to distribute your music to every room in your home. You can distribute your audio signals to up to four different speaker zones. The switch can support up to 70 watt per channel with the protection circuit enabled or 140 watt per channel without the protection circuit in place. impedance seen by your amplifier remains constant no matter how many speakers are used Monoprice's rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices.

Brand: Monoprice

👤Be careful with this. When I put it on single pair direct with only one pair of speakers selected, my digital fluke meter is showing a 2 ohm load. The speakers test at 6.7 ohms if I test them directly. This unit caused my Yamaha receiver to stop working.

👤There is confusion about the protection circuit. There is a parallel 10-ohm resistor with all the circuits. In single pair direct mode, it just wires the connected speakers in parallel. I have 8ohm and 6ohm speakers on my house, but only use two channels, so the 6ohm speakers measure only 4.7 on their own or through this box. The protection circuit enabled the amplifier to see almost 8 ohms. Selecting both pairs shows a 3 ohm passive load. If you compare the protection circuit on/off while live, there is a noticeable drop in sound level. It works and it is inexpensive. It was able to accommodate good 14 gauge wiring, though I would prefer banana plugs to the spring clamps, I can't complain about it for performance. The protection circuit can be used if you have more than one pair of speakers. The 3.5 ohm impedance of my amplifier is fine. I don't bother with it. It adds an unnecessary circuit for my purposes and complicates things for my wife.

👤There is no technical documentation to explain the use of the impedance matching button to a general user. I measured it with an ohm meter and found that there was no impedance protection. There is 3.5 ohms of added protection with the button off, so that multiple speakers used in parallel won't blow your amplifier. The unit is labeled backwards because the description "engaged" means protection is on. If the user has impedance matching volume controls, then the protection is not required, since the button would need to be engaged all the time. Why don't we explain this in a user manual? I think that this unit is contract manufactured, though Monoprice has dropped the ball on this one. The same product is made in China by the same company and labeled for AVX, Monoprice, and others, so all the units that have the same footprint may have the same problem. If you are using 2 pairs of speakers at the same time, this unit will only support 70 W. There is a lot of sound at the unit. If you understand how to use the protection button and your amplifier is not very powerful, it may work for you.

👤I wanted to connect my audio/video speakers to my living room stereo system so I could easily hear them in my large living room. I have a pair of large Jensen stereo speakers and the receiver I am using is a newer unit with 120 watt per channel x 4 speakers. I use smaller 3-way speakers in the rear for quad sound. The installation seemed silly to me and made no sense, as I thought using this device would take care of the "cutting out at higher volumes" from the receiver. The speakers were connected from the speakers directly to the unit's backside, but the instructions for connecting the device to the receiver were very vague and no help was given on-line. I was told how to use a stereo receiver and not a sound surround type, but they didn't understand that I have a standard stereo receiver. I returned it for a full refund. Instructions on how to connect this device to a receiver are not explicit. I tried to connect this device to the speaker jacks on the receiver, but couldn't. I rated this item as 1 star.

3. OSD Audio Automatic Speaker Selector

OSD Audio Automatic Speaker Selector

Sound distribution. You can choose between two music sources in each zone of the house with the speaker selector. Since this ATM-7 is a passive device with no built-in impedance protection, they recommend using their impedance matching in-wall volume controls to keep the load from affecting your amplifier in a negative way. The design includes multi-zone enable (2 In Working Mode), zone in/out select, dual music source A or B, or output channels located on the front, Master-Slave switch when connecting 2 ATM7 in parallel on the back. Features: The IR Remote Front Panel Status LEDs are perfect for your stereo needs and can be mounted/controlled in a remote location. The remote is IR. The ATM7 has a backup memory function and a 10-meter remote operating distance. The provided code will allow you to program the remote control of your favorite universal remote controls.

Brand: Osd Audio

👤I own a Denon Receiver and a RITA-880 KT-88 tube amplifier, both of which I choose between. This is an upgrade to Niles. The 7 zone out is too much for me. I hooked it up after I received it. It is recommended.

👤The OSD unit has a quality that is obvious in its fit, form and function. Everything you need is here. The front panel is easy to understand and use, and that is about as good as it gets. Well done, OSD!

