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1. Fosmon Surround Distribution Speakers Subwoofers

Fosmon Surround Distribution Speakers Subwoofers

Plug and play connections, 3.5 MM aux to a wire. The 3-Gang 7.2 surround sound distribution wall plate is compatible with 4K@60Hz and supports HDMI 2.0. The high-speed connecting devices are made of gold. The wall plate has a gold plated connection. The HDMI wall plate from Fosmon is a clean connection point for your audio/visual equipment. hiding cables in your walls is a way to remove cable clutter. All of your sound is included. This wall plate can be used to set up a surround sound system. This product has a limited lifetime warranty. Refer to the website for more information.

Brand: Fosmon

👤The plate was straight to the point and made my home theatre connections so easy to manage that I can just plug the receiver into the jacks. Behind the wall, cable management is done. I can't speak for the quality of the HDMI ports because I used this opening for a 6-port Keystone plate which I then used for the CAT6a network ports. I only mention it because there is a use case for someone to swap the included HDMI ports for something else that works better in their situation. As long as you have a standard Keystone plate, this can be done. A different plate can be installed just as quickly. The reason I removed a star from the review was because the jacks on the item were not good. After installing everything and mounting it to the wall, I was hit with a constant bass signal coming out of my woofer. I knew it wasn't coming from a specific source since my receiver was off. I removed the wall plate and found that the jack on the inside had broken and the plastic plug had been pushed through to the back. The signal pin was shorting the cable because of this. I moved the cable to the second jack and it broke the first one. I decided not to return the plate because I had some extra keystones and jacks that I just removed and put in this wall plate. There were no more breaking issues after that. If you buy this product, keep an eye on the sub jacks as the plastic looked brittle and could break over time.

👤3 of these were ordered. Two of the three have bad HDMI connections. I tried different cables and tried another outlet. After all of the work, I returned what I thought were faulty cables, but only one of my three actually function. I am going to swap the HDMI gang outlet for another brand because the speaker connections work on all three of them. A lot of work, a lot of problems, and a lot of wasted time. 1/3 of my order price was returned by the company because the gang outlet didn't work. I would try them again in the future. The stars were from 2 to 5. Customer support is great.

👤I like the fact that I can get a 7.2 wiring into one location. I don't need the HDMI because I wouldn't be using it in the walls. The option to include another four-set of post for the plate would be better. I was able to find an insert with eight posts and swap out the HDMI insert for it. This is a nice plate if I only did 7.2.

👤The wall plate cleaned up my cables. The wires and cables were fished out of my walls and put into a cabinet. I could have just bought a wall plate with a large hole in it to save a few bucks but the plate really adds that extra touch making it look very professional. The 6.1 configuration includes the Front Left, Front Right, Center, Surround Left, and Sub Woofer. You can also hook up 2 cables. The left, center, and right panel are released by the 6 screws on the wall plate. The front plate will be put back on after the panels are screwed to the low voltage 3 gang brackets. I used the PROS clean plate from the 3 gang low voltage brackets. The plugs glide in smoothly and are high quality. There is a The HDMI port supports both audio and video. The banana posts were loose upon arrival. It was easy to fix with a pair of pliers.

2. AmazonBasics Male Female Microphone Cable

AmazonBasics Male Female Microphone Cable

For studio recording and live sound, the male and female microphone cables are used. 3 PIN CONNECTORS: The Zinc alloy 3-pin is nickeling. The metal housing and flexible jacket aredurable and flexible. There is no transmission that is CLEAR. All copper conductors have inner copper shielding. Plug and play design allows you to use PA systems, speakers, and other sound equipment. 6 foot cable in the box.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The cable is a great price and positively a great cable. AmazonBasics makes good stuff. I've bought multiple otherUSB cords from them, and I've bought Amazon Basics XLR cables for the second time. The cable management straps on each cord are what I like about it. Relief at both ends. The cord is solid. The e945 clicked on very reassuringly. There are additional thoughts. There was no gold connection. Who needs them? I need to know if the gold connectors sound better with your Monster cables. 2. Amazon is branding itself. People are complaining about something. Some people will complain. The guys make a good product. Give them a chance to see for themselves the quality of products that can be had for a bargain.

👤I wasn't expecting this cable to be professional grade. There is a nice insulated copper wiring and a proper screw on XLR connection on the connectors. The inner signal conductors have shrink tubing over them. The assembly is a bit shoddy. The large jacket was stripped and the inner conductors' jackets were cut. Some of the solder joints were a bit sloppy. I was able to re-solder the bad connections, but didn't bother to fix the damaged jacketing. It works well and isn't very loud.

👤The cable seems decent. It has two attached ties. The solder joints are covered by insulators and the shielding is made of braided copper. Time will tell if it can endure heavy usage. This is a back-up cable for me, as I usually connect my mics with a wireless network. If you want to buy more insurance against premature failure, you should probably keep a spare.

👤I think of AmazonBasics as a no frills brand. I was surprised to see the AmazonBasics cable when I was looking for a shorter cable. I didn't think there was enough sale volume to warrant carrying them under their brand. The product images looked good. The cables aren't colored, but you can use some tape at the ends. The cable has a decent amount of insulation. It's less heavy duty than most XLR cables, but it's still good enough for my needs. If you want to tape these directly to the stage, you will want something heavier. They are ideal for on-camera, in-rack, and on-table applications. The thing that made me notice the cables in the photos was that they were encased in metal. It's not necessary, but I really like the extraDurability on the highest wear part of an item that is used all of the time. I don't have to worry about having trashed the end of my audio rigging if I have a clumsy moment. That leads me to my last observation. It is usually used in professional setups, which favor locking connections. The tab on the male end of the cable worked well with everything I tried. The release on the female end was not perfect. The plastic that held my cables and devices in place was not a gasket. When a large amount of force was applied, a few of the ones that fit only clicked. It's not comfortable to use the lock release if you need a lot of force to release the clip. I thought I should mention it because it's not a dealbreaker for me. If you need a good quality cable with good durability, and you don't have to use it unguarded on a floor surface, this should be good for you. Highly recommended.

3. VCE 2 Pack Plated Female Adapter

VCE 2 Pack Plated Female Adapter

The type of connection is Hdmi to Dvi. Golden plated and oxygen free copper conductors are used for signal transmission. 3.5mm port audio devices can be converted to 2RCA plugs. The majority of home audio systems use jacks for audio inputs. This cable is perfect for connecting your mp3 player or phone to your home audio system. The package includes: 3.5mm female to 2 RCA plugs.

Brand: Vce

👤I've had audio equipment for about 50 years and have bought hundreds of cables. I thought I should be able to tape it down permanently, because I saw reviews that said you would have to hold the jack in place after you put it in. It's not that easy. The jack won't stay in, and they don't work when inserted all the way in. They need to back out about a quarter of an inch to find the'sweet spot' to get any sound at all. I tried a number of different headphones and all had the same problem, so it's the cable and not the headphones.

👤I was worried that the FAQ wouldn't work for what I needed. I wanted to watch movies on the TV with my headphones on. The TV doesn't have a 3.5mm connection, but it does have audio-out jacks. I thought that the little accessory would work. I thought it wasn't working when I first plugged it in. The sound was still coming through the speakers, but it was not through the headphones. After fiddling around with my TV's audio settings, I finally got it to work the way I needed it to. The TV's speakers are silent, while the audio comes through the headphones. The TV remote has volume controls. If you're buying it for this purpose, you should do a little research on your TV's audio settings, as I guess many TVs this would not work with, but I got a lucky break with my TV's audio settings. I was glad to try this. My roommate is working at his computer 10 feet away, so I can watch movies in the living room.

👤I wanted to connect my headphones to my TV. I wanted to switch back and forth easily, so plugging into the jack wouldn't have worked. The headphones won't cut off the sound if I leave them plugged in. I can turn the TV off and still get good audio.

👤I needed speakers for my TV. The speakers inside the tv were not loud enough. I had the computer speakers with the 3.5mm connection. I connected the speakers to the tv and turned it on. I can hear my tv.

👤I used this to connect a digital-analog audio conversion to a TV so I could send an analogue signal to a stereo receiver that didn't have digital input. You get two in a pack with the item. How could you make a mistake? You can connect an audio device with left/right audio outputs and no small ear plug. If the second one finds a purpose, I will buy it again.