👤When I found out my Pioneer Elite SC 27 didn't have a Speaker "B", I started looking for a speaker switch with banana plug jacks. The only thing I found was a switch from a boutique retailer. An OSD ATM-7 can be had for about $150. It comes with a remote control. I have banana plug jacks and can switch speakers without going to the rack. IR codes can be programmed into the Harmony One. Even though I have a speaker with a Speaker B output, I can switch between my speakers for 2 channels or the patio. I still have 5 outputs that I can spare. This is at the fraction of a Bryston.

👤Great product. I think it's nice to change speaker patterns without getting up and pushing buttons, and the remote makes that possible. It would be better to have digitalLED numbers and letters over the individual zones so you can see which speaker zone you are in from a distance. I can't tell from my couch if I am on zone 1 or 2 without pressing the remote. The remote has an on/off switch. What is going on with that? Is the unit supposed to be on all the time? The speaker selector is the best and most sophisticated I could find so I put atrigger connection on the back of the unit.

👤Picked up the unit to use the same set of vintage front speakers in the home theater and as a 2 channel setup on two different Amps: Denon avr for with a vintage solid state amplifier on preouts for ht and vintage tube amplifier for 2 channel listening. I settled on this one after looking at all of the products. I was glad I did. I did a lot of research. My goal? The speakers in the same room can be run on two different vintage Amps, one of which is connected to my avr preout. A great setup. With a remote control. There is built-in electronic protection. I used banana plugs. I don't have to worry about overload, up to 400 watt, because it's rated to handle enough Amps. The build was quality. The Niles switcher has only straight wire connections and less handling power. This is the product if you have more than one set of speakers to use. The user manual says you can use up to 7 Amps on 2 sets of speakers. I leave the unit on all the time because it's at a cool temp. When the phone rings, I have a remote that I use to turn down the vintage tube amplifier. It is also multi-zone capable with the remote. Someone is running speaker wire for different zones. No volume control, but what avrs/amps/preamps are for. The equipment rack has the other components on one of the shelves. Well built and attractive with nice rubber feet and a black painted metal box. The led lights are annoying when watching a movie. The speaker and banana plugs have a lot of space between them. If desired, straight wire can be used. The instructions were clear. I found the highest rated handling watt for a switcher that was reasonably priced. This is an outstanding convenience tool for side by side comparisons if you buy multiple speakers. There is nearly instantaneous switch between speakers and Amps. If I ever needed a second one, I would be happy to get one.

4. Channel Speaker Selector Switch Distribution

Channel Speaker Selector Switch Distribution

The multi-zone a b speaker switch is perfect for your home theater sound system. For use with impedance speakers. The slim design of the table makes it compatible with any home theater setup. Control 6 speakers. The speaker switcher can control up to 6 speaker pairs connected to a stereo at the same time. Up to 14AWG speaker wire can be accepted via the screw type terminal. Independent audio control. Independent audio source channel volume controls are included. The push button design allows you to control the volume of each pair and personalize the listening experience in your home. Simply connect the left and right outputs from your amplifier, receiver, or source to the mini 6-channel multizone controller and enjoy high quality audio performance. Load protection is important. The front panel has a master speaker switch and a control switch. It also provides overload safety protection and long-term reliability.

Brand: Pyle

👤I can't speak to the effectiveness of the unit's'switching' capabilities, as I was unable to keep the wiring in place long enough to check it out, which resulted in a one-star rating. The plan was to switch my amplifier's output between speakers. The speaker pairs had 14 gauge stranded copper wiring. The back of the unit has a'squeeze' type of termination that never worked, and I had never seen it before. The plastic tab from the first would pop open if you moved on to the next wire. This happened on all of the connections. I gave up after messing with it for over an hour. I'll search for a switch that uses a more standard speaker terminated method, even if your experience will be better.

👤I bought this product to change the speakers in the garage and patio. I was familiar with the brand. I pressed the Protection button for the first time and it stuck in. The main PC board was fastened at the rear of the unit, allowing the front of the board to pivot up. The buttons were stuck against the faceplate. The front of the PC board was missing two screws. I bought two screws to secure the board, but discovered that one of the screw holes was covered by solder. I put the screws in after removing the solder. All of the buttons would stick if the PC board were not secure. The holes in the faceplate were adjusted to restore proper operation. The unit is working correctly. The function of the Protection button seems to be confused. Adding another speaker pair is similar to adding a load to the amplifier when the protection button is depressed. If no other speaker buttons are selected, there is a load on the amplifier. If the amplifier was at high volume and no speaker buttons were selected, it could fail. It does represent another load to the amplifier, so keep that in mind. Before selecting any speaker pair, I recommend that the amplifier volume be reduced to minimum. My unit is working well now. It does what it says it will do. The poor quality of this unit would not be fixed by most people. I don't know if my unit was typical of the build quality or if it was a single unit that did not get assembled correctly.

👤After 2 weeks of use, the buttons stay pressed and there is no way to depress them, making the unit junk. I'm trying a different brand. The quality of these boxes is not great. The speaker switch I purchased only lasted 2 years of daily use. The buttons are responsive and the box seems stronger.

👤The item was ordered two months ago and it is already broken. Only 5 out of the speakers will play when the three sets of speakers are plugged in. I have unplugged and replugged every speaker and no matter how they are arranged there is always one speaker that will not play. I thought buying a brand name item would mean quality.

5. Improved Selector Distribution Amplifier Switches

Improved Selector Distribution Amplifier Switches

The Multi Zone Speaker Selector can play 6 sets of speaker at the same time or what ever speaker you want to control. You can control your power amplifier from a variety of manufacturers. The speaker switch box is great for controlling the speakers in a room. Plug and play. Plug in the wires to power the speaker distribution hub. Adding labels to the buttons for the different speakers will make it easier to remember which zone you are in. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked because they are confident of the quality of their product.

Brand: Pyle

👤Okay. Most of the reviews were positive. There were people who predicted the return of this item regardless of situation or circumstance. Despite the negative comments, I ordered and received this despite my engineering background. I had been putting my amplifier in danger by ignoring the recommended ohm requirements that I wanted to have multiple speakers in one location. I needed a proper zone selector for my Integra receiver because it was internally fused and protected. The product did not compromise in sound quality. Let's list what I am using for the test: dual 15" cabs with 6 radial tweeters each, 12" 3-way cabs, 12" 5-way cabs, and Yamaha 8" 3-way bookshelf cabs. The signal is being distributed without issue. One of the problems that many others faced was the only problem I encountered. The input terminals are weak and can be opened with a little force. The self-annealing tape that is wrapped around each terminal block is easy to fix.

👤It would be great if I could add onboard volume control, but it would probably triple the price. I have 3 sets of speakers in the living room, dining room and the dining room. I usually leave the dining room off if I'm working in the kitchen or eating in the dining room table. I use 16 gauge wire, which is rated for 14 gauge. The 6 input device was chosen because the speakers are on separate circuits. The price is great and it works well. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤Our home had built in speakers in 4 areas and volume controls in each area. The previous homeowners had a powered splitter that took one powered stereo output and boosted it to 4 stereo channels while maintaining the required impedance. The manufacturer did not make a replacement for this device and we did not find one. The low impedance of paralleling the channels makes our surround sound amplifier unable to handle it. We can send the one powered stereo output from our extra zone, split it into our 4 channels and maintain the required impedance for the amplifier to function correctly with this device. The installation was easy.

👤The unit is very easy to use and works well for my house that was already wired for sound. In addition to the standard 5 speakers in my family room, I also have a sub in the dining room, study, master bed and bath and a pair in the basement. The power available to each room seems to be constant now that the switches make it easy to remove some rooms. I haven't had a party yet. So far, so good.

👤An impedance issue with a vintage 8 x 4 ohm Hammond speaker cab and a second 4 x 4 ohm cab can be solved by allowing six speaker pairs to be wired in series, which will allow a required 8 ohm combined load to be presented to an equally vintage two channel amplifier without creating a jungle A simple and inexpensive fix cured an overheating issue. Impedance protection worked as advertised, and made a complex wiring scheme relatively idiot proof, a lot more organized and less mentally taxing. Not exactly the intended application, but don't tell Pyle. There is a plastic box with a bunch of speaker posts. It got the job done.

6. Channel Amplifier Speaker System Built

Channel Amplifier Speaker System Built

300 watt power. The Pyle 5.1 Channel A/V amplifier receiver is a must have for your home theater entertainment system. It allows you to enjoy high quality amplified audio by using 300W peak. The personal digital amplifier box has a stereo input and a radio antenna input. You can connect external sources such as a computer, DVD player, and TV. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The professional integrated indoor house audio receiver has a music streaming function. Works with today's latest devices including smart phones, tablets, iPhone and computer. The entertainment system provides full range audio reproduction. The base receiver, center channel speaker, and directable satellite speakers are included in the entertainment set. A digital display. The amplifier has a built-in digital display panel which shows all the functions and input used. A power cable and remote control are included in the package.