👤No sound at all, did not work. I checked the settings on the smart tv and they were correct. I got the adapter and it worked great. I was trying to convert my old speakers to the new smart tv. The image that I posted has a converter in it.

👤The product is made of high quality flexible plastic and has a bright and clear color. The price is very competitive. I can't recommend them enough.

4. Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink

Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink

The high powered home theater pro audio receiver has a built-in cooling fan. There is a double-sided fiber circuit board. Includes power cable and remote control. The syncwire optical audio cable is compatible with Toslink ports. It's perfect for the sound bar to be used with the audio processor. Unparalleled Sound Quality features gold- plated, corrosion resistant, and buffer tubing for optimal signal transfer. There is a clear 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound. The syncwire digital optical audio cable has a durable outer layer. When not plugged in, the rubber tips should be left on. Friendly warranty support without additional costs is what Premium Support is about. Customer Service can be reached in 24 hours.

Brand: Syncwire

👤The optical cable that I replaced was starting to fail. This purchase should have represented an upgraded connection from my Sony TV to my Klipsch sound bar. I didn't know a cable could impose an effect on all sources regardless of how the output is configured. The sound quality is brighter, but the bass reproduction is stripped out. The audio quality for some types of content could be improved by more treble. An artificial stereo separation that is imposed by the cable makes the content sound like it is coming from the walls of a large empty room. The sound quality is not good. An iHeart AM radio station feed sounded like it was taking place over a speakerphone and reminded me of feedback on a bad mic. I don't understand how this cable has received so many positive reviews. Maybe I got a bad cable.

👤I bought a 10 ft optical cable to stream audio from my amplifier to my TV. It worked well. Digital streams over optical cables are impervious to interference, which is a major advantage. 1. The mechanical connection stays on the TV and amplifier. 2. The sound is very good. The full spectrum is not interfered with. Amazon HD can send 24 bit/ 192 kHz streams, which is the highest offered by the company. My integrated amplifier has a high quality digital to analogue conversion unit.

👤If you don't keep searching, you will be wasting your time with returns. The materials are great, but the cable doesn't lock into place, so it's a complete waste. It will not work unless you push the cable in. I verified this by trying another cable. Find a better cable that clicks into place.

👤The Q70R Soundbar was installed along with the new smart tv. I wanted it to communicate with our home theater system. We had so many dropouts on the internet that I switched to the newer, more reliable, and less expensive, wireless technology, known as Bluetooth. Maybe it's a bit worse. The research led me to the Amazon reviews for toslink cables. There were no dropouts days later. Problem solved!

👤I have never purchased an optical cable so I had no comparison to make. I bought a Yamaha sound bar with an optical cable. There is something different. When I moved my tv on its wall mount, the included cable became disconnected. This cable solved the issue. The sound quality is excellent and it plugs in. If your equipment is in tight places, or you have a wall mount, I recommend this optical cable.

👤I like these cables a lot. I am not going to pretend that there is a huge difference but these are very good quality and I am pretty picky about my sounds. I like the optical caps that they have. That is not a large part. It's nice to know that the audio quality won't be affected when you're cutting something with those around.

👤The quality was excellent. For the first time in my life, my elderly mother can hear sound without my hearing aids. She can hear the surround sound. The cable is better than the one that was originally supplied. I am glad I bought this. I was able to move the sound bar atop of the entertainment center because of the different lengths they had to choose from.

5. Cable Matters 2 Pack Microphone Feet

Cable Matters 2 Pack Microphone Feet

The microphone cord is designed for microphones and other professional recording, mixing, and lighting equipment. Two-pack microphone cables are convenient and cost-effective, and can be used on a set of microphones or on different systems. Balanced mic cable is made with copper conductors that are oxygen-free and has a soft jacket. The copper braided shielding of the mic cables provides a high cancellation of noise and hum. The molded strain relief and grip treads increase the strength of the metal connection. The mic cord can be used with equipment with 3-pin XLR connections, such as shotgun microphones, studio harmonizers, mixing boards, patch bays, and speaker systems.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤I am giving this product a 1 star, but it should work for audio applications. The cable is made well. Why is it the 1 star? specifications are everything in my business and I am an engineer. If a supplier tells you one thing, you lose confidence in everything they say. In my hobby, I usually build my own cables because I need wires larger than 22 AWG, which seems standard for audio cables. The Cable Matters use 16 AWG in their cables. The wire gage shows the size of the copper part of the wire. 16 AWG is larger than 22 AWG. When I got the cables, I compared the internal wires to a piece of 22 AWG wire. In size, it's really similar. I compared it to a piece of 16 AWG. Since a larger wire wouldn't make a difference to a microphone, and would simply add weight and bulk, it makes sense that this is a standard audio cable. That is not what they advertised. I gave the item a 1 star because I dislike fake specifications, but what else did they get wrong?