Brand: Pyle

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The only sound that comes out of all the speakers is through bluetooth. If you want to watch a movie on your device, forget it. The sound will only come from the sub-bassoon and front left and front right. The sound from the speakers will not come from the center or rear speakers. I hid all of the speaker wires and mounted all of the speakers after setting up the whole system. The manufacturer tech support failed to return my calls or emails after multiple attempts, despite the fact that Amazon tech support could not resolve the issue. Amazon gave me 50% of what I paid.

👤Where to start? It's a good system. It's not for a night club but it is a movie theater. I gave the remote 2 stars because it needs to face right at the sensor. I connected x 2 tall speakers with a 10 inch and 8 inch speakers inside and x 2 box speakers with a 6 inch speakers and 4 tweeters. It adds a lot of sound.

👤The surround system does not come with good instructions so you may have trouble setting it up. You have to guess how to connect the wires at the end of the main box. It would be better if they put banana clips in the box. I could only get sound out of three speakers. I bought two different splitters, but they didn't work. I only got one reply a day from technical support. I got all the speakers to work after trying different things on the remote. The sound is good but it was a lot of work to get this set up.

👤The set is nice. We like having the ability to listen to the radio in stereo with our Smart TV, and this gives us great sound for our TV. If you want, you can mount the speakers to the wall. If you have a small place you are planning to put it in, make sure to get the measurements from the info.

👤The output is not bad for an affordable stereo. I use a surround sound system to deliver music that is designed to put people in a more settled state, adjusting their nervous system. This stereo shows that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get good quality.

👤I have had this unit for 34 days and it's not working right after only 2 weeks of use. The remote wouldn't connect to the internet anymore, it stopped working all together. I called customer service. They want me to pay for shipping as well. I don't have the original box. I have to figure out a different way to send it to them. I have to pay for shipping to return it. I've paid for shipping before, why a second time? Not happy with the product. I want my money back, not because it's fixed, but because I want it to be. It worked for 2 weeks.

7. All New Echo 4th Gen

All New Echo 4th Gen

Premium sound. A rich sound that can be heard in any room. It supports HD audio on some streaming services. Voice control. Your music. You can stream songs from a number of providers. A compatible music streaming service is required for HD. A smart home hub is built to control compatible lights, locks, and sensors. Ring Smart Lighting solar lights and bulbs can be set up easily. Alexander is ready to help. Reminders, alarms, and timers can be set. "What time is it?" is one of the questions thatAlexa answers. When you walk into the room, turn on compatible lights, play your flash briefing, or turn on the coffee maker. Multi-room music is a great way to fill your home with sound. You can use your Fire TV device to experience scenes come to life with home theater audio. Call friends and family who have an Amazon device if you don't want to use the phone. Drop in on other rooms or announce to the whole house that dinner is ready. Privacy controls are designed to protect your privacy. There are multiple layers of privacy controls.

Brand: Amazon

👤The new design of the Echo line is a big change. The new spherical shape is shorter and wider than previous versions, and it now focuses sound in one direction. It seems to produce more sound than previous versions. The setup was very simple and I have been using it for about 24 hours. The device was ready for setup after I powered it on. I opened the app on my phone, and the new Echo was set up in less than a second. I didn't have to give any information. This is the easiest thing to do. Better sound. The Gen 3 Echo has a 3.0 inch Sub, but this new Echo has an extra 0.8 inch Sub. The speaker placement seems to generate more bass even with the same Sub as the Gen 3, even though the new Echo is designed with the pointed forward speakers. I think it sounds better than Gen 3, with a little more bass and louder volume. This could be done to the sound-mapping feature that allows Echo to maximize the sound by detecting the acoustics and shape of the room. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm told you can use it as a speaker for your FireTV device. A temperature sensor is included. It seems like it's accurate so far, you can ask what the temperature is. I will be doing more testing to see if I can set up routines based on temperature. The AZ1 is a processor. The new Amazon processor promises better voice recognition. In my testing so far, I have barely noticed a speed improvement, but there are supposed to be upcoming updates that will make an even bigger difference in speed. The sidewalk bridge has a zigbee on it. The previous versions of the Echo Plus have the same hub. The new Sidewalk Bridge allows the Echo to connect to some smart devices at long range and push data to the internet. The bad is that there are no speakers with a degree. Some people might not like the sound of the new version because of the speaker setup of previous generations. It could lead to a situation where the ideal placement of the echo in your room is different. The power cord is white. This is a strange choice. The power cord is white no matter what color you get. Some people might find that annoying. Loud music is not good for voice detection. This surprised me, as previous generations have not struggled with this. I'm not sure if it's because the speaker is louder or if it's because it's playing music at a higher volume. If you listen to a lot of loud music, it could be annoying. NEUTRAL: Aesthetics. I preferred the look of the cylinder design over the new sphere shape. This is a personal preference. I wish the entire sphere was made of fabric, instead of being plastic. The ball shape is up to you. I'm keeping the new Echo because of the better sound and responsiveness, but it's not really a big upgrade. I will update this review and try to answer any questions in the future.

8. Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

It's easy to connect. Their speakers can be used to connect to your TV, PC or laptop. Powerful 30W speakers. The speaker system provides a sound that fills the room. Light illuminates your space and enhances your home theater. You can use the buttons on the sound bar to adjust the volume, play music or switch mode. Different colors of indicators mean different modes. You can stream your favorite music from your phone, tablet, or other device. Sits below the TV or securely mounts on the wall.

Brand: Monster

👤It looks cool. It was too quiet and my tv speakers sounded better since it looked cool with the lights.

👤The price is good and it looks cool. It works well, but it doesn't get as loud as I would like it to.

👤If you have a sleek TV it is almost necessary to have a separate sound system. TVs are thin with no room for large speakers. The speakers are usually on the back. The Monster Soundbar has a low-profile and comes with a remote control that can be used to power on, volume, play, pause, switch between lighting colors and modes, inputs and Bluetooth. The unit has some control built into it. The sounbar can be placed under the TV or on the wall. It could connect via the AUX port. The Monster Soundbar has several color options and mode selections. You could pick a color or pick a wave. The remote has controllable dimmer settings. The sound of my TV is better than that of the soundbar. I was expecting a Monster sound bar with a name like Monster to create a better audio experience than the tiny speakers on the back of the TV. I have a portable speaker with a bigger sound and a better bass than this one. There are similar priced units with better sound. Some of them have a separate sub, or have a HDMI port for music from an external drive. The Monster Soundbar is mostly for TVs. It is too wide to fit on many desks and it worked better as a PC speaker. Sound and lighting should be more important than they are.

👤I wanted to put it over my monitor. The sound from the speakers was very good. The stereo is great because of the wide separation. This is not very useful for use with a TV in a small room. If my PC is off, I loved the convenience of using a phone or iPod with my computer. It's easy to pair. I had to provide my own cable at a small price, and it was almost as good as the one that BT provides. The sound is clear and loud enough for me to sit at my computer desk. Not a lot of Bass. 2 screws and anchors are provided for the mounting. It can sit under a TV. If you don't try for a tight screw to the soundbar back, it will lean down a bit. If mounted to the wall like I did, it will aim the sound down a bit. The lighting is bright, multicolored, and can be set with the remote control from off to on in many patterns and color schemes. I provided my own batteries for the remote, which will control the inputs and play. A small wall wart provides Soundbar power. The instructions are very good. I love the improvement over my monitor speakers. I recommend this Monster Store Soundbar: Home Theater with Multicolor Led Lights, 30W Speakers, Remote Control, and Optical AUX Connection. It's ideal for close up use with my PC. I hope you find the information helpful.

9. Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Excess cable can be stored in-wall and there is slack for convenient access to the back of the TV. The media center can be moved closer to the wall. A 125V receptacle is included. The cable access strap is easy to use. The total outlet is 2. The easy extension of electrical wiring is supported by the other products in the family.

Brand: Legrand

👤There are wires behind my TV. I wanted something that was durable, usable, and good looking. I like that the unit is not square so that furniture can be closer to the wall. Since the three main ports are decora, they can be changed out to be whatever you want. You can change the location of the power outlet. The mechanism for holding the unit on the wall is good. I've taken it off a few times and I haven't had any issues with it. I put a piece of lath at the top and bottom of the hole so that I wouldn't damage the drywall if I tightened the screws too tight. That makes for a good installation. The brush insert was the only thing I kept. I added a keystone plate instead of an outlet and replaced the screw-back speaker plates with ones that have more terminals. I replaced the silver screws with white ones. I'm very happy with this unit, even though I only used the shell. It is holding up a lot of hardware.