👤I had a head-to-head with a very high end cord, a couple random XLR cords, and a very high end cord, all for around $20 each. Mogami is supposed to be the best for mass produced cords. A lot of insulation, good components and build. I'm not trying to push anyone toward it, just using it as a comparison. I compared them with two high end mics going through the same PreSonus Audiobox into my DAW. I used Low, Medium, and HighGain and compared them to the mics. I couldn't find a difference between this particular cheap cord and Mogami. The other cheapos made a lot of noise. Maybe they were older, because cheap cords bring in a lot of noise. This one did not. It seems to be well insulated. It looks like the Mogami in terms of size and components. I think the only thing missing from this cord is a lifetime, no-questions warranty. It's going to be great if you use it in a studio or in a way that doesn't involve plugging, unplugging, coiling, uncoiling, and traveling around with it. I was pleasantly surprised and this will be my go-to cord until I find something better. I was amazed at how it compared to the high-end brand.

👤These cables are free of interference and defects and are very nice quality. The cables I bought from CableMatters were very good quality and arrived very quickly. I was looking for a single cable, but I was going to end up with *2* cables for the price I was expecting to pay for a single cable. They came in a padded envelope and a single plastic bag, and the bag had a large label on it, warning the distributor that they are to stay packaged together in a pair. They've had issues with separation, which made me laugh because of the warning label. I just assembled one of these and disassembled the female end to check the assembly and material quality. It would be easy to take apart and reassemble. I wanted to make sure I got what CableMatters said they would sell, and I'm happy to say it looks like it. These cables are thickly insulated with copper braid shielding. I don't want to damage anything that's digging for it, so I couldn't see the foil under the copper braiding. Adding a layer of foil gives complete coverage against interference, but aided shielding provides a lower resistance path to ground. There are two conductors inside of the shielding that are very thin. I'm not sure what gauge it is, but I guess it's 24 or 26 AWG. The outermost layer of the cable should be made of a soft material. I don't know what the material is. It doesn't seem to hurt when I scratch it with my nail. The text on the website is printed at regular intervals in a very clear style, but it doesn't describe the ratings or properties of the cable, I would have liked to know that. The black plastic strain relief cones can be removed from the metal housings. The Neutrik XLR gold- plated connectors that have been painted in semi-gloss black do not have the NEUTRIK labels on the strain relief or housing, and have a small CableMatters logo opposite of the latched mechanism. I don't know which model line is which, and I can't be certain if they are NEUTRIK or just look the same. The plastic ring around the strain relief can be swapped for Neutrik's XXR-n color coding rings. If you order them from Mouser or Allied, they are currently priced at 0.25 each, but if you want them from an Amazon vendor, you can get them for $6 each with an additional $7 in shipping. I believe the paint is the same as the one on the industrial enclosures at work, except thinner. It's not a very tough paint, in my experience, it will probably be easy to scratch if you hit it against metal, but I think that it will be at least not going to have poor adhesion or just flake off, since it's thin. The wires and shielding are soldered to the pins and tab, and I was not able to remove the insulation from the pins, because the solder is shiny. The cables are probably assembled by hand. The sound through this cable is crystal-clear, even with my pre-amp's mic gain setting turned all the way to +60 dB. I can hear sparrows chirp and wind blow through my open window with my high gain set, but when I swap to my old cobbled-together cable, there is a lot of popping, a low hum, and everything going through my mic sounds horrible. I would like to compare it to a real cable. Also, note: I can't detect interference at full gain because my pre-amp has noise filters, but it's possible that some interference may still be getting picked up in this cable, because the amplifier is managing to filter it all out. I think this cable from CM blocks interference very well because the pre-amp doesn't filter much noise from my other cable.