👤This uses standard Decora inserts. To get the connections I wanted, I swapped my own keystone plates in. If you need to get more cables to your TV, there's an additional knockout on the top. I like that it allows me to expand in the future. I wish it had the brush. There is a The bad? The screws are made of silver. It's not a big deal if your TV is in front of it, but it looks cheap to have metal screws. The outlet box for power is an old style one that you can find at big box stores. I expected a more elegant solution. It did the job and was easy to hook up. I didn't know how it would fit in a wall. It's your wall, but it should fit.

👤I took the opportunity to run my surround and subwoofer wiring under the house while I was remodeling it, and this box fit the bill. The box is easy to install and can be tailored to your liking. I replaced that section with a Legrand On-Q decora 4-port keystone plate because I didn't need the front speakers. I ran a patch cord up to the TV and hardwired the receiver and PS3 to the other ports.

👤We hired a professional to hang the tv and hang the wall mount. The outlet has a lot of plugs and space. The TV is flush on the wall. Exactly what we wanted.

👤It's a good way to clean up the installation.

👤Excited to install. The product seems to fit my needs. Thank you.

👤Speaker wire coming out of the wall is much cleaner. The brush plate was swapped out for a cat 6 wall plate.

10. Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers Technology Efficient

Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers Technology Efficient

Use as surround speakers. The sound is accurate and non-fatiguing. The dimensions are 12.5" H x 7" W x8" D. The contemporary finish is easy to integrate with any decor. The speaker needs to be connected to an amplifier or receiver. Quality audio reproduction and longevity of the speaker's components are dependent on the speaker's power supply. External wiring and speaker pads are not included in the box.

Brand: Klipsch

👤These are great speakers. I am able to tell the difference between instruments. The notes are clear and precise. This is what I was looking for. There are no feet or cushions on the speakers. I put a foam mat under the speakers, but they didn't come with them.

👤I was looking for bookshelves that would complement my vintage Marantz. I like Klipsch. I like the warmth, tone and bass. Picked this set of labels. I could not be happier with the choice. When listening to some of the classics where you have guitar, vocals and then the bass comes in, it's nice to have warm tones. It sounded very crisp. The sound is great. The puppies fill the living space just right, I didn't want a big speaker. A good sized dining room with a vaulted ceiling and hard floors. Just picked up a speaker stand from Amazon. Will hide the wiring during the chase. The speakers are only used with the Marantz. Adding a switch box to the Onkyo receiver is possible. The speakers handle all genres of music. Have not tried them on any heavy metal. They can easily handle low volume levels. These are perfect for what I was looking for, and one can buy a more expensive pair.

👤The product was out of plastic and had a chip on the speaker that looked like road rash. They look used.

👤I received a label from Klipsch. The design and build of the B-200 Bookshelf Speaker Pair was very good. After a safe start and power up, the speaker made a loud popping sound and then stopped. I contacted the manufacturer after reading their instructions on their website and received an automated reply thanking me for contacting Klipsch. We are currently closed, but your request has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff as soon as possible when we resume business. I can't say that I didn't use the product correctly, but that's irrelevant because I wanted to repair the speaker and move forward with my garage sound system. No other response has been received from Klipsch. I can't comment on either sound, build or overall satisfaction with the product quality until I have two, so the one star rating on cosmetics only has nothing to do with the intended use.

👤I have spent more on speakers but have not been as happy. There is a tight base, a crisp treble, and clear vocals. This is in a package 1/6 the size. The best I have owned.

👤These speakers should get a good review. Every part of the frequencies curve is clear. They are very bright and cymbals and highs are real. Regular bass is acceptable, but you must use a sub. They are not bad for bass, but bigger speakers are better. I like them.

👤I liked the small speakers a lot. Two large speakers are being replaced. When you have good sound quality and a good sub, it sounds great. Excellent quality for money.

11. Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier

Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier

The peak power of the Pyle 5 Channel Hifi Audio Amplifier is 100 watt. You can enjoy crisp and high quality amplified audio with low distortion and acoustic accurate audio reproduction. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The small personal integrated indoor stereo receiver has a wireless music streamer. It works with today's latest devices, including laptops, computers, and phones. The professional Hi Fi amplifier supports many external devices. 5 sets of spring loaded speaker terminal connections are included. Front control panel. The amplifier has a built in display with buttons for functions such as input, volume, and surround, as well as a built in display with buttons for functions such as standby, tuner, and surround. There are EQ controls. The multi purpose 5 channel compact home theater digital stereo receiver box has buttons for audio adjustment. The remote control is for easy distant audio adjustments. Refer to the Technical Specification for User Manual for more information.

Brand: Pyle

👤I would have given this 5 stars, but the inputs gave a bad sound output. I had the same issue with a Chinese unit. I am using this as a media center and the TV/Android TV Box are my only sound sources, so it was an option. The sound is crystal clear. One unit had a remote volume that was down after 1.5 years, but it works fine and feels solid. The remotes are $36 a pop. I used a universal remote that I learned from. You can control the volume settings for surround, center, and main with the remote. You can control bass and treble. All my settings were retained when the system was reset. This is connected to a power strip that shuts everything off when the TV is turned off. I was a little nervous because of the other reviews. Not an issue for what I received. I'm assuming they addressed the issues with later versions or the reviewers received faulty units. I prefer a lower volume setting because I don't want my speakers or THUMP my subs to blast. The unit came with a lot of instructions. It has a low-intensity blue display and doesn't distract when watching movies. It's the perfect size to fit on top of my sub and has rubber feet. I didn't assume something this small could drive an unpowered sub because my powered sub works with the high-pass speaker wires. I am using satellite speakers and a dual cone center channel speaker. The power of this makes it loud for a home theatre system. I don't expect this to work with large stereo speakers, and would cause distortion if you tried to use it as a pre-amp. It's never a good idea to amplify a signal. I would have been angry if I didn't have the option to use the HDMI option. The only thing that the HDMI can do is audio pass-through, it is not a receiver. I have to buy an HDMI splitter as I can't use it to switch between audio sources since I only use HDMI. Both units have issues now. One connects when it wants to and the other doesn't. One unit has issues with HDMI sound, where you have to cycle the inputs when you first start your show, or when you pause your show, or both. Only one source is connected.

👤This product was perfect for the bedroom. If you don't do the homework, you will be disappointed if you buy a surround system with Boom-Box volume. The reviewer who helped me decide to purchase this product was the same one who helped me with my application. I have setup a 27 inch TV in my bedroom with a single HDMI input and a streaming stick. I wanted better sound in my bedroom than my TV could provide. The sound system in the entertainment room was supposed to be louder than the bedroom's. I had spare Bose speakers that I wanted to use for the bedroom TV setup. The amplifier fit my application perfectly. I wired using 16-gauge wire. The two Bose speakers were put into the amplifier, the Roku stick was put into one of the two HDMI inputs, and the other end of the cable was put into the TV. I connected an F-Type female plug wire antenna to the amplifier to use the built-in radio when I'm not watching TV. I have not used the AUX inputs yet. I have been using the above setup for a month and I am very pleased with it. When the volume-dial is set to mid-way, the amplifier can drive the Bose speakers with enough power. I can use the input mode on the stick to stream video. The Bose speakers have better sound quality than the TV speakers. There are no issues with voice not being synchronized. There is a The amplifier's remote control is very easy to use. The instructions are very clear about how to operate the system. The amplifier unit has all the controls on it, as well as the remote. I added a wire antenna to the amplifier to pick up the radio stations. The amplifier has a lot of memory. The amplifier has a feature that works well. I connected my laptop to the amplifier. The Bose speakers had a better sound than the laptop speakers. The connection to my phone was easy to make. The low-cost unit that the Pyle PFA540BT amplifier is built for has a small footprint. It is on my bedroom furniture. I have not configured my bedroom entertainment system for surround sound, but it provides the option of connecting up to five speakers and a sub-woofer. I am very happy with the purchase I made, I chose the correct product for my application.


What is the best product for speaker hub home theater?

Speaker hub home theater products from Enclave Audio. In this article about speaker hub home theater you can see why people choose the product. Monoprice and Osd Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding speaker hub home theater.

What are the best brands for speaker hub home theater?

Enclave Audio, Monoprice and Osd Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for speaker hub home theater. Find the detail in this article. Pyle, Amazon and Monster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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