6. JSAUX Bidirectional Theater Devices Amplifiers Red

JSAUX Bidirectional Theater Devices Amplifiers Red

The package includes: 3.5mm female to 2 RCA plugs. Plug and Play connects audio devices with 3.5mm and 6.35mm stereo ports with a 3.5mm Male Jack to headphones, tablets, and other devices with a 1/2 inch male cable. The piano keyboard, guitar, amplifier, headphones, and computer are all connected. Hi-fi Sound Quality 24k gold- plated and pure silver wire core, pure copper shell provides reliable performance and reduces signal loss. The nylon exterior makes audio cables more tangle free. The male to male aux cord works perfectly for all devices with a 3.5mm and The nylon braid and zinc alloy case protects the audio cable from being ripped from it's moorings.

Brand: Jsaux

👤I use the big end to clean out my ears and the small end to pick food out of my teeth. It would be a good idea.

👤This item is what I was looking for and I prefer a 6ft length. It's hard to find an aftermarket cable to fit the output of the headphones if you're familiar with Beats Solo 3 and V-Moda. This cable is perfect for them. The cable is sturdy and stable and will be in my bag for a while.

👤I still play music. I rigged this up to have a 30 watt amplifier in my garage. It worked out just fine. My Reggaeton is playing music. Thank you!

👤I paid for a budget cable that failed under regular use, but worked for a short time. I bought the cable to run from my soundboard to the video switcher. This was the fastest way to get the audio from the board to the switcher. The cable failed over the course of 3 months. It started with noise and then failure when the 1/4" connector was touched. It only works when I hold the button in a position where I can see the levels on my audio switcher. Time for more robust cable.

👤The sound of a metronome from my iPad is transmitted to a powered monitor/speaker. It didn't work well for the application. The audio signal was very weak. I will use a Y-splitter cable. Before purchasing this cable, you should think about the end result. You can get a stronger signal with a Y-splitter cable.

👤The price and quality are great. The sleeve is strong enough to hold up to a cat who likes to chew string. The flex points are reinforced.

👤A pair of headphones were found. The sound output was affected by the broken cord. I almost threw the headphones away but decided to use a new audio cord. The headphones were brought back to life.

👤It was a great option compared to a few others. It sounds great. The length worked best for my situation and the other positive reviews sold me on it. I recommend.

7. KabelDirekt Optical Digital Theater Playstation

KabelDirekt Optical Digital Theater Playstation

Digital audio cable is perfect for online streaming, online gaming, and home theater systems. Home theater cables work with multi-channel surround sound, compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems, and other audio formats. The highest quality optical cables feature a fully flexible jacket with precision manufacturing to provide the longest lasting cables. 24K gold-plated connections. The gold is resistant to oxidation. The cables are fiber-optic and immune to signal interference. 36 months manufacturer warranty.

Brand: Kabeldirekt

👤The product I purchased was to replace the audio return channel on my tv. When I switched cable companies, I had to do a Factory Reset on my TV to get the HDMI to work. I messed up the ARC when I did that. The Vizio M55-C2 was able to pass the digital surround sound from the optical to the receiver. The audio from the TV to my audio receiver will pass perfectly if I use the Vudu, Amazon, or Netflix apps on the TV. I'm doing this setup to delay buying a new audio receiver that has HDCP 2.2. The 15-foot length was perfect to run from the TV, down a cable hiding system, and to my receiver with some room to spare. If you're using a 4K stream that has a Dolby Atmos audio option, you only need to use HDMI for audio purposes. If you're only passing the equivalent of 5.1 or 5.1 Plus, then a TOSLINK will work for you. If your goal is to have 4K audio pass through an A/V receiver, then you need to have the HDCP 2.2 encryption passing through HDMI 2.0 or better. There is a note from something I just learned. Do not set your audio receiver to "AUTO" if you have a 6.1 or 7.1 setup. If you have a soundfield, you should check it out. If you set to extension, your rear center channel will receive the sound, even if it says "Dolby Digital 5.1." Good luck! More can be learned here.

👤I used to purchase a Blue rigger cable from Amazon. It worked well for a long time. I upgrade my computer. It came with a sound card that could push 24 bit at 192 Khz. I hear that's not necessary. Audioengine A5+, S8 Subwoofer, and D1 DAC are my Audio equipment. I realized my Blue Rigger TOSLINK wasn't able to push higher than 24 bit at 96 Khz when I connected my new Mobo. That's where the cable comes in. I realized that I needed to upgrade the cabling after reading a lot. I got higher gauge RCAs and then replaced the old cable with this one. I can get the full spec 24 bit at 192 Khz with my Realtek Audio card running through the D1 DAC to my Audioengine speakers. The price of the cable is correct. There were others for more. I don't think it's worth it. It is very subjective when it comes to sound and each person has their own opinion. I read the Q&A on the product and others said it could push the full frequency at 192 Khz. I can add that to my equipment. I'm happy with the purchase and sound I can get out of this cable for the price. The warranty card had instructions in German and English. It's made in China, but who cares if it works?

👤The optical card that came with the sound bar was very flimsy, and I don't know if it's related to the TV I have. I went to my local Walmart to see if they had a better one in stock. It was too much for my liking. I found that Amazon had many different brands in stock. Customer feedback and cause of build quality were the reasons I went with this company. If I need to switch to another device, I'm no longer afraid of having to remove my mine. 5 out of 5 is build quality and 5 out of 5 is customer support.

8. AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink

AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink

You can hear what the artist intended with the 50Hz to 20kHz Frequency Response. In the box is a 6-foot digital optical audio Toslink cable. It's ideal for connecting an audio component to an audio system. There is clear audio. The multi-channel, fiber-optic digital audio output has a gold- plated connection. The design isdurable. A cable with a rugged outer layer. It's protected: The rubber tips protect the cable.

Brand: Amazonbasics

👤I have never seen an optical cable before. I was disappointed that the cables wouldn't fit into the optical jack. I was going to return the item and buy a different one. I noticed in the features description that there was a Silicone nipple covering the end of the cable to protect the plug end when not attached. It fit as described once I removed it. A note with the product would be appropriate for people that don't know.

👤I have seen connections on the back of my electronics, but I had no idea what they were. I never would have had a weird video connection because I didn't have the equipment. I used the old connections. I recently purchased a TV that had no audio connections, and I wondered how it could be. How am I supposed to use my TV to listen to music? It is as simple as buying a cheap, thin, single little cable and connecting it to my TV. The sound is great. Two of those cumbersome audio cables were eliminated. It takes some pressure to plug it in, but when it does connect there is a satisfying snap. You will know that it's in a nice and tight place and won't get loose. I know what type of cable is used, and that has enabled me to continue using my old receiver.

👤I have many brands of Toslink cables, and I have found different issues with each brand. The Mediabridge's connecter broke in the same way as the other cables. I was able to glue it back together, but they failed in the same way. I had to use a pair of needlenose pliers to get the broken port out of my amplifier. Be sure to turn off the unit. Over time, the Monster cable's connection became loose in the sockets and the cable's connection became disconnected. The Amazon cables have become worn and degraded from just a few connect cycles to where the cable is now loose in the port. This is not due to abuse, but due to a soft plastic end that is not made for long-term use. Is the best luck I've had yet with Toslink? Bluerigger's cables have not suffered from any of the same issues. They work the same as they did when I bought them. THanks for reading.

👤I have never had a problem with any of the Amazon Basics products. There is a I can't recommend this. The optical output on the Vizio E70-E3 is not securely connected.

👤I needed to connect an optical input to a TV. The cable snapped into the Kenwook sockets, but did not enter the optical out. The cable was not working. I had to buy an optical cable in order to use it. I wouldn't recommend this product as it would be money wasted.

👤The item works great, it was reasonably priced, and I was able to install it, it was a great choice for connecting digital optical audio devices. I needed this type cable to enhance my home theater system's audio capabilities so that I could enjoy my TV/movie more. The cable came with very inadequate instructions. I went online to learn how to install the cable. It came with protective plastic covers on the ends, but no instructions to remove them before attempting the install, I was confused. This was my first experience with this type cable. I was able to complete the install after finding others had experienced the same problem.

9. Certified Lightning Splitter Compatible Amplifiers

Certified Lightning Splitter Compatible Amplifiers

The 3.5mm audio jack can be used to make it easy to connect your projector or TV to the internet. Unique design for Apple. This cable is compatible with the iPhone SE 11 Pro Max 11 Pro 11/XS Max/XS/XR/X 8. The Plus/7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus/6S Plus You don't need to worry about compatibility issues. The rca to lightning cable is designed to allow the playing of music from the home/car music system. Plug and play, no need for drivers or app. Stable connection, easy to use, support iO-S 11/12 version or later system. Enjoy your life with this AUX cord. It's compatible with lightning ports. It can be used to connect hardware for all your audio needs. It's the best choice for family gatherings, office meetings, and driving. Enjoy your movie night and party with your friends. The nylon woven material is easy to carry, it is a compact design, will not break, no tangles, small and lightweight, you can put it in. They offer a 12 months of warranty service. If you have a problem with this cable, please contact them. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours.

Brand: Desoficon

👤The product worked for a month before it stopped working. My son uses it in his car because he doesn't have a regular aux plug. We replaced it with another after it died on us. The sound made the speakers sound broken. We thought the speakers were the reason we got the car. The new cord made the speakers sound normal. The new cords are worth more than this one. I don't recommend. It is disappointing that we have been getting low quality items from Amazon in the past 6 months. We tried to get this cord at Best Buy, but they don't carry it. There are many others on Amazon. I can't say much about this material as it's not my area of expertise The sound was terrible and I think it had something to do with the material.

👤Everyone is advised to save their money by the cable. It is close to a scam.

👤Anything on your phone can be turned on through your home stereo receiver. You can use any app you want to watch Disney, and it will be played through the giant speakers on your home stereo system. It is a must have if your not all done with it. Don't pay attention to sound quality, it's fine. Has not broken or parted yet. I would buy a 4' female to male extension cord instead of the 6' female to male one I used to buy.

👤Due to ROKU dropping the signal, I got this for listing to tunes. I would have thought that the sound was worse. I think I fixed the ROKU issue, but this is much quicker to deal with. I am keeping it. I love it.

👤If you're a DJ, you need to have sound quality that's good.

👤What do I need it to do? It's fine to connect the phone to the old sterEO in the garage.

👤I found this after buying it for my car. It works well with no background noise. Would definitely recommend.

👤Is not reliable. Add an Apple accessory to the iPhone.

10. Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink

Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink

There is a limited lifetime warranty. The highest quality longest lasting optical cables are available and offer a clear, smooth-flowing optimal signal. Digital optical audio cable is perfect for home theater, sound bar, TV, PS4 and XBOX. Toslink ports are compatible with standard and high-definition devices. Digital audio cable works with multi-channel surround sound and compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems. The signal of the fiber optical audio cable is transferred by light source.

Brand: Emk

👤It arrived in two days. Excellent quality and a fair price. It works as expected. Good connections and heavy duty. It was easy to connect to my TV and receiver.

👤It's all plastic and works well. Why would an optical connector need gold plating if they don't advertise it?

👤Exactly as pictured! To a tee! I bought this picture of the braid to be a cloth material. A decent phone charge... It is plastic! I think that will be stronger. I bought it. It is appearance and color. It is exactly what I was looking for and I am satisfied with it, but I will wait and see. It was difficult to find that color in the size I needed. For a price that wasn't ridiculous, this thing better sing Christmas carols.

👤I have seen audiophile grade cables go for over $500. I don't have Toslink cables costing $500 or more in my systems. I believed the hype. I am older and more aware. There is no sonic difference between this $5.00 cable and my other ones. The soundstage is still up front. Don't believe the hype on cables and wires, save and do yourself a favor. Invest in good speakers and save money.

👤It was described well. Its construction seems to make it hard to kink. It's great for an older Yamaha A/V receiver and a M Series Vizio Smart TV. This is being used to transmit digital audio formats back to the receiver because my previous set up used the ethernet cable and old panasonic blu-ray for decoding and audio support. The premium subscription services will no longer support the software. My A/V receiver does not have any of the above. This will allow me some time before buying a new A/V unit, and also allow me to use newer audio codex decoding done by the TV.

👤The only problem with this is that it doesn't go well into the receiving end of your TV or other products. I was able to keep it locked in place with guides and wire secure products because I didn't want to send it back. I think they need to go back to the drawing board, but it's an okay product.

👤It was one of the cheapest options. I expected a product to do everything. Since it is an optical cable, I don't know how to judge it. The sound quality is the same. The cable is in the back of the television so it won't get stressed out. All I care about is that it works.

👤The cable gets it right and I don't need a lot of things in an optical toslink cable. This one is easy to use, it clears my TV wall mount brackets, and the cable is thin and flexy, so it's easy to snake through the wall mount arms. It works well. A great optical toslink interconnect.

👤A lot of other optical and "toslink" cables are made with a high speed led light that doesn't need to be touched, which is why I don't like it.

11. Cable Foboiu Microphone Female Balanced

Cable Foboiu Microphone Female Balanced

The nylon braid and zinc alloy case protects the audio cable from being ripped from it's moorings. Double Shielding to. 100% oxygen-free copper conductors, 90% copper braided, double shielding, and copper braided shielding make the sound quality undisturbed by external signals. Superb noise protection, no noise/hum or hiss. The microphone cable has a clear sound. The nylon braided housing of the phone cable enhances its flexibility. Ensure its optimal performance by testing it up to 10,000 times. The tangle-free braiding material of the mic cable is wear-resistant. Heavy duty metal connections with molded strain relief and grip treads help to make plugging and unplugging easier. A sturdy connection is ensured by a metal connection with strain relief. Tin-Plated Pins have great signal transmission and anti-corrosion resistance. Their male to female cable is compatible with equipment with 3-pin XLR connections, such as microphones, studio harmonizers, mixing boards, patch bays, and speaker systems. It's used at Stage Sound, KTV, Professional Sound Reinforcement, Home Theater and other environments. 2 pack XLR cables are economical and practical to use on a set of microphones or on different systems. The mic cord is a good choice for audio equipment in a radio station.

Brand: Vandesail

👤I use this for my wireless microphone receiver and it works great for the price.

👤Look and feel good. I use them to connect my mics. They have enough rigidity to support the mics' charging Pod and make for a neat installation. Sound transmission is flawless. I've only used them for a short time so I don't know about their longevity, but expect them to last a while based on their build.

👤I bought a 2 pack. NEGATIVE: I was surprised to see that one was shorter than the others. This made an already short cable useless. I only give 3 stars as my faith is shattered by the manufacturer before I get a chance to use the product. They are flexible and sound great. The cable used looks like it can hold up despite being so thin. The connections feel solid.

👤I bought this one to connect my mics to my recorder because my old cable broke. The quality is very good compared to the old one. The old mic cable was bought here and its price was twice as much as this one, but I didn't have any trouble with this one. This microphone cable is a nice price.

👤I bought 10 of them at once for friends and myself. As soon as it arrives, test it. The sound through this cable is crisp and clear, and the connections are solid. I think it's the best price to quality ratio. Other pros include a jacket with gold plated contact points and a braided shield. There is only one length under this brand, which is not really a con since I can still connect two of them together to make a 6ft cable. She replied that there were new lengths coming out and sent me pictures from their office. Will be back later. Nice customer service.

👤Well done in canceling noise. The mic cord does not pick up any noise along the way. The title of the cable is balanced microphone cable. I have tried many mic cable over the last few years, some are more expensive than this. I didn't have a lot of cash so I didn't go for those brands. The brand of mic cords that are similar to this one all fall short of the actual balanced microphone cable. I am happy that I found this brand. This one is what I have been looking for.

👤The 10 foot two pack was for me. The product is poor in shielding. The cables buzz more than any other cable. This is most noticeable when using a line level signal. The buzz was gone after I replaced the microphone cable. I compared this cable to the microphone cables on the SM 58 vocal mic. The microphone line cable buzzes on my clean PA and monitor system. Other cables have no buzz. I had to go back and look at the cables to see if they were actually shielded. One of the cables I bought was worse than the other. This tells me that there is some discrepancy in the manufacturing process. I can use back up cables for live shows. It's definitely not suitable for recording. I don't think it's worth the hassle of returning.


What is the best product for xlr cables home theater?

Xlr cables home theater products from Fosmon. In this article about xlr cables home theater you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Vce are also good brands to look for when you are finding xlr cables home theater.

What are the best brands for xlr cables home theater?

Fosmon, Amazon Basics and Vce are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xlr cables home theater. Find the detail in this article. Syncwire, Cable Matters and Jsaux are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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